thafreakdzho: so full disk aes 256 crypto is susceptible to plain text attacks?13:49
dzhothafreak: I don't know that it is.14:02
dzhobut saying "I know of no such attack" != "there are no such attacks"14:03
dzhothe general idea here being that one might easily infer the OS a system is running, and so have access to quite a load of known-plaintext.14:04
thafreak"Modern ciphers such as Advanced Encryption Standard are not currently susceptible to known-plaintext attacks."14:28
thafreakfrom wikipedia14:29
thafreakplus i always use cbc14:29
paultagwell, a kpta isn't really great against most implementations14:29
thafreakso stop worrying me dzho with terms i'm not familiar with :)14:30
paultagif you take pure rsa, it will work, because an "n" will always resolve to the same thing (with "n"^m % pq)14:30
paultagsee http://blog.pault.ag/post/2175430707/the-rsa-algorithm-humanized-sorta14:30
paultagbut most algorithms also shift the text with some sort of passphrase on top or so14:31
paultagand because it won't come out to the plain text it's self, you can't tell when you've "cracked" it14:31
paultagin fact, some algorithms even let you "sign" the plaintext14:32
paultagback to work14:33
MaskedDriverHello all. Long time no see14:52
thafreakoh hey, it's the masked one14:56
MaskedDriverhow you guys been doing?15:04
paultagMaskedDriver: livin' the dream, how are you?15:04
paultagcanthus13: the game15:04
MaskedDriverpaultag: about the same. Living in MI now15:04
paultagnice :)15:05
MaskedDrivertook a few months after I stepped down a ReLoCo lead in C-bus before I finally made the move, but it gave me extra time to really look for a position up here15:05
paultagnice :)15:06
MaskedDriverhow are things going in the OH LoCo?15:07
paultagwell :)15:20
paultaghow's MI, MaskedDriver?15:21
MaskedDriverMI is aight I guess... Missing the roads in OH that's for sure lol15:21
MaskedDriveryou been back home any time recently paultag?16:05
paultagMaskedDriver: where home == cleveland?16:06
MaskedDriverno where home == out east16:06
paultagMaskedDriver: I live out east now16:06
paultagmoved back about a year ago16:06
MaskedDriverpaultag: ahhh16:06
MaskedDriverlol wow... it's been awhile hasn't it?16:07
paultag617 4 lyfe16:07
paultagMaskedDriver: a bit :)16:07
paultagI should plan for attending OLF this year16:07
MaskedDriverit always falls the weekend my girlfriend go to Mackinac Island16:07
canthus13paultag: bah. you got me with The Game. :P16:08
paultagagain, when will this senseless aggression end?!?16:08
jrgiffordpaultag: no AC?18:04
paultagjrgifford: I'm working from home right now18:04
jrgiffordi'm just in a place with very intermittent internet18:04
paultagbut the AC broke @ where we woork18:04
jrgiffordi'd rather be without AC. :P18:04
paultagI'm at work, kampfy18:05
Cheri703I had like a month with pretty much nothing to do with my work from home thing, and today had a call with the owner saying "um, the folks who were supposed to be getting you up to speed totally dropped the ball, we have SO MUCH you could be doing, and in about 2 weeks we can discuss the idea of you being full/mostly full time for us"18:06
Cheri703:D :D which would be amazing because even 30 hours per week for them as a contractor would net more than my current gross pay (which is pathetic, but still :D )18:06
Cheri703I am excited :)18:07
Cheri703I have been sort of dead to the world on a lot of stuff due to current job sucking my will to live. so...apologies to everyone on that -_-18:12
thafreakNot really sure what the hell is going on, but it seems ubuntu-precise's libvirt/kvm stuff is a pile of WTF19:56
dzhoCheri703: good to see you back in the channel22:16
dzhothafreak: I don't know, I never had much use for all the whizbang stuff for virtualization22:16
dzhoI cargo-cult copy some xen .cfg files and go from there22:17
dzhohaven't dug so far into kvm22:17
dzhopaultag: you and your "kampfy" :P22:18
Unit193Cheri703: Yep, as he said, nice to "see" you around.22:19

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