twbcjwatson: well live booting works off local media, but Ubuntu's busybox-initramfs lacks tftp, thus:03:36
twbBegin: Trying tftp -g -b 10240 -r -l /live/image/live/filesystem.squashfs  ... /init: line 14: tftp: not found03:36
twb...what's the best way to get that applet in the initrd?  Install busybox, copy it over the top of the busybox-initramfs version?03:36
cjwatsonI'd grab the busybox source, tweak debian/config/pkg/initramfs, rebuild03:37
cjwatsonand file a bug since that should be easy for us to add for the future03:37
twbWell AFAICT it was by design since lots of other applets are also missing compared to debian's busybox03:38
twbI assumed it was to make space in initrd for plymouth :P03:38
twbFor now I'm trying this: http://paste.debian.net/172037/03:41
cjwatsonwhen I ask you to file a bug, you can safely assume it isn't by design03:44
cjwatsonit's by design that busybox and busybox-initramfs are different; but your imputation is clearly false since busybox-initramfs predates plymouth by several years03:44
cjwatsonusing busybox will *probably* work, though I don't remember if there's anything turned on in busybox-initramfs and not in busybox.  In general we considered it useful to keep busybox-initramfs as small as reasonably possible since it does have some effect on boot time, but adding tftp wouldn't break the bank03:46
twbcjwatson: except then you get feature creep "one more applet won't hurt"03:48
twbOTOH your ramdisks are about double Debian's in size atm (12 vs 20ish MB) IIRC, and a busybox with ALL the apps is still only a couple of MB IIRC03:48
cjwatsonfeature creep that's still within the upper bound set by the size of busybox doesn't really count much in my boo03:50
cjwatsonlast I checked, the vast majority of the initramfs size lay in kernel modules03:50
cjwatsonto the point where it really wasn't desperately worth looking at anything much else03:50
twbWoot, that approach I pasted worked03:51
* cjwatson returns to bed, having exorcised the things he woke up at 1:30am being unable to get out of his head03:51
twbSorry to wake you03:52
cjwatsonYou didn't03:52
twbNow my only issue is this machine has 256MB RAM and to boot of TFTP I need to copy the .sq to it, so I need to make sure I don't make the image too big :-)03:53
twbcjwatson: FYI, busybox head w/allyesconf except selinux, is 2.7MB on x86_6405:42
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