pjotrHello, in my opinion the number of icons on the default Xubuntu desktop, is rather excessive. How about reducing that number a bit?09:47
pjotrRemoving the "removable devices" icons has some technical disadvantages, so maybe they better stay. The trash can icon is also useful on the desktop, I think. But perhaps the shortcuts for "Home" and "File System" can be disabled in the default settings?09:47
pjotrshortcuts = icons09:47
laiteheh, home & filesystem are the only ones I keep on my desktop =P09:51
baizoni got Home, file system, trash and 2 shortcut :)09:55
ochosithe number of items on the default desktop seems to be a really interesting issue to some...10:12
ochosisomehow it pops up every now and then10:12
ochosimaybe xubuntu is too good already, because people keep whining on such a high level :}10:12
astraljavaIndeed. Let's break it horribly for quantal, so people will have some real topics to discuss. *smirk*10:28
GridCubeknome, im lost, what else im supposed to do on the wiki comparizon?12:53
ochosiGridCube: what i'd expect from the comparison is something like this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Karmic/DefaultMusicPlayer13:03
ochosior this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Karmic/DefaultMailClient13:03
ochosiGridCube: if you're thinking "yuck, this looks like a lot of work", then yes, i can confirm that :) (that's why there haven't been tons of real application comparisons)13:13
GridCubewelp, most of that can be copypasted :D13:20
knomeGridCube, don't13:20
knomeGridCube, please, you need to go through it yourself to be able to actually give a objective proposal13:20
knomeand things are probably also better13:21
ochosialso, if everything gets copypasted only, we'll end up with exaile again :)13:21
GridCubewell no i meant the part about use cases, thats pretty much the same13:22
knomeGridCube, i'd still say; please go through it yourself13:22
GridCubeknome, i am13:22
knomeGridCube, by all means use the old spec as a reference13:22
knomeGridCube, but don't copy-paste13:23
knomeit *is* hard work, especially if you want to stay objectibe13:23
GridCubeit just i dont feel like any of the work will actually matter because it feels like it has been decided that "i just dont like it"13:23
ochosiin fact there are a few things i prefer structurally in the mailclient comparison, that's why i linked it as well13:23
knomeGridCube, to me, it looks like you have decided that you don't like gmb, and that's why you don't want to propose that as default13:24
ochosiGridCube: that is fine as well, then we'll most likely stick to gmusicbrowser (there haven't really been many public complaints)13:24
knomeGridCube, don't let prejudice get you :)13:24
knomeGridCube, that's too easy - anbody can do that with *no* work13:25
ochosiwell in fact there's also the option to compile a list of proposed changes to gmusicbrowser. much can be dealt with at the layout-level13:25
ochosiknome: which reminds me: click the search-icon > advanced search (that is in fact "create filter from search")13:25
knomeGridCube, ^ and we're actually working on making our layout more intuitive (there's even a blueprint for that)13:26
knome(a shimmer project blueprint)13:26
knomeanyway, i got to go13:26
knomei'll be back later today13:26
knomesee you!13:26
GridCubeochosi, in order to do a comparison like the one in the mail client i would need to reduce the amount of option to 2 or 313:27
ochosiGridCube: yes, i think you can try to rule out a few anyway13:27
GridCubemmhm yes13:28
ochosino need to compare _all_ of them :)13:28
GridCubebut the thing is, there are music players, like audacious or like decibel, that "just play music", no default media library or anything, so what should i do then?13:28
ochosiwell i guess that's a big decision, should it be library-capable or not13:29
GridCuberule them out? compare only media players that have music libraries?13:29
GridCubebecause if we do that then we can simply tell people to use parole to play music13:29
ochosiwell ideally the music player would have both13:29
ochosiparole is actually ok on the simple-playlist level13:30
ochosiit's far from perfect13:30
GridCubeand have only one media player13:30
ochosibut maybe astraljava can help improve it a bit13:30
ochosipersonally i think it's good to have a separate music player13:30
ochosisimply it's a very common usecase13:31
GridCube:/ well13:43
bluesabreI feel like a lot of the lightweight, Xfce-recommended players suffer from being ugly.  http://wiki.xfce.org/recommendedapps#multimediaplayback13:47
bluesabreCan we not have pretty and resource-friendly?  :)13:47
ochosii think in this case something like beatbox would be an option13:48
ochosibut i have no clue how stable it is atm13:48
bluesabreHaven't used it in a while.13:49
ochosime neither13:49
bluesabreDon't really have any music on this computer, but it handles podcasts well so far =)13:55
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astraljavaochosi: Talking about parole?18:04
ochosiastraljava: yeah. GridCube and me were talking about what the default music player should be able to do in xubuntu18:05
ochosiand the basic playback/list thing is already covered by parole18:05
ochosiso i argued that library-management wouldn't a bad basic feature18:05
astraljavaochosi: Right on. I'm still at my bro's, I thought I'd end up at home earlier than yesterday... but he had beer. *smirk*18:05
ochosilucky you18:06
astraljavaSo can't start working on it tonight either. :D18:06
ochosineither do i have a bro, nor do i have beer at home :'(18:06
astraljavaTomorrow I'm talking rubbi^WQA stuff with gnome.18:06
ochosiah right18:06
ochosiyou mean in person?18:06
astraljavaYep. They're cooking indian-style tortillas. :)18:11
ochosigah, you lucky bastard!18:12
ochosii can't help myself, this looks pretty fantastic imo: http://0rax0.deviantart.com/art/GNOME-Shell-eOS-26247972418:14
ochosii mean the whole color-scheme seems pretty balanced18:14
ochosivery bright though, no sure how it would be in everyday use18:14
bluesabretoo much white18:14
ochosithing is: this is just a shell-theme18:15
ochosiso no idea what the gtk theme should look like18:15
bluesabreNot going to see that white very often18:15
ochosiprobably greybird would work well with it18:15
ochosii'm sometimes thinking about making greybird's menus white18:16
ochosimainly because it's easier to read18:16
astraljavaWell it looks really cool to me as well.18:24
ochosiI'd love to make the xfce headers look like the "Home Applications System" towards the lower end of the screenshot-composition18:29
ochosiastraljava: just pushed a new branch to greybird with bright menus, happy testing!20:57
astraljavaochosi: Don't know when I get my xubuntu machine up and running, but thanks! :)21:08
ochosiastraljava: test it tomorrow @knome ;)21:08
knomeastraljava, tomorrow at ours maybe. :)21:08
knomeastraljava, http://typewith.me/p/xubuntu-qa-2012060121:28
ochosiknome, astraljava: selected-panel-item with bright menu: http://imagebin.org/21466522:08
ochosithe hover-effect on indicators and window-buttons is the same blue color btw22:09
knomeochosi, we need to add software-properties-gtk to settings manager22:44
ochosiknome: well, feel free to start a blueprint or bugreport so we can add items to that list22:44
ochosithere are so many more...22:44
knomeUnit193, ^22:44
ochosi(jockey, ...)22:44
knomeUnit193, want to help? :)22:45
Unit193<knome> that's something to add to the settings manager btw   <--- I thought, alright, I've done it a few times, I know how to now. :D22:45
Unit193knome: Yes I do.22:45
knomeUnit193, would you like to gather a list of things we want to add to settings manager?22:45
knomeUnit193, or even, list of things we *could* add to the settings manager22:46
knomeUnit193, because yeah, it's rather easy to cherry-pick from those then :)22:46
knomeit's really useful to have all the xubuntu wiki pages in history ;)22:49
knomeUnit193, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Quantal/SettingsManagerApps22:49
knomesince our *current* strategy document doesn't talk about blueprints...22:52
knomei'm going to just escalate this to "approved" and create a blueprint for it.22:52
Unit193Running debsums now to figure out what I already edited. :P22:52
knomei mean, even with the new proposed SD, it would only mean i'd need to ask lionel first.. :P22:53
Unit193language-selector.desktop, jockey-gtk.desktop, time.desktop, users.desktop, alacarte.desktop, ubuntuone-installer.desktop(?)22:57
Unit193zenmap, but that's unrelated. :P22:57
ochosiUnit193: configure wine?22:58
knomeUnit193, feel free to add any - i think "installers" don't really belong in settings manager, but at this point every idea is welcome22:58
Unit193ochosi: This is a list of things I've *already* changed.22:58
ochosi(and there's the pulseaudio-stuff, pavucontrol and the equalizer)22:59
Unit193knome: Run  ubuntuone-installer22:59
knomeUnit193, NOOOOOO22:59
Unit193Poorly named.22:59
Unit193It's installed, that's the config.22:59
ochosiafaik the config will be qt-only in 12.10 :(23:05
ochosior wait, is it already in 12.04?23:05
Unit193Well that's annoying for anything other than KDE, but as I require VLC, no problem.23:07
knomeUnit193, there's now some stuff you should be aware of:23:09
Unit193!info ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk quantal23:09
ubottuubuntuone-control-panel-gtk (source: ubuntuone-control-panel): Ubuntu One Control Panel - transitional dummy package. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.0.0-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 1 kB, installed size 35 kB23:09
knomeUnit193, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Goals/Quantal  lists you as the assignee (along with 'community') for this blueprint23:10
knomeUnit193, it also has a link to the spec: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Quantal/SettingsManagerApps (add any apps you think are worth adding here)23:10
ochosi!info ubuntu-one-control-panel-gtk precise23:10
ubottuPackage ubuntu-one-control-panel-gtk does not exist in precise23:10
knomeUnit193, and the blueprint itself is at: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-q-xubuntu-settings-manager-launchers23:10
ochosi!info ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk precise23:10
ubottuubuntuone-control-panel-gtk (source: ubuntuone-control-panel): Ubuntu One Control Panel - transitional dummy package. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.0.0-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 35 kB23:10
Unit193Depends: ubuntuone-control-panel-qt23:11
knomeUnit193, there shouldn't be much more work items for the blueprint, but if there is, you can add them like the following example:23:11
knomeUnit193, [launchpad-nick] What to do: STATUS23:11
Unit193Yep, seen the style, thanks.23:11
knomeUnit193, ok, good23:11
knomeUnit193, but as i said, there shouldn't be many surprises. :)23:11
Unit193(I read all the -team mail that comes in)23:12
knomeUnit193, i'll try to get that blueprint approved for Q as soon as possible, so it shows up on status.ubuntu.com too23:12

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