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charlvnmorning all06:59
Kiloslo superfly inetpro and other geeky types11:40
Kiloshi Kerbero 11:41
superflysup Kilos11:42
Kerberoit feels good to be called a geeky type11:42
Kiloshehe did a pc cleanup with the compressed air. amazing how much dust etc gets into the power supply and on the cpu heatsink and fan11:43
Kiloseven did my P3 as well11:43
* Kerbero was searching for the "like" button in irc just now11:44
Kiloshahaha is there such a thing11:45
Kerberowell, no idea, but +1 is easy. one just type "+1"11:46
Kiloshi psydroid 11:47
psydroidhi Kilos11:47
psydroidhoi Kerbero11:47
psydroidit's a good thing that you cleaned it, I do so once a year or so and it helps keeping the machine alive11:48
Kerberoa compressor or leaf blower works great too11:48
Kerberobut i don't have one so then i just vacuum clean it11:49
Kerberowith the "dust sucker"11:49
superflyKerbero: yeah, I do that too11:50
inetprohi Kilos12:07
inetprojou charger werk mooi, maar...12:08
inetprodaai battery is totaal oppiekoffie12:08
KilosKerbero, the saying goes that vacuum cleaners cause static in pc's12:08
Kiloseish inetpro dis nie lekker nie12:09
Kiloswat kos n nuwe ene12:09
inetprovanoggend ingebou nadat die multimeter sê daars 13.12V beskikbaar, maar toe ek probeer start toe's daar net mooi niks12:09
inetpromoes eers die fiets behoorlik warm skop voor hy gestart het vanoggend12:09
inetpronuwe ene gekry vir R32512:10
Kiloseks nie seker wat ek als in daai charger het nie maar as jy n kapasotor oor die kables sit en daars nie genoeg ingebou nie dan sal die "voltage" opgaan12:11
Kilosso baie geld vir so klein battery?12:11
Kilosdaai donnerse ding12:12
inetproek sal maar nou moet rond soek vir goedkoper volgende keer12:12
inetproek sê jou een ding, dis nou weer 'n plesier om die knoppie te druk en te start12:12
Kilosha ha ha12:18
Kilosmaar dis nogal oud ne. hulle maak baterrye om net n jaar te hou die vente12:19
charlvnja maar alle batterye gaan kapot na 'n tyd se gebruik12:27
charlvndit het te doen met erosie op die electrodes12:28
Kilosja maar as jy n nuwe kar of bike koop hou daai eerste battery van 3 tot 5 jaar maar daarna elke jaar of twee moet jy n nuwe ene koop12:53
Kilosselle met shocks in n kar. die oorspronklikes hou jare maar nuwes net n jaar of so12:54
not_founduncle Kilos !!! Hi, long time no see12:57
Kilosyo not_found . yeah data is in short supply 12:59
Kilosare you well?12:59
not_foundAlways uncle Kilos , and you?12:59
Kiloswell i be alive but getting older by the day13:00
Kilosin age not abilities luckily13:00
Kilosand its winter once again so spend mosta the time shivering13:01
not_foundpity... more than enough heat over here for everyone :(13:02
charlvnKilos: it all depends on which replacement parts you use13:03
Kiloslol yeah im still waiting for that you posted13:03
charlvnKilos: often people tend to go for the cheaper replacement parts when the choice is up to them13:03
charlvnKilos: while the original equipment manufacturer is more careful to put quality parts in13:03
charlvnbecause if they break then the whole product is still under warrantee13:04
charlvnand the manufacturer gets a bad name13:04
charlvnbut the same does not count for replacement parts13:04
Kiloscharlvn, if you look at the front original shocks there are just replaceable O rings inside where replacement shocks are throw aways13:04
charlvni was thinking more in terms of batteries, not really an expert on shocks13:04
Kilosnow the originals are sealed units so one cant do your own O ring replacements13:05
charlvnthat sucks13:05
Kilosi always used sabat batteries. found them to last a bit longer than all the others13:05
Kilosnow the only batteries i use are these in my pc and cell phones13:06
charlvnthis is one thing i hate about the macbooks13:15
charlvnyou can't "click" the battery out like with normal laptops13:16
charlvnso how the heck are you supposed to safely dispose of the lithium ion battery in this darn thing13:16
charlvnthe engineers that built macbooks were not thinking about that apparently13:16
Kiloscharlvn, is there no way to replace it?14:33
Kilosor must it go to agents14:33
charlvnif you can get the screws loose14:34
charlvnthey are tiny14:34
Kilosjewelers screwdrivers14:36
Kilosthey are quite cheap and you might even get them from checkers14:36
charlvnhmmm that is an interesting idea14:38
charlvnhave not thought of that, good thinking14:39
Kilossometimes you havent the strength to turn them by hand then you hold the screwdiver down with one hand and use a pliers to turn it14:49
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not_found:( leon schuster had an album called leon schuster many moons ago... I would love to get my hands on it again... anybody know where I might be able to do so online?!!!16:08
superflynot_found: I remember he had that rugby album, didn't know of any others16:19
not_foundjust found a CD at takealot for R30 :D16:29
not_foundbut they don't ship here :(16:29
Kilosthat sucks16:42
Kiloshe is quite funny16:43
superflynot_found: where is "here"?17:10
Kilosin arab land17:19
superflyah, yes, takealot doesn't serve outside ZA unfortunately17:33
Kiloshe should get it sent to his family and they can send it further17:36
Kiloslo smile4linux 17:55
smile4linuxhi Kilos!17:55
smile4linuxgood to see you17:55
Kilosjust back from supper. hows things there?17:56
smile4linuxI went to the doctor, because i'm sneezing..17:56
Kiloswhat did he say17:56
Kilosblow your nose more often17:56
smile4linuxthat I have to take three pils17:56
smile4linuxtoo much..17:56
Kiloswhat kinda pills?17:56
smile4linuxhmm.. you have to take them in with some water17:57
Kilosyou got a cold or flu or what17:57
Kerberoeuropieers glo nie in antibiotika nie17:57
smile4linuxyes Kilos , but not yet a flu17:57
smile4linuxbetween sneezing & flu.17:57
smile4linuxKerbero: ek het 'n virus. antibiotika help nie :(17:58
Kilostry eating quite a bit of raw onion on sandwiches etc17:58
Kerberosmile4linux: south african doctors don't care. they give you antibiotics for everything :P17:58
smile4linuxdon't like that.17:58
smile4linuxKerbero: lol.17:58
Kilosonion and garlic are natural antibiotics17:59
superflyThere are no cures for viruses, you just have to let the body heal itself.17:59
superflyKilos: you can't take too many antibiotics either, that will also make you sick17:59
Kiloslol thats why i prefer natural anti's superfly 18:00
Kilosonion helps keep the bugs at bay18:00
smile4linuxsuperfly: you can, however, stop the symptoms18:00
superflyKilos: even too many natural antibiotics is not good for you. Antibiotics destroy ALL bacteria, and your body needs the right bacteria to be able to function properly18:01
Kilosnatural anti's dont destroy flora that one needs superfly , or id always be sick because we use lotsa onions18:02
Kilosthe mycins and cillins destroy good and bad18:02
smile4linuxare you sure, Kilos ?18:04
Kiloswe hardly ever get colds and flu18:04
Kilosbut i have had pneumonia twice since i been up here in PTA18:05
smile4linuxhow did you heal it?18:05
Kilosi did some studying on meds when i was farming18:05
Kilostook long acting oxytetracycline for animals and got mey sister to inject me inna bum18:06
Tonberryyou know they sell those for humans18:07
Kiloson one of the cheeks actually18:07
Kerberojy moes seker ernstige akute lamboudia daarna gehad het18:07
Kiloslol ya baie eina boude18:08
Tonberryin pill form18:08
Kilosbut was cured within 2 days18:08
Kilosi hate being sick18:08
smile4linuxKilos: me too.18:08
Kilosyeah Tonberry but at 5 times the price of an injection18:09
Kilosand of course the docs fee added18:10
Kerberohet iemand dalk vir my 'n raspberry pi order code vir RS componenets?18:13
not_foundsuperfly, takealot.com18:21
superflynot_found: I know takealot.com very well :-)18:22
not_foundlol sorry18:22
Tonberryso much money18:22
Tonberryspent on that site...18:22
superflyTonberry: I know...18:31
smile4linuxbye :)18:32
Kilosnight all of you. sleep tight19:31
not_foundnight uncle kbmonkey 19:33
not_foundnight uncle Kilos even19:33
charlvnhi all20:15
nuvolari@ not_found 20:18
charlvnautocomplete fail20:22
charlvntrying to figure out how to run radvd over openvpn20:22
charlvnseems to be possible but it's a biatch20:22
charlvngonna leave it for tomorrow20:22
charlvnnow to get some sleep20:22
charlvnjust listening to some old trance now to get me relaxed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwKAPn25lS420:23
charlvnanycase, nn all20:24
nuvolaricheers charlvn 20:24
nuvolaricharlvn: you need some ASOT :D20:24
nuvolariI can listen to Armin van Buuren's stuff all day long20:25

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