marcoceppibkerensa: I enable it about once a month00:14
jonomarcoceppi, all tests pass now :-)00:28
jonoI had a few weird issues but they are fixed now00:29
jonoback later00:30
dholbachgood morning07:02
hobgoblingood morning07:02
bkerensajcastro: this cloud situation with OMG is epic bad =/07:11
dpmmorning all07:11
bkerensaSite has been down for nearly 12 hours now07:12
* dpm brb's07:12
dholbachhola dpm07:17
dholbachhey bkerensa07:17
bkerensadholbach: hello sir07:17
dholbachbkerensa, I'll go and put together a shortened and condensed footer for all ubuntu-dev outreach today07:17
dholbachand announce the bug fixing initiative07:17
dholbachprobably I'll do another "here's some new folks" blog post soon too07:18
* dholbach has been slacking on the blogging front07:18
bkerensadholbach: ok07:20
bkerensadholbach: for the time being also OMG seems to be pretty much down =/ (on and off for a day or two now)07:20
dholbachat some stage we might want to talk about how we reorganise the dev news team07:20
bkerensa^ :)07:20
dholbachhighvoltage showed interest at the session at UDS07:20
dholbachwell then we'll post it the fridge and put it back on OMG once it's back :)07:20
* dholbach crosses fingers for Joey and friends07:21
dholbachbkerensa, still around?08:25
dholbachbkerensa, I shared a 'Templates' doc08:25
popeybkerensa: might wanna credit that pic on G+08:35
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benonsoftwareIs there really only 100 days left in the cycle?09:11
dholbachbenonsoftware, according to my unscientific calculation it's 14009:15
dholbachIn [3]: a=datetime.strptime('2012-05-31', '%Y-%m-%d')09:15
dholbachIn [4]: b=datetime.strptime('2012-10-18', '%Y-%m-%d')09:15
dholbachIn [5]: (b-a).days09:15
dholbachOut[5]: 14009:15
benonsoftwaredholbach: Ooh, status.ubuntu.com said 10009:15
AlanBellstatus doesn't work weekends09:16
dholbachmaybe that's "working days"? ie 5 days a week09:16
s-foxHello community team09:37
cjohnstonevenin s-fox09:37
s-foxHello cjohnston , how are you?09:37
cjohnstontired today09:38
s-foxme too09:38
cjohnstondebating going to bed for a bit09:38
s-foxbed +109:38
czajkowskicjohnston: need a nap do you :)09:39
dholbachalright, lunch break - see you later from my old office :)11:24
AlanBellhttp://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/12368.html are we going to get a microsoft signed first stage bootloader?11:52
balloonshowdy daker13:56
jonoballoons, can you hop on a G+ hangout now?14:39
jonoballoons, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cc6a4c008106721a333673b808587a2dc754f647?authuser=0&hl=en-US14:40
jonothanks balloons14:52
jonocan you ensure you get the hardware list from Leann ASAP14:52
balloonsyes, and I'll find out who the contact is/will be14:53
jonothanks balloons14:54
jonoyou kicked off the Alpha 1 testing yet?14:54
balloonsI'm syncing my iso's and making sure the script from last cycle is still scrapping.. Emails and tweets with info from yesterday coming soon14:55
jonoballoons, cool14:57
jono1 week. 100% mandatory tests. balloons.14:57
jonodholbach, dpm, mhall119 all set?14:57
balloonslooks like 2 results from yesterday.. uphill climb my firned14:57
dpmjono, yep!14:58
dpmjono, would you mind reinviting me? Can't seem to get in15:00
dpm(pretty please)15:00
jonodpm, done15:01
dpmthanks :)15:01
dpmjono, could you send a new invite?15:07
dpmg+ hates me today15:07
mhall119dpm: sent15:07
mhall119jono: we lost you15:18
dholbachalright my friends - see you tomorrow :)16:15
dpmmhall119, jono, check this out: http://ubuntuone.com/4ougP6YlLDv1rnKqw9ZgUh16:17
mhall119dpm: nice, does it use Webkit or Chrome/Chromium?16:20
* dpm digs into the foo_lib folder...16:20
jcastrobkerensa: see -ubuntu-devel for HP Cloud stuff16:20
dpmmhall119, Webkit, I'd say, 'from gi.repository import Webkit'16:23
jcastromhall119: see juju mailing list16:37
jcastroa guy just posted working on a django charm16:37
jcastrorecommend you link up with him16:38
dakerwoow the graphic tablet works out of the box ツ16:38
dakerplug it and it works ツ16:38
jonodpm, nice!16:40
jonodpm, does quickly package work?16:40
dpmnow, you just had to pick up the bit that doesn't work did you?16:41
dpmit seems to fail16:41
popeycan anyone see the point at which the UK internet connectivity kinda broke today? ☺  http://ubuntuone.com/3vk92NFYkbTo88Mg2RZwnG16:42
nigelbpopey: heh16:49
nigelbpopey: entire UK?16:50
nigelbtechnoviking: I just saw the new forums theme. It looks great! :)17:01
mhall119jcastro: I'm not on the list, can you  forward it to me?17:05
jcastroyou've got mail!17:07
nigelbjcastro: I just imaginged your face instead of clippy telling mhall119 that.17:07
balloonsnice.. I want to see a mashup of that17:11
jonoupvote please! http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/ue5pk/new_humble_indie_bundle_announced_and_available/17:32
jcastrofinally, a humble bundle17:39
* jcastro is on this like white on rice17:39
balloonswow.. those are actually nice games17:41
popeyI am super impressed we pulled this off17:49
jcastrodoesn't work for me17:50
jcastrosoftware sources not found17:50
balloonsoh noes17:50
balloonsare you on precise jcastro ?17:51
jcastroanyone else try it yet?17:55
jcastropopey: ^^ ?17:57
popeyi have installed one of them17:57
marcoceppijcastro: sources were found, but software center keeps crashing17:59
jcastroI got amnesia to work18:00
jcastroeither that or I inadvertantly bought it again18:00
popeyi suspect launchpad is getting a royal kicking18:00
popeyyeah, the price showing in usc is a shame18:00
jcastroit's ok18:00
jcastroit's not a deal breaker, like say .... USC crashing is. :-/18:00
jcastrojono: do we get the rest of the day off to "support Indie Gaming vendors?" by playing the games?18:01
jcastroThe Limbo one is awesome, I have it on my xbox18:01
jonojcastro, lol18:01
jcastroit's like a weird dream 2d scroller18:01
jcastrovery dark, totally awesome18:02
* dpm +1's jcastro's suggestion18:07
* balloons 1's dpm's and jcastro's suggestion18:07
mhall119jono: should we be linking to the individual games pages on FB so they can get to the 5000 "likes" and get their donation from Canonical?18:07
balloonswe should do a livestream of us playing together18:08
jcastrolook at that counter go up18:08
mhall119jcastro: which counter?18:08
* jcastro donated more than # to get the average linux up18:08
jcastrofrom jono's blog18:08
jcastrothere's like a counter18:08
marcoceppijcastro: same, worth it too18:09
mhall119I wish there was more blue on that piechart18:10
jcastrowell, I'm sure with the USC it'll be easier for people18:10
jcastroI never bought one before for example18:10
jcastroI do like that the higher linux average shows that we're willing to pay for games though!18:11
snap-ljcastro: That's been true of all of the humble bundles. Linux users pony up18:11
popeyyeah, every single time this happens18:12
popeyits the thing with averages... a bazillion windows users paying 1 buck outweighs a hundred linux people paying 2018:13
jcastrowell this is what we're fixing, I couldn't really buy it before18:14
jcastrowell, not easily18:14
popeyi have bought every one.. easily18:14
marcoceppijcastro: totally, I skipped the last few because it annoys me to download and run it in opt.18:14
snap-lOh FFS18:14
jcastroI've mailed the sublime 2 guy like 3 times begging him to put it in the software center18:14
mhall119some of them had proper .debs18:14
snap-lI hate /opt as much as the next guy, but seriously?18:15
popeyalan@deep-thought:~$ dpkg -L amnesia  | grep opt | wc -l18:15
marcoceppipopey: but I didn't have to do it, USC did :)18:15
snap-lIt's not going way18:15
jcastrosnap-l: it just sucks hunting and pecking for games18:15
snap-lI just make it a link to /usr/local/opt18:15
jcastroI don't care where on disk it is18:15
marcoceppididn't have to make a desktop icon, etc18:15
popeyi like that its in USC because now I can install on any machine18:15
marcoceppiUSC made it magic for me18:15
popeyfor previous releases I download and horde all the installers18:15
popeymy ubuntu one folder is full of them18:16
snap-lpopey: Same here18:16
snap-lminus the ubuntu one folder18:16
popeyalan@deep-thought:~/Ubuntu One/Games$ du -hs Humble*18:16
* snap-l has a bone to pick re U1 music store and banshee, btw18:16
jcastroand through USC you can just reinstall it on your other machines right?18:16
jcastrothat's jawesome18:16
balloonsubuntu.com is a rendering fail :-(18:16
popeysometimes works18:17
popeycontent isnt always loading18:17
jonojcastro, http://omgubuntu.co.uk/18:17
jonooh dear18:17
jonostill down?18:17
jussiyou know, the unity window manager whatever it is, is annoying sometimes :/ like when I click the rhythm box or spotifiy link thigns in the sound indicator and the damn thing just wiggles...18:17
jonoballoons, they are fixing it18:17
jonocaching issue18:17
mhall119jono: OMG is posting on http://omgubuntu.wpengine.com/ now18:19
mhall119jono: what are we doing to get 5000 likes on the app pages?18:20
jonomhall119, we are doing that next week18:21
mhall119oh, ok18:21
jonowhen the launch buzz has died down18:21
mhall119it's already mentioned on http://blog.canonical.com/2012/05/31/humble-indie-bundle-5-comes-to-the-ubuntu-software-centre/18:21
jussiwhat is this 5000 likes thing?18:21
mhall119jussi: read the above link18:21
jonojussi, you will find out next week :-)18:21
jonomhall119, I know18:22
jonoit is no big deal18:22
jonoif we get some likes then cool18:22
jussioh, I just read18:22
jonobut I want to have a big push next week18:22
bkerensamhall119: yeah that who juju thing has not went so well for OMG =/ love how it was used as a model at UDS yet its had so many problems and hours of downtime :P18:24
mhall119bkerensa: the juju thing went fine for OMG18:25
mhall119it's when they started changing things on the live server, instead of through the juju charm, that they started breaking it18:25
balloonsjcastro, if you need cheering up, my juju demo today went well18:25
balloonsI need to get my charm in the store.. i have to add me as a maintainer first..18:26
mhall119bkerensa: basically OMG broke when they *stopped* using juju18:26
bkerensamhall119: ahh18:28
marcoceppimhall119: bkerensa exactly, the current environment isn't using any piece of juju atm18:38
marcoceppiit's a static setup18:39
mhall119jcastro: where's the code for that django charm?19:01
AlanBellapplications for the IRCC closing soon http://ubottu.com/ircc/2012/05/17/ubuntu-irc-council-position/19:01
jcastromhall119: looks like he didn't push anywhere on lp19:03
mhall119emailed him about it19:14
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bobweaverHello there I am looking for some knowledge any one around ?19:42
bobweaverit is about having stores stock Ubuntu19:43
bobweaverand a new thing that I am doing19:43
mhall119hi bobweaver19:45
mhall119bobweaver: there's a lot of logistics involved in that, creating physical packaging and other material, investory, distribution, negotiating shelf space, etc19:46
mhall119and ultimately, it's very hard to get somebody to drive to a store and spend $50 on something they can download at home for free19:48
snap-lbobweaver: What are you planning on doing?19:55
bobweaverwell I have 13 stores that I just picked up today that want to stock Ubuntu19:56
bobweaver1st time I called in a bit19:56
bobweaverso I am not really looking for cds19:56
snap-lbobweaver: What are you looking for?19:56
bobweaverjust the nice piece of paper that they can bring up to the register19:56
snap-lbobweaver: Which does what? :)19:57
bobweaverdocuments for   where to get support via advantage and also community19:57
bobweaverI have ubuntu advantage taken care of19:57
bobweaverand I need cardboard cutouts to hold the preinstalled Ubuntu computers19:58
bobweaversnap-l,  so if customer brings up cardboard slip then they will get Ubuntu installed  instead of some other OS19:58
bobweaverso I am looking for Docs about Ubuntu Community and where to get support must look real nice19:59
bobweaverthouse will go by the Computers that are pre-installed19:59
bobweaverlike a "Info section "19:59
bobweaverbut I can not fork out the doe as I am poor and can not afford water20:00
bobweaverfor the stands and what not.20:00
bobweaverso I am looking for advice20:00
bobweaverlike before I only had 2 stores. But I thought what the heck I will try to call all the local stores20:01
bobweaverand belive it or not 13 out of the 20 want it and like 7 or so have been thinking about it20:01
snap-lbobweaver: That's awesome.20:02
snap-lHopefully someone in here can give some help20:02
jussibobweaver: something like: http://shop.canonical.com/index.php?cPath=41 ?20:02
bobweaverYup and that is just one city ;)20:02
jonomarcoceppi, jcastro any other folks we can coral into writing Ask Ubuntu accomplishment docs?20:02
bobweaverlooking ^^20:02
jcastrojono: an RT on g+ would help out20:03
jcastrobut yeah, we need to bang the drum more20:03
bobweaverI am pushing alot data (Ubuntu tv iso )  so net is slow ..20:03
jcastrosorry it's been a busy day with the HP Cloud stuff20:03
jonojcastro, I G+ed it yesterday20:03
jonojcastro, I will post to reddit too20:03
jonoand blog it20:03
jonojcastro, np20:03
bobweaverjussi,  yup I give this out with the cds as it is atm http://ubuntustreetteam.tk/UA.pdf20:03
jcastroRe+ that one pls.20:03
jcastrojono: have someone else reddit it on your behalf20:05
jcastroself-promition links on reddit attract a high # of downvotes20:05
jcastrothat's why I abuse bkerensa for this sort of thing20:06
bobweaverI am more looking for ideas on stands to hold the laptops . Like the ones that I seen from the footage for UDS in China20:06
bobweaverare they paying for them ?  if so where are they getting them ?20:06
jonojcastro, weird, I havent seen many downvotes when I have published something on my blog20:06
bkerensajcastro: do share link I will upvote it from multiple accts :)20:07
jcastrojono: you're also famousish, just sayin20:07
jcastroteflon bacon20:07
bkerensajcastro: which link?20:07
bobweaverI will start this movment my-self if no one wants to help get Ubuntu into stores20:09
popeybobweaver: i suspect the stores are budgeting some money for them20:09
popeybobweaver: I am certain we don't make / provide them20:09
bobweavergood point but what about china20:10
popeyi was talking about china :D20:10
bobweaverhow are they getting there stuff oem ?20:10
popeyi dont know the full details20:10
popeythe stores are owned by the OEMs I believe20:11
bobweavercool thanks again popey  I just want to make this work just like everything I am doing20:11
popeyso it stands to reason that the OEM sets aside budget for this stuff20:11
popeyand the more stores they have.. economies of scale.. and consistent look across the stores20:11
bobweaveri mean for 500 usd that would by everything20:11
popey(I am still just guessing, but this sounds plausible) :D20:11
bobweaverfor like 20 states20:12
popeyi have no idea how much it costs to kit out a store20:12
technovikingnigelb: Thanks20:12
popeythe stores in china are quite small20:12
bobweaverbuy *20:12
popeymore like what you might call a boothe here20:12
bobweaverone store that I talk to gets about 200 too 500 people a day20:12
bobweaverit is in a mall20:12
bobweaverthe biggest in town20:12
popeyyou in .ma ?20:13
bobweaverwhat some Ubuntu banners would do at the fromt of there store20:13
popeysorry, MA, US?20:13
bobweaverI am in NY20:13
bobweaverUp state20:13
bobweaver6 hrs from the office20:13
bobweaverin southie20:13
popeypretty sure doctormo is in MA thereabouts20:13
bobweaverbut there is the dude that is in the white hills that works for canonical that is how I got the advantage stuff20:14
popeydunno who that is20:14
bobweaverwhite hills of new york like yonkers or something like that20:14
bkerensaa Ubuntu Store in Portland would destroy :)20:14
popeythere's a lot of people over that way20:14
bobweaverbkerensa,  not hard to set up and I know you got cds20:14
bkerensawhat makes u think I got CD's20:15
bobweaverI fight for my cds20:15
bkerensabobweaver: I do too20:15
bobweaveryou are lead contact for orgon20:15
bkerensaI have to do menial tasks for jono for CD's20:15
bobweaverer spelling20:15
* popey looks at how much it costs for cds20:15
bkerensaWill work for CD's (Sign)20:15
bobweaverbut I do not need cds20:16
bkerensapopey: if you get the big bundle you get free shipping20:16
bobweaverI need documentation and paraphinilia20:16
popeybkerensa: 200?20:16
bkerensapopey: Yeah20:16
bobweaverJust like windows there is no cds most the time20:16
popeyoh, so you do20:16
bobweaverit is all behind the counter20:16
mhall119bobweaver: http://spreadubuntu.org/ has a lot of good stuff, but you'll have to get it printed yourself20:17
bkerensaApple is buying out a whole mall in Portland20:17
bkerensato increase the size of their apple store which was in the mall20:17
bobweaverso if there is a "nice" piece of cardboard that one can bring to the counter then there we go20:17
bobweaverthanks mhall11920:17
bkerensaI guess since the real estate market is tanked they think its a good opp to buy real estate20:18
bkerensaWe have too many malls here though imho20:18
bobweaverwell I will make mock up and drop here20:18
popeyi still don't get what this cardboard thing is about ☺20:18
bkerensapopey: you dont have it in UK?20:18
bobweaverpopey,  say a user comes into a store with bsod20:18
bobweaverat the store in the sates at least there are two options one buy new windows and get virus wipped20:19
bobweaverwhat if they got Ubuntu and not get that installed20:19
bobweaverwindows that is20:19
bobweaverit would just cost them man hours that is it20:19
popeyyou might get offered those options, sure20:20
popeybut no concept of dead wood pulp is involved20:20
czajkowskidoes sound a bit odd alright.20:20
pleia2bobweaver: there is a fair amount of stuff on spreadubuntu.org: http://spreadubuntu.org/en/get-materials/brochure20:20
pleia2(of course you need to print it yourself)20:20
bobweaverthey would not throw that out but just put back on the self for the next persom20:21
bobweaverthanks pleia220:21
pleia2a lot needs updating, but it gives you a place to start anyway20:21
mhall119ha, I finally had an answer before pleia2 :)20:21
czajkowskimhall119: loon ;)20:21
bkerensapleia2: yeah people have been asking what happened to Ubuntu Marketing on Forums lately20:21
* mhall119 feels that should be an Accomplishment for jono20:21
popey"lately" hah!20:22
* bobweaver smiles 20:22
bkerensachelsea lately20:22
popeywhat happened to ubuntu marketing _ever_ :D20:22
czajkowskipopey: what did it do...20:22
bkerensapopey: ask Canonical :P20:22
* nothingspecial guffaws20:22
popeyit's all somewhat anarchic20:22
jonomhall119, speaking of accomplishments ;-)20:22
jonomhall119, any progress?20:22
popeynicely done there jono20:22
mhall119jono: I haven't heard from cprofitt on the LTP ones I wrote20:22
jonopopey, :-)20:22
pleia2bkerensa: as far as I can tell, spreadubuntu is the only successful ubuntu marketing project, and was only because someone "just did it"20:22
jonomhall119, can you just write the docs?20:22
pleia2aside from loco teams, of course, but they're really a class of their own20:23
mhall119jono: sure20:23
jonomhall119, thanks, man20:23
mhall119jono: I have 2 others to write, IIRC20:23
* popey gets back to writing his book20:23
bkerensapleia2: its nice... I just wish I was skilled in GIMP/Inkscape enough to update the content ;)20:23
bobweaverpleia2,  that is what the Ubuntu street team is all about !20:23
bkerensaI talked to paul sladen about doing some stuff but idk he told me to file a bug and nothing yet ;)20:23
bobweavergetting Ubuntu to people that never ever heard of it20:23
bkerensabobweaver: oh jeez street team20:23
bobweavernot to people that have heard of it20:24
pleia2bobweaver: I hadn't heard of street team, but there there have been tons of teams over the years with the same goals20:24
bobweaverthere is a massive trouble with marketing20:24
czajkowskibobweaver: I don't think it's necessary trouble20:24
bobweaverall I see is people bring cds to linux fests20:24
pleia2admittedly even I've done a lousy job of adding my stuff to spreadubuntu, but I am making an effort now20:24
czajkowskijust people don't always have the time or skill, spredubuntu works20:24
bobweaverthouse people know about linux20:24
czajkowskipleia2: you do a great job!20:24
pleia2czajkowski: it was our discussion at UDS about basic presentations that inspired me to upload my recent ones :)20:25
popeybobweaver: did you setup http://ubuntustreetteam.tk/ ?20:25
bobweaverneed to put it places where no one has heard about it not conventions that are for Linux20:25
czajkowskipleia2: see good chin wagging always with you :)20:25
bobweaverpopey,  yup20:25
czajkowskipleia2: I've dedicated Saturday to do stuff on that in fact20:25
bobweaverpopey,  it has USSO if you like20:25
pleia2czajkowski: yay!20:26
popeyso it does20:26
czajkowskipleia2: making use out of 4 day weekend, the rest of the other 3 days are booked but saturday there is an opening :)20:26
pleia2czajkowski: ah yes :)20:26
bkerensabobweaver: LoCo's do this already though it seem replicative of the purpose of LoCo's much like the Manual Team is to the Doc Team20:27
bobweaverpopey,  I have 2 people that are on tour right now but I can olny give tehm 5 cds each20:27
bkerensabobweaver: California for instance goes to some sort of Fairs that are unrelated to Linux20:27
bobweaverthat is not true at all ^^20:27
bobweaversorry I read wrong20:27
bobweaverbut as a loco member of NY I can not rep that at the orgeon country  fair20:28
bkerensaIts better to pull resources into existing teams then to branch off into more and more individual groups with new names20:28
czajkowskibobweaver: we do already have loco.ubuntu.com which show cases locoteams and their work, we have blog posts and picutres going there20:28
bkerensabobweaver: why not?20:28
bobweaverthat is where I come into play I have connections in that light20:28
bkerensabobweaver: Washington LoCo has people come down for stuff all the time in Oregon20:28
pleia2bobweaver: btw, I am back from my trip now, if you want to talk about a classroom session on wifi that'd be great (particularly if you can do it during User Days, we have a lot of spots to fill: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDaysTeam/precise)20:28
bobweaverbkerensa,  because it would take away from OR LOCO20:28
popeysounds like politics20:29
popeyunnecessary politics20:29
bkerensabobweaver: we dont see it as taking away... We are all committed in the same goal of promoting and advancing FOSS and Ubuntu :)20:29
czajkowskipopey: +120:29
popeywe are one big community20:29
popeydont see us as silos20:29
bkerensaA Circle of Friends20:29
popeyeven jono20:29
* jono reads up20:30
bobweaverbkerensa,  I hate to say this but I have heard different like I said that is the only reason I start the street team20:31
bobweaverand there is goals behind that the LOCO can not do20:31
czajkowskisuch as?20:31
bobweaverset up charitys in there name20:31
pleia2bobweaver: pennsylvania used to collaborate a fair amount with new york (I drove up to Waterloo, NY once to speak at one of their events even)20:31
bkerensabobweaver: nobody is trying to discourage your efforts because we can see they have good intentions however reinventing the wheel may not be the best way to go about it20:31
pleia2so even in your team, collaboration has happened :)20:31
pleia2and everyone was an honorary california team member during UDS!20:32
mhall119there are no walls in the Ubuntu  community20:32
bkerensabobweaver: we would love for California to come up in fact MarkDude and PhilipBallew might be coming up for OSCON along with people from WA.20:32
jussionly windows? :P20:32
bobweaverlike for poor schools that have crappy computers20:32
* mhall119 is currently writing the summary for the "attended a loco event for another team" accomplishment20:32
pleia2bobweaver: in california the loco partners with a non-profit who does that20:32
jussiooh, pleia2's baby20:33
pleia2so partimus.org is the non-profit that handles all that stuff, and those of us from the california loco help them (I'm actually on the board of Partimus ;))20:33
jussipartimus :D20:33
bobweaverI have heard that loco can not be 502 (c)20:33
pleia2jussi: indeed!20:33
bobweaver501 *20:33
bkerensaWhy cant LoCo's help schools get computers? Oregon is partnered with FreeGeek and has dialogue with locoal EDU to get computers in along with free clinics20:33
bobweaverbkerensa,  plz that is not what I am saying at all I love loco and help my loco a bunch and would love to help yours :)20:34
bkerensabobweaver: Their are LoCo's in Europes that are full blown corporations :P and in the U.S. you can do pass-through donations through a seed 501(c)320:34
jonocan anyone help us write Ask Ubuntu docs?20:34
czajkowskimany ubuntu ireland loco folks work with camara to get computers into schools using Ubuntu in ireland and in africa20:34
bobweaverI just hear things and that is all I hear20:34
pleia2there are plenty of non-profits out there that locos can work with, no need for them to become non-profits themselves (it's expensive and complicated, I'm doing it for partimus)20:35
nothingspecialI thought bobweaver's question was about documentation for stores?20:35
* pleia2 strongly dislikes tax season now20:35
popeypleia2: have you ever written up the way that relationship works?20:35
bobweaverthanks nothingspecial20:35
popeynothingspecial: it was initially but based on some assumptions we're clearing up20:35
pleia2popey: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Partimus20:35
bobweaverI am glad to be learning thou20:35
pleia2it's pretty simple, partimus just emails the mailing list when they need volunteers for stuff20:36
czajkowskipleia2: it does seem to work well alright20:36
czajkowskiwhich is great to see20:36
pleia2yeah, it's great :)20:36
pleia2partimus does all the business work and establishes relationships, the california loco brings in their ubuntu tech expertise and enthusiastic volunteers20:37
bobweaverbottom line is this I have 13 store to fill tomorro I call the next city next to me and then the next day ...20:37
bobweaversetting up meetings with owners20:37
bobweaverI would like to have more stuff to give to them and that is why I am here20:38
bobweaverIf I have to fork out some money I will I have no troubles with that But I am a poor man20:38
bobweaverI am not looking for hand outs or things to even get sent to me20:38
nothingspecialI think you already have the best links bobweaver20:39
bobweaverrather they just go straight to the stores. On a personal not I hate the monetary system20:39
bobweaverthanks I will use what I can20:40
bobweaverbut mark my words I am going to do something big here20:40
pleia2bobweaver: berkeleylug here in california uses vistaprint.com for fliers to be printed up, they often have coupons and deals so you can get stuff pretty cheap20:40
bobweaverpleia2,  I kno that this could be hard to understand but I am super super poor like I can hardly keep my elc on20:41
pleia2just a thought in case you end up with someone willing to donate to the cause20:41
bobweaverbut that is a great idea20:41
czajkowskibobweaver: good luck in your efforts20:42
bobweavergreat point and I love the input !20:42
bobweaverthanks czajkowski20:42
czajkowskibobweaver: it's good to bounce ideas off one another in here and learn from peoples past efforts20:43
czajkowskiif we cna help in any way we will20:43
bobweaver+1 that is why I came right here :)20:43
bobweaveryou already have :)20:44
bkerensauhh these headphones are so nice :D21:06
bobweaverOnce again I would like to thank every one that has gave me ideas and helped me with there wisdom. It is priceless. Thanks. Please take these next words softly plz. There is 100% NO point in having Ubuntu at linux conventions every one knows Ubuntu there and if they don't they will hear about it or see it on computers. So I say Stop all that and do something different. I am not talking to anyone here I am just thinking and off21:29
bobweaverering feed back do what you want with it. But I would feel bad if I was not to say anything. Once again thank you so so much for your ideas and inspirations You are all in a class that is wonderful.! Thanks ttyl21:29
* mhall119 likes conventions21:35
bkerensamhall119: indeed... and the notion that Linux related cons only have Linux users are a fallacy :P21:36
mhall119but then again, the point of Ubuntu being at things like oscon isn't to inform geeks about our existence21:36
bkerensanope and I don't think OSCON wants that either21:36
mhall119facetime still has a lot of value, and talking to someone involved in the community in person will do a lot more to attract more community participating and contribution21:36
bkerensathey want us to be able to show what new things the community is doing21:36
mhall119I knew about Ubuntu for a while, but it wasn't until I met some people in the community in person that I became involved in the community21:37
* jussi cries a little... http://www.etuovi.com/kohde/698041421:44
AlanBellare you selling that jussi?21:59
jussiAlanBell: yes, we are. its a sad day22:00
AlanBelllooks like a really nice house22:02
jussiIt is. We love it very much and it pains me immensely to sell it22:04
bkerensamhall119: and then you became a rockstar :D22:06
JanC159k isn't too expensive, I guess?22:14
jussiJanC: its pretty normal for that area - its a fair way north...22:16
JanChm, yeah, outside the areas where jobs are concentrated probably22:18
jcastrowoo, bundle is past a million!22:18
jussiJanC: well there are a fair amount of jobs in oulu, but they are startign to dry up, mostly cause nokia management are idiots..22:18
jcastroany idea what the record is?22:18
jussianyway, bed time for me22:19
mhall119bkerensa: I'm still working on rockstar22:55
mhall119so far I've only reached disco-star levels22:55
=== jono is now known as Guest23141
mhall119jono_: https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/ubuntu-community-accomplishments/loco-portal-events-accomplishments/+merge/10825923:43
jono_thanks, mhall119!23:44

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