phaidrosjust as short question, maybe someone knows: how can I enable pulseaudio to keep on playing, even when switching to another user ? (12.04)07:44
ailophaidros: I haven't investigated this. It seems it is configured for one user session only07:45
ailoYou want to play music with one user, and then switch to another user to do something else?07:48
phaidrosailo: exactly, and I want the sound to not stop .. as this is really annoying when switching back and forth :)07:49
phaidrosafaik one could configure pulse as a system service, but there should be a way to do that on a user level ..07:50
phaidrosany ideas?07:54
ailophaidros: I just tried doing this in Debian, and it worked (all though it says during boot something about "per user session" for PA)07:55
ailophaidros: At which point is audio stopped? When you switch to the login screen, or when you login with the new user?07:56
ailoI'm on Debian Wheezy which is in many ways quite similar to 12.0407:56
ailoI did make sure the new user is apart of "audio" groups07:57
ailoI could try without it07:57
phaidrosailo: sound stops as soon as I see the login screen07:57
ailoOk, so then it is a config thing07:57
phaidrosboth users here are group audio, as both can play sound .. just not continuously the same sound :D07:58
phaidrosany idea where that might be configured?07:58
ailoThe audio group is actually not important for PA08:01
ailoOr, I don't think so anyway08:01
ailoIt is needed to get realtime privilige though08:01
ailoThere's some confusion on that. It seems audio groups is used for two different things or something08:02
phaidrosailo: realtime is only granted when adjusting so in /etc/sysctl.conf (e.g. for group audio) .. so it is not directly related to the audio group in general (imho)08:03
phaidrosafaics the membership of group audio grants access to the sound system08:04
phaidrostho, both is no issue here. I still wonder where the "session" is configured and that it "stops" (or better pauses) when switching to a login screen08:04
ailophaidros: You can't have access to realtime with jack, if you're not a member of audio group08:06
ailoWhile PA is supposed to use another method08:06
ailoOn Ubuntustudio, you become a member by default, for the first user08:07
ailoBut the second will lack membership to some groups, as well as audio group08:08
ailophaidros: There are some setting files for PA at /etc/pulse/*08:08
ailoI don't know much about how pulse is configured, but I guess google is a friend08:09
ailopulse is a member of audio group, but to use pulse you should not need to be08:09
phaidrosailo: yeah, /etc/pulse is a way, but that is a global pulse server .. tho, I am looking for a way to configure that with pulse as it is running ootb08:11
ailoThey are global settings for PA, not for a global server08:13
ailoIf you make settings in  /etc/pulse, they affect all users, not only one08:13
ailoLet me make a diff between ubuntustudio and debian to find out what the difference is08:14
phaidrosailo: any hints?08:25
ailophaidros: I only have one clue. I will try change the setting, and see what happens08:26
ailophaidros: Ok, so I think I may have found it08:31
ailoWait, let me try one more thing08:31
ailophaidros: I just tried switching users on Ubuntu Studio, and that worked too08:44
ailophaidros: Perhaps this only happens when you start a flash players stream?08:44
ailoI read something about playing flash has worked before, when switching users, but it's not only audio. Also video, so that is interrupted as soon as you get to login screen08:46
ailoWith audio files on hard disk, I don't have this problem. They keep playing08:46
ailoOk, gotta go. Hope things get sorted out08:47
dutchienot actually an ubuntu studio install per se, but i've got ubuntustudio-audio installed on my vanilla 12.04 install and i'm having jack issues17:50
dutchiemainly that there is no system output in patchage or the qjackctl patcher thingy17:50
dutchiei tried installing pulseaudio-module-jack, but that didn't seem to help17:50
holsteindutchie: no output from what?17:55
holsteinqjackctl makes no output17:56
holsteinnor does patchage17:56
holsteini would try running jack as root...17:56
holsteinsudo qjackctl17:56
holsteinif that works, then you can assume the config is good17:56
dutchieholstein: output to headphones/speakers17:56
holsteinthen, if it doesnt work as normal user, you can assume its permissions17:56
holsteinthen, when JACK is running as normal user, i would route something simple such as yoshimi or zynaddsubfx to the output17:57
holsteinOR, something like audacious set to use JACK as output17:57
dutchiethere is no output to route yoshimi to17:58
holsteindutchie: is JACK running?17:59
holsteindutchie: do you have it configured properly?17:59
dutchiejack seems to be running fine, at least the console output from qjackctl says so17:59
holsteindutchie: do you have is set to "duplex" in qjackctl's "setup"17:59
holsteindutchie: sure, but maybe not configured to work with your hardware18:00
holsteindutchie: i would close jack and start qjackctl as root18:00
holsteinwhen you see JACK running as root on your card, and all looks as it should, then you can move on to as normal user18:00
dutchiesame error with root18:01
holsteindutchie: well, its not an "error"18:01
dutchiewell, no18:02
holsteindutchie: if you dont have it configured to use your device properly in duplex mode18:02
holsteinOR, if the alsa drivers are not supporting the device18:02
holsteindutchie: is it set up in duplex mode?18:02
holsteindutchie: you are in the audio tab in "connect" ?18:03
holsteindutchie: i would remove the pulse sync thing, thats not the issue18:03
holsteinyou can try going one way or the other with alsa18:04
dutchiewhat do you mean?18:05
holsteindutchie: upgrading or downgrading18:05
holsteini usually try some live CD's...18:06
dutchieoh right18:07
dutchiewell i just rebooted and now there is a system output18:21
dutchienow i just have to work out what system/capture_{1,2} and system/playback{1..6} are18:24
holsteinjust route to them all18:27
dutchiehmm, can't seem to record anything18:42
holsteindutchie: with?18:44
dutchietried ardour, qtractor, audacity18:45
holsteinuse ardour18:45
holsteinroute *every* input ot *every* output18:45
holsteinits likely you are just getting used to the way it looks/feels18:45
holsteindo you need JACK?18:45
holsteinmaybe you'd be OK with pavucontrol and audacity18:46
dutchiethis is the sort of thing i'm not sure about18:46
holsteinkeep it simple18:47
dutchiei have a feeling i'm going to be woefully underequipped for what i want to do hardware-wise18:47
holsteinroute a piece of software to another peice of software18:47
holsteintest JACK connections that way18:47
dutchiemakes sense18:47
holsteinif you are using an internal sound card, i would just get *any* USB device18:47
holsteinyou can ask in #opensourcemusicians about what is the best around now18:47
dutchiewhat i want to do is record some singing, and put it on top of some synthy type stuff18:47
holsteinbest for the cash18:48
holsteindutchie: "recording some singing" is quite challenging18:48
holsteinlets say you want to do that professionally18:48
holsteinyou would go somewhere and pay $80/hour18:48
holsteinyou are trying to repicate that harware workflow on a sound card that cost 18 cents18:49
holsteinim not saying it cant be done, but you are going to get sub-par results18:49
dutchiequality is not a huge issue, it's basically supposed to be a romantic surprise for my girlfriend18:49
holsteini would get an all in one USB device with a preamp18:49
holsteinOR, just use what you got, and deal with it18:49
holsteinOR record the tracks, take them to a studio and sing over them18:49
holsteindutchie: its *drastic* the difference18:50
holsteinthey are not equivalent tools18:50
holsteinthe USB device with the preamp is something i would say to use if you are not worried about  the quality18:50
holsteinthe internal sound card and mic you are using now is just not for that purpose at all18:50
holsteinthats for skype at best18:50
holsteindepending on what you are doing, you might knock it out in an hour at a studio18:51
holsteinOR, grab a device for $60 somewhere (or $30 used)18:51
dutchiefair enough18:52
dutchieso the singing is going to be hard, but what about the synthy type stuff?18:52
holsteinsoftware synths are just that18:53
holsteinthey are generated "in the box"18:53
holsteinso, that'll sound the same on your box, or some studio machine18:53
holsteindoesnt matter18:53
holsteinyou'll sound the same as if you are paying $80/hour18:53
dutchieyep, i got that18:53
dutchiewhat would the actual workflow be? put something together in a midi sequencer, feed that into a synth and twiddle dials until cool noises come out? or have i got the wrong end of the stick?18:55
holsteinits all open, so the workflow can literally be what you like18:55
holsteini dont do a lot of midi18:55
holsteini would suggest asking in #opensourcemusicians18:55
holsteinmost folks use qtractor as a sequencer18:56
holsteinthere are lots of synths and samplers.. but sampling gets into the hardware again18:56
holsteinassuming you want to use your own samples18:56
holsteinotherwise, the tracks are as good as the samples you use18:56
holsteinwith JACK, and a nice interface, you can run out to hardware modules, or effects18:57
holsteinthe only limitations with JACK and these open tools are your imagination, skill and cash flow18:57
dutchieawesome, thanks a lot18:58
dutchieif we were anywhere nearby i'd probably buy you a drink by now18:58
holsteinhehe.. well, check out my CD...18:58

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