dpmgood morning07:12
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andrejzDoes anyone know where to translate command not found ?11:27
andrejzthere is a package in precise11:27
andrejzBut there is no string No command ' ' found, did you mean:11:28
dpmhi andrejz, I used to translate it from there. Is that particular string not in the template?11:58
andrejzNo command 'command name' found, did you mean11:59
dpmandrejz, hm, it seems the command-not-found program is either not loading translations or that particular string is not marked for translation12:01
andrejzi would gess the second since it's not in the template12:02
andrejzstrange nobody has noticed this before ;)12:02
andrejzhow can one check if it's marked for translation ?12:02
dpmlooking at the code12:02
dpmbzr branch lp:command-not-found12:03
dpmcd command-not-found12:03
dpmgrep -R 'did you mean' *12:03
dpmandrejz, btw, I saw you marked the work item to keep track of universe translation contacts as done, good work! Would you mind adding a note to the whiteboard as to where are you keeping track of them (e.g. wiki, Trello..., etc)?12:04
andrejzdoing it on wiki12:05
andrejzbanshee is already in quantal12:06
andrejzfor the rest i am waiting developer response12:06
dpmandrejz, cool, thanks. So would you mind updating the whiteboard on the blueprint with this URL? This way it's easier for everyone to know where to look at12:11
dpmah, I see you've already done it, thanks!12:12
andrejzbasically just 2 developers replies in 1 week12:13
andrejzso we will see how it will go12:13
andrejznow at least banshee is in,so we have started with something12:14
trijntjeif I grep for 'command not found' I only get results for bash, could the string be in there?12:14
trijntje(searching in /usr/share/locale*)12:15
andrejzi think that's might not be the same string12:15
trijntjeandrejz: I'm not sure, if I start another shell with /bin/sh, giving in a random command gives "not found" instead of "command not found"12:17
andrejzhm, interesting12:18
andrejzif i type something strange i get exactly the same string as the one in bash12:26
andrejzbut if i trype ping2 instead of ping12:27
andrejzI get a string "No command 'ping2' found, did you mean: "12:27
andrejzwhich i cannot find in bash12:27
trijntjeandrejz: I think that is done by command-not-found, which lives in /usr/lib/command-not-found12:42
andrejzyes, but that string is not in the template12:53
andrejzi found those strings in command not found13:33
dpmah cool13:33
andrejzhow can one see if they are marked for translation from source code13:33
dpmthey should be wrapped in _(), e.g. _('This is a translatable string')13:34
kelemengaborgabor@gabor-VirtualBox:~/checkout/ubuntu/command-not-found/po$ intltool-update -p14:20
kelemengaborCannot find top_srcdir in Makefile. at /usr/bin/intltool-update line 1146.14:20
kelemengaborhm, this doesn't look good14:20
kelemengaborand the pot file is not generated by this14:21
andrejzi agree kelemengabor14:35
kelemengaborlooking closer at it, looks like the i18n part is a mess of this package :\14:36
kelemengaborit uses a po/Makefile, which is referenced from setup.py, but commented out even there14:36
kelemengaborgeez :(14:36
kelemengaborI'll try to create a pot file from what we have and upload it14:37
kelemengaborthen dung out this mess at the upstream/quetzal level14:38
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dpmthanks kelemengabor14:50
kelemengaborhttps://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/command-not-found/+pots/command-not-found pot file is uptodate, happy translating! :)14:52
artnaykelemengabor: don't print '<command-name>: command not found' <- is it supposed to be like that?15:02
kelemengaborartnay: ?15:02
kelemengaborthis is what's written there...15:03
kelemengabor/usr/lib/command-not-found --help writes this out15:04
artnayfigured it out although there's not much documentation, only /usr/share/doc/command-not-found/README and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommandNotFoundMagic15:05
artnayprint >>sys.stderr, _("%s: command not found") % args[0] - the translation exists but it's not used15:08
andrejzthanks kelemengabor15:12
andrejzhowever there are still some strings not marked for translation just so that you know15:15

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