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* skaet waves14:00
* stgraber waves14:00
skaet12.04.1 time?14:01
stgraber#startmeeting Ubuntu 12.04.1 team meeting14:01
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stgraberseb128 told me he won't attend this week's meeting but should be able to make it to the next ones14:02
* stgraber pulls the list of attendees and does some pinging14:02
stgraberstokachu, arges, smoser: around?14:03
NCommanderstgraber: thanks14:04
stgraberright, so welcome to the first 12.04.1 team meeting14:04
stgraberI "think" we now have the final team list with jamespage and smoser being the two last additions (from the server team)14:04
stokachuarges is sick today so he wont make it14:05
stgraberstokachu: ok, thanks14:06
stgraberthe idea behind this meeting is that every 2 weeks until the release of 12.04.1, we can do a quick review of what still needs to land, what's broken and not fixed yet and make sure we have resources working on these14:06
* stgraber tries to get LP to give him some useful bug lists14:08
stokachui do have one for the server team14:08
stgraberstokachu: go ahead, while I'm digging for good bug lists :)14:09
stokachuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libvirt/+bug/520386, (mir @https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netcf/+bug/904014)14:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 520386 in libvirt (Ubuntu Lucid) "libvirt-bin hypervisor does not support virConnectNumOfInterfaces / unable to create domain with virt-manager using network bridge" [Low,Confirmed]14:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 904014 in netcf (Ubuntu) "[MIR] netcf" [Undecided,In progress]14:10
skaetstgraber, http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/kernel-bugs/reports/rls-p-tracking-bugs.html has what teams still have on their commit to fix list.14:10
skaethowever,  there's alot that's come in that needs to be looked at.14:10
skaetI know of several critical that aren't on that list.14:11
skaetbug 944546, bug 751689, bug 94964114:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 944546 in libcommons-cli-java (Ubuntu Precise) "StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in HelpFormatter.findWrapPos" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94454614:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 751689 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "ThinkPads overheat due to slow fans when on 'auto'" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75168914:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 949641 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu Precise) "Installing both fglrx and fglrx-updates results in: error exit status 1 -"/etc/init.d/atieventsd exists during rc.d purge"" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94964114:12
smoserbug 100384214:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1003842 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "dnsmasq sometimes fails to resolve private names in networks with non-equivalent nameservers" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100384214:13
skaetseveral other high ones that are new as well...14:13
stgraberapparently not all of these are targeted for 12.04.114:14
stgraberor rather, none of these :)14:14
jamespagesounds like that would be a good first action - review these bugs and others and target for 12.04.114:15
stokachufor mine I'd like server team to review to see if its feasible to target for 12.04.114:15
stgraberyeah, it's always easy to decide later on that they won't make it for 12.04.1 and re-target to -updates or 12.04.214:15
stgraberideally, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-12.04.1 should be an up to date representation of what's going on with 12.04.114:16
stokachudefinately, just wanted to make sure its on the radar14:16
* skaet nods14:16
skaetin terms of reviewing bugs,  scope should probably be wider than those mentioned above.14:17
stgraberso I think it'd make sense to always first target to 12.04.1 when we see a bug that we think should be fixed for 12.04.1, then let the team responsible for the package make the decision of doing it for 12.04.1 or postponing to 12.04.2/-updates (with a reason, ideally :))14:17
smoserso, to be clear, above, those bugs should have a 12.04 task and be targetted to 12.04.1 ?14:17
skaetshould be a precise task, rather than 12.04 task,  but yeah.   ;)14:18
skaetmilestone should be 12.04.114:19
stokachuquestion, where do i set the task?14:19
skaettarget to series14:19
skaetshould give you the option.  :)   please mark it to quantal too, if its known to affect that one as well.14:20
* xnox was told not to target to quantal as the default task status tracks that.14:21
stgraberif you don't have the right to target/milestone bugs, ping me and I'll do it for you, but I guess most of us have the required rights14:21
stgraberxnox: it does but it's rather confusing, so I usually prefer to explicitly target to quantal (which makes the default task disappear)14:22
* xnox nods and agrees14:22
skaet+1,  makes it easier for finding.14:22
* skaet is willing to help out with the series and target/milestoneing if needed too.14:23
stgraberanother source of bugs that we didn't mention yet but is really important for the point release is https://errors.ubuntu.com14:23
skaetindeed.   Most of them should be getting bug numbers associated with them,   but its good to see imapct.14:23
skaetor rather the high impact ones should be ;)14:24
stgraberit'd be good to have someone from each engineering team go through that list once a week or so and make sure that any frequent crasher is properly milestoned to 12.04.1 and that someone from there team is actively working on a fix14:24
stokachucurious why 2,3 off that list dont have bugs associated?14:24
stgraberI can't remember exactly what we said in the UDS session, but looking at the current state, anything that crashes > 100 times a day, should probably be actively investigated at this time14:24
stgraberstokachu: probably means that nobody with a similar stacktrace reported it to Launchpad14:25
stgraberso these should definitely be the priority as it means they aren't currently showing up on LP at all14:26
* skaet nods14:26
skaetgetting the teams looking at the errors.ubuntu.com list is a bit of a culture change,  and this is a good place to start that behaviour changes from.  ;)14:27
skaetOther info that might be useful is that the schedule for 12.04.1 can be found: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule14:28
skaetIts been updated now with the latest info from UDS.14:28
skaet(and subsequent discussions ;) )14:28
skaetIf people want to know when we'll be having testing windows,  prior to that release,  the information for that is captured on: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseInterlock14:29
skaetin the QA columns,  look for events starting "P-".14:29
skaetIf anyone has any questions about it,  feel free to ping me.14:31
* skaet done14:32
stgraberthanks skaet14:32
stgraberso I quickly drafted an agenda for our next meetings: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016424/14:33
stgraberdoes that seem to cover what people want to discuss here, did I miss something?14:33
smoseri think that looks good, skaet14:34
skaetstgraber,  looks fine by me.14:34
stokachulooks good14:34
stgrabercool, updated the google calendar event to include the agenda then14:35
stgraberdoes anyone have something they wish to discuss at this meeting? any controversial bug or something that should be considered for 12.04.1?14:35
stokachui dont atm14:36
ScottKJust as a mention ...  KDE SC 4.8.3 hit precise-updates yesterday.  We may (not sure) be able to get 4.8.4 in before
ScottKIt's sched for release June 5.14:37
stgraberScottK: what's the expected release date for 4.8.4?14:37
jamespagesmoser: I'm right in saying the first set of SRU updates for openstack should land in -proposed in the next week or so?14:37
ScottKIf we follow the timeline we managed for 4.8.3, it should make it fine.14:38
stgraberScottK: looks like you should have way enough time to have it packaged and pushed through the SRU process then14:38
xnoxwell I have requests to update ef2progs, btrfs-tools, mdadm and lvm2 for 12.04.1. I have/will prepare -sru's but I need qa assistance to test those.14:38
smoserjamespage, verified your question against zul.14:39
xnox(just the all/most filesystems stack)14:39
stgraberxnox: do you just need testers or very specific setup? my feeling so far is that the QA team doesn't have a whole lot of time to help with SRU verification14:39
skaetxnox,  are there auto tests,  or are you looking for manal.14:39
skaetmanual even.14:39
xnoxskaet: both. QA  install/upgrade tests with updated packages. both auto and some manual.14:40
skaetxnox,  for install/upgrade testing,  synch with gema and jibel.14:40
xnoxMy access to QA/kernel machines with multiple disks for RAID testing is still pending. And I don't want to push mdadm stuff to precise without testing it first.14:40
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skaetfor the manual testing,  let baloons know the details of what you're looking for.14:41
stgraberxnox: are these changes already in quantal?14:41
skaetthere's a slot scheduled for some precise testing in July,  may make sense to aim for that?14:41
xnoxstgraber: not really SRU testing, more general overall testing - it may work as an sru, but fresh .1 install or upgrade from lucid may go haywire and I don't have capacity to test that.14:41
xnoxskaet: yes. Ok i will discuss it with people.14:42
xnoxstgraber: some, not all yet.14:42
xnox[ACTION] xnox to prepare a target list for fs stack for 12.04.114:42
meetingologyACTION: xnox to prepare a target list for fs stack for 12.04.114:42
stgraberxnox: ok. Make sure these bugs are targeted to precise/12.04.1 so they show up on the list14:43
xnox[ACTION] xnox to liase with ballons, gema and jibel w.r.t. testing14:43
meetingologyACTION: xnox to liase with ballons, gema and jibel w.r.t. testing14:43
xnoxstgraber: ok.14:43
skaetstgraber, can we use the .. convention in this meeting?14:44
stgraberskaet: sure14:44
stgraberbtw, might be worth pointing out that we have daily builds of precise going on at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/precise/ (and other <product>/precise directories)14:45
* xnox yeah =)14:45
stgraberskaet: do you know if QA is doing daily testing of these?14:46
skaetstgraber,  I'll take the action to get an update published.14:46
jamespagestgraber, are there plans for a -server daily image as well?14:46
skaetwhich mail list should we be using between meetings?14:46
stgraberjamespage: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/precise/14:47
jamespagestgraber, thanks - found it at the same time :-)14:47
skaetby update published, meant to say,  update on the status of whether these are all being run still in jenkins, and where to find the results.  ;)  think they are, but need to double check.14:47
* skaet suggests ubuntu-release14:48
xnox[ACTION] skaet to get an update on the status of daily QA testing of whether these are all being run still in jenkins, and where to find the results.14:48
meetingologyACTION: skaet to get an update on the status of daily QA testing of whether these are all being run still in jenkins, and where to find the results.14:48
stgraberskaet: good question, mostly depend on the expected trafic I guess. Any of -release, -qa or -devel would be appropriate but -release is probably the best as it's likely of interest of most subscribers14:48
skaetcoolio.   and thanks xnox14:48
stgrabercan everyone make sure they are subscribed to ubuntu-release@lists.ubuntu.com?14:49
xnox#agreed to target all relevant bugs to the milestone, such that https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-12.04.1 shows a useful summary.14:50
* xnox just old stuff14:50
stgraberI'll be posting the meeting notes for this meeting, create a wiki page and put the agenda of the next meeting there and announce all that to ubuntu-devel and ubuntu-release14:50
skaetsounds good.  :)14:51
xnoxstgraber: well meetingology generates a good base template =)14:51
xnoxif used properly14:51
stgraberso hopefully the next meeting will be better structured and properly announced, sorry for the last minute scheduling ;)14:51
stgraberanything else?14:51
xnox[TOPIC] AOB14:52
* xnox I guess the chair should be doing the commands....14:52
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NCommanderWe have highbank enablement stuff coming down the piple, but details are a bit light on when specifically, will get back to when they are all in14:52
stgraberxnox: yeah, I only wrote the agenda half way through the meeting, so using [TOPIC] now doesn't make a lot of sense :) but will definitely use the bot for the next one14:53
stgraberNCommander: ok, make sure any related bugs is targeted to precise/12.04.1 and that any other required changes (images?) is announced to -release (or at the next meeting)14:53
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NCommanderwill do so14:54
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stgraberthanks everyone!14:54
skaetthanks stgraber for getting this kicked off.  :)14:55
jibelstgraber, can you add me to the list of attendees please, so I won't miss the next meeting  ?14:56
stgraberjibel: I knew I'd be forgetting someone ;) sorry for that, added.14:57
xnoxstgraber: as I took some actions, can you please invite me for the next one as well please.14:58
* xnox not sure if i want/need to attend it every time14:58
jibelnp :)14:59
stgraberxnox: invited you to the next one14:59
xnoxStevenR: cool thanks =)14:59
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