nesohi guys00:23
nesoneed litl help00:24
GridCube!details | neso00:32
ubottuneso: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:32
nesook sorry00:33
nesoim runing ubuntu 12.04 (i know this is for xubuntu) but will try :)00:33
nesoi install today ubuntu 12.04 and ubuntu dont detect my 3G usb modem >here is problem00:34
nesoi try with usb_modeswitch but nothing00:34
nesolsusb > Bus 001 Device 0012: ID 1bbb:0000 T & A  Mobile Phones00:35
nesoany help?00:36
GridCubei cant find anything00:54
nesoi try what i find but nothing00:55
nesois there other way to install modem_manager in offline mode?00:55
GridCubei don't know00:55
nesoand bot told u ...i dont know nothing about 3G lol00:56
GridCubemmhm yes00:57
GridCubeso neso to be clear, you opened nm-connection-editor went to movil broadband and you couldnt configure your modem, correct?00:58
nesoi enter APN and save00:59
nesobut dont show mobile broadband in network00:59
nesoi use linux mint few hours ago and all work ok...and watch on youtube review for ubuntu and like it but nothing01:00
GridCubesorry neso i don't know01:02
GridCubeyou can wait for smarter people to come01:03
nesoah nah plus dont wanna back to windows01:03
nesoGrid is there other way to install mp3 plugin in offline mode?01:04
Unit193You can do it by using another computer.01:05
GridCubeyou can get all the debs01:05
nesohow?sorry im new in linux world01:06
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD01:06
Unit193!info apt-offline01:06
ubottuapt-offline (source: apt-offline): offline apt package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1build1 (precise), package size 77 kB, installed size 403 kB01:06
GridCube!info apt-offline01:06
Unit193I win! :D01:06
GridCubei did it in private first XD01:07
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StormStrikesCan anyone tell me what the command is to launch VirtualBox?  Im trying to add it to the taskmanager launcher01:54
Unit193You can find out, open a terminal and type  virt<tab><tab>01:55
Unit193(I don't have it installed on this one)01:55
StormStrikesoh wow, I did not know you could do that, thanks.  I will give it a try now and see if it works01:56
Unit193Folders and basically everything else work like that too, even IRC nicks.01:57
StormStrikesIm not afraid to use the terminal, but apparently I have not even begun to use it to its fullest extent01:57
StormStrikesthat command didnt work02:00
StormStrikeswow, that easier than I thought, I was searching all over the file structure, /bin folder, etc. and could not find it.  Teminal command made it a snap.02:02
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Unit193StormStrikes: dpkg -L virtualbox |grep bin02:05
StormStrikestells me the package is not installed, yet I have fired it up and it was running02:06
Unit193THen it's another package exactly, I just guessed. :P02:06
StormStrikesCan you use the wildcard character in that command?02:07
Unit193dpkg -l |grep virtualbox to find the exact name.02:08
GridCubeStormStrikes, just use vboxmanage02:08
StormStrikesGridCube: Yeah, I got it set up on the taskmanager now.  I was just curious as to why I could not find it in the /bin folder02:09
GridCubewhereis vboxmanage02:09
GridCubeits there :/02:09
StormStrikesvbox manage is in the /user/bin folder02:10
GridCubemmhm i see02:11
bobbyyuI can't use the floppy drive in the latest version of Xubuntu (Precise Pangolin). When I tried sudo mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy, it says "fd0 is not a valid block device."04:00
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xubuntu982I'm looking for anyone that can help me - I want to install xubuntu on a Pentium 3 950mhz with 128mb RAM - Can this be done? Will this be usable?07:54
xubuntu982I anyone here?07:57
xubuntu982:P Is anyone here?07:57
Unit193I'd personally not use Xubuntu with that. :P07:58
xubuntu982I'm trying to get educational programs working for a school, but they have very limited hardware07:58
xubuntu982I'm trying to get educational programs working for a school, but they have very limited hardware [09:59] == nanotube [~nanotube@unaffi08:00
xubuntu982I keep on getting TimedOut... hope my messages are getting through08:00
Unit193They are, there's no need to repeat them.08:01
xubuntu982Great :P08:02
ruienwell it depends on what you mean by usable08:02
ruienI mean you could create 4GB of swap and anything would be "usable"08:02
xubuntu982The school that I work at as some old unused Pentium 3 computers. I was hoping to load linux on there to make the computers usable again08:02
ruienbut I personally would not want to be locked into a room with the same machine.08:03
ruienyes, you can, but a distribution like Ubuntu includes a very large amount of "stuff".08:03
ruienYou could technically make a program that serves web pages and runs in 5MB of space on a system with a couple of MBs of physical RAM, so what is usable depends on your needs08:04
ruienif you can describe how the machines would be used, we might be able to make a better assessment or recommendation08:04
xubuntu982Thats what I'm trying to find out. Ubuntu has very nice educational software, but the desktop environment is "heavy"too much for a pentium 308:04
ruienYes, Xubuntu would help that, and I don't think Xfce in and of itself is too heavy for a pentium. Your problem really is RAM08:05
ruienswap space is essentially free ram, so you can add as much as you want, but it's slow.08:05
xubuntu982I have 10 Pentium 3 computers in a Primary School. I want to be able to install and run the educational games so as to help the disadvantaged kids familiarize themselves with computer use, etc08:06
ruienOkay, so you won't need a web browser?08:06
Unit193He'd be better off going with !mini and openbox, really. :/08:07
ruienyes, I'm thinking something like that08:07
ruiena small debian system would work. And there's always "damn small linux" too08:08
xubuntu982Damn Small Linux?08:09
Unit193No, that's dead. AntiX or SliTaz, really.08:09
xubuntu982I would like a GUI that behaves similar to ubuntu, which is quite easy and intuitive (Gnome Classic I mean_08:09
xubuntu982i've heard about antiX08:10
ruienXfce by itself is not bad or too heavy on resources. But Xubuntu is Xfce + Ubuntu and the "Ubuntu" part of that is really heavy08:11
ruienyou could install a window manager (or even gnome classic, sure) onto a thin distribution08:11
xubuntu982Mmm... okay, but can I install ubuntu software on AniX?08:11
xubuntu982Thin distribution? sorry I'm a bit of a noob... :(08:12
ruienoh, a distribution is just the "bundle" of linux you're getting08:12
xubuntu982ubuntu software centre makes it easy to install the educational games... will this be be possible with AntiX?08:12
ruientechnicall "linux" by itself is just one file - the kernel -08:12
ruienno, you won't have a ubuntu software center. That's part of the bloat that makes Ubuntu (and, by extension, Xubuntu) really big08:13
ruienit's not bad bloat. It's good bloat (that's why we use it)08:13
ruienbut that's also what you're trying to avoid when using very weak machines with almost no RAM08:13
ruienantiX is debian-based, so you can still "apt-get install" stuff to install it08:14
ruienbut not all of the ubuntu software will be available08:14
ruienI guess to answer your question: yes, you can definitely use linux to do what you want to do. But there may be a learning curve, and the more you want to learn, the better the final product will perform. If you have any specific questions, let us know08:16
xubuntu982Will do and thank you for your help08:18
xubuntu982Last question, if XFCE is light enough and ubuntu is the distro of choice, can I customize ubuntu during install to be light enough08:22
Unit193Best bet would be to use the "netinst" and just install what's needed.08:22
Unit193I'd recommend the shimmer-theme pack though, so it looks good. :P08:23
xubuntu982best bet is to use the "netinst" what is that?08:32
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:32
xubuntu982Great! Thank for your help08:33
xubuntu982Have a good one08:33
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martinphonewhich one is better? stardict or goldendict?10:32
bazhangtry them and choose.10:33
martinphonebazhang, do you know, by chance, where to get dictionaries for any of the 2 apps?10:35
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BelseruskHow do I add roms in gnome-video-arcade?10:50
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hemza_hello. I want to upgrade from Ubuntu10.04 to Xubuntu12.04.12:04
baizonhemza_: run update-manager -d12:04
baizonhemza_: a from ubuntu to xubuntu12:05
baizonhemza_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/64241/how-do-i-switch-to-xubuntu12:06
hemza_baizon, is that conserve my Gnome 2 desktop12:06
baizonfirst install xubuntu, then do the upgrade12:06
PiciThere is no gnome2 on 12.04.12:06
baizongnome 3 or xfce12:07
hemza_baizon, thank you so much friend12:08
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Triallhi all13:32
Triallhey you!13:33
Triallany body....13:33
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xubuntu593hi, i have installed xubuntu in my notebook and when I try to restart it without using pendrive boot disk, it doesn't work.15:43
xubuntu593who can help me on this?15:43
baizonxubuntu593: check boot settings15:43
baizonafter that check grub15:43
xubuntu593how can I check grub? boot settings from bios are ok using hard disk.15:45
baizonsudo update-grub215:45
xubuntu593it doesn't work... command not found15:47
xubuntu593trying sudo apt-get install grub215:47
holsteinxubuntu593: i would let tab auto-complete15:47
holsteinsudo update-grub might do the trick15:48
ruienhmm, I had a similar issue and it turned out after several painful hours what I needed was "acpi=off" in the boot options15:48
holsteini usually just use the live CD and restore grub.. this assumes you didnt install a bootloader on the disk you are trying to boot from15:48
xubuntu593hum... where do I set boot options in xubuntu?15:48
ruienfollow holstein's guidelines first15:48
ruienmy comment was just in case nothing else works15:49
xubuntu593hum... I entered grub15:49
xubuntu593there are several commands here15:49
holsteinxubuntu593: you have "entered grub" ?15:50
xubuntu593I typed grub15:50
ruienanyway you would set them in the grub menu at boot time. In other words "edit the boot options" at boot time to see if you can get it to boot. if it *does* work, then you can make it permanent by adding the "acpi=off" to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub, grub-mkconfig, and then update-grub15:51
holsteinxubuntu593: what you should type is "update"... sudo update, then hit tab.. OR try sudo update-grub15:51
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:51
xubuntu593sudo update-grub seemed to work fine15:52
holsteinxubuntu593: cool.. enjoy! :)15:53
xubuntu593let's see if reboot is ok15:53
xubuntu593without pendrive15:54
holsteinOH.. i thought thats what you meant... it wont be if you dont have GRUB installed on the other drive15:54
holsteinanyways... it wont hurt to try... and you can refer to the "restore" link above if not15:55
xubuntu593sorry I don't understand it very well...15:55
xubuntu593it really haven't work yet15:55
holsteinxubuntu593: no worries.. either you just fixed grub, or you just updated the grub you have on the "pendrive"15:56
xubuntu593I think I just updated the grub on the pendrive...15:56
holsteinxubuntu593: if you installed grub on the "pendrive", then everything is working as you have specified.. if you would like to install grub elsewhere, you can refer to the restore grub linke above15:57
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xubuntu593so I'm trying to restore grub ...16:00
holsteinxubuntu593: i would just use the "restore grub" link above to install grub to the media you would like to use to boot from16:00
holsteinyou can refer to the process as "retore" or "install"... you just want to end up with grub on the hard drive16:01
xubuntu593Tks holstein it seems to work fine! :D16:10
xubuntu593I try to install drivers for my webcam now16:10
holsteinxubuntu593: cheers... enjoy!16:10
holsteinxubuntu593: what drivers?.. if there are any, they are typically already "in" the kernel16:11
holsteinxubuntu593: i would run 2 commands in the terminal.. "lspci" and/or "lsusb" ..i would look and see if the device is listed... then i would move on from there... maybe just open/install cheese and see if the cam works OOTB16:12
xubuntu593I ran cheese and I can see my face in it by it's upside down16:13
milen8204How can I personalize my Desktop resolution ?16:13
holsteinxubuntu593: cool... thats a great start... you can move one to tweaking, instead of looking for a driver16:14
xubuntu593I had this problem using Ubuntu once, and now again in Xubuntu... can you help me on this, holstein?16:14
holsteinmilen8204: i use arandr16:15
holstein!info arandr16:15
ubottuarandr (source: arandr): Simple visual front end for XRandR. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.4-1 (precise), package size 48 kB, installed size 376 kB16:15
holsteinxubuntu593: xubuntu *is* ubuntu16:15
milen8204holstein, ok I am going to try it16:15
holsteinxubuntu593: i would grab the line that was in the terminal describing the hardware and just search "webcam whatever ubuntu upsidedown"16:16
holsteinxubuntu593: it really depends on the hardware as to what the "fix" is.. and the ultimate "fix" is getting the vendor to properly support the operating system you are choosing to use16:18
xubuntu593ok, I'll try to find it on google... tks16:21
holsteinxubuntu593: you can try and "find" it here.. but you will need to share more information about your hardware.. and ideally, you'll find a forum post somewhere from someone with that exact hardware16:23
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jandruskAnyone know why double-clicking on window titles does not maximize? I checked that it is set in the Window Manager settings.16:43
GridCubejandrusk, double clic on THE tittles16:47
jandruskI do and nothing happens.16:48
GridCubejandrusk, in the title, in the words16:49
GridCubeit works here16:49
jandruskI am, I get a hand icon for a split second.16:49
GridCubejandrusk, resise manually the window to a small size, like with alt-right clic-drag16:50
GridCubeand then try again16:50
jandruskJust tried, nothing. Let me take a look at my mouse settings.16:52
GridCubejandrusk, http://xubuntu.org/news/window-resizing-in-xubuntu-and-xfce/16:53
jandruskYes, that's how I did it.16:55
GridCubethere are like 5 different ways there16:55
Marzatahow to connect iphone to xuubntu?16:55
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod16:55
MarzataGridCube: thanks16:56
GridCubeMarzata, the wikis are global16:59
jandruskFound the fix by changing double-click time to 450 in Mouse Settings.17:00
jandruskGreat, now panel2 is not auto-hiding.17:03
jandruskPicky thing. Just had to logout and back in.17:05
Marzataplug iphone to xubun 12.04 starts some power management :)18:13
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martinphonehow do I separate a flac file that contains a whole album with a cue file?18:26
morenojust got my xubuntu 12, by i dont know how to set  up my monitor samsung syncmaster 931bw. i cant get to the 1440x900 of his. can anyone have the same problem/help me adjusting him? thanks .18:26
ubottuLists of common questions and answers about Xubuntu can be found at http://xubuntu.org/news/tag/faq/. See also: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions18:27
GridCubelol thats broken18:28
holsteinmartinphone: i would ask the content creator for seperate tracks.. you could always just burn the project (even virtually) and extract18:28
drcmartinphone: You might start here  http://nxadm.wordpress.com/2009/02/09/split-one-flac-cue-file-into-separate-tracks/18:28
GridCubemoreno, install arandr18:29
morenoGridCube, it would help me doing it?18:30
martinphonedrc, can you access that link? I cannot18:31
GridCubemoreno, it should18:31
morenoGridCube, where can i install it? can get it through apt-get...18:31
morenoGridCube, find it18:32
drcmartinphone: yes I can...but if you can't, maybe a google search with terms "separate flac linux" would work.18:32
morenoGridCube, just downloading... then... and what i do?18:32
drcmartinphone: That's how I found that article18:33
martinphoneim sleepy today18:33
morenoGridCube, where do i open it?18:35
GridCubemoreno, accesories, or alt-f2 >arandr18:36
GridCubeor search it with the application finder18:36
morenoGridCube, :) cool.18:38
morenoGridCube, but how can i set my definition? dont apperar 1440x900...18:38
GridCubemoreno, you might not have it18:39
GridCubeopen a terminal and write xrandr18:39
GridCubeand execute that18:39
GridCubeit should tell you how many resolutions your system knows18:39
GridCubeyou might need your proper video drivers to have others available, check taht you have them with: gksu jockey-gtk18:40
morenoGridCube, ok, let me try18:43
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manitouhow is xubuntu and vmware ? last time i check didnt compile !?20:03
holsteinit'll be the same as ubuntu and vmware20:04
Unit193!info vmware-view-client20:04
ubottuPackage vmware-view-client does not exist in precise20:04
Unit193Awwwh, I have it in mine...20:05
manitoujust find some patch that works ! i hope ;)20:09
martinphonei tried https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=702289#p702289, I can split the files, but the second command "cuetag.sh *.cue split-track*.flac" gives a: cuetag.sh: command not found20:15
martinphoneto split flac files and tag em20:15
martinphonecan you help me?20:15
Unit193Well, you'll need the cuetag.sh file somewhere, seems as if you don't have it.20:17
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grifo74hi people i need a software to configure shortcut on my keyboard21:16
knomegrifo74, what if you tried applications menu -> settings -> settings manager -> keyboard -> application shortcuts first?21:19
grifo74i need up and down volume21:20
grifo74i like configure some keys21:20
knomeadd shortcuts for your up/down keys for 'amixer'21:21
CallMeDavid_I have a question about APT.22:25
CallMeDavid_if i type say "sudo apt-get install google-" and I hit the TAB key at the end twice, it doesn't show me all the possible packages I can install from Google.22:26
Unit193Try  apt-cache search google, then sudo apt-get install google-<tab><tab>22:27
CallMeDavid_still doesn't seem to work22:29
genii-aroundHave you done sudo apt-get update22:32
CallMeDavid_many times, but I'll do it again for good measure22:32
Unit193Well, there are packages in the first place? And try sudo update-apt-xapian-index22:33
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!22:33
xubuntu970need help22:33
xubuntu970firs inatll Xubuntu 12.0422:33
xubuntu970but im having an update error22:34
xubuntu970in update manager22:34
Unit193What's the error?22:36
CallMeDavid_Unit193: did your suggestion, then updated again, still not working.22:36
xubuntu970Requires installation of untrusted packages  The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources.22:37
knomeCallMeDavid_, do you have the universe/multiverse repositories enabled?22:37
xubuntu970i dont know :)22:37
CallMeDavid_knome: I'll look.22:37
knomexubuntu970, that question was not directed at you22:37
knomexubuntu970, that should be no problem though (the error), if you haven't done *anything* with the software sources and you have downloaded the ISO from an official site22:38
knomexubuntu970, you can try to change the server to download from to "main server" rather than your country server, that should remove the error22:39
xubuntu970good ideea22:39
xubuntu970where can i change it22:39
CallMeDavid_knome: I only see them listed for the CD-Rom22:39
xubuntu970find it22:40
knomeCallMeDavid_, try to enable them for the internet sources too, that should bring some more packages to install :)22:40
CallMeDavid_ok, hold on a few.22:40
knomeCallMeDavid_, (and sudo apt-get update, of course)22:40
CallMeDavid_of course22:41
knomeUnit193, you know how to change the server to main server from USC?22:41
* knome doesn't have that installed22:41
Unit193Hahaha! Good one! :P22:41
knomei think there was even a command to open the software sources dialog..22:41
xubuntu970its working22:41
knomeCallMeDavid_, ^ that'd work for you too22:42
knomeUnit193, :)=22:42
knomethat's something to add to the settings manager btw22:44
CallMeDavid_it's just those repositories aren't even listed, I'll have to add them.22:44
knomeCallMeDavid_, try that command ^22:44
knomeCallMeDavid_, it should allow you to enable them easily from GUI22:44
CallMeDavid_I did, they're not listed in there anywhere22:44
knomeCallMeDavid_, hmm, should be...22:45
CallMeDavid_they would be listed under "other software", right?22:50
knomenope, in the "Ubuntu Software" tab22:51
knomesecond and fourth items22:51
CallMeDavid_i apologize then, they are there.22:52
CallMeDavid_and they were already checked22:52
knomeCallMeDavid_, weird. is there any error when you run update from the terminal? if not, are you *sure* those google packages should be in the repositories?22:56
CallMeDavid_Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)22:58
CallMeDavid_Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?22:58
CallMeDavid_as for the google stuff, I was using Mint last week, and regular ubuntu a few weeks ago, and once I installed Chrome, the other google stuff always showed in APT22:59
CallMeDavid_i just realized i had synaptic open23:00
CallMeDavid_figured it out, had to set terminal to run as a Login Shell.23:06
malvanyone know how to fix this gtk3 grab bug?23:15
malvthis bug is hurting the xubuntu experience =(23:16

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