tuxboy@InfoAngel there?03:08
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C-4Ekushey and Rezwan, there?04:26
C-4Just shoving my opinion: I think being voiced like a public discussion channel like this is weird.04:27
C-4Also I think +vV assigned to two nick (which are not bots per my reckoning) is also unusual.04:29
C-4Same goes for #blua and #bangladesh. :-)04:31
Rezwanhi C-4 aka Tanvir bhai :)04:52
C-4Hello Rezwan bhai!04:52
C-4Hello Samirbd. ;-)05:34
samirbdhei. I am not very familiar with all. What do you do C-4?05:38
C-4You mean here?05:47
samirbdno. by profession i mean06:17
ashickur-noorবটে ভরপুর06:26
Ekusheyhello samirbd07:01
C-4Hello Ekushey. :-)07:13
C-4What did I do? lol07:13
Ekusheynot +v for you C-407:14
Ekusheybrb time for breakfast07:14
C-4Thanks but, my point was, +vV is unnecessary in public discussion channel like this.07:15
Ekushey+v is unncessary on freenode07:15
C-4Also +oO.07:15
Ekusheyonly guys people here07:16
Ekushey*only nice guys here07:16
C-4No doubt.07:16
Ekusheylet me get back after breakfast07:16
C-4Ashickur-noor, ole. :-)07:17
C-4ভাই ভালো আছেন?07:17
C-4!weather Ny-Ålesund07:19
lubotu2`C-4: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:19
C-4You are an oxymoron.07:19
lubotu2`Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:19
C-4lol Meant your command help. You are really an oxymoron. :-D07:20
lubotu2`Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:20
InfoAngel1. Title: "Official Ubuntu Documentation" - http://tinyurl.com/eseps 2. Title: "Ubuntu Forums"  3. Title: "Ask Ubuntu"07:20
ashickur-noorকি চলতেছে?07:24
C-4বট টেস্টিং07:25
C-4তো ভাই, ভালো আছেন্নি?07:27
EkusheyC-4 you're home?07:43
Ekusheyyou're always home?07:45
C-4Most of the time..07:46
C-4Well, sort of.07:46
Ekusheyjust asking07:47
C-4Oh, okay.07:48
C-4Ekushey, okay, about the channel management I those were my suggestion. Having you +O is kind of weird.07:49
C-4And +V for others are fairly unnecessary (unless there is a speciality).07:50
Ekusheyhow is +o weird?07:51
C-4+O I mean.07:52
C-4Because 1) No need; 2) It is not really your personal channel. :-)07:53
Ekusheywhat makes you think that this is not my channel?07:54
C-4Also that +O ask for human nicks ask fairly inappropriate attention in public channel like this.07:54
C-4Because it is #ubuntu-bd ;-)07:55
C-4That is Ubuntu Bangladesh. It is an organization, not a person. :-)07:55
Ekusheylol whatever you think07:56
C-4Sure, but my thinkings deserve to be counted I think.07:57
C-4Not in any side here, but as I said, that is fairly inappropriate.07:57
EkusheyC-4, as if we get a lot of visitors here?08:02
C-4This has nothing to do with visitors actually, those flags ask attention.08:02
C-4And those attention is unneeded.08:03
C-4Well, you know things well I am sure. Just look at other channels like this. :-)08:03
C-4Discussions channels flag only bots (in some cases).08:03
Ekusheyi've been using IRC for much longer than you do, i know what's appropriate and what's not very well08:04
C-4Maybe. I am not a no0b either, if you argue in that point..08:04
* C-4 is a fellow channel op, has +f in 100+ channels, even.08:04
Ekusheyi really don't want to argue with anyone08:04
Ekusheyi heard what you said08:05
C-4I am sure of that.08:05
C-4But as I said, you have no need of a +O with your nick (unless you want attention here). :-)08:06
Ekusheyyou already mentioned that few times08:07
C-4I did, that is the probably the strongest point of being this channel weird at first glimpse.08:08
Ekusheynothing is weird08:12
Ekusheyyou're weird08:12
Ekusheyhow does that make you feel?08:12
C-4I feel nothing.08:13
Ekusheyend of the conversation08:13
C-4But can you state the importance of having +O for you?08:13
Ekusheysure, let me show you08:13
toufiqueHlw everyone08:45
Ekusheyhey toufique08:45
toufiqueJoined irc after a long time08:46
Ekusheyi think i know you?08:46
toufiqueI guess. R u russel bhai?08:47
Ekusheyyes i am08:47
toufiqueI am toufique imam. 08:47
Ekusheyright :)  how are you doing?08:47
toufiqueI guess u know me. Atleast knew me08:47
toufiqueWhat bout u bro?08:48
toufiqueHw is linuxing & photography?08:48
Ekusheynot active with the community 08:49
toufiqueWhen everybody come 2 this room? @night08:49
Ekusheyand don't taking much pictures these days either08:49
toufiqueHmm. Bg wit ur profession/study?08:49
Ekusheywork is good08:49
toufiqueI missed the last ubuntu 12.04 release party. :(08:50
Ekusheyi'm writing a book :)08:50
Ekusheyno problem, there's always a next time08:50
toufiqueOn what topic?08:50
Ekusheydo you live in dhaka?08:50
toufiqueI live in natore08:50
toufiqueBt now living in Kushtia08:51
Ekusheyon linux of course...08:51
toufiqueStuding in islamic uni kushtia08:51
EkusheyNotore, righ... i sent you a mail once?08:51
toufiqueGeeky level? Or 4 simple user lyk us?08:51
toufiqueThose moneybookers :) business 08:52
Ekusheyit is intended for novice linux sys admins08:52
toufiqueHmm. Gr8 :)08:52
Ekusheyi'll but a new lens in july and after that i'll go for a country tour... i might come to Kushtia too08:53
toufiqueBtw dshould system admins learn php /sql/perl?08:53
toufiqueOr just bash is enough?08:53
Ekusheybash is what they need08:54
toufiqueHere is lalaons mazar,shilaidoh,our university & much more08:54
toufiqueI know a little bit bash script. Bt no idea bout php08:55
toufiqueOr other language08:55
Ekusheyi visit someday08:55
Ekusheyhey stay here for 15 minutes, i'm coming08:55
toufiqueI m in a running bus 'p08:55
toufiqueGoin 2 my village now :)08:55
Ekusheyusing irc from mobile?09:03
EkusheyAndroid phone? :)09:04
toufiqueGalaxy mini09:04
toufiqueBtw which distro r i using? 09:05
Ekusheyyes i upgraded finally09:07
Ekusheyi was using 10.10 all these days...09:07
toufiqueHm. i m still using 11.1009:07
toufiqueAdnan vai is gonna send me 12.04 after i return natore09:08
toufiqueSome people are dual booting china android tabs with ubuntu09:09
toufiqueThose tabs r cheap enough09:09
EkusheyChinese tablets!09:11
toufiqueThey even support gp/other edge modem directly09:12
Ekusheyas well as CDMA09:12
Ekusheyie. Citycell09:12
EkusheyChinese technology amuses me :p09:12
toufiqueR u still using your old airtel sim?09:13
Ekusheybtw what subject are you studying now?09:13
Ekusheyno sir, i use banglalink now09:13
Ekusheymy number is 0192-4955-40509:13
toufiqueEng literatute09:13
toufiqueMy sub sucks :(09:13
Ekusheyno it doesn't, it is a good subject09:14
Ekusheycarry on09:14
toufiqueI dont like literature actually09:15
Ekusheythen that's not good09:15
toufiqueHmm :(09:15
toufiqueI had 2 choice. BBA & Eng09:16
toufiqueAdnan vai suggested 2 study eng09:16
toufiqueSo am I 09:17
Ekusheythere is no use of doing BBA09:17
toufiqueBt so many students are studing bba&cse09:17
toufiqueThere is no pvt uni without bba&cse09:17
Ekusheyin all universities the best looking girls are from the english dept. ;)09:18
toufiqueYeah. In my class there r 102 students. 52 r girls09:18
toufiqueBt all of em r engaged :\09:18
Ekusheyno problem, keep trying ;)09:19
toufiqueI just think "aita kisu hoilo?" :p09:19
Ekusheyhehehe btw you're studying in Kushtia Islamic University?09:19
Ekusheyshobai ki hujur ekhane?09:20
toufiqueNo. Bt so.many shibir & chagu r everywhere09:20
Ekusheyhahahaha jamaat shibir is everywhere09:20
toufiqueI have stopped beleiving in democracy 4our country09:21
toufiqueSo all of em r same 2 me09:21
Ekusheywhere do you see democracy in our country?09:22
Ekusheyno democracy here09:22
toufiqueWe've experienced martial law couple of times09:23
toufiqueThat was worse09:23
toufiqueSo what should we do? Just leave bd? Or kill all of the people? :p09:24
toufiqueHave u ever been Sirajgong?09:24
Ekusheyboth ;)09:25
toufiqueI m going sirajgong now09:25
toufiqueMy village is there.09:25
Ekusheyvia jamuna bridge?09:25
toufiqueIf u go sirajgong, then u hv 2 cross the bridge09:26
toufiqueNot 4 mr09:26
toufiqueYrah. I 've spent 1st 6years of my life in village.09:26
Ekusheyhope you enjoy your time09:27
toufiqueIt's good to going back :)09:27
toufiqueAnyway bye 4 nw09:27
toufiqueSee u soon in kushtia09:27
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Ekusheyhi Rezwan bhai16:07
Ekusheyhi kalpurush16:07
Rezwanhola! 16:08
Ekusheylink for you: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership16:09
InfoAngelTitle: "Membership - Ubuntu Wiki" - http://tinyurl.com/4noe3o16:10
Rezwandoes it work as a link shortener?16:10
Ekusheyit just did :p16:11
RezwanI see ;p16:11
Ekusheystill using GP?17:31
Ekusheyping tareq17:32
tareqhi Ekushey17:34
Ekusheyhi hi17:34
tareqrasel vai ar keo nai17:34
Ekusheynah this channel is always this small17:35
Ekusheyso what is new with you? :)17:36
Ekusheyi hope all is well?17:36
tareqgoing well17:39
* Tanvir walks in. :-)17:39
tareqwhat about 2mros meet up ?17:39
Ekusheytareq: i'm not sure, i've an appointment in the evening17:39
Ekusheyi need to finish some work before that... if i get time i'll join in17:40
Ekusheywill you be attending the meet up?17:40
tareqnot sure :S17:40
Ekusheyit's so hot... everytime i go out if come back home all sweaty :(17:41
Ekusheyhumidity is very high17:41
ashickur-noorসবাই চুপ কেন?17:45
ashickur-noorসব ঘুমায়17:47
Ekusheynah i'm awake ashickur-noor17:48
ashickur-noorকালকে আসতেছেন তো?17:49
* C-4 is awake too.17:50
C-4Have a meeting in 3 a.m.; worst thing ever.17:50
Ekusheyi want to, i hope i can make it17:50
C-4@নূর ভাই, মিটিং কই?17:50
C-4কিসের উপ্রে? কাদের লাগি?17:50
C-4ashickur-noor অখন দেখি আপনেই ঘুম পাড়ছেন!17:55
ashickur-noorআমি জীবিত আছি17:56
ashickur-noorসাপোর্ট দেই17:56
InfoAngelTitle: ";););) [sb] তৈরী করে ফেলুন সত্যিকারের ট্রোজান ভাইরাস আর পিসির বারোটা বাজান [/sb] B-)B-)B-)- mahinjm's bangla blog" - http://tinyurl.com/7b6edw317:56
ashickur-noorহাসি রাখতাম কই চিন্তা করতেছি17:56
ashickur-noorজটিল কাজ 17:56
ashickur-noorএই বট কনফিগার করছে কে?17:57
C-4ফেরেশতা বাবাজি।17:57
C-4অন্তত নিক দেইখা তাই মনে হয়। লোল।17:57
C-4যা হোক, আপনি দ্যান সাপোর্ট। হাসি চাইপা রাইখেন না। হাসি ছড়ায়া দেন।17:57
C-4জায়গা মতো হাসতে না পারলে টুইটারে হাসেন।17:57
ashickur-noorটুইটার আমার মতন পাবলিকের জন্য না17:58
C-4যাই কাম করি।18:01
C-4আপনে সাপোর্ট দেন। উইকি সাপোর্ট লাগলে ডাক দিয়েন। :-P18:01
ashickur-noorউইকি পারি না18:02
ashickur-noorতখন উবুন্টুটা আপডেট করার দরকার ছিলো18:02
ashickur-noormaya_ 18:03
C-4ভাইবা দেখেন, এককালে উবুন্টুও পারতেন না। :-)18:03
ashickur-noorতা ঠিক18:03
ashickur-noorলিফোর কল্যাণে শিখছি18:03
ashickur-noorলিফোর মতন একটা ফোরাম চালু করেন18:03
C-4ভাই মোটিভেশন বড়ো জিনিস। ইচ্ছা থাকলে উপায় হয়।18:04
ashickur-noorযেখানে প্রশ্ন করা যায়18:04
C-4প্রশ্ন উইকিতেও করা যায়।18:04
ashickur-noorirc এর চ্যানেল দেন18:04
C-4সিস্টেমটা সহজ করা নিয়া ভাবতেছি।18:04
C-4আইআরসি চ্যানেল আছে।18:04
C-4#wikipedia-bn আর #wikimedia-bd18:04
ashickur-noorউবুন্টুর চ্যানেলে এ উইকি18:04
C-4আইআরসি ফিডের জন্য আছে #cvn-bn-scan18:05
C-4আসেন, আইডেল করেন। প্রশ্ন করেন। আমি তো সারক্ষণই থাকি!18:05
ashickur-noorআজকে সবাই চুপ18:07
ashickur-noorমনে হয় বিকালের জন্য কথা জমায় রাখতেছে18:07
IccheGhuriকেউ কিছু লেখে না নাকি? :-/18:25
ashickur-noorসবাই চুও18:26
ashickur-noorভাই #linuxdesh এ আসেন18:26
sagir42না এসে পারলাম না। 18:29
sagir42আপনাদের খবর কি/18:29
sagir42আমার জন্য দোয়া কইরেন। 18:29
IccheGhuriসিট কোথায় পড়েছে?18:29
ashickur-noorদোয়া করি18:30
EkusheySagir bhai all the best!18:30
ashickur-noorসগির ভাই যেন এক চান্সেই ক্যাডার হয়18:30
prativasicকেমন আছেন সবাই?18:31
prativasicআজকে সবাই কি বেশি চুপচাপ? নাকি সব সময় এমনই থাকে?18:32
ashickur-noorআজকে সব ঘুমায়18:33
prativasicআমি ৮টা থেকে চ্যানেলে আছি। তখনও ঘুমায় নাকি? :P18:34
IccheGhuriভাই আপনারা কি কেউ বলতে পারবেন ম্যাকে ব্যাশ স্ক্রিপ্ট চলে কিনা?18:34
ashickur-noorচলার কথা18:34
prativasicইচ্ছে ঘুড়ি ভাই, কেমন আছেন?18:35
sagir42আমার সিট পরছে ইডেনে :-[18:35
IccheGhuriম্যাকেও কি লিনাক্সের মত www ফোল্ডারে লোকালহোস্ট চলে?18:35
ashickur-noorডাকাইগো কলেজ18:35
ashickur-noorxampp চলে18:35
ashickur-noorসগীর ভাই আপনি বাইচ্যা গেছেন18:36
ashickur-noor১০ মিনিটের পথ18:36
prativasicনূর কি বলেন?18:36
ashickur-noorডাকাইত গো কলেজ18:36
prativasicসগীর ভাই, কেমন আছেন?18:36
ashickur-noor= ইডেন18:36
prativasicআপনার প্রস্তুতি কেমন?18:36
sagir42চেস্টা করেছি একটি ভাল প্রস্তুতি নিতে। 18:38
sagir42বাকি সব আল্লাহ্ এর হাতে্ 18:39
sagir42সবাই দোয়া কইরেন যাতে করে ইজ্জত নিয়ে ফিরে আসতে পারি। 18:39
sagir42ঘুমাতে গেলাম। 18:39
IccheGhuriআমার বাসায় এক বিসিএস পরীক্ষার্থী আসছে, সে এখন ঘুমায় :)18:39
sagir42সবাই ভাল থাকবেন্ 18:39
prativasicইনশাল্লাহ আপনার ইচ্ছা পূর্ন হবে18:39
sagir42শুভ রাত্রি। 18:39
ashickur-noorবটে ভরপুর19:12
ashickur-noorনতুন কে আছেন?19:34
mezbaHello everyone 21:24
mezbaI guess, everyone is sleeping21:25

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