ibeardsleeyeh .. I'll have to put some sunscreen on with the weather00:44
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mwhudsonso is there a bug for the generic "iwlwifi doesn't work very well problem" ?04:15
* ajmitch sees quite a few bugs that mention iwlwifi against linux in lp04:17
ajmitchnot sure which of those would be the main bug to follow, if any04:18
mwhudsoni see04:18
mwhudsonof course i was seeing particular problems running the upstream kernel, which is not exactly what most people are doing04:18
mwhudsonwhich kernel is in quantal currently?04:19
mwhudsoni guess i know how to answer that04:19
ajmitchrmadison says 3.4.0-3.804:20
ajmitchnot terribly helpful04:20
mwhudson3.4 was only released last week or so so it must be pretty new04:20
ojwbhmm, seems i missed the announcement that the kernel had joined the chromium vs firefox version number inflation game04:36
ajmitchojwb: it's not quite as bad, thankfully04:38
ojwbhmm, is there an easy way to find out if you have anything installed from a particular apt source?05:16
* ojwb just found multiverse enabled05:16
ajmitchojwb: pretty sure you can do that with an aptitude search, maybe aptitude search "?section(multiverse) ?installed"05:20
ojwbcool, that seems to work (and says nothing)05:20
* ojwb had got as far as: apt-cache policy .|sed '/Installed: [^(]/,/^[^ ]/p;d'|grep multiverse05:21
ojwbwhich also says nothing05:21
ajmitchyeah I find aptitude can be pretty good for searching05:22
mwhudsonfwiw, that aptitude command finds the few things i have installed from multiverse05:23
mwhudsonso it seems to work05:23
mwhudson(also, figlet is in multiverse!?)05:23
ojwbyeah, I tried it on universe too05:23
ojwbmwhudson: licence insanity05:23
mwhudsoni suppose that's to be expected05:23
* mwhudson goes away for a bit05:24
* ajmitch wonders why wine-gecko1.4 is in multiverse05:24
ojwbthough apparently on files which probably contain no creative work05:24
ojwbajmitch: "    - Still a multiverse package, requires a build step on windows"05:26
ojwbsays debian/changelog05:26
ibeardsleefirst day of winter20:14
ibeardsleehmm looks like redhat are aligning themselves with the crippled PCs20:22
ibeardsleeok maybe a slight exaggeration .. http://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/12368.html20:31
ibeardsleeWould canonical do down the same path?20:31
chiltswow, I never knew all of this was coming20:47
chiltsseems like they just want to move towards Apple's model (and all in the name of security)20:47
ibeardsleechilts: in the name of market domination disguised as security21:02
thumperchilts: who is moving towards Apple's model?21:53
ibeardsleeMS, stopping (making it harder for) other people using 'their' hardware21:54
ajmitchno surprises there - good intentions, bad implementation21:55
chiltsthumper: well, their secure hardware/software things ... I just think it looks like taking control because of control, not because of security :)22:30
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