twbI'm not sure if this is an ubuntu or an upstart question.06:03
twbI have a 12.04 chroot environment that I am installing packages into, as part of building a live image.  When I install a daemon package (e.g. cron), it tries to start itself by talking to upstart.  This fails (because it's chrooted).06:03
twbIn sysvinit I would simply write a policy-rc.d that said "exit 101", which tells invoke-rc.d not to ever start such daemons.06:03
twbHow can I get the same effect for upstartized daemons?06:04
twbIn the past, it seems the least-worst approach was to diver initctl and put /bin/true in its place during the build.06:07
twbOK, never mind.  I just tried writing a policy-rc.d and it seems that approach works now.  Yay!06:10
tcrIs seems like "start on" does not actually specify a prerequisite for a job to be started, but a pattern of events that if fullfilled will make the job be started automatically. Is that correct?13:57
jodhtcr: yes - see http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#start-on and http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#upstart-s-design-why-it-is-revolutionary17:30
tcrI have a job definition which contains "start on", "stop on" and a "pre-start script" - that's it. I'd have thought that creates a forever-running job, but it seems not to (status $job reports "Unknown job")19:26
tcrI want to create a job that perform some action, and if the action was successful, remains in the started state (so an attempt to start it again will be a NOP)19:27
JanCunknown job means exactly that: there is no job with that name19:37
JanCso either your job definition contains syntax errors, or you misspelled its name...19:37
tcrother jobs were started that depend on it. Is a .conf file checked for syntax errors before or while it is being processed?20:25
xnoxtcr: .conf jobs are loaded when upstart starts and are not reloaded.20:28
tcrsorry how does that answer the question? :)20:29
xnoxsorry, as far as I know syntax is checked on loading, but I'm not sure with respect to buggy shell snippets and what not20:29
SpamapStcr: if you have Ubuntu 11.04 or later you can use init-checkconf /ec/init/foo.conf23:00
SpamapSxnox: upstart jobs are reloaded if they change, and the filesystem supports inotify23:00
xnoxSpamapS: ok. I had wrong impression. still learning upstart.23:02

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