Shinobiperl module Curses::UI::Grid errors out. Could not load Curses::UI::0 from Curses/UI/0.pm   Any ideas?02:28
loolslangasek: Just saw your ping, I'm in HK for Connect and have a couple of days off after returning; I also miss a testcase for it because I found the bug by reading the code, I didn't really face any symptom; that said, I'll try testing this end of next week by running pieces of the new code manually03:12
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pittiGood morning03:35
pittibdmurray: ah thanks; NB that you committed this to the quantal branch :)03:36
pittibdmurray: I'll reject and reupload03:36
pittibdmurray: ok, reuploaded03:38
pitticjohnston: hourly updates - niiice!03:47
pitticjwatson: remove-package> \o/, thanks!03:54
cjwatsonvery slowly we approach sanity03:54
StevenKOooh, where's that?03:55
pittiStevenK: see the ubuntu-archive@ announcement03:56
pitticjwatson: wow, I hadn't actually expected you to be awake at this hour..03:56
cjwatsonI woke up at 1:30am and couldn't get back to sleep until I'd dealt with some of the stuff in my head.  I'm about to go back to bed03:57
cjwatsonStevenK: I have an MP up with the obvious nuke-from-orbit, too :)03:58
StevenKcjwatson: Ah, I was wondering about that.03:59
cjwatson(hardly a rush, but why not)03:59
StevenKcjwatson: Approved.04:00
StevenKcjwatson: One thing to jot down somewhere is you can probably kill SoyuzScript at some point too.04:01
pitticjwatson: reverted https://code.launchpad.net/~brian-murray/ubuntu-archive-tools/queue-tables/+merge/108073 FYI (see my followup)04:55
pittijust in case you wonder where it was gone04:55
toabctldoes anybody have an example how i can get the codename for a specific package with python-apt ? i had a look at http://apt.alioth.debian.org/python-apt-doc/ but found nothing.05:07
pittitoabctl: what is a "code name"?05:07
toabctlpitti, afaik "precise" is a codename. i use reprepro to setup some private repositories and try to get the codename of a package.05:10
pittioh, the release name05:10
pittitoabctl: there really is no way to tell from a .deb05:10
toabctlpitti, eg here is the codename set: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/Release05:11
pittitoabctl: right, usually you set up debmirror, reprepro and other mirroring by release, which will use the dists/.../Pacakges.gz indexes05:11
toabctlpitti, imho apt should know the codename.05:11
pittitoabctl: you can, by looking at the .origins property05:12
pittie. g.05:12
pittithere can be multiple origins, potentially from multiple releases05:12
pittibut that really sounds backwards05:13
toabctlpitti, i did this but there is no codename05:13
pittiyou want to ask your mirroring script "give me all precise packages"05:13
pittinot iterate over all pacakges and pick out the precise one05:13
pittitoabctl: sure there is05:13
pitti>>> c['coreutils'].candidate.origins[0]05:13
pitti<Origin component:'main' archive:'quantal' origin:'Ubuntu' label:'Ubuntu' site:'archive.ubuntu.com' isTrusted:True>05:13
pitti>>> c['coreutils'].candidate.origins[0].archive05:14
pittibut really, this is not what you are looking for for mirroring..05:14
toabctlpitti, i don't want to mirror. i use this for private stuff05:14
pittitoabctl: ok; so the origins are the place to look for then05:15
pittieither the .candidate or .installed, depending on what you are looking for05:15
toabctlpitti, where is the codename in your example? there's an archive. is that the same?05:16
toabctlhm. that's not set in my repository. maybe there's something wrong with reprepro then.05:17
pittitoabctl: it's taken from the "Suite:" field in e. g. http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/Release05:17
pittitoabctl: you need the Release file, perhaps you don't have this?05:17
toabctlpitti, i have one, but Suite is missing. there is only a "Codename" field.05:18
slangaseklool: ok; I'll ask for the package to be promoted in the meantime because the other bugs are high-impact, so maybe we'll drop the un-verified fix from the SRU05:18
pittitoabctl: just checked the source; it only looks at Suite:, not Codename:05:20
toabctlpitti, where's the upstream source? imho that should be fixed.05:21
pittiVcs-Bzr: says http://anonscm.debian.org/bzr/apt/python-apt/debian-sid/05:22
toabctlpitti, i added the Suite-Field to the Release file and i the the archive now. thanks!05:25
pittiworks now? yw05:25
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dholbachgood morning07:02
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infinitydoko: Stop doing toolchain uploads from conferences.07:14
infinitydoko: I was just checking on the buildds after I uploaded eglibc to see that you'd done gcc-4.7 just before that.07:15
infinityIf both break the world, can we blame the tropical heat?07:16
micahginfinity: will your eglibc upload fix all the broken armel bits? :)07:17
infinitymicahg: Which bits are those?07:17
infinitymicahg: It fixed the last broken bit on armel that I know of... If you know of more, speak up.07:17
micahginfinity: I'm not sure if it's stuff still trying to do armv7 stuff or something else (and the porter boxen for armel are currently unhappy, rt open)07:19
infinitymicahg: Stuff doing stuff or other stuff isn't all that specific.  What issue were you seeing?07:19
micahg{standard input}:135: Error: selected processor does not support ARM mode `smulbb r9,r9,r3'07:20
infinitymicahg: libc.so and ld.so on armel were both armv7 by accident (fixed now), but that's perhaps unrelated to your issue.07:20
infinitymicahg: What build was that in?07:20
micahgthat was firefox, ghc seems to have some similar does not support errors07:20
infinityOh, right, GHC was pointed out to me earlier.  Probably won't be fixed by my upload, no.  I'll have to look at it later.07:21
infinityUnsure about firefox too, but when I find some round tuits, I can help investigate.07:21
dokofirefox builds should be fixed with the recent upload07:21
dokochrisccoulson, ^^^07:21
micahgfirefox can wait for later, ghc is more important as I'm not sure if we should start the rebuilds until it's built on all archs07:21
micahgdoko: chrisccoulson will be relieved to play angry birds again07:22
dokoI wouldn't like to play happy birds ...07:22
infinitymicahg: I'll be looking at ghc shortly.07:22
* infinity runs off now.07:22
micahginfinity: thanks, we'll rebuild firefox soon enough anyways and see if it cures itself07:23
micahgdoko: sorry, I didn't get to chromium yesterday, hope to look at it today, are you blocked on anything?07:25
dokomicahg, no07:25
cjwatsonStevenK: Yeah, I grep for stuff in it every time I kill something.  Killing change-override.py will probably manage to drop a method or two from it.08:29
cjwatsonpitti: Ah, hmm, I'll see if I can find a workaround08:30
pitticjwatson: I already had a workaround for the non-working len()08:30
pitticjwatson: but it still didn't work, all the queues reported 0, at least back in the days when I tried it08:31
pittiperhaps LP got fixed in the meantime to deal with lucid's lplib08:31
pittiogra_: hey Oliver08:53
pittiogra_: FYI, I gave you a WI on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-q-third-party-driver-installation for pvr-omap4, mostly because you know best how to detect whether the driver is necessary, and you can check "modinfo omapdrm_pvr"08:54
pittiogra_: if that doesn't have any modaliases, we can add a custom detection plugin, like we had in jockey; but if it can be detected with modaliases, that'd be a lot more flexible08:55
pittiogra_: of course I can help you wit this, but I'll need the initial investigation08:57
skunkI want to start developing for ubuntu.. can someone walk me through it??09:09
skunkis anyone even here??09:10
elkyskunk, sure. Most of them are probably asleep, at work, or doing other daily routine things. People tend to read scrollback though.09:11
elkyskunk, I can't walk you through it, but perhaps pointing you to the http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment link in the topic would be a good starting point?09:14
dholbachhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/ probably too :)09:17
skunkkk one more question09:18
skunkI have a java background.. should just touch up on it before learning Vala and C? i mean.. I do have to relearn how all these algorithms works eh??09:19
dholbachthat entirely depends on what you want to do - there's java work to be done in Ubuntu as well :)09:20
skunkI want to be working with pixel perfect scrolling.. and improving that09:21
skunkas well as work to better develop multitouch09:21
skunkespecially with synaptics touchpads09:21
ogra_pitti, i plan to do some work on the panda anyway today, will get you the bits, np09:25
pittiogra_: danke09:25
skunkwhat can i do if i have a synaptics touchpad, but ubuntu doesn't recognize it as one09:29
cjwatsonpitti: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive/ubuntu-archive-tools/trunk/revision/464 - you may vomit now09:42
cjwatson(note you still can't actually index the members of getPackageUploads() without authenticating)09:42
pitticjwatson: ah, that was it then -- this should work with login_anonymously(), and queue access doesn't work with that09:43
cjwatsonNo, that's incidental09:43
pitticjwatson: thanks for fixing09:43
cjwatsonThis code doesn't attempt to index the members, just to get the length - I'm just noting that indexing the members still won't work09:43
cjwatsonThe wadllib monkey-patch is what fixes getting the length09:44
cjwatsonThough that said one of my near-term work items involves creating a bot account on lillypilly, so all this can be authenticated; the LP team isn't actually desperately keen on anonymous access for various reasons, mostly monitoring/load-related09:45
pitticjwatson: right, but my previous attempt on a workaround used len(list(getPackageUploads()), which requires accessing the members09:45
pittiso that failed09:45
cjwatsonThis one's tested09:45
cjwatsonAnd deployed now09:45
cjwatsonMaybe I should do that bot account now actually, after the next cup of coffee; we need that to move copy-report off cocoplum, and other suchlike things09:46
cjwatsonI did check with the LP team about it; it's a bit alarming 'cos it's a privileged account, but it's essentially no worse than the alarming privilege of cocoplum09:47
cjwatsonand at least oauth tokens are revocable09:47
pittithe old levels (such as "readonly") are gone now, right? (too bad, it was handy for things like that)09:47
pittior do you want to automatically copy anyway?09:48
cjwatsoncopy-report doesn't want readonly09:48
cjwatsonI want to preserve the automatic copy, it at least used to save Canonical roughly my salary per year in bandwidth :-P09:48
pitticjwatson: I still wonder whether it wouldn't be easier to just integrate this into whatever release script the security team uses (i. e. also copy to -updates, instead of mass-copying from cron)09:49
micahgpitti: you would need to give the security team access to -updates then ;)09:50
cjwatsonWe need the bot account for other reasons anyway09:50
pittimicahg: don't you?09:50
micahgnope, just -security AIUI09:50
pittimicahg: I wasn't aware that you need special upload privileges for -updates09:50
cjwatsonThe privilege around -security is specially hardcoded in LP09:50
cjwatsonOther reasons> for example it would allow auto-syncs to be actually automated09:51
cjwatsonRather than cron.cjwatson09:51
xnoxCan I rely on update-manager / do-release-upgrade to remove `oldlibs`, i.e. dummy transitional packages? Or shall I write a hook for update-manager because I am reverting the transitional package rename which was done in Lucid.10:46
skunkcjwatson, are you still here?\10:51
skunkwell, cjwatson. I don't know if you're gonna see this message. But out of the six years i've used ubuntu the work you've done with the installer is incridble10:54
cjwatsonskunk: thanks, and you're welcome10:54
seb128xnox, check with mvo but I don't think it does magically clean old stuff10:55
skunk15 minute install, then im surfing the web, writing documents.. this kinda sound like Mac territory10:55
skunkcjwatson, who do I contact for uTouch issues??10:56
cjwatsonskunk: I'd start with cnd10:56
xnoxseb128: i distincly remember the 'Remove old unneeded packages: Y/n' question from do-release-upgrade, But I usually dist-upgrade to +1 release, and end up not using the upgrade-manager.10:56
cjwatson(though it's not a field I know much about)10:56
seb128xnox, right, I just don't know if that list is computed in a smart way or if you need to teach update-manager about it10:57
xnoxmvo: ^^^ can you check my message at :46 above.10:57
skunkcjwatson: honestly I want my synaptics touchpad to work like one.. instead of a standard touchpad10:57
xnoxseb128: ok. I will test the upgrade in chroot =)10:57
mvoxnox: its not looking at transitional packages specifically, it does look at unused dependencies though, that might (or might not) help you11:04
evpitti: am I reading this correctly that we do not have the ability to retrace VmCore files yet?11:06
evin apport-retrace, that is11:06
mvoxnox: it could do heurisitc like looking at "transitional" or "dummy"in the description summary, but that is not deal, ideally there would be something formal identifying the transitional pkg11:07
xnoxmvo: 'Section: oldlibs' is standard way to identify transitional packages, unless i am wrong. let me check the policy.11:08
xnoxmvo: and they should be cruft to be removed.11:08
cjwatsonYeah, though we could do better about actually moving transitional packages there in Ubuntu in practice.  But that's eminently fixable.11:08
xnoxhmm policy says 'kept for legacy'11:09
xnoxand some are not actually transitional nor dummy11:09
mvoxnox: right, iirc oldlibs was overloaded with multiple meanings11:09
xnoxlooks like so11:10
mvoI whish there was "section: transitional" or something similar or a debtag11:10
xnoxI will do a test and hopefully I will be ok with depends/replaces/conflicts etc.11:10
evpitti, apw: also, we don't seem to have a close to unique identifier for KernelOops failures. Any objection to parsing the call trace out of OopsText (https://launchpadlibrarian.net/79771442/OopsText.txt) and generating a signature in the same manner as crash_signature (so concatenate the first few)?11:13
* ev lunches11:13
* xnox read * ev launches11:14
ogra_but where to ?11:15
* xnox To the cloud! And beyond!11:15
ogra_charming :)11:15
* xnox loves ToyStory11:15
apwev, that doesn't sound like a bad plan, though in theory ignore the ? entries in the list ... also include the type of OOPS, the top line hints at th type, and the IP: as part of it11:16
ogra_isnt that a requirement to become a DD ? :11:16
Davieyxnox: launching stuff at poor infinity.. that is just mean.11:16
apwDaviey, worse leaving him behind ... "and beyond"11:16
ogra_nah, that just means infinity+1 :)11:17
xnoxDaviey: I was certian that infinity is deployed with juju these days11:17
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dokochrisccoulson, bug #1003733 is fixed, you can't verify when building with 4.6 :-/11:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1003733 in gcc-4.7 (Ubuntu Quantal) "Angry birds does not work (test failures in js/src/jit-test/tests/jaeger/testSetTypedFloatArray.js with gcc4.7)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100373311:56
xnoxoh my angry birds =)11:58
xnoxthat must be critical priority =)11:58
pittiev: that's right12:06
pittiev: sure, if the succession of addresses in OopsText is reasonably reliable12:07
astraljavaxnox: Our offices are within 300 feet to their HQ, should I pay them a visit? :D12:22
ogra_how would you pay this ... in icecream ?12:23
astraljavaI dunno, but I could sell them an ERP at the same time. :D12:24
xnoxastraljava: yes, plese. show up and say that `doko is not happy and wants an angry bird stuffed animal shipped to germany`12:24
evxnox: lol12:24
astraljavaxnox: some of their employees walk around in pig caps, would that do?12:24
evpitti: awesome12:25
evapw: cheers for that - once I have an algorithm I'll run it by you12:26
xnoxastraljava: yeap, don't forget another one to be shipped for me to uk offices =)12:26
apwev, excellent thanks12:33
dokomicahg, ping12:34
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chrisccoulsondoko, the new gcc appears to fix the issues btw (just did a test build here)12:46
chrisccoulsonthanks! :)12:48
jamespagedoko, any chance you could take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xmlgraphics-commons/+bug/888129/+attachment/3169273/+files/fix_icc_handling.debdiff before I upload?13:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 888129 in openjdk-7 (Ubuntu Quantal) "xmlgraphics-commons version 1.4.dfsg-3ubuntu1 failed to build with openjdk-7" [Undecided,In progress]13:12
dokojamespage, looks fine. sorry for the delay13:14
jamespagedoko, ack - thanks13:15
mptmterry, I have no strong opinion either way. But if the badge is kept, maybe it should count the top-level groups of updates, not the individual packages.13:20
mterrympt, hmm, k13:20
mptmterry, but on the other hand, that seems a bit weird13:21
mterrymvo, let me ask you the other question from last night in this quieter channel13:38
mterrymvo, so update-manager --no-update.  What is it supposed to do?  I see the code it affects, but still not sure what exactly it means13:39
mvomterry: my memory is not the best, but I think this got added for automatic testing via mago13:44
mvomterry: I think its ok to kill it off13:45
mterrymvo, I want to recycle it.  The new spec requires doing an apt-get update when a user opens update-manager, but we need a way to turn that off, for testing and for when we pop up automatic updates.  --no-update seemed logical13:46
mvomterry: yeah, that sounds reasonable13:48
mterrymvo, also, what's the story with the DBus API that update-manager exposes?  Who consumes that?13:48
mvomterry: update-manager itself to implement a poor mans singleton window13:50
mvomterry: see setupDbus() but meh, its pretty rusty, need proper dbus names for example13:51
mterrymvo, OK, so it uses whether the name is claimed or not, much like modern GtkApplication.  But does anyone consume the actual calls like "update()" or "upgrade()" that you know of?13:52
mvomterry: those were added for mago as well13:53
mterrymvo, ah OK13:53
mterrymvo, (in the branch where I'm doing the update-on-start, I'm removing the ability to initiate updates elsewhere in the UI and was wondering about the dbus method to do so.  Sounds like I should drop it too)13:54
mvobrendand: hi, iirc you added the update dbus stuff, is that actually being used these days in the test environment?13:54
brendandmvo - i'd have to check13:55
brendandmvo - i do know we have an apt-get-update test in our SRU suitew13:55
brendandmvo - whether it actually uses that functionality i can't recall13:56
brendandmvo, probably not13:56
mterrymvo, brendand: well regardless, if the purpose of the tests is to mimic the UI, if the UI is dropping the ability to kick of an update willy-nilly, the dbus API should to I suppose13:56
brendandmvo - what's the ui doing?13:57
mterrybrendand, how do you mean that?  The UI is moving to a "do an apt-get update on startup" and dropping the buttons to initiate one manually13:57
brendandmterry, oh right, i see13:58
brendandmvo, mterry - so i can say that *i* won't complain if it's removed. i can't promise no-one else will. i seem to recall that stuff was put in at the request of the QA team as well13:59
stgraberNCommander: 12.04.1 meeting in #ubuntu-meeting14:03
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* ogra_ sighs about linux-base15:06
ogra_that postinst is a pain15:06
ogra_slangasek, FYI support for the arm server arches is in flash-kernel now, the only thing i'm struggling with is linux-base atm which needs to be MIRed (its postinst tries to rewrite all config files that could use UUIDs though, and there is no debconf option to switch that off)15:11
slangasekogra_: hmm, if we don't need/want that rewriting (which should be obsolete for years now), why not drop the dep?15:13
slangasekis linux-base needed for something else?15:13
ogra_slangasek, it ships linux-version (which is actually the only binary in there after tgardner dropped perf from it), which flash-kernel uses to determine the laters kernel version15:14
ogra_i'm incliend to just put an exit 0 at the top of the postinst15:17
pittiogra_, slangasek: I filed a MIR for linux-base this morning, FYI15:18
* ogra_ hugs pitti 15:18
pittiit seems fairly harmless15:18
ogra_pitti, what else does use it ?15:18
pittibut I subscribed you and infinity to the bug for further comments15:18
pittiogra_: just flash-kernel15:18
pittibug 100671715:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1006717 in linux-base (Ubuntu) "[MIR] linux-base" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100671715:18
ogra_it would be if the postinst wouldnt fiddle with hdparm.conf or udev rule rewriting15:19
ogra_or bootloader configs15:19
slangasekogra_: so anything that would still be using /dev/[hs]d[a-z]* style names in any of these config files is already buggy, and *should* have been rewritten long ago (like, before we started having an armel port)... so I wouldn't worry about disabling it15:20
pittierk, yes15:20
ogra_slangasek, well, the prob is that the script doesnt take any arm bootloaders into account, so it will always show a debconf error that you have to rewrite your configs by hand15:22
ogra_we need to get at least this bit quiet15:22
ogra_(and i really dont like the idea that it touches your grub config if you manually forced it to i.e. /dev/sdx1)15:23
cjwatsonit was sane for transitional purposes, but as slangasek says it sounds obsolete now15:23
slangasekogra_: really?  The code looks like it's not supposed to trigger on first install15:24
ogra_well, i just had that message on both, precise (using --force-overwrite to overcome the perf conflict)  as well as on quantal15:25
slangasekoh, sorry, the definition of is_fresh_installation() keys on whether there are linux-image-* packages installed15:27
slangasekrather than on whether this is the first installation of linux-base15:28
ogra_and if fstab exists :)15:28
ogra_sigh, my perl is so rusty ... thats what years of ubuntu work do to you15:29
ogra_funnily i indeed have an fstab file as well as a linux-image-* package installed on both test systems i tested on15:30
ogra_which somewhat indicates it doesnt even work15:30
slangasekwell, no, the check is to not migrate if you *don't* have an fstab (or don't have linux-image-* packages)15:31
slangasekso that makes sense.. I just made a bad assumption based on the function name :)15:31
ogra_yeah, and i read it vbackwards :)15:32
slangasekogra_: yeah, I would just disable this then15:33
ogra_you mean the whole postinst ?15:33
slangasekit's definitely not worth porting it to other bootloaders15:33
ogra_right, i'll just remove it from the package completely then15:34
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stgraberstokachu: hi. I'm currently looking at your isc-dhcp SRU. I merged the pid bug with the one I used for the other SRUs (bug 985417) and am now looking at bug 58863516:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 985417 in isc-dhcp (Ubuntu Oneiric) "dhcpd cannot write /var/run/dhcpd.pid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98541716:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 588635 in isc-dhcp (Ubuntu Oneiric) "apparmor profile for sbin.dhclient3 not compatible with wicd" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58863516:13
stgraberstokachu: for that second bug, can you update the bug report with the required SRU tags? (rational, test case, regression potential)?16:14
stgraberstokachu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Procedure16:14
stgraberstokachu: I have the SRU ready for upload here, so as soon as the bug is updated I'll upload it16:16
ari-tczewone question: does quantal have the same toolchain like unstable right now? e.g. does it have gcc 4.7 default?16:43
stokachustgraber: yea ill get that updated shortly for you16:46
ikoniaari-tczew: could you please check your pm when you get a moment16:49
bregmaI need to upload an SRU change for 12.04 that has the same package version as the latest package in quantal -- should I add ~precise to the SRU package version, er sumpin'?16:51
cjwatsonbregma: I would probably recommend appending ~ubuntu12.04.116:53
cjwatsonor something like that16:53
cjwatson(assuming that the delta from current precise to this meets the SRU guidelines)16:54
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Laneyjcastro: yo, I don't see a tenant or account ID on the page you linked from HPCloud. Just "Access Key ID"17:36
Laneydo I need to do anything else?17:36
jcastrorefresh the wiki page17:37
jcastroI just added it17:37
jcastro"Note that the Tenet ID doesn't show up on that page until you've clicked on "Activate Now: for one of the availability zones in the Dashboard."17:37
Laneyhah, you did /just/ add it indeed.17:37
* Laney wonders how to make that choice17:39
jcastroLaney: anything you can add from the "I started with nothing on hp cloud" to the instructions would be appreciated17:41
jcastroa bunch of us were already on it so it's difficult to figure out what starting from zero is like17:41
Laneythe account ID is on a different page, so I'll add a link to that17:42
stokachustgraber: re: SRU 588635 is done17:43
* xnox can't find my USD credit card17:43
xnoxfor hp cloud thing =)17:43
LaneyI just used my UK one17:45
stgraberstokachu: thanks17:46
stokachustgraber: anytime17:46
stokachustgraber: now im off to wrestle autofs :D17:46
stgraberhave fun ;)17:46
xnoxstokachu: i have been merging autofs today, what's up?17:51
xnoxor is it for stable release? =)17:51
stokachuxnox: hey, im working an issue where automount is hanging on reloading 11k mounts17:51
stokachuyea its for lucid atm17:52
xnox... enjoy =)17:52
stokachuhaha taking the hands off approach wish i was you :D17:52
penguin4211k mounts?!17:56
stokachupenguin42: thats just a rough estimate i haven't actually looked at the mount table yet18:01
* penguin42 has plenty of sympathy for the automounter in that case18:03
* stokachu agrees18:04
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micahgdoko: pong18:54
* xnox Ladies and Gentlemen, Minions and Overlords 2 hours left until FeatureDefinitionFreeze19:01
ScottKStevenK: I just did my first package removal.  Feels good.19:11
xnoxScottK: I got a feeling =) that tonight gonna be a real good night =)19:15
xnoxScottK: can you remove stale binaries of bitcoin on powerpcc only?19:16
dobeybdmurray: hey, can you remove one of the requested reviews on https://code.launchpad.net/~brian-murray/lptools/grab-descriptions/+merge/106469 ? then i can review it and get it landed (i added lptools to a tarmac instance to land the branches)19:17
xnoxalthough it will be dealt as part of powerpc port cruft19:17
bdmurraydobey: either one of them?19:20
dobeybdmurray: yeah19:21
bdmurraydobey: there is only a possibility to reassign not remove.  should I resubmit then?19:23
dobeyhmm, weird. nah19:23
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ScottKxnox: I can.  Please file a bug explaining what you want removed and why and subscribe (not assign) ubuntu-archive.19:38
xnoxScottK: ok, thanks.20:08
tjaaltonwhy does sbuild fail with "E: Can't determine architecture of chroot:" these days, on precise?20:35
tjaaltononly thing i've chagned is the kernel (3.4 from quantal)20:35
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xnoxpae kernel?20:37
xnoxhmm. no clue. pass.20:37
geserand when you boot the old kernel it works again?20:38
tjaaltoni'll try, but it's too unstable to use20:39
tjaaltongeser: exactly20:41
geserif my perl foo is good enough this error happens if "dpkg --print-architecture" fails20:43
tjaaltonI'll try with a backport kernel, this one was built on quantal20:43
tjaaltondpkg --print-architecture worked fine though20:44
barrystgraber: could i ask a favor of you to bump this build: https://launchpad.net/~barry/+archive/python/+build/353939220:49
stgraberbarry: done20:49
barrystgraber: thanks!20:50
hallynall right.  my struct has (more than) two fields, 'char *name' and 'char *error_string'.  when i set 'c->error_string = NULL;', the previously correctly set c->name becomes "".  Does this ring any bells with anyone?21:22
hallynI can't reproduce it with a minimal testcases21:22
geseryou sure that setting error_string destroys your name?21:25
hallyni print it out right before, and right after21:25
hallynwell, clearly i'm corrupting my stack somewhere21:26
hallyni'll look tomorrow, need to clear my head.  thanks21:26
YokoZarIs there a set group of Ubuntu Ruby folks like there is for Python or do we just inherit from Debian?21:40
slangasekwhat do you mean by "set group"?  I'm not aware there's a set group of Ubuntu Python folks either21:42
YokoZarslangasek: What I mean is when I think of python packages I tend to think of folks like scottk and doko21:43
YokoZareven though it's informal21:43
slangasekah, well, the ruby packages seem to be in sync with Debian at the moment, so I don't know21:45
ScottKNo.  There isn't.21:49
barrystgraber: one more favor ;)   https://launchpad.net/~barry/+archive/python/+build/353947722:02
stgraberbarry: done22:03
barrystgraber: thx!22:03
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psusicjwatson, how does d-i locate the installation cdrom?  in particular when it's actually a usb flash drive?  it works fine for me on real hardware, but when I boot a qemu vm from my flash stick, d-i says it can't find the cdrom... the desktop image works fine though, it's just a problem with d-i23:42
micahgroaksoax: you seem to be forgetting to pass -v when creating the .changes files23:56

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