directhexought to be okay, from that00:00
penguin42OY1R: I mean the good thing there is that it found there is a display on VGA, it's got the wrong res, but it's got the display00:00
dwatkinshttp://forum.oktabit.gr/files/PB_Maestro_240_TV.jpg and other pictures show n physical input selector, so I assume it's done from the remote, but the xrandr suggests the laptop 'sees' the display, it's just not initialising it, I guess.00:00
penguin42directhex: It's possible the display doesn't really like the 1152x864 ?00:00
directhexif you click the button on the top right of the screen, then click "displays" (second option) it's got 2 screens listed?00:00
directhexyou may need to untick "mirror displays" for it to show both00:01
OY1Rpenguin42, http://pastebin.com/eEZjCF3t00:01
penguin42OY1R: 2 more things, what res were you using the CRT at, and is it the VGA socket on the back of the monitor you're using or the phono set?00:02
penguin42OY1R: Well, it's good you're not using the Nvidia drivers, because you've got an ATI Radeon00:03
OY1Rthe crt runs @ 1600x120000:03
OY1Rphono set? ?00:05
penguin42OY1R: It's a VGA<->VGA lead ?00:05
OY1Ri only have vga<>vga00:05
penguin42that Xorg.0.log is fine00:05
penguin42OY1R: OK, so if you bring up the monitor selector dialog, I assume it shows both monitors?  Does it show it as being mirrored? Does it show both monitors as being on?00:06
OY1Rthey are not mirrored and both are ON00:06
penguin42OY1R: OK, and what res does it think the external is set to?00:07
OY1Rpenguin42, once i connect it, resolution is set at 1920x1080 (highest)00:07
penguin42OY1R: Really? That's not what the xrandr seemed to say?00:08
penguin42oh sorry, yes it did00:08
penguin42OY1R: Try knocking that res down, as dwatkins suggested - see what happens00:09
OY1Rpenguin42, i have tried the whole list00:09
penguin42OY1R: Weird, what model laptop is this?00:10
OY1Rinspiron 940000:10
* penguin42 is out of ideas - from those logs everything looks happy00:11
OY1Ri just took a screen shot, and both screens are there00:11
OY1Ri see both backgrounds and an open window on the secondary monitor in the screen shot, so it is fed video data, it's just in "no signal" mode or something like that.00:12
penguin42OY1R: Have you got a spare VGA lead?00:13
OY1Rpenguin42, yes, i tried it as well00:13
penguin42sorry, out of ideas00:14
OY1Rthanks for trying tho.00:15
penguin42OY1R: If you boot with it plugged in do you see the BIOS display on it?00:16
penguin42that's pretty odd00:17
penguin42OY1R: I've heard of TVs that are 1920x1080 like that one, but they can't do 1920x1080 on the VGA - but you've said you've tried lower res, I've also seen ones that have to select that input and stuff - but you said you used it on a vista laptop00:17
OY1Rlooking at it now on the vista laptop, runs fine both mirrored and extended00:18
penguin42OY1R: Have you got an Ubuntu boot cd/thumb drive you can try booting on that vista laptop?00:18
OY1Rat full res, once i unplug it i get " no cable connected" and when i plug it in the ubuntu laptop it says "No signal" and powers down/sleeps00:19
OY1Rhmm mi have not tried that00:19
OY1Ri'll give it a shot00:19
penguin42OY1R: I'd try that, and the other thing I'd try is a 12.04 boot CD/thumb on your 10.04 laptop00:20
ali1234we get someone with this problem at least once a week00:20
penguin42ali1234: Monitor problems yes, but this one is a bit unusual00:20
ali1234always with HDTVs00:20
penguin42ali1234: I know there are problems with 1366x768 TVs, not seen/known of it with 1920's00:21
ali1234i suspect it is something to do wth HDCP00:21
penguin42ali1234: It's on VGA00:21
OY1Rubuntu live cd runs fine on the "vista" latop00:21
penguin42ali1234: But it's on VGA - it can't be expecting HDCP00:21
ali1234VGA doesn't support HDCP for obvious reasons00:21
penguin42OY1R: OK so live cd on vista laptop works on this display - what about that live cd on the unhappy laptop?00:22
OY1Rpenguin42, i tried that, didnt work.00:22
penguin42OY1R: OK, what version is the live cd?00:22
penguin42OY1R: Well, only things I can think left to try (other than poking options on the monitor) are a) try a 12.04 live cd, b) try installing the radeon closed source drivers - not necessarily in that order00:23
penguin42OY1R: but IMHO it's odd that it wont see it from the BIOS screen00:24
OY1Ri dont have the balls to mess with drivers atm, i need the laptop in working order on Monday at 8:3000:24
OY1Ri just have to replace the monitor.00:24
penguin42OY1R: I've heard of monitor/machine incompatibilities - it's very rare though00:25
penguin42OY1R: Then try a 12.04 boot CD - if it works then you know you have a way out00:25
ali1234what do + and * mean on xrandr output?00:25
penguin42ali1234: Can't remember!00:25
penguin42ali1234: One of them is 'currently selected'00:26
ali1234one is current mode00:26
ali1234+ is preferred more00:26
ali1234current mode used for the TV is 1152x864       75.0*00:26
ali1234it seems unlikely that that would work00:26
penguin42There was a fun bug in the Intel drivers a while back where one guys monitor only worked when it was the right temperature (due to a screw up int he way i2c was driven)00:27
penguin42ali1234: But hey said he tried all the modes00:27
OY1Rcan 12.04 use gnome ?00:27
ali1234or 1024x768@6000:28
penguin42OY1R: Not gnome2 with the standard install - but youcan add the packages from mate-desktop.org that is a back ported gnome200:28
penguin42OY1R: Actually, when you plug it into the Vista machine, what res does the vista machine think it's driving the monitor at?00:28
OY1Rpenguin42, vista sets the monitor at 1920x108000:29
ali1234good question :)00:29
OY1Rscreen shot i tool > http://postimage.org/image/rfbdtn7bp/full/00:31
OY1Rthe video data is there but the monitor does not want to switch on.00:31
ali1234that mode sn't even in the xrandr list00:31
penguin42ali1234: It i, the internal LCD is selected there - it's showing it's res00:32
ali1234set the mode to 800x600 60Hz then switch the TV to a different input and then back again00:33
OY1Ri cant select anything on the monitor, it needs to be ON in order to access the menu00:34
ali1234turn it on then00:34
OY1Rhehe i cant00:34
ali1234i don't understand00:35
OY1Rwell it says "No Signal" for a few seconds then turns off00:35
OY1Ror goes to sleep00:35
ali1234the monitor has a tuner?00:35
ali1234the picture you posted has an RF input on it00:35
ali1234and scart for that matter00:36
OY1Rno it does not!00:36
ali1234it only has VGA?00:36
OY1Rit's a pc monitor, it has a dvi and vga only.00:36
ali1234i dunno then00:37
ali1234what happens if you reboot and enter the system bios with the external display connected?00:38
penguin42ali1234: Doesn't show anything - see above00:38
OY1Rali1234, no image on the external device when in bios either.00:40
ali1234Modeline "1920x1080"x0.0  148.50  1920 2008 2052 2200  1080 1084 1089 1125 +hsync +vsync (67.5 kHz)00:42
ali1234Modeline "1920x1080"x60.0  172.80  1920 2040 2248 2576  1080 1081 1084 1118 -hsync +vsync (67.1 kHz)00:47
ali1234the problem here is almost certainly bad EDID, with X being more willing to try odd modes than vista00:51
ali1234and both the 1080 modes have same overall refresh rate so there's no way to tell which it is using from xrandr00:51
penguin42ali1234: Except none of the modes work - not just the 192000:51
ali1234yeah but you can't try both of the 1080 modes00:52
ali1234because xrandr is only listing one of them00:52
penguin42ali1234: Right, but if it's just one duff modeline that can't be the problem00:52
penguin42ali1234: Oh, add in the fact that it works on his other laptop with a 9.04 boot cd00:53
ali1234other laptop has what graphics card?00:53
ali1234modeline choice is dictated by the graphics driver, which takes the EDID and calculates all valid modes; some of them calculate it better than others00:53
ali1234that second 1080 modeine i pasted has an excessive amount of overscan and also different sync polarity00:55
penguin42yeh, tvs often have odd overscan values00:55
ali1234but this isn't a TV00:55
penguin42oh yeh00:56
penguin42anyway, I'll stick with the previous recommendation; try a 12.04 boot cd, and try the closed radeon driver - not necessarily in that order00:57
ali1234i would set IgnoreEDID in xorg.conf and then write modelines by hand until i found one that worked00:57
ali1234but that takes time and effort00:58
ali1234oh, and i wouldn't bother using the open source drivers00:58
penguin42ali1234: They work well for me, and they worked fine for him on his previous monitor!00:59
penguin42(but he is on 10.04 at the moment and they were young then)00:59
OY1Ri packed up the monitor i'll have it replaced tomorrow.01:21
penguin42OY1R: Good luck01:28
_serial_Hi all :) I don't suppose you guys/gals know of any editor that can change the Unity panel colour?  At current I'm changing via CSS and the unity.css located in /usr/share/themes/07:39
_serial_The dash is covered via ubuntu-tweak07:40
_serial_but no panel :(07:40
popey_serial_: myunity?07:45
_serial_thank you popey :)07:46
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AlanBellmorning all08:18
MartijnVdShowdy AlanBell08:19
brobostigongood morning everyone.08:56
dwatkinshiya folks08:58
* dwatkins waits patiently for his Raspberry Pi to arrive08:58
brobostigonhi dwatkins08:58
MartijnVdSdwatkins: PI!09:01
* MartijnVdS assembled a case yesterday09:01
brobostigonmorning MartijnVdS09:01
dwatkinsI also ordered a case from ModMyPi, which I should get later this month.09:02
MartijnVdSI have the Shropshire LUG one09:02
dwatkinsvery nice :)09:03
popeyi removed the cover from mine09:03
popeyso i can get to the connectors inside09:03
MartijnVdSpopey: yeah I might do that too09:04
popeyits still structurally sound09:04
MartijnVdSMyrtti: lawl?09:04
dwatkinspopey: completely, or just part of the cover?09:04
MyrttiI baked pie cases yesterday  ;-)09:04
popeythe whole top09:04
MartijnVdSpopey: Or I might get the Adafruit case http://www.adafruit.com/blog/2012/05/29/raspberry-pi-case-preview/09:04
popeyyeah, it makes it look like that adafruit one09:04
MartijnVdSit has a ribbon cable output09:04
MyrttiAdafruit one looks good09:05
MartijnVdSI love how there's an entire industry growing around it09:05
MartijnVdShardware people making cases, software people porting their distros, etc.09:06
popeythats kinda the idea ☺09:07
popeybut its no different than arduino or beagle is it?09:07
popeymore mainstream perhaps?09:07
kvarleypopey: Difference is - the Raspberry Pi Foundation aren't getting a huge chunk of profit09:07
MartijnVdSpopey: I didn't know about Arduino and Beagle before they were released09:08
directhexno, broadcom are :p09:08
popeynobody gets huge profit with arduino or beagle either09:08
popeyyeah, raspi is to broadcom as beagle is to TI09:08
directhexpi is what happens when a major set-top box manufacturer cancels an order after the chips are at the fab09:09
popeyand the other one.. panda09:09
kvarleypopey: With the beagleboard-xm somebody has to, I mean - £140 for the board. The components and distribution can't cost that much, can they?09:09
* kvarley has a beagleboard-xm09:09
* popey has a beaglebone09:09
popeynot 140 quid09:09
* directhex has an efikamx09:09
directhexfreescale powah!09:09
kvarleypopey: My beagleboard-xm was £140 from Farnell09:09
* MartijnVdS imagines popey's house to be made out of computers09:09
kvarleyBeaglebone is lower in price? £80?09:09
popeyno, i mean the comparable beaglebone09:09
kvarleyI think all these small boards/devices that are springing up are amazing - especially for getting Linux ... well ... even more domination xd09:10
popeyor android ☺09:10
popeythat new VIA one looks interesting09:10
directhexandroid ¬_¬09:10
directhexwhat are these things gonna run other than the linux kernel? windows ce?09:11
kvarleypopey: have you seen the Linux Mint PC announcement? fanless, small form factor - looks promising09:11
MartijnVdSdirecthex: aka "wince" 8-)09:11
kvarleydirecthex: Microsoft would have you believe it could run Windows 8 ... yeah right09:11
popeykvarley: i have09:11
directhexkvarley, well, not really, windows 8 arm has *very* exact requirements, which no £30 board will match09:12
popeymint has no mass-market future IMO09:12
kvarleydirecthex: I bet their requirements are too low as well. For example, you can't run windows 7 without a minimum of 2GB RAM and even that's not enough lol09:13
directhexkvarley, they've done a decent job with the WP7 requirements. i can't imagine W8 ARM being different09:14
kvarleypopey: True - although - do you think Ubuntu has?09:14
popeyyes, of course09:14
popeyI can't see any tier-1 vendor shipping mint09:14
directhexmint, the distro with all the stuff ubuntu can't legally ship, shipping on hardware?09:14
directhexthis can't possibly go wrong 8D09:14
kvarleyI think Ubuntu needs to target lower power devices again ... i.e. make it faster on common slower harware. Aside from that I'm totally itching to get my hands on an Android  phone with Ubuntu on it09:15
popeywhats the lowest spec desktop you can buy now?09:15
popeyor laptop09:15
kvarleypopey: 1.6 GHz dual core with 2 GB ram ?09:17
MartijnVdSgood enough for Ubuntu \09:17
kvarleyI can't run unity on that hardware09:17
MartijnVdSyou can09:18
popeyi run it on lower09:18
kvarleyOr at least, I can't run it without waiting a while for each menu09:18
directhexdash is slow on any hardware.09:18
MartijnVdSI made the cheapest PC I could find, with an AMD on-board graphics thing09:18
directhexwell, maybe not with an ssd09:18
MartijnVdSworked out of the box09:18
popeynot everyone buys the lowest spec machine09:18
directhextakes about a second on this i709:18
kvarleyI have no issues with unity other than maybe it could be more optimised09:18
popeyyeah, it could always be faster ☺09:18
kvarleyI suspect that hardware I said it can't run on is failing anyway09:18
kvarleyGPU runs at 75 degrees celcius and the fans are always running really fast09:19
* kvarley needs to get rid of it lol09:19
MartijnVdSclear the dust out of it09:19
popeyi cant see a tablet or phone running a full ubuntu desktop stack09:19
kvarleypopey: Unity got ported to Open GL ES so maybe it'd work on tablets09:20
directhexkvarley, 75 isn't much for a GPU09:20
directhextherman cutout on a geforce is >10009:20
kvarleydirecthex: It's in a netbook tho so it burns to touch it lol09:20
popeyyeah, maybe09:20
popeyoh and there's elementary OS too just out..09:32
popeyit does amuse me that these ubuntu derivatives claim LTS status.09:32
* popey wonders who is responsible for the non-ubuntu bits in 5 years time09:33
MartijnVdSpopey: you will be09:33
popeynope ☺09:34
dwatkinshas anyone here used the GPIO header on the Pi yet?09:37
dwatkinsJust curious as to what applications it can have.09:37
* popey installs arduino (and thus java) on his arm based laptop09:38
* popey wonders how badly this will run09:38
dwatkinsAn ARM based laptop? What is this witchcraft? ;)09:39
popeyits an old toshiba ac10009:39
popeyships with android09:39
popeybah, stupid bot09:39
dwatkinsah I see, for a second I thought you might have built a laptop out of a RaspPi, popey :)09:39
dwatkinsI have discussed the possibility of fitting a RaspPi with a 7-inch screen and bluetooth keyboard into one of those kids' laptop cases with someone I know.09:40
popeyi always wanted to put a cell phone in a kids toy phone09:40
dwatkinshttp://is03.thegumtree.com/image/big/107643459.jpg and http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/winfun-laptop-junior-cow09:41
popeybuzz_: happy birthday!09:42
buzz_heh thanks popey :)09:42
buzz_im not really sat on irfc on my bd. just checking in before my bath09:42
dwatkinsmany happy returns, buzz_09:42
popeyyay, arduino works on arm09:44
buzz_popey, done much with your raspberry pi? just got mine - although still in its box09:45
buzz_i need to get a case, i saw you posted about one the other day that looks nice09:45
popeynot a lot09:45
popeyyeah MartijnVdS has the same case, we were talking about it earlier here09:45
buzz_i wanted to play with xbmc on the pi, and perhaps as a router also09:48
popeykvarley: has made an image of openelec with xbmc on board09:48
kvarleypopey: =]09:49
kvarleyOnly thing you may need to do is after the first boot resize your second partition to fill the card.09:49
* popey pinps that a bit09:49
kvarleyI'm working on a boot script to do it automatically for the next revision09:49
popeyyou on G+ kvarley ?09:50
kvarleypopey: have an account but never use it09:50
dwatkinsautomatic resize sounds really handy09:50
dwatkinsI assume that would be with resizefs09:51
kvarleydwatkins: yup09:51
kvarleyThe openelec automatically checks for /storage/.config/autostart.sh09:51
buzz_i started backported the libjpegturbo stuff from xbmc mainline to xbmc4xbox. massive difference for image viewing and especially thumbnailing. seems to be a memory leak though in my code. erg09:52
popeykvarley: you might get some more hits now ☺09:52
kvarleySo I'm just gonna add a hook to call a resize function09:52
kvarleypopey: hehe - why?09:52
popeykvarley: tweeted it and G+'ed it09:54
kvarleypopey: Thank you =]09:56
kvarleypopey: I'm nearly in a position to automate the build and upload process09:56
popeyoh thats even better09:57
popeydaily builds09:57
kvarleyJust looking at the ubuntu one api09:57
bigcalmHullo peeps :)10:03
popeypip pip10:06
kvarleyCan it really be as simple as "resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p2" ? lol10:07
dwatkinsyou need to edit the fstab data first10:07
dwatkinsas I understand it, resize2fs grows the partition to fill the space indicated by the new partition table, but it must begin at the same exact byte as the filesystem starts10:08
bigcalmpopey: have I been missing much?10:15
kvarleydwatkins: you're right10:18
kvarleydwatkins: For my purposes I can just remove the partition and make a new one which is proportional to the device's size10:19
dwatkinsah ok cool, kvarley10:20
popeybigcalm: oh, you're "back" back?10:24
bigcalmpopey: back in merry old England, in my office, trying not to work10:25
bigcalmAlso, I'm not using bigcalm_laptop ;)10:26
Pendulumbigcalm: get out of your house. Or at least off the computer :P10:27
bigcalmPendulum: I will once Hayley has stopped using her computer :P10:28
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=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
kvarleypopey: Resize script is a no-go11:19
kvarleypopey: Can't seem to unmount the second partition after boot11:19
* AlanBell plays with a pi11:50
penguin42doing anything fun with it?11:51
AlanBellmaking several debian SD cards at the moment11:52
AlanBellI was trying to install gnome on it, but I got in a bit of a muddle11:52
AlanBellI might end up using it as an irssi terminal in the office11:53
AlanBelland as a general always on thing I can get to in the office, maybe with a webcam attached to it11:54
AlanBellit seems a class 10 SD card really is quite a lot faster than a class 4 SD card11:55
penguin422.5 times faster?11:58
penguin42AlanBell: Be a little careful, there are apparently some that are fast at specific things - like single streams (optimised for video, great at dd speed but not great for file access)11:59
AlanBellwell with the class 4 ones it seems to be taking longer to get onto the card than it did to download11:59
penguin42AlanBell: Some SD cards are AWFULlY slow, and some SD interfaces are awful, put the two together and you may as well be using punch card12:01
popeyAlanBell: which class 10 device do you have?12:01
AlanBellpopey: an oggcamp vintage 16GB class 10 SD card from the cameras12:01
penguin42AlanBell: https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Kernel/Projects/FlashCardSurvey    has some details and a bit of a survey12:02
AlanBellit took 724.841 seconds to dd the pi debian image to the class 4 device. will try the class 10 again shortly after I grow the partitions on this one12:02
penguin42AlanBell: I assume you were using a decent blocksize?12:06
AlanBellno, forgot about that12:07
AlanBellhmm, maybe it isn't massively faster12:08
AlanBellanyhow, I will let this run on the class 10, then repeat with a block size set12:10
penguin42oh, use a bs of at least 128k12:12
popeydoes blocksize make a big difference?12:20
AlanBell378.601 s for the class 10 device with default blocksize12:21
penguin42what size is your file?12:21
=== angela-android is now known as nothingspecial
penguin42AlanBell: I mean that's not too bad - 5MB/s12:22
AlanBell69.5577 s with a 1MB blocksize12:22
AlanBellon the class 10 SD card12:23
penguin42AlanBell: It's very difficult to know - I mean a class 10 card is supposed to mean 10 MB/s (according to wikipedia) - so who the heck knows what's going on12:24
AlanBellwell clearly block size makes a huge difference12:24
AlanBelltrying the class 4 with a 1M blocksize12:24
AlanBell 228.404 s for the class 4 with 1M blocksize12:28
AlanBellI wish stuff on SD cards and USB cards didn't require sudo access12:39
AlanBellmaybe it should, but with gparted and dd I could so easily be installing a raspberry pi image on sda by accident12:44
AlanBellthat would be a bad thing12:45
penguin42AlanBell: I'm sure you could set up a udev rule appropriately12:49
AlanBell135.117 s for a class 8 card12:50
MartijnVdSI needs more CPU!13:03
MartijnVdSVideo encoding + RAW image decoding = ouch @ i313:04
AlanBellyeah, that is nearly as processor intensive as adding a file to Ubuntu One13:04
AlanBell414.804 s to copy the image to an elderly unrated 2GB SD card13:10
AlanBellwhilst uploading stuff to Ubuntu One so my processor was maxed out13:10
MartijnVdShow is that cpu-bound and not network-bound?13:16
AlanBellI have no idea13:17
AlanBellit has calmed down a bit, but it was sending the fans crazy13:17
AlanBellit was a folder of 331MB and 29,000 files so maybe it was doing lots of hashing and stuff first13:18
AlanBellhi czajkowski, got your bunting up?13:21
czajkowskiah no :)13:23
czajkowskiso not very me13:23
AlanBellI now have 5 assorted SD cards with debian raspberry pi images on them13:34
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=== yothsoggoth__ is now known as yothsoggoth
MartijnVdS\o/ firmware bug in DSL modem fixed15:58
MartijnVdSI can now connect it to my gbit switch without link dropping 30% of the time16:00
ali1234bastion is up in the software centre :D16:14
ali1234popey: using lowest available spec to buy as an excuse for dropping hardware support is a bad idea because once you go down that path you can justify it at every release16:17
ali1234supposing i buy that lowest-possible-spec machine today. ok, fine, ubuntu runs on it16:19
ali1234then in six months it's upgrade time, but since the machine is no longer available, ubutu no longers runs on it16:19
ali1234so if i can only afford the cheapest machines i'm now trapped in a cycle of buying a new computer every 6 months16:19
MartijnVdSthat's why you run LTS, so you don't have to upgrade for 5 years16:19
ali1234this is bad for obvious reasons16:19
ali1234LTS is not a solution, the software is extremely out of date16:20
MartijnVdSnot yet..16:20
MartijnVdSalso, backports will exist16:20
ali1234you may as well say to use puppy linux or something16:21
AlanBellso what is the solution ali123416:21
MartijnVdSMake it work on 386-SX-16s16:21
ali1234this is a slippery slope and at the bottom there's a message that says "don't use ubuntu if your computer is over 1 year old"16:21
MartijnVdSali1234: but Ubuntu works fine on my 2-year old machine16:22
MartijnVdSali1234: and my 4-year old one16:22
ali1234AlanBell: the solution is to force all developers to use machines with VGA graphics and 256MB of memory16:22
AlanBellheh, no!16:23
ali1234someone always brings out the 386 strawman every time this issue is raised16:23
MartijnVdSali1234: Where do you draw the line then?16:23
MartijnVdSali1234: because you do have to draw a line somewhere16:23
ali1234you draw the line at anything purchasable up to 5 years ago16:24
MartijnVdS386, etc. is exaggerated.. but Pentium 1 MMX-233? Pentium III-400?16:24
ali1234as opposed to anything purchasable today16:24
ali1234nope, none of those16:24
MartijnVdSSo Pentium IV at least?16:24
ali1234yeah, sounds good16:24
ali1234basically, by supporting anything you could buy 5 years ago, you ensure that anything you buy new today will be supported by the latest ubuntu in 5 years16:25
MartijnVdSI have a P4 that works fine. Unity is 2D, but that's because of the ancient NVidia card16:25
ali1234i never said that it wouldn't16:25
MartijnVdSthen what's the problem? :)16:26
MartijnVdSbecause that P4 is from '03 or '04 I think16:27
ali1234the problem is that "you can't buy those any more" is too often used as an excuse for poor programming16:27
ali1234and whenever i call anyone on it they trot out the 386 strawman16:27
MartijnVdSFind a better way to call them on it ;)16:27
ali1234and then refuse to commit to a reasonable middle ground16:27
MartijnVdS"But they're still around and common"?16:28
ali1234yes, hence the 5 year limit16:29
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diploafternoon all16:40
ali1234directhex: does bastion use that xna/gamepad library you were talking about packaging the other day?16:53
Azelphurwtf lol, amazon just emailed me they want me to submit a review for a gift card xD16:54
ali1234directhex: GamepadBridge.dll and MonoGame.Framework.Linux.dll, that's it isn't it?16:56
ali1234wonder why it doesn't work...16:56
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ali1234i tried to debug this by building monogame from source, but bastion uses a modified version and because it is MS-PL licensed, they didn't release their modifications18:42
ali1234so i can't compile it with debugging to figure out why it doesn't work18:42
penguin42did someone say there was something like a cut down base ubuntu install available in 12.04 ?19:01
penguin42oh, tgz only not iso?19:02
penguin42right, time to reinstall one of my dads machines; last reinstalled in '03 with debian and upgraded ever since19:18
palnjhello people!19:20
popeypenguin42: ubuntu-core, yeah, no kernel in it either19:22
penguin42popey: Oh right, ok, I'll go with a desktop image and see what happens; it's getting MATEd after I get the base install on19:25
Laneyg'day MATE19:30
popeyinteresting device19:31
directhexali1234, yes, it does19:32
directhexali1234, bastion needs an opengl 2.1 capable 3d driver, so if you're on intel, it won't fly19:32
palnjAlanBell: I finally managed to get some stamps for that CD and the RAM :)19:33
AlanBellyou get 12.04 now19:34
directhexali1234, monogame upstream has two opengl codepaths, one for opengl 1.1, and one for 2.0 - bastion's monogame isn't the same as the upstream 2.5 release, and also the 1.1 codepath isn't very well tested19:34
* AlanBell reminds people of http://ubuntu-uk.org/free-cds/19:34
directhexsince real computers can do 2.019:34
ali1234directhex: what does opengl have to do with my joypad?19:34
palnjthat's cool, i recently had to reflash my PC's HDD with Vista...19:35
directhexali1234, i assumed you were having the usual issues people report w/ bastion19:35
ali1234no, it works perfectly except for joypad19:36
directhexi'll try with my pad19:36
ali1234basically, the game makes noises when i press buttons, but that's it19:36
ali1234it's like it recognises the pad but doesn't understand what any of the buttons are19:37
palnjSo yeah, it should be in the post by tomorrow, AlanBell, and then I'll actually be able to use that piece of junk PC in the basement.19:37
directhexali1234, okay, i can repro the issue19:38
ali1234what type of pad?19:38
directhexxbox 360 wired pad19:38
ali1234if anything would work, that should19:39
directhextrying to force the issue19:41
ali1234monogame does detect joypad type by looking for "x-box" or "microsoft" in the name19:41
ali1234so perhaps it only affects x-box controllers, and the other code path works?19:41
ali1234even though yurs is 360 and mine is classic...19:41
directhexlet me see if i can get a joypad test built against monogame19:48
ali1234i've already done that19:49
ali1234with monogame trunk my pad works, but bastion needs a modded monogame19:49
ali1234or are you gonna build against their modded one?19:49
directhexerk... i can do19:50
directhexdidn't know you'd tested that far!19:50
directhexyou might want to report a bug with supergiant then19:51
penguin42hmm it doesn't like that - won't get past the boot/ do you want to install/try etc screen - maybe try a xubuntu cd19:53
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penguin42when I hit return on the 'install ubuntu' what does it actually do at that point - how much of the iso does it read into RAM?20:02
directhexpenguin42, the alternate installer?20:02
penguin42no, main20:02
* penguin42 has a nasty feeling that the problem is that it's reading the stick at USB120:06
penguin42it's got to the desktop now - after 5min+20:06
penguin42I think the USB interface that will boot is the USB1 interface - the give away is if you unplug the USB stick after a few mins then you get errors about failed to do block reads20:12
popeypenguin42: how much ram does the machine have?20:18
penguin42popey: 2GB20:33
* popey shakes his head at yet another UEFI thread20:33
penguin42popey: I think it's that the standard installer can't cope with USB1.1; I'll file a bug after I get the damn thing installed - a) It doesn't give  any feedback in the section after hitting return on the 'install ubuntu...' and b) because USB1.1 is so slow lightdm times out20:34
popeywhy are you using a USB 1.1 port?20:34
penguin42popey: It won't boot off the USB2 addin card20:35
popeyit doesnt have any native USB 2 ports?20:36
penguin42popey: I don't think so20:36
penguin42popey: Using Xubuntu installer DVD booted OK and started the installer OK, although the installer is crashing (with no logs) - but I think that's the xubuntu installer, I'm going to burn a Ubuntu DVD and try that20:37
penguin42popey: Machine is 2003 vintage; 2GHz Athlon, now has 2GB RAM (added over the years), a USB-2 addin card20:37
popey2GHz in 2003 doesn't sound right20:38
popeyI didnt get 2GHz until 4 years ago iirc20:38
penguin42popey: Yeh it does - nothing has happened for the last 10 years in clock speed20:38
popeymind you, thats a laptop20:39
penguin42popey: Actually, it's 1.8GHz, Athlon XP2200+20:42
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matttpopey: breaking anything interesting this evening?20:52
popeyheh, no20:53
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penguin42sigh - I can see I'm going to have to debootstrap this one like the other machine21:10
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popeypenguin42: tried the mini iso?21:11
penguin42which mini iso?21:13
penguin42popey: This ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD21:14
dogmatic69anyone using the Ethernet over mains, can you recommend one and tell me if there is a limit to the number of them you can use21:14
penguin42popey: I'll give it a go after my (imminent) shower - thanks21:14
popeypenguin42: sorry, yes, that one21:28
* hamitron loves the mini cd21:41
czajkowskipopey: how are you getting to the tower tomorow?22:00
AlanBellooh, best viewpoint in the city I should think22:01
czajkowskihope so22:04
czajkowskihttps://plus.google.com/102921374554385564572/posts/X2tNkxyBMyy nyomtastic22:04
AlanBellwho got to lick the spoon?22:05
matttwhat happens tomorrow, boat parade ?22:10
AlanBellyeah, flotilla and royal barge thing22:10
AlanBellcanonical is on the 27th floor of Millbank tower and has a great view of the river22:10
Seeker`Oooh, Alien just started on C422:11
czajkowskiAlanBell: jon22:12
matttsweet, will canonical be open to the public?22:12
AlanBellhttp://www.techdrivein.com/2012/02/no-more-dodge-windows-in-unity-global.html looks like this22:12
matttAlanBell: i want me a view like that at work!22:13
AlanBellczajkowski: not surprised :)22:13
czajkowskimattt: nope22:15
czajkowskiAlanBell: he got the choclate one22:15
czajkowskididnt want the one which had choclate and marshmallows and bisuits in it22:15
* AlanBell spots another bug with the annoying and badly implemented top bar shadow :(22:21
popeyczajkowski: train22:22
AlanBellhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/Screenshot%20from%202012-06-02%2023:21:03.png it pops up *over* an impress slide when using the presenter console22:23
AlanBellnaughty shadow22:23
popeyi wish that shadow would die22:24
popeyczajkowski: bought tickets a couple of days ago, 8 quid each for adults 1 quid for each kid22:25
popeysuper cheap22:25
popeyalso, wow, presenter mode works?22:26
AlanBellbug 95686322:26
lubotu3Launchpad bug 956863 in unity (Ubuntu) "Top panel shadow is drawn above presentation when using LO Impress with Presenter Console" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95686322:26
AlanBellpresenter mode works perfectly22:26
AlanBellas do the openGL transitions22:27
AlanBelland they both might be in by default in quantal22:27
popeyoh, not in 12.04?22:27
AlanBellnot on the CD22:27
AlanBell!info libreoffice-presenter-console22:28
lubotu3libreoffice-presenter-console (source: libreoffice (1:3.5.3-0ubuntu1)): LibreOffice Impress extension for a separate presenter's console. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.0+LibO3.5.3-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 664 kB, installed size 3848 kB22:28
* popey installs22:28
AlanBell!info libreoffice-ogltrans22:28
lubotu3libreoffice-ogltrans (source: libreoffice): LibreOffice Impress extension for transitions using OpenGL. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.5.3-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 66 kB, installed size 306 kB22:28
AlanBellthey are dropping a bunch of template stuff and giving back space to the CD, I suggested they give with one hand and take with the other :)22:29
AlanBellstill giving back a decent net reduction in space22:29
penguin42popey: hmm, there don't seem to be sums or signed sums in http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/  which is where that mini.iso is22:30
popeypenguin42: they should be on that wiki page22:30
popeyyes, they are22:30
penguin42popey: Ah yes, it has the MD5 and SHA, and the page is on an https site so I guess that's OK22:30
AlanBellnight all o/22:31
penguin42nn AB22:31
czajkowskipopey: cool into vauxhaull station or waterloo ?22:33
popeygoing to waterloo and changing to vauxhall22:33
popeythen walk over bridge22:34
popeyhope the kids dont get bored ⍨22:35
czajkowskithink we may end doing similar22:35
czajkowskiwestminster bridge is open for us22:35
czajkowskisorry tube to westminster and then walk22:35
czajkowskipopey: they wont and I'm sure others will have kids also22:36
czajkowskiI made cake22:36
czajkowskinot sure how its gonna turn out22:36
penguin42cake is good22:36
penguin42the Times (yesterday?) had a recipie/design for a cake that assembled into a union jack22:37
directhexunion flag22:37
penguin42carefully cut slices of raspberry and blueberry sponge22:37
directhexand hang from the jackstaff of your ship?22:38
* penguin42 doesn't have a ship, and it might be a bit large for that (if I made it)22:39
popeybet its going to rain loads of cloud cover will be low so we see nothing ☺22:39
popeynvm, cake and stuff22:39
czajkowskipopey: aye does loook pretty wet up here alright22:42
czajkowskibut so muggy22:42
daftykinswhat are you lot up to D:22:46
popeydaftykins: canonical are having a party at Millbank tower tomorrow22:51
popeyto say goodbye because we're moving out22:51
popeyand it turns out there's some royal party going on, on the thames, on the same day22:51
directhexi'm busy not going to bed22:52
directhexthis is fine, because new fathers do not need sleep22:52
popeydirecthex: when's it due?22:52
daftykinspopey: ah interesting22:52
daftykinsheh 'it'22:52
directhexpopey, end of the month. however, arrival was on wednesday.22:53
popeyoh, congrats22:53
popeywhat flavour was the derivative?22:53
Seeker`mmmm, mint22:55
dogmatic69When converting an image from svg to png with `convert` is it possible to scale the svg before the conversion?22:56
dogmatic69I an using `convert file.svg -resize 1000 file.png` for example, but if the .svg is saved as 100px it is very grainy.22:57
dogmatic69would prefer to not open and edit (300+) svg files22:58
penguin42popey: Yeh! Debian installer wins23:04
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
directhexpopey, all the data has been on twitter. you must not follow me on twitter. SHAMEFUL23:27
dogmatic69imagemagic not doing it, inkscape works well though23:40

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