JoseeAntonioRHello, thewrath !01:26
thewrathHow are you JoseeAntonioR01:27
JoseeAntonioRFine, thanks, what about you?01:27
isiahhi all01:37
isiahwhats up steve__?01:47
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ApocalyptikzHey - I'm having some overheating issues with my laptop; only with linux (ubuntu). It seems like my fan isn't spinning at all, how can I control it?04:24
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ubot2fan is Control the fan  on/off  http://www.ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-12058.html04:35
Unit193Nevermind, that's broken. :P04:36
ApocalyptikzThat URL doesn't load.04:40
ApocalyptikzTried it on both my systems, btw.04:40
Unit193https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto  or   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=42737 would be better, but not sure they'd help.04:40
Unit193Mine seems to be working in that area.04:40
isiahmorning all09:20
Sidewinder1Guest75506, Good mornin'.12:59
raubvogelpreceeding question: can I specify how I want the partitions done?14:43
holsteinraubvogel: sure.. you can do literally anything you like.. i would get the alternate iso for that personally, but you can prepare the disk with whatever tool you are comfortable with, and install linux however you like, even "sub-optimally"14:44
raubvogelholstein: all I want is to do disk alignment when creating the partitions14:50
holsteinraubvogel: you can do literally anything you like.. im not sure what you mean by "alignment", but custom partitioning is no issue14:51
raubvogelholstein: so, something like this "mkfs.ext2 -L boot -b 4096 -Estride=32,stripe-width=224,discard /dev/sda1" would be doable?14:53
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holsteinraubvogel: without refering to manpages for mkfs.ext2 commands... as i said, *anything* is doable.. its all open, and you are free and encouraged to do what you like.. even if its a bad idea14:54
raubvogelholstein: you just reminded me of a Futurama song14:55
holsteinraubvogel: i typically just use gparted... or the alternate installer i suggested14:55
raubvogelholstein: good. How would I pass those arguments?14:55
holstein!info fstab14:56
holsteinhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab is where i would look14:56
holsteinthough, if i didnt know where to put those commands, i likely wouldnt use them.. if you found something do "copy and paste" in from a post somewhere14:57
holsteinmaybe start with what your intention is generally, and see if anyone has a suggestion on how to achieve your goal14:57
nothingspecialhi vinnie__ :p19:05
vinnie__how ya! your here too! good stuff!19:05
nothingspecialI am in lots of channels19:06
Sidewindernothingspecial, Is everywhere. :)19:12
aeoril-mobBut is he everwhere you want to be?19:15
aeoril-mobBe all you can be - eat lots of fast food and drink sugary pop19:17
nothingspecialnot a long term solution19:18
aeoril-mobNo, but its easier than joining the army ....19:19
aeoril-mobHahaha ... :D19:19
aeoril-mobActually, more risky though19:21
vinnie__and you may end up in boot camp anyway19:21
aeoril-mobvinnie__:  how so?19:26
nothingspecialthat fitness  thing ex army people do I assume19:26
aeoril-mobOh, yah - like fat camp19:26
vinnie__exactly all the rage in my neck of the woods!19:27
aeoril-mobHmmm they have reality shows about that19:27
vinnie__see you's later..19:28
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gaurav12 hey can anybody pl help me in bringing back my ubuntu 12.04 back to default settings.i have installed a few softwares and now i want it to come to defalut settings like a fresh installation21:33
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rebuhjcHello, Can someone help23:59

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