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* apw yawns07:32
patchow to know wich kernel versions are available for each ubuntu version? Is it usefull to update to the newest stable release?07:59
patckernel release*07:59
patccan I use a 2.6.35 kernel with ubuntu 10.04 for example?08:00
patcsorry i leftz too quickly08:12
apwpatc, there is a version page for each package in the archive: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux08:12
patcapw: thank you :)08:12
patccan you perhaps tell me why the atests stable versions are not pushed by default for ubuntu? I mean : I saw that 2.6.35 was available for ubuntu 10.04, why isn't it proposed in the regular upgrades?08:13
patci am quite new to linux so perhaps don't I understand everything... ;)08:13
apwpatc, ubuntu is pretty conservative within a release, so you will get the upstream stable releases for that base version by default08:14
apwpatc, for 10.04 (lucid) there are LTS backports kernels but those you need to opt-in to, and really for most home type users just upgrading to the next release makes more sernse anyhow08:14
apwpatc, as you want the rest of your packages to be nice and new and shiney too08:15
patcapw: so if I understand, upgrading to a newer kernel release is a good idea, correct?08:16
patcapw: how to know until wich version you can upgrade without taking the risk to break things down?08:17
apwpatc, no i am saying that generally people who want a newer kernel in a home context probabally want really to upgrade everything08:17
apwpatc, as those are a well tested combination.  normally you can download a live CD to test if the new version is ok for your system08:18
patcapw: for my understanding : does upgrading the kernel imply upgrading other packages too?08:18
apwupgrading the kernel does not imply the necessarily if you use the LTS backport kernels in an LTS but yes08:19
apwi am suggesting that upgrading to the later release is normally more what a normal user wants08:19
apwcause shiney new things are always good08:19
patcapw: ok, I see. Hm... My question's origin is a post somewhere that explained howto upgrade the GC drivers. I could use the : deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ppa/ubuntu lucid main #xorg-edgers PPA08:23
apwyep you can get lots of fine crack from that PPA08:24
patcapw: but the poster also explained that another step was to update the kernel to a newer version :$ sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.35-6-generic linux-headers-2.6.35-6-generic08:24
apwwell thats a non-supported kerenl now from an unsupported release, so that'd be a bad thing to install08:24
patcapw: that's why I asked about all these versions... to be sure what I'm trying to do isn't going to break things down08:24
patcapw: as far as I understood, it's alwas possible to boot using one of the older kernels installed in case of a proble, right?08:25
apwbut probabally everything in xorg-edgers is in the later releases08:25
patc! oh yes? in the later releases... you mean : 12.04 and so on? But for the moment I need to stay with my 10.04... so how to use the latest video driver without using the ppa?08:26
ubot2patc: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:26
apwwhat holds you on 10.04?  though the ppa is likely your best bet and you could investigate the linux-lts-backport-oneiric kernel as an option08:28
patcapw: 2.6.35-6-generic is NOT supported? how can I find wich versions are or are not suported?08:28
apwpatc, pretty much the only supported versions are latest versions in each relesase08:28
apwwhich are on that page i sent you, but only the ones in a specific release are support in that release, plus the backpotr kernels in the 10.0408:29
apwand you should instlal those via the linux-lts-backport-<release> packages so you get security updates for your kerneles08:29
apwso for the 2.6.35 series that was maverick, and maverick is completely off support, so there are no 2.6.25 kernels which have support in the LTS08:30
patcapw: I'm going to change for 12.04 in a while, but as I'm still learning alot, I would like to test things under my "old" install instead of just using without knowing (with a newer distro with everything working fine). Having to investigate into kernels updates, drivers installation makes me learn! :)08:30
patc2.6.35, not 2508:31
apwny error i intended to type 2.6.35, just missed08:31
apwbut the 2.6.35-6 kernel would have probabally not even have been a released version but one in the pre-release phase of the cyle, we normally release with about a -12 or more package08:32
apwand cirtainly -6 was not the last maverick kernel so that specific kernel would be a bad plan security wise08:33
patclots of things to learn here...  :D08:33
patchm... I need to check all this more in details, thanks for your answers apw08:34
apwyeah the latest kernel in maverick was 2.6.25-32.68 ... so a lot newer than the one that forum post (or whatever) is suggesting08:34
patcyes, that's one of the things that awoke my curiousity08:35
apws/25/35/ ... damn keyboard08:37
patc2.6.32.59 is the latest kernel available in the 2.6.32 serie, correct?08:37
apwi assume thats a stable update version number08:38
patcso my question is : why is that one not pushed to my system? because of the conservative view thing?08:38
patcmine is 2.6.32-41-generic08:39
apwok so the kernel version you have is likely -41.90 which is based on upstream 32.59 and smb's drm tree08:40
smb(which is because our 2.6.32 kernels have the drm subsystem of 2.6.33)08:41
apwthat URL gives you the mapping ... from your running kernel "cat /proc/version_signature" that gives you the real versions08:41
patcoooh ok i see08:41
apwthe package version is an ubuntu version number, so a 2.6.32 base -41'st ABI revision, 90th upload08:41
patcnot easy to understand for a beginner lol08:41
apwmuch of it is in the FAQ if you know what to ask for 08:42
patcYES! you told the right words : IF ou KNOW WHAT you're looking for! ;)08:43
apwindeed, which is why i am not just saying "read the faq" :)08:43
patcthat's the problem when starting somewhere.... you don't always know what you don't know! :D08:43
patcyes, that's nice of you08:44
patcas I said, I'll check all this mor in details... thank you for your answers08:45
apwgood luck08:45
patcoh and another thing, I left too quickly just before, but how can I check08:46
patcwhen I let the chat open, and go afk... that someone has answered my question... can I parse the dial for tag with my name ( i mean after 10000 messages have been written)08:46
patcI think this is the way to do it...08:47
patcdo you have another suggestion?08:47
apwyeah in my client i can hit alt-P and it searches for things sent to me08:50
patcapw: oh ok : what client?08:58
apwpatc, i use weechat, but i suspect its a common feature09:11
patcOK... for sure... I discover all that.... I rarely use irc... as you perhaps noticed ;)09:12
patcapw: OK... for sure... I discover all that.... I rarely use irc... as you perhaps noticed ;)09:13
ppisaticooloney: do you know if ming is around?09:50
cooloneyppisati: yeah, he is also in linaro connect10:07
cooloneyppisati: i asked him to chat with you10:08
ppisaticooloney: no prob, i sent you (you + ming) an email10:13
ppisaticooloney: how is the connect going?10:13
ppisaticooloney: anything interesting?10:13
apwsmb, CONFIG_USB_MON for some reason i think this needs to be builtin to be useful, but i have the feeling this info came from you t/f ?10:14
cooloneyppisati: yeah, nice event, lots of discussion about big.LITTLE, power management, Android/Ubuntu, etc10:19
cooloneyppisati: i didn't get the email. weird.10:19
cooloneyapw: USB_MON is quite useful for USB debugging in kernel, i think10:22
apwcooloney, yeah trying to remember if =y is necessary or of =m is more appropriate10:23
apwtjaalton, CONFIG_STUB_POULSBO we have that off right, to use DKMS packages ...11:20
tjaaltonapw: probably so, though i haven't played with that crap11:40
apwtjaalton, ahh who is in the frame for that11:40
tjaaltontseliot or Sarvatt should know11:45
apwtseliot, ^^11:47
jwiapw: I'd assume it's no longer needed - the kernel now has a proper driver for those devices, gma50011:47
apwjwi makes sense11:48
tjaaltonand it's off staging?11:48
apwi think all of them are off actually11:48
smbapw, This is quite some time ago to remember (USB_MON). Might be ok with =m but not sure11:51
apwsmb, i know :)11:51
smbIf unsure, say Y, if allowed, otherwise M... 11:53
* smb shrugs11:53
apwwhat use is that11:54
smbNot much. From the doc it rather seems that it works as good when done as module11:54
smbYou just then need to remember to probe the module11:55
smbSince it only adds something to the debugfs it won't autoprobe11:56
apwthen that can go =m thanks11:56
Caribouapw: ping12:03
apwCaribou, hi12:03
Cariboudo you still have the 2.6.38-8-server dbgsym package that you had me test recently ?12:04
apwCaribou, you are in luck: http://people.canonical.com/~apw/ddeb/12:05
tseliotapw: what's the question, exactly?12:10
apwtseliot, trying to confirm which poulsbo kernel options should be on/off, seems we have CONFIG_STUB_POULSBO and CONFIG_DRM_GMA500, and i know we have binary stuff too12:11
tseliotapw: I think CONFIG_STUB_POULSBO is just to catch some pci ids12:12
tseliotI'll let you know about the other option12:12
apwtseliot, CONFIG_STUB_POULSBO is off right now12:15
* ppisati -> vanilla ice cream + Baileys12:19
smbppisati <- bad idea, but tasty12:22
ppisatismb: bad idea? is good! :)12:25
ppisatismb: my only grief is: shall i store the Baileys in the fridge after i opened it or not? after all it contains milk/cream...12:26
smbppisati, As good as coffe+Baileys was back as students. Not much learning done after that... I thought open bottles would not survive long enough to matter...12:27
* dileks asks himself why eric dumazet is not working for canonical12:28
ppisatismb: my gosh, how much bailyes did you put in the coffee to be ouf of order? :)12:34
smbppisati, Not so broken, but the desire on work being diminished. :-P12:35
apwppisati, it really doesn't go off in my experience, its got so much booze in it12:35
apwppisati, but we may have to throw you off the team if you can't drink it before it does :)12:35
ppisatiahhh... it was good! :)12:37
ppisatiapw: i'll do, it's one of my goals for the next cycle :)12:37
apwdamn i hope the bottle doesn't last a whole cycle12:37
ppisatii'll do my best to kill it sooner :)12:39
tgardnerppisati, armhf is "skipabi= true" and "skipmodule=true" for both Precise and Quantal, but armel is not. Does that seem like an oversight ?12:49
ppisatitgardner: Q has no armel12:49
ppisatitgardner: but yes, arch shdouln't matter12:49
tgardnerppisati, ok12:50
apwgit show debian.master/configs >P12:57
apwgit apply -R --index <P12:57
apwgit commit --ame12:57
apw# above gets rid of the config portion12:58
apwfdr genconfigs12:58
apwwill give you CONFIGS/*highbank*12:58
apwwhich you can keep and apply again later12:58
apwgit commit -a --fix HEAD13:00
apwgit rebase -i --autosquash13:01
apwppisati, i've just dropped you a list of configuration options which are purple for ARM and wonder if you could reply when you have time13:04
tseliotapw: that's good13:05
apwtseliot, heh ok13:05
ppisatiapw: saw it, i'll check them13:08
apwppisati, thanks13:10
ppisatippisati@tangerine:~/ubuntu-quantal$ ls -la debian.ti-omap4/config/13:18
ppisatidrwxr-xr-x 2 ppisati ppisati   4096 May 31 14:17 armhf13:18
ppisati-rw-r--r-- 1 ppisati ppisati 103053 May 31 14:17 config.common.ubuntu13:18
ppisatihere is where the arch agnostic stuff should go, ok?13:18
ppisatippisati@tangerine:~/ubuntu-quantal$ ls -la debian.ti-omap4/config/armhf/13:19
ppisati-rw-r--r-- 1 ppisati ppisati   87 May 31 14:17 config.common.armhf13:19
ppisati-rw-r--r-- 1 ppisati ppisati   88 May 31 14:17 config.flavour.omap413:19
ppisatiand these are actually empy13:19
ppisatiso the entire config is the "commong" config gile13:19
* ppisati -> coffee, brb13:19
apwwell more correctly all of the options are common to all flavours in the tree, therefore all the options move up to the top yes13:19
ppisatithat was my point13:20
apwwell indeed, and what you want is a different thing13:20
apwyou want a list of options we expect to have specific values13:20
apwand we don't have that, other than in the config-checker13:20
ppisatiand we overwrite the arch/machine specific bits one one directory below13:20
apwand though that is the names, the config system doesn't work the way they sound13:23
apwit is showing your what _is_ common, not what you want common13:23
apwand i can definatly see how the latter is useful13:23
apwtgardner, yell when it is pushed13:28
ckingapw, I've fwd'd you the flight details. Are you planning different travel arrangements?13:38
apwcking, will check and let you know13:39
apwcking, and we are tlaking to you13:40
ckingaah.. /me kicks mumble13:40
tgardnerapw, just pushed the skipabi/skipmodules patch to quantal13:45
apwtgardner, perfect13:46
ppisatiis powerpc an arch or a flavour in the enforce world?13:52
ppisatiapw: i was just recompiling a Q/master armhf kernel for the config review13:52
ppisatiwith some options adjusted, when enforce complaiend about some stuff13:52
ogra_hmm, does anyone know where the perl module for "DebianKernel::BootloaderConfig" lives ?13:53
ogra_seems linux-base makes use of that in its postinst but i dont see a dep on something containing it 13:53
ppisatiapw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016362/13:53
ppisatiapw: but the config diff is arm only, and enforce complains about ppc13:54
ppisatiapw: moreover, genconfigs doesn't complain13:54
apwgenconfigs should complain hrmmm ... brokenness13:54
apwppisati, will fix13:54
apwppisati, actually in the tip of my tree it is =y13:55
ppisatiapw: what's =y?13:58
ppisatilet me check13:58
apwppisati, or did i just ask you to make it =m13:59
apwapw@dm:~/archive/git2/ubuntu-quantal$ git grep CONFIG_THERM_ADT746X debian.master/config/14:01
ppisatippisati@tangerine:~/ubuntu-quantal$ git co debian.master/config/armhf/config.flavour.omap14:03
ppisatippisati@tangerine:~/ubuntu-quantal$ git rhard origin/master14:03
ppisatiHEAD is now at de7bd18 UBUNTU: Ubuntu-3.4.0-3.814:03
ppisatippisati@tangerine:~/ubuntu-quantal$ git diff14:03
ppisatippisati@tangerine:~/ubuntu-quantal$ schroot -c quantal-amd6414:03
ppisati(quantal-amd64)ppisati@tangerine:~/ubuntu-quantal$ export $(dpkg-architecture -aarmhf); export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf-14:03
ppisatidpkg-architecture: warning: Specified GNU system type arm-linux-gnueabihf does not match gcc system type x86_64-linux-gnu.14:03
ppisati(quantal-amd64)ppisati@tangerine:~/ubuntu-quantal$ fakeroot debian/rules clean editconfigs14:03
ppisatichange any options, and enforce will complain14:03
ppisatiabout that THERM_ADT746X stuff14:04
apwtgardner, we are missing an empty abi on highbank, you wanna add that to your d-i unfook update?14:09
tgardnerapw, yep, working on it. also fixing udeb cruft14:10
tgardnerapw, repushed master-next with some squashes. shold fix ABI/modules check and udeb build failures.14:15
tgardnerapw, you should just bump the ABI so there is a clean break before all of this config change carnage.14:19
* ppisati -> brb14:21
apwtgardner, yeah i was assiming that when it gets uploaded, the whole thing would be an ABI bump and we'd just shove it at the bottom14:23
apw(before everything)14:23
apwtgardner, if you are rebasing anyhow you may wish to do that14:24
tgardnerapw, go ahead and get your stuff done, then we can add the ABI bump whenever14:34
ogasawaratgardner, apw: Tandy Whitner, can you dudes do your +1 maint rotation in June?14:34
tgardnerogasawara, sure, since I'm gone a good part of the month :)14:34
ogasawaratgardner: well that would in theory work, ie apw does it for the half of the month you're away14:41
ogasawaratgardner, apw: I'm giving slangasek my ack to take you guys that month14:42
tgardnerogasawara, ack14:42
apwogasawara, the june which starts tommorrow ?14:47
tgardnerapw, yeah, we're all done with Quantal kernel development aren't we ?14:47
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slangasektgardner, apw: \o/  so there's a #ubuntu+1-maint channel; we probably won't really kick things off until next Monday (rather than June 1) because Adam Conrad is out at LinaroConnect right now15:07
tgardnerslangasek, it'll take him a day or 2 to get un-lagged. thats a long trip.15:09
* ogasawara back in 2015:19
henrixjust lost connection both to zinc and to mumble... is it only me?15:30
tgardnerhenrix, I've still got mumble15:31
henrixtgardner: interesting... email and canonical irc are also gone15:32
tgardnerhenrix, perhaps your ISP is having some route issues15:32
henrixtgardner: yeah, probably15:32
henrixok, i'm back online15:33
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apwppisati, CONFIG_SENSORS_* ... i assume that most of these never can exist on arm?  do you know which ones can ?15:50
ppisatiapw: it all depends on the board...15:51
ppisatibtw, Q/master doesn't boot on beagle...15:51
ppisatiError: unrecognized/unsupported processor variant (0x413fc082).15:51
apwppisati, yay15:52
ckingthat's an informative magic number15:52
apwppisati, fun for poalo15:52
ppisatistrange that noone shouted about it on the arm ml15:52
apwppisati, that might be quite an urgent problem with a1 right round the corner15:52
ckingisn't that a Cortex A8 identification register value?15:52
apwcking, can you decode it ?15:53
ckingapw, http://infocenter.arm.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.arm.doc.ddi0344k/ch01s09s13.html15:53
ppisaticking: yep, should be processor id or stuff like that15:53
ppisatibut the point is that this chip is supported, so it must something else15:54
ppisati*must be15:54
tgardnerapw, all the sensors are I2C aren't they? the options should be harmless.16:11
apwtgardner, they should be harmless i think yes, just wondering if actually its worth building them at all, we could not bother if they can't exist16:11
tgardnerapw, I was just think in interest of commonizing the configs...16:12
apwyeah though we could comonise x86 etc on, and arm off and be in a better place than here if not ideal16:12
* apw likely will commonise them anyhow16:12
apwtgardner, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Specs/QKernelConfigReview/Alpha116:13
apwis the progress i have made so far, and this kernel still boots :)16:13
tgardnerapw, does the pink go away if the config option is annotated ?16:15
apwyes, though the right column has the text of the annotation16:15
* jsalisbury keeps bouncing, grr16:15
apwsee the top of the netfilter matches for an example16:15
tgardnerapw, so I'm looking at 'Inconsistent BUILD FAILURE' for CONFIG_TI_CPSW. Why is it still pink since its been annotated ?16:16
apwahh cause i have only marked it as a BUILD FAILURE and not allowed it to be off long term16:16
apwas for me i want build failures to show up so that we don't forget them16:16
apwso that is deliberate16:17
ogasawaraapw: I like the new build failures section16:17
tgardnerapw, maybe a different color so there are easily ignored for now ?16:17
apwCONFIG_APM_EMULATION for example is one with an anotation which is clean16:17
apwtgardner, will think about that then16:17
tgardnerapw, right, that looks good16:17
apwso if i had said we are never going to fix those i could mark them non-red16:18
apwbut i think they are something till release we should remember and worry about16:18
apwplus if you fix them they will stop being pink and we can see we have fixed them16:18
tgardnerapw, ok. there is still so much pink that its hard to see the forest for the trees16:18
apwand remove the build failure flag16:18
apwtgardner, yep am working on it ... i had it down to like 8 pink in the whole file till you added highbacnk16:19
apwi was hoping to get to 0, but ... you scuppered that16:19
tgardnerapw, thank ikepanhc for that :)16:19
* apw looks up the word thank in the dictionary ... hmm nothing about sharp object under the fingernails ?16:20
tgardnerapw, note that Rob Herring is giving him some grief as well about precise configs16:20
apwabout missing things ?16:20
tgardnerapw, indeed16:20
tgardnerforwarded to the kteam list16:20
apwwe should be able to apply the same changes back in theory, i am documenting them at least in part16:20
apwtgardner, should i be doing this on precise at the same time ?16:23
tgardnerapw, thats the kernel thats most important to hew right at the moment. I think it will go out in the 12.04.1 release.16:24
apwtgardner, ok ... then i'll replicate my changes there ... sigh ...16:24
* cking grabs some food16:38
* ppisati -> gym16:40
tgardnerbjf, were you just checking to see if I was paying attention ?  :)16:57
bjftgardner: rectal-cranial inversion16:58
tgardnerbjf, what is the bug number for CVE-2012-2375 ?17:34
ubot2`tgardner: ** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-2375)17:34
bjftgardner: did i leave that off as well ....17:35
tgardnerbjf, yep, I checked the original patches as well17:35
bjftgardner: bug 100250517:35
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1002505 in linux "CVE-2012-2375" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100250517:35
hertonppisati, oneiric ti-omap4 in your repo has an enormous changelog (3.0.0-1211.23)17:38
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* cking just realises there are two UK holidays next week, *sigh*17:54
apwcking, which days do we get ?17:57
ckingapw, mon + tue (apparently)17:57
ckingso if you can ack or nack the flight info tomorrow I can get these booked before the prices get mad17:57
oratedHello! What is the boot sequence followed in booting linux?18:00
apworated, that all depends on the h/w18:03
oratedOk, then Ubuntu running on x86?18:04
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ckingorated, http://duartes.org/gustavo/blog/post/how-computers-boot-up is quite handy18:12
ckingbit old, but it is a start18:13
ckingorated, and also http://duartes.org/gustavo/blog/post/kernel-boot-process18:14
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* cking --> EOD18:27
mozmckwhat might cause my sound to stop working and the speakers to pop every few seconds this morning?  I did an update but don't remember any sound related packages.18:47
mozmckxubuntu 12.0418:47
* ogasawara lunch19:09
ppisatiherton: because size does matter! :)19:29
ppisatiherton: no ok, let me check...19:29
hertonok :)19:29
* ppisati just came back from gym and had some food... i like like an entire truck passed over me...19:29
ppisatiherton: fixed, go ahead19:44
hertonppisati, fetching, thanks19:45
hertonppisati, the changelog still includes everything until Ubuntu: 3.0.0-15.2619:52
hertonppisati, it comes from the rebase19:53
ppisatiherton: i was 100% sure that i fixed it...19:54
* tgardner -> EOD20:00
ppisatiherton: ok, try now...20:01
hertonppisati, looks good now20:04
ubot2`bjf: ** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-2663)20:14
bjfjjohansen: ^ you have a bug # for this CVE yet?20:15
jjohansenbjf: https://launchpad.net/bugs/100709120:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1007091 in linux-ti-omap4 "CVE-2012-2663" [Low,Fix committed]20:15
bjfjjohansen: thanks20:16
bjfogasawara: bug 100715922:34
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1007159 in linux "ecryptfs test on btrfs failing on "no space left on device"" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100715922:34

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