MohamedAlaa98Hello ashams :D09:13
seiflotfyhi ashams09:33
seiflotfyhi MohamedAlaa9809:33
MohamedAlaa98Hello seiflotfy11:41
MohamedAlaa98sorry for late :)11:41
MohamedAlaa98hello cseslam :)11:42
MohamedAlaa98seiflotfy: sorry for late I didn't see the notification11:44
MohamedAlaa98looks like all you are busy here :-$11:50
cseslamhi Mohamed11:51
MohamedAlaa98hi cseslam11:52
MohamedAlaa98did you finish seiflotfy's vala codes?11:53
seiflotfyMohamedAlaa98: i built my code on top of it11:54
seiflotfyand will put it up for review11:54
MohamedAlaa98oh, nice11:54
MohamedAlaa98Good luck :)11:55
cseslamthelinuxer: shewaya kman w hwl3 f ubuntu :D12:02
thelinuxercseslam: it has been proved to be a domestic hazardous product :D12:03
thelinuxermalak bas yabny ?12:03
thelinuxermaho ba2a kewayes aho ba3d el update12:03
cseslamelsot bisht3'l w yfsl lw7do :D12:19
cseslamfe 3la tool reports l crashes, bs mafesh 2odame ay crashes bt7sl12:19
thelinuxerdid u try to upgrade ?12:20
thelinuxeralso mawdoo3 el crashes dah check el details beta3et el crash12:20
seiflotfycseslam: i had that too :d12:21
thelinuxerhi seiflotfy :)12:21
seiflotfyanyhow thelinuxer cseslam made a contirbution to zeitgeist that i am building on top of12:21
thelinuxercool :)12:21
seiflotfyand it will land in gnome and ubuntu12:21
seiflotfyhe ported my python logger to vala12:22
thelinuxeryeah told me about that script12:22
seiflotfynow i am making it part of the zeitgeist-dahub process12:22
thelinuxerwhat is that ?12:22
seiflotfywell basically its some kind of passive logger (that monitors gtk and kde recent managers) and pushes events into zeitgeist-engine12:23
seiflotfynow we added a telepathy-observer (for chats)12:23
thelinuxereshta cool12:24
seiflotfybut ubuntu was torutring me today12:25
seiflotfydue to some weird gtk patches12:25
seiflotfythe amount of gtk patches they have that are not insync with upstream is critical12:26
thelinuxerseiflotfy: things take time to get upstream ..13:04
seiflotfyi dont think those will ever be accepted upstream really13:04
seiflotfyand its been like that for a while13:05
thelinuxerr they that bad ?13:05
seiflotfywell the scrollbar for example13:05
seiflotfyits an ubuntu hack and not generic for all13:05
seiflotfyi mean this is open source13:05
seiflotfyand i like it13:05
seiflotfybut it just make it a pain for me to develop upstream stuff13:05
seiflotfycseslam: http://fpaste.org/QbaG/13:21
cseslamgreat job man13:22
cseslambut i have one question, why vala ? most of people now prefer it over python13:23
seiflotfyvala generates C code that is then compiled13:23
seiflotfyit makes it faster than python13:23
seiflotfyalso python has a terrible startup time and is not supported on mobile environments13:23
seiflotfywhereareas vala u can always use the produced C code13:23
cseslami see13:24
seiflotfyso it is basically translating your C# like code to C13:24
seiflotfypython is good for apps13:24
seiflotfybut for services that run the whole time you should go with C/C++ since the memory consumption is much more less13:25
cseslamElementary members use vala for their apps13:25
seiflotfycseslam: yes i know13:25
cseslamthen i will keep using python for my apps13:25
seiflotfyI know the elementary team personally (we meet at conferences)13:25
cseslamlucky you13:25
seiflotfycseslam: i advise you to use python in apps13:25
seiflotfyit is simple13:25
seiflotfyand allows easy contributions13:25
cseslamyep python ease the job13:26
cseslamseiflotfy: is this anyway near what you want ? http://youtu.be/kEs6qSo727E14:14
seiflotfycseslam: perfect14:59
seiflotfycontinue please14:59
seiflotfycseslam: u rock14:59
cseslamseiflotfy; thank you14:59
cseslami still have to understand the time lib15:00
cseslamand how to use it15:00

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