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* Knightwise is back07:06
Knightwisehey Bollinger07:08
Knightwisehow are you today07:08
diploMorning all07:31
kvarleydiplo: Hi07:33
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kvarleyThis can't be right07:38
kvarleyCompressing 375mb of data into a zip file gives me an output size of 37.9 MB07:39
kvarleySeems to be, weird07:42
kirruskvarley: if the data is just text, yeah, you can see that07:42
kirrusI often see 98% compression on log files07:43
kvarleykirrus: It's an img file. But to be fair I think there is a considerable amount of space left on the partitions07:44
kvarleyAh yeah over 100mb of free space07:46
kvarleyI started out trying to make the image as small as possible but I ended up realising that if anybody installed 1 program it could fill their partitions up07:47
popeykvarley: the debian and fedora images on first boot will resize up the root filesystem and then reboot into it08:03
popeyboo indeed08:04
Knightwisehey popey08:04
Knightwisegreat podcast this week08:04
Knightwisegood item about uds and stuff08:04
daubersrule number 1 of anything: letting agencies should be shot08:09
Knightwisehey daubers how are you08:10
daubersKnightwise: On a murderous rampage08:11
daubersHow're you?08:11
kirrusdaubers: I'd agree with that sometimes08:11
kirrusdaubers: what've they done to you?08:11
dauberskirrus: We had no water last night at all, and still don't. They couldn't call out a plumber because the company they pay to do that hasn't been paid, so wouldn't08:11
matttdaubers: thought you bought a place?08:12
daubersall because the builders they've got working in the flat downstairs and are idiots08:12
daubersmattt: Move on saturday (thank god)08:12
Knightwisedaubers: i'll be wearing my bullet proof vest08:12
matttdaubers: ah damn, bad timing :(08:12
matttKnightwise: please tell me you don't drive a little green mini08:12
Knightwisemattt: me ? no ! :) I drive a black focus with a giant autobot logo on the rear window08:19
matttKnightwise: got thrown by your 'i'll be wearing a bullet proof vest' comment :D08:19
Knightwisei just said that cuz daubers is on the edge of turning into michael douglads in "falling down"08:20
daubersmemo to self: if not heard anything in next 50 minutes, ring them back _again_08:21
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JamesTaitMorning all! :)08:30
matttmorning JamesTait08:33
JamesTaitThere appears to be something wet falling from the sky. :-/08:34
Knightwisehmm.. installed PPC Lubuntu on my G4 imac08:34
Knightwiseits pretty ok , but I do think i might go and give PPC debian a try to08:35
Knightwiseits supposed to be lighter then ubuntu ?08:35
bigcalm_laptopTouring time! Toodles :)08:39
* daubers puts the coffee on08:39
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kvarleypopey: Really? Last time I used the debian image I had to manually resize them myself. The Fedora image did resize correctly though =]08:47
popeypretty sure it did, i used it recently08:47
* Knightwise gets TEA, earl grey , HOT from the replicator08:47
kvarleypopey: Hmm, will have to try it again.08:48
daubersDo people not understand that lying through their teeth just makes people more angry08:54
daubersAnd trying to blame other people who are obviously not at fault is just pathetic!08:54
daubersNEVER EVER RENT08:54
matttyes, never ever rent08:56
* mattt looks crazily at daubers08:57
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daubersAlso, Romans in Reading are an absolute bunch of idiots who couldn't be trusted to find their own hands08:57
popeys/Romans/estate agents/08:58
popeys/Reading/any town/08:58
matttyeah, they're dodgy :(08:58
matttrolfe east in ealing, put them on your list too08:58
daubers"Oh, you having no water is Thames Wateres problem" "Even though the rest of the building has water?" "Uh.... yes?"09:00
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:11
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Knightwisehey brobostigon09:14
Knightwisehey diplo09:14
brobostigonhey Knightwise09:14
diploMorning, issues with dns for me this morning :) Seems to have resolved itself though09:17
diploHow are we all this not so fine morning09:17
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matttdiplo: good, enjoying the cooler weather09:39
* mattt ducks09:39
* brobostigon agrees with mattt , but hopes for some sun.09:40
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diploI've been out cycling/walking, done about 70 miles in last 2 weeks09:42
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diploAnd from being a couch potato for the last 6 months that is quite an achievment, but if the rains start i don't think i've got oomph to get out there in it :D09:42
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matttdiplo: true, i've done a bit of walking myself these past few weeks09:46
matttyou can get a great view from walbury hill if it's a clear day09:48
diploAnd dragon is released, see if it burns up on re-entry now09:50
kirrusdiplo: oo.. gotta link?09:55
kirrushttp://uk.reuters.com/article/2012/05/31/us-usa-spaceship-idUKBRE84H0XM20120531 :)09:55
diploSorry was working :( - Unusual for me09:58
davmor2Morning all09:59
s-foxHello davmor210:00
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davmor2morning s-fox10:09
davmor2czajkowski: prod10:09
czajkowskidavmor2: god day to you10:14
czajkowskihas anyone gotten the eurostar to disneyland paris ?10:52
MartijnVdSczajkowski: I've done Eurostar to London from Brussels10:54
MartijnVdSczajkowski: and I know people who've don Thalys from Amsterdam to Disneyland10:54
MartijnVdSczajkowski: anything specific you want to know?10:54
czajkowskifound it eventually via google10:56
czajkowskihow far away from the hotel I'm going to to the train staion10:56
matttczajkowski: my wife has i believe, can ask her if you have questions10:56
matttshe stayed in some chalet type things just outside of disneyland (world?)10:57
czajkowskiwe're going to the new york disney hotel10:57
czajkowskishould be a bit of fun, for my sisters 30th10:57
matttczajkowski: just remember, whatever happens in disneyland stays in disneyland10:57
oimonKnightwise, i put debian ppc on my imac11:00
oimonworks nice11:00
oimondidn't realise there was a recent build of lubuntu ppc though11:00
MooDoos-fox: yay congrats11:37
s-foxThank you MooDoo  :)11:39
davmor2mattt: this is czajkowski we are on about she'll publish photographic evidence of everything that goes on at disney she can't help herself :D11:39
czajkowskidavmor2: roaming :)11:44
czajkowskiso you're safe11:44
davmor2czajkowski: doesn't mean there won't be photo's you'll auto publish when you get home instead :D11:45
czajkowskiwe'll see11:46
penguin42http://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/12368.html Matthew Garett's article on secure boot support for Fedora - an interesting problem11:52
AlanBellyeah, read that earlier11:53
AlanBellsuspect ubuntu will have to do the same11:53
penguin42I wonder what % of boards will actually have the option of disabling it11:54
AlanBell100% of intel boards, 0% of ARM boards11:54
penguin42AlanBell: Did it say 100% of intel boards had to have the option - or could have the option?11:55
AlanBellit is in the first paragraph of the article :)11:56
penguin42ah yes, it does say required - ok11:56
penguin42I mean after all, you have to be able to boot DOS11:56
daubersWonder how ARM and Intel feel about that11:59
dauberscould distort the marketplace somewhat11:59
matttanyone seen this?  http://datajournalismhandbook.org/12:00
matttpretty interesting read12:00
AlanBella galaxy tab is being unboxed13:07
czajkowskiAlanBell: dont drop it13:09
AlanBellI don't drop things, I forget where I put them13:09
* penguin42 wonders if Samsung have a cat called Orion13:09
* daubers wonders how well the Pi handles webgl13:14
* popey expects "badly"13:19
popeygot a url I can try on one?13:21
ali1234i do... hang on13:21
popeydunno if the debian I am using had hardware 3d enabled13:21
shaunofrom not much playing around with mine, it feels like the SD card is a huge bottleneck :/13:21
popeyyeah, people seem to be suggesting putting root on a usb drive13:22
popeyin fact, i doubt this web browser even supports webgl13:23
popeygoogle maps is taking an age to load13:24
popeyi dont think midori does webgl13:25
popeyI'd like to try a hard disk with the pi but i dont have a powered external enclosure13:29
AlanBellI do13:29
AlanBellI will give it a try later13:30
popeykinda defeats the point of the pi, adding loads of expensive bits to it13:30
AlanBellit does a bit13:30
AlanBellwell, more to the point, trying to squeeze performance out of it is a waste of effort13:31
AlanBellif you wanted performance, you have started in the wrong place13:31
AlanBellthere are perfectly valid use-cases that don't have a performance requirement13:32
* s-fox has one :)13:32
ali1234more web demos: http://www.pouet.net/prodlist.php?platform[]=JavaScript13:33
daubersIs there a chrome build for the pi?13:36
daubers(or firefox at least)13:36
ali1234there's iceweasel13:37
daubersdoes the latest iceweasel do webGL :)13:37
ali1234i dunno13:37
daubersapparently icecat does13:44
oimonhmm..adding printer in ubuntu: Network printer detection needs services mdns, ipp, ipp-client and samba-client enabled on firewall.13:48
ali1234outgoing, yes13:49
ali1234but, you don't need to add a printer with the automatic tool13:49
ali1234and those things are enabled by default13:49
oimonit looks like gnome classic gives you a non working print dialog13:49
ali1234it's exactly the same13:50
oimonwell it seems broken13:50
ali1234works for me...13:50
MartijnVdSoimon: that's because printing is bad for the environment13:51
ali1234the message is just a warning13:51
oimonthe modern printer settings is broken, the old school system-config-printer works14:02
arsenanyone do any work with real time kernels?14:14
davmor2arsen: you want the ubuntustudio guys for that14:36
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arsenok, just wondering if anyone has experience of it14:44
arsenthanks :)14:44
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ali1234this problem reporting tool is getting a bit silly14:52
ali1234every time i segfault any program it pops about 3 error reports and even if i click "no" on all of them it still seems to try to submit them14:52
ali1234i doubt the reports will be useful since i caused the crash by patching fopen()14:52
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ubuntuuk-planet[Laura Czajkowski] Review of FLOSSIE 2012 - http://www.lczajkowski.com/2012/05/31/review-of-flossie-2012/15:13
MooDoohello all15:21
cocoa117is there way to stop a service start up on system start up?15:26
dogmatic69remove it from startup15:26
cocoa117dogmatic69, where is the config file sitting?15:26
diplococoa117: Server or desktop15:58
diploAnd what release of ubuntu ?15:58
diploIf desktop can get to Startup applications from the Cog in the top right15:59
diploIf it's serverhttp://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man8/update-rc.d.8.html16:01
diploRight, gn all16:01
bigcalm_laptopEllo peeps :)16:12
dogmatic69sup bigcalm_laptop16:12
bigcalm_laptopWe visited the Titanic museum today. Gave me a terrible sinking feeling16:13
czajkowskifor all your mine craft fans http://thechive.com/2012/05/31/a-very-minecraft-wedding-34-photos/16:15
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penguin42the temperature swings in the UK are nuts - 2 or 3 days ago I was stupidly hot - today the heating is on17:12
OliProbably mentioned already but have you seen the latest Humble Bundle?!17:18
OliIncludes Amnesia, Psychonauts, Limbo, Bastion and Superbrothers. No idea about the last but for the love of god, if you've never played Psychonauts before I rate it as one of the best games I've ever, ever played.17:19
popeyalso integrates with ubuntu software centre17:19
gordhum, no limbo on 64 bit?17:20
gordthe humble bundles are a great idea, but i don't think i'll get this one, i already own the games and don't really want to pay money given the quality of the linux ports the last time round... which was not good =\17:20
OliThe last time it was a bunch of AIR/Flash games... I'm not sure you can really blame them for the quality of Adobe's runtimes.17:21
gordthe last bundle? i don't think it was17:22
gordlast one didn't have any air/flash games http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humble_Indie_Bundle#Humble_Indie_Bundle_417:22
gordcave story+ was completely broken, stuck in a debug mode where you couldn't get hurt...17:23
OliWell.. the last thing they released... It was the Botanicula bundle thingermery.17:23
OliTechnically worked but it was like pulling teeth.17:24
gordthey should work better now they are in software centre, right davmor2? ;)17:24
popeywhen you can install them17:24
popeyoh, its arrived now17:25
davmor2gord: the ones that I have tried have all worked17:45
dogmatic69can anyone recommend a nice easy image editing app, eg resize / crop etc. Something between ms paint and gimp17:49
dogmatic69Not fond of the hoops you have to go through to save a file in the new gimp, takes longer than it does to modify the file.17:49
davmor2popey, gord: I can recommend limbo (if your hw is up to it) and amnesia17:53
popeydogmatic69: hoops?17:53
gordyeah i have them both, amnesia is great, i can't beat it though because scary17:53
dogmatic69popey: you can not just open a file, edit, ctrl+s exit. it is now open, edit, export (cant save as .png etc), click ok, confirm overwrite, configure compression, save17:55
popeyyou cant "save as"?17:56
dogmatic69file -> export17:57
popeywhat version of gimp?17:57
dogmatic69the latest17:57
* popey has 2.6.1217:57
dogmatic69I complained about it, and was told 'your work flow is too simple'17:58
dogmatic69so basically gimp is no longer for average users17:58
popeythats all i ever do with it18:00
popeyopen image, edit a bit, save it18:01
AlanBellme too18:01
AlanBellwhat happens if you open an image, do something, hit ctrl+s?18:02
dogmatic69AlanBell: it pops up file.xcf save dialogue18:05
dogmatic69The argument is that 'a lot of people save .png by accident and cant later edit them'18:07
dogmatic69\o/ google cache18:09
dogmatic69trying fotoxx, will report back with findings18:10
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Humble Indie Bundle in Ubuntu - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/05/31/humble-indie-bundle-in-ubuntu/18:13
ali1234dogmatic69: the export feature works very well actually18:13
ali1234it does exactly what you are asking for18:14
ali1234whoever told you it doesn't is "too simple"18:14
dogmatic69ali1234: no it does not, if I open an existing file I do not want to be asked if I am sure about overwriting it every time, nor set the compression every time.18:14
dogmatic69this new export thing takes 2 or 3x longer to save than to modify the image, I have 100+ images to modify18:15
ali1234there is a menu option to directly save the image with the same settings18:15
ali1234in the file menu18:16
ali1234it does exactly what save used to do18:16
dogmatic69file -> 'overwrite xyz.png' ?18:17
dogmatic69still asks about compression18:17
dogmatic69also, no shortcut key18:17
ali1234the old way did too18:17
dogmatic69no it did not18:17
dogmatic69ctrl+s saved, end of.18:17
dogmatic69it only asked if you changed .ext18:18
* dogmatic69 is writing a imagemagic script to do it now18:19
popeyEvening all19:31
buzz_captain popey19:32
popeyMonsignor buzz_19:33
Azelphurhttp://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/05/30/powerful-flame-cyberweapon-tied-to-powerfully-angry-birds/ lmfao at fox19:41
Azelphur“But once you know the email address or computer IP address … they can introduce Flame remotely.” xD19:46
AlanBelloh wow19:49
AlanBellthat is quite some FUD in that writeup19:50
shaunoJust when you thought Faux couldn't possibly be as bad as their reputation19:51
AlanBelland the virus is 'tied' to angry birds because it might have been written in the same language!19:52
Azelphuryou've gotta wonder if the consultant they hired is an utter moron or if Fox just glamorised the crap outta it and put his name on it19:54
popeywhat what what19:57
AlanBell!info libquvi-scripts19:57
lubotu3libquvi-scripts (source: libquvi-scripts): library for parsing video download links (Lua scripts). In component main, is extra. Version 0.4.2-1 (precise), package size 30 kB, installed size 231 kB19:57
popeyoh, fox19:57
Azelphurindeed, fox xD19:58
AlanBellin libquvi there is a foxnews.lua19:58
Azelphuroh nose, fox is a virus19:58
Monotokohey guys... not sure if this is a Ubuntu issue or what, but my Ubuntu install doesn't appear to be able to connect a certain site any more even though I'm certain it's up20:44
Azelphurwhat site?20:44
MonotokoI'm just after some legal music, I bought the CD but it can't be read any more... but The Pirate Bay20:45
Azelphurthepiratebay got blocked by most ISPs in this country20:45
Monotokowhat? When? :S20:45
MonotokoI downloaded a Ubuntu ISO from it yesterday...20:46
Azelphura few weeks ago20:46
Azelphurbut smaller ISPs have been taking longer to adopt20:46
ali1234don't download ubuntu from pirate bay, jeez20:46
AzelphurMonotoko: http://tpb.pirateparty.org.uk/ protip.20:46
Monotokoali1234, it was 8.04.. I needed it for an anicent machine that isn't connected to the net20:47
Monotokoseems none of the official repos have it any more20:47
AzelphurUK Pirate party mirrored TPB when it got blocked XD20:47
Monotokowell.. that was easy, thank you Azelphur :p20:47
penguin42Monotoko: I'd do an md5sum and check that against a signed source to check you've not got something tampered with!20:47
ali1234Monotoko: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/8.04.4/release/20:48
Azelphurindeed, also welcome to censorship state20:48
Monotokopenguin42, already have... and I wasn't aware we were becoming China20:48
Monotokoali1234, thank you... I did look, but couldn't find it >..20:48
AzelphurMonotoko: they blocked newzbin too, btw20:48
popeybut not giganews :D20:49
Azelphurand yea, pretty much welcome to China xD20:49
Azelphurthey are going after porn now fyi20:49
ali1234actually that only has the dvd image. i wonder why.20:49
penguin42Monotoko: I believe someone said something like if you want to copy stuff freely go to china, if you want to discuss politics get out of china; but it's exactly the same principal20:49
Monotokowhy do private parties get to decide what we can access? :S20:50
Monotokothat's whats confusing me...20:50
popeythey didnt decide20:50
popeythey're complying with the law20:50
penguin42Monotoko: To be fare they didn't - the courts did20:50
AzelphurMonotoko: it was all done behind the scenes in court, so basically one day everybody woke up and it was blocked.20:51
Monotokohmmm... ahhh well, it's been kept under the radar from me! Now.. I've always thought this was legal, but downloading something that you have already bought and lost is legal, right?20:51
popeyand especially not torrenting20:52
popeybecause not only are you downloading, you're sharing20:52
popeywhich is actually the law they get you on20:52
ali1234it doesn't matter how much illegal it is20:52
Monotoko>.> it should be really... or at least give me somewhere to digitally download a CD I buy20:52
AzelphurIf you don't seed it's still legally grey, RIAA are very anti backup, basically anything that doesn't force you to spend money with them is illegal in their eyes20:52
popeyits not legally grey at all.20:53
popeythats what people say when they try to justify it20:53
AzelphurAt the end of the day it doesn't matter what you do, illegal or not, if the RIAA comes after you they have bribes all over the place and they will win regardless of the law :p20:53
popeysame thing people used to say about MAME ROMS and "Abandonware"20:53
ali1234if it was legal there would be no need to justify it20:53
ali1234you can't agree with me it isn't allowed20:54
popeyI didn't agree.20:54
* Monotoko may have downloaded a few abondonware products over the years... but only because he can't find it through other means20:54
ali1234that's ok then20:54
AzelphurMonotoko: everybody in here knows I'm a self admitted pirate :p20:54
popey(hate that phrase)20:54
Azelphuryarr indeed20:54
MartijnVdSAzelphur: yeah you have the hook hand and an eyepatch right?20:54
* penguin42 has more sympathy with the abandonware stuff - it's technically illegal but it's not benefiting anyone from it being20:54
popeywell, it does20:55
AzelphurMartijnVdS: I should buy them, take a photo, and link it every time people talk about piracy20:55
popeyyears later when the companies re-release it on new platforms20:55
MartijnVdSpenguin42: if only they offered it in the Software Centre (wrapped in dosbox)20:55
popeythey relicense it to companies that make emulators for ipad/iphone/android20:55
Monotokopenguin42, surely it's the same for dead artists? The only people it's really benefiting is the already rich companies >.>20:55
popeyand they'll keep doing it, it keeps making money long after the original cassette was made20:55
penguin42popey: Well I meant really abandoned ware - stuff which came from dead companies etc20:55
MartijnVdSpopey: or they GPL it and port it to SDL20:55
MartijnVdSpopey: sopwith - port of the 1980's side-scrolling WWI dogfighting game20:55
popeypenguin42: sure, but it often still gets picked up20:56
popeyI know what you're saying, not trying to be argumentative :D20:56
popeythats ali1234's job20:56
Monotokosorry... didn't mean to start an argument :P20:56
MartijnVdSSometimes it's easier to download an "Abandonware" game than to install a floppy drive in a modern PC and play it that way ;)20:57
penguin42popey: It's like some of the ROMS for 8 bit machines, no one really knows who owns them anymore, and none of the companies can be arsed releasing them etc20:57
Monotokojust wondering how the hell they got such a huge site blocked with virtuually no news20:57
AzelphurMartijnVdS: heck, I've had that problems with DVD's because of the DRM20:57
popeyyeah, its a shame20:57
popeyMonotoko: it was all over the news ☺20:57
AzelphurMartijnVdS: I was at a friends house the other day, I had the legit shop bought DVD in my drive, so I fired off TPB and started downloading it, download finished before I could make the legit DVD play -.-20:57
Monotokodont even get me started on DRm20:57
Monotokoit makes it easier to pirate than to buy to get rid of the bloody stuff20:58
ali1234yes, yes, we know20:58
popeyhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17922214 eheh good old bbc, telling people how to get around it20:58
Monotokopopey, well il be damned :P20:58
Azelphurpopey: did you hear that the block resulted in TPB hitting all time record traffic?20:58
popeymostly from people checking "am I blocked?"20:58
popeyI would imagine20:59
popeyor discovering tpb for the first ime20:59
popey"thanks bbc"20:59
Azelphur"the site has claimed 12 million more visitors than it has ever had." XD20:59
Monotoko........ -facepalm-20:59
Azelphurstreisand effect strikes again20:59
MartijnVdS"So that's where the neighbor's kid gets it"20:59
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Help Needed! Ask Ubuntu Accomplishment Documentation - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/05/31/help-needed-ask-ubuntu-accomplishment-documentation/21:13
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* dogmatic69 is so excited about the Olympics™ 21:35
mattt"... alongside traditional British favourites such as toasted teacakes and porridge."21:36
* AlanBell will get free food21:36
matttAlanBell: howz?21:37
gordy'know the hamburgler? similar deal21:42
ali1234popey: http://imagebin.org/21466221:46
ali1234oh, it loaded21:47
ali1234that could be made less confusing21:47
ali1234now it's telling me to buy it?21:48
popeyyeah, bit messy that21:48
ali1234oh hang on a minute, it explains *all* this on the page21:48
popeyit says in your screenshot ...21:48
popeyi expect this was done in a bit of a hurry ☺21:48
popeyand we had to very quickly develop the bits to make this work21:49
ali1234psychonauts still uploading to the mirrors?21:49
ali1234it is 4GB...21:49
C-S-BI have added a new disk, degraded my raid1 and created a raid5 with half the degraded raid1 and the new disk.  I have LVM on the raid and want to use pvmove but getting Found duplicate PV21:49
* popey pokes about on launchpad21:49
popeyright, looks like lp is getting a kicking21:50
popeyyeah, I'm getting timeouts on the pages which deal with this stuff21:51
ali1234at least it didn't try to bill me $0.00 or something silly like that21:51
popeyso I would expect we're getting a lot of people trying to subscribe and download21:51
ali1234they've nearly hit $1M already21:52
ali1234they got some good games this time!21:52
ali1234this is the first one i bought21:52
directhexit's a good bundle21:53
directhexalready owned 4/5, but linux ports...21:53
ali1234which 4?21:55
directhexthe ones that don't involve swords or sworcery21:57
ali1234ok i can understand that software centre needs to update repos the first time i try to install one of the games22:25
ali1234but surely it should have all of them once it's done that?22:25
directhexali1234, it never offered for me. just "not in repo!" errors.22:26
ali1234yes it did that when i clicked amnesia but there was a spinner and after a while (presumably after updating repos) it showed it22:26
ali1234but the other two games seems to be missing for real22:26
ali1234just to rub it in i've got emails thanking me for downloading something that i can't download22:32
penguin42good, judge has said that APIs aren't copyrightable22:39
AzelphurI bought a hdd off ebay (refurbished 1 year warranty) and day 1 it has 17 bad sectors, by the end of the day it has 47, should I send it back?22:41
Azelphurand the other question, can other issues in the laptop besides the hdd cause bad sectors to show up?22:42
Azelphurbecause the last hdd died, bought a new one, and the new one is dieing in a similar fashion22:43
Azelphurfair enough, I'm just extremely unlucky I guess XD22:43
ali1234not unless your laptop is filled with magnets and iron filings22:43
popeyali1234: each game is a separate ppa22:43
Azelphurwould magnets even cause the sectors to be reallocated?22:43
Azelphurrather than just corrupting the data22:44
ali1234popey: well sword and sorcery still hasn't shown up. i see limbo is 32 bit only (though there's a 64 bit deb on the download page)22:44
ali1234Azelphur: yes, the HD has a low level format that marks out the sectors and magents would erase that22:44
AzelphurI see22:45
ali1234but in practice the sectors are tiny and strong enough magnetic field to wipe one would wipe most of a platter22:45
AzelphurI suppose I'll have a nose around and make sure no magnets are about :)22:45
Monotokouhm... the motherboard could actually cause HDD failure22:47
ali1234not bad sectors22:47
Monotokoevery single HDD I plug into that motherboard dies within a week... with bad sectors22:47
directhexpenguin42, hooray! so mono is safe now, right?22:48
MonotokoI got a new motherboard22:48
penguin42directhex: Oh I don't know about that22:48
dogmatic69is there an easy way to get the size of an svg file with imagemagic?23:15
dogmatic69looking at convert does not seem to have that sort of thing23:15
ali1234imagemagick is't good for svg23:15
ali1234i have a script that will tell you the size of an svg23:15
dogmatic69I am using it at for `convert from.svg to.png`23:16
ali1234yeah, use cairo for that23:16
dogmatic69works ok, just want to know if the svg is wide or high23:16
dogmatic69well, I want to make the max width|height 800px23:17
dogmatic69php / bash23:17
ali1234svg doesn't have a pixel size23:17
dogmatic69ye, its xml.23:18
dogmatic69I can open it with simpleXml and read the attributes. just thought there may be something that does it already23:18
directhexdogmatic69, ehm... the size of an svg is whatever size you render it as23:26
dogmatic69directhex: sure, but it has a size23:27
dogmatic69directhex: http://i.imgur.com/2fDQV.jpg23:30
DaraelAnybody happen to know where keyboard-layout settings are kept in Precise?  It seems to have changed from Oneiric; while the panel shows my own settings, they're ignored in actual use.23:44

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