bhearsmuhi there, i've got a mythbuntu box that i upgraded from 11.10 to 12.04. i use it for watching existing videos on my system. after the upgrade, i'm unable to find anywhere in the frontend that lets me do that -- is that expected? did it move somewhere else?00:04
tgm4883bhearsmu, that should still be there00:21
bhearsmuhrm. i wonder what went wrong then00:22
tgm4883Should be under media library00:22
tgm4883media library > watch videos00:22
bhearsmuyeah, i don't have that :(00:22
tgm4883what theme are you using?00:23
bhearsmuone sec00:23
tgm4883Do you have media library00:23
bhearsmuyeah, i have Media Library00:25
bhearsmui only have Watch Recordings, Listen to Music, Search Internet Video, Browse Internet Video, and Image Gallery in it00:25
bhearsmumy "menu theme" is "default"00:25
tgm4883default isn't a theme00:25
tgm4883at a command prompt, what is the output of 'dpkg -l mythtv-frontend'00:26
bhearsmu mythtv-frontend                                       2:0.25.0+fixes.20120410.1f5962a-0ubuntu100:26
bhearsmuah - sorry. i'm using Arclight00:26
bhearsmuperhaps unsurprisingly, switching to a different theme (Mythbuntu 25.14) didn't change the available menu items00:29
bhearsmuhrm. i think i may have some weird mix of 32 and 64-bit packages installed...that wouldn't be helping matters00:35
tgm4883bhearsmu, you might want to start mythfrontend from the command line and look for errors00:45
bhearsmuhmmm, good idea00:46
map7When starting mythfrontend on a remote frontend it defaults to German, and in the log I get 'No locale defaults file for en_AU, skipping' how do I configure it to be in english?02:08
map7Actually it defaults to Danish, the first language in the list02:09
map7Found the solution, all I had to do is update the Language value's data field in the settings table for that client from da -> us.03:07
map7When rebooting my frontend it forgets the language and server settings & I have to re-enter them, everytime.03:16
map7Is there a way to store these settings some place so it doesn't ask me everytime?03:16
Unrootinghey yall, trying to force the mythfrontend to not open at boot. Current it freezes and says can not find backend06:09
UnrootingI entered in the wrong ip address and can seem to get back to the setup.06:10
dekarlUnrooting: just hit e.g. ALT+F2, then you can reach the menu06:20
Unrootingok well i figure it out, thanks for the help06:21
Unrootingi just kill the process06:21
dekarlworks, too06:22
Unrootingyea, well i wasn't able to do much. as it when into a loop trying to find the backend. i just fired up putty06:22
Unrootingbut doing a mythfilldatabase is extremely slow. I found a thread on the forums so going to try the fix listed06:23
dekarlthat was fixed lately06:24
UnrootingOk, just starting to run Mythbuntu, I had been running xmbc but got a good deal on hdhomerun prime and didnt want to use WM706:26
dekarlUnrooting: the fix went into 0.25-fixes on 28th, should be in the mythbuntu repo by now, see https://github.com/MythTV/mythtv/commit/4f55fd1a10fc3cb76283ce5593528da31fe83a0706:26
Zinn[github.com] Specify MySQL storage engine for mfdb temp tables. · 4f55fd1 · MythTV/mythtv · GitHub06:26
Unrootingok yea i06:26
UnrootingI did an update so it would think it would be. may not be use to how long it takes06:27
UnrootingI'll let it run for a few hours and check back on it.06:28
UnrootingThanks for the help and info dekarl06:28
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qwebirc26535Just wondering if myth 0.24 packages are still being built nightly...looks like I'm running a build from April 9th but there seems to be newer commits in the 0.24 branch14:33
tgm4883qwebirc26535, nope14:35
qwebirc26535are they just being built when something major gets fixed?....that's fine with me too....just noticed mine wasn't the latest14:36
tgm4883no, we stopped building for 0.24 when we moved to 0.2614:36
tgm4883if you wanted updated 0.24 builds, you'd have to grab our packaging script and do it yourself14:37
qwebirc26535oh.....I was hoping to wait a little longer before upgrading to 0.25....I don't have any major complaints with 0.24 so I should be fine....thanks14:38
qwebirc26535still waiting for nvidia to fix there legacy drivers before upgrading to 12.0414:39
superm1dekarl: it's possible that i might have committed a fix that fixes amd64 ftbfs on master with precise14:54
superm1it looks like yesterday's build was successful14:54
dekarl-wroksuperm1: I was able to build with my patches this morning. I just needed to hack around on get-build-deps a little.15:17
superm1dekarl: oh good.  i do need to sit down and sort out that get-build-deps problem16:35
superm1there was a patch submitted, but it's not complete and not entirely "good"16:35
tgm4883dekarl, did you test if the mythfilldatabase slowness issue was fixed in the latest builds?18:14
* rhpot1991 is testing currently18:26
tgm4883rhpot1991, if it is, will you mark bug 997367 as fix released18:28
ZinnBug 997367 in mythtv (Ubuntu) "mythfilldatabase takes hours to complete" [Undecided, Fix Committed] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/99736718:28
rhpot1991tgm4883: sure18:30
rhpot1991wonder why I didn't get an email that someone commented on it18:30
* tgm4883 shrugs18:30
rhpot1991tgm4883: done and done18:39
rhpot1991tgm4883: dunno if you have a comment about autobuilds that you normally toss in this sort of bug?18:40
Shadow__Xhow can i check when the .25-fixes were built18:48
tgm4883Shadow__X, what do you mean?18:52
tgm4883rhpot1991, nope, nothing special in the comment18:53
Shadow__Xtgm4883: Is there a way to tie the version numbers to when it was pulled from -fixes19:00
Shadow__Xi am looking for a specific fix that was pushed out sunday or so and am just curious when i would be seeing it arrive in repo19:01
Shadow__Xah :(19:01
tgm48832: 0.25.0 +fixes. 20120531 . 399da0a -0ubuntu0mythbuntu519:01
tgm4883Date and hash are in there19:01
Shadow__Xyeah 5/31/201219:01
Shadow__X:( my appologies19:01
tgm4883no worries19:01
Shadow__Xwhat package do i check that against because my backend is showing 2012 5/06 when other packages are showing 5/3119:02
tgm4883all packages should be the same date19:03
Shadow__Xhmm i looked through upgrade and it shows this Setting up mythtv-backend (2:0.25.0+fixes.20120531.399da0a-0ubuntu0mythbuntu1) but when i run mythtvbackend --version the library api is .25.20120606-1 or is the library api different19:04
tgm4883I believe the API is different. You might want to restart the backend service and test again19:06
Shadow__Xjust did that an it reports the same. the mythtv versiion is  v0.25-133-g399da0a19:10
tgm4883ok, so yea the API is a bit different19:10
dekarltgm4883: no, didnt test it (would be hard without SD anyway. just wanted to link back "there is something to test by updating and looking")20:15
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nOStahlhi guys I have an hp mce remote rc1804911/06   trying to get it working with mythtv21:37
nOStahlI have a pinnacle 800e with a ir receiver in it that i want to use with the hp mce remote21:38
nOStahlis this possible21:38

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