tumbleweedbdrung: tided up, rebased, and fixed that issue00:59
bdrungtumbleweed: too late00:59
bdrungtumbleweed: http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=devscripts/devscripts.git01:01
tumbleweedgaah, just wasted an hour then01:02
bdrungtumbleweed: sorry for that. i incorporated your recommends/suggests stuff01:03
bdrungtumbleweed: we can finally sync devscripts01:03
bdrungand i am currently fixing bug #72371501:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 723715 in devscripts (Ubuntu) "dch -D doesn't recognize unstable" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72371501:04
bdrungtumbleweed: please check http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=devscripts/devscripts.git;a=commitdiff;h=4e37799e18b218a3247fdcb4559cf53cc7487e8401:23
bdrungmy perl foo isn't that good01:24
tumbleweedit looks reasonable01:28
tumbleweedarguably displaying a warning when using a distribution from a different vendor isn't a terrible idea01:29
* tumbleweed isn't much of a perl fan either01:30
bdrungtumbleweed: feel free to tune that code01:32
bdrung(and add more tests)01:33
bdrungtumbleweed: i plan to do a devscripts upload soon. anything that should be fixed / go into the next upload?01:46
micahgbdrung: before you upload devscripts, I think the man page should be updated to reflect the new (more proper on Ubuntu) behaviour of dch -i if that's possible03:28
dholbachgood morning07:02
gesergood morning07:07
dholbachhey geser07:24
ajmitchhi geser, dholbach07:24
geserHi ajmitch07:25
dholbachhey ajmitch07:25
micahghi ajmitch07:26
ajmitchhi micahg07:26
micahgand dholbach and geser :)07:26
dholbachhey micahg :)07:26
geserand Hi micahg07:26
ajmitchso many greetings...07:26
micahgdholbach: I see you've reached the coveted more than 50 items reviewed level: http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/1glance-sponsoring/07:27
dholbachwoo! :)07:27
dholbachI'm sure there were a few easy ones I did ;-)07:27
* micahg used to have above 20, but seems to be slacking07:27
* ajmitch needs to do some work to get back on that list07:29
micahgajmitch: well, you have at least 1 upload this cycle already ;)07:29
ajmitchmicahg: I need to do a bit more than that07:29
micahgajmitch: top uploader list for quantal  bottom spot is 10 uploads ATM07:31
ajmitchhi iulian07:32
iulianHow's it going, ajmitch?07:33
ajmitchgood, just waiting for dinner to cook :)07:33
micahghi iulian, I guess I'm joining you on the regular membership board07:33
ajmitchmicahg: oh yes, forgot to congratulate you on your sentence ;)07:33
micahgajmitch: heh, somehow I got signed up for the 12:00 slot07:34
iulianmicahg: Congrats.07:34
* micahg guesses the CC couldn't tell what timezone I work from either07:34
dholbachmicahg, I'm sure there's a way to get that changed :)07:34
micahgdholbach: heh, it's ok, I can wake up early once a month (already do for the DMB)07:35
ajmitchmicahg: this is why I was dubious of putting my name forward - both times didn't really suit well07:36
ajmitchnot so much of a problem for someone who doesn't sleep07:36
iulianmicahg: What timezone do you live in?07:38
ajmitchwrong question to ask07:38
iulianErr, how lazy you are in the mornings?07:38
iulianBetter ajmitch? :)07:38
ajmitchmore like "at what hour of the morning do you go to sleep?"07:39
ajmitchsince he seems to be on irc rather late07:39
iulianOh, I see.07:39
micahgso, it varies :)07:41
bdrungmicahg: do you have a suggestion (patch) how the man page should be changed?09:02
micahgbdrung: a third line saying something like "On Ubuntu, this will also change the suffix from buildX to ubuntuX.  Use -R, --rebuild for a no change rebuild increment.09:04
micahgs/a third line/insert at the third line/09:05
dholbachtumbleweed, done09:08
bdrungmicahg: "third line" is a bit unspecific, because the formatting is not fixed09:09
micahgbefore 'This creates a new section at the  beginning'09:10
bdrungmicahg: thanks and pushed. anything else that should be documented?11:09
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bregmaI need to upload an SRU change for 12.04 that has the same package version as the latest package in quantal -- should I add ~precise to the SRU package version?15:11
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geserbregma: no, fix it in quantal first and then use the usual SRU versioning17:35
jtaylorwhat could be the reason kmod is missing in quantal? its not blacklisted and not in the new queue (if I looked at the right queue)17:42
gesergood question. what happens when you try to sync it?17:45
jtaylordidn't try that17:47
jtaylorshouldn't that be automatic?17:47
geserI'm not sure if it's already included in the daily(?) auto-sync17:51
geserand I've no idea why it didn't got synced in the last manual run either17:51
micahgbdrung: if I run into anything else, I'll let you know, that change (-i behaviour) might be a shocker for some, so I figured it worth documenting18:54
geserperhaps also add a NEWS entry?19:00
micahghrm, does Debian have -R or is it Ubuntu specific?19:01
jtaylordebian doesn't need it, rebuilds should go over the release team19:03
bdrungmicahg: it's more ubuntu specific19:03
micahgright, so, technically, anyone using -i for a rebuild is not doing it right anyways19:03
micahgsorry, not awake yet, leading me to saying that it's not worth a NEWS entry if people are doing it wrong19:04
jtaylor-i is used for arch all rebuilds, but -release should know about it19:06
micahgjtaylor: well, if regular devs aren't doing rebuilds, that's a very small subset anyways19:07
ScottKjtaylor: sync-source New is a separate process than the regular syncs and is run less often.19:10
jtaylorI though so, but there was a new sync a few days back, maybe it was just not done in that run19:10
jtaylorshouldn't it be in the new queue then?19:12
geserScottK: is it still true? I remember cjwatson wanting to merge it into the normal auto-sync but I don't know if it already happened or not19:13
ScottKI'm not sure.19:13
geserand even the previous version was long enough in testing to get picked up by one of the new syncs, so I've no idea why it didn't get synced till now19:14
geserjtaylor: ah, the reason is probably that we have already a binary package "module-init-tools" (build from module-init-tools) and syncing kmod need investigation19:16
jtayloryes it is my understanding kmod is supposed to replace that19:17
geserand also checking which of our module-init-tools delta needs to get adopted to kmod19:17
jtaylorwhat I actually want to know if its some queue or blacklisted on an unknown list19:21
jtaylorwe need to sync or merge dntools to not pull in dnet into quantal19:21
geserkmod (source package) builds now module-init-tools (transitional package) and as that would "conflict" with the current one (two source packages build the same binary package => the highest version wins and upload of the other will fail after build), so it needs investigation if syncing the package is the right thing and the new sync script aborts on those19:21
jtaylorwhich needs kmod19:21
gesernot sure, who can answer the question what is planed about this package, perhaps ask the ubuntu-release team19:23
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cjwatsonScottK,geser: new packages are now synced as part of normal auto-syncing, unless there's something that requires manual resolution19:41
cjwatsonjtaylor: kmod overwrites a module-init-tools binary with Ubuntu changes - it requires somebody to merge the m-i-t changes into kmod19:42
cjwatsonit's not on a manual blacklist, auto-sync detects the situation19:43
cjwatsonslangasek said he was going to have a look at kmod19:43
jtaylorcjwatson: thx, I'll wait with dntools a bit longer then19:44
slangasekyes, there are bits to port19:44
cjwatsonanyway the headline is that new syncs are no longer artificially delayed vs updated syncs, which is yay19:46
cjwatsonthings which can delay new packages: building a binary which already has an Ubuntu version string; having had previous publication records in Ubuntu19:50
cjwatsonor of course being manually blacklisted19:51
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