cob-olp1bobweaver: nice idea05:09
cob-olp1bobweaver: I'm trying to do something similar, but on pandaboard which we have in a company that I work for05:12
bobweaverSo I am uploading ISO of what I got for others to play with says it is going to take abut 7 hrs or so17:32
bobweaverand yes I am still porting to nux and yes it is a pain in the butt and yes I am not sure that I can do this :) have a good one I am off to set up demo of Ubuntu TV at a local computer shop .17:35
bobweaverping popey19:45
popeyyo bobweaver19:45
bobweaverhey there19:45
bobweaverI have some questions19:45
popeyfire away19:45
bobweaverI just got 13 stores that want to carry Ubuntu19:45
bobweaverI get live cds from my head loco guy19:46
popeycarry as in have the cds on show in store?19:46
bobweaverbut I do not have enough and I am also running out of time for all of the things that I am doing19:46
popeyor carry as in ship machines with it pre-installed?19:46
bobweaveryes and preinstalled also19:46
bobweaverone store wants me to set up a puppet center19:46
popeysounds exciting19:47
bobweaverthey are a computer recycling center that sells used computers19:47
bobweaverHow can I talk to some one at canonical about this ?19:47
bobweaveror who to get a-hold of19:47
popeyabout which aspect?19:47
bobweaverthe cds19:47
popeyyou can order CDs from the store19:47
popeyor burn your own of course19:48
bobweavergetting more then my loco guy gives me19:48
popeyor get someone to burn them for you19:48
popeywe generally ship more cds to people for events / conferences and the like19:48
popeynot for businesses to sell/use19:48
popeybut of course some may find their way into the hands of people who run businesses, we can't control that19:48
bobweaverthink about he ammount of people that will get it thou19:48
popeybut it doesnt scale19:49
popeyif everyone did that in their town we woudl spend all our money on making cds19:49
bobweavermaybe if I make like a fake package like windows does19:49
popeyand none on developers making the software ☺19:49
popeygreat though it is to advocate ubuntu \o/19:49
popeywe cant really finance every business wanting to use it19:49
bobweaverI could just have like the cardboard shefs19:50
popeywe provide the artwork and iso image.. all you need is a cd19:50
bobweaverthat is what I am looking for not the cds them selfs19:50
bobweaverand stands19:50
bobweaverstuff like that19:50
popeyyeah, we used to do those cardboard trays19:50
bobweavernot the acuaual cds19:50
popeybut we don't anymore19:50
popeywe don't have point of sale stuff19:50
popeysomoene should design that19:50
popeyand put the designs on spreadubuntu or something19:51
bobweaverlike lemon ?19:51
popeythat would be awesome19:51
popeythen people could make their own19:51
popeyor get a company to make them for them19:51
popeythose cardboard things last longer than the CDs they contain, so you wouldn't need to buy them as consumables19:51
bobweaverMy idea is to have a peice of cardboard that a person picks up and brings to the counter then they install on computer19:52
popeyyou'd need what, 2 per store, thats not many19:52
bobweaverone store gets over 500 people a day19:52
bobweaverI am going to have to train there staff19:52
bobweaverbut if there was like 3 things more that I need19:53
bobweaverone the piece of cardboard that I am talking about19:53
bobweavertwo ) where to get support via advantage and also community19:53
popeyyou can buy advantage from the online store19:54
bobweaver3) displays cardboard for the pre-installed computers19:54
bobweaveryup ^^19:54
popeybut we dont have the other stuff19:54
bobweaverbut the docs I have here that I print out http://ubuntustreetteam.tk/UA.pdf19:55
popeyBe good to put the call out to someone like Martin Owens and see if he could design something for you, he loves this stuff19:55
bobweaverhow to kick some one to say we need to make this19:55
bobweaverthanks for the name19:55
popeydoctormo on irc19:55
bobweaverthanks popey  you are awesome !19:57

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