dr3mroActionParsnip, I am a unity Pro !00:00
tonsofpcswhat is gauke?00:00
Browserwerder: yes00:00
dr_willis!info guake00:00
ubottuguake (source: guake): Drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.2-7 (precise), package size 147 kB, installed size 894 kB00:00
reisiotonsofpcs: it's a terminal that hides off screen until you tell it to show up00:00
ActionParsniptonsofpcs: did you ever play half life, counterstrike or quake?00:00
reisiothat is: it's a terminal with predefined shortcuts to appear and disappear00:00
dr3mrowill wayland composite support replace compiz !!00:00
tonsofpcsah, so it's ` ;)00:00
ActionParsniptonsofpcs: exactly00:01
tonsofpcs[that's a yes, ActionParsnip]00:01
ActionParsniptonsofpcs: there is a lighter guake-like app called tilde too :)00:01
tonsofpcsdr3mro: I still want e17 to replace compiz...00:01
BrowserActionParsnip: no, it is strange in the before Ubuntu's version i hadn't problems00:01
tonsofpcsbut ~ is tilde, wouldn't tilde be the 'high brow' version of grave?00:01
ActionParsniptonsofpcs: its great, run a command then hide the terminal, you can check progress by bringing it back down :)00:01
dr_willisf12 may be geting grabbed by the desktop00:02
tonsofpcsActionParsnip: so it's like screen for my gui screen? :)00:02
ActionParsniptonsofpcs: its just a drop down terminal, dead handy00:02
ipproblemActionParsnip: I fixed the problem... I resolved the IP for us.archive.ubuntu.com and then wrote it into /etc/hosts00:02
dr3mrotonsofpcs, I think all composite  managers will die for wayland as it will be a part of it as a plugin !! i read something like that00:02
BrowserWell, i am going to restart again..00:02
ActionParsnipipproblem: nice00:02
tonsofpcsdr3mro: have you ever used enlightenment?00:03
BrowserBye, thanks.00:03
ActionParsnipBrowser: make sure you link /usr/share/applications/guake.desktop in ~/.config/autostart00:03
dr3mrotonsofpcs, No!00:03
trismgkatsev: looks like it needs a bit of updating for 12.04, but otherwise it looks accurate. if you have to download the packages, in addition to the packages listed you will also need: dkms, the linux-headers packages for your kernel version and the ndiswrapper-dkms package00:03
trismgkatsev: I think everything else should be installed by default00:03
tonsofpcsdr3mro: i highly recommend it00:03
tonsofpcswhen I used linux for 'desktop' work, it was amazing.00:03
dr3mrowhen will 3.4 kernel hit ubuntu precise repos!!00:03
BrowserActionParsnip: yes, there is a link00:04
tonsofpcs(I now don't do 'desktop' work outside of work so it's not really useful)00:04
dr3mrotonsofpcs, but I use unity and it needs compiz!00:04
CoJaBoEr. Why does it show up in the boot menu as "Ubuntu, with Linux"? lol00:04
robertzaccourhow do I enable the codecs for kdenlive?00:04
ActionParsnipdr3mro: it won't, it's a Quantal kernel00:04
tonsofpcsbut e17 > unity.00:04
tonsofpcs(I know, I'm a heathen for saying that here)00:04
ActionParsnipdr3mro: there are 3rd party sources for the kernel but it won't be suppored here00:04
dr_willise17.. has issues.00:05
werderdr3mro: 3.4 won't be coming to 12.0400:05
gkatsevtrism: do I need the linux-headers if I'm just installing from apt-get?00:05
myherohow to save the full irssi log of the current session ?00:05
KRomo3.4 kernel wont work with nvidia driver, beware00:05
tonsofpcsdr_willis: it does? is e16 the stable one then?  I always get the two confused...00:05
myherohow to save the full irssi log of the current session ?00:05
dr_willistonsofpcs:  both have really quirky... quirks.00:05
tonsofpcsmyhero: I think it only logs from the point you set logging on ...00:06
dr3mroActionParsnip, I did install it by back porting it from quantal to my personal PPA on launchpad !! but wouldn't it be nice if it's available in the repos as an option!!!00:06
KRomohow do i check for drive errors in ubuntu?00:06
harushimocan someone write that symbolic link code for virtual box00:06
myherotonsofpc: means....00:06
tonsofpcsdr_willis: like?00:06
trismgkatsev: yes because ndiswrapper-dkms has to build the ndiswrapper kernel module for your kernel (in previous ubuntu versions it was included in the linux-image package, but dropped in 12.04 unfortunately)00:06
tonsofpcsmyhero: 'no'00:06
BrowserActionParsnip: i am going to restart again..00:06
werderdr3mro: I've heard lots of problems with 3.400:06
dr3mroActionParsnip, even when Quantal is released!!00:06
harushimoI created an icon. I want to do that00:06
ActionParsnipdr3mro: its not a Precise kernel, it will be in Quantal00:06
gkatsevtrism: ah, ok. Maybe that's why it didn't actually connect.00:06
myherotonsofpf: any way to save irssi log ?00:07
dr3mrowerder, for me it has better over all performance and  less heat from the FAN !!00:07
ActionParsnipdr3mro: quantal is 12.10 so will be released in the 10th month of 201200:07
dr_willison my phone  cant type a lot. go try them00:07
reisioif it's released on time00:07
reisiowhich is likely00:07
werderdr3mro: sweet, maybe I'll give it a try then00:07
reisioand you can get betas before then00:07
dr3mroActionParsnip, I know !! but why not back port it and give the user an option !00:07
con-manname a good php server program I can stall to test websites locally00:07
gkatsevtrism: hm... nope, seems like I already had them installed00:07
robertzaccourHow do I enable all kdenlive codecs?00:08
reisiocon-man: apache, nginx, php, etc.00:08
harushimoln -s /usr/bin/virtualbox ~/Desktop/Virtual.desktop00:08
reisiobizukifu: hi00:08
werderdr3mro: the Canonical team is pretty small for the size of the base. They only have so many people.00:08
harushimois this the correct command?00:08
con-manreisio, oh apache has native php support? w00t.00:08
ActionParsnipharushimo: you want to link the desktop file in /usr/share/applications00:08
harushimoit should00:08
trismgkatsev: had what installed?00:08
gkatsevtrism: the linux-headers00:09
dr3mrowerder, it's only autobuild the kernel for both versions >>> all building is in launchpad by some clicks00:09
dabormyhero, /LASTLOG -file ~/irc.log00:09
piper69_hello i am trying to add mediabuntu to my rep. but it keeps failling "sudo -E wget --output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/$(lsb_release -cs).list && sudo apt-get --quiet update && sudo apt-get --yes --quiet --allow-unauthenticated install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get --quiet update"00:09
harushimoln -s /usr/bin/virtualbox /usr/share/applications/Virtual.desktop00:09
harushimolike that?00:09
piper69_can someone please help me00:09
ActionParsnipharushimo: no00:10
dr_willisharushimo:  a. desktop file is not a binary executable00:10
=== notmegazig is now known as _schism_
dr3mropiper69_, !?00:10
werderdr3mro: right but remember 12.04 is their new business release and they don't want people coming to them with problems they can't support00:10
ActionParsnipharushimo: ln -s /usr/share/applications/virtualbox.desktop ~/Desktop/VirtualBox.desktop00:10
ActionParsnipharushimo: use TAB to complete the names00:10
CoJaBoLoll.. Wifi still doesn't work "out of the box" -_-'00:10
ActionParsnipharushimo: it's:  ln -s source dest00:10
harushimogot it00:10
piper69_dr3mro: i am trying to add w32codec for vlc to play wmv files00:10
dr_willisCoJaBo:  did for me00:11
ActionParsnipCoJaBo: depends on the chip...ALL my wifis work out of the box00:11
CoJaBodr_willis: Huh; well it says the driver is installed and in use, but no wifi card appears.00:11
dr3mrowerder, but in 2 years new hardware will emerge and busness users need new kernel as will as kernel installing is pretty safe as it never over write the old kern00:11
harushimovirtual box source destination for me is /usr/bin/virtualbox00:11
piper69_i have wasted 1hr trying to get this thing to work instead of studying00:11
piper69_please help00:11
harushimowhy wouldn't you use this00:11
reisiopiper69_: okay00:11
harushimoafter this, I'm done00:12
harushimothank you00:12
werderdr3mro: remember lots of businesses haven't upgraded from XP yet. Change is bad and I don't think Ubuntu hardware requirements will be drastically different 2 years from now.00:12
ActionParsnipharushimo: thats the binary, not the desktop file which will give a decent icon00:12
piper69_resisio i tried smplayer,mplayer, vlc and all are not playing the wmv00:12
ActionParsnipharushimo: you can use the binary if you want but it won't look too great and may get lost in the rest00:12
rhorstkoetterhi. does anyone have issues with nouveau video drivers while booting up the system? I get "video frequency too high (german translation)" while booting up and everything switches back to normal once lightdm is reached. using ubuntu 12.0400:13
dr3mrowerder, but new k00:13
reisiopiper69_: does 'rei' and then hitting TAB not work in chatzilla?00:13
dr3mrowerder, but newer kern means more hardware support !!00:13
harushimowhenever creating icons on 10.04, I was using the binaries00:13
harushimothank you00:13
piper69_reisio: opps , sorry i am just frustrated00:13
rhorstkoetteror even better, a solution. dmesg doesn't provide any error messages00:13
harushimotake care everyone00:13
reisiopiper69_: just checking00:13
reisiopiper69_: how big is the file?00:13
mikeconceptssomething new, opened Places from the Unity launch bar and the Places icon started a rocking animation, won't do it again, wonder what happened00:14
werderdr3mro: yes but many kernel upgrade break things for people and businesses want an LTS to be stable.00:14
CoJaBoK, so where to start getting wifi to work? :/00:14
nesohi guys00:14
robertzaccourHow do I enable all kdenlive codecs?00:14
piper69_reisio: there is alot of them , 13-15Mb00:14
browserActionParsnip: doesn't work the guake00:14
nesotoday i install ubuntu 12.04 and dont detect my 3g usb modem00:14
ActionParsnipCoJaBo: what wifi chip do you use?00:15
piper69_sorry i should say MB megabytes and not bits00:15
browseri have restarted and nothing00:15
CoJaBoActionParsnip: Broadcom somthing..00:15
ActionParsnipbrowser: use startup apps and remove the one in there, then make the link yourself00:15
mikeconceptsI see now, if it opens behind another window it rocks00:15
ActionParsnip!broadcom | CoJaBo00:15
ubottuCoJaBo: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:15
reisiopiper69_: if you can upload one somewhere I can take a look at it, determine what you need00:15
nesoi have Alcatel one touch X200D usb modem pls help thanks00:15
CoJaBo$ lspci | grep Bro00:15
CoJaBo03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX (rev 02)00:15
CoJaBo0b:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01)00:15
FloodBot1CoJaBo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:15
CoJaBolast line only00:15
piper69_reisio: the teacher gave them to us to watch and then write about the scenarios00:16
reisiopiper69_: right00:16
ActionParsnipCoJaBo: read ubottus' link :)00:16
CoJaBoWaiting for firefox to load..00:16
piper69_reisio: "No suitable decoder module:00:16
piper69_VLC does not support the audio or video format "MSS2". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this." this is what i get when i try to pllay them00:17
piper69_reisio: i am on 10.1000:17
CoJaBopiper69_: Tried mplayer?00:17
CoJaBoIt supports more of the really obscure codecs00:17
roastedQuestion - did I goof this up? I ran "sudo usermod -G motion jason". Did I successfully add the user jason to the group motion?00:17
ActionParsnippiper69_: Maverick is no longer supported00:18
piper69_CoJaBo: yes and its not working00:18
browserActionParsnip: startup apps?00:18
reisiopiper69_: windows media video 9 is relatively new and not 100% supported, your best bet would be to use a live snapshot from mplayer trunk00:18
ActionParsnipbrowser: yes, search dash00:18
reisioor ffmpeg (and convert them)00:18
quiescensroasted: adduser is probably safer00:18
ActionParsnippiper69_: I suggest you upgrade to a supported release, Maverick is now dead00:18
piper69_reisio: ?!00:18
reisiopiper69_: alternatively, tell your instructor you're already paying for the class and don't need to be forced to use Windows on top of it00:18
quiescensroasted: as far as I am aware, you probably removed jason from all groups other than motion as well00:19
roastedquiescens, dangit. Now I'm getting that jason isn't part of the sudoers file. Somehow I must have booted him out accidentally.00:19
roastedquiescens, lol, yep. unfortunately.00:19
roastedquiescens, dang I suck. I did this over SSH too...00:19
ActionParsniproasted: sudo usermod -a -G motion jason00:19
piper69_ActionParsnip: i don't like the new GUI00:19
KRomotoday, it took a really long time for ubuntu to boot...why?00:19
escottroasted, you have been on here enough to know never to use usermod -G without -a00:19
KRomosat on purple screen00:19
roastedescott, no kidding.00:19
ActionParsniproasted: you are adding the user to a supplementary group, your command wil make the user in ONLY the motion group00:19
escottKRomo, probably checking the filesystem00:19
ActionParsnippiper69_: you don't have to use it00:20
gvoKRomo: probably fscking the disk00:20
KRomooh ok00:20
reisiopiper69_: http://www.andrews-corner.org/mplayer.html00:20
KRomowhy would it do that?00:20
roastedescott, I wasn't thinking. Sitting out here on the deck with the puppy, he ran off just as I was typing the command... came back and facepalmed.00:20
ActionParsnipKRomo: what GPU do you use?00:20
quiescensroasted: i typically use: adduser (user) (group)00:20
gvoKRomo: cause it doest it periodically00:20
roastedquiescens, even if the user already exists?00:20
quiescensroasted: just so that forgetting an option doesn't go and obliterate their groups00:20
nesoguys ?pls help me,cant connect to internet (im using old HDD 12Gb now >win xp) wanna be on ubuntu pls help00:20
gvoKRomo: Just to be sure all is well.00:20
quiescensroasted: yeah00:20
KRomonvidia gtx 46000:20
piper69_easy to just wipe ubuntu and install windows i guess00:20
escottKRomo, it will do so automatically every 20 reboots or so. it should be fairly quick with ext4 unless your disk is really large00:21
ActionParsnippiper69_: doesn't make maverick supported, you need to upgrade to at least Natty, which is EOL in October00:21
ActionParsnippiper69_: could install XFCE and use that, its very similar to Gnome 200:21
ActionParsnippiper69_: Gnome is not the only desktlop00:21
KRomook cool, it wasnt super long just longer than usual its a 90gb ssd sata 3 so it is not big and not slow00:21
nesoi install ubuntu 12.04 ,and ubuntu dont detect my 3G usb mode :(00:21
escottKRomo, you can hit the up arrow and see what it is doing but you probably got concerned when your 3 second boot became 6 seconds :)00:22
reisiopiper69_: or... go to a computer lab and convert them00:22
KRomoim so happy with ubuntu, my computer isnt obsolete by any means but i built it in 200700:22
ActionParsnippiper69_: you could even install KDE and use that00:22
reisiopiper69_: or, as already mentioned, tell your instructor you shouldn't be charged an additional $200 just to watch some videos for his class00:22
ActionParsnippiper69_: or LXDE..00:22
KRomoand its running great00:23
piper69_ActionParsnip: i will give that a try, do i just upgrade from synaptic00:23
roastedquiescens, now, remind me... if I boot up to root recovery shell... I can get jason back in sudoers. no? sudo usermod -a -G ...... jason....00:23
KRomo5 year old computer running pretty well00:23
roastedquiescens, would I have to edit sudoers or is there a group I can plug in?00:23
Jordan_U!eolupgrade | piper69_00:23
reisiopiper69_: and if you upload one of the files I can tell you whether svn mplayer supports it or not00:23
Jordan_U!eol | piper69_00:23
ubottupiper69_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:23
ActionParsnippiper69_: could do, I'd just clean install with Precise then install gnome-panel :)00:23
reisioI could even convert them for you if there aren't too many00:23
quiescensroasted: the group you need is probably admin00:24
quiescensroasted: adm, sorry00:24
roastedquiescens, k... time to bust out a monitor and hook it up to the box.00:24
roastedoh? adm?00:24
nesoanyone lol00:24
reisioneso: yes roflbeans?00:24
quiescensroasted: oh wait, no, admin00:24
roastedhaha, yeah admin sounds familiar00:24
reisioneso: what's the modem make/model?00:24
roastedappreciate it quiescens00:24
quiescensroasted: admin or sudo00:24
quiescensboth should work00:24
nesoalcatel one touch x200d00:24
quiescensby default00:24
roastedadmin rings a bell00:24
reisioneso: usb?00:25
quiescensroasted: to be sure, have a quick read of /etc/sudoers00:25
roastedadmin is at least listed in the gui and references to having sudo rights00:25
reisioneso: what does lsusb say about it?00:25
piper69_ohhh shooot that means i will loose all my class notes and ather files00:25
roastedquiescens, I even thought I set up a 2nd admin account on this box too. clearly I failed there as well. I normally have a 2nd admin account for backup purposes...00:25
piper69_i will be dead if anything happen to this laptop00:25
roastedquiescens, at any rate, brb. time to giv eit a go00:25
dr_willisbackups... use them. :)00:26
piper69_easy way to backup my tomboy notes to my usb00:26
KRomowhat command will let me test my hd speed?00:26
dr_willistomboy has export features i tecall00:27
reisioneso: yeah?00:27
escottKRomo, hdparm can do some tests, but it doesnt test filesystem throughput for those you want something like bonnie++00:27
nesoreisio Bus 001 Device 002: ID 1bbb:0000 T & A  Mobile Phones00:27
KRomoi just wanna see how fast it is00:27
nesoi make ss so sorry if im wrong00:27
BobFromAccountinnikolay negrobov00:27
piper69_also is there is a way i can have a dump of all my pkgs so i can install them again00:27
vexaxvdoes anyone here use truecrypt?00:27
escott!clone | piper69_00:27
ubottupiper69_: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this currently may cause problems with multiarch) - See also !automate00:27
piper69_'dpkg -l00:28
nesoreisio Bus 001 Device 012: ID 1bbb:0000 T & A  Mobile Phones  my wrong00:28
KRomocan this read be right?00:28
KRomo Timing cached reads:   2074 MB in  2.00 seconds = 1036.22 MB/sec00:28
KRomo Timing buffered disk reads: 988 MB in  3.01 seconds = 328.73 MB/sec00:28
reisioneso: might apply: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=193984600:29
nesoreisio problem is i have only 3g internet no other net :(00:29
CoJaBovexaxv: What about it?00:30
reisioneso: how's that a problem00:30
nesolook when i boot in ubuntu i dont have internet00:31
ShinobiCan anyone explain the following: Fatal program error:00:31
ShinobiCould not load Curses::UI::0 from Curses/UI/0.pm:00:31
ShinobiCan't locate Curses/UI/0.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.1 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/sha00:31
FloodBot1Shinobi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:31
Shinobire/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at /usr/share/perl5/Curses/UI.pm line 846.00:31
ActionParsnipKRomo: sudo testdisk -Tt /dev/sda00:31
vexaxvCoJaBo, when creating an encrypted file container say its named "library.vol" you can delete that infact anyone can, but thats the file to open so you can enter your password and get to your stuff, how do you set it to where it cant be deleted (kinda need it not to be being its MY only way in lol)00:31
CoJaBovexaxv: Change the permissions of the folder its saved in so only your account has access.00:32
BobFromAccountinubuntu 10.04 class)00:32
vexaxvCoJaBo, thanks00:32
escottvexaxv, you should make copies of that file and put it in a safe place00:32
KRomotestdisk command not found00:33
escottKRomo, testdisk is for data recovery00:33
ShinobiCan anyone assist with the error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1015688/00:34
ActionParsnipKRomo: sudo hdparm -t /dev/hda00:34
ActionParsnipKRomo: sudo hdparm -tT /dev/hda00:34
=== brian__ is now known as ccmonster
ccmonsterHey, just wnet to update, and I got a strange unrecoverable dpkg error.00:36
piper69_ActionParsnip: which one should i upgrade to00:36
ActionParsnipccmonster: can you please pastebin the text00:36
ActionParsnippiper69_: I'd do a clean install of Precise from USB or CD, be sure you backup all you need00:36
gvoShinobi: did you try #perl?00:36
brian__I'm geting this unable to access dpkg staus area :read only00:37
dsnydersHi all!  I put my machine to sleep for 60s using rtcwake, and when it awoke, I wound up with a blank screen:  No mouse, no cursor, nothing.  I am able to ssh into the box, so I think it has something to do with the graphics.  Any suggestions for getting it to wake up fully?00:37
brian__this is totaly new to me00:37
ActionParsnipbrian__: is the file system mounted read only?00:38
brian__No clue why it would be.00:38
brian__what's the CL check?00:38
ActionParsnipbrian__: if there are issues the default is to mount read only00:38
ActionParsnipbrian__: mount     will show you how things are mounted00:38
roasted_quiescens: still out there?00:38
roasted_quiescens: saying admin group does not exist. sitting at a root recovery now. :(00:39
quiescenscheck /etc/groups?00:39
quiescensor /etc/sudoers00:39
brian__I just got awarnig: etc/mtab is not writable .00:39
brian__when i did mount00:39
escottroasted_, 12.04 uses sudo instead of admin00:39
ActionParsnipbrian__: thats fine, its only a warning00:39
roasted_quiescens: %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL exists in /etc/sudoers00:40
roasted_escott: sudo usermod -G sudo jason ???????00:40
ActionParsnipbrian__: sounds like you didn't shutdown cleanly last time00:40
brian__also, my keyboard seems to not want to let me hit the same key twice very quickly. Any idea on that?00:40
ActionParsniproasted_: -G -a   dude, again...00:40
roasted_ActionParsnip: sorry, -a isn't listed on any site I'm googling with. Keep forgetting...00:40
quiescensroasted_: yeah, try sudo group too, it should have both00:40
escottroasted_, yes. its the debian way and they evidently wanted to eliminate one cause for issues during conversion00:40
quiescensthat's totally why i use adduser instead00:41
dsnydersbrian__, The keyboard issue may be a handicap/accessibility setting.00:41
roasted_cannot lock /etc/passwd00:41
ActionParsniproasted_: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc00:41
piper69_ActionParsnip: this is on hp laptop dv700:41
escottroasted_, write to the webadmin to fix his website00:41
ActionParsnippiper69_: ok00:41
Zyclops1i'm trying to work out how to open an ssh connection to a local server.  I'm fairly novice at server administration stuff.   Locally i can ssh on port 22 to the server, but externally i can not.  On my router i have port 22 forwarded to the router.  I can ping the router. however when i ssh to it, it does not connect.  I've done /sudo/sbin/iptables —list-rules and it just says INPUT/FORWARD/OUTPUT are all set to acc00:42
ActionParsnipZyclops1: is it a home grade router?00:42
brian__ok, this is strange. It wont let me click any check boxes in settings - as if it double clicks every time I click or something00:42
Zyclops1tcp        0      0    *               LISTEN  << this is what netstat -an | grep "LISTEN" outputs00:43
Zyclops1ActionParsnip: yeah.. it's running DD-WRT00:43
ActionParsnipZyclops1: tried a reboot?00:43
escottZyclops1, On my router i have port 22 forwarded to the router <<< i assume you meant "computer"00:43
Zyclops1ah yeah sorry00:43
Zyclops1yep and it's forwarded to the correct internal IP address00:43
roasted_Would it be easier (even possible) to create a new administrator user, then add jason back to the admin group? Everything I'm trying on Google isn't working.00:43
Zyclops1ActionParsnip: nah i haven't.. of the router or the server? note i can ssh locally into the server00:44
escottZyclops1, you can run ssh -vvvv and see if it says anything about the connection, but i would double check the router00:44
ActionParsniproasted_: you could, just make new and add it to the admin group00:44
quiescensroasted_: did sudo group not work?00:44
ActionParsnipZyclops1: the router00:44
Zyclops1escott: ok thanks00:44
roasted_quiescens: sudo usermod -a -G sudo jason...... no00:44
ActionParsnipZyclops1: it may need to happen to get the WAN side sorted00:44
Zyclops1ActionParsnip: awesome i'll try that.. sorry co-workers :)00:44
ActionParsniproasted_: thats right00:44
Zyclops1i can forward it to my local computer.. on port 8000:44
roasted_ActionParsnip: didn't work00:44
roasted_ActionParsnip: cannot lock /etc/passwd' try again later00:45
Zyclops1test that port forwarding is actually working at all00:45
ActionParsniproasted_: is the file system read only?00:45
roasted_ActionParsnip: I have no idea. I'm in root recovery.00:45
ActionParsniproasted_: run:  mount00:45
KRomosudo hdparm -I /dev/sda | grep -i speed00:45
escottroasted_, assuming it is "mount -o remount,rw /00:46
roasted_ActionParsnip: /dev/sda2 on / type ext4  (rw,erroprs=remount-ro)00:46
KRomoconfirmed that sata 3 is working00:46
escottKRomo, i would take those hdparm results with a grain of salt it really just testing the bus00:46
ActionParsnipZyclops1: then edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and change the port it runs there :)00:46
roasted_escott: er, I think that worked?00:46
KRomoescott:i just want to be sure that my ssd is getting proper speed00:46
escottroasted_, thats mounted rw then. still getting the /etc/passwd error00:46
roasted_escott: no, it came back fine.00:46
roasted_escott: rebooting already.00:46
escottKRomo, i saw your message come though just as i hit enter :)00:47
ActionParsnipKRomo: isn't -I just info?00:47
quiescensroasted_: probably delete /etc/passwd.lock00:47
roasted_escott: back in gui, works great.00:47
ActionParsnipKRomo: sudo hdparm -tT /dev/sda    will actualy test read/writes00:47
roasted_quiescens: even though it's working?00:47
quiescensroasted_: oh, no no, that was only if it continued to complain about being locked00:48
ActionParsnipKRomo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1015697/00:48
ActionParsnipKRomo: see the difference00:48
Zyclops1ActionParsnip: as a security measure?00:48
ShinobiCan anyone assist with: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1015692/00:49
ActionParsnipZyclops1: no, if you can forward to port 80, you may as well use it00:49
roasted_quiescens: nah, we're good then :)00:49
roasted_appreciate it guys... back to the laptop :)00:49
MoleMan^AwayI have 2 laptops running Ubuntu 12.0.4 live CDs, and connected with a network cable, they will ping each other but neither shows up under 'network' in the file browser, and recomendations?00:49
KRomoActionParsnip, thanks00:49
reisiooh that reminds me00:49
reisioUbuntu install for the neighbors00:49
quiescensroasted_: you should be aware you are possibly missing other groups, depending on what else you do on the system00:50
KasplodeyShinobi http://search.cpan.org/~mdxi/Curses-UI-0.9609/lib/Curses/UI.pm00:50
escottMoleMan^Away, why would they show up in "network" thats SAMBA which is a windows tool and only installed if you request it00:50
ActionParsnipMoleMan^Away: right click a folder in nautilus and you can share folders00:50
dr_willisMoleMan^Away:  insrall some service to share files. or ssh00:50
escottMoleMan^Away, if you want to do ubuntu->ubuntu file transfers the unix native ways are through NFS or SSH00:50
KRomois there a better alternative to qwibber?00:51
KRomoi find gwibber very slow00:51
quiescensroasted_: things like lpadmin, plugdev, cdrom00:51
MoleMan^AwayI installed 'File sharing' from the software center, the instuctions for that say that they should show up in the network section of the default file browser?00:51
ShinobiKasplodey: I installed libcurses-ui-perl and libcurses-widgets-perl. Do you know why perl woudn't not be able to find the modules?00:51
ActionParsnipKRomo: http://www.sizlopedia.com/2008/05/03/twitter-clients-for-ubuntu-linux/00:52
ActionParsnipMoleMan^Away: yes, you share folders easily using nautilus00:52
KRomoi want somthing to handle twitter and fb00:52
ActionParsnipMoleMan^Away: or install openssh-server and you will have an SFTP server00:52
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ActionParsnipMoleMan^Away: weird nick with 'away' i it....00:52
KasplodeyShinobi, not offhand. Let me do some searching. Not really familiar with that module.00:53
MoleMan^AwayActionParsnip: yeah, didn't notice and change it back, now I keep getting "* 435 MoleMan #httpd Cannot change nickname while banned on channel"00:53
ActionParsnipMoleMan^Away: yes, addining 'away' to nicks is against channel policy. Just leave. You don't have to change nick. I've been AFK about 6 times in the last hour, changing nick spams the channel00:55
ActionParsnipKRomo: could use unity-lens-gwibber00:55
MoleMan^AwayI only actually change it when I leave my PC, ie shutdown, I just leave my Quassel core connected...00:56
ivorybishopQ: Installed 12.04 from livecd onto 64bit intel cpu p4 system. only showing 3.2g ram in system monitor, followed directioning for enablingPAE and the PAE image gives a kernel panic. How can this be fixed? Kernel panic says something about no init found.00:56
KRomogwibber is soooooo slow00:56
KRomothe scrolling is fucked00:56
ActionParsnipMoleMan^Away: fine, just don'tchange nick and you win :)00:56
ivorybishopSystem has 6g ram installed00:56
escottivorybishop, why not just install 64bit00:57
ivorybishopI did install from 64bit livecd.00:57
ActionParsnipivorybishop: are there bugs reported? +1 to escott's why not 64bit install...00:57
dsnydersAnyone know how to convince the desktop to wake up with the rest of the computer?00:57
nesook guys im back in linux mint :( i like so much ubuntu but00:57
ActionParsnipdsnyders: what GPU do you use?00:57
ivorybishopbios shows 6g installed ram00:57
ActionParsnipneso: mint isn't supported here00:58
escottivorybishop, if you installed from a 64bit livecd ou would have a 64bit kernel and pae would not be an option.00:58
ivorybishopbut it installed a generic kernel00:58
MoleMan^AwayActionParsnip: I never used to, but various other people do, and I was working on the basis that it makes it a lot more obvious that being marked as idle...00:58
ActionParsnip!away | MoleMan^Away00:58
ubottuMoleMan^Away: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»00:58
escottivorybishop, pae is ONLY for 32bit kernels00:58
ivorybishophow do i get this thing to recognize the full ram then?00:58
ivorybishopthe bios sees it00:59
ivorybishopi am not a linux pro00:59
KasplodeyShinobi I can't seem to find any reference to 0.pm in Curses::UI. What's calling this .pm?00:59
escottivorybishop, install a 64bit kernel would be the best choice. get those extra registers and sse4 if ou hav eit00:59
dsnydersActionParsnip, I think it is an nVidia video gpu.  Any way to check for sure?00:59
ivorybishopbut i am not a commandline newbie either00:59
MoleMan^AwayActionParsnip: yeah, okay :) you've said, I get the message :p I just don't get why it recons I'm banned in #httpd yet I am still in the channel and can speak  fine etc :/00:59
ivorybishopi installed from a 64bit livecd, shouldnt that install a 64bit kernel?00:59
escottivorybishop, what does uname -a say?01:00
ivorybishopone sec01:00
ActionParsnipMoleMan^Away: you could ask in #freenode01:00
ivorybishopLinux dirtDiver 3.2.0-24-generic #39-Ubuntu SMP Mon May 21 16:52:17 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:00
dsnydersActionParsnip, nVidia Corporation NV43GL [Quadro FX 540]01:00
ActionParsnipdsnyders: thought so01:01
ShinobiKasplodey: My script. I'm troubleshooting some use statements...01:01
escottivorybishop, and free -m?01:01
ShinobiThat's the only thing I can think of.01:01
Shinobiuse Curses; use Curses::UI; use Curses::Widget;01:01
ivorybishopthere is 6g installed tho01:01
ivorybishopand bios supports it01:01
ShinobiWidget bombs01:01
ActionParsnipdsnyders: try this: http://www.amitsrivastava.net/2008-03-23-hibernate-suspend-resolved-ubuntu-gutsy-nvidia-dell-vostro/01:01
ivorybishopi ma puzzled01:01
CoJaBow000, i has wifiiiiiii01:01
escottivorybishop, 3261 under total ram. that number doesnt make sense its not a nice multiple of 102401:02
ivorybishopthats total01:02
ivorybishopused is 255401:02
KasplodeyShinobi, can you show me the section with the use statements so I can try them locally?01:02
escottivorybishop, what about the first line of /proc/meminfo01:03
dsnydersActionParsnip, Thanks, I'll take a look.01:03
ivorybishopMemTotal:        3340100 kB01:03
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Kasplodeyshinobi i tried just use Curses::UI and it worked but I'm not sure what all you're calling.01:03
OerHeksivorybishop, onboard vga that takes system memory ?01:03
ivorybishopit has an itegrated video but it should be disabled since i have an nvidia card installed01:04
tomasm-hi, is there a way to execute an arbitrary command, that will open a program for me? I use the Alt "tap" and it says "type your command", so I'd think whatever I type would execute as a shell command, (such as "xcalc" to open the calculator that is not in a menu), but it doesn't do it.... any idea how to get this to work? I need an easy access to programs by name, not just icons and not just having a full terminal open01:04
ivorybishopthats 512mb ram01:04
ActionParsniptomasm-: use ALT+F2 instead01:04
ivorybishopthe integrated reserves 1 or 8 meg, and i set it for 1 i think01:04
ShinobiKasplodey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1015707/01:04
ivorybishopthere is no "none" option01:05
nesois there other way to install mp3 plugin in offline mode?01:05
OerHeksneso in mint?01:05
escottivorybishop, how about dmidecode?01:05
ActionParsnipneso: mint isn't supported here01:05
tomasm-ActionParsnip, how come that's not mentioned in the shortcuts screen?01:05
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:06
Kasplodeyshinobi - weird, same thing here.01:06
nesono on ubuntu01:06
ActionParsniptomasm-: not sure dude, sorry01:06
KRomoi tried mint last week it was like a wiondowsxp clone01:06
KRomoit had likwe a start menu01:06
ActionParsnipneso: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc    please01:06
ivorybishopescott: what do you need from it? or should i pastebin it?01:06
ShinobiKasplodey: Try this. create a new .pl and just put the use statements in there. Try them 1 at a time. Do widgets last.01:06
ActionParsnipneso: press CTRL+ALT+T and run the command, what is output please?01:07
tomasm-ActionParsnip, was just curious how to find out what the shortcuts are.... seems to all be listed under the system settings01:07
ActionParsnipneso: obviously as the system is offline you'll need to copy the text but its quite minimal01:07
nesoAction im using win now ..i have install ubuntu in other HDD01:07
ActionParsniptomasm-: hold superL (aka 'windows key') and you'll see them01:08
nesocant must shot down PC and plug other HDD :(01:08
ActionParsnipneso: then i'd get it online first rather than worry about codecs01:08
kelvinelladoes anyone know how to install p2ptube?01:08
ShinobiKasplodey: I got it... it seems to do with the multi-line statement... it doesn't like it01:09
ShinobiFrom what I understand Perl can separate commands onto different physical lines, ending it with a ;01:09
CoJaBo"You're not on the latest version of Firefox. Upgrade today to get the best of the Web!01:10
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ActionParsnipCoJaBo: what version are you on? apt-cache policy firefox     will tell you01:11
CoJaBoVersion 12.001:11
reisioCoJaBo: is that on the start page, or a notification?01:11
CoJaBoStartup page01:11
ActionParsnipCoJaBo: and the output of:  lsb_release -sc01:11
reisioof no concern01:11
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CoJaBoIs the user agent screwed up so it doesn;'t tedtect it? lol01:11
reisiowho knows, those sites are run by clowns01:12
frank1000hello, if ubuntu 12.04 suffer a terrible bug i cant do nothing till they fix them???01:12
reisioor maybe you installed user agent switcher, changed your string and forgot to change back01:12
reisiofrank1000: you could fix it yourself01:12
ActionParsnipfrank1000: depends on the bug01:12
frank1000my session close and i go back to login screen01:13
CoJaBoreisio: user agent is version 12, but weird format01:13
CoJaBono switcher01:13
frank1000error is this i think  Xorg[1307] general protection ip:7f501fbef0f9 sp:7fffd448db70 error:0 in nvidia_drv.so[7f501fb8d000+6e1000]01:13
ActionParsnipCoJaBo: and the output of:  lsb_release -sc01:13
frank1000Gdk-WARNING: gnome-session: Fatal IO error 11 (Risorsa temporaneamente non disponibile) on X server :0.#01201:13
ActionParsnipfrank1000: have you tested your RAM?01:13
reisioCoJaBo: what _is_ the firefox start page these days?01:13
ivorybishopescott: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1015715/01:14
codeM0nK3Yreisio: usually a mozilla-themed google search, same as it has been for as long as i can remember01:14
frank1000no but i think this is a ubuntu bug couse searching on internet i found this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/99854501:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 973096 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #998545 Nvidia driver causes xorg crash" [High,Triaged]01:14
ActionParsnipreisio: probably a slug riding a sloth trying to run through mud01:14
reisiocodeM0nK3Y: the URI I meant :p01:14
ActionParsnipfrank1000: it'd be worth it just to isolate it as the cause01:15
frank1000that is hard english for me action :\01:15
ActionParsnipfrank1000: hold shift at boot and select memtest and run it for 10 - 15 mins01:15
ActionParsnipfrank1000: if you see any red then the ram is bad, use ESC to reboot to desktop01:16
CoJaBoreisio: Google with a firefox logo01:16
=== ad is now known as Guest4457
reisioCoJaBo: bah, what URI01:16
codeM0nK3Yreisio: it's just about:home, everything is hosted within the app01:16
frank1000ok action i'll try later01:16
ActionParsnipCoJaBo: can you give the output of the command I gave please..01:16
=== Guest4457 is now known as alkyong
ShinobiKasplodey: It doesn't like that statement even though I put it on 1 line.... any ideas?01:16
codeM0nK3Ywhen you search, it goes to google/search?q=%QUERY%&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&source=hp&channel=np01:16
reisioI don't care what it is, but where :p01:16
reisioCoJaBo: that says you should update?01:16
escottivorybishop, did you assemble this machine?01:17
ivorybishopescott: no, i only added the 4g additional ram01:17
LoOoDWas the python-pgsql package removed from precise?01:17
ivorybishopits stock as is01:17
ivorybishopthat and the nvidia card01:17
escottivorybishop, and you added it to the empty slots you didnt move anything around01:17
ivorybishopi am not sure about that. i took them all out to test them, they may not be in the original slots01:18
reisioLoOoD: no, it was removed from oneiric01:18
ivorybishopshould i re-arrange them01:18
codeM0nK3Yreisio: just viewed source which shows uri in the titlebar: jar:file:///Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/MacOS/omni.ja!/chrome/browser/content/browser/aboutHome.xhtml01:19
ivorybishopi have two 1g sticks and two 2g sticks01:19
codeM0nK3Ywill obviously differ based on os, but thats what I've got on Mac01:19
CoJaBoreisio: yeh01:19
escottivorybishop, that could be a problem. whats odd here is that slots 1 and 3 show 1GB DIMMS and slots 2 and 4 show 2GBs DIMMS. IIRC DDR needs to be matched between slots. i would have expected 1 and 2 to be 1GB and 3 and 4 to be 2GB01:19
ivorybishopthe two 1g sticks were stock01:19
dannyi have a galaxy nexus and i have a bunch of avi movies to my dissapointed i cannot play avi on the gnex is there anyway i can make the avi movies playable on my galaxy nexus and without choppy video01:19
reisioCoJaBo: would just ignore it, there'll be another Firefox update soon anyways01:19
ivorybishopescott: ahh, i may have slipped up when reinstalling01:19
escottivorybishop, swap the two middle slots and see if it comes up as 601:20
xangua!ot | danny01:20
ubottudanny: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:20
escottivorybishop, the slots are usually color coded to help you01:20
ivorybishopescott: will do, gonna go offline to fix this. will let you know how it turns out and thank you for the time spent troubleshooting it :)01:20
dannyxangua, this is very much ubuntu related because on widnows i have already found a program that i can use to turn it into a mp4 but since i run ubuntu (the reason im in the ubuntu channel) i am looking for an "ubuntu" way of doing what i want done01:21
ActionParsnipdanny: you can use mencoder and / or ffmpeg to convert them to mp401:22
reisiodanny: winff might even have a preset for your phone01:22
dannyreisio: sudo apt-get winff ?01:22
LoOoDThere an alternative package (which is compatible) to python-pgsql?01:22
grafthi, how do i get bash to be my login shell for gdm and the like?01:22
ActionParsnipdanny: ffmpeg -y -i "2.avi" -title "2" -timestamp "2005-09-24 05:59:40" -bitexact -vcodec h264 -coder 1 -g 250 -s 320x240 -r 29.97 -b 38401:22
reisiodanny: yes, though it's in universe01:23
escottgraft, you want a xterm as your session manager?01:23
reisiodanny: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu01:23
ActionParsnipdanny: cd $HOME; wget http://thomer.com/howtos/mp4ize; chmod +x ./mp4ize01:23
nannesIn ubuntu 12.04 → What is the default content of /etc/resolv.conf (immediately after the installation)01:24
ActionParsnipdanny: http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2007/08/howto-convert-videos-to-ipod-smartphone.html01:24
alecbenzeris there any way to write plugins for unity atm? eg, say I wanted to add some functionality to unity for automatic tiling. would that be possible somehow?01:24
graftescott: eh? no, i just mean, right now all of that xsession stuff, specifically startkde, runs using /bin/sh, which is dash... i want it to be bash so it will source bash scripts01:24
escottgraft, just specify bash as your shebang. i dont understand the problem.01:25
dannyah thank you guys very much that was what i was looking for :D01:25
escottgraft, you want it to source your .bashrc or something?01:25
reisiobasically mp4/aac is all you need01:26
graftescott: not exactly, /etc/profile.d/rvm.sh is my concern01:26
irc_hello my ubuntu's01:26
reisioto be nice you can resize for your phone's exact dimensions01:26
ActionParsnipdanny: all I did was websearch01:26
ActionParsnipdanny: nothing special....01:26
graftescott: i can edit /usr/bin/startkde, but that'll just get overwritten when it updates01:26
KRomoanyone here have a galaxy nexus?01:26
reisioKRomo: danny :p01:26
escottgraft, i dont think it would. its not a login shell01:26
nannes In ubuntu 12.04 → What is the default content of /etc/resolv.conf (immediately after the installation)01:26
graftescott: i suppose that'll have to do01:26
reisioKRomo: now that you have your poll out of the way :p01:26
ActionParsnipnannes: i believe its something about localhost01:27
KRomodanny do you really?01:27
escottKRomo, the gf does.01:27
dannyActionParsnip:  well i do to and then based off what u guys tell me and the web i decide wicth one is the best casue there are 100s of them01:27
GushingsHello, I am trying to use my iGPU instead of my GPU for my monitor.  I was able to get the motherboard to use the iGPU but when it passes bios the screen turns purple then goes black permanently.01:27
ActionParsnipnannes: you could boot your liveCD install media and look there01:27
KRomoi cannot get galaxy nexus to mount on 12.04 it is mtp01:27
GushingsI need to -keep- the drivers I have for the GPU. I'm working with CUDA.01:27
GushingsAny tips?01:27
ActionParsnipKRomo: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/12/how-to-easily-mount-the-galaxy-nexus-on-ubuntu-11-10-via-unity01:27
dannyKRomo: eys01:27
dannyKRomo: yes01:28
KRomodanny are you able to mount it in 12.04?01:28
nannesActionParsnip: hmmm I need precise info... Anyone in this chan doesn't have a newly installed PRECISE 12.04 ?01:28
dannyKRomo: yes01:28
nannesIt's just a  → cat /etc/resolv.conf01:28
KRomohelp a brother out01:28
xclusive585I have new precise Vbox01:28
reisioxclusive585: why indeed01:28
dannyKRomo: i wasnt when i was using the beta but i did a fresh reisntall when 12.04 came out and updated and it jsut worked right away01:29
ActionParsnipnannes: yes, use the file in the Precise liveCD, its the same...01:29
xclusive585reisio: what makes me mad is when fixed packages are right there in debian and they refuse to SRU them01:29
ActionParsnipKRomo: I gave you a link...01:29
nannesActionParsnip: I don't have it :S01:29
escottGushings, you would need to do something to tell X11 to only use the integrated. perhaps remove the nvidia/ati drivers, and use Xorg -configure to create and Xorg.conf, and then install the drivers again but use nomodeset on the drivers. alternately do something to blacklist the module on boot and load it after you are up and running01:29
ActionParsnipnannes: I see, you never said that01:29
KRomoi cant open that link01:30
nannesActionParsnip: I would have looked my own01:30
reisioxclusive585: :D01:30
ActionParsnipKRomo: take your pick: http://duckduckgo.com/?q=ubuntu+mount+nexus&kp=101:30
jordyalguém do brasil ?01:30
ActionParsnipnannes: do you have virtualbox installed at all?01:30
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:30
ActionParsnipKRomo: http://askubuntu.com/questions/87667/getting-mtp-to-work-with-a-galaxy-nexus01:31
MoleMan^Awayhmmm, directly connected two laptops with gigabit NICs with a cable 'verified for gigabit ethernet' yet am getting an amazing 11MB/s01:31
ActionParsnipnannes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1015732/01:31
dannyKRomo: i tried following a couple tutorials and they either took like 20 minutes to finally notice my gnex being attached and then they didnt evan show all the file i would make sure u are completly up to date with ur system01:32
nannesok thx01:32
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dannyKRomo: and another problem might just be the cord u are using i cannot conect my phone unless i am using the samsung cord that came with it01:33
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
roastedQuestion - anybody use Motion here? I'm having some trouble understanding it. There seems to be two locations to set the startup daemon... One is for automatic startup, the other is for background startup (so it releases the terminal from needing to be present to run). I can't seem to have both running at once, which... I want... I want it to auto start + I want it to have the capability to shut off and manually start background01:34
roasteded. But it's not working. Any insight?01:34
Dr_Willisive seen some phone  to pc cables that are charge only cabled. they dont work for data transfers.01:34
weetabeexwhoever has the permissions to do it, should s/portuguêsa/portuguesa/01:35
Dr_Willisroasted:  use the service command to stop it when you waant to stop it?01:35
jamiejacksonHi Folks. How do I prevent Ubuntu (12.04) from booting to X? I'm trying to troubleshoot something.01:35
dannyDr_Willis: well allso for some reason i have 2 identical samsung cables both came out of the box from the phone and one will only alow me to charge the phone and the other alows everthing but there the exact same01:35
Dr_Willis!text | jamiejackson01:36
ubottujamiejackson: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode01:36
roastedDr_Willis, speaking of which, is /etc/init.d services still supported? I don't think motion uses sudo service...01:36
ivorybishopescott: ok, checked the color coding and i think i got them in the right slots. ran dmicode again: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1015733/ still showing 3.2 in system monitor :(01:36
ivorybishopplease advise01:36
Dr_Willisroasted:  if you look - the init.d scripts are most likely links to upstart scripts. :) i dont mess with services much.01:36
ActionParsnipjamiejackson: or hold shift at boot and select recovery mode then select root01:37
escottivorybishop, lets take a look at dmesg then01:37
roastedDr_Willis, ahh I forgot. The reason I don't use /etc/init.d/motion start is because the second it detects motion, the entire service shuts itself off....01:37
KRomo./configure --prefix=/usr01:38
KRomoi get configure not found01:38
escottivorybishop, supposedly it would still work even if it wasnt paired it just wouldnt be dual channel.01:38
KRomowhat am i doing wrong?01:38
dsnydersActionParsnip, I've been going through the commands on the website regarding the nvidia wake from suspend/hibernate.  It says to add some lines to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.  Should that be blacklist.conf, because there is no file called blacklist01:38
jamiejacksonDr_Willis: ActionParsnip thx. will try text to the kernel line first01:38
escottivorybishop, so if we get things working you should make sure that your dimms are matching to any color coding on the board itself01:38
applebloomwhy do they not include vlc with ubuntu01:39
ivorybishopi see01:39
Dr_Willisapplebloom:  its in the repos - so its easy to install01:39
Dr_Willis!info vlc01:39
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.1-4 (precise), package size 1361 kB, installed size 3370 kB01:39
ivorybishopdoes dmesg reveal any security issues i should cut?01:39
ivorybishopbefore pasting01:39
applebloom<Dr_Willis> applebloom:  its in the repos - so its easy to install01:40
escottivorybishop, i dont think so, but that could also depend on your definition of security issues. certainly no plain text passwords should appear01:40
applebloombut why isn't it included with the install01:40
dsnydersActionParsnip, ... or does it matter.  All of the files in that directory seem to contain lists of blacklist statements.01:40
applebloomit seems more convenient01:40
applebloomfor casual users01:40
Dr_Willisapplebloom:  why should it be included by default? theres other media players included01:40
escottapplebloom, because people like me dont want it01:40
|Long|have anyone here installed glftpd on 12.04?01:40
ivorybishopescott: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1015742/01:40
applebloomDr_Willis, yeah but no file format works :p01:41
applebloomno mp4, nothing01:41
Dr_Willisapplebloom:  those work for me in the default media player01:41
applebloomi tried it on 4 installs01:41
applebloomsame story01:41
* Dr_Willis points out a check box at the start of the installer that says download extra codecs and stuff...01:41
ActionParsnipdsnyders: the file NEEDS to end in '.conf'01:41
Dr_Willisive found very few video files that dont work for me in the default player01:42
roastedapplebloom, little suggestion to show you how meaningless default applications can be... I saved a long command in a google doc... a super long one... sudo apt-get install gimp inkscape clementine vlc chromium-browser etc. I run it after each new install... in 1 command I get a ton of aps. :)01:42
applebloomDr_Willis, but you have to be online to do that01:42
ActionParsnipdsnyders: you can make your own file if you want to keep your extra settings seperate, it doesn't have to go in blacklist.conf01:42
Dr_Willisapplebloom:  so?01:42
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto01:42
applebloomDr_Willis, ubuntu is supposed to be for normal people01:43
applebloomand sometimes those people are not connected to the internet01:43
Dr_Willisapplebloom:  and normal peopel are assumed to have internet connection01:43
applebloomit's just a suggestion to improve the casual interface01:43
ActionParsnipapplebloom: if you have a realmedia file in windows, no web access and no realplayer installed you are in the same boat01:43
Dr_WillisYou asked why its not included.. because the default player can handle them01:43
dsnydersActionParsnip, Thanks for the pointer.  I'll rename the file with a .conf "extension".01:43
ActionParsnipdsnyders: don't name it to blacklist.conf or you'll overwrite the old file01:44
roastedQuestion - anybody use Motion here? I'm having some trouble understanding it. There seems to be two locations to set the startup daemon... One is for automatic startup, the other is for background startup (so it releases the terminal from needing to be present to run). I can't seem to have both running at once, which... I want... any insight?01:45
Dr_Willis!info motion01:45
ubottumotion (source: motion): V4L capture program supporting motion detection. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.12-3.1 (precise), package size 217 kB, installed size 766 kB01:45
roastedDr_Willis, nadda.01:45
=== Afterraff` is now known as Afteraffekt
roastedDr_Willis, been through forums, their IRC, etc. Time to find other users and discuss. :P01:46
Dr_Willisnever used it.. i imagine its not a commonly used tool. :)01:46
jamiejacksonDr_Willis: which one's the kernel line vmlinuz or initrd?01:46
dsnydersActionParsnip, Noted.01:46
roastedDr_Willis, that's what I thought, but it kind of surprised me.01:46
roastedDr_Willis, it's kind of like zoneminder, except in a lot of ways its simpler and works better.01:46
VMERSINTOdoes anyone know what language atari games were written in?01:46
Dr_Willisroasted:  its not real clear on what you are doing either.01:47
escottivorybishop, there is this WARNING: BIOS bug: CPU MTRRs don't cover all of memory, losing 2048MB of RAM.01:47
Dr_WillisVMERSINTO:  theres been several 'atari' game systems01:47
roastedDr_Willis, well, I'm limited on space I can type in 1 shot too. I'd have to elaborate quite a bit for it to make sense.01:47
ivorybishopescott: i saw that01:47
micromhow do I get aerosnap?01:47
Dr_Willisroasted:  theres always pastebin. :OO)01:47
=== jgrevich_ is now known as jgrevich
VMERSINTODr_Willis : was C++ implented in any of the game systems01:47
ActionParsnipVMERSINTO: how is that ubuntu related?01:47
roastedDr_Willis, basically in /etc/default/motion there's an entry to enable the auto start daemon. If I enable this, and in startup apps add "motion", it runs fine. BUT, once I enable the background daemon in /etc/motion/motion.conf, it WILL NOT auto start.01:47
reisiomicrom: enabled by default, IIRC01:48
ivorybishopescott: i saw somewhere that a config file could be modified to correct the issue, but that is a little beyond my skills01:48
VMERSINTOActionParsnip : I develop using ubuntu01:48
roastedDr_Willis, the background daemon allows me to kill it (killall motion) and then type motion again in terminal... it'll begin running and release the terminal so I can close the terminal window and it runs as a daemon in the background.01:48
escottivorybishop, a kernel config file?01:48
micromreisio: after a fresh install, it's not there...01:48
roastedDr_Willis, I want both... but it doesn't seem to work. If I enable the convenience of starting/stopping it via background mode, it refuses to auto start.01:48
roastedDr_Willis, but, I want auto start so if I reboot the server it starts.. but then it almost forces me to reboot each time I make a motion change.01:49
ivorybishopi am not sure, i was just shotgunning a search thru duckduckgo and it shows a lot of stuff01:49
escottivorybishop, a bios update might be in order01:49
ivorybishopi may just have to live with this since i am not a linux pro01:49
escottivorybishop, its also possible the board just doesnt support more than 4GB01:49
ivorybishopi think the bios is as up to date as it will get. its a dell01:50
ivorybishopand an older one at that01:50
escottivorybishop, boards can have their own random limits that are distinct from the number of slots you can fill, although usually its of the form "no DIMM bigger than X"01:50
jamiejacksonDr_Willis: you had the bot tell me about the "text" option in the grub menu. where do i put it? i'm not clear on which is the "kernel" line. there are maybe 10 lines in there01:50
ivorybishopi see01:50
ivorybishopwell, thank you for your patience and your help, its very appreciated01:51
Dr_Willisjamiejackson:  ssame line with the 'quiet splash'' option..01:51
ivorybishopit was worth a shot anyway01:51
Dr_Willisjamiejackson:  you can replace 'quiet splash' with 'text' i recall01:52
ActionParsnipivorybishop: tried a diffrent distro like suse etc? not debian or ubuntu based01:52
roastedDr_Willis, am I speaking spanglish or does that at least make sense?01:52
jamiejacksongot it, Dr_Willis, thanks01:52
ivorybishopnah, i havent01:52
ivorybishopthats a good idea tho01:52
ActionParsnipivorybishop: might be worth a shot01:53
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SafariMonkeyquick check, anyone else finding that omgubuntu pages don't load (uk)?02:00
ActionParsnipSafariMonkey: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/02:00
ActionParsnipSafariMonkey: or join the omgubuntu channel02:02
ActionParsnipSafariMonkey: #omg!ubuntu!02:02
Chuck_NorrisSafariMonkey: i recently have some troubles loading OMGubuntu as well02:02
Chuck_Norrisand my RSS doesn't work fine also02:03
SafariMonkeyActionParsnip: thanks, but my problem is article *content*  doesn't load but frame/articles list does...02:03
SafariMonkeyActionParsnip: never would have guessed that channel02:03
Chuck_Norrisye, thats was mah problem as well i can go to the URL but nothing is there02:03
ActionParsnipSafariMonkey: yeah the exclamation marks are dumb02:04
Chuck_NorrisSafariMonkey: but do not warry in a couple of minutos will be solved, this is not the first time for me =P02:04
SafariMonkeymy guess is a CMS/PHP error02:04
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Chuck_Norrisworry* -.-02:05
ActionParsnipSafariMonkey: does their facebook page mention anything about it being faulty?02:05
kruxthey been having trouble the past couple of days.. they been posting on twitter about the site been down and not working correctly02:06
ActionParsnipthat'll do it too02:07
SafariMonkeyyeah well thanks. :)02:08
SafariMonkeyjust it's been down for a while02:09
Benkinoobyhi, i'm on ubuntu 10.04. is there a fast and easy way to compare the versions of all my installed packages in 10.04 and 12.04?02:09
smw_Benkinooby, why do you want to compare versions?02:10
dgeary2what's the process for submitting a (structural) feature request against a specific package?02:10
Benkinoobysmw_, i'd like to see what programs upgraded when i upgrade ubuntu02:11
smw_Benkinooby, almost everyone program will be a different version number02:11
Benkinoobysmw_, forgot a "will"02:11
smw_Benkinooby, you can look up specific ones at packages.ubuntu.com02:11
smw_Benkinooby, apt-cache show packagename to get the version of the one on 10.0402:12
smw_Benkinooby, then you can look up for precise in the web interface02:12
smw_Benkinooby, but I can tell you everything will be at a higher version number except a couple like firefox02:12
smw_dgeary2, what type of feature request?02:13
Benkinoobysmw_, ok, thank you02:13
smw_dgeary2, chances are the best bet is to get it into debian and then have it imported into ubuntu02:14
sandydneighbor is blasting music again02:14
dgeary2smw_ requesting splitting out the host and guest configuration for ltsp-build-client in the ltsp-server. ubuntu is the upstream.02:14
sandydafter i've told him for the 100th time.02:14
sandydwrong channel02:15
sandydignore me02:15
Chuck_Norriscall 911 =P -.-02:15
smw_dgeary2, I guess an enhancement bug would be best. Or contact the maintainer02:15
Benkinoobysays chuck norris02:15
jasonbournejoin /#backtrack02:15
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GushingsOkay, I think I need drivers for my iGPU, or to edit my xorg.conf.02:17
dgeary2smw_, i may have been wrong about ubuntu being upstream ... how to find out which project is upstream for a particular package?02:17
GushingsHow do I determine which drivers I need?02:17
smw_dgeary2, truthfully, I don't know :-)02:18
smw_dgeary2, I would probably ask in #ubuntu-devel02:18
dgeary2smw_, there is this note in the man page: ltsp-build-client is part of ltsp package and the latest  versions  are available in source form from https://launchpad.net/products/ltsp02:18
dgeary2smw_, thanks for your help02:19
escotthow can one distinguish between a U3 usb disk and one that has an actual hardware implementation?02:20
thewaziranybody running xmonad on 12.04??????02:20
dgeary2escott, what is a u3 usb disk?02:24
escottdgeary2, an annoyance02:24
ActionParsnipdgeary2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U302:24
ActionParsnipescott: too right02:25
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dsnydersActionParsnip, The Nvidia suspend/resume instructions on the amitsrivastava.net didn't work.  I'm going through things to make sure I didn't leave anything out.02:27
dgeary2ActionParsnip, escott, thanks, i'd try lshal02:27
escottActionParsnip, trying to make a liveusb, and the u3 doesnt seem to boot02:27
Jon--I want to do a full backup of my system and a fresh install to get rid of bloat. By "full backup" I mean "most configuration files, a list of installed packages as a reference, home directory, etc". I plan to backup /etc/ and /home/, and do a dump of dpkg --get-selections. Anything important I'm missing with this, given a typical setup?02:29
ActionParsnipJon--: sounds fine to me02:31
Jon--I'm sorry Ubuntu, you have served me faithfully for many years, but due to some recent design decisions that I really disagree with, and the overall bloat, I'm diving in to Arch. You might see me back. Sorry! :(02:32
Jon--Overall it's still a heck of an OS02:33
escottActionParsnip, i just cant figure out if this is really U3 or not. and if its a waste of time to boot windows and install the sandisk tool02:33
ActionParsnipescott: not something i've used. i've only seen folks in here try to use them with no success but others may have02:34
OerHeksnaugty obottu02:37
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
OerHeksescott there is an U3-tool02:37
escottOerHeks, yeah i cant get it to do anything, but im also not sure what device im supposed to point it at02:37
Pici!info u3-tool02:38
ubottuu3-tool (source: u3-tool): tool for controlling the special features of a U3 USB flash disk. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3-1.1 (precise), package size 18 kB, installed size 84 kB (Only available for alpha; amd64; arm; armel; armhf; i386; ia64; mipsel; kfreebsd-amd64; kfreebsd-i386; hurd-i386)02:38
OerHeksescott an U3 drive comes with a double entry, i recall02:38
escottOerHeks, yeah i have sg2 and sg3 with sg2 being sr1 and sg3 being sdb102:39
piper69ActionParsnip: you busy sir02:39
ActionParsnippiper69: half, wassup02:41
piper69i download and burned 12.04 2 times to DVD with different speeds, 1st dvd i was able to boot from it , but when i tried to install it i kept getting error and it adviced me to clean the dvd or burn it with a different speed. that didn't even boot02:41
ActionParsnippiper69: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?02:42
escottI'm also unclear if it matters. supposing i do remove the partition with the u3 tool the sr1 device will still exist and that will still confuse the liveUSB during boot. so i guess this is no good for a boot disk02:42
piper69ActionParsnip: this is my wife windows box i don't know how to do it in wiwndows02:42
piper69ActionParsnip: also i didnt see any netbook version , so i downloaded the desktop02:43
trismescott: I have a sandisk cruzer, and removed u3 with the windows too, the other device is gone after, works fine for liveusb02:43
piper69i am trying to install it on an HP dv702:43
escotttrism, ok i guess ill boot windows later then02:43
Benkinoobypiper69, you misspelled02:45
piper69Benkinooby: yes but then i used the correct one on private pm02:45
Benkinoobypiper69, ah, ok02:45
piper69trying to contribute and not flood02:45
Benkinoobypiper69, i usually install from pen drive...02:46
=== newbie is now known as Guest76684
pc-moonwhat program is help me to make like this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohJCdihPWqc02:47
piper69Benkinooby: i couldn't find how to install it from usb02:47
pc-mooni wanna change background and add somthing in video02:47
ActionParsnip!md5 | piper6902:48
ubottupiper69: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:48
ActionParsnippiper69: there is no netbook remix now :)02:48
Benkinoobypiper69, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows02:48
piper69ActionParsnip: so do i install the alt version02:49
Benkinoobypiper69, this link can be found on the right side on http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop02:49
laechelnI'm having trouble with my internet02:49
Benkinoobypiper69, alternate would also be an idea02:49
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal02:49
laechelnI can't get to the internet at all02:50
pbx2"You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before installing. "  How do I exit X?02:51
ActionParsnippiper69: you can do, its a bit faster02:52
ActionParsnippbx2: what are you installing?02:52
brian__hey guys, i kep getting adpkg err02:52
pbx2ActionParsnip, Nvidia latest driver02:52
ActionParsnipbrian__: can you pastebin the output of:  sudo apt-get update    please02:52
brian__ActionParsnip, I went and restarted ubuntu, and I'm stil geting the same stuf02:52
piper69ActionParsnip: meaning02:52
reisiopbx2: sudo service gdm stop or something02:52
sunbirdhow do i trash gedit's config files? i'm getting a bizarre error when trying to open a text file.02:52
brian__sudo apt-get update02:52
Benkinoobyok i'm out - see ya!02:52
brian__ok, one sec02:53
sunbirdi tried rm'ing .gconf/apps/gedit-2 but it didn't help.02:53
ActionParsnippiper69: it installs in text mode, so you dont have to wait for the x server to be built to install02:53
pbx2reisio, there is no gdm or kdm running02:53
reisiopbx2: but yeah, you probably shouldn't be doing that the "manual" way02:53
sunbirdthis is on ubuntu 12.04x6402:53
reisiopbx2: oh sorry it's lightdm02:53
ActionParsnippbx2: the xorg edgers update ppa has those packaged and ready02:53
reisiopbx2: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia02:53
sunbirdhere's the error -> GtkSourceView:ERROR:gtksourcecontextengine.c:5487:update_syntax: assertion failed: (state->context != NULL)02:53
sunbirdAborted (core dumped)02:53
Khisanththat looks more like a bug02:54
sunbirdthe file is called 'filename' but if i rename it 'filename.txt' it opens fine.02:54
ActionParsnippbx2: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install nvidia-current02:54
ActionParsnipsunbird: is that when you run gedit?02:54
pbx2ActionParsnip, I want to install the "Official Driver" I downloaded from Nvidia02:54
pbx2ActionParsnip, it says sudo sh /driver.run02:55
ActionParsnippbx2: that is the one from nvidia, the driver is proprietary, so it can ONLY come from nvidia02:55
sunbirdActionParsnip: yes, from command line. gedit filename throws the error before the file opens. if i cp the file to filename.txt, it opens fine.02:55
pbx2ActionParsnip, yes thats the one I want to install02:55
ActionParsnipsunbird: could try:  sudo apt-get --reinstall install gedit02:55
ActionParsnippbx2: yes, that wil install it for you02:55
pbx2ActionParsnip, I need to stop Xserver for that02:55
ActionParsnippbx2: you don't if you use the package02:56
hilikusis it possible to install a vnc server in a live cd and then start and control the installation through vnc?02:56
hilikusthe installation of ubuntu (permanent)02:56
pbx2Will this stop Xserver: sudo apt-get --purge remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau ?02:56
ActionParsniphilikus: absolutely, you can do anything in the liveCD that you can do in an installed OS except reboot :)02:56
sunbirdActionParsnip: same problem. :(02:56
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:56
ActionParsnippbx2: you don't need to uninstall the package, you can blacklist it if you want but the kernel will load the nvidia driver and not nouveau or nv02:57
pbx2ActionParsnip, i am running Lubuntu02:57
sunbirdi think that gedit thinks that /path/to/filename is a specific encoding and crashes when it is not as expected.02:57
hilikusActionParsnip: is a vnc server installed by default in ubuntu?02:57
pbx2i.e. Light version of Ubuntu...02:57
ActionParsnippbx2: so?02:58
escotthilikus, no02:58
ActionParsniphilikus: yes, vino is in a default OS02:58
ActionParsnipsunbird: does it happen with other editors, like leafpad?02:58
sunbirddunno, let's find out.02:58
xibalbahey folks, anyone know where is a potentially good place to sell a domain?02:59
CoJaBoAre there any tips for getting Meshlab to not crash the system when a file is opened?02:59
sunbirdActionParsnip: nope. leafpad opens fine.02:59
hexlixirhello. what's the best way to store passwords on ubuntu?03:00
hilikusActionParsnip: is there a way to do vnc without port forwarding in the router?03:00
ccmonster: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.03:00
ccmonsterthat's what it says ActionParsnip03:00
ActionParsniphilikus: if you want access over LAN then you don't need to port forward03:00
thewazirin Unix, you can get command file location by doing 'type  <command>' example - type ls, what is Linux equivalent03:01
ActionParsnipccmonster: ok, run that command, pastebin the output please03:01
piper69ActionParsnip: md5 checks out03:01
ActionParsnipthewazir: which ls03:01
ActionParsnippiper69: cool03:01
hilikusActionParsnip: its not over the LAN, its a friend in another country03:01
ActionParsniphilikus: then you should use an SSH tunnel, VNC has zero security03:01
ActionParsniphilikus: you WILL need to port forward on the router03:02
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX03:02
ccmonsterActionParsnip,  it loks like it is seting up EVERYTHING inthe system almost03:02
ActionParsnipccmonster: its just continuing the install03:02
piper69ActionParsnip: can you please run it by me again, when you said erlaier that i can choose not to use the new look03:03
ccmonsterhmm. Interesting. It wouldn't let me do this untl i did a reboot03:03
SubCoolCould someone help me with backing up? - I ran across this awesome method, and i liekd it- but lost everything. Its a command that copies all of your packages, or their names to a list. So that when u restart a system, you can automatically download all of you rpackages. But i was curious on setting it up so that all customizations could be saved to a SD or something?03:03
piper69ActionParsnip: what should i look for , i hated how 11.xx looked and maneuvered, i couldn't even find the admin menu03:04
xibalbalooking to sell the domain colosandiego.com03:04
ActionParsnippiper69: the only thnig you aren't liking is Unity, which is the default shell. The old default shell wass gnome-panel so ALL you have to do is install gnome-panel and you will get the old style desktop03:04
ActionParsnippiper69: the admin menu is in the cog menu in the top right of the screen, a few of the apps may be in the dash03:04
ActionParsnippiper69: you can always install Xubuntu and it will look a lot like gnome 203:05
hexlixirhello. what's the best way to store passwords on ubuntu?03:05
reisioxibalba: try looking at #nobodycares03:05
piper69ActionParsnip: what i didn't like is the bar on the left hand site03:05
xibalbaoh snap03:05
reisiohexlixir: not at all03:05
hexlixirreisio: what?03:05
ActionParsnippiper69:  that is only in one of the 4 official releases03:05
piper69ActionParsnip: what do you mean ?03:05
ActionParsnippiper69: so as I always say: you don't have to use Unity03:06
escotthexlixir, you should store anything sensitive in your keyring03:06
reisiostoring passwords makes them less effective03:06
ActionParsnippiper69: Xubuntu, Lubuntu and Kubuntu do not have Unity installed03:06
netmkxibalba: why would anyone want to buy that? Colonoscopy San Diego?03:06
piper69i will give xubuntu a try then03:06
xibalbanetmk, lol that's pretty funny03:06
hexlixirescott: how do I use them in my browser?03:06
escotthexlixir, seahorse provides a gui for gnome/unity03:06
xangua!ot | netmk xibalba03:06
ubottunetmk xibalba: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:06
xibalbai fugued someone who is in the data center business would be interested03:06
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netmkxangua: wow thanks for the information.03:07
xibalbaxangua, understood03:07
piper69ActionParsnip: i hope all this will fix my original issue, viewing the videos03:07
ActionParsnippiper69: probably, newer kernel and X may help03:08
CoJaBoIs there a way to make sure the graphics drivers are up to date?03:09
ccmonsterActionParsnip, so it finshed the dpkg -configure, now I'm doing another apt-get update. What next?03:09
reisioCoJaBo: same as keeping your system up to date03:09
ActionParsnipccmonster: if you run:  sudo apt-get -f install   does it say zero updated?03:09
=== ray1claw is now known as ray1claw_afk
CoJaBoreisio: Then why does it crash when I start meshlab? :/03:09
reisioCoJaBo: because03:10
chrislu5tic1Hi there Please help me >> http://pastebin.com/Ee22nWzs03:10
CoJaBoAny ideas how to fix that? :/03:11
ccmonsterActionParsnip, now it says unable to open sudo, read0only file system03:11
ActionParsnipchrislu5tic1: delete the partitioned space you want to install ubuntu to so that it is unallocated and the installer will see it03:12
ActionParsnipccmonster: then you may want to fsck it from liveCD03:12
chrislu5tic1so delete sda5 ?03:12
Zyclopshey.. i need to setup 7 ubuntu machines for software developers all with the same development environment setup but with different user accounts and passwords.   I need to retain some level of control over the machines (i.e. if a developer comes or goes we can put another developer on the same machine).  Most of the machines are similar hardware but not exactly the same.  Is there a way i can set this up once and then 03:12
ccmonsterwhat's the comand you wanted me to try again?03:12
ccmonstersudo apt-get -f install ??03:13
cnnnnumHELLo??? ? ? ?03:13
piper69ActionParsnip: i am getting the same error as i was installing from the DVD03:14
euphoriaahi everyone03:14
cnnnnumdude why are you installing dvds on your computer03:14
cnnnnumits 201203:14
cnnnnumblu ray03:14
ccmonsterit says unable to initialize temporary files when I just ried to open an ap03:14
CoJaBo..I guess I might need fglrx?03:14
cnnnnumwhat movie is it03:14
euphoriaacnnnnum i am doing a poll for my statistics class03:14
cnnnnumeagle eye with shia labeourf?03:14
root__ /nick phoenix03:15
euphoriaado you call a carbonated beverage "pop or soda"?03:15
cnnnnumwhats the poll?03:15
ActionParsnippiper69: what video chip do you use?03:15
cnnnnumi call it coke03:15
xangua!poll | euphoriaa03:15
ubottueuphoriaa: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.03:15
=== root__ is now known as phoenix2
euphoriaaok i will try that03:15
reisioxangua: yeah... but he didn't ask which was best03:15
ActionParsnipccmonster: boot to liveCD and fsck the partition03:15
inelationhi everyone03:15
ccmonsterwhat does fsck do ?03:15
inelationcould someone please help with with a hardware raid 103:15
xanguareisio: just lazy to write myself03:16
ActionParsnipccmonster: checks the file system health03:16
Hupalhey kinda new to using irc chAT03:16
GushingsWhen using my iGPU with HDMI output to my display, I go through BIOS and get a purple screen for a few seconds, then it goes black and I lose HDMI output.03:16
phoenix2Why am I banned from #backtrack-linux, i've never even tried to connect before.03:16
GushingsAny tips?03:16
cnnnnumcan someone please help me with soldering on a new power suppllly into my lab-top03:16
piper69ActionParsnip: 1 sec, let me get the laptop next to me here03:16
Gushingsis your username registered, phoenix2?03:16
phoenix2Derp, thanks.03:16
inelationi've setup a raid 1 array through a bios utility..ubuntu 12 is showing 2 disks in disk utility as raid component03:16
Jon--How can I determine file system FAT16 vs FAT32 vs NTFS for some mounted drive? fdisk just has HPFS/NTFS/exFAT03:16
reisioJon--: how about /sbin/blkid03:17
inelationif i format the volume of either drive as ext4 it destroys the array..and I get 2 separate drives..03:17
phoenix2Registered, still can't connect.03:17
cnnnnumis the ram i install on my labtop different than ram i install on my personal computer?03:17
ccmonstercan I run fsck right now?03:17
reisiocnnnnum: probably03:17
reisiocnnnnum: it's probably an entirely different form factor, for starters03:18
cnnnnumcan i interchange the pc ram into my labtop03:18
reisiocnnnnum: not likely03:18
reisiobut no one can say without examining03:18
cnnnnumwell thats silly!03:18
Jon--reisio, example use?03:18
reisiocnnnnum: laptops are pretty silly03:18
reisioJon--: '/sbin/blkid'03:18
cnnnnumi think its labtop, pal03:18
Jon--reisio, no output03:18
reisiolabbbb top?03:18
reisiowhat's a labtop?03:18
phoenix2Anybody heard of backtrack having total network failure when you try to download anything more than a few mb?03:19
piper69ActionParsnip: GT216 GeForce gt 320m REV A203:19
cnnnnumu no03:19
phoenix2It repeatively says that my wpa password is bad, even though I was just connected with the same info..03:19
cnnnnumthat thang u surf redtube with to jerk while ur on da toilet03:19
cnnnnuma labtop03:19
phoenix2Until I reboot03:19
xanguaphoenix2: sounds like a question for #backtrack-linux03:19
phoenix2No shit.03:19
reisiocnnnnum: laptop03:19
reisioI use my phone, actually03:19
xangua!language | cnnnnum phoenix203:19
ubottucnnnnum phoenix2: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:19
cnnnnumi used to make that mistake as well03:19
phoenix2I was just talking about not being able to connect to there bro.03:20
reisiooh, what happened?03:20
Jon--reisio, Any ideas?03:20
piper69ActionParsnip: Am i that screwed hehe03:20
ActionParsnippiper69: add the boot option:  nouveau.blacklist=103:21
reisioJon--: no output? then you probably aren't running Linux03:22
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tehwilderI don't understand how I can be banned from a chennel I've never joined. I registered and verified.03:23
piper69ActionParsnip: i am not expert like you can you please explain, i will be installing from pendrive03:24
xibalbatehwilder, welcome to IRC03:24
chrislu5tic1actionparsnip: http://pastebin.com/hJnfmh0U03:24
tehwilderNever had this problem.03:25
ActionParsnip!bootoption | piper6903:25
ubottupiper69: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.03:25
ActionParsnipchrislu5tic1: is the space you want to install ubuntu to formatted at al?03:26
chrislu5tic1actionparsnip:  it says nfts /dev/sda503:27
ActionParsnipchrislu5tic1: unpartition it in windows, ntfs cannot be used to install Ubuntu to03:27
CoJaBo...which is no longer supported. great.03:27
GushingsSwitching consoles with control-alt-f# gives me a red screen until I switch back to the one with gdm running.03:28
chrislu5tic1actionparnsip: so i should just use the partition editor and partition the full size of the partition to ... ext4  ?03:28
chrislu5tic1the full size of the /dev/sda5 that is *03:28
JoseeAntonioRGushings: do you really need to use those consoles? Because you can use a Terminal instead03:29
GushingsJoseeAntonioR Yes, I need the consoles.03:29
chrislu5tic1I am using a USB installer  aswell,03:29
JoseeAntonioRGushings: is any of the consoles working fine?03:30
GushingsI can't use terminals for this particular task.03:30
GushingsNo, only the one with the graphics.03:30
=== jsec- is now known as jsec
Gushingsif I service gdm stop it turns red as well03:30
GushingsThey are all technically "working" actually - I can log in blind and make directories, etc.03:31
GushingsI can only see red though.03:31
JoseeAntonioRGushings: could you please give me the output of "sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a; uname -a | pastebinit"?03:31
CoJaBoi had something like that happen..03:31
cknoxwhat are the permissions that should be on the /home partition?03:32
MerlynKorrwhy was i kicked from tremulous? (i ask here because i dont know where else to ask.)03:32
GushingsWhat does pastebinit do, post to pastebin?03:32
chrislu5tic1actionparsnip: Im using a usb installer,  cant I just use the partition editor in ubuntu03:32
chrislu5tic1to partition the full size of the empty drive from nfts to ext4 rather than using windows.03:32
chrislu5tic1...and it's ext4 tight ?03:32
smw_cknox, permissions?03:32
JoseeAntonioRGushings: Yes03:32
reisioMerlynKorr: ask someone on this list: /msg chanserv access #tremulous list03:33
smw_cknox, what do you mean permissions on a partition?03:33
cknoxsmw_: I installed Ubuntu, then I added a logical volume (since the installer didn't like it when I had more than one...) One of them was for my home directory03:34
cknoxnow when I create new users, or when I recreated mine, they're all getting the permissions rwxr-xr-x03:34
cknoxwhich makes it so that everyone can see my files...03:34
smw_cknox, so set it to something else :-)03:35
cknoxbut why would it have set them to that by default?03:35
piper69ActionParsnip: i failed to access the boot option03:35
Boohbahcknox: man umask03:35
smw_cknox, sometimes I ask myself the same question...03:35
=== paulus68_ is now known as paulus68
JoseeAntonioRGushings: Have you checked if there are any additional drivers to be installed? Seems like the system is using a generic driver for your video card.03:36
chrislu5tic1when partitions my drive,   which mount point should I use, ??????03:36
chrislu5tic1like /home    /boot    /tmp     /usr     /var  ???????03:36
GushingsI am using the drivers from http://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads03:36
GushingsSystem built for CUDA, which is working great.03:36
cknoxwtf on our production server at work, some users have rwx------ and others have rwxr-xr-x03:36
=== godwit is now known as hao
chrislu5tic1anyone ?? ^03:37
=== hao is now known as haozi
cknoxoh well, i'll just change the permissions on the directory to rwxr-x--- and be done with it03:37
smw_chrisltq, why are you making different partitions?03:37
smw_chrislu5tic1, ^03:37
Boohbahcknox: or you could set the umask in bashrc/bash_profile03:37
smw_chrislu5tic1, I personally make a / partition and a /home partition03:37
smw_chrislu5tic1, but it depends on what you want03:38
chrislu5tic1I am installing ubuntu alongside win7,  im formatting an empty partition from ntfs to ext4 so that I can install ubuntu,03:38
chrislu5tic1it askes for mount point,03:38
chrislu5tic1or ..well it can be selected03:38
smw_chrisltq, /03:38
JoseeAntonioRGushings: I don't know what can be causing this, from what I know this is an issue with the video card03:38
chrislu5tic1just the ? by itself?03:38
cknoxBoohbah: enough of your logic!03:38
smw_chrislu5tic1, you MUST have a partition mounted on "/"03:38
Dr_Willis / is the 'root' of the os03:38
chrislu5tic1oh kay so it just has to be one of them03:39
chrislu5tic1I can choose home by personal preffernce?03:39
Dr_Willisyou have to have a partion mounted as '/'03:39
cknoxBoohbah:  watch this...03:39
Dr_Willis /home can be its own partition also.. if you want03:39
cknoxNo manual entry for umask03:39
smw_chrislu5tic1, some advanced users also have a /home partition separate03:39
GushingsAlright, well thank you.03:40
chrislu5tic1im trying to install ubuntu..  all partitions are ntfs.. im trying to format the partition.. which mount point should i choose please03:40
piper69guys i am not able to enable kernel options when booting from usb and  suggestions please03:40
smw_chrislu5tic1, "/"03:40
Dr_Willischrislu5tic1:  you have how many partitions?03:40
smw_chrislu5tic1, Dr_Willis is asking how many partitions are for linux03:41
Dr_Williscommon 'layout'  chrislu5tic1  for my systems. one drive --:  partition 1 = ntfs, partition 2 = '/' , partition 3 = linux swap03:41
chrislu5tic1I have 5 partition,  1 is for windows,, one is for recovery,  one is for bootloader, one is for win7 loader,  and the one Im trying to use is empty...03:41
Boohbahcknox: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umask03:41
Dr_Willischrislu5tic1:  empty ntfs? or empty ext3/4 ?03:42
cknoxBoohbah: that's what i'm looking at now03:42
chrislu5tic1this computer came with windows.03:42
Dr_Willischrislu5tic1:  any data on it you wan tto keep?03:42
pbxreisio, thanks stop lightdm worked :)03:42
piper69guys i am not able to enable kernel options when booting from usb and  suggestions please?03:42
chrislu5tic1im installing ALONGSIDE03:42
chrislu5tic1its not getting rid of my windows03:42
smw_chrislu5tic1, so set the partition to ext4 and mount point /03:42
chrislu5tic1slash by itself right ?03:43
Dr_Willischrislu5tic1:  and you have to have a ext3/4 partition to install to.. so on that partition. is there any data on it?03:43
smw_chrislu5tic1, yes03:43
sunbirdany other places userprefs hide in 12.04? i deleted .gconf/apps/gedit-2 but looking for other places...03:43
chrislu5tic1THANK YOU ALL03:43
smw_Dr_Willis, he already said it was empty but formatted ntfs03:43
cknoxsunbird: just to be safe you could always delete / </sarcasm>03:43
smw_sunbird, userprefs hide throughout your home dir03:44
Dr_Williseasiest thing to do woule be to just delete the partition and let the installer repartion the unallocaed space ;)03:44
JoseeAntonioR!ru | internetnikolay03:45
ubottuinternetnikolay: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.03:45
sunbirdso i also found .config/gedit, but that wasn't it either....03:45
chrislu5tic1it says I have not selected a partition for swap space,   and I need to03:46
Dr_Willischrislu5tic1:  yep. i was about to mention how you need 2 partitons normally. / and swap03:46
pbxis there a good download manager for ubuntu that splits the download into chunks so we can download using 8 connections etc03:46
internetnikolay<ubottu> спасибо)03:46
Dr_Willisyou can get by withoug swap. but i dont know if the installer will let you do that03:47
chrislu5tic1this is ridiculous03:47
piper69can someone please help me set the NOMODSET on 12.04 running from usb03:47
Dr_Willisif you just delete the partition you are trying to use. the installer can repartion it to a / and  swap as needed chrislu5tic103:47
chrislu5tic1usually installing linux 12.04 on every other computer has been a BREEZ03:47
chrislu5tic1this isnt my computer03:47
Dr_Willisyou can have  seveal loigical partitons in an extended. so having a / and swap is not a big desl03:48
chrislu5tic1so just   delete the partition that I was formatting to ext403:48
chrislu5tic1and then go through with the installation and it will detect it?03:48
Dr_Willisor make it into 2 partitions  a / and a smaller swap03:48
Dr_Williseither way you want to.  Depends on how much controll you desire.03:48
Dr_Willischrislu5tic1:  how big is this partition anyway?03:49
sunbird... and .gnome2/gedit... not it.03:49
chrislu5tic1i cant do that03:49
chrislu5tic1its not my computer i cant go around partitioning everything03:49
chrislu5tic1this has never been needed before03:49
ActionParsnipchrislu5tic1: like I said, leave it unpartitioned and the installer will set it up for you03:49
Dr_Willisyou allready are changeing partitions.03:49
piper69ActionParsnip: can you help please03:49
ActionParsnippiper69: sup03:49
Dr_Willisso if you do it.. or if the installer does it.. what does it matter03:49
JoseeAntonioRpiper69: I see you want to run nomodeset from a LiveUSB03:50
piper69JoseeAntonioR: yes sir, ActionParsnip ^^03:50
ActionParsnipJoseeAntonioR: in fact nouveau.blacklist=103:51
JoseeAntonioRActionParsnip: what's it about? The user with a red screen?03:51
JoseeAntonioRseems like he has already replaced the driver03:51
ActionParsnipJoseeAntonioR: no boot to liveCD for piper6903:51
ActionParsnipah, i see03:51
JoseeAntonioRpiper69: Ok, once it's booting you'll see a purple screen with two icons. Press the space key, and you'll be prompted in a menu where you can change the boot options.03:53
Beatstreetzanberdo - you lurking?03:53
piper69am not getting that03:53
ActionParsnipchrislu5tic1: what is?03:56
=== LukeNukem is now known as DarthVader
=== DarthVader is now known as chewingGurl
ActionParsnipchrislu5tic1: you partitioned the space you wanted to install ubuntu to, to NTFS which cannot hold Linux file permissions. All you have to do is either resize it (if you have a lot of spare space and need the 2nd partition), or delete it and the installer will offer to use the space. How is that ridiculous?03:57
mhazchrislu5tic1= Troll03:58
ActionParsnipchrislu5tic1: if you can enlighten me as to your issue, maybe I can help03:58
chrislu5tic1i deleted it03:58
=== chewingGurl is now known as bluesoup
chrislu5tic1the installer does not offer anything03:58
chrislu5tic1it says the same thing,  you need to format it, after formatting it  you need another patition for swap03:59
piper69on a 500GB, is it possible i can partition into two or even three, so that core system (OS) is installed in a pation and applications are installed on another and user data on theird03:59
ActionParsnipchrislu5tic1: ok, what type of disk does windows disk manager say it is?03:59
Dr_Willisoften after deleting a partion - a reboot is needed for the kernel to see the new partition layout03:59
ActionParsnippiper69: totally, thats what I do :)03:59
piper69how can i do it please04:00
ActionParsnippiper69: 10Gb /, 3.3Gb swap, rest for /home :)04:00
=== bluesoup is now known as unix_mom
JoseeAntonioRpiper69: Yes, you should create the partitions, and set the mount point. You should mount /home for personal data.04:00
ActionParsnippiper69: my system has 3Gb RAM, hence 3.3Gb swap :)04:00
cknoxActionParsnip: that's not quite what piper69 asked...04:02
cknoxalthough that's pretty close to my setup04:02
cknoxI have 15 G / 5 G /home 524 M swap and 25 M /var/www04:03
Dr_Willis5G wouldent hold my wallpaper collection. ;)04:03
cknoxDr_Willis: it's only 5 G to start with04:04
this_is_a_unWow you people have small hard drives...04:04
cknoxit's also a server, so I don't need to have wallpapers on it ;)04:04
Dr_Willisi got a whole 3TB hard drive for my home ;)04:04
* cknox can only fit a 200 GB drive in the server (mostly due to it not having sata, and me not having any other ide drives)04:05
jefimenkodo you have to reboot after reboot after changing the timezone on a server?04:06
jefimenkousing dpkg-reconfigure tzdata04:06
cknoxjefimenko: I don't believe so04:07
cknoxis it telling you that you need to reboot?04:07
=== unix_mom is now known as LukeNukem
roastedQuestion - what's a good utility (web based) that I could use to pull up basic stats on my server over the web? I'm hoping to find the typical things you'd see in system monitor. disk usage, etc.04:07
cknoxroasted: phpsysinfo?04:08
roastedcknox, I'll look into it, thanks. Anything special to get it running?04:08
religi0nCould someone help troubleshoot me getting Ubuntu to boot? I've tried everything I know04:09
cknoxroasted: I don't think I needed anything special, but I haven't tried it recently...04:09
roastedcknox, do you recall how to access it by chance?04:10
cknoxI've recently reinstalled my server to get lvm installed so I haven't set it all up yet04:10
ActionParsnipthis_is_a_un: yes but my storage is on my file server, so the system itself needs very little storage04:11
roastedeh, nadda. I'll look around though.04:11
KRomoActionParsnip, you are on here 24/704:11
ActionParsnipthis_is_a_un: when you have a file server you don't need lots of big drives04:11
KRomoi appreciate all of your help04:11
ActionParsnipKRomo: I just work stupid shifts04:11
FrozenFireAfter a power outage, my system running Ubuntu 12.04 no longer has wireless connectivity. It does not seem to be picking up any wireless access points at all. If I try to explicitly connect to an access point by configuring it as a "hidden" one, it just scans continuously for it.04:11
roastedActionParsnip for president.04:11
FrozenFireAny suggestions as to what I can do to resolve this>?04:11
FrozenFireI've reinstalled NetworkManager04:12
ActionParsnipthis_is_a_un: don't tell me you have all your music and junk on loads of differnet systems....04:12
KRomoFrozenFire, power surge fried chip?04:12
ActionParsniproasted: I'm british ;)04:12
roastedActionParsnip, I failed :(04:12
FrozenFireKRomo, Unlikely. It was a schedule bit of power infrastructure maintenance. They turned the power off themselves.04:12
roastedActionParsnip, you should become an expert in Motion so you can help me with understanding these ridiculous daemon issues. :D04:12
FrozenFireAnd yes, before you mention it, the system should have been turned off.04:13
FrozenFireBut, my sister, whose system it is, didn't.04:13
KRomoanyone check out the chromebox? thinking about suggesting it for my dad to replace his aging pc04:13
ActionParsniproasted: hehe wel I'll be doing LPI101 and LP102 soon so its a step closer :)04:13
roastedActionParsnip, I'm actually very fond of this software. Its proving to be quite awesome for home surveillance. I just wish I understood some of this crap more.04:13
religi0nCan someone help me? I can't load the fail safe graphics option in recovery mode. I can't do anything other than use the shell04:14
roastedalthough I just dug up an old bug regarding the one daemon service, so maybe that's what I'm seeing.04:14
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest45107
mhazJono: when is the next Lugradio?04:15
jonomhaz, who knows? :-)04:15
cknoxanyone know how to add a virtual directory to apache (is that what they're even called in apache)04:15
mhazI think you would know....................04:16
cknoxI know where phpsysinfo keeps it's files, but it doesn't seem to have a site pointing to it :(04:16
jonomhaz, given that there are no plans, not really :-)04:16
mhazI see. Pity.04:16
jonomhaz, glad you liked the show04:17
mhazI am listening to season 4 episode 24 now. I feel nostalgic.04:18
=== hellox is now known as jameslordx
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cknoxgaaaa why do I have to fix so much in 12.04?04:23
cknoxroasted: after running sudo apt-get install phpsysinfo, you may need to run sudo ln -s /usr/share/phpsysinfo /var/www04:25
=== ray1claw_afk is now known as ray1claw
=== paulus68_ is now known as paulus68
roastedcknox, beautiful!04:26
roastedcknox, I was just googling that too.04:26
paulus68what is the best way to take over a desktop from another ubuntu pc?04:26
roastedpaulus68, I just use VNC.04:27
paulus68roasted: if I remember correctly there is a build in one in ubuntu however I don't recall the name?04:27
roastedpaulus68, vinagre04:27
paulus68roasted: I suppose I need to install this on the remote and on the client right?04:28
roastedpaulus68, I'm not entirely sure. I just set everything up in th ebuilt in GUI tools for remote desktop.04:29
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
paulus68ok thanks04:29
=== Guest62610 is now known as xx
this_is_a_unSorry if this doesn't go here, but on some channels(IRC) I get an error that the message cannot be sent.04:31
JoseeAntonioRthis_is_a_un: It's because it's moderated and you don't have voice.04:32
this_is_a_unJoseeAntonioR: Ok. How would I get voice then? Sorry, I'm new to this whole thing xD04:33
JoseeAntonioRthis_is_a_un: A channel operator would have to give it to you04:33
ugiask the !op ?04:34
this_is_a_unAh, so you can't just 'ask for it'04:34
JoseeAntonioRthis_is_a_un: You can, but to an operator, not to anyone04:34
KRomook i have a problem in ubuntu04:34
this_is_a_unSo '/msg op voice'04:34
JoseeAntonioRthis_is_a_un: /msg chanserv access #channelname list will give you a list of ops04:35
KRomoim tryimn to extract from a zip, when i select "new folder it lets me start typing the name of the new folder and dissapears....04:35
KRomoonly in the downloads folder04:36
this_is_a_unok, got it.04:36
KRomocan anyone reproduce it?04:36
zhangerwhat version KRomo04:37
zhangerwhich version of ubuntu04:37
zhangerusing 11.04 hm04:37
zhangerlet me try extracting a zip04:37
KRomoits only in that folder04:37
zhangerso it works fine everywhere else?04:37
KRomoand i can create folders in other ways in Downloads04:38
KRomojust not when extracting a zip04:38
ActionParsnippaulus68: what apps you wanting to control on the remote system?04:38
KRomothe zip is in the downloads folder04:38
ActionParsnipKRomo: install unp and use that to extract everything in cli :)04:39
zhangerwait KRomo are you opening it in archive manager then pressing extract04:39
KRomonot pressing extract yet04:39
KRomoyes rather04:39
KRomopressing extract04:39
ActionParsnipKRomo: right click archive -> extract here04:39
KRomothen create folder04:39
KRomobut i dont want it to extract in downloads04:39
KRomoi want to create a folder imn downloads04:40
zhangeri just tried that04:40
zhangerworked fine04:40
KRomofucking weird04:40
zhangertry running it from command line04:40
KRomomaybe a 12.04 bug04:40
zhangersee if there's any output04:40
zhangerye seems like a random bug04:40
chuKRomo: Please watch the language. Thank you.04:40
ActionParsnipKRomo: make a folder then move the archive into it and extract, most archives will contain a folder to hold everything04:41
KRomoi figured a way to do it, but it seems to be a an archive mansager bug04:41
KRomoi installed 7zip tho, i thought 7zip would handle those files now04:42
ActionParsnipKRomo: run:  ubuntu-bug fileroller    then and report it04:42
ActionParsnipKRomo: 7zip will just add abilities to fileroller04:42
KRomofireroller does not exist04:43
KRomofile rather04:43
KRomodoesnt exist04:43
zhangerthere's a dash04:43
KRomooh -04:43
zhangeror rather04:43
zhangeri think04:43
FloodBot1zhanger: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:43
zhangerwoooooops :\04:43
zhangerdoes anyone know how to find the associated program/process with a window? sometimes the window names are totally unrelated, e.g "additional drivers" is "jockey-gtk", "disk utility" is palimpsest04:44
zhangersometimes i want to run it on command line but i dont know what the executable is called04:45
ggherdovhi all. I understand that to grant a user the permission to "sudo" I just need to add said user to the "admin" group. But then I have problems in adding a user to a group, look at this pastebin: http://bpaste.net/show/Yf424RDHdy7HhW2nVj2X/ with usermod it looks like I am just "overwriting" the second group of a user, not adding one more to its groups. Any hint?04:50
arooni-mobilecan someone help me ot understand why deluge isnt downloading?  i have checked that there is an available porn opene and configured it to that port04:51
ActionParsnipggherdov: thats because the command isn't adding the user to admin04:51
ActionParsnipggherdov: that will make the user ONLY in that group04:51
ActionParsnipggherdov: you want:   sudo usermod -a admin gghh04:51
cknoxI read a really good article last time I set my server up, and now I can't find it. How do I make it so normal users can edit /var/www?04:51
ActionParsnipggherdov: you want:   sudo usermod -a -G admin gghh04:51
zhangercknox chmod -R it?04:52
zhangerarooni-mobile are you running the daemon or what04:52
zhangerwhich interface are you using04:52
ggherdovActionParsnip: looks like a few more pass to the manpage of "usermod" are necessary to me :-) thanks04:52
arooni-mobilezhanger, i'm running the gui app04:52
ActionParsnipggherdov: usermod -a (add) -G (supplementary group) group-to-be-added-to username04:52
ActionParsnipggherdov: indeed04:52
cknoxzhanger: I did, but then I create a new directory and suddenly I can't create things in that directory04:53
dr3mrohow to set the cpufreq governet to conservative after booting 3 minutes !! ubuntu 12.04 :)04:53
zydingxiaomeiexcuse , what about lubuntu ?04:53
zhangerdid i miss something04:54
cknoxwhen it says log out, it means log out (screen sessions included)04:54
zhangercknox what're the permissions on /var/www04:55
diverdudehow can i check file encoding from the terminal?04:55
cknoxdrwxr-xr-x  3 www-data www-data 4096 May 30 21:3904:56
cknoxzhanger: i've got it working with /var/www/public set to 3 www-data www-data 4096 May 30 21:39 .04:56
cknoxdrwxr-xr-x 13 root     root     4096 May 30 21:39 ..04:57
goddardhow can i watch all my subscriptions from youtube with something like VLC instead of flash?04:57
cknoxdrwxrwsr-x  3 root     www-data 4096 May 30 21:54 public04:57
zhangerthat would make sense cknox, because that means users in the group www-data can modify it04:57
zhangernotice how /www is drwxr-xr-x  while /public is drwxrwsr-x04:57
zhangerso i guess you probably would want chmod -R 775 www04:58
chugoddard: You'd need something likei `minitube' (I think is the name?) or `youtube-dl'04:58
cknoxok, i'll try that in the morning, I've got to sleep or i'll be useless tomorrow04:58
zhangergood luck :)04:58
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nydelhow do i wanna go about setting up a USB controller? it's a vestax device meant to control virtual turntables, the vci-100. but i think i just need to know how to start, i've not tried this before.05:08
ActionParsnipnydel: run:   lsusb   use the 8 character hex id to find guides#05:09
nydelActionParsnip: trying that now, thank you05:10
nydelActionParsnip: you mean just look up the hex id on giggle or something like that?05:11
zhangergoogle, i would assume ;p05:11
nydelzhanger: i don't like to spell it like that because i don't want them to know i'm talking about them in case they're watching, they're always watching05:12
zhangernydel: haha05:12
nydelActionParsnip: is there a way i can run something that'll output the signals being sent by the usb device?05:12
UberschallSamsari think my upgrade installation of 12.04 got botched.  at the point in the install process where it said "we're going to do a post install cleanup now.  close all your open apps so you don't lose anything" i did an alt-tab to see if i actually had any other apps open, and the install window just ... disappeared.  since i didn't know how to even get a terminal at that point, i hit reset.  it...05:12
UberschallSamsar...seems to be running ok except that hibernate is hit or miss.  any way to repair an installation or at least this issue?05:12
nydelUberschallSamsar: to get a terminal, ctrl-alt-t05:13
rufsketch1Hello everyone. My mic port doesn't seem to work.05:13
rufsketch1alsamixer says nothing is muted05:13
rufsketch1can anyone help?05:13
nydelUberschallSamsar: just run updates from launcher, do a check & install everything.05:14
ActionParsnipnydel: possibly, not sure. If you can make a device out of it (one you get drivers) then I don't see why not05:14
nydelUberschallSamsar: you can also get a terminal by pressing ctrl-alt-f2 -- you'll need to press ctrl-alt-f7 to get back to xwindows.05:14
UberschallSamsarnydel: hmm i think i have done that a few times (this botched install was a few weeks ago).  i update maybe once a week05:14
reisiorufsketch1: your 3.5mm microphone in?05:15
ActionParsniprufsketch1: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh05:15
rufsketch1reisio, yes.05:15
nydelUberschallSamsar: what goes wrong during suspension, you said suspend was hit-or-miss?05:15
reisiorufsketch1: the pink one05:15
rufsketch1resio yes05:15
UberschallSamsarsometimes it will hibernate and sometimes it just seems to hang and i have to hit reset.  i haven't yet identified what's different between a good and bad attempt05:15
nydelActionParsnip: riiight, i need to make it a device. okay i'll get to work on this thank you, helpful as always.05:15
reisiorufsketch1: in alsamixer, did you hit TAB to see everything?05:15
cntbhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1306561 I guess typical FOSS problem - on many ubuntu versions skype has mic not working05:16
UberschallSamsarbut i also have this problem under windows from time to time (hibernate and/or standby will just hang)05:16
nydelUberschallSamsar: as in you can't get the system to wake up?05:16
UberschallSamsar*(i.e. have this problem under both OSes on the same box)05:16
rufsketch1ActionParsnip, http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=db677eb86b5e3a7d07165c088ac13620e5a54d7205:16
rufsketch1reisio, yes05:16
UberschallSamsarnydel: no, as in i tell it to suspend or hibernate and the process hangs.  i just have a blank screen on ubunte (with a blinking cursor) or on windows i get login screen and it says "preparing to suspend" forever05:17
samba35after upgrade some package (apt-get upgrade ) mouse doesnt work (as system hang) but if i use super (window) key then i am able to access mouse  why is it so any idea ?05:17
mangdood_sane doesn't seem to detect my scanner, what can I do?05:17
reisiorufsketch1: laptop?05:18
rufsketch1reisio, yes05:18
cntbor am I wrong? other recording software wont record sond from mic either gnome-sound-recorder05:18
nydelUberschallSamsar: this might be a defective hardware issue, as it's happening on the good OS & the bad one.05:18
nydelUberschallSamsar: i'm just joking, windows is a fine os.05:18
nydelUberschallSamsar: best i can say is to avoid hibernation/suspension.05:19
UberschallSamsarit could be but what is suspicious is that ubuntu could hibernate just fine until the botched 12.04 upgrade.  and btw, WTF on it just blowing away its install window just because i hit alt-tab.  that is cruel and unusual.05:19
reisiorufsketch1: vaio?05:19
rufsketch1reisio, yes05:20
UberschallSamsarin addition to WTF on me having to re-edit my grub.conf every single fscking time i accept an upgrade.05:20
nydelUberschallSamsar: i'm sorry your upgrade experience wasn't as pleasant as it should have been05:20
reisiorufsketch1: TT?05:20
tohuwIn Byobu 5, is it possible to specify default windows when using the tmux backend? I can't seem to get results from populating #BYOBU_CONFIG_DIR/windows :(05:20
nydelUberschallSamsar: i suggest backing up your grub.conf05:20
rufsketch1reisio, what is TT?05:20
AngryBlackGuywhats the german offtopic channel?05:21
reisiorufsketch1: part of the model name for some vaio laptops05:21
nydelUberschallSamsar: did you check the forums.ubuntu.com to see if this problem has occurred for others? it sounds very frustrating.05:21
rufsketch1reisio, model PCG-71913L05:21
reisiorufsketch1: but probably not yours if you don't recognize it05:21
reisiorufsketch1: what's the output of aplay -l ?05:22
nydelUberschallSamsar: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1775514&highlight=suspend05:23
rufsketch1reisio, card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 0: CONEXANT Analog [CONEXANT Analog]05:23
rufsketch1  Subdevices: 1/105:23
rufsketch1  Subdevice #0: subdevice #005:23
rufsketch1card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 3: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]05:23
rufsketch1  Subdevices: 1/105:23
rufsketch1  Subdevice #0: subdevice #005:23
FloodBot1rufsketch1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:23
reisiorufsketch1: well that's useless :p05:23
reisioFloodBot1: but by all means, fill the screen with ban msgs :p05:23
rufsketch1reisio, can you hear me?05:23
reisiothe bot only +q's long enough to tell you something so he can make his own spam05:23
rufsketch1reisio, does floodbot block the message?05:23
reisiorufsketch1: nope, got what I wanted05:24
nydelUberschallSamsar: you can search the forums for keyword "suspend" & there are a lot of threads. sorry it's not very possible to help with this issue from here, but someone may have already figured it out.05:24
UberschallSamsarnydel: thx will look around.  again the issue only popped up after botched upgrade and as i said subsequent updates did not seem to fix it.05:25
nydelUberschallSamsar: good luck. also, next time you're doing an upgrade, make sure everything is killed. that will increase the likeliness of a clean upgrade.05:25
UberschallSamsari was 99% sure everything was but i did an alt-tab to make sure and IMO that shouldn't kill the freaking install window.  that's a bug.05:25
nydelUberschallSamsar: it's not your fault, but linux can be fragile, just as any OS can - we have to be very careful when upgrading. i've killed many a system because i just HAD to check my email while upgrading.05:25
bdkbdkI just upgraded from to Unity and I have (I hope) a simple question. I create a bunch of Terminals using the Launcher and Minimize them. How do I restore them? If I click the Terminal icon on the Launcher, only 1 of the Terminals is restored. Using alt-tab, I was somehow able to un-minimize two of them. But I need to be able to un-minimize any of them.05:25
rufsketch1reisio, is he going to make it, doctor?05:25
reisiorufsketch1: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+question/168960#comment-5 maybe05:26
reisiorufsketch1: ?05:26
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UberschallSamsaryeah i know but i wasn't checking email and i had shut everything down already.  i was just double checking.  not starting any new programs.  that should not result in the install window disappearing.05:26
UberschallSamsarnot bitching at you personally nydel btw05:27
nydelUberschallSamsar: i would think of the window switcher as an application & alt-tab as launching it.05:27
nydelUberschallSamsar: but you're right, it shouldn't have made the install window vanish.05:27
UberschallSamsarwell here's hoping ubuntu doesn't let basic stuff like this suffer for the sake if adding eye candy05:28
UberschallSamsarif = of05:28
nydelUberschallSamsar: trust me i & many others are on the front lines every day trying to keep that from happening, so please feel very heard on that issue.05:29
rufsketch1reisio, will let you know in a few minutes05:29
UberschallSamsarnydel: appreciated05:29
reisioUbuntu's upgrade process needs some work05:29
UberschallSamsarreisio: +105:30
nydelyep reisio05:30
nydelor unity3d in general does.05:30
reisioif the upgrade process were done right it wouldn't matter if X crashed05:31
nydelgood point reisio05:31
reisiotalking about downloading files and moving them about05:31
nydelbut also if x didn't crash more upgrades would go right. still the problem source is upgrade05:31
reisiograingert_: hi05:32
graingert_text_color_nicks 105:32
samba35what is difference in terminal and xterminal05:33
sulaimanI am just exploring cronjobs05:33
sulaimanThere is a php script that I want to run daily05:33
bdkbdk I just upgraded from to Unity and I have (I hope) a simple question. I create a bunch of Terminals using the Launcher and Minimize them. How do I restore them? If I click the Terminal icon on the Launcher, only 1 Launcher, only 1 of the Terminals is restored. Using alt-tab, I was somehow able to un-minimize two of them. But I need to be able to un-minimize any of them. How do you unminimize Terminals in Unity?05:34
nydelsulaiman it's spelled "perl" not "php"05:34
nydelsulaiman: bad joke. go on...05:34
sulaimannydel, oh okay :P. so I was wondering, would the right way be to set up a cronjob that calls curl to access my php script?05:34
nydelbdkbdk: alt+~05:35
rufsketch1reisio, That did the trick. Thanks.05:35
rufsketch1reisio, Now I can learn guitar :D05:35
nydelbdkbdk: alt+tab goes between apps, alt+~ goes between windows of an app.05:35
nydelbdkbdk: remember you can open terminal tabs from the file menu.05:36
ActionParsnipbdkbdk: I think if you alt+tab to the terminal then just hold alt - it will expand and you can see the terminals05:37
nydelActionParsnip's not wrong bdkbdk05:37
ActionParsnipbdkbdk: can I suggest you use guake, it supports tabs and is a great replacement for gnome-terminal :)05:37
UberschallSamsarthanks again nydel05:37
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nydelsulaiman: you have to download the php script?05:37
Daraelnydel; bdkbdk: It's actually the key above tab, whatever that happens to be in the current keyboard layout.  For example, for me it's alt+$.05:38
reisiorufsketch1: uwheeeeee05:38
reisiorufsketch1: protip: learn more than two chords05:38
nydelDarael: is that right? great to know thank you05:38
bdkbdkThanks, alt-~ works great!05:38
nydelbdkbdk: there are other things you should know about keyboard globals, in system settings -> keyboard -> shortcuts -- you will find a lot of them useful & can customize them to your liking.05:39
sulaimannydel, no, it's on my local web server05:39
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
sulaimannydel, I just need to execute it daily05:39
mangdood_Does anyone know about libusb?05:40
reisiomangdood_: the libusb developers, for starters05:40
mangdood_reisio: I'm always hesitant to contact the developers...05:40
reisiomangdood_: good05:40
rufsketch1reisio, I may go all the way up to 3.05:40
reisiorufsketch1: nice05:41
mangdood_reisio: Meaning?05:41
rufsketch1reisio, do you have any experience with jack?05:41
reisioyou'll have one more than RATM had05:41
reisiorufsketch1: minimal05:41
bdkbdknydel: I'll take a look. Thanks.05:41
rufsketch1reisio, ah, okay. I'm trying to figure out how to route mic directly to speakers05:41
nydelsulaiman: 30 23 * * * /wherever/the/php/script/is.php05:41
nydelsulaiman: that will run it at 2330 / 11:30pm05:42
subhojit777i have a tpl.php file. that file uses a variable called $action_link, but i cant find that variable in any other file. how do i understand how a tpl file fetches the value of a php variable? i am new to this tpl file thing in drupal05:42
sulaimannydel, so to run it at 8:00am, i would use 00 08 * * * /my/path/to/script.php ?05:42
sulaimanthanks nydel05:43
nydelsulaiman: perfect05:43
nydelsulaiman: yw05:43
subhojit777sorry wrong channel..05:43
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ActionParsnipsulaiman: do you have a desktop UI?05:50
sulaimanActionParsnip, yes..05:50
ActionParsnipsulaiman: you can use gnome-schedule as a GUI for cron. run: gksudo gnome-schedule     to cron as root05:51
sulaimanoh nice, let me try05:51
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cntbvery common skype ubuntu ich7 problem  -  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1620682 -  please help05:58
cntbsorry repeating - correction -05:58
cntbvery common mic in skype ubuntu ich7 problem  -  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1620682 -  please help05:58
ActionParsnipcntb: does the mic work in sound recorder?05:59
nydelcntb: may i ask what exactly are you trying to do?06:01
t_mobile'Morning. Does anyone know if the irc server software 'ircd-hybrid' is still being developed?06:05
cntbnydel  actionparship not in skype not in recorder06:07
nydelt_mobile: http://www.ircd-hybrid.org/fullhist.php06:07
nydelcntb: could you repeat what you wrote, i disconnected06:07
ActionParsnipt_mobile: http://www.ircd-hybrid.org/snapshot/   seems so06:08
t_mobileAh haha, that's exactly what I was looking for.06:08
ActionParsnipt_mobile: latest stable is 07-Apr-201206:08
ActionParsnipt_mobile: couldn't find that yourself?06:08
cntbmany hits of same problem in google  still cannto sort out solution of mic not working in ubuntus ich7 sound, reason to solve - using skype06:09
nydelActionParsnip: i could only find 200506:09
reisiowtf? :p06:09
reisioI never get split'd, so lame06:10
Jeruvyget used to it06:10
cntbI guess skype is not the problem . now skype is in the hands of microsoft .anyways gnome -sound-recorder also does not get recordable level from mic06:11
reisioJeruvy: nevar06:11
reisiono wonder, I'm on a European server06:11
Jeruvyreisio, ever06:11
reisiousually I amn't06:11
reisioeuro servers are always going down06:11
Jeruvyreisio, makes no difference06:11
reisiocourse it does06:11
Jeruvyreisio, well if you think so :P06:12
reisioI remember06:12
Jeruvyreisio cheers06:12
reisiothat's probably the first time I've been on the wrong end of a netsplit on freenode in years06:12
* reisio makes note about revising servers to connect to06:12
cntbhere on ubuntu 11.0406:13
ActionParsnipcntb: then its sound in general.06:13
Jeruvyreisio, as I said.  If you 'think' so06:13
reisiothinking doesn't factor into it :p06:13
ActionParsnipcntb: can you give the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh06:13
cntbactionparship yep most prolly its an eeepc atom based06:13
Jeruvyreisio, true, but you 'think' so.  so it must .06:13
mangdood_In ubuntu, what do package maintainers do? Should I contact them for support?06:14
ActionParsnipcntb: those are usually easy to sort06:14
reisioJeruvy: insofar as I recall exactly how many times I've been split, sure06:14
* Jeruvy chuckles06:14
cntbactionparship  - going terminal will paste output of your cmd asap06:14
reisiomangdood_: launchpad first, methinks06:14
mbuckoi installed a second distro alongside ubuntu and it seem to have replaced my grub, how can i make the ubuntu grub active again?06:14
reisioafter irc, of course06:14
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ActionParsnipcntb: use TAB to autocomplete nicks ;)06:15
mangdood_reisio: and how would I use launchpad to look for help exactly06:15
reisiombucko: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows06:15
Jordan_Umbucko: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#ChRoot06:15
reisiomangdood_: not so much looking as much as filing a bug for it to find you06:15
Jeruvymbucko which distro?06:15
=== nydel is now known as Fool_nydel
mangdood_reisio: I'm not sure if my problem is a bug though...06:16
ActionParsnipmbucko: boot to liveCD and you can reinstate grub with a chroot: www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/live-usb-sticking-grub-2-video/06:16
cntbchmod was not permitted will try to figure out06:16
=== Fool_nydel is now known as nydel
reisiomangdood_: neither are we until you spit it out06:16
mbuckoi just didnt want to manually configure grub because i have 7 partitions and 4 OSes..06:16
ActionParsnipcntb: if you run it in the root of your $HOME you'll be ok06:16
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
mangdood_well, I'm trying to get scanning to work. My scanner isn't detected by sane, even though it's supported06:17
reisiomangdood_: what make?06:17
cntbwhere is that alsa-info.sh ActionParsnip ?06:17
ActionParsnipcntb: its on the alsa servers06:17
mangdood_reisio: Brother MFC-240C. I hope that's the right answer to the question06:17
ActionParsnipcntb: the command downloads and runs the script06:18
cntbyep wget brought it  browsing06:18
reisiomangdood_: 'Brother' is the make :)06:18
ActionParsnipmangdood_: hit the brother site, they make Linux drivers06:18
mangdood_reisio: I've been looking at a HOW-TO for Sane, which is why I mentioned the libusb earlier06:18
mangdood_ActionParsnip: Last time I checked, they only had the driver for the printer, but not the scanner. I'll check again06:18
cntbok ActionParsnip  sudoed and chmoded06:19
mbuckoalso my recovery mode for ubuntu is gone.. any idea how to get it back?06:19
Jeruvyreisio c'mon answer the q.06:19
reisioJeruvy: which?06:19
ActionParsnipmbucko: hold shift at boot06:20
Jeruvyreisio, I see you don't have the answer.  noted.06:20
cntbAutomatically upload ALSA information to www.alsa-project.org? [y/N] ActionParship ?06:20
cntboops hip is nip sorry06:21
mangdood_Great, Brother's database is either down or google's links to it is broken06:21
cntbhttp://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=9c980be4ce9d9e5fea434c8e1cbfb50c24709ae7 ActionParsnip06:21
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dr3mrohello i have forked ondemand script and made an init script that is executed on boot and sets the cpu freqency scaling into conservative to save power and reduce heat  is that useful to much people so i create a PPA or not needed by most people ?06:22
reisioJeruvy: I don't have the question :p06:22
cntbActionParsnip there ?http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=9c980be4ce9d9e5fea434c8e1cbfb50c24709ae7 shows the mic problem of this laptop?06:23
Jeruvyreisio, I don't expect you to know, child.06:23
CommaCrazyhey all, I have Xchat systemtray enabled and it is not showing up06:24
reisioJeruvy: then why ask me :p06:24
reisioCommaCrazy: using Unity?06:24
Jeruvyreisio, I know sad for me to ask if you know the question you ask...06:24
reisiodunno about sad, but it's odd :p06:24
Jeruvyit is simply sad reisio06:25
CommaCrazyI tried the gconf-editor and there is not unity->panel there is unity-2d and no panel tab06:25
reisioCommaCrazy: 'Re-enable the systray (notification area)' — http://www.webupd8.org/2011/10/things-to-tweak-after-installing-ubuntu.html06:25
reisioJeruvy: what is?06:25
Jeruvyreisio you06:25
CommaCrazyty will try06:26
mbuckois there any way to scale everything in Ubuntu down? I have this small netbook 800x600 and the windows/fonts are too big06:26
cntbis my mic still muted ? http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=9c980be4ce9d9e5fea434c8e1cbfb50c24709ae706:27
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cntbActionParsnip not here anyone else?06:31
reisionope, ActionParsnip was the only person here06:32
=== micro`` is now known as Guest75610
Ann-MariyaHow can I change the default login page background ? (10.10)06:40
dr--willisAnn-Mariya:  find it and edit the imageis one way06:40
ApocalyptikzSo whenever I install drivers for my ATI graphics I seem to break my ubuntu... I think I might be doing something wrong - can anyone help?06:40
Ann-Mariyadr--willis: thnx06:41
Ann-Mariyadr--willis: do u ever installed GTA vice city on ubuntu with wine ?06:41
dr--willisAnn-Mariya:  years  ago i recall it working06:42
Ann-Mariyaanybody nstalled GTA vice city on ubuntu with wine ?06:42
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:42
Ann-Mariyadr--willis: It doesn.t works good 4 me06:42
Ann-Mariyaubottu: r u a robot ?06:43
ubottuAnn-Mariya: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:43
dr--willissee the app database for possible tips06:43
rkhshm1how do i create ssh binding betwween 2 linux machines using their hostname?06:44
rkhshm1I had copied the id_rsa.pub to machine B from machine A..06:45
dr--willisrkhshm1:  local lan? or over internet/06:45
rkhshm1the IP changed06:45
rkhshm1so now i cannot do it.06:45
rkhshm1dr--willis: LAN06:45
dr--willisi allways set the router to give out static ips based on mac. so mine rarely change06:45
=== aaass is now known as aaas
rkhshm1dr--willis: i will do that later in the weekend. as of now i would like to know a solution for this please06:46
rkhshm1dr--willis: any ideas?06:49
dr--willisnope. i use static. i rarely use hostnames either.  i dont recall the ip xhangeing being an issue.06:49
dr--willisperhaps some ssh deamon security settings may be more relaxe about it.06:50
dr--willisbbl - got a job to do.06:50
wiherekHi. How can I install sun-java6 on a 64bit ubuntu 12.04?06:50
Daraelwiherek: Considering Sun no longer produces Java, that might prove difficult.06:51
wiherekDarael -> aren't there archivized repos?06:51
wiherekI need that for Titanium :(06:51
paulus68ActionParsnip: sorry for the late reaction I just want to control the complete system simular like radmin/vnc06:58
lm_Hey excuse me do you recommend more ffmpeg or otherwise06:58
paulus68what is a good app to take over a remote desktop with ubuntu on it?07:04
melvincvHi. I'm trying to compile rhythmbox. Got the sources. But there is another file called rhythmbox_2.96-0ubuntu4.debian.tar.gz. What do I do with it?07:04
melvincvsudo apt-get source rhythmbox. Got 2 files. rhythmbox_2.96.orig.tar.xz and rhythmbox_2.96-0ubuntu4.debian.tar.gz. What is the second file for?07:06
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=== Zorro is now known as Guest67174
rabbi1what is the command to change the owner to current user for a folder and all it's contents ?07:15
rabbi1got it :)07:17
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
lauratikahi i have a question when i lock the screen for a night or days can this burned out my screen?07:25
dr--willisi always power off my monitoir or have it set to power off afger a few hrs. just in case07:28
dr--willissaves eectrity if nothing else07:28
lauratikayes mine goes off after and hour or so...07:29
=== leowu is now known as sharon
curiousxaloha all! :D07:33
curiousx*cricket sounds*07:33
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
lauratika*wind sound*07:33
=== brett is now known as Guest23731
lauratikawhat you guys rekon i should use as chat  application?07:36
JumpAndroid_Hello How are you people07:37
Chuck_Norrislauratika: i use Irssi as a IRC client :)07:37
JumpAndroid_want to register a nick name how to?07:38
=== Twinkletoes_ is now known as Twinkletoes
Chuck_Norrislauratika: and for msn i use Empathy :)07:38
lauratikano i mean for ubuntu channel and other ones07:39
Chuck_Norrislauratika: Xchat if you like a GUI client or Irssi if you like a CLI client07:40
Chuck_Norristhis is mah Irss :D http://i.imgur.com/2HEx9.png07:42
lauratikai use opera's irc client but is going to disapear along woth the browser as soonas facebook buy's it.so getting ready to move forward07:42
JumpAndroidHow to join android group07:42
JumpAndroidAny idea or this is the right channel07:42
JumpAndroidor something07:42
JumpAndroidHi all. How to join ANDROID group07:43
lauratikasorry got disconected07:43
Chuck_NorrisJumpAndroid: /j #android07:44
Chuck_Norrislauratika: spanish?07:45
benjickHi. I'm getting this problem while trying to install php5-cli, how can i resolve this? http://pastebin.com/M3MeeWV607:46
JumpAndroidHi Ubuntu people this is for HOWTO i want to join an ANDROID channel07:47
JumpAndroidPlease help07:47
Chuck_NorrisJumpAndroid: /j #android07:48
benjickJumpAndroid: /join android07:48
=== szal_ is now known as szal
Chuck_Norrisbenjick: what ubuntu version?07:49
robotdevillauratika: why fb going nuts buying everything. Just read the stocks are dropping07:49
JumpAndroidTHanks Benjick07:49
Chuck_Norrisi have 12.04 and no issues07:49
benjickChuck_Norris: 11.0407:51
Chuck_Norrisbenjick: change the repos to "main"07:52
JumpAndroidsorry. no channel called android07:52
Chuck_Norrisand then do an update07:52
JumpAndroidHow to do an update07:53
JumpAndroidplease help chuck07:54
wilee-nileeThere is a #android channel, and several others as well07:54
JumpAndroidCannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services07:55
JumpAndroid android :No such channel07:55
JumpAndroidthis is the message I have got now07:55
wilee-nileeJumpAndroid, so the 300 people there don't exist07:55
JumpAndroidI have no idea but in general This is what msg I am getting07:56
=== lm_ is now known as eli9
kv102twhats up07:56
Coreyfreenode recommends setting up your nick in this fashion: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup (Please make sure you check your email to complete registration) JumpAndroid07:56
wilee-nileeJumpAndroid, do a channel search there are about 10 different variations07:56
dr--willis#android  with the #07:57
wilee-nileeJumpAndroid, your not registered with freenode that is why.07:58
paulus68what do you need to build a "control center" in ubuntu to monitor in  and outcomming trafic on my network08:02
ikoniapaulus68: iptables and ulog should be enough08:03
railsraidera question about ssl certificates, how can i get the self signed certificate to be trusted?08:03
ikoniapaulus68: what's your actual needs though (realisticly)08:03
ikoniapaulus68: as in why do you need to do this08:03
ikoniarailsraider: you can't08:03
railsraiderdo i have to make my own CA?08:03
ikoniarailsraider: you need to have it signed by a trusted CA08:03
paulus68ikonia: thanks at the moment just surveillance nothing else08:04
ikoniarailsraider: you'd need applications to "trust" your CA08:04
railsraidermeaning no free ones right?08:04
ikoniarailsraider: correct, that's why CA's charge money08:04
paulus68ikonia: secondly do you know a good app that allows you to take over an abuntu desktop?08:04
CoreyYou can add a local CA to browsers you control.08:04
ikoniapaulus68: take over ? what do you mean ?08:04
CoreyBut that won't be globally trusted in the same way.08:04
paulus68ikonia: a program like vnc for example08:05
ikoniapaulus68: well "vnc" that is a solid remote desktop control product08:05
paulus68ikonia: true is there a build in app under ubuntu that is just as good as vnc?08:07
ikoniapaulus68: vnc is available for ubuntu in the ubuntu software repositories08:08
paulus68ikonia: ok08:08
paulus68ikonia: what is the package name to launch it under cli08:10
ikoniapaulus68: have you installed it?08:10
paulus68ikonia: busy with it but have to install the vnc on the client remotely that's why I would like to know the name of the package08:12
makara /clear08:12
ikoniapaulus68: there are multiple vnc clients/servers available in the reposoitory, if you do an apt-cache search vnc you should see some options08:13
makara12.04. How can I get the Main menu to show so I can access my wine programs?08:13
in0culasomeone from UK?08:14
myersgcan any one help me with ubuntu server and installing own cloud?08:14
rumanis any one can tell me an Email client which can support outlook (.PST) file08:14
=== me is now known as Guest13217
myersgIs there any one here who can help?08:16
Guest13217Hi. I am logged into ubuntu session via ssh -X from remote mac, however right now I am looking at terminal. How to 'switch' to X?08:16
simonsays1980Hi guyz,08:17
simonsays1980Where do I have to put a program, such that Dash home can find it?08:18
simonsays1980I put eclipse first below /usr/bin/, but that does not work….I can only start it in the folder via ./eclipse08:20
dupondjeSomebody knows some php software for inventory (servers/racks/ip's etc)?08:20
makaraanother question: how can I automount an iso on startup to emulate a CD-ROM? Like in PowerISO or Daemon Tools?08:21
rumanplease help me to choose Email Client for importing Outlook08:23
Onixshow to recover deleted data files on ext4 ?08:24
Onixsalmost 500GB of data08:24
conrad_how did it get deleted?08:24
makararuman: how about Thunderbird?08:25
Onixsconrad_ : rm -rf08:25
conrad_stop writing to that hard disk now and use a program called testdisk08:26
conrad_this is alot of information online about the steps to do so08:26
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel08:26
Onixstestdisk on ext4 ?08:27
=== Guest10949 is now known as Strife
dr--willismakara:  you can mount an iso file (or other files) if they contain a valid filesystem.08:27
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.08:27
conrad_yes, I do it regularly on EXT4 deleted files08:28
makaradr--willis: I want it to happen on startup. Does Furius do that?08:28
dr--willisits sort of scary you regullary need to undelete files. ;)08:28
dr--willismakara:  make a fstab entry if you need. no idea what furius is...08:28
conrad_I fix other people's problems regularly08:29
dr--willisbiggest danger i see to ubuntu systmes.. is the  end user. ;)08:29
conrad_Furious ISO mount is just a program08:29
conrad_A+ @endusercomment08:30
dr--willistheres other  gui tools out  there to mount iso files with a nice interface.. but thats not mounting them at boot up08:30
obelusJust thought I'd ask to see if there's any better way of doing this: I'm trying to make a mirror of the Ubuntu archives. The machine to store the mirror is behind a proxy and rsync won't work properly and has an external 1GB/day download limit, my idea was to rsync it from home and take it on an external hard drive to the machine that's going to host the mirror, and hopefully,08:30
obelusbe able to use apt-mirror to keep it up-to-date from there08:30
obelusI haven't tested this, does anyone know if it's possible?08:30
obelusOr if there's a better way to go about this.08:31
ruman makara, Thunderbird is ok..but how can i import my mail from a pst  File (Outlook 2007)08:32
myforke1Hi guyes,08:32
conrad_thunderbird import .pst: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Import_.pst_files08:33
myforke1I have a little question…. I'll use the sysctl conf to set some special net values… When I set this values with sysctl -w all work fine… But in the /etc/sysctl.conf I can't set this values… And I don't know why… For a test i set the kernel domainname and this work but for example my conntrack settings don't work… like this: net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_tcp_timeout_close_wait=108:35
goddardwhat is this CRON[3683]: (root) CMD (  [ -x /usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime ] && [ -d /var/lib/php5 ] && find /var/lib/php5/ -depth -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type f -cmin +$(/usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime) ! -execdir fuser -s {} 2>/dev/null \; -delete)08:37
WhereIsMySpoonHi, Im trying to install a package, but when I do it says 'Depends: libstdc++6 (>= 4.6) but 4.5.2-8ubuntu4 is to be installed; E: Broken packages =/08:47
WhereIsMySpooni have libstdc++6 installed08:47
dr--willishow are you trying to install it exactly?08:47
WhereIsMySpoondr--willis,  sudo apt-get install <package>08:48
dr--williswhens the last time ya did a 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get upgrade' ?08:48
WhereIsMySpoondr--willis, if i try to do sudo apt-get purge libstdc++6 i get 'Depends: libgksu2-0 (>= 2.0.8) but it is not going to be installed08:48
WhereIsMySpoondr--willis, i did update just now08:48
WhereIsMySpoondr--willis, i dont want to upgrade, thanks08:48
dr--willisdare i ask why?08:49
WhereIsMySpoondr--willis, because its a lot of hassle and i dont really want to deal with that atm08:49
aerocambodhi 2.0 alpha released for testing (12.04LTS)08:49
dr--willisif a package depends on a newer version of some of the libs.. it needs  them.08:49
WhereIsMySpoondr--willis, oh, so i *need* to upgrade?08:49
WhereIsMySpoonto get this package to work?08:50
dr--willistry theupgrade command and see what all it wants to upgrade..08:50
dr--willisperhaps...  the upgrade will ask and give other info08:50
WhereIsMySpoondr--willis, nope, no libstdc++ in the upgrade command08:50
dr--willis#1 thing i alwyas try with apt issues is to update, upgrade, eprhaps do a dist-upgrade, and try instgalling it again08:50
WhereIsMySpoonof any kind08:50
dr--willislibstdc++ is a rather imporntant lib i belive.08:51
WhereIsMySpoonwell it's libstdc++6/508:51
WhereIsMySpoonbut i have both of them installed anyways08:51
adhowntry sudo apt-get install -f08:52
WhereIsMySpoonbut yea, there's no libstdc++6 or 5 in the list of packages that will be upgraded in the 'upgrade' command, dr--willis08:52
WhereIsMySpoonadhown, already trie08:52
WhereIsMySpoonsame error happens08:52
adhownwhat the package do you wan to install?08:53
WhereIsMySpoonadhown, gemrb08:53
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest80060
WhereIsMySpoonadhown, i tried also with a .deb package for it08:54
dr--willisWhereIsMySpoon:  how about the outout of 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' ?08:54
WhereIsMySpoondoesnt work either with the package manager08:54
Guest80060hi, I'm trying to find a way to mount my harddrive08:54
adhowntry to install using source.08:54
dr--willisits wanting a newer version of that lib. thats not getting installed for some reason08:54
dr--willis!mount | Guest8006008:54
WhereIsMySpoondr--willis, no libstdc++6/5 packages in there either08:54
ubottuGuest80060: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount08:54
WhereIsMySpoonadhown, there isnt any source for the package08:55
WhereIsMySpooni tried to dl it using apt-get08:55
WhereIsMySpoonit cant find it08:55
Guest80060thanks dr willis08:55
Guest80060but I can-t mount it08:55
Guest80060it tries and doesn-t.08:55
Guest80060how do I diagnose it?08:56
WhereIsMySpoonGuest80060, post the output in a pastebin08:56
Guest80060well it just gives an empty window08:56
Guest80060maybe it deleted everything08:56
WhereIsMySpoonGuest80060, the syntax would be "sudo mount /dev/sdX /media/blah"08:56
WhereIsMySpoonthat what you did?08:56
adhownWhereIsMySpoon, do you mean gem for ruby?08:56
WhereIsMySpoonwhere X is not X but whatever it should be08:56
WhereIsMySpoonadhown, no08:56
WhereIsMySpoongemrb is a 2d engine08:57
WhereIsMySpoonfor making games with08:57
WhereIsMySpoonadhown, ive added their repo to my sources.list as well08:57
WhereIsMySpoonand added the repo gpg key08:57
adhownWhereIsMySpoon, do you have tried download from this link :http://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/08:59
fastaIs there some way to do file system optimization? I have the impression that one harddisk is much slower than when I bought it years ago.08:59
will_i_am.msg nickserv identify will147109:00
Guest80060there is no output from that command09:01
Guest80060lol change your password will_i_am09:01
will_i_amgood idea lol09:01
WhereIsMySpoonadhown, ill try to build it from that source09:01
Guest80060I did the mount command, and it did not have any output. ls takes a long time to give results, but lists the drive in green09:02
adhown :D09:02
Guest80060does anyone know how I can find out the problem with this drive? the computer was dropped, but I'm trying to see if it's loose or something09:03
Guest80060it is strange that it mounts but "ls" is still running for the past 5 minutes with no results09:04
adhownGuest80060, what the Filesystem of that drive?09:04
Guest80060windows.. but not sure how to tell09:05
adhowntype :  sudo fdisk -l09:05
llutz_won't show fs-types09:05
Guest80060ls said "archivos de programa: input/output error"09:06
Guest80060so I guess it can read but not really09:06
haneefmubarakWhat language do you use?09:06
Guest80060it's hpfs\ntfs09:06
Guest80060it's a spanish language windows install I guess09:06
adhownyou have to unmount and try to mount again..09:06
haneefmubarakNo, what language is your system (english;spanish;french;etc.)09:06
haneefmubarakGuest80060: What language do you speak (or does the owner of the system speak)?09:07
lolcatIs there any way to burn a cd while using a livecd?09:10
ircnode0how i can list commands that i can use with mail exchanger (mx)?09:10
ircnode0it looks like it accept "quit"09:11
akatuxhi all09:12
haneefmubaraklolcat: If you have another CD/DVD drive yes; else using a LiveUSB and burning a disc witht he drive may be what you are looking for….09:12
lolcathaneefmubarak: I don't have a usbstick09:14
lolcatAnd only one cdroom09:14
haneefmubarakAnother drive?09:14
lolcatCan't I start banshee, then burn and then boot?09:14
lolcatjust swap the livecd with the blank one09:14
haneefmubarakWhat exactly are you trying to do and why?09:14
adhownyou can't do it09:14
lolcatI want a livecd09:14
lolcatSo I can install linux09:15
llutz_lolcat: get one of those small live-cd with "toRAM" option09:15
lolcatDoes aptosid have that?09:16
dr3mrohello , how to add more wallpapers to ubuntu appearance dialog 12.04 ?09:16
llutz_lolcat: idk, grml has, sysrescuecd should have too09:16
WhereIsMySpoondependency hell <_>09:17
llutz_lolcat: another way would be using debootstrap to install from running live-cd. wiki/forums should have tutorials on it09:19
WhereIsMySpoonadhown, im trying to now install zlib, but when i run cmake on the gemrb source, it says i need to install zlib library and headers, but i have all the zlib related packages installed09:20
llutz_WhereIsMySpoon: the -dev packages you need09:20
WhereIsMySpoonzlib1g, zlibc, zlib1g-dbg, zlib1g-dev, zlib-bin, zlib-gst09:20
WhereIsMySpoongot all them09:20
lolcatllutz_: I want another distro than the one I have09:20
WhereIsMySpoonllutz_, thats all the ones i need right?09:21
llutz_lolcat: a debian-based one? look at debootstrap09:21
lolcatllutz_: No, I want to change to exherbo09:22
WhereIsMySpoonllutz_, it says im missing zlib_library09:22
adhownWhereIsMySpoon, try to aptitude search zlib ..09:22
WhereIsMySpoonadhown, im using apt09:23
WhereIsMySpoonnot aptitude09:23
WhereIsMySpoonadhown, i used the package manager to search zlib09:23
llutz_WhereIsMySpoon: apt-cache search    package then09:23
WhereIsMySpoonllutz_, thats a lot of packages09:24
llutz_WhereIsMySpoon: i just showed you the alternative to aptitude, i didn't say its usefull for your specific problem09:26
pbx2can't start firefox in Lubuntu?09:27
llutz_WhereIsMySpoon: i haven't followed your issue before, but didn't you use a repo that holds the package you want to install? use apt-get build-dep packagename     to pull the needed dev-packages09:27
fidel_pbx2: whats the error message?09:27
pbx2file not found!09:28
fidel_pbx2: what file09:28
pbx2but there is folder firefox in home dir09:28
zxiestHello everybody :-)09:28
pbx2and there firefox inside that09:28
fidel_pbx2: is firefox installed in the first place?09:28
ikoniahow do you expect to start firefox if it's not installed ?09:28
pbx2how do I install it?09:29
ikoniapbx2: open the package manager, search for it and click install09:29
zxiestI have a directory with chmod 774 but when I "touch foo" in it, I get a file with other permissions. Is there a way for files created in a dir to inherit the parent's permissions?09:29
pbx2but that is Ubunutu version of firefox09:29
pbx2I want the official version09:29
ikoniapbx2: correct09:29
llutz_zxiest: yuo need to define acl for this09:29
ikoniapbx2: the ubuntu version is the official version09:29
WhereIsMySpoonllutz_, when i do that it says unable to find source package for gemrb09:29
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, if it has the name Mozilla Firefox, then it is official09:30
zxiestllutz_ I see... Thanks, will look into that :-)09:30
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, if it has had patches that aren't approved by Mozilla it can't be called Mozilla Firefox09:30
pbx2is it possible to install Official version from .tar.bz2 file?09:30
Onixswhen recovering deleted folders with subfolders, recovering only thr root folder will also recover the whole sub folder of it ?09:30
ikoniapbx2: why do you want that ?09:30
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, that isn't any more official than the one Ubuntu includes, and sure it is, just unpack it anywhere and run the firefox file in it09:30
pbx2Ok fine lets I want to install Firefox Nightly09:30
ikoniapbx2: why ?09:30
llutz_WhereIsMySpoon: but you have defined "deb-src blahblah"  for that repo in your sources.list?09:30
ikoniapbx2: what's wrong with the version ubuntu builds and supplies for you and supports09:31
WhereIsMySpoonllutz_, no, only a deb09:31
pbx2I don't like ubuntu builds09:31
ikoniapbx2: why ?09:31
pbx2I want a clean version for my browser09:31
ikoniapbx2: what is the problem09:31
ikoniapbx2: what is unclean about the ubuntu build09:31
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, erm if you run the official version it still loads the Ubuntu modifications09:31
ikoniapbx2: what is the actual problem with the ubuntu build09:32
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, as they are plugins/extensions09:32
pbx2Lubuntu doesn't include Firefox09:32
ikoniapbx2: so install it from the ubuntu repo09:32
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, and?  apt-get install firefox?09:32
pbx2so that means I can get a clean version if I don't touch ubuntu repo09:32
ikoniapbx2: no it doesn't09:32
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, you're in the Ubuntu repo when you use Lubuntu09:33
ikoniapbx2: please explain what is wrong with using the ubuntu package ?09:33
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, to run the Mozilla tarball:  Extract and run firefox.sh included09:33
pbx2WarOfTheNerd, thanks09:34
pbx2will try that09:34
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, there is no benefit to doing that though, in fact, it's pretty much moronic :|09:34
ring0pbx2, just use the firefox package. this way you get security fixes and program updates. if you don't, you always have to do it manually09:34
WarOfTheNerdring0, not true09:35
WarOfTheNerdring0, when you install to your user area it auto updates and gives security fixes on its own09:35
ring0WarOfTheNerd, it updates itself?09:35
WarOfTheNerdring0, yes09:35
ring0WarOfTheNerd, ok, but only if you install per user not system-wide09:36
WarOfTheNerdring0, if you have the privileges to edit the files, it will update itself, this is also true on Windows XP with the official builds09:36
xjiujiuI got a error message "mountall: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version 'GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by /lib/libpllibply.so.2.14" when I upgrade my ubuntu from 11.10 to 12.04..09:36
xjiujiuum ...Anyone knows how to fix that problem?09:36
WarOfTheNerdring0, the tarball can't tell the difference, so if you make a group called say firefox and chmod 775 after making it system-wide.. it will still update09:37
ring0WarOfTheNerd, how nasty :)09:37
WarOfTheNerdring0, it's clean, firefox was made to be installed per-user09:37
WarOfTheNerdring0, it's distros which hack it to be otherwise09:37
WarOfTheNerdif you're a limited user on Windows, it will even install per-user09:38
ring0WarOfTheNerd, i guess nobody in here cares about windows ;)09:38
WarOfTheNerdwell yeah >_>09:38
WarOfTheNerdbut then no-one in here should care for using official tarballs either09:38
WarOfTheNerdunless they're gonna protest Ubuntu's stupid decision not to use an ESR build for an LTS09:39
WarOfTheNerdESR is the Enterprise Stable Release09:39
dr--willisits more buzzword compliant09:39
WarOfTheNerdit has years of support rather than months09:39
WarOfTheNerdconsider it to be Firefox LTS09:40
pbx2well I protesting Ubuntu's decision to go with Unity interface :)09:40
=== haneefmubarak is now known as HaneefMubarak
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, I use MATE for that reason09:40
ring0WarOfTheNerd, exactly, nobody should care for tarballs in here09:40
dr--willisi protest your protesting.09:40
David_lamGood morning all09:41
WarOfTheNerdring0, indeed.  I might just build a Firefox ESR package today if I get time09:41
pbx2there is firefox and firefox-bin09:41
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, firefox09:41
WarOfTheNerdfirefox IIRC is a wrapper that lets you re-execute if firefox is already open to make a new window09:42
WarOfTheNerdso you should always use that09:42
pbx2I hope I can paste here 2 lines :)09:42
pbx2pbx@pbx-7678:~/Downloads/firefox$ sudo sh ./firefox09:42
pbx2./firefox: 1: ./firefox: Syntax error: "(" unexpected09:42
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, why sudo?09:42
ikoniapbx2: you need to contact mozilla if there is a problem with their binary install09:42
llutz_pbx2: don't use sudo, don't use sh ....09:42
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, ./firefox is all you need09:43
llutz_pbx2: and, don't use tarballs and ask for support here09:43
pbx2then I get this: bash: ./firefox: No such file or directory09:43
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, chmod 755 ./firefox09:43
dr--willispbx2:  check your directory you are in ;)09:43
WarOfTheNerdthen try ./firefox09:43
nguyenduyis there any one who knows Github09:44
llutz_pbx2: you try to run 32bit firefox on 64bit system or vice versa?09:44
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, also make sure you're in the right directory as dr--willis points out09:44
WarOfTheNerdllutz, 64-bit on 32-bit not doable xD09:44
pbx2I am in the right directory, see my 2 lines above09:44
dr--willisi thought firefox extacted to a firefox-some0versionnumber09:44
llutz_WarOfTheNerd: no shit sherlock09:44
pbx2I m using 64 bit distro09:45
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, chmod 755 firefox && ./firefox09:45
llutz_pbx2: and the firefox you use is 32bit? you lack ia32libs09:45
WarOfTheNerdthere's only a 32-bit official firefox09:45
WarOfTheNerdand he's being silly, he should use the package rather than using the crippled official build09:45
ring0pbx2, the guys in #firefox are sure happy to support their binary install09:46
pbx2ia32libs gonna check synaptic if I am missing that09:46
WarOfTheNerdring0, hah!  Even they aren't really... they prefer people to use the supported version for their OS09:46
WarOfTheNerdring0, the only acceptable time would be if someone used Debian or another distro not permitted to build as Mozilla Firefox09:46
=== batmania_ is now known as batmania
pbx2WarOfTheNerd, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016125/09:47
ring0WarOfTheNerd, i was being ironic09:47
ikoniapbx2: I have no idea why you are making this so hard/complex for yourself, and why you won't use the Firefox version supported by ubuntu09:47
HaneefMubarakEven better, why not use chromium or chrome?09:48
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, you're lacking 32-bit support09:48
intoregood morning. I have read that LibreOffice can save in .ppt extension but not in my case. Must be installed something again?09:48
HaneefMubarakketis: Hi.09:48
HaneefMubarakintore: Save as and select PowerPoint (.ppt) in LibeOffice Impress.09:48
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=== m00se is now known as Guest87028
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, you can't run it because you are lacking 32-bit binary support09:50
pbx2I am looking at downloading ia32-libs vs. Intel IA32/IA64 CPU Microcode Utility09:50
ircnode0how I know whether I have ubuntu or xubuntu installed?09:50
ircnode0it is somewhere in /etc/ ?09:50
pbx2I will get both :)09:50
WarOfTheNerdthe microcode utility has nothing to do with that situation09:51
ikoniapbx2: can you please explain why you won't use the Ubuntu supplied version09:51
=== karthik is now known as Guest42844
zykotick9ircnode0: why does it matter?  pretty sure "lsb_release -a" won't show difference between ubuntu/xubuntu... maybe?09:52
ikoniapbx2: you are making a mess of this and don't seem to really know what you are doing, so I can't understand why you will not use the ubuntu packaged/supported version09:52
pbx2ikonia, because 2 versions back I remember they locked down even about:crashes09:52
ikoniapbx2: try it09:52
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, it works09:52
WarOfTheNerdtried it here09:52
pbx2I don't canocial customizing my firefox....09:52
pbx2yeah it works now...but where do the bug reports go?09:52
ikoniapbx2: canonical don't09:52
ikoniapbx2: they don't customise it09:52
jolarenI'm trying to add Irssi to startup on my server but it WONT work.. really annoying.. anyway, here's the RC.local entry which doesnt work - > /bin/su cc -c "/usr/bin/screen -dmS irc_logger /usr/bin/irssi"09:52
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, to Mozilla and to Launchpad09:52
WhereIsMySpoonive installed every bloody single package that is even remotely related to zlib09:53
WhereIsMySpoonand still cmake says it cant find the headers/library09:53
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest30581
Guest30581hi again, I was here before with hard drive problems. I've switched it to another drive bay but it still gives the same problems09:53
ircnode0zykotick9: just want to get information09:53
Guest30581is there any way to copy data out of it?09:53
Guest30581it mounts but with io errors09:53
stephanmghello ubuntu ppl. i made just some updates and it told me readahead will be reprofiled on next startup. -> i restarted: BIOS told me it cannot boot from hd0 (no grub boot loader)09:54
WarOfTheNerdikonia, i'll look at the firefox package in a sec just to see what patches are there :P09:54
ikoniaGuest30581: if you hard disk has errors, the data will have errors, there is no way around that09:54
zykotick9ircnode0: beside what they install by default - they are the same thing09:54
ikoniaWarOfTheNerd: they are pretty much just some compatability stuff, there is nothing of "concern"09:54
pbx2ikonia, even the home page is ubuntu's version...09:54
ikoniapbx2: that's just the default home page - just change it to what you want09:54
roundyzHello where are kernel modules kept on ubunutu LTS?09:54
roundyzI looked in /lib/modules/`uname -r'/ but there is just a modules.dep09:55
roundyzSo where are they?09:55
pbx2its corrupted!!! who knows what other backdoors they put in :)09:55
ikoniapbx2: it is NOT corrupted09:55
WarOfTheNerdroundyz, more than just modules.dep here09:55
ikoniapbx2: the default home page is a personal config setting in your personal config file,09:55
WhereIsMySpoonbreaking news: ubuntu is actually owned by microsoft?!~!!11109:55
zxiestI have default:group::rwx on my directory and am logged in as root. When I "touch bla", bla gets the permissions: -rw-rw-r--+ . Any clue?09:55
llutz_ /EndTrollFeeding09:56
ikoniaWhereIsMySpoon: please don't09:56
WhereIsMySpoonreally, stop with the conspiracies09:56
WhereIsMySpoonikonia, it was sarcasm09:56
ikoniaWhereIsMySpoon: I know, but it will just fuel more of the same09:56
WhereIsMySpoonllutz_, yea =/09:56
roundyzWarOfTheNerd: Thats what I expected. but even in the other versions of kernels on the machine it is the same.09:56
WhereIsMySpoonikonia, oki :)09:56
ring0Guest30581, you could take a look at ddrescue from package gddrescue09:56
WarOfTheNerdroundyz, maybe it's in lib64 or the like :|09:56
WhereIsMySpoonive installed every bloody single package that is even remotely related to zlib and still when i try to cmake, it says it cant find the zlib headers/libraries - any idea? =/09:56
WarOfTheNerdroundyz, i'm only on 32-bit.. maybe they made a hack or the like with their latest changes to multiarch09:57
ikoniaWhereIsMySpoon: why don't you look at the eval test it's doing to verify zliv09:57
jolarenI'm trying to add Irssi to startup on my server but it doesn't work.. really annoying.. can you please assist me and point me in the right way? anyway, here's the RC.local entry which doesnt work - > /bin/su cc -c "/usr/bin/screen -dmS irc_logger /usr/bin/irssi"09:57
WhereIsMySpoonwhere is that09:57
zxiestACL question: I have default:group::rwx in my directory's ACL and am logged in as root. When I "touch bla" inside the dir, bla gets the permissions: -rw-rw-r--+ . Any clue?09:57
roundyzWarOfTheNerd: just zcat /proc/config.gz| grep M, it looks monolithic.09:57
WhereIsMySpooni know zilch about cmake09:57
ikoniaWhereIsMySpoon: what are you trying to build ?09:57
WhereIsMySpoonikonia, gemrb09:57
WhereIsMySpoonno, it isnt ruby09:57
dr--willis!info gemrb09:58
ubottuPackage gemrb does not exist in precise09:58
WhereIsMySpoonit has its own repo09:58
WhereIsMySpoonbut i cant apt-get install it09:58
ikoniaWhereIsMySpoon: look at what that test is, and why it's failing09:58
Guest30581thanks ring009:58
ikoniaWhereIsMySpoon: ok, I don't know what that is, but basically if you look at the makefiles, there will be a "test" for zlib, eg: it will compile a small test or something like that09:58
WarOfTheNerdroundyz, no file found for me with that09:58
WarOfTheNerdroundyz, but cat /boot/config-3.2.0-24-generic-pae | grep m gives me a lot of lines09:58
dr--willisif its in the a repp. theres that sudo apt-get build-dep packagename   that is supposed to install all needed dev files to compile somthing09:59
WarOfTheNerdroundyz, as it's lower case m for modules in most config files :P09:59
pbx2I installed jre from ubuntu repository...but it doesn't work on default chrome which was included in Lubuntu 64 bit?09:59
WhereIsMySpoonikonia, in CMakeLists.txt there is a test for zlib, but it only says  IF(ZLIB_FOUND) =/09:59
WhereIsMySpoonand imcludes (FindZLIB)09:59
pbx2openjdk jre09:59
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, you need icedtea09:59
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, openjdk jre doesn't include the plugin, the icedtea project provides the plugin09:59
pbx2WarOfTheNerd, thanks10:00
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, sudo apt-get icedtea6-plugin10:00
WarOfTheNerdtry that10:00
WarOfTheNerdsudo apt-get install icedtea6-plugin *10:00
WarOfTheNerdmy bad10:00
FloodBot1WarOfTheNerd: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:00
WhereIsMySpoonikonia, i found in the gemrb.spec.in it requires 'zlib-devel'10:01
WhereIsMySpoonwhich doesnt exist10:01
WhereIsMySpooni tried to apt-get install it but it doesnt find an alternative either10:01
pbx2still waiting for the 200+ lib32 packages to install :)10:01
EREVANSKIwww.World-Room.Tk Best International Chat10:02
EREVANSKIwww.World-Room.Tk Best International Chat10:02
EREVANSKIwww.World-Room.Tk Best International Chat10:02
FloodBot1EREVANSKI: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:02
Guest30581ikonia, it may have errors, but a lot of stuff is just photos or word processing stuff10:02
MiscniQuestion? , does somebody have a link, how to setup Ubuntu 12.04 as router with 2 networkcards?10:02
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, you know you're better off learning how to build firefox from source by grabbing the deb-src and removing the branding patches you're unhappy with10:03
pbx2woohoo my clean version of Firefox is now up and running :)10:03
Guest30581I would ask my local community wireless group that kind of thing10:04
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing10:04
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, so clean that it's more vulnerable to intrusions10:04
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, and so clean it doesn't have an apparmor profile protecting it anymore :/10:04
pbx2it just needed ia32-lib + the 200 other libraries it needed10:04
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, and so clean it's slower and wastes RAM for no benefit10:05
pbx2I thought Linux was "secure" ?10:05
t432The command "update-alternatives --config java"  confirms jdk7 as default but get message" Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-i386/lib/tools.jar" when i run the program ant... was working fine before reboot10:05
ikoniapbx2: it is10:05
ikoniapbx2: you are making it less secure with what you are doing10:05
t432it is looking in jdk 6 dir10:05
adhowntry to apt-get install zlib1g-dev10:05
WhereIsMySpoonadhown, i have all the zlib packages10:05
neurei installed 12.04 in virtual box10:05
neureafter installing guest additions, desktop actually seems to work *worse*10:06
neureany ideas?10:06
WhereIsMySpoonoh SKLADJSADKLASD10:06
WarOfTheNerdneure, use Unity 2D on it10:06
ikoniaWhereIsMySpoon: ok, enough now10:06
WhereIsMySpoonadhown, i just built zlib from source10:06
WhereIsMySpoonand it worked10:06
WhereIsMySpoonfirst time10:06
FloodBot1WhereIsMySpoon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:06
ikoniaWhereIsMySpoon: pull back the language,10:06
adhown^^d good job10:06
ikoniaWhereIsMySpoon: well, if you've built it from source, you may well have compromised your machine10:06
pbx2ikonia, wait a second? why is my Firefox build vulnerable? vs. the one that is Ubuntu's rep?10:06
neureWarOfTheNerd, thats the thing, i think installing guest additions switched my desktop to use unity 2d10:06
neureand i think it wasnt before10:07
dr--willispbx2:  no apparmour porfile for one..10:07
neurehow can i switch back to full unity or whatever it is called?10:07
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, it is 32-bit which gives you less protection in terms of randomising memory locations10:07
WhereIsMySpoonikonia, have you never built anything from source?10:07
ikoniapbx2: I'm not getting into this discussion, I've advised you to use the ubuntu packaged version 3 times and you insist it's got backdoors with no basis or knowledge or experience,10:07
ikoniaWhereIsMySpoon: yes10:07
ikoniaWhereIsMySpoon: I have built things from source many times10:07
WhereIsMySpoonikonia, then wahts the problem10:07
pbx2what is this apparmour profile?10:07
ikoniaWhereIsMySpoon: well, I do it in a controlled manner and not blindly10:08
pbx2I was joking regarding the backdoor...I am sure someone went over the source code right ? :)10:08
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, AppArmour (Application Armour) is a system which protects you from malware and system compromise by restricting the privileges of applications10:08
WhereIsMySpoonikonia, controlled == ?10:08
ikoniapbx2: give me a valid reason why you do not want to use the ubuntu packaged firefox10:08
Onixsoh damn… just lost a 500gb of data :(10:08
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, basically, it says firefox can only do certain things and anything outside of those approved things is denied10:09
ikoniaWhereIsMySpoon: make sure it doesn't conflict with any dependencies of the existing system, isolate where possible away from existing packages, etc, make sure I'm building the right thing for the right reason10:09
pbx2you mean sandboxing tech.10:09
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, it's not a sandbox, it's better than a sandbox10:09
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, it's a white-list based mandatory access control system10:10
zav22i just randomly poked my head in to see what was happening in here and this guy trying to install firefox has kept me here for like an hour just about peeing my pants laughing. *steps back into the shadows*10:10
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, look at this:  http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=XxqHKY5F10:11
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, this is an apparmor profile10:11
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, it stops firefox writing to anywhere outside where it is expected to write for normal operation10:12
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, for example it can write to Downloads but not to Documents when it's enabled10:13
t432The command "update-alternatives --config java"  confirms jdk7 but "Ant" program points to jdk6 -  message" Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-i386/lib/tools.jar" ... was working fine before reboot10:13
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, so malware couldn't just trash your docs/pics/videos and such10:13
curiousxWarOfTheNerd: http://i.imgur.com/Y7b1W.png10:14
pbx2does ubuntu come with a firewall pre-installed?10:14
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
ikoniapbx2: it has iptables installed by default10:14
Chuck_Norrispbx2: ye, ipatbles10:14
ikoniapbx2: although there is no rule set in place,10:14
ikonia!ufu | pbx210:14
ikonia!ufw | pbx210:14
ubottupbx2: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.10:14
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, it has one built-in but it's not enabled by default as it doesn't need to be10:15
pbx2well I guess I need to enable mine now10:15
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, the only systems that need a firewall by default are Solaris and Windows10:15
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, no you don't need to unless you're running stuff that's massively insecure10:16
Chuck_Norrispbx2: why so paranoic? you know what? Linux !=windows10:16
ikoniaChuck_Norris: windows is not insecure, please don't miss-lead users10:16
WarOfTheNerdpbx2, if you've installed Samba for example you might want it, but the default Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Lubuntu install doesn't benefit from a firewall10:16
ikoniathe OS you use is as secure as you make it10:16
WarOfTheNerdikonia, by default it's insecure10:16
ikoniano, I'm sorry, it's not10:17
WarOfTheNerdikonia, yes it is.  Did you know that ISPs used to block ports 135-139 and port 445 because by default you could remote Windows 2000?10:17
ikoniaso ?10:17
WarOfTheNerdikonia, as in there was no security on its remote admin by default by design10:17
ikoniaWarOfTheNerd: I'm not interested in this stuff10:17
ikoniajoin ##windows if you want to debate it10:18
WarOfTheNerdikonia, so it's fair to say Windows is insecure by default10:18
WarOfTheNerd(because it is_10:18
ikoniaWarOfTheNerd: I'm sorry but it's not, it's as secure as you make it10:18
krababbelikonia: unfortunately they lowered UAC by one to be default10:18
WarOfTheNerdikonia, yes, but by default it is insecure10:18
pbx2so now my firefox build is vulnerable to buffer overflow exploits...because I built it from the tar10:18
ikoniaWarOfTheNerd: join ##windows if you want to debate it, I'm not interestd10:18
ikoniapbx2: why are you regusing to use the ubuntu package ?10:18
ikoniathis is getting tedious, you either need to pick the firefox build and take responsability yourself, or pick the ubuntu package and allow ubuntu to support you10:19
WarOfTheNerdikonia, then why disagree with something which is known fact? :|10:19
ikoniaWarOfTheNerd: because it's not10:19
Chuck_Norrisikonia: if windows doesnt use an AV what's?10:20
ikoniaChuck_Norris: I'm sorry, that doesn't make any sense, and I'm not interested in a windows discussion in this channel10:20
WarOfTheNerdChuck_Norris, remember no-one in this channel has every touched IIS with default permissions and gotten owned in minutes, because we're all smart enough to use something that has good default permissions xD10:22
ikoniaWarOfTheNerd: enough10:23
joelioIs there a way to make the oem config skip the user creation question? I don't need that bit10:24
Chuck_NorrisWarOfTheNerd: xD IIS a couple of day a saw how to DOS an IIS server last version and suddenly BSOD10:25
WarOfTheNerdjoelio, do you mean when you're installing?10:25
bazhang!ot | Chuck_Norris10:25
ubottuChuck_Norris: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:25
WarOfTheNerdjoelio, if so that user gets erased post-install10:25
icerootChuck_Norris: can you stop that please? we are not interested in such discussions here10:25
joelioWarOfTheNerd: Yes, I'm creating a supported enviroment for users at $WORK. This entails ubuntu 12.04, kerberos (with cached credentials for laptops) and lots of puppet10:26
joelioI therefore don't need a local user account10:26
Chuck_Norrisok, i'll stop it =P this is the CVE MS12-020 -.-10:26
WarOfTheNerdjoelio, I could be wrong but I think the OEM mode is for home-user shipping, not for enterprise10:26
t432Problem Solved by editing .bashrc file10:27
WarOfTheNerdjoelio, at work, the best way is to customise an install and then image it across10:27
joelioWarOfTheNerd: Yea, but it's a handy tool to allow configuration of the system10:27
joelioWarOfTheNerd: No,  I already have my PXE booting, automated environment.10:27
joelioThere's different users that are difficult to manage programatically10:27
joeliotherefore I needa  simple post install script that runs on first boot10:28
joeliothe user just sets their keyboard/language10:28
joelioI can write another gui to do this, just trying to save time10:28
WarOfTheNerdmight need to hack on it a bit in that case10:28
kradhi.  does anyone know of a SSL Proxy server?10:28
joelioWarOfTheNerd: Yea, that's what I'm thinking10:28
ikoniakrad: please don't ask for that in here10:28
rumanplease tell me any tool for converting my outlook mail to thunderbird10:29
kradikonia, i want to set up my own ssl proxy server10:29
kradikonia, not asking for a public one10:29
WarOfTheNerdikonia, why not?  it's for his own Ubuntu install10:29
ikoniajoelio: can you not create a standard user and then remove it as part of the post-install10:29
kradsquid doesnt work for me so far .. i want to try other programs10:29
ikoniaWarOfTheNerd: because I thought he was asking for a public one10:29
joelioikonia: It's not the isssue... the issue is the oem-config asking to create a user10:29
ikoniakrad: squid does work fine as an SSL proxy10:29
ikoniajoelio: I see10:30
joeliothe user doesn't need an account as they have one in kerberos10:30
kradikonia, nope ..10:30
kradikonia, wasted losts of time trying to set it up10:30
WarOfTheNerdkrad, I might be wrong but Polipo might do SSL10:30
kradpolipo, ok.  will check that10:30
jolarenI have a domain adress that I have "A" pointed to my server.. now I want to point my server to that adress, how do I do this?10:30
ikoniakrad: I've done it before, so I know it works10:30
MonkeyDustruman  read this http://www.twistermc.com/1376/outlook-thunderbird/10:31
kradWarOfTheNerd, does look like polipo supports ssl10:31
neurewhere can i get more themes?10:32
neurei want my window background dark10:32
stephanmgsorry. i repeat:  i made just some updates and it told me readahead will be reprofiled on next startup. -> i restarted: BIOS told me it cannot boot from hd0 (no grub boot loader)10:32
MonkeyDust!eyecandy| neure10:32
ubottuneure: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy10:32
ubottuTo change GNOME themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy. Kubuntu (KDE) themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu (Xfce): !xfce-themes10:33
neurechangethemes points to page which talks about ubuntu 7 and 810:34
neureis there something.. up to date?10:34
neureim looking for 12.04 themes only10:34
neurei dont want some old themes which half work and half dont10:34
bazhangneure, check gnome-look10:34
neureis there gnome theme editor somewhere?10:36
neureall i want to do is to customise the colours?10:36
Chuck_Norrisneure: you can customize themes editing this file: /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gnome-shell.css10:38
neurei meant: "is there an app for that"10:38
Chuck_Norrisneure: idk a GUI app for that =(10:40
neurethat just sucks10:40
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arianaanda hell10:47
kRushis there a way to scroll line-by-line in gnome-terminal with the keyboard?10:48
MonkeyDustkRush  ctrl up10:49
Chuck_NorriskRush: mouse wheel10:50
BelseruskHow do I add roms in gnome-video-arcade?10:50
MonkeyDustkRush  it's alt-page up, then you can use the arrows10:50
kRushctrl-up switches tabs, ctrl-shift reorders tabs and mouse wheel is not on the keyboard ^^10:51
kRushalt-page-up gives me a 3~ in the prompt10:51
Chuck_NorriskRush: Shift + arrows up and down10:51
Chuck_Norrissry mah bad10:52
XSlicerkRush, Have you tried what I said?10:52
Chuck_Norrisi meant Shift + Ctrl + arrows up and down10:52
kRushshift-arrows gives A and B in the prompt =/10:52
arianaXSlicer, it works10:52
arianactrl shift up down10:53
kRushthx that works10:53
kRushI read that as pgup/down first sorry10:53
rumanCan we use MS Outlook in ubuntu ....Please help10:54
Chuck_Norrisruman: use thunderbird, and you can install office 2010 using "Play On Linux" is very easy, but idk if Outlook works fine10:55
PunTrbuhOutlook 2010 worked fine when i tried that10:56
Chuck_Norriswith thunderbird you can import outlook mail, recently a user paste a link about it10:56
MonkeyDustruman  did you read this? http://www.twistermc.com/1376/outlook-thunderbird/10:56
PunTrbuhChuck_Norris: he'll loose shared calendars and all the native exchange server funcionality if he switches to TB, not a problem if they dont use exchange at all10:57
rumanMonkeyDust..ya i have read...it works10:57
Chuck_NorrisPunTrbuh: ok didn't know that ty10:57
rumanbut want to know ...can we install MS outlook in Ubuntu10:57
MonkeyDustruman  it's windows program, so you need wine10:58
PunTrbuhruman: in short, you can.10:58
DaZwhy not just use thunderbird, or something? :x10:59
rumanPunTrbuh: how ..10:59
fidel_ruman: using wine/crossover most likely11:00
PunTrbuhruman: read http://mediakey.dk/~cc/howto-office-2007-on-linux-with-wine/ and apply that to your version11:00
neweruser123how do iedit grub and change order11:03
jrib!grub | neweruser12311:03
ubottuneweruser123: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)11:03
neweruser123to make windows on top of hte list11:03
neweruser123so ubuntu comes after it11:03
neweruser123which link is jrib11:03
neweruser123first or 2nd link11:03
jribneweruser123: second one11:03
neweruser123how come when you type my username the text is orange?11:04
jribneweruser123: your client does that so you don't miss messages addressed to you11:04
fidel_neweruser123: its a way to highlight users/nicks11:04
scheurihi all11:04
neweruser123oh  ok11:04
scheuri sorry for interrupting, got a question: I have  a central syslog-ng-server which writes log messages from hosts in a file AND in database. Now I am looking for a way to check those messages in real time (either MySQL or file) to raise an alarm if needed....any idea of such a programm or script?11:04
neweruser123who develops grub?11:04
fidel_neweruser123: most clients come with some kind of tab-completion as well if it comes to usernames: so typing: fid + TAB might result in something like: fidel:11:05
neweruser123oh i see11:05
neweruser123ok i am reading the page but it doesnt say anything about changing the order11:06
neweruser123OF the operating systems11:06
neweruser123can someone clarify where am i supposed to look i dont see what im looknig for11:08
Chuck_Norrisneweruser123: you can do that easyly using "Grub customizer"11:08
neweruser123where is that Chuck_Norris11:08
Chuck_Norrisidk if it's in "Ubuntu Software Center" but this is the PPA: ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer11:09
krababbelneweruser123: look at the link, under 'configuring grub'11:09
Chuck_Norrisi have already install it11:09
neweruser123i have "muon software center"11:09
Chuck_Norrisneweruser123: here you specify which operating system goes first or then http://i.imgur.com/lcftq.png11:11
neweruser123ohh ok i am looking for the program on Muon software centre11:12
neweruser123I cant find any program called grub customizer11:13
JoniiHow to create a script file in /etc/pm when no text editor or any other tool can save anything there?11:14
Chuck_Norrisneweruser123: so add the PPA11:14
neweruser123ppa? Whats that11:14
JoniiSudo seems to override that, but I'm unaware of any way to write specific text to a text file and use sudo to it11:15
BlouBlou!ppa | neweruser12311:15
ubottuneweruser123: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge11:15
Chuck_Norrisneweruser123: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016221/11:15
neweruser123ok il try it11:15
JoniiI mean, I have specific script, specific location, specific existing file, all I need to do is to somehow force my computer to save the script to that file11:16
JoniiBut nothing seems to work11:17
neweruser123ok once terminal has done the installing how do i access the program11:17
Joniineweruser123: if you use unity, try windows key + write the name of your program to the search bar that appears11:17
elhoir_hello, i have problems with Unity11:17
elhoir_no panels are shown/loaded, only desktop icons11:17
neweruser123I use the KDE11:18
elhoir_this is the "unity --reset" output ----> http://pastebin.com/JSd8gac511:18
elhoir_any idea?11:18
neweruser123nevermind i took  a rough guess " open grub-customozer" and it worked11:19
Joniiyou can probably just write grub-cus + tab + enter to open it. I think11:20
neweruser123since im editing it can I add a nice theme11:20
JoniiAnyway, does anyone know how to write a file to a folder like that?11:23
neweruser123where can i get grub 2 pictures?!11:24
JoniiI just need to either copy file from elsewhere or use some sorta program and write the script there myself or anything11:24
zxiestACL question: I have default:group::rwx in my directory's ACL and am logged in as root. When I "touch bla" inside the dir, bla gets the permissions: -rw-rw-r--+ . Any clue?11:26
elfrannei know it may sound a bit stupid but when you use screen -r session_name and get in ... how do you get out again ?11:26
elhoir_any idea with this? http://pastebin.com/JSd8gac511:27
ikoniaelhoir_: alt +a+d11:27
ikoniaelfranne: alt+a+d11:27
elhoir_ikonia: what is it for?11:27
elhoir_ikonia: ah, sorry11:27
ikoniaelhoir_: sorry about that11:28
elhoir_ikonia: np.... its just im quite sad about my problem....11:28
=== zxiest[a] is now known as zxiest
JoniiWeee, sudo cp did it!11:29
JoniiIt's like wizard, only better11:29
neweruser123how do i change grub wall paper?!11:31
mpavelhey guys, I've waited some time after 12.04 was released before installing it, and now I can't see the update button anymore when I check for updates - any suggestions? :-/11:33
BlouBloumpavel: enable "normal distros" in software sources11:39
h1ppohey guys, im having real problems installing 12.04 and i think it's down to having dual graphics cards. if u got a mo would u mind checking out my post at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11984965#post11984965 - much appreciated11:39
BlouBloumpavel: or LTS versions, maybe it is disabled11:39
=== twocarlo is now known as twoEnemy98
d8bhattahey guys I am getting mailing error message like ssmtp: 554 Message rejected: Email address is not verified.   How can i solve this issue?11:40
SPhcTI have wine but how I can istall exe from .iso?11:40
=== Guest10039 is now known as m00se
mpavelBlouBlou: I have "Install updates from" - important security updates, recommended updates and proposed updates, checking daily, display immediately, with notifications of new Ubuntu versions for any new versions ... :-/11:41
=== m00se is now known as Guest88041
BlouBloumpavel: Have you tried checking updates from "main server" (first tab)?11:41
=== quixotedon is now known as donnyqiu
mpavelno, will do that now11:42
=== donnyqiu is now known as quixotedon
mpavelBlouBlou: I had the UK server until now, as I was living there, it's updating the cache now so I'll see what it comes up with11:43
fastaIs there some way I can hide some files from a certain application?11:43
ikoniafasta: permissions ?11:44
zxiestI have these ACLs for a directory: https://gist.github.com/2842866 . When logged in as root and type: touch foo, foo gets the permissions: -rw-rw-r--+  . What's wrong?11:44
fastaikonia: never mind, I was finding a way too complex solution for something which could easily be solved :)11:44
mpavelBlouBlou: even with Main server it still doesn't come up with "New version found ..."11:44
BlouBloumpavel: you can upgrade ubuntu by using this command (I recommed you doing it in a tty): do-release-upgrade11:46
mpavelBlouBlou: yeah, that's what I've been googling for just now, trying to do it through CLI, I just thought to ask here before, maybe someone knew about it11:46
mpavelBlouBlou: "No new release found" :-O11:46
BlouBloumpavel: you're using 11.10, right?11:47
mpavelBlouBlou: yes - the only thing I remember doing is moving out of the country :D11:47
mpavelBlouBlou: my uni project was running of my laptop and didn't want to mess it up or risk that by upgrading ... so I waited for some time ... and now that I'm done I can't seem to be able to do that. I could do with a CD I suppose ...11:48
BlouBloumpavel: yes you can upgrade by using alternate cd iirc, but I never did it, no idea how does it work11:48
OerHeksmpavel automatic LTS upgrade comes with 12.04.111:49
=== Afteraffekt is now known as Afterraff`
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:49
JoniiI have several problems11:49
JoniiFirst: My laptop(Asus Zenbook) does not handle suspending very well. It crashes if I try11:49
mpavelBlouBlou: Thanks for the help, found a link with some help here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PreciseUpgrades11:50
JoniiSecond, I can't get my clickpad working properly, can't get secondary mouse click, commonly referred to as mouse2 or rightclick, to work by clicking11:50
branantJonii: I have the same problem with Asus G53JW ROG11:50
Joniionly this weird double-tap work, but that requires I leave click with touchpad enabled11:51
branantJonii: Not the mouse but the suspend problem11:51
JoniiThird, my computer locks itself if I close the lid11:51
branantJonii: OK, that is something you can change in settings.11:52
BlouBloumpavel: well, good luck with it then! :P11:52
mpavelBlouBlou: Thanks again!11:52
JoniiI have set from power management settings that my computer should do nothing when lid is closed, and also have set it so that computer locks only after 5 minutes of being idle, not after screen turns off11:52
JoniiTHat does not help11:52
JoniiWhat I wonder is, is that problem specific to my laptop or does 12.4 just work that way, locking every single laptop if you happen to close the lid11:53
branantJonii: It acts differently on battery and power from source, don't forget11:53
Joniibranant: it locks itself both on battery and on ac11:54
branantJonii: That is gay...11:55
Joniithe row in question reads: when the lid is closed [Do nothing] [Do nothing]11:55
curiousxJonii: try this: gksu gedit /etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/com.ubuntu.desktop.pkla11:55
linuxiushi! I'm trying to connect to /dev/ttyACM0 and get an Input/output error. (cdc_acm 5-2:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device). any idea?11:56
curiousxJonii: put this content into gedit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016259/11:56
curiousxsave the changes, reboot11:57
JoniiWhat does that do?11:57
curiousxwill enable hibernate11:57
curiousxi don try that but thats what i found -.-11:58
hemza_Hello. I want to upgrade from ubuntu 10.04 (with Gnome 2  ) to ubuntu12.04 (with XFCE or L), I do not want to use Unity, It is notso reproductive and will waist my tine in looking for stupid things.11:58
Joniicuriousx: what problem that does help me with?11:58
curiousxthis is the link: http://goo.gl/zL5cD    is in spanish -.-11:58
curiousxye, the author wrote that post to help ubuntu users, you can't be wrost, try it11:59
JoniiI'm unsure how it's supposed to help me12:00
curiousxworse* =P12:00
curiousxtake it o leave it12:01
mpavelno luck with updating, "do-release-upgrade -d" keeps telling me there is no new release found :(( (trying to upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04)12:02
JoniiI leave it, unless it helps me in some way. I want to know how it's going to help me before I try it though12:02
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
zvacetmpavel:  check in synaptic under updates that upgrade is set to any release12:04
JoniiNo offense, I just didn't understand your intentions and I want to understand, at least vaguely, what I'm going if I'm editing system12:04
zxiestis there a way to do auto chmod? (I have tried ACLs but facing problems with it)12:05
mpavelzvacet: it is, I tried many options to do with the update manager - is synaptic the default one? I've only used the default "update-manager"12:06
zvacetmpavel: is your system up-to-date sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade12:07
manitouhi i enter to magnet link open with browser , how i can change it to transmission fex. ? where are those stuff is stored ?12:07
AdelHello is it possible to call the OS service "wget" from within java code ?12:08
mpavelzvacet: yes12:10
Braden`I am trying to set up an ssh tunnel.  My server running sshd is Ubuntu.12:10
Braden`I log into it via ssh12:10
mpavelzvacet: I'm installing synaptic now to see if it makes a difference12:10
nina666hi... can anyone guide me how to fix the extreme heating up of my laptop?! today went even up to 78C ! and is never below 60C... im really fraustrated...12:10
Braden`But the tunnel isn't working12:11
mpavelnina666: I get a similar issue on my Thinkpad Edge, with temp usually at 60 - 70 deg. I installed Thinkfan and it keeps the temperature lower, but the fan is an a lot of the time and makes quite some noise :(12:12
NewWorldnina666:  How long has it been since you cleaned the fan?12:13
nina666mpavel, ill try that.. it makes noise now also anyways :D12:13
nina666Newworld, quite some time :D but thats not the point, i only have this problem only with ubuntu12:14
NewWorldnina666:  Oh I see. Well every yr I clean the fan and knocks off about 10C's off the CPU temp on my Dell12:15
mpavelnina666: NewWorld: I get good temp on my laptop also when using Win7 but much warmer under Ubuntu ...12:15
nina666newworld, thats a good suggestion anyways, wont hurt to try :)12:16
nina666mpavel, yes exactly!!12:16
nina666mpavel, although i kind of hate to admit it... :D12:16
NewWorldnina666:  mpavel : also look into CPU Frequency Scaling , it relaxes your CPU when processing isn't needed12:17
mpavelnina666: yeah, I'd rather that didn't happen :)12:17
nina666newworld, actually mine is constantly hot.. even sometimes at work, when i dont have to do anything i close up everything wishing for it to cool down, still wont effect.. unless i at least stand by my laptop.. ! :D12:18
nina666newworld, mpavel, but ill try both of ur suggestions.. :) i think they're the only things i havent done untill now..12:19
robotdevilSo when I use sudo apt-get remove --purge wine , the is still wine instances in synaptic http://imagebunk.com/single-code/5e0a3e2ed1c612:23
andahay all12:24
robotdevilkeep clicking thumbnail to zoom12:24
OerHeksrobotdevil, did you "apt-get update" after purge ?12:25
robotdevilrebooted and relaunched synaptic12:25
fehlersturmrobotdevil: purging metapackages is no use. purge the individual package. wine1.4 for example12:25
robotdevilah I see thanks12:26
mpavelnina666: I've installed jupiter and set CPU scaling to "Power Saver" (Performance Mode) and temp is now done quite a bit12:28
intoregood morning, i use ubuntu 11.10 for some clients. The user can authenticate himself against an ldap-samba server. Every thing runs but i don't like that once logged appear "System user" as the name of the user and not the real user's name. Is possible to change it?12:28
mpavelthanks for the tip NewWorld!12:28
manitouwhere is stored "open with"  data ?12:28
robotdevilfehlersturm: how do I purge all things wine (binary that is) like winetricks without removing icons and libraries that contain *wine*12:29
nina666ok mpavel12:30
fehlersturmrobotdevil: do a: aptitude search wine | grep -e '^i' to se what things wine are installed. then do a aptitude purge all the packages you want removed12:31
robotdevilfehlersturm: thanks12:32
JoniiIs there a way to fix my clickpad, and is there a way to get my ubuntu 12.4 react to power cable being plugged in/out by adjusting stuff like screen brightness, and to prevent brightness to randomly change when on battery power?12:35
Sazpaimon_I cooked this up to reinstall every package in my system, does it look right? dpkg --get-selections | egrep -v deinstall | awk '{print $1}' |tr '\n' ' ' |xargs apt-get install --reinstall -y --force-yes12:36
Sazpaimon_i also had to add repositories for lucid, maverick, natty, and oneiric to my sources.list because there were a few packages leftover from those distros that apt couldn't find in precise12:37
fehlersturmSazpaimon_: i thing you will have no apt left after that....12:38
vmiheerI have compiled one software from source using12:38
fehlersturmSazpaimon_: oh sorry you are doing a reinstall12:38
Sazpaimon_fehlersturm, why is that? apt will automatically pick the most recent packages from precise if available12:38
ThePendulumDoes anyone have experience installing Ubuntu on an old Mac Mini G4?12:39
vmiheerNow i have copied on other comp and i just want to install it. But it is compiling some of files again...12:39
Sazpaimon_the lines for the older versions is mostly for older libraries that have changed names after upgrades12:39
MonkeyDust!mac| ThePendulum start here12:39
fehlersturmSazpaimon_: just see what apt would do. i still wonder why you would want to do such a thing but itll probably work12:39
ubottuThePendulum start here: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages12:39
vmiheerHow to make a software on one machine and make install on other which has no dependancied installed?12:40
Sazpaimon_fehlersturm, I had a hard drive crash and half of the system got thrown into lost+found, and my /var/lib/dpkg directory got destroyed12:40
=== ray1claw is now known as ray1claw_afk
ThePendulumMonkeyDust: The Mac Mini G4 is a PowerPC model, so it doesn't have the Intel processor12:40
Sazpaimon_i managed to recover /home and the dpkg status file, however, and instead of dredging through lost+found to find the rest of it, i figure i'd just reinstall everything and go from there12:40
vmiheerHow to make a software on one machine and make install on other which has no dependancied installed?12:41
=== alex-_ is now known as alex-
MonkeyDust!ppc| ThePendulum try this factoid12:41
ubottuThePendulum try this factoid: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ12:41
Sazpaimon_i figure if I have the dpkg status file, I'm good to go12:41
=== Guest88041 is now known as m00se
=== m00se is now known as Guest21374
ThePendulumMonkeyDust: I think ubottu is a bit outdated on the topic. Afaik, Ubuntu 12.04 has a PowerPC release12:42
Sazpaimon_ThePendulum, still a community port12:43
ThePendulumSazpaimon_: Ah, okay, thanks for making that clear12:43
fehlersturmSazpaimon_: k well try it if it doesnt work i would get a list of installed packages. ( aptitude search ~i | cut -c 4-28). save your home somewher. reinstall base system. copy back home and reinstall all the packages from the list12:43
OerHeksThePendulum, ubuntu 12.04 runs fine on a mac mini, except for flash.12:43
ThePendulumOerHeks: You mean flash as in Adobe Flash?12:44
OerHeksThePendulum, yes.12:44
ThePendulumOerHeks: That's okay, it will be used as a HTPC, mainly12:44
Sazpaimon_fehlersturm, i don't have aptitude, but the command I pasted earlier says it will reinstall about 3000 packages, so I'm guessing it's working12:44
vmiheerHow to make a software on one machine and make install on other which has no dependancied installed?12:45
ikoniavmiheer: you don't really do that,12:46
ikoniavmiheer: you need the dependencies to be on the machine you want to use it on12:46
fehlersturmSazpaimon_:  yeah itll reinstall all the installed packages. question is if your system will end up working. so i suggested backing up a list of the installed packages so that you can reinstall them on a fresh install if it fails12:46
suleyfehlersturm, could I ask a question? how to install over 3,000 packages without typing apt-get install *** for thousands of times?12:46
ikoniasuley: build a meta package12:46
suleyikonia, thanks.12:47
fehlersturmsuley: apt-get install all the names of the 3000 packages whitespace seperated12:47
OerHeksThePendulum, other q&a > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ12:47
vmiheerikonia: Why should i install build deps on client machine?12:47
ThePendulumOerHeks: Thanks, already ended up there hehe12:47
Sazpaimon_fehlersturm, I don't see why it wouldn't, it basically be like installing ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-desktop on a fresh baselayout12:47
ikoniavmiheer: oh, build dependencies, no you should't12:47
ikoniavmiheer: I thought you where asking about runtime12:47
vmiheerikonia: And also i don't want to build it on each machine12:48
Sazpaimon_but, if it fails it fails, it's not my primary computer anyway12:48
ikoniavmiheer: then don't12:48
vmiheerikonia: What should i do?12:48
ikoniavmiheer: build it on one machine, then copy it to the others12:48
ikoniavmiheer: or, do a professional job and make a .deb package12:48
ikoniathen install the deb package on other machines12:48
vmiheerikonia: I have made a tar out of it. And extracted on other machine... What's next?12:49
suleyfehlersturm: I did what you just told us. and put all this packages name to a single plain text file. So can I just use "apt-get install << packages_backup.txt " to reinstall this packages?12:49
ikoniavmiheer: if you've untarred it to the other machine, you are done12:49
fehlersturmSazpaimon_:  i dont say it wont either. but you had HD issues i dont know what exactly that means but from experience half broken systems often dont work as expected. so to be on the save side i would sve that list somewhere.12:49
ikoniasuley: just build a meta package12:50
vmiheerikonia: I don't know and i don't have that much time to build a package... :(12:50
fehlersturmsuley: are the package names newline seperated?12:50
ikoniavmiheer: what do you mean you don't know ?12:50
suleyfehlersturm: Yes12:50
vmiheerikonia: I don't know how to build a .deb12:50
suleyikonia: i know less about meta package. but i will take a look into it later.12:51
=== eddie is now known as Guest75506
vmiheerikonia: After untar i have to place the binaries and includes in PREFIX12:51
ikoniavmiheer: you build it on one machine, you then move the bits you want across to the other machine12:51
=== lubmil is now known as lub`
fehlersturmsuley do something like: for i in $(cat your_textfile); do pkgs="$pkgs $i" done. aptitude install $pkgs12:51
fehlersturmsuley do something like: for i in $(cat your_textfile); do pkgs="$pkgs $i" done; aptitude install $pkgs12:52
suleyfehlersturm: script... ok, it makes me a headache..12:53
suleyfehlersturm: but your script looks very simple. I will try.12:53
Captain_Protonanyone know how to fix this : Starting amavisd: Error in config file "/etc/amavis/conf.d/05-domain_id": Insecure directory in $ENV{PATH} while running with -T switch at /etc/amavis/conf.d/05-domain_id line 7.12:53
suleyJekyll: ustb ubuntu fans?12:54
ikoniaCaptain_Proton: look at what's referencved in line 7 then work out why it thinks it's insecure12:54
Inspiralhow can I install a package using cron? when i add an apt-get line in there it doesnt trigger, but the apt becomes locked for a minute or so12:54
Inspiraland doesnt install the package12:54
ikoniaInspiral: you're going to struggle doing that with cron12:54
Inspiralgot an alternative ?12:54
ikoniaInspiral: I assume you passed it things like the -y flag12:55
Captain_Protonikonia, /etc/mailname is what it points to and that is set to -rw-r--r--12:55
ikoniaInspiral: what package is it and why are you trying to do it as cron12:55
fehlersturmInspiral: you need to make apt ask no questions i think its -y or -q look at the manpage for apt12:55
ikoniaCaptain_Proton: ok ?12:55
ikoniafehlersturm: what's -q ?12:55
Inspiralquiet ?12:55
fehlersturmikonia: quiet12:55
=== MartinS is now known as Guest62650
ikonianever used that,12:55
Inspirali will try with -q12:55
Inspiralmy line is, apt-get -yf install <package>12:56
Inspiralwhich locked the package manager, but didnt install12:56
=== fernando is now known as Guest30611
fehlersturmInspiral: no look at the manpage first.. its not too hard12:56
Inspiralyeh i will check, thanks12:56
fehlersturmInspiral: i checked anyway. for a cronjob you want -qq ...12:57
Inspirallol was just reading, but thats handy cheers12:57
fehlersturmInspiral: but if you atp-get istall something via a cronjob you are doing something starange anyway...12:58
Inspirali have 30 machines i need to install a package on, which already have a cronjob setup12:59
Inspiralheh :)12:59
fehlersturmInspiral: ok that makes more sense.12:59
fehlersturmInspiral: what do you use for cronjobbed distributed scripts? i cooked my own version once but i am not happy with it. is there a good publicly available solution?13:01
SubstreamAII have a tcl script that requires udp 1.0.613:02
SubstreamAII have 1.0.813:02
KyshtynbaiHi everyone! I'm runnig 12.04 and faced the following problem: when I enter a command (ex. ls) and type path, TAB button inserts a whitespace symbol after any directory, it's just terrible, impossible to work at all! Ex. I type ls /e[press TAB]tc <-- here is the space! please help;(13:02
SubstreamAIbut the script hangs on package require udp 1.0.613:02
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=== TheDoorOfChurras is now known as TheDoor
Inspirali have a server with nfs homedir, and a script on the server. the clients call the script via cron to get the login duration of the users via 'ac' in the 'acct' package13:03
Inspiralto present them on a web ui13:03
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
Inspirali have something like a poor mans ldap setup13:03
fehlersturmInspiral: ah ok.13:03
biebneed help with the 12.04 unity Launcher... I have crossover office installed to provide MS office for students. I have tried to add excel and word to the launchbar with no success. what I did was put excel and word on the desktop by dragging the links from the menu.. then via cli, I did an ls on the Desktop of the user to get the xxx.desktop link. With crossover the .desktop filename is long (cxmenu-cxoffice-704a91b4-7f35-4684-9722-7b3415bd9c9d-1qv24ea-Micros13:03
Inspiralbieb, is open/libre office no good ?13:04
biebInspiral: MS office is required by the school and crossover works well.. I just need to add the links to the launcher13:06
suleyI've got a strange problem, when I change my old printer HP6L's resolution setting to "600dpi*600dpi"(300x300 by default), it will only print continuous jobs. Once I stop printing, the printer will no longer be available to print. When I unplugged it and replugged it, it works again...13:06
Inspiralim not familiar with cx, but with wine its just "wine ~/.wine/drive_c/installdir/word.exe" or whatever13:07
Inspiralmaybe something similar with cx ?13:07
biebInspiral: so it doesn't have to be a .desktop file to be in the launcher?13:08
Inspiralyeh, make one13:08
Inspiralmake one manually on a local machine then distribute it to the others13:08
biebInspiral: as a desktop shortcut.. not in the launcher bar?13:09
curiousxto create a launcher: gnome-desktop-item-edit ~/Desktop/ --create-new13:09
Inspiralyou want it in the launcher ?13:09
biebInspiral: yeah13:10
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
Inspirali think you can add it somewhere in .config or .gconf i forget13:11
Inspiralnot sure if it has to be  .desktop13:11
Inspiralmaybe someone else can help13:11
biebInspiral: thanks13:11
chenyuweiI am new to Ubuntu, my all drivers installed, but not sleep, sleep will halt, how should I do?13:12
designbybecknewest version chenyuwei? 12.04?13:13
designbybeckhave you ran all updates?13:13
devpilotcheck power setting chenyuwei13:14
defunktI have a wierd DNS issue i have never seen before...13:14
cuitHi, I'm having issues getting Ubuntu's bootloader showing up after Mageia's old grub1.9* showed up instead and isn't showing ubuntu, I've chrooted ubuntu and ran update-grub but mageia's bootloader is still there, helps13:14
defunktresolve.conf exists, appears to be correct13:15
defunktif someone could take a look at http://pastebin.com/M2ReD6Xt i would really appreciate it13:15
MonkeyDustdefunkt  169.254 is an automatic ip address, it's not your router or so13:16
defunktlook at wlan113:17
defunktand routes point to that13:17
Picidefunkt: I missed your actualy question. Is dns not resolving names?13:17
defunktcorrect pici13:17
defunkti wouldnt consider myself new to ubuntu... but for the life of me im having issues tracking this down13:18
wwdfolks I am trying to use awk in a script to isolate a variable… df | awk '/test/ {print $4}` gives me what i want… but i can't seem to figure out how to set it to a variable.13:19
escottcuit, update-grub only updates grub.cfg in the /boot folder. if you want to use ubuntu's grub you need to grub-install13:20
defunktvariable=$(df | awk '/test/ {print $4}`)13:20
cuitescott: damn i didnt do that, thanks.13:20
wwddefunkt: thanks, will try13:20
defunktyou can set "variable" to anything you want... i just used that13:21
Sazpaimon_apparently apt-get segfaults when you try to install like 2000 packages13:21
chenyuweiI doubt my graphics card driver problem, NVIDIA9600mgs13:21
fidel_Sazpaimon_: what happens if you split it? same behaviour?13:21
wwdhot $hit it worked13:21
fidel_Sazpaimon_: error output?13:21
Sazpaimon_fidel_, i'm gonna try to split it in 2 and see what I get13:22
fidel_Sazpaimon_: is using gdb or similar an option?13:22
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: ye, driver version 295.40 have problems13:22
linuxiushi! when I try to connect to a serial device through the usb port (ttyACM0), I get an input / output error (cdc_acm 5-2:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device... anyone?13:22
biebInspiral: is there a way to look at the items in the launchbar? If I can drag/pin excel to the launcher bar, can I looks at the code for the launchbar and see how it is listed?13:22
=== Marqin_ is now known as Marqin
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: you should install 295.53 driver version13:22
defunktMonkeyDust, Pici , any other suggestions off the top of your head?  thanks for any input btw13:22
fidel_Sazpaimon_: just as i am curious: how have to even reached a point where you have to install 2000 packages in the first place?13:23
Picidefunkt: Are you just having problems with red.mchs.com? or other domains as well?13:23
Sazpaimon_fidel_, will that give any decent output? I wouldn't think that i would have any debugging symbols13:23
defunktPici, all dns names do not resolve13:23
Sazpaimon_fidel_, I'm trying to reinstall every package in my system after a hard drive crash13:23
defunkthowever the dns server is local, up and running, and working for another computer on the same wifi network, same pi range, etc13:23
defunktand also running ubuntu 10.0413:23
fidel_Sazpaimon_: was just a wild guess - i have used gdb myself only about 10 times and usually to debug dev-builds - not apps which are supposed to run stable13:23
Sazpaimon_1196 packages also segfaults13:23
defunktalthough it is different hardware13:23
Sazpaimon_742 packages also segfaults? what the13:24
Picidefunkt: If you use a different dns server, does that work? doing something like: dig yahoo.com @
Sazpaimon_let me try aptitude13:24
gvodefunkt: Reboot?13:24
defunktgvo, did, twice...13:24
defunktgvo, thanks, thought of that cuz it was a laptop13:25
defunktPici, both internal dns server fail to work... let me try an external one real quick13:25
gvodefunkt: when all else fails ...13:25
cuitwhat's the command to install install-grub ?13:25
cuitinstall grub*13:25
defunktim confused as to what the problem is as dns should 'just work'13:25
vfwdefunkt: Could be that the nameserver you are using is defective.  Just try another.13:26
escottcuit, grub-install13:26
gvodefunkt: firewall?13:26
escottcuit, sudo grub-install /dev/sdX13:26
vfwdefunkt: Or, yes, could be blocked, but try another and see.13:26
vfwdefunkt: try
defunktgvo, nope.. iptables is blank AND servers are on the same subnet13:26
defunktvfw, on it already  :P13:26
cuitescott: thanks13:26
defunktvfw, testing
defunktresolve.conf is correct and yahoo.com will not resolve13:27
Sazpaimon_I'll just do for pkg in `dpkg --get-selections | egrep -v deinstall | awk '{print $1}'` ; do apt-get -y install --reinstall $pkg ; done13:27
vfwdefunkt: host av.com13:27
Sazpaimon_that'll do one at a time13:28
=== erry_ is now known as erry
vfwdefunkt: What is listed in /etc/resolv.conf ?13:28
defunktvfw, av.com does not resolve...13:28
defunktone sec13:28
gvodefunkt: how does ip address inet addr:  nameserver
defunktvfw, just this:  nameserver
GeoGeekWhat would cause boot-repair to simply say, "No changes were made to your system. See you soon!" ?13:29
dodemeindohello everyone13:30
devpilotdodemeindo: Hello13:30
Picidefunkt: You don't need to change resolv.conf to test whether you can resolve via another dns server, just type: dig av.com @
chenyuweiI install ubuntu12.04, there is a system setting, accessory drive video card is automatically installed.13:30
vfwdefunkt: What is the port for nameservers?  Port 50?  Run nmap and see if you get a repsonse from port 5213:30
fidel_GeoGeek: sounds like it doenst see a need to change something13:30
vfwit's 52, right?13:31
=== erry_ is now known as erry
gvodefunkt: how does ip address inet addr: nameserver exist on the same subnet??13:31
vfw53 ok...13:31
devpilotubuntu_: hi13:31
ubuntu_how do you exclude a directory from a cp command in the terminal?13:31
ubuntu_hi devpilot13:32
vfwdefunkt: nmap -p 53
gvodefunkt: Oh class A?13:32
dodemeindohi devpilot13:32
desois it just me or is ubuntu slower once installed to disk (compared to a usb live)13:32
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: are you using the priopretary driver?13:33
gvodeso must be you13:33
vfwdefunkt: nmap -p53
gvodeso wubi or native install?13:33
Chuck_Norrisproprietary* -.-13:33
ubuntu_deso it might be that your disk has an issue or is slow?13:34
ubuntu_also memory vs disk, memory wins in speed13:34
vfwgvo: because his netmask is
Onixs_testdisk ftw. thanks13:34
gvovfw: right... thanks13:34
chenyuweiChuch_Norris: what is priopretary driver?13:34
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: nvidia, do you have a nvidia 9800, right?13:35
gvovfw: I haven't dealt with other than class C for so long, I forget..13:35
chrometigerhow can I figure out what video card drivers Im using ?13:35
desogvo: native, decent healthy HDD13:35
vfwchenyuwei: Priopretary is from vendor,  OS is from OS community13:35
gvodeso: odd.  what is slow about it?13:36
sshmeHi. how to change user's initial group?13:36
bobweaverchrometiger,  lspci -k | grep VGA13:36
defunktsorry about that... just lost power13:36
defunktgvo, our subnet is a /16 or
gvodefunkt: I see that now.13:36
chenyuwei<Chuck_Norris> nvidia, I am 9600M GS13:37
desogvo: programs just seems to have a couple-few more seconds to start and stuff, ubuntu seems to suffer from installing software quicker than windows in my experience (I h.a.t.e. windows but it seems true to me at least)13:37
gvosshme: edit /etc/passwd13:37
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: open a terminal an copy & paste this: lsmod | grep nvidia13:37
chrometigerbobweaver: does that tell me what driver im using  or what card I have13:37
neweruser123i ned help13:37
bobweaverchrometiger,  both13:37
gvodeso: run top and see if something is hogging the system.13:37
sshmegvo: thanks.13:37
neweruser123can someone help me install a game13:38
chrometigerbobweaver: i get this   00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)13:38
defunktneweruser123, what game?13:38
neweruser123StuntRally or VDrift  any will do13:38
defunkttry playonlinux13:38
defunktthey might ahve them13:38
neweruser123Vdrift is prefreed13:38
gvosshme:  lines like: mail:x:8:8:mail:/var/mail:/bin/sh change the second 8 to the id of the group.  See /etc/group for group id/names13:38
desogvo: na it's not resources, I have a beefy machine and there's not real load13:39
chenyuweiChuck_Norris:                  nvidia              12319264  4313:39
Picisshme: using usermod is generally a much better idea than manually modifying /etc/passwd13:39
bobweaverchrometiger,   try   sudo lshw -C Video13:39
gvodeso: Don't know.  run strace on something and see if it hangs for a period of time somewhere.13:40
defunktvfw, doesnt resolve either...  i keep getting connection timed out.. no servers could be reached13:40
defunktno matter the dns server13:40
neweruser123defunkt:  http://www.playdeb.net/software/VDrift13:40
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: click on dash and write: "nvidia" without quotes and you will see the nvidia's control panel13:40
defunktsorry error above that was for nslookup13:40
desogvo: doing that on firefox all worked13:40
gvodeso firefox does take a bit to start.13:41
ubuntu_anyone know how to exclude a directory from a cp command?13:41
desogvo: I know13:41
desogvo: you asked me to run it and see if it hung13:41
vfwdefunkt: What does nmap -p53 8.8.8  say?13:42
gvodeso time gnome-terminal see how long that takes.13:42
vfwdefunkt: What does   nmap -p53   say?13:42
=== Guest21374 is now known as m00se
chrometigerso im pretty sure i have the correct drivers for my vid card installed.   I still dont know why I cannot log into gnome shell    or use google earth13:43
=== m00se is now known as Guest77275
defunktnmap isnt installed... so i would have to convert those dns entries in apt to ip in order to isntall them13:43
chenyuwei<Chuck_Norris>nvidia x server settings ?13:43
gvochrometiger: You're running from the command line?13:44
dodemeindobye everyone13:44
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: do a click on it you wont die trying it13:44
chrometigergvo: no im in gnome panel fallback mode13:44
bobweaverchrometiger,  could we see a   lsmod | pastebinit13:45
escottubuntu_, use rsync13:45
inkadnbDoes anyone know how to allow non-super-users bind to certain ports and addresses?13:45
gvochrometiger: might want to look at ~/.xsession-errors13:45
inkadnbI have a webserver that runs on port 80 but I don't want to give it superuser access in order to bind.13:46
gvochrometiger: Might get a clue from that.13:46
ubuntu_thanks escott13:46
chrometigergvo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016353/13:46
bobweavergood point gvo :)13:46
vfwdefunkt: I would suppose that something on your network is blocking nameserver's port.13:46
lindaHOw to start display dialog for the display of the login window13:47
lindaHOw to start display dialog for the display of the login window gdm13:47
defunktvfw, this happens even when im plugged into the same switch... the same 10.04 install on another laptop next to me does not have the issue...13:47
defunktthis HAS to be software related but i cannot find it either13:47
gvochrometiger: What display card?13:48
defunktvfw, thanks for the help tho...13:48
alFReD-NSHHi, today when I started my laptop, I've realized all my compiz settings are gone and everything set to default13:48
bobweaveryeah chrometiger  xserver-xorg-video-intel and i915 is loaded13:48
chrometigerIntel Mobile 4 series card13:48
alFReD-NSHI'm having 64 bit ubuntu 12.0413:48
chenyuwei<Chuck_Norris>I am find the nvidia dirver version: 295.4013:49
alFReD-NSHAnd I installed cheese before last time I turned off my laptop13:49
gvochrometiger: so the right modules look to be loaded.13:49
alFReD-NSHI tried to change my settings back, by they don't work13:49
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: no, you don't13:49
Chuck_Norrisyou should install 295.53 version driver13:49
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: try that: sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:50
chrometigergvo:  I dont get it,  when I select  Gnome    I still get loaded into   regular gnome,, and when  I try to run Google earth its says   Unknown vid card13:50
chrometigergvo: here is my   xsession errors    http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016358/13:51
Chuck_Norrislet see if it upgrade the driver, if not, so we have to add a PPA... x-swat PPA, or UPubuntu/nvidia PPA, in order to install 295.53 driver version13:51
bobweaverchrometiger,  can you do this open terminal and type in   ubuntu-bug xserver-xorg-video-intel                 after you file bug about That could you point us to link ?13:51
chenyuwei<Chuck_Norris>let me have a try13:52
Chuck_Norrisye, spanish?13:52
chrometigerevo: says problem cannot be reported13:53
bobweaverchrometiger,     ubuntu-bug google-earth13:53
chrometigerpackage google-earth does not exist13:54
bobweaverchrometiger,  sorry     ubuntu-bug googleearth-package13:54
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: do you have problem with youtube video?13:54
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: and playing games?13:54
chenyuwei<Chuck_Norris> what is youtube ?13:55
dewwhas anyone else's gnome-terminal been crashing quite a bit lately in ubuntu 12.04?13:56
dewwand by quite a bit, i mean almost once daily13:56
PunTrbuhnot mine13:56
dewwdo you have gnome-terminal opened with a few tabs? :) i forgot to mention that13:57
defunktvfw, i found that i cannot ping anything in the 10.9.0.X range even though they are in the same subnet13:57
chenyuwei<Chuck_Norris>sorry, i really not know13:57
bobweaverchrometiger,  you have a i5 in that thing ?13:57
wwwDoes anyone know what xfce's volume control looks like while I left click on it? volume bar or open a box?13:58
chrometigerbobweaver: dont know  man13:58
Chuck_Norrisnp, is webpage where you can see videos13:58
Chuck_Norristhat all13:58
bobweaverchrometiger,  cat /proc/cpuinfo | pastebinit13:59
chenyuweiChuck_Norris:Which country are you from?13:59
chrometigerIntel(R) Celeron(R) CPU          925  @ 2.30GHz14:00
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: Argentina14:00
bobweaverchrometiger,  the  bugs that I am running across are all for I5 chips. time to look at different bugs :)14:01
gvodefunkt: maybe the router or router config?14:02
chrometigerbe back later  gotta run for now  thanks sofar14:02
gvodefunkt: reboot the router??14:02
chenyuwei<Chuck_Norris>Nice to meet you, I am Chinese14:02
Chuck_Norrisnice to meet you too :D14:03
defunktgvo, its a cisco ASA which works with the other 400 pcs in the building... which plugs into a cisco 4500 switch and then into this computer... the local dns server plugs into the same switch14:03
* defunkt is at a loss14:03
gvodefunkt: Have you tried swapping the ethernet connection with a working one?14:04
defunktyea, and workign cable...  communication works because we can ping the IP addresses...14:05
chenyuwei<Chuck_Norris>how long use Ubuntu?14:05
gvodefunkt: Oh I thought you said you couldn't ping the 10.9.0.x computers.14:05
defunktthat is also true... but the dns servers which are on 10.9.1.x i can ping but cannot get dns from14:06
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: 4 years14:06
alFReD-NSHIs there a CLI thingy that can give some graphic card info?14:06
bobweaveralFReD-NSH,  lspci -nnk | grep VGA  or sudo lshw -C Video14:06
gvodefunkt: Grasping a straws...  hosts.deny ?  /var/log/syslog? /var/log/message?  /var/log/auth?14:07
defunktkk... will take a loook.. havnt looked at a couple of those14:07
gvodefunkt: after it fails do ls -lt /var/log | head14:07
gvodefunkt: And inspect any recent logs.14:08
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: is in progress the command that i give you?14:08
chenyuwei<Chuck_Norris>wow! Could you give me email or QQ?So many problem ask you.14:08
dambrowhey all got a problem with ubuntu 12.04 32bit14:08
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: i give a little support just here =P14:09
bobweaverdambrow,  can you tell us a little more plz ?14:09
bobweaver..... and thanks :)14:10
jolaren^awayI'm trying to install Teamspeak3 client, I have downloaded the .run file from the website and marked it as executeable.. but during the installatio, after agreeing to the terms of service during the extraction the window dissapears and nothing happends.. dno how to add -v either14:10
gvodefunkt: traceroute -I 10.9.0.x14:10
chenyuwei<Chuck_Norris> ok14:11
gvodefunkt: Might not tell you anything, but then again ...14:11
dambrowbasicly my screen keeps flickering not constent but every few secounds it flickers black i have read that it could be my video card which is an nvidia geforce 9600GT 512MB14:11
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: is finish the last command i gave you?14:11
arifcan i ask something?14:12
gvoarif, just ask14:12
bullitdepeixHi. I've performed a "sudo lshw -C network" and my Wireless interface appears as DISABLED. But the switch is turned on, and from within windows I can connect via wireless. In fact, some days ago I could connect via wireless from within ubuntu too. Any suggestion? Thanks14:12
arifhow to share file from ubuntu to windows???14:12
arifcoz i new in this OS14:13
chenyuwei<Chuck_Norris>未发现软件包 not find dist-upgrade14:13
bobweaverdambrow,  I am going to ask for some output    open terminal (ctrl+alt+t)  enter in lsmod | grep -e "nou* "-e "nvid*"   what is loaded the nouveau or the nvidia ?14:13
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  can we see   a      rfkill list all14:14
bobweaverfrom the terminal ^^ that is14:14
gvoarif check out http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/Sharing_Ubuntu_Linux_Folders_with_Remote_Windows_Systems14:14
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: ok, np just see what is the driver version14:14
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  please use paste.ubuntu.com14:15
bobweaverthe bot will tell you more14:15
bullitdepeixbobweaver ok, one second14:15
bobweaver! pastebin | bullitdepeix14:15
ubottubullitdepeix: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:15
arifok thanks14:16
dambrowit just says grep: nvid*: no such file of directory14:16
chenyuweiChuck_Norris:NVIDIA Driver Version: 295.4014:16
Chuck_Norrischenyuwei: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates ; sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade14:17
bobweaverdambrow,  sorry lets try this            lsmod | grep nvidia  && lsmod | grep nouveua14:17
bobweaverwhich one is shows up ?14:17
bobweaversorry dambrow  ^^14:17
bullitdepeixbobweaver http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016403/14:17
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  rfkill unblock all14:18
bobweavergot wireless ?14:18
dambrowcomes up with bash: !grep: event not found14:18
bobweaverdambrow,  Oo   ok      just paste us a lsmod then :)14:19
gvodambrow: those are not exclamation points, they are vertical bars.14:19
__gillestoo bad you'll have to wait :p14:19
bullitdepeixbobweaver: no, it continues disabled14:19
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  lspci -nn &&  lsmod      <pastebin that plz14:20
dambrowhang on brb14:20
dambrowright here is the result of lsmod Module                  Size  Used by nls_iso8859_1          12617  1  nls_cp437              12751  1  vfat                   17308  1  fat                    55605  1 vfat bnep                   17830  2  rfcomm                 38139  0  bluetooth             158438  10 bnep,rfcomm vesafb                 13516  1  snd_hda_codec_via      46138  1  snd_hda_intel          32765  3  snd_hda_codec      14:22
bobweaver!pastebin | dambrow14:22
ubottudambrow: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:22
GeoGeekGuys--I hope someone can help me. I just used boot-repair and got my system back where I can boot it...but I have to go to the BIOS boot menu and TELL it to use the hard drive. It won't just boot off of it...it says "no boot device found." I have only the one hard drive and a CD in the system right now.14:23
GeoGeekUbuntu Server 11.10, Intel motherboard.14:23
dambrowsorry here you go http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016409/14:23
chenyuweiChuch_Norris: your command is work,but 6,802 B/s 4hours14:23
bobweaverGeoGeek,  you have reinstalled grub to the correct boot Partition ?14:23
bullitdepeixbobweaver: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016412/14:24
bobweaverthanks bullitdepeix14:24
chmacWhere does evolution store it's mail these days? ~/.evolution no longer exists on my system on 12.0414:24
Chuck_Norrispufff chenyuwei you have a really bad internet connection i guess =P14:24
chenyuweiChuch_Norris: very slow14:25
Chuck_Norristhis will solve the problems, 295.40 driver version is bugy nvidia confirmed that14:25
Toph2on a fresh boot, all works well, but after a day of so, I lose my sound. I'm running 12.04. Any solutions?14:27
LoboXhi all14:27
chenyuwei<Chuck_Norris> thank you for you help, it 22:27pm,i will sleep.55514:27
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest67083
vfwToph2: Run alsamixer and see what's what.14:28
Antonio__how to add context item on right click of music file (like : queue in movie player )14:28
Chuck_Norrisok, np, let the notebook doing it's job when you wake up this will be solved :D14:28
bullitdepeixbobweaver: any more suggestions?14:28
alFReD-NSHDoes anyone mind helping me out on this one? http://askubuntu.com/questions/144623/compiz-configuration-settings-are-not-working14:28
ceti331__anyone know if its possible to get non-AA fonts in "gedit" ?14:28
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  I am seeing a couple things but let me read alittl more14:29
ceti331__(can be more comfortable inverted on small displays)14:29
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  what version of Ubuntu is this 12.04 ?14:30
bullitdepeixbobweaver: 11.1014:31
reddy55hi i am new to ubuntu and cannot connect my 3g dongle as modem ,it detects as a CD drive14:31
Antonio__how to add context item on right click of music file (like : queue in movie player ), help me14:31
chenyuwei<Chuck_Norris>ye  your are right! my wife ask you how old are you ?14:31
Chuck_Norrisreddy55: sudo apt-get install usb-modeswitch14:32
Chuck_Norris25 years old xD14:32
reddy55 Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)14:32
reddy55E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?14:32
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  so this is what I have gathered well first lets see a                  rfkill list all          again plz14:33
bullitdepeixbobweaver: they are all blocked: no14:33
Chuck_Norrisreddy55: close the ubuntu software center and proced14:33
bobweaverwell that is good bullitdepeix14:33
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  can you scan ?    iwlist scan14:34
bullitdepeixwlan0 Failed to read scan data: Network is down14:34
bullitdepeixother interfaces don't support scan14:34
reddy55Chuck_Norris should i restart14:34
=== kardan is now known as Guest31310
chenyuwei<Chuck_Norris>Are you married?14:35
Toph2vfw,,, I'm using xfce and gnome alsamixer isn't installed, yet i do have a mixer that comes up,, should I be installing the gnome alsamixer?14:35
bullitdepeixbobweaver: wlan0: Failed to read scan data: Network is down14:35
Chuck_NorrisxD no14:35
bullitdepeixbobweaver: furthermore, nm-tools shows Device: wlan0's state as "unmanaged"14:36
vfwToph2: In a terminal type   alsamixer   and hit enter.14:36
griseldaick spex97114:37
Shep_9473New to Ubuntu, help! ;)  System is a Toshiba Satellite, plenty of HD and RAM.  Installed 12.04 and after I enter my password it just does nothing.  I don't say freeze because my mouse works but I get nothing on screen other thaqn wallpaper and my cursor.  Please help.14:37
=== griselda is now known as spex971
escott!aptlog | reddy5514:37
bobweaverOk bullitdepeix  lets try to look at a different card lets try to install the   rt3090   but you have to get ride of the rt61pci14:37
reddy55Chuck_Norris restarted but no diff it still detects as a CD drive14:37
Chuck_Norrisbullitdepeix: sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode managed14:37
escott!aptlock | reddy5514:37
ubottureddy55: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »14:37
reddy55in network manager i cannot find a mobile broadband14:38
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  sudo rmmod rt61pci14:38
Toph2vfw,,, yes,, that works,, what should I be looking for?14:38
=== shinobi_ is now known as mobius420
bullitdepeixbobweaver: ERROR: Module rt61pci does not exist in /proc/modules14:39
bullitdepeixbobweaver: I think wlan0 driver is rt2800pci14:39
bullitdepeixas shown in nm-tools14:39
OsakasaHi, i read forum wine forum that ubuntu 12.04 amd64 has some problems to run 32bit softwares (with wine) and ia32-lib might help. Is there a risk to install this packet?14:40
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  lsmod | grep "rt*"14:40
vfwToph2: First, see that the correct sound device is showing in the upper left corner. Then look at the various channels to see that nothing is muted or turned down. etc.14:40
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  I got what kinda card you have from lspci -nn   that shows name and number of card14:40
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  you need the rt309014:40
bullitdepeixbobweaver: so do I perform sudo rmmod rt2800pci ?14:41
bobweaverbullitdepeix, you can get it from here https://launchpad.net/~markus-tisoft/+archive/rt3090  or download from site and compile but remove first modual that is loaded14:41
wer0ckzhi guys14:41
wer0ckzhow can i turn of the verobisity of svn checkout?14:41
vfwToph2: On any particular channel, m  will toggle on/or muting.  On any particular channel, up arrow will turn up, down arrow will turn down.  Right or left arrows will advance to next channel. man alsamixer  #for more details14:42
=== mike_ is now known as Guest62314
LoboXhi im having a problem im tryng to install a dhcp server in my ubuntu box running on virtualbox, i was able to setup everything that i need to have my dhcp server working fine, but for some reason when i change the information of my NIC eth0 in the interfaces file and save that file and restart the network, when i do a ifconfig eth0 im able to see the ip i assign but after like 3 minues when i do ifconfig eth0 the ip is gone im unable to see, what is issue he14:42
vfwToph2: Correction:  m  will toggle on/off muting14:43
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  you may also look here http://www.googlubuntu.com/results/?cx=006238239194895611142%3Au-ocqbntw_o&cof=FORID%3A9&ie=UTF-8&q=1814%3A3090&as_qdr=all&sa=Google+Search&lang=en        that is how I got to that point14:43
gvower0ckz: redirect output to /dev/null14:43
Toph2vfw,,, my Master is oo, so that should be ok, right?14:43
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  1814:3090   < is the  # of your card . that I got from your lspci -nn14:43
gvower0ckz: svn co .../dev/null14:43
=== Guest77275 is now known as m00se
gvower0ckz: svn co ...  >/dev/null14:44
vfwToph2: Yes.  But look at the oters too. (Particularly pcm)14:44
=== m00se is now known as Guest56785
Toph2vfw,,, PCM has no box/option for muting14:45
LoboXany help anybody?14:45
bullitdepeixbobweaver: ok, one sec let me try14:45
phraktal77I have a quick cam connected to my ubuntu 12.04. I'm following a tutorial to setup streaming using the webcam, ffmpeg and such. In the tutorial, they talk about /dev/dsp but that does not exist in ubuntu..14:46
phraktal77which /dev describes a webcam build in microphone14:46
AlbertOligHallo09 zusammen / Hi together14:46
phraktal77or how do I go about mapping /dev  in general ?14:47
bullitdepeixbobweaver: i've downloaded the rt3090...deb, you said something about compile it?14:47
zykotick9phraktal77: i'd guess 2 /dev devices myself.  1 for video /dev/video0 perhaps and 1 for audio (unknown by me what device name it would take).14:47
bobweaverno bullitdepeix  if it is .deb   just open with software center and install14:47
bubulleWith ubuntu-server I fail to setup both inet and inet6 static configurations for eth0 in interfaces. Is there known issues about this? I reverted to setting IP and routes by myself.14:47
dontknowchromium is still 18!!!!!14:48
compdocLoboX, you are trying to set a dhcp server for virtualbox guests? Do they use a private network, or are you using a bridge? I thought most VM servers came with a dhcp service14:48
phraktal77zykotick9: Yeah, I got /dev/video0 to work14:48
phraktal77but no clue about audio14:48
gvoLoboX: d14:48
phraktal77gnome detects the mic.14:48
dontknowanyone now where to download latest stable chromium deb?14:48
gvolobox: ignore that.14:48
bullitdepeixbobweaver: I've opened it with software center but Install button is disabled14:49
vakahi i am new to ubuntu and not abel to connect my 3g dongel as modem please help14:49
LoboXhehe yeah14:49
AlbertOligplease help me how is german ubuntu chanel?? please14:49
vakait detectsa as CD drive14:49
SilverWolfXIIIok i just installed ubuntu 11.04 a few days ago and im noticing video problems like the driver isnt that great what can i do to fix that14:49
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  where did you get this .deb ?14:49
LoboXim making a dhcp server on my vmbox to do a transparent proxy using squid14:49
SilverWolfXIIIits nividia14:49
bullitdepeixbobweaver: the page you provided https://launchpad.net/~markus-tisoft/+archive/rt3090/+packages14:49
bobweaver!gr | AlbertOlig14:49
ubottuAlbertOlig: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes14:49
LoboXi have around 40 computers and no dhcp server just a router giving the dhcp14:50
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  you can just add the ppa and install with aot get14:50
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  open terminal14:50
dontknowwhere to download latest stable chromium?14:50
SilverWolfXIIIdid i mention that im really new to linux systems14:50
bullitdepeixbobweaver: opened14:50
zykotick9!dk | AlbertOlig is this german?14:51
ubottuAlbertOlig is this german?: For at få dansksproget support til Ubuntu, bedes du venligst gå til #ubuntu-dk. I denne kanal forefindes kun engelsksproget support.14:51
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  sudo add-apt-repository  ppa:markus-tisoft/rt3090C14:51
bobweaver 14:51
=== SunTsu_ is now known as SunTsu
Pici!de | AlbertOlig  zykotick914:51
ubottuAlbertOlig  zykotick9: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:51
zykotick9Pici: thanks14:51
Picizykotick9: np14:51
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  sudo add-apt-repository  ppa:markus-tisoft/rt309014:51
dontknowwhere to fuck download latest stable chromium?14:51
=== Nephy is now known as Nepherius
vfwSilverWolfXIII: Have you done your updates yet?  If not, do so now.  Ant then, you should see the additional drivers thing, click on it and it should offer to install nvidia drivers.14:52
bazhangdontknow, no cursing14:52
LoboXi have everything setup relate to dhcp3 my problem is the eth0 interface14:52
=== crack0249 is now known as crack05
gvovaka what make/model?14:52
=== advanxer_ is now known as advanxer
UserBuntuI have a problem, and I am using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. The system doesn't recognize my monitor, and every once in a while, i get a resolution of 800x600(4:3) , instead of 1920x1080(16:9)14:52
UserBuntui have generated xorg.conf14:52
dontknowwhere can i download latest stable chromium for ubuntu?14:52
bullitdepeixbobweaver: i've tried it, but i don't have internet connection from that laptop. I'm writing from another so command reported "Couldn't resolve 'launchpad.net'" that's why i downloaded the .deb14:52
vakagvo Huwaie E 15714:52
UserBuntushould that do the trick ?14:52
vaka3g stick14:52
OneFix_WorkUserBuntu: Did you check your cables?14:53
zykotick9UserBuntu: what video card are you using?14:53
bobweaverahh bullitdepeix    cd where/the/deb/is     then    sudo dpkg -i <nameofdeb .deb>     with out the "< >"14:53
UserBuntuzykotick9, whatever comes onboard with the mb i guess14:53
SilverWolfXIIIi dont remember its an onboard14:54
gvovaka looking ...14:54
SilverWolfXIIIi do belive it is a 128meg14:54
zykotick9UserBuntu: "lspci -v | grep -i vga" does this list 1 or 2 cards?14:54
=== Shadows` is now known as SoulShadow
gr33n7007hHow can I identically copy the contents of a CD-ROM to a Flash Drive??14:55
gvovaka this might help you, it describes your situation pretty well https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Huawei_E1550_3G_modem14:55
UserBuntuzykotick9,  1 video card 01:00.0 VGA14:55
=== Guest88644 is now known as Sleepy333
LoboXhttp://pastebin.com/sGX444BD <--- is that ok?14:55
zykotick9UserBuntu: and what is the card?  intel,amd,nvidia?14:55
UserBuntuVIA Technologies14:55
UserBuntuusing chrome 9 HC rev 0114:56
zykotick9UserBuntu: option 4.  i can't help - good luck.14:56
bullitdepeixbobweaver: had some errors: ERROR (dkms apport): unable to determine source package for rt3090, Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.0.0-20-generic (x86_64), Consult /var/lib/dkms/rt3090/ for more information. Done14:56
vakagvo thanks for the reply .14:56
sacarlsonLoboX: I assume since your running this dhcpd on a virtualbox that you have the interface set to bridged?14:57
LoboXthats correct14:57
UserBuntui was wondering if i should specify the resoultion in my newly created xorg.conf, and put it in /etc/X11 ?14:57
zykotick9bullitdepeix: are you using a 3.0.0 kernel?  "uname -r" in terminal to check.14:57
bullitdepeixbobweaver: 3.0.0-20-generic14:57
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  sudo dpkg -r <name of deb.deb >    < will remove14:58
ursuhi, does anyone know how to get a pcmcia usb adapter working in the newest ubuntu?14:58
zykotick9bullitdepeix: ok, just checkin.14:58
LoboXif i change the internet cable from 1 nic to another im still having the same problem, im unable to get the static ip to stay there14:58
bullitdepeixbobweaver: removed14:58
sacarlsonLoboX: I guess you can test it's operation at point of failure from the client sudo dhclient eth0;  see if it gets an address if not check on the dhcpd severer to verify it's still running  ps -A | grep dh;14:59
LoboXok  sacarlson let me check14:59
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  go DL from here  http://www.ralinktech.com/en/04_support/license.php?sn=503315:00
bullitdepeixbobweaver: ok!15:00
UserBuntualso the system can not recognize the monitor as well, under section "monitor" in xorg.conf ... Identifier is Monitor0 and ModelName is "Monitor Model"15:02
LoboX sacarlson i did sudo dhclient eth0; and is not doing nothing i did the other command and got this15:02
LoboX  679 ?        00:00:00 dhclient15:02
LoboX 2775 pts/0    00:00:00 dhclient15:02
LoboX 2781 ?        00:00:00 dhclient15:02
FloodBot1LoboX: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:02
sacarlsonLoboX: if you did anything custom in dhcpd configs verify see if it ever comes up and posibly see some of the errors,  /etc/init.d/isc-dhcp-server restart15:02
bullitdepeixbobweaver: this is not a .deb, should i perform sudo dpkg -i ...bz2 ?15:03
sacarlsonLoboX: if you see it fail to come up you might check the /var/log/system  file for errors15:03
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  Nope15:03
sacarlsonLoboX: then beyond that it could also be firewall settings15:05
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  looking for clear instuctions for you15:05
bullitdepeixbobweaver: ok!15:05
bobweaveryou need to install build-essintals and linux-headers-<version of kerenel >15:06
bullitdepeixbobweaver: I've unpacked it, and looking thourgh the readme, it seems that I should perform something like make && sudo make install15:06
bullitdepeixbobweaver: but not sure15:06
bullitdepeixbobweaver: anyway, in the README file it says: Supporting Kernel: 2.4 and 2.6 series15:07
gr33n7007hHow can I identically copy the contents of a CD-ROM to a Flash Drive and make it play automatically?15:07
LoboXwhat i dont understand is lets say i dont want to make a dhcp server, and i just want to add an ip to my eth0 so everytime my computer boots it has a static ip address15:07
macer1I have problems connecting to tun openvpn using network manager15:07
macer1tap works however15:07
macer1the problem is somewhere in networkmanager routing helpers15:08
macer1it connects, but the ip is still my router ip15:08
macer1any ideas?15:08
bobweaverYea I also see that bullitdepeix15:08
macer1workaround is to use # route add -net dev tun0 ;/15:08
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  I am sorry but this might be a little above me there is a guy named chilli555 on the forums that is wireless wizard (http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=35909)   seek him out15:10
sacarlsonLoboX: I'm not sure that dhcpd started or not,  if you want a static address you can set that manualy on your system15:10
bullitdepeixbobweaver: don't you think that I should perform a make && make install ?15:10
sacarlsonLoboX: you can also configure dhcpd to set the ip to any system to the same ip each time by mac lookup15:11
bobweaverbullitdepeix,  not sure I do know that you do need that driver thou15:11
bullitdepeixbobweaver: ok! thanks anyway for your help15:11
bobweavernot sure if it works with 3.0+ bullitdepeix15:11
bullitdepeixreally appreciate15:11
bullitdepeixI'm gonna try, and if it does not work i'll contact this person15:11
jiffe98seems like some packages didn't put a lot of working into the 12.04 upgrade15:11
bobweaversorry I could not do more maybe someone else can help bullitdepeix  but chili is real good with wireless showed  me most of what I know.15:12
bullitdepeixbobweaver: perfect, thanks15:12
LoboXsacarlson ok i will setup eth0 manually check this out15:14
conner_bwWhen a bug in launchpad.net is marked "fixed" when can I expect to see it fixed on my computer via Update Manager? The Issue workflow is not clear to me.15:15
bazhangconner_bw, whats the bug link, let me check it15:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 729979 in compiz (Ubuntu) "[nvidia] Windows appear blank white" [High,Triaged]15:17
conner_bwbazhang ^15:17
ubuntu_64bitubottu, hi15:17
zykotick9conner_bw: Triaged != Fixed15:17
bazhangconner_bw, once it says fix released15:18
conner_bwbazhang, ok thanks.15:18
damms005please does anyone know of an offline english dictionary for ubuntu?15:19
AdvoWorkIs there a command I can use to move all files from the current day to a certain folder?15:20
ProsonikIs there a way to recreate an xfs partition table? I had a raid0 failure, ended up having to use mdadm ---create and it seems to have blown away the xfs partition info, even though I can cat the drive and still see data15:21
bobweaverAdvoWork,     cp -r * /some/dir15:22
=== ssbr_ is now known as Guest82433
LoboXhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1016484/ <--- eth0 ip is added correct15:22
zykotick9bobweaver: "from the current day" re: AdvoWork15:22
bobweaverohh a current day15:22
emmyanyone knows how to get an english offline dictionary15:23
sacarlsonLoboX: you need more than just an ip you also need route15:23
sacarlsonLoboX: and dns15:24
zykotick9emmy: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/67315:24
TheM4ch1n3emmy: the open dictionary project, its around 30mb or something based on a free oxford dfisctionary or something15:24
AdvoWorkbobbyaldol, yeah i just want to move anything that has been created today if possible15:24
LoboXsacarlson i know im just trying to show you what happens15:25
LoboXi did a ifconfig eth0 right now and look what i got15:25
LoboXthe ip is gone15:26
roundyzWhy would you use ufw?15:26
sacarlsonLoboX: that will also only last for one session at reboot it will be gone15:26
LoboXi did not reboot my computer15:26
LoboXannd im still in the session15:26
sacarlsonLoboX: yes that's because your still running networkmanager15:27
emmy: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/673:::: that is like a text file(plain text) and it is actually an ebook. I need someting like compiled and.......(u know d rest)15:27
sacarlsonLoboX: if you want to run static you need to shut it down or at least get it to do what you want15:27
LoboXok thats new for me network manager, let me see hwo i can disable network manager15:28
AdvoWorkThis lists all the files within the last day, find /mnt/Data/uploads/ -iname "*.jpg" -mtime -1 -print     so how can i move those files to a dir?15:28
sacarlsonLoboX: your network manger must be set for dynamic and you dhcpd server is setup wrong15:28
no-name-does anybody know any software that enlarges images while preserving quality/15:29
bobweaverAdvoWork,  dirt but would work       ls -al |grep the time or date > ~/testaroo && cat ~/testaroo |while read -r line do; cp -r $line /some/dir ; done;15:29
LoboXok check what i have in my dhcpd.conf15:29
area51pilotno-name: try GIMP15:29
llutzAdvoWork: find /mnt/Data/uploads/ -iname "*.jpg" -mtime -1 -exec mv "{}" /dir \;15:30
sacarlsonLoboX: ok pastebinit15:30
vakahi i am new to ubuntu15:30
emmypls anybody know how I can get an offline English Dictinary?15:30
nanderssonDoes anybody know how to detect if my computer has DisplayLink? Shouldn't it show up when I type "lspci"?15:31
LoboXhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1016496/ <-- dhcpd.conf15:31
vakaand not able to connect my 3g dongle as modem15:31
vakait is detected as CD Drive15:31
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest81826
Sidewinderno-name-, I don't believe that there is such a thing, other than photo-shop/Gimp with some pretty fancy commands and a significant amount of knowledge.15:31
Guest81826hi all15:31
FrozenFireemmy, http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/cgi-bin/cmudict15:31
GeoGeekno-name-: GImp is as good as anything for enlarging images with minimal loss of quality but you can't improve the quality beyond what is there to start with.15:31
nanderssonCould someone that has DisplayLink run "lspci" and see if it shows?15:31
marcinx026hi,  i have simple question, does ubuntu support dell notebooks?15:32
bazhangno-name-, try imagemagick   http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/resize/15:33
nanderssonmarcinx026, Yeah, and Dell supports Ubuntu15:33
OerHeksmarcinx026, lot of dell notebooks are certified15:33
cheez0rDell is an Ubuntu partner.15:33
no-name-thanks, guys :)15:33
GeoGeekbobweaver: Sorry...stepped away for a few. I just let boot-repair do its thing. This is a level of the black arts that I hesitate to dabble in too much...but see pastebin.ubuntu.com/1016391 for boot-info...15:33
AdvoWorkllutz, perfect, thankyou. One more thing, instead of 1 day, can i specify hours do you know?15:33
AdvoWorkso in the last 2 hours?15:33
emmy@frozenfire: that is a pronunciation dictionary. I need an english dictionay that defines words. Thanks15:34
vakaHI i am new to ubuntu and not able to connect mu usb dongle like a modem ,it is detected as CD drive .15:34
vakaPlease help15:34
llutzAdvoWork: -mmin instead of -mtime15:34
llutzAdvoWork: man find15:34
sacarlsonLoboX: that looks like it might work,  only thing I never see is interfaces=eth0; but I guess that's ok too?15:34
LoboXsacarlson i guess yes15:35
sacarlsonLoboX: did you ever see that it's running?15:35
LoboXsacarlson listen what i did15:35
sacarlsonLoboX: I never seen your results from ps -A |grep dh15:36
LoboXin my winbox i added a static ip and in my ubuntobox i added manually a static ip  check what happen15:36
LoboXhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1016508/ <--- check15:37
prakashHI i am new to ubuntu and not able to connect mu usb dongle like a modem ,it is detected as CD drive .15:37
prakashPlease help15:37
LoboXfor some reason out of the blue live exceeded15:37
LoboXwhen i was doing ping fine15:37
sacarlsonLoboX: I asume that's after network manager lost your ip15:38
LoboXthats the ps -A comannd15:38
sacarlsonLoboX: well that shows no dhcpd15:38
TheM4ch1n3LoboX: are you hacking away your winbox ?   ;)15:38
sacarlsonLoboX: I ment that for your dhcpd side15:38
LoboXTheM4ch1n3 hehe not at all15:39
GeoGeekLooks like bobweaver is gone...can anybody help with a boot problem? pastebin.ubuntu.com/101639115:39
stalker_Perl`s power :)15:39
=== xscc is now known as m00se
TheM4ch1n3LoboX: type "ifconfig eth0"  , and sacarlson is correct if it has changed15:39
stalker_save to tmp.pl and ru perl tmp.pl15:39
donobanhi guys, I'm pretty worried because I'm not sure my Q6600 is running cpuidle properly15:40
LoboXhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1016515/ TheM4ch1n315:40
donobanroot@pavilion:/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuidle# cat current_driver15:40
donobanis this wrong/bad?15:40
=== MountMyFloppy is now known as brittnee
sacarlsonLoboX: your dhcpd is not running unless you showed me the wrong machines ps -A state15:41
stalker_Perl`s power :) http://pastebin.com/0S127Cja save to tmp.pl and run "perl tmp.pl"15:42
CSOGuyfirst time question, so if i am in the wrong place sorry:  Fresh 12.04 LTS installation and instead of getting a gui, i get a terminal screen when the a large 11 line error that ends with [drm] nouveau 0000:01:00:  DDC responded, but noEDID for DVI-I-1  then on next line same thing but with No Native mode, forcing panel scaling.  Suggestions?15:42
sacarlsonLoboX: oh the dhcpd won't run if you don't have your system set to static already15:42
sacarlsonLoboX: you should be able to change to static with network manager gui15:43
escottCSOGuy, try connecting through DVI if you have that as an option15:43
LoboXok so i will try to do it gui based15:43
sacarlsonLoboX: if you want to so it with command line then you need to modify /etc/network/interface file15:43
CSOGuyi can give that a try, though it will have to go through the vga kvm eventually15:44
LoboXi did15:44
stalker_Perl`s power :) http://pastebin.com/0S127Cja save to tmp.pl and run "perl tmp.pl"15:44
LoboXcheck it15:44
emmypls anybody know how I can get an offline English Dictinary?15:44
sipioremmy: http://www.arulraj.net/2010/06/offline-dictionary-for-ubuntu-10-04.html15:45
stalker_http://pastebin.com/0S127Cja save to tmp.pl and run "perl tmp.pl" :D Camels from camel15:45
=== Jordan_ is now known as jcrza
Flannelstalker_: Stop that.15:45
TheM4ch1n3emmy: I will use google for you ...15:45
MonkeyDustemmy  any bookshop15:45
Flannelstalker_: It's offtopic for here, and you don't need to repeat yourself anyway.15:45
sacarlsonLoboX: ok reboot then?15:46
LoboXi did15:46
LoboXit grabs the ip then it lets go the ip15:46
sacarlsonLoboX: and it won't come up with that address?15:46
LoboXit does15:46
CSOGuyIs there a way to force it to go vga instead of dvi?15:46
LoboXbut then it goes blank15:46
sacarlsonLoboX: sounds like network manager is out of control to me,  try shut it down to verify15:47
escottCSOGuy, or get a proper KVM15:47
TheM4ch1n3mmm, looks like its more difficult to find a download for it directly ...15:47
sacarlsonLoboX: sudo service network-manager stop15:47
Harrisubuntu 12.04 face recognition login15:48
CSOGuyunfortunately the kvm is also connected to several older systems that don't even have DVI15:49
delchiHello all ,15:49
emmysipior: thanks. Do you have so large a repository? it seem to pop outta ur head almost immediately. u're a gen.15:49
Harrisubuntu 12.04 face recognition login15:49
delchiIs there a queue for questions or can I just toss mine out ther e?15:49
sipioremmy: google does most of the heavy lifting.15:49
llutzdelchi: just ask and wait15:49
fidel!ask | delchi15:49
ubottudelchi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:49
yandex839Hi there15:50
Harrisubuntu 12.04 face recognition login15:50
delchiFair enough15:50
JoniiHello. What is devname?15:50
yandex839delchi: You are currently number 1201 in a queue of 123315:50
JoniiI need to find out what is devname of my clickpad15:50
delchilibhid0 has been obseleted , but I need it for a custom program I've recently found , is there a way to force the library to install ?15:50
JoniiThat is, touchpad you can click by pressing it15:50
Harriswhat is a good ubuntu 12.04 face recognition login15:50
sacarlsonLoboX: seems in Ubuntu 12.04 now you have to unistall dhclient http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-convert-my-ip-from-dynamic-to-static-in-ubuntu/15:51
MonkeyDustHarris  have you heard or read somewhere that it even exists?15:51
llutzHarris: that software you present a printed photo  of your admin to login?15:51
HarrisMonkeyDust,  it does for ubuntu 10.1015:52
sacarlsonLoboX: I still run 10.04 and that's all we needed to do is edit /etc/network/interfaces15:52
yandex839delchi: You could try compiling it yourself if it's not in the repositories anymore. Providing it doesn't use an obsolete interface to the kernel or something...15:52
LoboXohhh ok15:52
delchiFair enough, and I shoudl be able to find the src by googling around, right ? :)15:52
reisiodelchi: for what?15:52
delchiReisio : libhid015:52
Harrishere www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TSZhfA2EfA15:52
LoboXwow 10.0415:52
yandex839delchi: http://libhid.alioth.debian.org/15:52
LoboXi have seen that in the new version a lot of things are change in ubuntu related to dhcp server15:53
sacarlsonLoboX: ya I just install all the backports I need until software I need won't run on it15:53
reisioHarris: finally I can log into your box using a photograph of you15:53
LoboXtheres no dhcp3-server is isc-dhcp-server15:53
delchiOk, I see libhid - what if the program I have is based on libhid0 ... it may not work still , right ?15:53
sacarlsonLoboX: ya they both work15:53
Harrishow do i get  it15:53
LoboXwhen i search for dhcp3-server is not found on my box15:54
MonkeyDustHarris  there's this old link, maybe it's useful http://compixels.com/2071/add-facial-recognition-password-to-ubuntu-linux-distro15:54
LoboXi cant restart dhcp3-server is isc-dhcp-server15:54
reisioHarris: he doesn't say15:54
sacarlsonLoboX: just install or start the isc-dhcp-server15:54
reisioHarris: if you wanted a decent implementation (that would still be a security problem), you'd use opentld15:54
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csioktelis it isc-dhcp-client support ipv6?15:55
sacarlsoncsioktel: I'm not sure,  when I setup a test of a fully ipv6 network I didn't use it15:55
Harrisreisio, i want to login with my webcam15:56
sacarlsonHarris: with face recognition?15:57
csioktelsacarlson: so what are you used for dhcp/ipv6?15:57
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reisioHarris: is your hard drive encrypted?15:57
OerHeksharris there used to be a nice package, but it is out of date for Precise Pangolin 12.04 >> http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/login-to-ubuntu-using-your-face \15:58
ceti331__can anyone recomend a text editor (windows-esque,not vi)  bordering on a minalist IDE… not requring project files (it is being used across a network to edit code for another platform) but offering assists for navigating c/c++ code, e.g. use of C-Tags jump to definition, or able to guess itself15:58
reisioceti331__: geany15:58
csioktelanyone know which dhcp-client program support ipv6?15:58
reisioceti331__: can pass as either a light IDE or just a text editor15:58
OerHeksharris contact the maintainer of that ppa, maybe she/he will help15:58
sacarlsoncsioktel: I used radvd and something else15:58
HarrisOerHeks,  how do i get it for ubuntu 12.0415:59
ceti331__ok i've heard that recomendationelsewhere i guess i should try it15:59
ceti331__sounds like what i am after.15:59
OerHeksHarris READ it is out of date, so not.15:59
reisioI think so15:59
delchiso many error messages :)15:59
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csioktelsacarlson: ok, thank you, i'll try it15:59
sacarlsoncsioktel: part of the config had to do with handling ipv4 addresses over ipv615:59
Harrishow do i get it for ubuntu 12.0415:59
csioktelsacarlson: ipv4 over ipv6?  do you mean ipv6 over ipv4?16:00
sacarlsoncsioktel: but I couldn't get windows system to work on an ipv6 only system, they wanted a dual stack ipv4 and ipv616:00
`prixonhow can I check if i915 is and ASPM is enabled?16:01
sacarlsoncsioktel: no it was an only ipv6 system so it still needed to translate ipv4 addresses to ipv616:01
csioktelsacarlson: yes, i want support native ipv6, not tunnel16:01
Harriscan you run ubuntu 10.10 software on ubuntu 12.0416:01
QasaurHey guys16:02
csioktelsacarlson: ok, it's fine, i have both.16:02
sacarlsonHarris: I guess if you run it in a virtual box, but most would be ported to 12.0416:02
QasaurI have a question, I'm learning programming and I was thinking of doing really simple bugfixes to Ubuntu. You know, help out the community16:02
Qasauris this something feasible16:02
Qasauror should I wait till I'm more experienced16:02
delchilooks like this one is a lost cause.16:03
delchiThanks for the assist though.16:03
csioktelQasaur: just do it, if you want16:03
QasaurIs it possible that I might fuck up and make things even more difficult?16:03
QasaurI don't want to hinder anyones efforts here.16:04
yandex839Qasaur: That's feasible. There was a "papercut" project to identify simple issues to fix, you might want to look at those.16:04
QasaurHuh? What do you mean16:04
sacarlsonQasaur: there are thousands of bugs to fix, if you can fix any of them go for it16:04
yandex839Qasaur: You wouldn't be able to screw things up - Ubuntu has version control, so anything can be reverted. Also, you won't have permission to commit your changes, someone else would look at your bug fix and assess it16:04
QasaurAh I see16:04
Qasaurso basically I fix the bug and someone else merges the fix to the main trunk?16:04
Qasaurso someone else verifies my changes16:05
delchiWhat Iv'e got is an old program for CLI based control of mini LED signs. It relies on libhid0 , I'm thinking I'll write the author and see if he can adjust it.16:05
escottceti331__, at some point you are going to be directed back to emacs, but you might also try gedit or scite (which is more python specific)16:05
sacarlsonQasaur: you can publish your changes on ppa or github.com if people like it they will adapt to it16:06
euddee26freenode sucks16:06
Qasaurwait, doesn't ubuntu use launchpad and not githu?16:06
OerHeksQasaur, yes launchpad. github is for private projects.16:07
sacarlson Qasaur: yes ppa would be the way to go but on github you can have groups of people working on it16:07
delchiThanks again for the help, and moreso thanks for help w/out the " noob beating ". I appreciate it.16:07
QasaurI see16:07
LoboXsacarlson im checking a couple of things ill keep u updated in case i fix this but stoppinmg the network manager, didn't release my static ip i start it again16:07
NickASloanwhere should I put a script that must be run on startup?16:07
QasaurIs this something a beginner should do to learn? Fixing bugs?16:07
sacarlsonLoboX: no I see that the dhclient is your problem you can also stop that16:08
reisioNickASloan: why must it be16:08
truepurpleIs there a way to cancel a install happening in the software center?16:08
OerHeksQasaur, i do not expect beginners to fix bugs, i hope beginners are capable of filing a bugreport.16:08
reisiotruepurple: could be problematic depending on what you're installing and at what point it's at16:09
yandex839truepurple: Only if it hasn't started the install itself (if it's still downloading the files). Otherwise, you can just uninstall afterwards.16:09
QasaurOerHeks: I mean a programming beginner, not an ubuntu beginner16:09
truepurpleyandex839 , if its still downloading the files, how can I stop it?16:09
yandex839Qasaur: Be advised that bug reports or even bug fixes aren't always looked at in a timely fashion by the Ubuntu developers. Bug fixes can sit unexamined for months on ocassion...16:09
Harrisi need help with  making a fake password for an account in ubuntu16:10
yandex839yandex839: There's usually a cancel button. If CLI, control + C16:10
yandex839truepurple: There's usually a cancel button. If CLI, control + C16:10
OerHeksQasaur, if you can, go for it ! remember, you are not alone to verify & test bugfixes16:10
truepurpleyandex839, What is CLI?16:11
yandex839truepurple: command line interface16:11
yandex839truepurple: If you're doing it from the terminal16:11
Dardanhi all16:11
truepurpleyandex839, AS I asked from the beginning, how do I cancel such from the software center, non way to do so?16:11
ikoniatruepurple: don't cancel in the middle of an install16:11
Harrisi need help with  making a fake password for an account in ubuntu16:11
Dardanim currenlty porting a C++ engine from windows to linux16:11
ikoniaHarris: gake password ?16:11
DardanI have some questions16:11
Harrisikonia,  fake16:12
ikoniaDardan: the guys in ##c++ would probably be best16:12
sacarlsonHarris: fake password?16:12
yandex839truepurple: Run the command "xkill" in command line, then click the software center16:12
ikoniaHarris: what do you mean a fake password16:12
reisioDardan: #friendly-coders16:12
ikoniatruepurple: careful, don't kill software center while it's installing something16:12
reisioDardan: or #programming16:12
ikoniaDardan: ##c++16:12
Dardanhow to connect to these?16:12
Harrisin the book little brother16:12
ikoniaDardan: /join ##c++16:12
Dardanim new to irc freenode ;p16:12
ikoniaHarris: sorry don't know what you are asking16:12
truepurpleyandex839, you mean click the tab of software center?16:12
Harristhe boy makes a fake partion for his phone and when you type in the fake password only certain files come up16:13
sacarlsonharris: just spell it the way it sound  "f a k e"16:13
yandex839truepurple: With xkill you click the window itself you want to immediately kill. But like ikonia said, if it's started installing it may screw things up16:13
Harrishow do i do that is ubuntu 12.0416:13
ikoniaHarris: ok - that's nothing to do with ubuntu16:13
truepurpleyandex839, ok thanks16:13
Harrisi want to do it in ubuntu16:14
ikoniatruepurple: is there a reason you want to cancel it (has it given an error or anything)16:14
LoboXsacarlson how do i stop the dhclient16:15
LoboXi tried sudo service dhclint stop16:15
truepurpleAnother issue, I need flash version 11.2 or latter to run a game, but firefox has only 11.1, and says it is up to date, chrome has a even earlier version of flash installed in it. also chrome is a bit behind in version numbers itself. Now alot of this takes me to a adobe download page, but there are 3 different download options and I got no clue how to install any of em after downloading16:15
ikoniatruepurple: there is normally a "readme" in the tar file16:16
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LoboXsacarlson ok we have progress the eth0 interface have the static ip from the interfaces file >:)16:16
ikoniatruepurple: you basically move the library into the plugins directory in your firefox directory in your home dir and restart firefox16:16
LoboXthat happen when i stoped the network-manager like you said16:16
ikoniatruepurple: but the README or INSTALL file in the tar will give you exact locations/instructions16:16
jobinarI have been using Ubuntu 11.10 for quite a while now. I could access internet via wired network of my college(which uses a proxy) a couple of days before.16:16
truepurpleikonia, ok, and which download do I use, I got ubuntu 11.416:17
ikoniatruepurple: what are you options ?16:17
jobinarSuddenly, I cannot access net via wired connection. I can access the wireless connection, though.16:17
jobinarI have a triple boot system, running Ubuntu 11.10, Debian 6.0.5 and Windows 7.16:17
ikoniatruepurple: (be aware as well, as flash may still not work with your game after installing it)16:17
jobinarI can access internet via wireless though all three of them, but not through wired connection on Ubuntu and Debian.16:17
yandex839jobinar: Have you done system updates recently? it's possible your kernel was updated and there was a regression?16:17
jobinar Here's the link to the information I get when I do an ifconfig:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016557/16:17
jobinarPlease help!16:18
truepurpleikonia, http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?no_redirect please see for yourself16:18
llutzHarris: read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deniable_encryption   and try to setup the software you need for it16:18
LoboXjobinar i dont see any ips in the eth0 interface16:18
ikoniatruepurple: that page detects your OS and offers you options based on your host16:18
ikoniatruepurple: I'm running a different system from you, so I'll see different options16:18
truepurpleOk one moment16:19
ikoniatruepurple: hence why I'm asking what your options (what you see is)16:19
jobinarLoboX: I have added all the info i get on the paste16:19
jobinaris something missing?16:19
LoboXjobinar have you tried adding the ip manually?16:19
jobinarwhat do i do to get ips, LoboX ?16:19
LoboXok who is providing the dhcp, your wifi router right?16:20
=== lub` is now known as lubmil
truepurpleikonia, YUM for linux (YUM)16:20
truepurple.tar.gz for other Linux16:20
truepurple.rpm for other Linux16:20
jobinaryes, LoboX16:20
LoboXyou have a cat5 cable connected to your box right no in the ethernet port16:20
QasaurI was scanning new bugs on Launchpad16:20
Qasaurand I saw this16:21
jobinarwhat is cat5?16:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1006984 in Ubuntu "the computer told me to report a bug to the developers i am now trying to do so" [Undecided,New]16:21
Qasaurhow does one deal with something like this?16:21
ikoniatruepurple: ok, the only one you can really use is the tar16:21
LoboXethrnet cable16:21
LoboXok it seems your eth0 is not resolving your dhcp information thats why is not working over cable16:22
jobinarLoboX: No i have not tried manually adding the ip16:22
mneptoktruepurple: why not install Flash from the repositories?16:22
jobinarhow do i rectify that, LoboX ?16:22
LoboXdo it manually then and check16:22
Harrishow do i make  want another account to open with the same username but differnet password16:23
jobinari do not have an individual ip, LoboX, its a shared network....16:23
jobinarso how do i add it manually?16:23
truepurplemneptok, Maybe I have and it didnt work, or maybe I don't know how. I did the update/upgrade thing and that didn't work16:23
jobinari m on my College network16:23
ikoniatruepurple: have you tried installing the package "flashplugin-nonfree" ?16:23
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llutzHarris: you can't16:23
Harrishow do i make  want another account to open with the same username but differnet password16:23
Harrisyes you can16:24
mneptoktruepurple: you need to enable the "partner" repository, then update, then install the "adobe-flashplugin" package16:24
reisioHarris: you can have the same cosmetic name16:24
truepurpleikonia, I probably did that to get flash initially, and I assume update/upgrade would keep it updated16:24
reisioHarris: but the actual /home/THISNAME/ must be unique16:24
truepurplemneptok, how do I do that?16:24
ikoniatruepurple: no, it doesn't always update, especially on older releases,16:24
reisioHarris: usermod -c, basically16:24
=== mrk is now known as Guest55951
mneptoktruepurple: is this a 64 bit system?16:24
ikoniatruepurple: if you've already done it, you won't need to do it again16:25
truepurplemneptok, yes, 11.4 ubuntu16:25
LoboXjobinar does anybody else is able to connect via cable?16:25
LoboXor is just you16:25
ikoniatruepurple: can you do a "dpkg -l | grep flash" please just to confirm if the package is installed16:25
mneptoktruepurple: first, "sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree"16:25
Harrisreiso step by step please16:25
mneptoktruepurple: see what that returns16:25
Harrisi dont want the new one to show up16:25
truepurpleikonia, ii  flashplugin-installer                        Adobe Flash Player plugin installer16:26
escottjobinar, have you registered your MAC address with the school? thats often a requirement16:26
reisioHarris: what, from the login screen?16:26
ikoniatruepurple: good to know, thank you16:26
reisiothat'd probably take some lightdm reconfiguring16:26
jobinaryes escott , i have16:26
jobinari have been using the College network for a year now16:26
mneptoktruepurple: "sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree flashplugin-installer"16:26
truepurplemneptok, So I don't have to actually remove it to do as you ask?16:26
LoboXwhat i dont see is the information on eth016:26
ikoniatruepurple: you should remove as mneptok is telling you16:26
LoboXis blank no ip info16:27
jobinarhow do i get that LoboX ?16:27
mneptoktruepurple: if you installed the packages i mention, you have a 32 bit Flash plugin running with a wrapper for 64. it's ugly.16:27
LoboXif its by dhcp is auto16:27
mneptoktruepurple: my suggestion gets you the 64 bit native plugin16:27
jobinarya its auto16:27
jobinari have not added ip manually, neither in Ubuntu nor in Debian nor in Windows16:28
LoboXok what you need to do is, verify if anybody else is able to connect via cable on your room16:28
truepurplemneptok, when I initially did the work trying to get flash installed, I remember specifically aiming for a 64bit version, how can I tell if my version is 64 bit or not?16:28
jobinaryes they can16:28
ikoniatruepurple: uname -a16:28
ikoniatruepurple: can you paste the output of that command please.16:28
truepurpleikonia, 2.6.38-15-generic #59-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 27 16:03:32 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:28
ikoniatruepurple: ok, so it's a 64bit host16:29
mneptoktruepurple: you can follow my instructions or not. but sorry, i don;t have time to run in circles figuring out what you did, when i already know exactly what it is you need to do.16:29
truepurpleI also have lots of other troubles with flash too,16:29
truepurpleok I will mneptok16:29
mneptoktruepurple: "sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree flashplugin-installer"16:29
LoboXjobinar ok so check nano /etc/network/interfaces16:29
jobinarya what should there be, LoboX ?16:30
truepurplemneptok, "Package flashplugin-nonfree is not installed, so not removed"16:30
jobinarits a two line file16:30
jobinari had once checked that16:30
mneptoktruepurple: great. are you comfortable using a text editor in the command line (e.g. nano)?16:30
LoboXok just wanted to know if you change any information there16:30
truepurplemneptok, I have before, and I can try my best16:30
LoboXguess not16:31
mneptoktruepurple: nah, just open the "Synaptic Package Manager" app16:31
=== EvanR_ is now known as EvanR
jobinari can, LoboX using sudo authority, right?16:31
jobinarbut what should i change, Lobox?16:31
truepurplemneptok, done16:31
mneptoktruepurple: from the menu. Settings>Repositories16:32
LoboXdont change nothing, just want to know what info you had there16:32
mneptoktruepurple: the "Other Software" tab16:32
mneptoktruepurple: check the box next to "Canonical Partners"16:32
jobinari will have to reboot, please hang on16:33
=== hari is now known as Guest33644
truepurplemneptok, there are two such entries, one with source code in it, and one without16:33
mneptoktruepurple: the "source" one is optional. in the case of Flash, you can't get the source anyway16:34
=== Guest33644 is now known as harikt
truepurplemneptok, ok I checked the box, click ok?16:34
mneptoktruepurple: yessir16:34
truepurpleI mean close, ok done16:34
mneptoktruepurple: close up Synaptic, open a terminal and paste this:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin16:35
truepurplemneptok, now reload repository?16:35
truepurplemneptok, don't I need to do something first since the repository changed?16:35
=== root____2 is now known as xzerox
mneptoktruepurple: the "apt-get update" does that16:35
truepurpleI assume you want me to run the line too.16:36
mneptoktruepurple: paste what i put above16:36
truepurplethen, enter, right?16:36
mneptoktruepurple: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin16:36
mneptoktruepurple: yes.16:37
ea1hetgood evening16:37
truepurplemneptok, ok, done, now why is this a better option then downloading from adobe?16:37
ea1hetanyone who has experience in KVM who might help me in a couple of questions?16:37
mneptoktruepurple: because any future updates will be automatic.16:37
jobinarHere's the link, LoboX http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016600/16:38
truepurplemneptok, it is ok for my browser to be up while this is happening, right?16:38
mneptoktruepurple: granted, in the case of Flash, which is dead on Linux, updates will be few. but hopefully security problems will be fixed.16:38
mneptoktruepurple: sure, but the broswer may not "see" the plugin until it is closed and restarted.16:38
truepurpleHow is flash dead on linux?16:39
Dr_willisadobe is giving up. ;)16:39
mneptoktruepurple: Adobe has discontinued development of the Linux plugin.16:39
truepurplemneptok, Is the linux community filling the void at all, or plan to?16:40
cristian_cHow can I enable the pinch gesture on my touchpad with ubuntu?16:40
killermy Speakers are working ok...but no sound in headphones16:41
mneptoktruepurple: it's closed source. the best that can be done is reverse engineering. GNASH is that project. and it's hardly at feature parity with the Adobe plugins.16:41
escotttruepurple, there are open source flash interpreters, but the reality is that by the time those would be 100% compatible flash will be long gone16:41
mozmckI updated precise this morning and now my sound does not work, but the speakers make a continual popping noise16:41
mozmckanyone else seeing something like that?16:41
jamescarris there an easy way to turn off upstart services from booting?16:41
jamescarra quick google just gave me links saying o just comment out files under /etc/init.d16:41
jamescarrbut that sounds daft16:41
LoboXhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1016607/ <-- do this16:42
LoboXand restart your interfaced16:42
cristian_cThere is this page: http://askubuntu.com/questions/11300/how-do-i-test-multi-gesture-capabilities-of-a-touchpad16:42
jobinar1 sec , LoboX .16:42
truepurplemneptok, Will what I did apply to chrome too?16:42
mneptoktruepurple: yes.16:42
Dr_willisjamescarr,  upstart scripts are in /etc/init/ the old sysv ones are in the init.d and other rc# dirs16:42
NastyNazwhats the name of the network security/penetration testing linux distro?16:42
jamescarrDr_willis, regardless, whats the "right" way to disable em?16:43
Dr_willisjamescarr,  for an upstart service you could rename its /etc/init/servicename.conf to be servicename.dontrun  or edit its contents and tell it to not load16:43
cristian_cbut I don't understand what set-prop is related to the pinch16:43
mneptokNastyNaz: not really an Ubuntu support question. thus offtopic.16:43
cristian_cAny ideas?16:43
jamescarrDr_willis, but I still want it to run if I call "service foo start"16:43
Dr_willisfor sysv - you nromally remove the LINK in the rc#  that you want them disabled.16:43
truepurplemneptok, I closed and restarted chrome, but it still says my version isn't 11.2 or latter, do I need to close all browsers in order for the change to be seen, or just the browsers in question?16:43
mneptokNastyNaz: but i'm pretty sure Wolfram Alpha could parse that natural language question with a simple CTL-C CTL-V16:43
Dr_willisjamescarr,  never really noticed.  you may need to edit the .conf file if thats what you want to do16:44
jamescarrDr_willis, thanks. Google led me to the chkconfig tool16:44
jamescarrgonna check it o ut16:44
mneptoktruepurple: look in your home directory for a .mozille folder. look in it, and see if there's a "Plugins" folder. move any Flash version out of that folder.16:45
mneptoktruepurple: correction, .mozilla16:45
`prixonI use ubuntu 12.04 with kernel 3.4.0 and get "-1" for "cat /sys/module/i915/parameters/i915_enable_rc6". can someone explain what that means? I was under the impression that i915 is enabled in 12.0416:46
truepurplemneptok, move it where?16:47
mneptoktruepurple: anywhere but where it is. :)16:47
truepurplemneptok, also the libflashplayer.so file?16:47
Pierreb do ubuntu come with a built in rdp server?16:47
mneptoktruepurple: yes, that is the actual plugin. and it's NOT the one you just got from the repositories.16:47
truepurplemneptok, then what is flashplayer10_2_p3_64bit_linux_111710.tar.gz?16:48
mneptoktruepurple: it's something you installed manually, it's an older version, and it is overriding the more recent plugin Adobe sent you from the Partner repo.16:48
truepurplemneptok, so I can safely delete these files?16:48
mneptoktruepurple: the tar.gz is the compressed plugin you got off the web.16:48
mneptoktruepurple: sure, you can delete them16:49
mneptoktruepurple: restart Chrome. then paste this into Chrome's addressbar:  chrome://plugins16:49
truepurpleah, it worked! I didnt even need to restart16:49
mneptoktruepurple: you now have the 64-bit native 11.2 plugin direct from Adobe.16:50
truepurpleFlash - Version: 11.2 r20216:50
truepurplemneptok, how about updating chrome?16:50
escott`prixon, honestly nobody in this channel is going to know what the particular values of a /sys/module parameter are going to mean. did you search online for this? you might try specifying site:kernel.org16:50
mneptoktruepurple: should be done via repos. the Chrome .deb installer adds stuff so Google's repos keep you updated.16:51
truepurplemneptok, you lost me, what do I need to do?16:51
mneptoktruepurple: nothing :)16:51
truepurplemneptok, but my chrome version is out of date, I am told the latest version is at least 19, but mine is 1816:52
reisiotruepurple: your chrome version will always be out of date16:52
reisioon any OS16:53
truepurplereisio, hmm? Please elaborate on that16:53
VictorCLhow can I avoid a cron that has a  wget  on it to write log to /root ?16:53
`prixonescott, I can't find i915 in http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt16:53
VictorCL> /dev/null 2>&116:53
VictorCLis not working16:53
reisiotruepurple: they make a new release every other day16:54
BrendHi everyone. So I'm using Xubuntu 12.04, and tonight my mouse has started freaking out. It's as if either the middle button or the scroll wheel are stuck active -- any window I move over is brought to the front, any select box (or tab set) I hover on goes straight to the last item, etc. It doesn't seem to be the mouse itself, it happens with every mouse I have.16:54
llutzVictorCL: wget -q16:54
truepurplereisio, Oh, but mine is very out of date it seems, a whole version number, how do I update it anyway?16:54
BrendWhile poking around I've noticed that my keyboard is being detected as a mouse (two mice, in fact!) and I'm wondering if that's related: http://bpaste.net/show/qGfOVDylAvfkyK4Efdgh/16:55
reisiotruepurple: only out of date by a week16:56
reisioBrend: related to what16:56
escott`prixon, modinfo i915 | grep ^parm:16:56
=== abhi_69 is now known as KidFromChittagon
escott`prixon, from http://askubuntu.com/questions/59135/how-can-i-know-list-available-options-for-kernel-modules16:56
Brendreisio: To the problem I described five lines earlier16:56
mneptoktruepurple: how did you install Chrome?16:56
reisiomaybe for someone with join/part disabled16:56
truepurplereisio, ok, well how do I update it anyway? Or just that I am using linux that I must be behind others?16:56
=== KidFromChittagon is now known as abhi_
truepurplemneptok, I assume software center, but I don't remember for sure16:57
ikoniatruepurple: you can only update it when new packages are offered/made available16:57
reisiotruepurple: with your package manager16:57
mneptoktruepurple: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:57
reisioattempting to always have upstream's latest version would be a waste of time16:57
truepurplemneptok, what does dist-upgrade do?16:57
BlouBlouit upgrades your ubuntu version16:58
`prixonhmmm -1 = (use per-chip default) (int). thanks!16:58
mneptoktruepurple: pulls in new packages that relate to the very base of the release. like new kernels.16:58
`prixoncan you explain what that means btw?16:58
mneptokBlouBlou: it does not move between Ubuntu releases. "dist-upgrade" will not move an 11.10 install to 12.04.16:58
truepurplemneptok, would it update my linux version?16:59
mneptoktruepurple: if by "linux" you mean "the kernel," then yes. if you mean "Ubuntu," then no.17:00
escott`prixon, -1 means "use the default" which is set based on the chipset17:00
VictorCLhow can I delete all fiels in a folder that starts with  index_api ?17:00
VictorCLrm index_api*17:00
VictorCLcan I do that17:00
escottVictorCL, if you want a recursive search find . -iname "index_api*" -delete17:00
alexfucan someone tell me why an application would not have a label -- http://i.imgur.com/Zo3Bs.png17:01
sacarlsonLoboX: you get it working?17:01
truepurplemneptok, I just don't understand, so my version would remain 11.4?17:01
`prixonescott, but how can I know if it's eventually enabled or disabled?17:01
LoboXnot yet was eating something, im trying to stop the dhclient17:01
LoboXi reboted to see something17:01
truepurpleoh I see where you answer that17:01
mneptoktruepurple: yes.17:02
escott`prixon, that you would presumably have to check the source to see what the default is. agreed that its not to helpful to see a -1 there, but thats what it means17:02
reisioalexfu: no freedesktop .desktop file would be my guess17:02
sacarlsonLoboX: just sudo killall dhclient to try it otherwise just uninstall it17:02
VictorCLthanks escott17:02
LoboXok i reboot and eth0 has the static ip from interfaces17:02
LoboXok sec17:02
truepurplemneptok, Why is that a separate command? and I thought ubuntu was suppose to update all these automatically without me needing to do stuff, so then why do I need to run 3 different command to update everything, and even then have it not be enough?17:03
truepurplesometimes not enough17:03
LoboXit boot again17:04
LoboXi will unistall17:04
mneptoktruepurple: "update" gets you the list of new packages available. without a list of what's changed, how would the system work? "upgrade" gets you the newest packages, except for kernels and such that are going to affect how the machine actually boots and speak to hardware. "dist-upgrade" does that last part.17:04
Sazpaimon_my grub is giving me "ELF header smaller than expected," and ive purged and reinstalled it from a chroot on another drive17:04
cdavisWhat is a popular gmail notifier that works well with unity on 12.04?17:05
truepurplemneptok, Can ubuntu be made to do any of this automatically?17:05
manzamannahi all17:05
OerHekstruepurple, 12.04 as an automatic update will come with 12.04.117:05
reisiohi manzamanna17:06
manzamannai've just installed and configured precise on btrfs with dm_crypt17:06
mneptoktruepurple: sure, but i wouldn't. when things are going to change on my machine, i want to know about it.17:06
Penguincsccdavis: have you tied enigmal?17:06
LoboXdonde removed dhcp-client17:06
manzamannanow I need to create the snapshots to recover if something goes wrong17:06
mneptokOerHeks: truepurple is talking about the daily grind of package updates.17:07
cdavisPenguincsc: nope, but I will take a look17:07
reisioLoboX: English only! :p17:07
manzamannainitially there was 2 subvolumes @ and @home17:07
ceti331__looks liek i've broken my x-server or 'gdm' ? .. since trying to select a dodgy window manager; whenever i boot with graphics i get a bare xserver, no terminal17:07
LoboX>:P yeah i know >:D17:07
escott!enter | manzamanna17:07
ubottumanzamanna: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:07
ceti331__are there any files i can reset17:07
truepurplemneptok, but most of those changes are put in a way where I don't know what is being updated anyway, and I am left with trusting the updates, rather then having to try to dredge through research that might not tell me anything anyways17:07
ceti331__xorg.conf etc..17:07
reisioceti331__: and if you right-click ?17:07
ceti331__i can get to a root text modeterminal from recovery more17:08
ceti331__i'll try right click..17:08
Brustofski-FanMy HP laptop has the beats audio.. Does linux have a software replacement for beats audio?17:08
OerHeks,ambtrfs tools17:08
reisioBrustofski-Fan: is beats audio more than just marketing?17:08
OerHeksmanzamanna, btrfs & snapshots > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs#How_to_work_with_snaphots_in_Ubuntu.27s_layout17:08
alexfureisio, even when I add a .desktop file, the label is still blank.17:09
ceti331__its since messing with both nvidia settings and then changing desktop environemnt..17:09
reisioalexfu: might have to log out/in17:09
manzamannanow I have @/@_cleancompleteinstall and @/@home_cleancompleteinstall ( / and /home)17:09
manzamannais it correct?17:09
ceti331__yeah right click does nothing17:09
xrohi, i using ubuntu 12.04 with unity and i would try to install cooky... Is there someone who already done it? does it work?17:09
ceti331__i have the raw X cursor on a black screen.  i recall someone telling me about "runlevel " somewhere17:10
nckrazzecan anyone help me, I am geting sudo errors when trying to update17:10
xro*conky :P17:10
manzamannaOerHeks, I have read it but I still not understand17:10
Brustofski-Fanreisio, i noticed in windows when i truned beats audio on.. got a cleaner sound.. and had a few vocal controls...17:10
alexfureisio, i'll try that.17:10
ceti331__when i go into a root terminal, it has some state associated with the last windowmanager I tried - GNUstep  / windowmaker…17:10
xanguaxro: there is 'conky colors' a very easy conky setup xro, you can find it on gnome-look.org17:10
xroxanga, does it work with unity?17:11
nckrazzeis there anyone here that can help me, please message me17:11
LoboXsacarlson sacarlson FINALLY!!! i have dhcp ip >:D17:11
ceti331__xinitrc ? xorg.conf ? .. is it something to do with the gdm… how to get back to defaults for unity… or even a raw xterm on bare xserver17:11
LoboXno internet tho but i will check that now17:11
reisioBrustofski-Fan: uhuh...17:11
reisioBrustofski-Fan: I assume pulseaudio's mixer/prefs will do the same thing17:12
judgenAny idea why skype ignores the gtk2 theme (it worked in debian when gnome2.30 was installed) I am guessing it is using gtk3 in ubuntu for themes.17:12
=== eid is now known as eid_
Brustofski-Fanreisio, kinda gives the bose speakers effects17:12
manzamannaubottu ok thanks17:12
reisioBrustofski-Fan: is not any special technology AFAIK, just a brand17:12
alexfureisio, nope. didn't work. Anyone in here use IntelliJ on 12.04?17:12
xanguajudgen: did you set on skype preferences to use the current Desktop theme¿¿17:12
Brustofski-Fanreisio, how do i access pulseaudio's mixer/prefs17:13
reisioBrustofski-Fan: ask the channel, don't use it myself17:13
pepeehi. is there an app to record (as in make a video) rdp or vbox vrdp in ubuntu?17:13
reisiothere are extra packages that don't come preinstalled, too17:14
reisiopepee: yup17:14
BarbariandudeHi guys! Due to a series of unfortunate events, I'm now forced to use a xubuntu live USB as my primary operating system, booting friends/family computers into it when I need to do some work. How do I password protect a live, persistent USB on startup?17:14
Penguincscwhat do you need nckrazze17:14
pepeereisio, which one?17:14
truepurplemneptok, thanks for all the help17:14
reisiopepee: there's recordmydesktop (GNOME & KDE frontends available) for starters17:14
nckrazzei need help with apt-get update, can you pm me?17:14
PenguincscBarbariandude: try encfs17:15
ceti331__ i have a usb stick i can reinstall with i think.17:15
Penguincscnckrazze: why pm?17:15
ceti331__i'll resort to that17:15
Penguincscnckrazze: just ask17:15
Penguincscnckrazze: te more people see your question - the more help you get ;-)17:16
nckrazzei am trying to do sudo apt-get update, but i get "could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13: permission denied)17:16
BarbariandudePenguincsc: Will this also work on application memory, such as thunderbird or pidgin login?17:16
pepeereisio, that will record a linux desktop... I need to record a remote vnc/rdp session from a vbox vm17:16
Harrishow do i link my ubuntu account to my vista account17:16
Penguincscnckrazze: try sudo apt-get update17:16
xanguanckrazze: does you used has administrative/sudo privileges¿17:17
PenguincscBarbariandude: I am not sure, but you could create a ramdisk17:17
xanguanckrazze: are you usign the guest account¿17:17
nckrazzeyeah i know penguin, i get "11: resource temporarily unavailable" after I enter my password17:17
PenguincscBarbariandude: RAM contents are lost anyway, so no worries there17:17
nckrazzeI installed to my hdd17:17
nckrazzeand i made account17:18
Harris`how do i link my ubuntu account to my vista account17:18
PenguincscBarbariandude: check out Backtrack Linux on google17:18
OerHeksharris Ubuntu and vista accounts don't mix17:18
PenguincscBarbariandude: A USB pendrive isn't a good idea for such a thing - try an external HDD17:18
Penguincscnckrazze: do you have more than one user account?17:19
nckrazzexangua: do you know?17:19
nckrazzeno i do not penguin17:19
xanguanckrazze: know to cook¿ be straight17:19
Penguincscnckrazze: if you have only yours, try running 'sudo apt-get update' from console17:20
nckrazzei did that penguin, i get the message i said17:20
Harrishow do i make a hidden user account in ubuntu17:20
BarbariandudePenguincsc: Ok. Is there any way (other than Puppy Linux which is unusable due to some Broadcom STA driver issues) to get a portable OS that is password-protected? I don't need it to be secure against crypto-analysis, I just need to be confident tech-illiterate people can't enter-enter-access messenger17:20
Harrishow do i make a hidden user account in ubuntu17:21
SafariMonkeyHarris: was that your attempt at a hidden IRC account?17:21
Penguincscnckrazze: so it means another installation program (like the Software Center)is open in the background17:21
nckrazzeyou sure penguin, i;ll check it out, gimma 1 sec17:21
chuWhat do you mean by "hidden" Harris? Just not visible at the login screen?17:21
Harrisyes chu17:21
HarrisSafariMonkey,  i dont know what you are talking about17:21
nckrazzehow do you open the ubuntu alternative for the windows task manager?17:21
pozzzHi. trying to install Joomla 254 locally on LAMP, Kubuntu 12.04. The thing is I've found some old screeshots with Step1 and a list of TICKED/GREEN directories that shoud be writable. Now you do not get that. Can I just go ahead with the installation without doing the chown and chmod commands???17:22
SafariMonkeyHarris: you left the room immediately after posting. sorry, it's my bad sense of humor.17:22
OerHeksnckrazze, open terminal: top  ( better install Htop)17:22
nckrazzewhat oer? terminal top?17:22
PenguincscBarbariandude: in that case, just set it to lock the screen. If you press ALT-CTRL-L before you leave the machine unattended, it will lock immediately17:22
HarrisSafariMonkey,  my computer froze17:23
Harrischu,  what do i do to make it17:23
chuUunfortunately Harris, things don't look too good.17:23
OerHeksnckrazze, yes, in terminal: top17:23
nckrazzei still cant get it penguin, its not working. i have nothing else open17:23
Penguincscnckrazze: ALT-Shift-Esc17:23
chuLook here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/92349/how-do-i-hide-a-particular-user-from-the-login-screen17:23
BarbariandudePenguincsc: Yes, but they immediately enter my dekstop no-questions-asked if they reboot and select "try without installing"17:23
SafariMonkeyHarris: yeah, sorry, ironic humor is hard to convey on IRC17:23
chuHarris: Here is the associated bug report too: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/85765117:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 857651 in accountsservice (Ubuntu) "Unable to hide users from login screen / user switcher" [High,Triaged]17:24
Harrischu,  how do i try it17:24
PenguincscBarbariandude: I don't think there's such a distro. Why can't you install?17:24
Harrischu,  how do i make the hidden account17:25
Penguincscnckrazze: open a terminal and enter 'pgrep apt'17:25
MaynardWatershey guys im trying to update a eeepc netbook on 11.04 to the 2.6.38-15generic I am getting some erros that "connot read from /dev/sdc" it appears to be trying to edit grub, but doesnt know where to look17:25
chuHarris: I don't know. Read the links I gave you.17:25
BarbariandudePenguincsc: There is such a distro, it is Puppy linux. As I said, as of the latest version it doesn't support the Broadcom network card in 2 of the machines I'm using. I cannot install as the machines belong to other people, they are allowing me use as long as I don't touch the hard drives17:26
nckrazze_yo pengi i got it17:27
Penguincscnckrazze_: what was it then?17:29
thelastknowngodahoy! anyone from San Jose or LA?17:31
thelastknowngodneed some info on beers17:31
bazhang!ot | thelastknowngod17:31
ubottuthelastknowngod: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:31
xangua!ot | thelastknowngod17:32
ubottuthelastknowngod: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:32
bazhangxangua, lag?17:32
xangualazy bot bazhang ;)17:33
freckledpIt looks as if the 12.01 Thunderbird version does not have LDAP in it. Can someone else confirm? it's this package: 12.0.1+build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.117:34
Harrishide a user in logon screen17:34
llutzHarris: http://askubuntu.com/questions/92349/how-do-i-hide-a-particular-user-from-the-login-screen17:34
Penguincscwhy would you wanna do that?17:36
mrgthey. is there any way to control sound for each application separately? e.g. mute the sound on chrome and keep the sound for movie player.17:38
escottmrgt, pulseaudio should give you controls for that17:38
xanguamrgt: sound icon -configuration - app tab17:39
manzamannafind the solution on #btrfs17:39
escottMaynardWaters, so what is the question then? you dont know how to install grub17:39
MaynardWatersescott: im concerned about killing this "applying changes" I dont want to f up my kernel17:41
escottMaynardWaters, so what is the exact text of the message?17:41
mr0wlwhat's the deal with Skype in Linux?17:42
pepeehmm I got some dependencies problem: The following packages have unmet dependencies:   librtmp-dev : Depends: librtmp0 (= 2.4~20110711.gitc28f1bab-1) but 2.4~20110711.gitc28f1bab-1ubuntu0~ppa1~oneiric1 is to be installed17:42
MaynardWaters"error: cannoc read from '/dev/sdc'"17:43
chrometigercan anyone help me figure out why google earth wont work for me and why I cannot log into gnome shell?   I keep getting reverted to fallback mode17:43
escottmr0wl, a straight flush. what do you mean by deal?17:43
MaynardWatersand it just keep printing that in the details box17:43
escottMaynardWaters, and you are seeing this when?17:43
MaynardWatersright now17:43
Penguincscchrometiger: maybe a graphics card driver issue?17:43
escottMaynardWaters, obviously you are seeing it right now, but what command did you run that is causing this17:43
shurikrulikhi men, give peace of advice pls.. How edit txt file which is in /etc(root rights) from terminal.17:44
escottchrometiger, you probably dont have a glx layer running. what kind of graphics card?17:44
chrometigerPenguinsc: as far as I can see and others helped me earlier  it seems my graphics drivers are installed right17:44
escottshurikrulik, gksudo gedit (or any other editor you want to use)17:44
MaynardWatersi just attempted to update using the gui that pops up when it finds updates17:44
chrometigerescott: Intel mobile 4 series card17:44
MonkeyDustshurikrulik  type sudo -e [filename]17:44
Penguincscchrometiger: only google earth?17:44
Penguincscmaybe an OpenGL issue?17:45
escottchrometiger, what is the cpu?17:45
Penguincscchrometiger: run dmesg17:45
chrometigerGoogle Earth says  "Unknown Graphics card"17:45
escottMaynardWaters, can you give any more context on this error. i still cant figure out where it is coming from17:45
MonkeyDustshurikrulik  or sudo nano [filename]17:46
Penguincscchrometiger: try to log out and choose Unity 2D  does it work then?17:46
shurikrulikdon't opens...17:46
chrometigerescott: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016701/17:47
escottshurikrulik, what exactly did you type?17:47
shurikruliksudo nano default.txt17:47
vph #ffmpeg17:47
chrometigerPenguinsc: Unity and Unity 2d work,    I cant get gnome shell to work17:47
escottchrometiger, /proc/cpuinfo would be more helpful17:47
escottshurikrulik, and what does "pwd" say?17:48
MaynardWatersescott I openedd up this eeepc after a few months of not touching it, it was working find, the update manager popped up with security updates, in clicked install, it go about 70-80% done, then stopped, I see the connot read from /dev/sdc under the details box below the applying changes where it says configureing linux-image-2.6.38-15-generic17:48
shurikruliknothing no activity17:49
shurikrulikno answers17:49
MaynardWatersim probably just going to sudo kill the update soon if you dont have any ideas where this is coming from17:49
escottMaynardWaters, without some additional lines (like those that preceded the error) its pretty much impossible to figure out what happened17:50
shurikrulikterminal recive command but dose nothing17:50
escottshurikrulik, do you have a terminal prompt?17:50
chrometigerescott: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1016706/17:50
Penguincscchrometiger: do you have multiple monitors?17:50
judgeni have tried both current desktop and gtk17:51
shurikruliknothing absolutely17:51
Penguincscchrometiger: whats the video chip?17:51
chrometigerIntel Mobile 4 series17:51
escottchrometiger, thats a low end chip. perhaps the graphics card just cant handle it17:52
escottshurikrulik, then what are you seeing?17:52
chrometigerso does gnomeshell require more than Unity ?17:52
escottchrometiger, you could send us "glxinfo"17:53
TigerboyI've gotten such poor overall video performance under ubuntu considering I have a highend amd and 8core cpu running at 4.2gigahertz per core. a lot of tearing and when I turn tear-free on in amd settings it is very jittery and frame loss goes up17:53
shurikruliki entered sudo nano default.txt , terminal swallowed it and nothing else17:54
Penguincscchrometiger: does it crash or dosn't start at all?17:54
escottshurikrulik, perhaps you are in nano already i think ctrl-x is the exit key17:54
TigerboyI am using the default AMD commercial driver that comes with Ubuntu. Should I change it to something else for better performance?17:55
chrometigergnomeshell doesn't even load  it just spits me into  gnome panel    default17:55
shurikrulikokey, thk u for help.17:55
escottchrometiger, might you have ever installed nvidia drivers?17:55
compdocTigerboy, did you select the propritory driver?17:55
compdoctry the native one17:55
Tigerboycommercial = proprietary17:56
chrometigerescott: yeah   when I first installed 11.10  I was hooked to my main pc   "im running off an external hd"17:56
TigerboyI need the features of the commercial/proprietary17:56
luc4_macHi! I've been asked by the ubuntu developers to test a mainline kernel. I installed it but it is not booting. I reported this result but now the problem is that I can't boot anymore :-) I'd have to select another kernel in grub, but my keyboard does not respond. Is my only chance to use a live CD?17:56
escottchrometiger, then you need to remove the nvidia driver17:56
compdocnot if it doesnt wrk17:56
Penguincscchrometiger: try this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/86465/switch-from-nvidia-to-internal-intel-hd-graphics-opengl-does-not-work17:56
chrometigerescott:  how do I go about that17:56
escottchrometiger, you can use jockey to disable the nvidia driver or you can remove it with apt-get17:57
chrometigerescott:  k  gimme a bit  i'll try17:58
Penguincscchrometiger: it says it in step 4 of the guide I ssent you17:58
chrisgeorgeFor ubuntu network-manager-openvpn, is there a way for it to import certs that are embedded in the ovpn file?17:59
baazigar|rajatHey , i cant search any applications through dash home search bar, any help?17:59
baazigar|rajatThough files can be searched18:00
baazigar|rajatI did some upgrade and this happened18:00
Penguincscbaazigar|rajat: did you try dist-upgrade too?18:01
Penguincscnacho222: how can we help - just ask18:01
nacho222I just purchased and put together a new pc18:01
nacho222looking into Ubuntu, but unsure of its benefits, and what I would lose vs. an old copy of XP?18:02
nacho222I know they both have a GUI18:02
nacho222but my concern would be about lack of programs, like itunes (which my wife uses to sync her phone and ipad)18:02
Penguincscnacho222: iPhone sync is supported18:03
Penguincscnacho222: did not try iPad, but I guess it is also18:03
escottnacho222, install it and see. it only $0.00 a month for the first 20000 months18:04
nacho222thanks, but how is iphone sync supported?18:04
dontknowwhat is going on here18:04
escott!ipod | nacho22218:04
ubottunacho222: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod18:04
nacho222music is not a concern, I'm more concerned about contacts and apps18:04
Penguincscnacho222: look here: http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/why-use-ubuntu18:04
goddardwhat is this CRON[3683]: (root) CMD (  [ -x /usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime ] && [ -d /var/lib/php5 ] && find /var/lib/php5/ -depth -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type f -cmin +$(/usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime) ! -execdir fuser -s {} 2>/dev/null \; -delete)18:04
Bulletrulzim pumped for the dell ubuntu laptop YAY  linux gets reconized18:04
mr0wlescott: is it still being supported or what18:04
xangua(13:03:22) Penguincsc: nacho222: iPhone sync is supported - only for music, but sometimes after apple release an ios upgrade the support is broken; apples and penguins don't get along18:04
ubottuKubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde18:05
escottmr0wl, your question has scrolled off screen. what was it18:05
mr0wlescott: about skype18:05
choppyfireballsYes i'm excited for the dell laptop running ubuntu out of the box, then I remembered it's a Dell18:05
judgeni found this error with skype: (skype:29901): Gtk-WARNING **: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/libubuntulooks.so: fel ELF-klass: ELFCLASS6418:05
escottmr0wl, yes it is still supported18:05
Penguincscnacho222: here: http://iphonecontacts.blogspot.com/2011/07/sync-iphone-contacts-to-ubuntu.html18:06
mr0wlescott: so skype for linux is being actively developed?18:06
Bulletrulzchppyfireballs but it still is a main laptop ubuntu is getting more regionized by main computer makers18:06
chrometigerescott,  penguinsc  thanks18:06
Bulletrulzya mr0wl i cant even get my cam to work on that18:06
nacho222Thanks Penguincsc18:06
choppyfireballsbulletrulz that's why i'm excited for it18:06
chrometigergnomeshell is working18:06
escottmr0wl, yes18:06
choppyfireballsI'm more excited for steam coming onto linux18:06
mr0wlescott: great, thanks18:06
vovkavLadies and Gentlemen! Does anyone know of a best (short , concise just-enough) instructions for building debian binary packages out of "make install" software for internal use? (I know how to write control-files, still only have a slight knoledge of makefiles)18:06
Bulletrulzescott i dont get a cam in skype4linux18:07
Ztaneupgrade to 12.04 had crashed on a laptop and now18:07
Ztanesingle shell is booted to18:07
Ztaneand ...18:07
Ztanemany commands say18:07
bazhang!checkinstall | vovkav18:07
ubottuvovkav: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!18:07
Penguincscnacho222: run it as a live system and try18:07
escottBulletrulz, ok. how did you install skype? are you 64bit? have you tried using the LD_PRELOAD trick?18:08
bazhangBulletrulz, /msg ubottu18:08
Penguincscnacho222: this is about a year old guide, so it might not work18:08
nacho222what do you mean by a live system? Install it and give it a shot?18:08
Bulletrulzescott im 32 bit and ld reload>18:08
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Penguincscnacho222: another option would be to sync the iPhone with Gmail and then to Ubuntu18:08
Ztanesingle shell sayhs: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `glibc_2.14' not found (required by /lib/libply.so.2)18:09
escottBulletrulz, LD_PRELOAD is often needed to make 32bit skype work on 64bit systems. how did you install skype18:09
nacho222will that do apps as well? Or just contacts?18:09
Bulletrulzescott no! i am a 32 bit system18:09
choppyfireballsWhen i installed skype i ran the installer for 32 bit i didn't need ldpreload18:09
Penguincscnacho222: if you can spare a PC - defiantly18:09
choppyfireballsI am also a 32 bit system18:09
Bulletrulzim using LXDE ubuntu 12.0418:09
nacho222ok, cool. I'll give it a shot!18:10
Penguincscnacho222: a live USB is choosing "Try Ubuntu" from the boot screen18:10
escottBulletrulz, how did you install skype18:10