MarkDudeNothing like waking up to see your name in ITworld article16:18
pleia2MarkDude: good news, I hope :)16:20
MarkDudeWow Zonker retweeted the message about my account16:20
MarkDudeUbuntu may not mind, I just got an email from Fedora leadership16:21
MarkDudeAsking me to clarify that I was not represneting them16:21
MarkDudeBrian Proffitt ‏@TheTechScribe16:22
MarkDudeOSCON Nonprofit Pavilion deals with limited space http://ow.ly/bgYHw <- Fedora, Ubuntu on waiting list16:22
MarkDudewoke up to that16:22
pleia2admittedly, OSCON is quite the preaching-to-choir event anyway :) in the coming months I'm going to keep an eye out for other events I should be aiming at16:28
pleia2space in the non-profit section could be better used to promote projects and non-profit orgs that people haven't heard about and wish to learn about16:28
MarkDudeSure maybe16:29
MarkDudeWell 1st- Fedora is not a non-profit16:29
MarkDudeBut Fedora writes much of Linux16:29
MarkDudeUbuntu promotes Linux like no other16:30
scientesMarkDude, ooo link to article?16:35
scientesoh i see it16:35
scientesI don't like how ubuntu and fedora are differing so much in core packages now16:38
MarkDudeI understand16:40
MarkDudeI was thinking I personally would not mind if the 2 Distros shared a community Linux table16:40
scienteswell the reasons for their departing are very real and serious ones16:41
scientesboth made sound technical choices for their actions16:42
MarkDudeBut focusing on the differences, can be distracting16:42
MarkDudeAs opposed to the common issies16:42
scienteslike: will ubuntu also use fedora's UEFI shim? and sign their kernel's and turn off all the functionality that RH is going to be turning off in signed kernels?16:43
scientesbtw: signed kernels will NOT run virtualbox, with NOT run nvida drivers or other 3rd-party crap drivers, and more16:44
scientesand ubuntu has been putting reliance on nvidia + catalyst proprietary, unlike RH/fedora16:45
philipballew_this sounds disappointing...16:52
MarkDudeWell much of it is sad16:56
MarkDudePart of the reason I used UDS to look for issues in common16:56
MarkDudeAnd am trying to get Juju - in Fedora repos16:57
MarkDudeAnd would like ideas for the other way around16:57
MarkDudeDont forget tho- RH is NOT Fedora16:57
MarkDudeJust as Canonical is NOT the Ubuntu Community16:57
MarkDudeMinus a few legal issues, Fedora is in charge of its own destiny16:58
scientesMarkDude, ok sorry17:05
MarkDudeNo problem17:05
scientesphilipballew, yes, the UFI stuff is quite disappointing17:06
scientesits a giant mess17:06
* MarkDude was just told to clarify a few details- and that my opinions are not that of Fedora :)17:06
scientesits non-driver parts has more code than the non-driver part of the linux kernl17:06
MarkDudeOr any other FOSS projects I am associated with17:06
MarkDudeWell the driver thing17:06
MarkDudeIt comes down to fundamental differences between the two17:06
scienteswell UEFI is a mess for everyone17:07
MarkDudeUbuntu is more functional17:07
MarkDudeeasier to use- due in great part to drivers17:07
MarkDudeFedora takes a stance like RMS - to keep its focus on FREE things17:07
scientesthat is certainly your own opinion, and one that fedora doesn't share AFAIK17:07
scientesits even in their tagline: FREEDOM17:08
MarkDudeActually most - in Fedora know Ubuntu is easier to use17:08
scientesand i have to agree with them there, and even Linus Torvalds, who RMS isn't that big of a fan of, is on the same grounds here17:08
MarkDudeThats actually parrt of the core- the Foundations17:08
scienteseven if his reasons against propritary drivers are largely on practical grounds, rather than philosophical17:08
MarkDudeFriends , Features, Freedoms, First17:08
MarkDudeWell, would you tell a vegetarian to eat meet?17:09
scientesand red-hat has been doing the big funding of nouveau and radeon17:09
scientesand i give them alot of credit there17:09
MarkDudenouveau used to suck :D17:09
scientesnow we just need VA-API support17:09
scienteswell nouveau still sucks on my card17:10
scientesit was just rewritten17:10
scientesso I have my hopes up :D17:10
MarkDudeI think much of this can be compared to dietary restrictions17:21
MarkDudeFedora is like a vegan17:21
MarkDudeUbuntu is an omnivore17:21
MarkDudeOne that puts weight on being green17:22
MarkDudeIts not like Ubuntu does not have a value system, they certainly have a valid one17:22
MarkDudeThey stay true to what they believe17:22
MarkDudeIf you sorta keep this in mind, it keeps the *trying to convert thing* to a minimum17:23
MarkDudeFedora need not eat meat, and Ubuntu is not evil for doing so :D17:23
scientesI don't neccicarily want to impose my beliefs on others17:46
scientesgenerally not a wise course of action ;)17:46
MarkDudeAgreed :D17:46
MarkDudeThe common area to follow my comparison, is that both dont want un-needed suffering17:47
MarkDudeEven tho Ubuntu eats meat, there is a caring there17:47
MarkDudeThis area has a fair amount to agree on.17:48
scientesand happily broadcom came around to the world of the free17:48
MarkDudeAnd others may warm to this idea17:48
MarkDudeBy Ubuntu pushing the limits of drivers, and Fedora staying clear, its a carrot and stick17:49
MarkDudeBoth are valid17:49
MarkDudeand awesome I might add :D17:49
MarkDudeNothing like working on a draft of my response to an article in which I am mentioned.17:56
* MarkDude never had goal of being known as *the dude in the Penguin Suit*, an agitator, or a supporter of a cartoon hotodg. Sometimes destiny picks us tho, we do not pick it :D17:58
* MarkDude is an asshat, just to clarify17:58
scientes"the meatiest release ever"18:08
MarkDudeDamn, I need to respond to this, and also go back to the Fedora naming issues- STILL being talked about.18:11
philipballewNow I wonder if I should still go to oscon18:12
philipballewgood luck responding MarkDude18:16
MarkDudego there18:17
* MarkDude has never planned on not going18:17
MarkDudeEven the account I created said - I will be there18:18
philipballew_If there is not a Ubuntu booth, then its a lot of money to get in iirc18:18
MarkDudeGo to CLS the weekend before18:18
MarkDudethere are free expo passes18:18
philipballew_hum,  there is still a chance a Ubuntu booth will pop up18:19
philipballew_odd that Mark Shuttleworth is keynoting yet no Ubuntu booth18:19
MarkDudeThey will get a booth18:20
* MarkDude will bet money on it18:20
MarkDudeThey know I will grandstand18:20
philipballew_well If they do, I will be there.18:21
bkerensaphilipballew: even if we get a booth they are only giving out two passes for booth holders this year18:21
bkerensaalthough their is a free expo pass for all dot orgs... just use "FREEORG"18:21
philipballew_Yeah, I stll have other ways to ger in18:21
philipballew_bkerensa, no worries.18:22
MarkDudeWell - there has been extra RH budget money set aside to pay for Fedora there. Since they are NOT a non-profit. I dont think I could use the free pass option18:23
MarkDudeThat I understand and take no issue with. Fedora is willing to pay18:24
MarkDudeUbuntu should not- due to it being a charity18:24
bkerensaphilipballew: I am almost certain that they will not give out anything except a free expo pass18:30
bkerensaunless your a speaker, have a booth or know someone at O'Reilly18:30
scientesubuntu is a charity?18:31
scienteseven though ubuntu != canonical i didn't think it was non-profit18:31
bkerensascientes: Canonical is a corporation18:31
bkerensascientes: Ubuntu is a Community18:31
scientesor at least 501(c)3 non-profit18:31
scienteswhich is usually what ppl mean when they say non-profit in the US18:31
bkerensascientes: You dont have to be a 501(c)3 non profit to get a dot org booth18:32
* MarkDude is paid for already18:38
scientesAverage Windows: $6.5018:45
scientesAverage Mac: $8.5318:45
scientesAverage Linux: ....18:45
bkerensaphilipballew: u around?21:34
=== izdubar is now known as MarkDude
philipballew_bkerensa, yeah21:47
bkerensaphilipballew: I got the answer I needed :D21:47
philipballew_ nice! what exactly did they say?21:48
bkerensaphilipballew: yeah?21:54
philipballew_what exactly did they say?21:55
MarkDudebkerensa, wow22:09
* MarkDude did not know you were older than me22:10
MarkDudeWoulda bet some money you were younger22:10
bkerensaMarkDude: what? How am I older than you22:11
* bkerensa is not old22:11
MarkDudeYour page says you were born in 196322:11
* MarkDude would guess you maybe meant 1973?22:11
MarkDudeIts ok Grandpa, let's tell these damn kids to get off of our lawn22:12
bkerensawow fixed22:12
MarkDudeMake sure you are wearign bathrobe while saying so22:12
MarkDudeFigured that mighta slipped by22:12
MarkDudeNo more Grandpa Ben, I will have to stick with calling you Uncle Ben22:13
MarkDudeWow, so you had to put 4 digits for your Bday, and you blew it on TWO of them? :P22:14
philipballew_bkerensa, I bet your an AARP member as well?22:15
* MarkDude heard he not only dyes the hair on his head, he also does his eyebrows22:17
MarkDudeThey are TOO uniform22:17
philipballew_MarkDude, sooner or later he might have to consider an elderly care living facility.22:18
MarkDudeTrue. But it wont be too bad22:18
MarkDudeHe is able to get free stuff rather easily. He will get some free depends, and maybe viagra22:19
philipballew_he can review them like he does regularly :)22:20
=== steve__ is now known as steevB

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