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janimolilstevie, does rooting always mean 1) downgrading to a firmware that has a vulnerability if the firmware is newer + 2) applying an old root method?07:10
twbjanimo: on what hardware?07:12
janimotwb, I am interested in tf101g07:12
janimobut for devices with no unlocked bootloader I guess the same generic methdos should apply?07:13
twbg is the "prime" one?07:14
infinityNo, prime is tf201.07:16
janimothe asus site docs say theupdater cannot to downgrades so  am not sure how the old root tricks fooled it into it07:18
janimoanyway I was a fool to upgrade to ICS before making sure rooting requires a specific version of the firmware present07:19
twbI deliberately bought the one with a known SBK07:20
janimotwb, I bought the only model still on stock, but before making sure it should be rootable :(. I vaguely remembered all transformers are unlocked or rootable now07:30
twbnewer ones allegedly are if you ring up asus and ask for the key07:34
twbIn return for which they refuse all warranties for that particular S/N07:34
janimotwb, hmm, you mean I could ring up asus and ask for a secure boot key? Or what key do you mean? I would happily do that if realistic08:16
janimoaltough I am not sure tf101g qualifies as new enough, it is still last year's model08:17
twbjanimo: that was on the primes, I heard08:18
twbWhere "ring up" means some wanktacular web form, I assume08:18
janimoyeah, I eard primes are ulockable indeed08:18
janimobtw the xda and various other web resources related to rooting are the most disorganized fountains of knowledge I ave ever seen08:19
janimoit is relatively little possible information to be conveyed spread across numerous threads and lots of participants08:20
twbWell they are web fora08:23
twbi.e. fugly HTML usenet for people who are too stupid to configure a newsreader08:24
Davieytwb: 'fora'?  Shame, you are one of them.08:56
twbMy high school did not offer latin, sorry09:01
twbfowler (1e) makes no comment.09:03
twbNor does Strunk & White (unsurprisingly, it being quite short)09:03
twbHeh, I just noticed the "usage notes" on that URL come from fowler 2e, that travesty09:07
ogra_rbasak, hmm, where is that binary header you mention in the review ? the merge page doesnt show anything like that09:32
ogra_oh, i'm blind, ignore me09:32
rbasakogra_: np. I'm just doing highbank now. Could you hold off on a merge please?09:32
rbasakogra_: I'm basing my patch on dannf's.09:33
ogra_sure, i'll fix the header during merge though, no need to wait for the US to get up :)09:33
* ogra_ wonders why no image has the new flash-kernel, but they all still build 09:34
ogra_looks like we have a to loose dependency chain here, they should fail without it09:34
janimoogra_, is flash-kernel getting unified with the debian one this cycle?10:22
ogra_janimo, well, as much as we can at least, depends if we get highbank and armadaxp into debian in time :)10:23
ogra_for all the other arches yes though10:23
janimosounds good10:23
janimoogra_, what about the jasper/liveCd stuff, is that migration started?10:23
ogra_your hack for updating the bootkloader has to go elsewhere too10:23
ogra_no, but we plan to do this switch too this cycle10:24
NCommanderogra_: is the hardware database for the new f-k uploaded yet? (I'm not sure which package its in)10:40
ogra_it is in f-k itself10:41
ogra_infinity wanted to split it out into an arch all package though10:41
ogra_NCommander, dannf has done an armadaxp  patch and rbasak works on highbank10:42
ogra_so dont worry, its all taken care of10:42
NCommanderogra_: wait, I thought the entire point of this was so f-k could be synced, yet the HW database is in the new package?!10:42
ogra_first step: sync and make sure all images work again (preferably by not changing flash-kernel but by adapting other packages to match the new world order)10:43
ogra_next step: make sure our f-k changes land in debian10:44
ogra_last step: split out the db10:44
NCommanderogra_: then repeat steps one and two. Doesn't it make mor esense to split out the DB first :-)10:44
ogra_no idea, i think it makes most sense to discuss it with debian and have them do the split ;)10:45
rbasak/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: flash-kernel is broken or not fully installed10:45
rbasakbut apt-get -f install does nothing and there's no other indication of a problem10:45
rbasakAny hints?10:45
rbasakI need to run, back in an hour :-/10:45
ogra_try to dpkg -i the deb10:45
NCommanderrbasak: is that with the new f-k? I wasn't aware you were taking the new f-k enablement10:46
ogra_alöso the main/universe issues arent solved yet, did you install the necessary packages ?10:46
ogra_NCommander, yes, he works on highbank support10:46
NCommanderrbasak: I'd much prefer having a boot menu, but I realize this has become a time sink now, so ATM, let's roll with the bootz method you had, then I'll get it fixed for the precise SRU/updated for quantal10:46
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rbasakogra_: I have a working flash-kernel on highbank now. But one error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016144/. This appears to be coming from linux-base because it doesn't recognize flash-kernel as a bootloader. Do we know about this already? Presumably it'll affect all the other boards too?13:38
ogra_well, flash-kernel isnt a bootloader13:39
rbasakThat's fine. But linux-base needs to not complain :)13:39
ogra_well, linux-base also need to move to main, i dont expect the switch to work without hassle (never  did) ;)13:41
ogra_i'll look into it, atm i'm rather trying to find out why the images dont fail if f-k is missing13:42
rbasakI think this should be a Debian issue as well, which is why I'm confused.13:46
rbasakf-k depends on l-b, but l-b will complain unless grub or lilo or a bunch of other bootloaders is installed13:47
ogra_did you set Bootloader-sets-root in your db entry ?13:47
ogra_to what ?13:47
rbasakto "yes".13:47
rbasakTo override the one supplied by U-Boot, which doesn't know13:47
rbasakPreviously flash-kernel could write a kernel cmdline into boot.scr, but now it appears that it can't do that any more13:47
rbasakBut Bootloader-sets-root: yes will work for now13:47
ogra_yes means it creates a file in the initrd which needs to contain a UUID13:48
ogra_sigh, thats horrible perl in the linux-base postinst13:48
rbasakmore specifically it overrides the root= kernel parameter13:48
ogra_well, yes, if the file exists in the initrd it will use the value in there13:49
rbasakPerhaps I could try setting bootargs to omit root= in boot.scr, then I won't need that.13:49
* rbasak tries it13:50
ogra_hmm, i wonder where "DebianKernel::BootloaderConfig" comes from13:50
ogra_that seems to be the bit complaining13:51
ogra_if (!is_fresh_installation() && version_lessthan($ARGV[1], '2.6.32-18')) {13:51
ogra_    DebianKernel::BootloaderConfig::check($deb_arch);13:51
ogra_that seems to be the code snippet that causes the complaint13:51
ogra_and the real issue seems to be that "my @config_files " doesnt have anything for u-boot at all13:55
ogra_lool, any idea ? ^^^^13:56
ogra_rbasak, hmm, looking closer it doews exactly what its supposed to be, what you see there is a note not an error14:02
rbasakogra_: it stops the install with priority=critical. Not sure why, since the note is priority=high.14:03
ogra_well, but we should be able to preseed it differently to quieten it14:05
rbasakShouldn't it be clever enough to detect flash-kernel and shut up?14:07
rbasakThe warning is meaningless when flash-kernel is in use14:07
ogra_flash-kernel has nothing to do with it (as i said, its not a bootloader)14:08
ogra_the code looks for known bootloader configs and doesnt know about u-boot14:09
ogra_if i read it right it should be possible to switch that off by preseeding linux-base/disk-id-convert-auto to flase14:09
ogra_rbasak, do you have a virgin env around you could test that in ?14:10
rbasakI can test a preseed option, yes.14:11
ogra_or just hack the template of the package :)14:11
ogra_which i think we should do if the package moves to main, having it check the bootloader configs just for reading out the latest kernel version from /boot doesnt really make sense14:12
rbasakThis is stupid though. I know that flash-kernel isn't a bootloader. But when we're using flash-kernel, then that depends on linux-base, and we know that no bootloader is required. So linux-base should not complain. It should detect flash-kernel as an exception to its warning, such that if flash-kernel is present it does not need to check for a bootloader and does not need to warn the user.14:12
ogra_well, i beg to disagree :)14:12
rbasakThe message is "The boot loader configuration for this system was not recognized.". If flash-kernel is present, the boot loader configuration can be recognised. It's recognised as do-not-care.14:13
rbasakOK, well I'll file a Debian bug and see what they say about it.14:13
ogra_linux-base should learn about u-boot ... not about flash-kernel14:13
rbasakflash-kernel is where u-boot knowledge is kept.14:13
ogra_not always14:14
rbasakSpecifically, in that DB now. How else is linux-base to discover the situation?14:14
ogra_specifically in debian where you are not required to use it at all for arm images14:14
rbasakIf linux-base is taking it upon itself to figure out the situation, it should be able to figure out the situation correctly.14:14
ogra_but it looks for bootloaders not for flashing tools14:14
rbasakflash-kernel is no longer a flashing tool14:15
ogra_thats its purpose14:15
ogra_just because we abuse it differently doesnt change its purpose in debian14:15
ogra_what i dont get in the beginning is why linux-base checks that stuff at all14:16
ogra_its only a tool to get you the latest kernel version in /boot14:16
rbasakjust reading up a bit: I'd say that linux-base should be figuring out the situation correctly, so it should be looking for both bootloaders _and_ flashing tools14:19
ogra_rbasak, given we carry ubuntu changes in linux-base anyway 8and will go on doing so as long as debian ships perf in there) we should just change the preseed default14:19
rbasakI'm testing the preseed as we speak14:19
ogra_i will upload a change if that works and we should be done14:19
ogra_we really dont want it to touch any bootloader configs in any ubuntu arch anyway14:20
lilsteviejanimo: downgrades are typically disallowed meaning new exploits are required14:26
rbasakogra_: no luck with the preseed. I tried "linux-base/disk-id-convert-auto boolean false" - was that right?14:30
rbasakogra_: the flash-kernel change is working though, and ready: https://code.launchpad.net/~racb/ubuntu/quantal/flash-kernel/highbank2/+merge/10817314:34
ogra_rbasak, awesome, i'll take care for linux-base, dont worry about it14:38
rbasakthanks ogra_!14:38
janimolilstevie, I was just looking at 'Wolf'd method' (sounds like some math theorem) on xda-forums which according to some allows ICS downgrades14:39
ogra_rbasak, could be be a bit more verbose in the README entry ?14:40
ogra_like "Calxeda highbank systems" or something like that ?14:40
rbasakogra_: I started off doing that, then I realised that the machine type in the db needed to match /proc/cpuinfo, and I made the README match that too. I'm not sure if they're doing that with the other machines or not?14:41
ogra_no, i dont think armadaxp actually says "Marvell Armada XP Development Board (Ubuntu)" in cpuinfo :)14:41
rbasakGo ahead and change if you like14:42
ogra_will do14:42
lilsteviejanimo: pm me please :)14:43
ogra_rbasak, merged and uploaded15:01
rbasakthanks ogra_!15:02
ogra_rbasak, linux-base uploaded with the postinst removed completely ... bug 1006717 is the MIR in case you want to follow it15:48
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1006717 in linux-base "[MIR] linux-base" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100671715:48
rbasakthanks ogra_!15:49
ogra_(and i dont think its worth filing a debian bug for linux-base ... it makes totally non-ubuntuish assumptions all over the place :) )15:49
GrueMasterogra_: the "Marvell Armada XP Development Board" in flash-kernel (12.04) was copy/paste from cpuinfo.  Just FYI.17:28
ogra_GrueMaster, well, it doesnt have (Ubuntu) appended in cpuinfo i bet17:32
ogra_i just think the README entry should get you an idea about the HW17:32
ogra_and "highbank" is somewhat not telling you anything :)17:33
GrueMasterI couldn't tell you what was in cpuinfo at this point.  I'm a bit removed from the project.  :P17:36
GrueMaster But iirc, I was the one that added the entry to flash-kernel, and it was a straight copy/paste.17:36
GrueMasterSince cpuinfo is largely just raw text from the arm soc code (i.e. not derived from silicon), it could have been (knowing Marvell).17:37
ogra_well, the db definitely needs the exact match ... the readme not so much17:38
GrueMasterYes, agreed.17:38
GrueMasterAnyway, thought I'd add my $.02 worth.  Back to my real job.17:39
ogra_heh, have fun17:39
dannfogra_: oh.. did i add Ubuntu to the wrong field?18:14
* dannf made that change post-test, after merging onto the ubuntu tree - might've screwed that up18:15
dannfoh, nope - that's in the README. w/ that i was following suit w/ the precise's flash kernel which appeared to mark Ubuntu-only additions w/ (Ubuntu)18:16
dannfbut that's not in my debian tere18:16
janimolilstevie, managed to downgrade using wolf22:04
janimowolf's method. great.now on to rooting22:04
lilsteviejanimo: :)23:33

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