frewsxcvailo: is the new site still using drupal?01:49
ailofrewsxcv: Nope. Wordpress07:36
len-dtailo, For the most part, I would put the web page up now. I would like to see a news spot about 12.04 though. The latest one is for 11.10 and is not very nice. 12.04 is much better.13:41
len-dtscott-work, I have a mode switcher in place on my machine. I just have to do a configure program. Right now the mode switch is a part of my workflow project, but it would be nice to have a tray-able applet.13:47
len-dtscott-work, how many modes do you see us using? Right now I have desktop and audio, but there could be desktop, audio, video, graphics.13:48
len-dtalthough I would think desktop and graphics might be the same... but I don't make enough use of those programs to know.13:50
len-dtscott-work, our lead singer/guitarist does both music and graphics, but on the other hand tweaking a computer or even changing preset modes is not something he does. (so he has a Mac)13:53
* len-dt is off to work13:58
scott-workronoc: do you have a few moments for a small discussion?  i would learn and understand your experiences and perspective15:02
ronochi scott-work 15:02
ronoccan we do this in a bit15:02
ronocjust about to go into a meeting15:02
ronocwould love to chat about stuff :)15:02
scott-workTheMuso: i am in discussion with leann about the lowlatency kernel. tim has contacted her about moving it into their work since they have collapsed several other kernels, which was the condition to which he would accept it. she is asking that we justify our request based on downloads, which is not unreasonable.15:13
scott-workTheMuso: her concern being that their work and responsibility is warranted. i am happy to comply and am in the process of getting this information, although i would be unable to properly acquire reasonable number for torrents i fear15:14
ailolen-dt: Yeah, I haven't looked at the news thing yet. We just need to add a post for that. Might as well remove the old ones too15:21
ailoI will put heart and soul into adding more stuff to the feature tour on the web site these coming days15:22
ailoBut not today. Today is all about cyckling15:22
ailoscott-work: What does that mean? If -lowlatency is not downloaded often enough, they won't want to maintain it?15:23
scott-workailo: essentially, but there is a history to the request15:34
scott-workailo: in particular the i386 non-pae generic kernel is used as an example of a kernel with similar maintenance requirements but limited (and dwindling) usage that the kernel team dropped15:36
ronocscott-work, so16:03
ronoci gotta go in 10 mins 16:03
ronocscott-work, should we schedule a chat tomorrow afternoon16:05
ronochow about 5pm GTM +116:05
ronocscott-work, are you EST ?16:05
scott-workronoc: sorry was busy with work, i'm CST16:12
scott-workronoc: i'll have to see what 5pm GTM +1 is for me before i can answer :P16:12
ronocprobably about 11am16:12
ronocscott-work, ^16:12
ronocor maybe later16:13
scott-workronoc: tomorrow afternoon at 5pm GTM +1 is good for me (which currently 24 hours hence approximately)16:15
scott-workyou were correct that would be 11:00am my time16:15
ronocscott-work, oka cool16:20
ronocokay cool16:20
scott-workhehe. by the way, i look forward to our discussion :)16:20
ronocscott-work, defo, okay gotta run laters16:21
scott-workoh, i added this my google calendar and realized that the release meeting...16:21
scott-workah crap, he left :P16:22
scott-workronoc, if you read the logs: i'll be just getting out of the release meeting, i don't _think_ this will impact my availability, i hope the release meeting will actually go shorter than previously so we should be okay16:23
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frewsxcvbuffer cplug18:06
scott-workastraljava: it looked like you might be making changes to the seeds based on the xfce4-utils bug that mrprouit filed?  or at least assigned yourself?18:31
scott-workastraljava: if you don't plan on it or haven't yet i would like to do so this weekend18:31
astraljavascott-work: Sure, if you want, I haven't started yet.18:35
astraljavaI'll de-assign myself.18:35
micahgI wasn't sure if the other changes needed to be done at the same time (or I would've updated the seeds last week)19:01
len-dtscott-work, looking at the blueprint, I am not going to be much good at telling if audio tweaks will "degrade" non-audio performance... aside from maybe the browser ;-)21:10
len-dtscott-work, it may be easier to get the config GUI set up so other people can test what they use their system for.21:11

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