SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!02:06
JonathanDhey SamuraiAlba02:06
SamuraiAlbaHeya, JonathanD02:07
SamuraiAlbaHow is it going?02:07
JonathanDWhats up?02:07
JonathanDGoing well02:07
SamuraiAlbaAnd I had sausage :)02:07
JonathanDwhy not bacon?02:07
SamuraiAlbaWith cumin, paprika, cayenne, mandarin orange juice glaze, and fresh black pepper :)02:08
SamuraiAlbasee y no baconz?02:08
JonathanDbut you could have added bacon.02:08
SamuraiAlbatrue :(02:09
SamuraiAlbaWhat u up to?02:09
JonathanDplaying total war02:09
SamuraiAlbaServer is ready to go for ya :)02:10
SamuraiAlbaEven threw in a VGA cable :)02:10
JonathanDnow we just need to figure out how to get from A to B ;)02:11
SamuraiAlbacar I was thinking02:11
SamuraiAlbaor BAD ASS trebuchet02:11
JonathanDOption 2, I think.02:12
JonathanDI'll build a giant pillow.02:12
JonathanDYou build a giant treb.02:12
JonathanDand please don't miss.02:12
SamuraiAlbaready my post02:12
SamuraiAlbaanyway.  I hate to say this, but I need to get to bed.  Feel free to message me here in the public room, or in PM.  We'll try to arrange a "U pick up server and rack gear NAOW" thing02:14
SamuraiAlbahah what?02:14
JonathanDthe post :)02:14
SamuraiAlbaOver 1k comment karma :)02:15
JonathanDyou are teh door pounder?02:15
SamuraiAlbacuriousgf is02:15
JonathanDor the blind puncher02:15
SamuraiAlbaI made the "whosoever" post02:15
SamuraiAlbaas Samuraialba02:15
* JonathanD searches02:15
SamuraiAlba"Whosoever pounds on this bathroom stall, if he be worthy, shall wield the power of THOR"02:15
JonathanDhave an upvote.02:15
JonathanDand go vote up my fosscon post.02:15
JonathanDso people come to it.02:16
JonathanDmight be too old to be worth it by now02:16
JonathanDI'll post it again before the event.02:17
SamuraiAlbaPS  Metformin tastes funk nasty02:17
SamuraiAlbanight :)02:17
JonathanDThank you come again.02:18
InHisNamemorning folks11:43
JonathanDHi n2diy11:43
JonathanDhey waltman14:32
JonathanDHows your place?14:32
waltmanI don't know. I haven't heard anything from the plumber.14:37
waltmanThe job involves removing a bunch of wall tiles, breaking open the wall, replacing a 40 year old broken diverter and pipes, installing a new faucet for the tub, and patching everything up again. It's going to take him all day. I'm not expecting to hear from him until late in the day.14:39
waltmanI'm figuring no news is good news.14:39
n2diyGood morning.14:41
JonathanDhey n2diy14:42
waltmanThis is why I never got the drippy faucet replaced. I talked to the maintenance guy and he said it was going to cost $800. They're doing a massive replacement of all the plumbing this year, so I figured it would get replaced as part of that. I just needed it to last a few more months.14:43
waltmanBut apparently it's been a problem for a while. The unit below me is vacant, so it needed to drip down into the unit 2 floors down before anyone noticed.14:44
waltmanIt's a mess.14:44
JonathanDoh dear...14:44
waltmanI need to have a chat with my homeowner's insurance folks.14:44
JonathanDyes, you do...14:45
waltmanIf it stayed in the bathrooms, the damage is probably fairly minimal.14:45
waltman(I hope...)14:45
JonathanDWater is too dangerous. It should be banned.14:49
waltmanI've had water drip down from the unit above mine. The main damage has been to the ceiling tiles and bath mats.14:50
waltmanceiling tiles can absorb a surprising amount of water.14:51
JonathanDthat they can.14:51
JonathanDI'm not sure if thats intentional..14:51
JonathanDwet ceiling tiles are nasty, too :P14:51
JonathanDwoot still has not shipped :/15:02
n2diyPlaying around, I set up a LAMP server here, and I have Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress installed also. Can they share the same Mysql DB, or do I need a seperate DB for each of them?15:06
JonathanDThey should probably have seperate DBs on a single mysql instance.15:12
MutantTurkeydon't want to pat myself on the back or anything, but yet again i've seriously boosted the performance of this project I am working on - yet again using FOSS tools17:56
SamuraiAlbagood bacon to all!20:26
MutantTurkeyquick question20:42
MutantTurkeyhow can I reference the folder my script is in?20:42
MutantTurkeysay i went ~/lol.sh arg arg arg20:42
MutantTurkeycould I find where that lol.sh is?20:42
jedijfMutantTurkey: sh ~/lol.sh20:59
jedijfjimf@lobby:~$ cd /21:01
jedijfjimf@lobby:/$ pwd21:01
jedijfjimf@lobby:/$ sh ~/test.sh test21:01
jedijfbash script test21:01
jedijf ~/./test.sh21:02
jedijfall kinds of ways21:02
waltmanSo I come home and the works all done, but there's 2 inches of standing water in my tub.22:24
waltmanThe plumber's trying to blame this on me. Granted by tub drain was slow, but it wasn't completely clogged.22:24
waltmanIt seems like they finally got it back to its normal slowness by using some sort of foul-smelling acid.22:25
waltmanI figured he was going to bill me for the work, but he wanted payment before he left. I told him fine, but you're not getting paid until my tub drains.22:25
JonathanDwaltman: I cleared my clogged drain by filling it and clearing it with the shop vac like 30 times.22:26
JonathanDit was... fun...22:27
waltmanI was like, "You've been in here all day tearing apart my wall, and you're telling me nothing fell down the train?"22:27
JonathanDthe wall is in the drain.22:27
waltmanit doesn't take much to clog it up.22:27
JonathanDwaltman: in our case, it was a water bottle cap22:27
waltmanit needs replacing too, but that's a job for another day22:27
JonathanDthe little teeth on it liked to collect hair22:28
JonathanDshop vac got it.22:28
waltmanI'm exhausted.22:28
JonathanDYou're home though right?22:28
waltmanwith a mostly working bathroom22:28
JonathanDand a $17,000 bill22:29
waltmanI want to wait for the acid to clear out before I inspect further.22:29
JonathanDnew humble bundle22:32
JonathanDwaltman: could be worse.22:32
waltmanTrue. Having this happen on June 4 would have been worse, for instance.22:34
JonathanDJune 4?22:35
waltmani.e. the day before my defense22:35
JonathanDwaltman: now relax a bit.22:35
JonathanDGet up early tomorrow, I'll even treat you to andys.22:35
waltmanI still need dinner.22:35
waltmanI woke up around 3:15 this morning and never really totally fell back asleep.22:35
waltmanAnd then I got to do a run-through my my defense talk for my advisors.22:36
JonathanDwhen you are less busy I shall buy you andys :P22:36
waltmanWhich I would have been working on last night, but instead I was catching the 8:22 back into the city.22:36
JonathanDmy / is sticking.22:37
waltmanthat's a lot of channels22:38
JonathanDI tend to not close things very often.22:38
jedijfbath time?22:39

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