Beta2Kkosko: wrapper it00:00
escottkosko, what is your alias line? and why would you need to alias vim?00:00
escottkosko, rather nice vim00:00
Aethrs98% of my Ubuntu use is LTS server installs, so I haven't actually seen the "new" gui in quite a while.00:01
halakarhmm, i could use a little more informaton00:02
haryvwhat kind of services can i turn off for my zoneminder frame rate to pickup?00:02
halakarlike...can i boot from the 12.04LTS CD and enter some sort of "boot repair" mode?00:02
escotthalakar, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub00:03
halakarescott, I think I need this:  http://sourceforge.net/projects/boot-repair-cd/files/00:03
escotthalakar, i think you should read the documentation and follow the step by step instructions we linked you to. but feel free to ignore us00:04
halakarescott, I'm not ignoring you.  Your instructions say use boot-repair.  The link I found is of 5-30.  Problem?00:04
escotthalakar, "of 5-30"??00:06
halakarescott, yes.00:06
escotthalakar, what does that mean00:06
halakarOkay....we're in june now.  June is the 6th month in the year00:06
BlackshirtWhat the mean of number on dmesg's output?00:06
halakaran iso published on 5-30 would mean..... ?00:06
koskocan a user be given an ability to nice with negative value?00:07
escotthalakar, if you want to do it the graphical way then "insert your ubuntu cd" reboot and choose "try ubuntu"00:07
MCl0vinhowdy folks00:08
escotthalakar, unless you want to make the disk, but if you have an ubuntu disk that seems like more effort than it is worth. so go to 2 and run the two commands "sudo add-apt-repository ..." and "sudo apt-get install ..."00:08
halakarescott, I am downloading the boot-repair iso now and will not be using the ubuntu disc.00:08
MCl0vinreisio, dude , like you said no were on the net i was able to find anything that will make my wmv to work on any unix/apple platform00:09
SofiaI fresh-installed 12.04, but I kept my home directory from my previous 10.4 install. Now the gnome-terminal hangs and has no cursor. I found a few bug listings, but no solutions so far. Any thoughts?00:09
ooltra-outhey, i remember there being a netbook version of ubuntu, does that no longer exsist?00:09
escottBlackshirt, seconds since boot00:10
escottkosko, up to -10 for without root privs is normally allowed00:10
MCl0vinreisio, my best best is to convert them , like you preceded and suggested :)00:10
halakari mean good god, man00:10
krycheqjust got a brand new Asus eee 1025c and am having some video troubles with 12.04 - is this the right chan to ask for assistance?00:11
MCl0vinbut how do i do that00:11
BlackshirtEscott , number between [ ] sign ?00:11
ooltra-outhey, does anyone know if there is a ubuntu platform for netbooks like there was in the past? or is it all not just under desktop?00:11
escottBlackshirt, yes. seconds since boot00:11
MCl0vinkrycheq, what issues00:11
koskoescott: -5 permission denied00:12
YagoHey guys00:12
krycheqstarts fine but I can only get 800x600 resolution even tho I know the display will do 1200x60000:12
YagoI have a question00:12
MCl0vinkrycheq, like you are not able to install 12.04 or are you getting black screen , etc00:12
YagoI have a question about removing my ubuntu dual boot00:12
escottkosko, who are you?00:12
koskoescott: excuse me?00:13
MCl0vinanyone recommend a good video converter00:13
BlackshirtThanks escott00:13
escottkosko, i meant what is your uid? what groups are you in? but it seems you are correct you cannot increase priority00:13
YagoCan anyone help me00:14
YagoIm confused about the next step I should take00:14
SofiaMCl0vin: Single video or batches?00:14
koskoescott: so even if i'll have the root user group i wouldn't be able to set a negative nice00:14
MCl0vinSofia, a batch00:14
SofiaMCl0vin: For single videos I do alright with VLC.00:14
SofiaAh. You've got me, then.00:15
koskoescott: CAP_SYS_NICE capability is supposed to do this00:15
escottkosko, root can certainly do it. for other users you would need to modify the config in /etc00:15
MirkoKaYago: You go into the backery and say "I have a question about your bread". What will they say? Right, they'll say "What question?!00:15
MCl0vinSofia, well VLC is not reading my format thats why i want to convert them00:15
koskoescott: not yet know how to set it00:15
YagoMirkoKa: sorry I have that bad habit, formed by school00:15
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YagoOk, I was told to remove the Ubuntu repositories by downloading the gparted iso and burning it to a cd00:16
Yagothen I was told to come back here after wards and ask for more help00:16
Yagoso my question is: what is the next step i should take?00:16
tuxgeekrepositeries or partition?00:16
dyingloopI have an AMD Phenom quad core mobile processcor p920 x64...what copy of ubuntu should I choose?00:17
Yagopartition, sorry00:17
dyingloopubuntu amd64?00:17
escottkosko, presumably /etc/security00:17
MCl0vinis there is something called ffmg or ffmpg something like that?00:17
BlackshirtDyingloop, i think yes00:17
tuxgeekhave you made the boot cd?00:18
dyingloopI am about to make one00:18
YagoYes sir00:18
dyinglooprather use an usb to double check if all my hardware is compatible first00:18
tuxgeekok boot it00:18
Yagotuxgeek: wait, to me or dyingloop00:18
SofiaWeird development on my gnome-terminal issue. I can actually type commands into it and they execute. I just can't _see_ what I'm typing or the text output.00:18
dyingloopwould it tell you if it's the wrong architecture?00:18
halakarescott, those directions you posted are garbage anyway.  there's nothing in a live environment even called boot-repair.  you can't even find it in the package manager.  absolute garbage.00:18
tuxgeekYago: You!00:18
Yagooh ok00:19
Yagogot confused00:19
escottkosko, this link may help http://superuser.com/questions/40429/how-do-i-run-pulseaudio-with-realtime-priority-in-ubuntu-9-0400:19
dyingloopMe too00:19
koskoescott: i see this info in the limits.conf file00:19
escotthalakar, you have to run the add-apt-repo command first00:19
dyingloopthanks Black00:19
dyingloopthanks Blackshirt00:19
halakarthat's nowhere in the instructions on the wiki.00:20
mattwj2002hi guys wow do I have an odd question00:20
tuxgeekYago: just delete the ubuntu partition00:20
Yagowill windows boot up afterwards?00:20
halakari just type in add-apt-repo?  Need specifics if i am going to succeed.00:20
escotthalakar, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair "2nd option : install Boot-Repair in Ubuntu"00:20
mattwj2002I need a program to check if a purchased used dvd or cd is good00:20
Yagok thank-you. Ill try it and report back00:20
mattwj2002that runs in linux00:20
MCl0vinwtf .. can someone please go to google and type "how to convert wnv to mp4 in ubuntu and open the first result....it crasheds FF every single time00:21
Jordan_Umattwj2002: Define "good".00:21
halakari'm only 15 mins left on boot repair00:21
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halakaron the iso,00:21
mattwj2002ummm plays without errors00:21
Luceomattwj2002: vlc :P00:21
halakari mean, i should probably just wait for that to complete if adding the repo and downloading is going to take the same amount of time, no ?00:21
mattwj2002without watch or listening to the whole thing00:21
MCl0vinanyone please00:21
escotthalakar, it gives you 4 different methods you can use to reinstall grub. you are welcome to use whichever one you want00:22
MCl0vinURL: http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&sa=Search&channel=fe&client=browser-ubuntu&q=hw+to+convert+wmv+to+mp4+in+ubuntu&hl=en00:22
LuceoMCl0vin: No crash for me, running firefox aurora00:22
SofiaMCl0vin: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CF0QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ehow.com%2Fhow_6121038_convert-wmv-mp4-ubuntu.html&ei=2lzJT5eiCcPDgQe5jInBDg&usg=AFQjCNHjBXDToOPqlyeNHy70PsxJerwNxg&sig2=LGXrFxJBUjrBXBt-RHOBzA00:23
SofiaExcuse the long URL00:23
HelloWorld321I think I'm going to need to do a fresh install.  This happens every time I try to do an update.  I have an old on-board video adapter.  I tried to upgrade to Precise Pangolin last weekend.00:23
MirkoKaMCl0vin: you do know that the times where google presented the same result to different people are over, don't you?00:23
Jordan_Uhalakar: For restoring grub from a liveCD I highly recommend this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#ChRoot which I sent you earlier.00:23
LuceoMCl0vin: http://paste2.org/p/2042664 Content in text-only form00:23
koskoafter i changed /etc/security/limits.conf  what should i run to make it in effect00:24
halakarJordan_U, all I did was slap windows 8 on an empty partition.  it destroyed grub.  blah00:24
halakarJordan_U, are you saying this "boot-repair" with the "recommended repair" option won't fix ?00:24
escottkosko, i have no idea. rebooting would certainly force it to be reread00:24
MCl0vinMirkoKa, what do you mean , no i don't?00:24
Jordan_Uhalakar: That's exactly what I would expect.00:24
SofiaDoes anyone have any tips for my gnome-terminal with no visible cursor/text in the window?00:25
koskosource maybe?00:25
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Luceohalakar: Just reinstall grub o.O00:25
delacmattwj2002:  read the dvd or cd as image to the hard disk twice, take md5sum from each image and compare. if both reads give same md5sum it means that the disks are propably fine as both reads gave the same result (e.g. no scratch errors)00:25
halakarJordan_U, yeah, well I had heard rumors that Windows 8 was intelligent enough to not destroy everything and add an entry in its OWN bootloader for Ubuntu.00:25
Luceodelac: If the DVD is foobar, surely both images will be foobar exactly the same00:25
escottkosko, its not a shell script. it is read by some userspace program which injects the rules into the kernel00:25
LuceoSo the hashes will match00:25
Jordan_Uhalakar: It probably will, but I prefer to know the actual commands being run rather than trusting an automated process I'm not familiar with. I know that the guide I sent you works.00:25
halakarI agree..00:26
HelloWorld321After trying to upgrade to Precise Pangolin, now when I boot, I get this message "The system is rnning in low-graphics mode.  Your screen, graphics card, and input device settings could not be detected correctly.  You will need to configure these yourself"  I can ssh in just fine, but I have trouble seeing/using the desktop.00:26
rpdmattanyone know why ubuntu 12.04 would be reading my dual monitors as a single 'laptop' monitor with screen res of 3840x1080?00:26
mattwj2002so no help?00:26
delacLuceo: if there are scratches, they will most likely cause different kind of read results, witchs causes different md5sums00:26
rpdmattit should be two monitors at 1080p00:26
mattwj2002oops sorry00:26
Luceodelac: Is that from experience or speculation? I don't see why scratches in the same place would cause different read issues00:27
mattwj2002I thought I had a problem a long time ago00:27
mattwj2002I can't remember what it is00:27
HelloWorld321How do I configure my screen, video card, and input device from ssh?00:27
MirkoKaMCl0vin: google works differently today. the same query done by you and me can (and most probably will) show very different results. telling people to google for "foo bar somehting" and tell them to look at result 3 doesn't work anymore00:27
Jordan_Umattwj2002: You could try reading the entire DVD (from /dev/sr0) and checking for read errors. Unfortunately many commercial DVDs *purposefully* insert incorrect hashes to cause read errors, so the test would always fail on those even if they were "good".00:28
halakari have a feeling i'm about to destroy everything here, i chose the recommended option....now i'm waiting for it to do something.00:28
LuceoHelloWorld321: Which GPU is it?00:28
delacLuceo: that method is used by many cd check programs00:28
HelloWorld321It's an on-board nVidia chip (on the mobo)00:28
LuceoHelloWorld321: Should be able to use nvidias tool to auto gen xorg.conf00:28
MCl0vinMirkoKa, ahhh i didn't know that :)00:29
HelloWorld321Tx Luceo00:29
cheakoHello, does any one use Overlayfs for /usr or anything?  I'm having an issue where mount dosn't like the device name.00:29
halakarIt worked.  Well, I've booted Windows 8 anyway.  Rebooting to see if my ubuntu still works.  Good grief00:29
mattwj2002guys what do you think of this?00:30
halakarOK, back in business00:30
halakarthanks guise00:30
curiousxaloha all00:33
curiousx*wind sounds*00:33
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Chuck_Norris!ot | Chuck_Norris00:38
ubottuChuck_Norris, please see my private message00:38
dannelwhere are the newbs00:38
Yago!ot | Yago00:39
ubottuYago, please see my private message00:39
Bulletrulzhelp i cant install and virtual systems in virtual box00:43
Bulletrulzvirtualbox wont work?00:43
escott!details | Bulletrulz00:44
ubottuBulletrulz: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:44
Bulletrulzok look i treid to install android and00:44
BulletrulzThe VirtualBox Linux kernel driver (vboxdrv) is either not loaded or there is a permission problem with /dev/vboxdrv. Please reinstall the kernel module by executing00:44
Bulletrulz'/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup'00:44
Bulletrulzas root. If it is available in your distribution, you should install the DKMS package first. This package keeps track of Linux kernel changes and recompiles the vboxdrv kernel module if necessary.00:44
FloodBot1Bulletrulz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:44
Bulletrulzsorry flood00:44
escottBulletrulz, so you are trying to run android inside vbox? WHY?00:45
Bulletrulzescott idk i dont have a android phone and wana do stuff00:46
Bulletrulzanyway how to fix it00:47
escottBulletrulz, http://developer.android.com/guide/developing/tools/emulator.html00:47
Chuck_NorrisBulletrulz: sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup00:47
MCl0vinok, goodbye ubuntu ...i am switching to windows00:48
dyingloopwhat's the command to enable wireless?00:48
dyingloopon ubuntu00:48
dyingloopi can't seem to do it physically00:48
escottdyingloop, depends on how it is disabled. rfkill?00:48
Chuck_Norrisdyingloop: sudo ifconfig <wirles interface> up00:49
escottdyingloop, its possible that if you booted windows and then disabled the wireless card through some acpi call that linux doesnt know, then the only way to reenable the transmitter might be through windows00:49
dyingloopwell no windows on this puppy00:50
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Chuck_Norrisdyingloop: puppy has a settup wizard for that00:50
Chuck_Norrisand /j #puppy00:50
Jordan_Udyingloop: What happens when you try to connect to a wireless network via network manager?00:50
dyingloopheh by puppy i meant my laptop00:51
dyingloopwell nothing00:51
dyingloopit won't even acknowledge that i have wireless00:51
MCl0vinuse windows alot easier00:51
Jordan_Udyingloop: OK, has it recognised your wireless card in the past?00:51
dyingloopit hasn't00:51
dyingloopi was trying to enable it first00:52
Jordan_Udyingloop: Do you know what chipset your wireless car uses?00:52
dyingloopor is it the other way around?00:52
dyingloopRealtek  RTL8191SEvB00:52
dyingloopI am using live cd to see if i can find the drivers firs00:52
escottdyingloop, the other way around. sudo lshw -C network should list your network cards00:52
YagoI have a problem where gparted is having troubles booting up00:52
Jordan_Udyingloop: You don't normally have to "enable" wireless. It usually Just Works™ .00:53
Bulletrulzum i rather use virtualbox00:53
dyingloopah gotcha escott00:53
Bulletrulzi guess ill just use wine00:53
YagoDoes anyone know how I could boot up gparted, i think its a graphics  issue00:53
escottYago, gparted is an application. gparted doesnt "boot" what are you trying to boot00:53
Yagoescott: i have it on a live cd and i booted it00:53
Jordan_Udyingloop: Ralink cards are notoriously difficult with Linux. Is using a different wireless card an option?00:53
escottYago, so you booted the normal livecd, and selected try ubuntu. then what00:53
Bulletrulzwhen i try to install anything i get this Media change: please insert the disc labeled00:54
Bulletrulz 'Lubuntu 12.04 _Precise Pangolin_ - Release i386 (20120423)'00:54
Bulletrulzin the drive '/media/cdrom/' and press enter00:54
Yagoescott: no, i booted it solo ... as in there is no OS booted up00:54
escottYago, gparted is an application. it is NOT an OS. what did you boot?00:54
Bulletrulzi need heko00:54
Chuck_NorrisBulletrulz: virtualbox says that?00:55
Jordan_UYago: If you're using the GParted LiveCD then this is the wrong channel to ask in. This is the support channel for Ubuntu only.00:55
Bulletrulzno everything!00:55
escottYago, what is the link to the thing that you downloaded and burned?00:55
YagoJordan_U: oh, i was told to by someone in ehere00:55
dyingloopi was able to get lucky last time Jordan_U, so figured I should at least give it a try...My back up plan is this...supposedly it is linux compatible and dirt cheap00:55
Yagoescott: gparted.sourceforge00:55
Yagoor .net00:55
dyingloopIt did take me a whole month though Jordan_U lol00:55
dyingloopand two clean installations...but00:56
dyingloopi just don't have that patience this time00:56
escottYago, so to echo Jordan_U thats not an ubuntu product. not the right channel for issues with it. but gparted is on the livecd, so just boot your install CD select "try ubuntu" and then you can use gparted00:56
HelloWorld321I think my problem is that I need to ppa-purge00:56
Yagoescott: oh so i have to burn another live cd with ubuntu on it?00:56
escottYago, if you want help in this channel you need to be using ubuntu in some form00:56
Bulletrulz'chuck everything does00:57
MirkoKaMCl0vin: don't confuse accustoms with easiness. anyway, your choice, good by then :-)00:57
kn100`every time I run apt it tries to install java. How can i tell it to stop it00:57
Yagoescott: I am, the original problem was attempting to remove ubuntu from a dual boot00:57
dyingloopbtw escott that command gave me "Network Disabled"00:57
Jordan_UYago: In fact looking at the scrollback you were given terrible advice. Just deleting your Ubuntu partition would have left you unable to boot Ubuntu *or* Windows from the hard drive.00:57
Yagoescott: and someone told me to burn gparted, boot up with it and remove the partition00:57
YagoJordan_U: really?00:57
escottYago, so do you have your original install media for ubuntu. b/c you can use that00:57
Yagothank God I didnt00:57
escott!paste | dyingloop use that00:57
ubottudyingloop use that: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:58
Yagoescott: no nor do I have for Windows either00:58
YagoJordan_U: what should I do?00:58
xisorshadowcan anyone help me edit or create a custom X session? editing an existing one is preferred00:58
escottYago, first you need to boot windows and reinstall the windows bootloader. it used to be "fixmbr" i dont know if thats still correct00:58
kn100`http://pastebin.com/JvJuvJ05 < output of any time I run apt-get install00:58
xisorshadowi want to edit the xbmc session and add chromium browser to it as well, so it loads it in the background00:59
Yagoescott: ok is that a program?00:59
dyingloopHere you go www.paste.ubuntu.com/1018861/00:59
escottYago, it is/was a windows command. i wouldn't trust me that its correct. i dont use windows00:59
Jordan_UYago: Please get an Ubuntu liveCD (preferably Ubuntu 12.04) and come back when you have that. Basically, you need to first install an MS style MBR via the utility "install-mbr" then check that Windows boots (with no grub menu), then delete the Ubuntu partition and resize the Windows partition (making sure not to change the starting sector of the Windows partition).01:00
Yagook ill burn a cd :) be right back in a long while01:00
Jordan_UYago: I will be away for a few minutes and available in and out after that, but I am here so just be patient and I will reply eventually.01:00
tbrown2012fbI want to know how to install updates on Ubuntu. I installed a low minimum iso and I can install things like sudo apt-get install and sudo apt-get update but not upgrade01:01
escottJordan_U, is install-mbr a windows command?01:01
Jordan_Uescott: No.01:01
Jordan_Uescott: sudo software-properties-gtk -e universe && sudo apt-get install mbr && sudo install-mbr /dev/sda #Replace "/dev/sda" with your disk drive, and *not* a partition like /dev/sda101:02
Yagook I am downloading the iso from this page: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/windows-installer01:02
escottJordan_U, yeah. i was just wondering if it had replaced fixmbr on the windows side. i dont know what the windows mbr command is anymore01:02
escottYago, no you dont want that01:02
escottYago, you want this http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop01:03
Yagoim not downloading wubi01:03
Yagoim using the other link01:03
xisorshadowanyone know anything about X sessions?01:03
escottYago, you are downloading Wubi. that thing you are looking at is wubi01:03
Yagothat one is quicker01:03
Yagoescott: oh, there was another link on that page that wasn't an exe01:04
Yagothis link is quicker though01:04
escottYago, ok i see the confusion. you were using the thing at the bottom not at the top. thats the same as the link i sent you01:05
EMPHASISHi, I've got a LAN at home on a router, but Internet is via a USB modem on my laptop.  When I plug in the LAN(Ethernet) I lose the Internet (e.g. 404 on google.com).  Help, anyone?01:05
escottYago, so the top of my link or the bottom of your link should be fine. but you should be downloading a 700MB iso file01:05
escottYago, not an EXE01:05
YagoI already have the exe on my Desktop, ill be trying that out later...01:05
Yagoso Im gonna remove a dual boot and install wubi afterwards01:06
dyingloopI installed ndiswrapper01:06
escotttbrown2012fb, what do you mean you cant apt-get upgrade01:06
dyingloopI was also able to locate the drivers from realtek website01:06
xisorshadowanbody know anything about X sessions?01:06
dyingloopIt's asking for inf file01:07
xangua!anyone | xisorshadow01:07
ubottuxisorshadow: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:07
escottYago, i would personally discourage that. i dont like the way wubi is structured. i think you are better off with dual boot or vbox, but not this weird wubi halfway house01:07
dyingloopWhere is this inf file located?01:07
xisorshadowxangua, that was completely irrelevant, i DID ask a question01:07
mcoredhey guys by default ubuntu only created two partitions / and swap and i am wondering in the future if there is a chance to add /boot and /home support with recommended sizes in teh installer :)01:07
djglobalbothi. I think I have a problem with locales on a ubuntu server, I am getting odd chacaters in my console session. i've tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales and sudo apt-get install --reinstall locales with no avail01:08
mcoredstarting with windows 7 we all know M$ allocate 100 MiB to system boot partition01:08
escottmcored, you can do a custom partitioning in the installer, but what you have is the default01:08
Yagoescott: Yeah, but the people who use the computer are not big Ubuntu fans and I want something thats easy to remove in any circumstance.01:08
xanguamcored: you can do that by yourself, just an extra pair of steps01:09
escottYago, vbox would meet that "easy to remove" standard, and you have the benefits of a virtualized system (assuming your hardware is decent)01:09
tbrown2012fbescott: I dont know I installed the minimal iso or something and know am trying to get the sudo apt-get upgrade to work but I dont think it working:(01:09
mcoredyeah escott i just wished the installer had a simple algorithm to set a minimum /boot partition01:09
mcoredhow much do you think /boot would require?01:09
* gohkesh farts01:09
Yagoescott: thats the problem, my hardware is far from decent, http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/opgx240/en/ug/specs.htm01:09
Yagoand Win XP01:10
escottmcored, most people dont need /boot. so.... in any case i set mine to 1GB because that way i never have to worry about it filling up. at 100MB it fills up every 6months with old kernels and i have to go in and remove them01:10
escotttbrown2012fb, what does it say when you run sudo apt-get upgrade01:10
mcoredok thank you escott01:10
mcoredafter installed ubuntu i dont thikn there is any chance to do anythign now...01:11
dyingloopCan somebody help me extract the .inf file?01:11
xisorshadowi need help finding and editing an x session file01:11
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escottmcored, you could do a bunch of repartitioning, but why do you want a /boot in the first place?01:11
mcoredhttps://dl.dropbox.com/u/25501373/ShareXmod/2012-06/02/091110-Kitchen-PC_(671_340_072)_-_TeamViewer_-_Free_license_(n.jpg is my ubuntu server for Deluge and Quassel :D01:11
djglobalbothello #ubuntu I have a problem with locales on a ubuntu server, I am getting odd characters in my console session. i've tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales and sudo apt-get install --reinstall locales with no avail01:11
mcoredfor recovery purposes escott but not really needed for me. but i woudl like /home at least01:12
escottmcored, id rather keep a usb keychain handy than try to recover from within an initrd01:12
tbrown2012fbescott: When I do the sudo apt-get update it does it and when I do sudo apt-get upgrade it says reading packages list .. Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done 0 upgraded 0 newly installed 0 to remove 0 not upgraded.01:12
JustSighDUdesSo I locked a screen session and it wants a password to unlock. I do all my authentication with ssh keys. What gives?01:12
escotttbrown2012fb, ok. so whats the problem?01:13
xanguatbrown2012fb: because there are no updates to install01:13
mcoredbtw i noticed with ubuntu after it goes to screensaver, and i try to type my password to get back to the desktop, the keyboard keys wouldnt work, using the mouse i would have to go switch user, the screen refreshes and after that i can use the keyboard again01:13
Jordan_Udyingloop: USB wireless dongles tend to have poor linux support, and I think currently none support wireless N for linux.01:13
escottJustSighDUdes, it should be your users password01:13
escottJustSighDUdes, what do you mean by "screen session"01:14
dyingloopwhat about this one Jordan_U http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=105&cp_id=10308&cs_id=1050108&p_id=8072&seq=1&format=2 ?01:14
Jordan_Udyingloop: Especially for Wireless N, if you can, go with an internal Atheros card.01:14
tbrown2012fbescott: it does not upgrade it lol there no upgrade to anything. When I update and then upgrade it does not upgrade why!!!!!!01:14
dyingloopthat's a bit out of my budget01:14
xisorshadowtbrown2012fb, what are you trying to install specifically?01:14
reisioMCl0vin: maybe, but what you should actually do is tell your instructor that nowhere was it stated you had to purchase $200's worth of Microsoft Windows to take this class01:15
escotttbrown2012fb, there are no updated packages to install. your system is up to date for its release01:15
xisorshadowtbrown2012fb, upgrade only updates things that are already installed on the system01:15
xisorshadowtbrown2012fb, if you want to ADD things, thats a whole different matter01:15
JustSighDUdesescott: I don't have one. Screen session = cli screen. The actual application called screen. Like tmux01:15
reisioMCl0vin: and if you wanted to add a little icing on top, you could explain how h.264 MP4 + AAC is not only better supported than WMV, but more efficient01:15
escotttbrown2012fb, if you are running 10.04 and want to move up to 12.04 then thats a different command do-release-upgrade01:15
tbrown2012fbxisorshadow: Oh okay lol:) That why Your smart lol:)01:15
Bulletrulzi cant install anything i get a messege tellling to entera cd01:15
xisorshadowtbrown2012fb, what are you wanting to add?01:16
tbrown2012fbxisorshadow: No I was not being sarcastice you help me. That what you said make sense because I installed a minmale iso so I dont have alot of programs so lol:)01:17
chrometigerif I have my garmin gps connected through com/usb cable   what can I type to find out what it is connected as ?01:17
Bulletrulzis ANYONE GONNA HELP!]\01:17
xisorshadowtbrown2012fb, yes i understand that, are you trying to add specific programs?01:17
JoseeAntonioR!patience | Bulletrulz01:17
ubottuBulletrulz: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:17
JoseeAntonioRBulletrulz: How can I help you?01:18
tbrown2012fbBulletrulz: Calm Down and do the happy dance:)01:18
escottJustSighDUdes, thats what i wanted to make sure. check the man page for /usr/bin/lock i guess?01:18
dyingloopokay apparently the drivers for my specific realtek card are hit or miss01:18
Bulletrulzwheni try to install something i get a messege to insert my install dvd01:19
dyingloopi give up01:19
escottJustSighDUdes, http://serverfault.com/questions/169832/password-for-gnu-screen-lockscreen-command01:19
escottJustSighDUdes, you probably want to set a user password. open a new ssh session and run passed01:20
xisorshadowcan someone help me find and edit the xbmc X session file? i want to have it also launch chromium-browser so i can have a browser for my HTPC setup01:20
xisorshadowand have no idea where session files are stored in 12.04, or how to add things to them01:20
JustSighDUdesescott: Yeah, I figured it was gonna be something like that. I was looking for some sort of "undo lock" command.01:21
JustSighDUdesescott: Thanks.01:21
tbrown2012fbI got a hopo in my bathroom what do I do?01:21
OerHeksBulletrulz, go into software sources, and disable the cdRom01:21
Bulletrulzoerhecks how?01:22
chrometigerhow do I find what my garmin gps is mounted as/at  or if it even is ?01:22
OerHeksBullet open softwarecentre, and see in the topmenu01:23
escottchrometiger, if it were mounted it would appear in "mount" but if it is usb connected lsusb would tell you some things01:23
xisorshadowcan someone help me find and edit the xbmc X session file? i want to have it also launch chromium-browser so i can have a browser for my HTPC setup01:23
xisorshadowand have no idea where session files are stored in 12.04, or how to add things to them01:23
Bulletrulzoer ok01:24
Yagoescott: ok i burned the disc01:24
escottYago, so boot it, and select "try ubuntu"01:24
=== chris_ is now known as Guest83323
Guest83323nick chris01:26
Guest83323whats the command to change my name on an irc?01:27
xisorshadowGuest83323, you had it right, just put a / in front of it01:27
xisorshadowGuest83323, so /nick chris will work01:27
=== Guest83323 is now known as chris__
OerHeksGuest83323 maybe already registered01:27
chris__ahh...chris is taken already01:27
zhangermost common irc names are taken01:27
chrometigerescott: lsusb tells me nothing    i have a cable just for my garmin etrex   that is really a com port to usb cable    and is pluged into my usb port    but gpsbabel doesn't recognize the device01:28
zhangerbetter think of a clever alias01:28
xisorshadowhmm guess none of the 1500 people here know anything about X sessions =/01:28
zhangerxisorshadow i don't know much but did you check the config files under /etc/X1101:28
zhangeri see a directory called "Xsession.d"01:29
xisorshadowthats a file, but i need to edit one that already exists, and i dont know where it stores them01:29
chris__okay, I installed kvm installed(hypervisor/virtual os) because I was wanting to try out a bunch on desktop enviroments/distros and experment. However I found that on any os I install it uses fallback.01:30
escottYago, when you have fully booted let me know01:30
artemis12xisorshadow: check /usr/share/xsessions01:30
tbrown2012fbOne Problem I need to install the Ubuntu Store. I need sevear help:)01:30
chris__so gnome-shell does not look like gnome-shell, it looks like a crappy version of gnome-panel01:30
Yagook, will do. The try ubuntu screen just came up now01:30
xisorshadowartemis12, tyvm!01:31
escottchris__, you would need some kind of guest additions. i doubt kvm has that, but vbox would01:31
xisorshadowartemis12, dont suppose you know how to add a program to the session?01:31
randomDudeusing google chrome, alot of videos are using what looks like totem or something . i don't care what it is... it never lets me play the videos01:31
slasher_Hi there01:31
artemis12xisorshadow: in your display manager?01:31
chris__escott, is vbox virtualbox by oracle?01:31
artemis12that is, when you log in?01:31
escottchris__, yes01:32
xisorshadowartemis12, yes i want the xbmc session to load chromium-browser in the background01:32
xisorshadowso i can tab over to it01:32
xisorshadowbut have nothing else loaded01:32
zhangerxisorshadow total guess add && chromium-browser to exec line01:32
xisorshadowok ill try it, if it doesnt work i can always switch sessions and fix it right?01:33
EMPHASISAnyone help with routing (or whatever?) - I've got a USB modem for the Internet, but when I plug in a LAN (Ethernet) cable, I "lose" the Internet........01:33
limpchi guys01:33
artemis12xisorshadow: yes, try zhanger's suggestion01:33
limpcim trying to dd if=<image> of=/devs/sdc, where sdc is a SD card. it keeps saying it's readonly?01:33
chris__escott, then is there a way to hide gui programs? Id like the guestos hidden and startup at computer boot time.01:33
limpcit's unmounted and the 'lock' switch is off01:34
Yagoescott: im fully booteed01:34
randomDudewhat is this and why is it happening  ? http://i.imgur.com/oRKd2.png01:34
escottchris__, the guest wouldn't start until you start it manually01:34
EMPHASISrandomDude - looks like you need the Flash plugin from Adobe...01:35
limpcanyone?  trying to copy image to a securedigital (SD) card. getting a 'read-only' error.01:35
escottYago, open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get install mbr" then you can run install-mbr /dev/sda (i'm guessing that sda is correct but if you have one hard drive it should be)01:35
chris__escott, would it be possible to install virtualbox guest additions on kvm...Im assuming I cant01:35
randomDudeEMPHASIS: google chrome is supposed to have it bundled in.01:36
tbrown2012fbhow to install flash in sudo?01:36
EMPHASISlimpc - check the tiny switch on your SD card is set to unlock01:36
escottYago, you could verify that by checking "sudo parted -l" and identifying what disk has the NTFS partition01:36
limpcEMPHASIS, it is unlocked01:36
Yagoescott: ok... mbr is a non-existent package01:36
escottYago, do NOT include the partition number in the "install-mbr /dev/sda" command just the disk label so "sda" not "sda1"01:36
escott!info mbr01:37
ubottumbr (source: mbr): Master Boot Record for IBM-PC compatible computers.. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.11-4 (precise), package size 19 kB, installed size 84 kB01:37
chris__tbrown2012fb, sudo apt-get install 'sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin'01:37
randomDudetbrown2012fb: you don't install flash "into" sudo... you install the "flash player install" with sudo helping you run "apt-get"01:37
chris__sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin01:37
escottYago, run software-properties-gtk and make sure that "univer" is selected01:38
escottYago, actually it doesnt even show up there. try "sudo apt-get update" and then try to install mbr01:38
escottchris__ no it would not work01:38
xisorshadowartemis12, it didnt work01:39
xisorshadowzhanger, didnt work01:39
artemis12adding chromium to the exec line didn't work? hm01:39
chris__I can use screen to hide terminal programs in the background...but what would I so I can hide gui programs. Example - I have gedit open and I ssh into my computer and I want to move the window over01:40
zhangeris there still the "startup applications" program01:40
Yagoescott: still01:40
zhangerin 12.0401:40
escottYago, are you online in the livecd?01:40
xisorshadowartemis12, no, it launches whichever one is listed first, but not the other01:40
xisorshadowartemis12, which means the syntax is wrong01:40
zhangerwell that was bash syntax01:41
reisiochris__: hrmm?01:41
escottYago, does /etc/apt/sources.list not include "universe"01:42
xisorshadowzhanger well its not what works apparently01:42
chris__reisio, are you confused at what I am trying to do or are you puzzled on how to do it?01:42
artemis12xisorshadow: it should be one ampersand01:42
xisorshadowartemis12, ok01:42
maheanuuGood afternoon/evening everyone, I am having a couple of problems, I bought a new 500 GB hd  WD5000AAKX .  I formatted it FAT 32 and started moving files from my download folder to the drive for use in torrents.  I managed to get a half a dozen files started downloading thenm the drive went read onlyh?????   Any ideas?01:42
xisorshadowbrb trying again01:42
reisiochris__: former of course :p01:43
escottmaheanuu, bad drive?01:43
maheanuuescott,I hope not, I just took it out of the wrapper01:43
limpcanyone?  trying to copy image to a securedigital (SD) card. getting a 'read-only' error.01:44
chris__reisio, Im watching a video on one computer and I want to move the player to another computer.01:44
escottmaheanuu, and before that the UPS guys were playing tackle football with the box it was in01:44
limpcsd card is not locked01:44
Yagoescott: nope01:44
reisiolimpc: what command, again?01:44
reisiospecific command01:44
limpcdd if=image.img of=/dev/sdc101:45
limpci also tried /dev/sdc01:45
limpcboth say read-only01:45
maheanuuescott, I have 4 1.5 TB drives that have went south on me and I need to find a disk diagnostic tool to see if I can possibly save any of them01:45
Saerynmaheanuu Can you paste the dmesg in a pastefile?01:45
oichI am running 12.04 64bit on a laptop with AR8152 wireless adapter and RTL8188CE ethernet adapter. When I unplug my ethernet cable, the OS freezes and nothing is logged about the event, as far as I can tell (in syslog). Do you have any thoughts on how I can diagnose the problem and/or fix it?01:45
=== rofl is now known as Tux
escottYago, odd that they do that. but you can add a line. sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list copy one of the other lines but replace the bit after "precise" with "universe" and add it to the file01:46
escottmaheanuu, the disk-utility gui or install smartmon-tools01:46
maheanuuI live in the middle of the South Pacific, abt 5000 miles from anywhere and the drives all have been good and I never had problems like this before01:46
Saerynescott I wasn't aware SMART worked over USB?01:47
Yagoescott: it says deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise universal01:47
maheanuuescott,I got the disk util in System and it sees the drive fine but doesn't tell me that it is read only01:47
escottmaheanuu, follow up on Saeryn's suggestion and investigate dmesg, but with a disk fresh out of the wrapper and a simple FS like fat I would suspect it fell off the truck somewhere01:48
limpcreisio, ?01:48
xisorshadowartemis12, zhanger im dumb01:48
artemis12what happened?01:48
escottSaeryn, i didnt catch the usb bit. but i think its up to the usb adapter to decide if smart data can be passed across01:48
xisorshadowxbmc has an addon that will let me launch a program built into it >.<01:48
maheanuuI am running fat and not ntfs or the linux file system as I am the only user here on the island01:48
=== Monarquista is now known as nick6
xisorshadowso i pointed it to /usr/bin/chromium-browser XD01:48
escottYago, universe not universal?01:48
xisorshadowand it loads it01:48
xisorshadowand when i exit chrome xbmc loads back up01:49
artemis12ah, there you go.01:49
xisorshadowso i didnt need to mess with it at all01:49
FloodBot1xisorshadow: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:49
Saerynmaheanuu is this via USB?01:49
escottYago, so sudo apt-get update -- does it mention universe?01:49
xisorshadowwas usr/bin/ the correct place to point it to? is that safe?01:49
SaerynAlright maheanuu , paste me your dmesg in a pastefile.01:49
zhangerxisorshadow yes01:49
tbrown2012fbMy laptop is over heating again how can I make it cool down:(01:49
artemis12xisorshadow: generally speaking, that is where programs are launched from01:49
xisorshadowi know bin is short for binary so i assumed that was where it stored the executables for stuff01:49
maheanuuSaeryn, Yes01:49
xisorshadowwhat is the name of the terminal window program? so i can add that to my list?01:49
zhangeryou can type 'which chromium-browser' to make sure the path is the same01:49
artemis12xisorshadow: yep, that's correct01:50
xisorshadowwoot ty for all the help! im off to tweak my htpc, now that it works how i want! got hours of work in xbmc to do :D01:50
chris__theres also a neat one called guake01:50
zhangerxisorshadow : good luck01:50
artemis12I used urxvt01:50
reisiolimpc: must be read only01:50
limpcthe sd card is unlocked though01:50
limpcwhy is it saying readonly?01:50
reisiotalking about the little hardware unlock thing?01:51
Yagoescott: it says unable to find expected entry 'unisversal/binary-i386/Packages' to release file (wrong sources.list entry or malformed file01:51
maheanuuSaeryn, what is dmesg?  I know of the paste file but the dmesg command or what it is I am not familiar with yet01:51
limpcyes the switch on the sd card. it's set to unlocked01:51
limpcreisio, im using a media hub if that makes any difference?01:51
escottYago, can you paste the error message and the contents of sources.list to paste.ubuntu.com01:51
limpci dont see sdhci in lsmod or dmesg01:51
Saerynmaheanuu open a terminal and type "dmesg" without the quotes.01:51
reisiolimpc: I s'pose it could01:52
maheanuuSaeryn, Ok bbiam with a paste01:52
Yagoi failed to see this: Yago, universe not universal?01:52
limpchow do i fix this?01:52
tbrown2012fbMy sound is not working on ubuntu what do I do to install the right drivers:)01:53
reisiotbrown2012fb: laptop?01:53
tbrown2012fbreisio: Yes01:53
reisiotbrown2012fb: did you make sure stuff is unmuted in alsamixer? (hit TAB to see everything)01:54
Yagoescott: I AM INSTALLING MBR01:54
Yagoescott: sorry for caps01:54
escottYago, ok cool01:54
maheanuuSaeryn,  Here is the info you asked for   http://paste.ubuntu.com/1018911/01:54
escottmaheanuu, [  160.615734] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Add. Sense: Unrecovered read error01:55
Yagoescott: I am setup01:55
escottYago, then sudo parted -l and look for the NTFS I suspect it will be /dev/sda# where the number doesn't matter to us01:55
escottYago, then you can run sudo install-mbr /dev/sda (without the number)01:56
Saerynmaheanuu It seems the disk had an error while reading a piece of data. It could be a bad sector due to a headcrash or rough handling in the package.01:56
escottmaheanuu, time to RMA01:57
SaerynMost definitely01:57
Yagoescott: ok it says disk: /dev/sda01:57
Yagoill run install-mbr01:57
SaerynWhat brand is the Drive maheanuu?01:57
maheanuuRMA's di bit work here but I will take it back to the dealer01:57
escottYago, "sudo install-mbr /dev/sda"01:57
maheanuuWestern Digital01:57
maheanuuUSB 201:57
SaerynYep, RMA.01:58
maheanuuSaeryn,  Western Digital01:58
Yagoescott: thats it?01:58
escottmaheanuu, life is going to be difficult on an island. the weather is probably pretty hostile, and the drives have to travel and be handled more01:58
saliaki'm using fetch mail to download emails and pass them to a script that processes them.  when the shell script gets run, mktemp yields "permission denied".  it looks like fetch mail is running as "user" 113, which i'm guessing has something to do with this.  what does that exactly mean?  fetch mail gets started during init.d01:58
rhombsdochi there01:58
reisiotbrown2012fb: if you still can't get it, check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto if you're using snd-hda-intel01:58
Saerynmaheanuu Basically, the drive can't read the data from the disk due to what it seems is an error with the physical medium, meaning a scratch or imperfection during manufacturing.01:58
dr_willisamazeing hard drives are reliable as they are. ;)01:59
SaerynThey should be willing to send you a new one at little to no cost to yourself maheanuu01:59
tbrown2012fbreisio: Am good I got it two work thanks01:59
escottYago, so now you can reboot and you should go directly to windows (no grub) confirm that. then reboot back to the livecd, and start "gparted" and use that to delete the ubuntu partition and increase the size of the windows partition. before you do that can you tell me if there was anything before NTFS on /dev/sda or was it /dev/sda101:59
maheanuuescott, I came here in 74 and became a citizen in 84 I was a Sperry Univac Field Engineer for the Navy after retiring from the Navy...01:59
Yagoescott: ok thank-you02:00
ItalianStallionhi im trying to install ubuntu from my hard drive that i have in a hard drive dock thats connected via usb 3.0, and when i went to reboot my computer to install, it didnt go to the drive02:00
maheanuuSaeryn,  I am a retired Chief Electronics Tech and have been in puters since the early 60's02:00
ItalianStallioni had to turn the drive to get back into windows 702:01
ItalianStallionand it was telling me something about a file missing02:01
Saerynmaheanuu That's very nice.02:01
harushimodoes ubuntu offer a 64 bit virtual machine software02:01
harushimoI mean so the guest os can run 64 bit02:01
harushimomy mobo doesn't have the option for virtualization02:01
Saerynharushimo To run a 64 Bit os in a Virtual Machine you need a 64 Bit host machine and a CPU capable of VT-x02:01
maheanuuI used to have all sorts of drive tools, but haven't found much for Linux and I really do want not having to ever use Windoze ever again.....02:01
escottharushimo, no02:01
SaerynOtherwise no, you will have to run a 32-bit Guest.02:02
harushimomy machine is 64 bit. I don't have a mobo with virtualizatoin on it02:02
harushimothat is what I thought02:02
harushimoI thought it wouldn't hurt to ask02:02
Saeryn:) No harm in asking.02:02
dr_williswe will still send you a bill... ;)02:03
SaerynAlso harushimo I think it is the CPU that is required to have the capability not the Motherboard but I'm not entirely sure on that.02:03
Yagoescott: Windows boots up02:03
harushimosorry then my cpu02:03
harushimoI thought it was mobo02:03
escottharushimo, i dont think you have to have VT-X to virtualize, its just a lot slower02:03
harushimoI was reading online that mobo have the option02:03
tbrown2012fbHow can I make my laptop cool down I have LXDE Desktop Experence on but it still getting hot:) Please someone help me:)02:04
Yagoescott: im booting live cd again02:04
escottYago, ok. so now you should be able to remove the ubuntu and resize the NTFS provided you to not change where he NTFS starts02:04
maheanuuI am going back and try to partition and format the drive again and then load it one more time, It is too late to get another disk until Monday....   That is the problem with living on an island that is remote,  no one works on weekends02:04
Boohbah!hello | ItalianStallion02:04
SaerynWhere is that information from escott?02:04
ItalianStallionim trying to install ubuntu from my hard drive that i have in a hard drive dock thats connected via usb 3.0, and when i went to reboot my computer to install, it didnt go to the drive02:04
Yagoescott: what do you mean by not changing where it starts?02:04
escottharushimo, i dont think my i3 has vtx but i can run vbox02:04
harushimoI'm running vbox02:04
harushimoI'm running into a problem setting up maas02:05
noobhow do you install to usb?02:05
harushimothe version that they have online is 64 bit02:05
Saerynescott I was under the assumption that all i3 of a 2nd Gen had VT-x?02:05
escottharushimo, i take that back mine does have vmx so i dont really know02:05
wilee-nileenoob, two types of installs a full one and one for installs which are you looking for?02:06
escottSaeryn, maybe the i-series sold as pentiums have that disabled? i know they sell some without it02:06
ItalianStallioncan someone please help me02:06
chris__this looks like what I am wanting to do http://www.hermann-uwe.de/blog/how-to-hijack-an-already-running-x11-application-via-ssh-x02:06
noobI want to be able to install and run linux off a usb02:06
Saerynharushimo I'm 99.9% Sure the CPU *MUST* have VT-x Virtualization to support a 64-Bit Virtual Guest.02:06
escottYago, if NTFS was partition 2 you should not remove partition1 and make NTFS grow at the front02:07
xangua!usb | noob02:07
ubottunoob: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:07
wilee-nileeItalianStallion, how did you load the HD?02:07
SaerynAh ok escott02:07
dr_willisive ran ubuntu from usb hard drives and flash befor. no real issues. I tend to do 'full' normal installs to the external drives02:07
ItalianStallionthe HD is inserted into a HD Dock, connected through USB 3.002:07
Yagoescott: NTFS meaning windows right?02:07
noobyes, a usb pendrive install is what im looking for02:07
Saerynharushimo If you give me the model of your CPU I can check for you to make sure :)02:07
dr_willisItalianStallion:  it might not be a bootable device02:07
noobthanks ubottu02:07
ItalianStallionits a hard drive02:07
ItalianStallionwhen the computer reboots, it just sits there at the menu02:08
escottSaeryn, i dont think thats true. because vmware and company existed BEFORE VT-X their existence drove the creation of the feature. http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2007/10/01/should-you-enable-intels-vt-x-in-virtualbox/02:08
wilee-nileeItalianStallion, please use nics in reponses.02:08
ItalianStallionand doesnt do a thing02:08
dr_willisItalianStallion:  that dosent mean the pc can boot from it  - due to it being in a dock02:08
escottharushimo, you dont *HAVE* to have VT-X its nice if you do though02:08
ItalianStallionso i cant install linux to a hard drive connected through a usb hd dock?02:08
escottYago, yes02:09
dr_willisive seen pcs with usb3 that cant boot from theusb3 port also.02:09
escottYago, the windows partitions will appear as NTFS partitions in gparted because thats the type02:09
dr_willisItalianStallion:  its hard to tell.  You cacn install.. but perhaps not boot it.  You could try connecing the hd directly to a usb port02:09
Saerynescott He wants to run a 64 Bit guest, I'm on a 64-Bit without VT-x and I can;t do it. That article talks about x86 unless I'm misunderstanding.02:09
ItalianStallioni dont understand, dr_willis02:10
* noob hugs ubottu02:10
dr_willisItalianStallion:  dont use the dock. Plug the HD into a usb port.02:10
ItalianStallioni cant, it is a internal hard drive02:10
Yagoescott: k02:10
dr_willisthe dock has a built in hard drive? Never seen one of those. So no idea if its bootable or not.02:11
ItalianStallionThe dock has 2 sections for 2 HARD DRIVES02:11
escottSaeryn, ok02:11
harushimoyou are correct02:11
ItalianStallionone of them is 250 gb hard drive which i want to use for linux02:11
ItalianStallionand the other drive is a 2 TERABYTE DRIVE FOR STORAGE02:11
harushimothe articles they were referring to the motherboard02:11
harushimoI think processor too02:11
chris__any idea why this {sudo echo "deb http://ubuntu.mirror.cambrium.nl/ubuntu/ hardy main universe" >> /etc/apt/sources.list} would give me permission denied02:12
escottharushimo, nevermind. Saeryn is correct: Revision D and later 64-bit AMD processors (as a rule of thumb, those manufactured in 90 nm or less) added basic support for segmentation in long mode, making it possible to run 64-bit guests in 64-bit hosts via binary translation. Intel did not add segmentation support to its x86-64 implementation (Intel 64), making 64-bit software-only virtualization impossible on Intel CPUs, but Intel VT-x supp02:12
escottort makes 64-bit hardware assisted virtualization possible on the Intel platform.02:12
dr_willisYou could always boot from a external flash drive perhaps. aaaand see if you can get it booting that way. but its possible the dock is special - and cant boot from the hard drives02:12
ItalianStallionwhat if i just changed the boot order02:12
ItalianStallionwould that work02:12
escottchris__ sudo runs "echo" as root, but >> is in your shell. try echo | sudo tee -a filename02:12
dr_willisItalianStallion:  if the bios even sees the docks drives to allow you to select them.. that would be a sign it CAN boot from the dock.02:12
limpcanyone?  trying to copy image to a securedigital (SD) card. getting a 'read-only' error. sd card is unlocked.  also, this is through a media hub.02:13
ben_umm this is weird02:13
dr_willisif it dosent show them ItalianStallion  that would be a sign that it cant boot from the dock02:13
harushimoone question, virtualization has been there a long time. Isn't better to do it at the software level rather than hardware02:13
ItalianStallionwhen i reboot my computer with the usb dock still powered on, it just sits at the menu02:13
ItalianStallionand when i turn it off and reset, it loads fine02:14
delaclimpc:  http://superuser.com/questions/53667/how-do-i-prevent-a-memory-card-from-mounting-as-read-only-in-ubuntu-linux02:14
Saerynharushimo Depending on what you are doing virtualization vis-a-vis hardware is usually better rather than software.02:14
limpcits not mounted, i unmounted the volume and am trying to dd an image to it02:14
chris__escott, that worked, I thought sudo ran for the entire command02:14
escottchris__ it did. the command was echo :).02:15
harushimohas anyone use maas at all?02:15
rhombsdoci got the following problem: whenever i reboot, my netbook (acer one) hangs after turning of the screen02:15
harushimowhat I'm trying to do is setup a cloud02:15
ItalianStallionbe right back02:15
delaclimpc: you cant dd anything to unmounted disk, as far as i know...02:15
rhombsdocbut shutdown works fine02:15
rhombsdoconly when i try to reboot, it kind of freezes02:15
harushimoubuntu has maas. I want to be able to use it02:15
rhombsdocgot no chance to enter/readout anything02:15
rhombsdocis there any logfile of the reboot?02:15
PlastikSporkLooking for help with Laptop heat issues in Ubuntu 12.04.02:16
limpcdelac, when i run fsck -a on it, i get open: Read-only file system02:16
harushimoit would be great02:16
escottchris__ you can also do things like sudo $( command with | pipes ) and get what you want, but I would discourage it because its unclear how variables will be expanded02:16
Onixsaside from testdisk, is there a similar tool to recover deleted files?02:17
Onixsa bunch of folders and files that is02:17
delaclimpc: I must admit, that I do not know what that means02:17
chris__escott, I know one of these days I am going to forget the '-a' and my file will be gone. I havent used tee. I am trying to get better with the command line and learn new commands. Is there a particular website that youd recommend?02:18
bdfosteranyone know of a tool that you can create a debian distro (remix)? basically i want to make an iso that's a lighter set of default packages and is geared towards a specific application02:18
escottchris__ its just as easy to forget a > so the main thing is to be careful02:19
limpcdelac, http://pastebin.com/GJKfqu0P02:19
PlastikSporkLooking for help to resolve laptop overheating issues in Ubuntu 12.0402:19
Jordan_U!remaster | bdfoster02:19
ubottubdfoster: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility02:19
chris__escott, Ill just need to get in the habbit than, is there a site that you used to use these commands?02:19
bdfosterJordan_U, yea but for debian not ubuntu (yea, i know ubuntu is based on debian)02:20
Jordan_Ubdfoster: If you really want Debian though you're in the wrong channel.02:20
escottchris__ not particularly you just pick them up over time, im still learning things. like what i gave you earlier sudo $() doesnt work the way i thought it would02:20
Jordan_Ubdfoster: Try #debian , this is #ubuntu.02:20
bdfosteryea i asked the same question in there first, no one's around02:21
chris__escott, does sudo $() do something bad?02:21
escottchris__ $() is the same as `` so it executes that command as the normal user and passes the output as a command to sudo02:21
Jordan_Ubdfoster: That doesn't make it on topic for #ubuntu.02:22
bdfosterdoesn't mean someone doesn't know...02:22
escottchris__ sudo bash -c ' command with | pipes ' should work, but again i wouldn't recommend it because thats a new subshell with a different environment and you have to be super careful as to how variables expand02:22
harushimodoes anyone anything ubunt maas service?02:23
harushimoor how to set it up02:23
escottYago, do you know what you need to do at this point?02:23
Yagoim just now finishing to boot ubuntu02:23
Jordan_Ubdfoster: This channel is for Ubuntu support only. That is our policy, please respect it.02:23
Yagonow im opening gparted02:23
chris__escott, Ive used the "|" with grep and now with tee, what else would I use it for?02:24
Yagoescott: i just run sudo gparted right?02:24
Yagoescott: ok02:24
escottchris__ basically everything. you can do some crazy stuff with pipes.02:24
Yagogot it02:24
Saerynchris__ http://www.linfo.org/pipes.html02:25
escottYago, gksudo is preferred02:25
PlastikSporkLooking for help... anybody?02:25
SaerynPlastikSpork with what?02:25
Yagoescott: oh... its already open. So ill close it and run "gksudo gparted"?02:25
escottchris__ if you ever find yourself thinking "If i take this and modify it with this program and save it, and then modify it with this program and save it... then that whole chain can usually be replaced with a series of pipes02:26
escottYago, damage is done02:26
escottYago, but with a livecd it doesnt matter so much because you can always reboot02:26
escott!gksudo | Yago02:26
ubottuYago: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:26
PlastikSporkLaptop running Ubuntu 12.04 running way too hot... ran cpu stress test in Windows 7... 160F.  In ubuntu temps exceeded 200F!!!!02:26
Yagoescott: thank-you. NTFS is sda1... i think its the first partition02:27
PlastikSporkSeems like the CPU fan speed does not increase as the Temp increases02:27
SaerynPlastikSpork 200F?! Usually the critical mark is about 230F02:27
SaerynI'd check the fans02:27
PlastikSporkYeah no $hit02:27
escottYago, should be. just select the stuff that is not the NTFS (and after it) and delete it. then select the NTFS and grow it to fill the free space02:27
luishasbonIs anyone else having any kind of issue with the shutting down process in ubuntu 12.04 like freezing02:27
xangua!language | PlastikSpork02:28
ubottuPlastikSpork: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:28
SaerynAh, yeah, that can be your issue, make sure the vents are clear and clean and the fan is working properly.02:28
escottPlastikSpork, could be an issue with the graphics card02:28
Yagoescott: ok, does the non-NTFS part include the "D:/" drive02:28
escottPlastikSpork, if you have an option to disable nvidia/amd graphics and use intel integrated that would be better02:28
PlastikSporknothing wrong with vents being dirty... windows 7 100% cpu stress test the temp is a constant 160F02:28
escottYago, anything NTFS is windows related02:29
SaerynThen follow escott 's advice.02:29
SaerynCheck the graphics card.02:29
PlastikSporkI am using integrated drivers02:29
escottYago, so check the types of the filesystems02:29
escott!info powertop | PlastikSpork02:29
ubottuPlastikSpork: powertop (source: powertop): Linux tool to find out what is using power on a laptop. In component main, is extra. Version 1.97-2 (precise), package size 121 kB, installed size 372 kB02:29
SaerynOh, interesting tool.02:29
Yagoescott: how about file system "extended"?02:30
TiktalikI need a way to send a file from one computer to another'02:30
TiktalikWithout a USB stick02:30
escottPlastikSpork, unfortunately this is going to probably come down to either "graphics drivers" or acpi tables. neither of which can you do a lot about. there are things to tell the kernel to try and do acpi differently, but if the manufacturer creates buggy acpi tables then...02:30
SaerynTiktalik save it online then download it from the site.02:30
=== chris__0076 is now known as chris_0076
escottYago, ext4 is ubuntu. extended is a container for other partitions02:31
TiktalikSaeryn: we have a horribly slow internet connection02:31
chris__escott, what the difference between "more" and "less", I did 'dpkg --list | less' and 'dpkg --list | more' and they look the same02:31
PlastikSporkI think the problem is that Ubuntu will not increase the CPU fan speed as the Temp increases.... In windows 7 the CPU fan speed increases drastically during the stress test and in Ubuntu the Fan speed stays constant02:31
escottTiktalik, scp filename user@host:/path/to/folder02:31
delaclimpc: sorry, I was bit afk there, but back now :)  Unfortunately though, I can't really say anything about the error you get. I'm going to assume that the card was properly unmounted when you tried fsck?02:32
eQuiNoX__hey everyone, i was trying to build a toolchain for mips as per the instructions at http://linuxencaja.net/wiki/Gccmips. When doing make CFLAGS="-Os -w", I get the error, http://dpaste.com/754451/ - any hints on what Im doing wrong?02:32
escottchris__, less is more :). lots of old programs have an original UNIX variant and a subsequent GNU or BSD variant less and more are one such a tool02:32
Tiktalikescott: Can I make it use a port that isn't 22?02:32
escottchris__, they will have different options, usually you want the gnu version. so in this case less. I was honestly surprised they included more in the release02:33
SaerynTiktalik:  -P switch allows you to specify the port.02:33
escottTiktalik, if you run the server on a different port yes02:33
Tiktalikescott: what computers do I need ports and stuff forwarded on02:34
limpcdelac, did you see the pastebin i posted?02:34
escottTiktalik, you would need to install openssh-server on the remote system, and on any NAT (ie router) between the two you would need to forward the desired port (22 is the default, but you could use something else)02:35
delaclimpc: yes, that is the error I ment02:35
limpchmm k02:35
coraxxHere is a challenge ... can anyone tell me how to merge .vmdk-files (2gb splitted virtual-disk files) into just one big file ?02:35
rhin0anyone know why -- I use x2x and have just tried x2x from xubuntu 12.04 to xubuntu 10.04 - x2x doesn't work completely - cursor trapped at left hand side of the screen (x2x is to enable you to use the mouse pointer from 1 pc to another (drifts across))02:35
chris__escott, I never understood why people said "more is less" and "less is more" until now. Lol...You can take the sentence "I was honestly surprised they included more in the release" and read the defination of more in both ways02:35
escottchris__,  usually they say "less is greater than more"02:35
coraxx...oh and the challenge is ... WITHOUT using VMWare or any non-opensource software02:36
Saeryncoraxx: I'd check the VirtualBox forums.02:36
escottchris__, or less is better than more02:36
limpcdelac, this is what i get with -n: http://pastebin.com/8b332qi502:36
SaerynHave fun with that coraxx :P02:36
asdf1232i have a iso image with free space, how i can make an exact iso copy of that file without the free space inside?02:36
limpcoops hd wrong one02:36
coraxxSaeryn: oh I'm already enjoying myself :-)02:36
escottchris__, and yes these program names can be entertaining in sentences. its a bit of a game how they come up with them02:36
limpcdelac, http://pastebin.com/0q3b5hSs02:36
smwasdf1232, compression?02:37
chris__mkisofs -r -o file.iso /path/to/folder02:37
asdf1232chris__: whats path to folder?02:37
asdf1232im starting with an .iso, and ending with a .iso02:37
Tiktalikawesome, 3 megabytes per second02:37
chris__asdf1232, the folder that you want the iso to contain02:37
Tiktalikthanks escott, you're very helpful02:38
Saeryncoraxx If I have some freetime later I can check into it for you, but right now I'm quite busy, is there any way I can contact you outside of this room ie an email address?02:38
escottchris__, loop mount it and delete the blank file?02:38
asdf1232chris__: how can i say i want it to contain the contents of my starting.iso file? it has bootsector stuff in it02:38
escottasdf1232, loop mount it and delete whatever your blank space file is02:38
Tiktalikescott = gentleman and scholar02:38
chris__asdf1232, escott if you were wanting to take an iso to cd you would do 'cat file.iso > /dev/sr0'02:39
maheanuuescott, I repartitioned and formatted the WD 500 GB USB Drive and it seems to be loading the partials fine now and the partials are downloading normally02:39
crooperok... now that i'm here. how can I find out why aptitude won't upgrade a couple of packages?02:40
escottchris__, that would be in the style of unix, but it doesnt work that way unfortunately. you can install wodim and use it to burn02:40
asdf1232what i mean is my starting iso is 4gb used, out of 6gb space, i want it to be 4gb out of 4gb instead without mucking up the content and bootsector data in it02:40
chris__escott, asdf1232 I thought that was what I had done to burn my iso, but I also used a usb so I was technically not burning a cd02:41
=== iron_man is now known as Guest88610
escottmaheanuu, i would still RMA. im very skeptical you will have success with this drive now that it has already started to fail02:41
deepspeedI have a corrupted 4 gig micro sd in an sd adapter plugged into an sd port.02:42
escottasdf1232, what are you proposing to remove from it?02:42
deepspeedI'm running a lucid distro with enlightenment, and can't seem to recognize the disk.02:42
deepspeedIs there a tool I can use to help me recover the thing?02:42
Saerynmaheanuu If the drive is new, the bad sectors will be marked as such and remapped, then the drive will use reserved space for such an issue to compensate, but if it IS failing and it is not a manufacturing process error, then RMA, still RMA'ing would be wise.02:42
asdf1232nothing the image has 6GB of space, but only 4GB of it is used, and im trying to make it burnable to dvd single layer02:43
maheanuuescott, I am in the middle of the south pacific, directly south of Hawaii, and we're all alone here and at about 150 dollars freight on a hard drive just to send it out is going to cost me over double the price of the drive even if they give me one02:43
Saerynmaheanuu Then buy a new one.02:43
crooperdeepspeed try using ivman, i use openbox on minimal install and it gets recognized02:43
xanguadeepspeed: lucid desktop is no longer supported02:43
SaerynOr risk the chance of a complete failure.02:43
xanguaooh lucid, thought hardy :P02:43
SaerynLucid Lynx is supported until April 2013 iirc?02:44
chris__escott, I dont have a cd to test out but would I do wodim file.iso02:44
escottmaheanuu, i get that but... you shouldnt have to pay for what UPS screwed up02:44
delaclimpc: seems I made a mistake, I remembered incorrectly that fsck would fix fat filesystems too. Have you tried the remount thing that is mentioned on top of the page I sent you previously?02:44
Jordan_Udeepspeed: This channel only supports official flavors of Ubuntu and respins, not derivitive distributions. Try your distro's support channel or ##linux.02:44
maheanuuI understand, and I will probably do it in July...   My eagle doesn't bring me very much for a retirement02:44
Saerynmaheanuu Contact the reseller and the manufacturer, see if you can work something out.02:44
maheanuuI have no idea if UPS delivered it to the dealer here, but I will not be getting a new drive till monday as the weekend is upon us.....02:45
escottchris__, don't have it installed but i believe wodim --data /path/to/file.iso /dev/sr1 would work. I usually like to throw in a --fixate and --eject and a -vv02:45
SaerynI see some people who post issues like this on NewEgg and the manufacturer will sometimes respond and even send a new one completely free of shipping charge.02:45
Stud-ubuntuHi I installed ubuntu to a flash drive, and I want to install some programs and keep them on the flash drive, how do i do that so they dont get lost02:45
SaerynBut nothing is garunteed.02:45
maheanuuI think that I will wait for the 1.5 TB drives to arrive.  This drive cost me 15.900 francs which is almost 170 dollars02:45
SaerynStud-ubuntu Google persistent install02:46
chris__create a persistance file, I dont know how to do that command line02:46
Stud-ubuntuhow do i do that02:46
crooperJordan_U, so u're saying that since i have ubuntu server installed on this box but use openbox as a wm that this is not a ubuntu box?02:46
Jordan_UStud-ubuntu: I would highly recommend doing a normal install to the USB if you have enough space.02:46
Stud-ubuntuthe usb flash drive is 7 GB02:46
SaerynStud-ubuntu You can find MANY guides via a Search Engine if you search "Ubuntu Flash Drive USB Persistent Install"02:46
Stud-ubuntuis that enough?02:46
SaerynJordan_U is correct, usually the minimum recommended is around 8GB02:47
chris__Stud-ubuntu, have you heard of the program on ubuntu named 'startup disk creator'?02:47
Jordan_Ucrooper: No I never said that. If you're using only official Ubuntu repositories it's Ubuntu and supported here.02:47
limpcdelac, let me see, cant get it remounted for some reason now. ill let you know02:47
escottStud-ubuntu, if you dont install any big programs and keep the music off of it you could probably make 7GB work02:47
delaclimpc: http://michael-peeters.blogspot.fi/2009/02/fixing-readonly-sd-card-reader-in.html02:47
Stud-ubuntuno i havent02:47
limpcyea i know the one you're talking about.02:47
delaclimpc: that is one option... :)02:47
crooperoh,ok i'll agree to that02:47
Stud-ubuntuhow do i view the list of repositories that are available to install?02:48
chris__shrink the main partition and create a ext4 partition labeled 'casper-rw'...I think but I am not entirely sure02:48
chris__gksudo usb-creator-gtk02:48
maheanuuI'm outta here I have about 30 to 40 gigs of partial files to move from my drive on this box to the USB drive, it is gonna be great having working space on the notebook again02:49
Stud-ubuntuwhat is that?02:49
chris__its a gui program used to take isos and make bootable usbs or cds with a persistance file02:49
MaynardWaterscan anyone help me understand the difference between a .tmux.conf .screenrc and other similar thing config files?02:50
escottStud-ubuntu, there are two ways you can use a USB. one is with a FAT32 filesystem and a special bootloader that can read a compressed file that contains the ext4 system. or as a direct ext4 system and the usb is treated as a normal drive. the usb-creator-gtk does the first02:50
escottStud-ubuntu, its how you would create an install liveusb02:50
chris__a perstance file saves your stuff so it does not get lost when you shutdown02:50
escottStud-ubuntu, where i mean a usb you could use as an installer on other machines02:50
MaynardWaterschris__: I was forced to use fat eariler today, the usb-creator-gtk didnt want to write on a ext4 partition02:50
Raptor_Unetbootin is the best way to make an install usb02:50
limpcdelac, "mount: cannot remount block device /dev/sdc1 read-write, is write-protected"02:51
MaynardWaterswhy do you guys not recommend installing directly to the usb device?02:51
escottMaynardWaters, not all bioses can boot it02:51
melkorI've got a usb drive and I want to put ubuntu on it, but I need some programs on that install. Is there a good way to do this?02:51
MaynardWatersescott: nice point.02:51
xangua!usb | melkor02:52
ubottumelkor: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:52
Raptor_If you have a Ubuntu machine to make a live cd, use AptonCD02:52
limpci dont get it. it's not write protected.02:52
delaclimpc: that sounds like thesdcard has the write protection on02:52
chris__MaynardWaters, Your partition had filesystem errors, Try opening gparted and check and fix the filesystem02:52
delaclimpc: it does have the little knob?02:52
limpcbut its not in the lock position02:53
chris__is it a holiday?02:53
delaclimpc: try it on the other position?02:53
limpcbut just for kicks, i changed its position to the other one02:53
limpcits still giving me the write protection error02:53
chris__check for filesystem errors02:53
delaclimpc: hmm, maybe the switch is broken?02:53
=== crooper is now known as Crooper
melkordamn, torrenting at 1meg per second... it still takes almost 10 minutes to d/load.02:54
escottlimpc, you are planning to recover data right. so why not just dd off and work with the image?02:54
chris__i was unable to write to my entire hard drive because my filesystem was broken. Had to boot from a live cd and use gparted02:54
delaclimpc: or there is too much dust? (did you read that article?)02:54
limpcescott, no, i dont need to recover any data02:54
limpcim trying to dd an image TO the sd card02:54
limpcdelac, its a brand new sd i just bought an hour ago02:54
escottlimpc, ok must have misread02:54
limpcPNY 32gb02:54
escottlimpc, or confused with someone else02:55
delaclimpc: well, then I recommend returning it to the store02:56
chris__ohhh. On a fat32 filesystem you can only have a 4gb persistance file which is why I shrunk the main partition and created the casper-rw. Fat32 has a max filesize of 4g-4k02:56
delaclimpc: and try another one02:56
Crooperwhy won't aptitude upgrade 2 packages that are labeled to be upgraded... no errors print out either02:57
OerHekslimpc, are you sure the cardreader can handle 32 GB?02:57
delaclimpc: just checked the anatomy of the write protect switch - it cant be that02:58
chris__if it couldnt handle it wouldnt he just beable to use the space he could like 8gb02:58
delaclimpc: but it could be the slot. does any other card work there?02:58
Crooperfat32 only takes files less than 4GB02:58
limpcOerHeks, it would be weird if it had a limit, it's just a glorified USB converter02:58
chris__my 32gb sd card was too big for my camera so It can only use 8gb02:58
chris__can he write to it if he creates a smaller partition?02:59
deepspeedlog in as root to write to the usb.03:00
limpcdelac, i dont have another card03:00
escottlimpc, how does dmesg recognize it03:00
deepspeedactually, mount the drive in a file manager, right-click the white-space, click properties, and see the permissions on the drive.03:00
Crooperit's not the partition... he can have big partitions but the package being written to it can't be 4GB or bigger03:00
limpcescott, [12792.413355] sd 7:0:0:0: [sdc] 62552064 512-byte logical blocks: (32.0 GB/29.8 GiB)03:00
deepspeedyea, fat32 has a file size limit of 4 gigs.03:00
limpcthough, 512 byte blocks is really crappy haha03:01
deepspeedbut no partition size limit, though really, really big ones give it trouble sometimes.03:01
escottlimpc, 512 is standard. its actually really a big transition to change that03:01
Crooperi have 32GB micros with fat32 on it  but can't write anything 4GB or bigger03:01
melkorCrooper: isn't that a problem with fat32?03:01
deepspeedbut can write 10 3 gig fies no prob.03:02
limpcescott, for fat perhaps. the standard otherwise is 409603:02
deepspeedthat's fat32 for u.03:02
Crooperi have 500GB hardrives that are fat3203:02
melkorCrooper: that's somewhat crazy03:02
deepspeedit's only really a problem with big games, backups, and os install files.03:02
SaerynFAT32 Has a limit by design for any file over 4GB03:02
escottlimpc, no thats the memory block size. check your hard disk, unless it is a brand new 2TB or larger disk it will have 512b blocks, and even if it is a 2TB WD "green" it will report 512b03:03
SaerynYou can make the partitions as large as you want, but any file trying to be written over 4GB won't work.03:03
Crooperthat's right the limit with fat32 is files can't be 4GB or bigger03:03
deepspeedI just use backup programs that cut the files into sized chunks, and only install os's less than 4 gigs..problem solved.03:03
Crooperthen youd go with ntfs03:03
escottlimpc, so when you first plug this in it shows in mount as read only, and when you try sudo mount -o remount,rw /mountpoint it gives you the error03:03
Crooperor ext403:03
deepspeedI need to look into the differences of ext4 and reiserfs.03:04
escottlimpc, is there an accompanying message in dmesg when you try to remount?03:04
SaerynExt4 Would be best.03:04
Crooperbut if you have a universal hardrive, winblows doesn't read ext403:04
limpcescott, hd on i took apart the media hub to clean out some dust03:04
deepspeedmeh, I have dual boot system, but windows is squeezed neatly into the corner of the drive, and rarely used.03:04
melkorCrooper: I use ntfs, I think ext3 works with windows not by default but when you install the driver it works rather well.03:05
Crooperunless u're running linux exclusively you want to use a windows safe format03:06
Crooperlinux reads windows03:06
melkorCrooper: the ntfs drivers are reverse engineered, the windows based ext drivers are open source for accessing an open source resource.03:07
limpcescott, when i plug in the device, dmesg still registers "write protect is on"03:07
Croopermelkor that might be true but i don't trust alot of drivers in windows ( that's just my opinion)03:07
limpci have a feeling that as long as it says that i cant remount03:07
Saerynescott Samsung's 2TB EcoGreen Drives also uses the 4k method but can be reformatted to a layout of 512 with 4k Sector Boundies03:07
escottmelkor, on the other hand the ntfs-3g drivers are used by virtually every ubuntu and every mac osx user, while the windows drivers for ext* are only used by a few poeople03:08
melkorCrooper: we have two 1tb drives that cannot read/write past 600megs. The problem could be that the kernel in use is 2.6.10 or something unrully.03:08
limpci have a WD 1tb green drive.03:08
Crooperwhat system are you using to write/read with melkor /03:08
escottSaeryn, yes, but my point is 512b is standard for disk block sizes (windows assumes all disks are 512b at the bottom), memory pages have been 4k for a while the transition was about 8 years ago? but thats memory pages not disk blocks03:09
SaerynOH Ok. My bad :)03:09
SaerynI misunderstood.03:09
melkorCrooper: it is an old fedora something or other. It is used as a server and should never have been. To make matters worse dev packages weren't installed so new/updated packages cannot be compiled.03:09
Crooperahhh, sounds frustrating melkor03:10
escottSaeryn, yeah limpc was saying he thought a 512b block on a block device was weird. hence my comment that it wasnt03:10
melkorCrooper: well, it hasn't broken yet, but it just lacks all the new tools.03:10
SaerynAhhhhhhhh, I see now :)03:10
Crooperrecompile the kernel and then manually upgrade03:11
mcoredhey guys whats the equivalent uI for Services in Windows?03:11
mcored**UI :)03:11
melkormcored: just service03:11
Croopermcored, try KDE03:11
escottmcored, im not sure there is a gui. there are too many init systems out there to support them all03:12
mcoredi just wanna make sure quasselcore daemon starts whenever ubuntu starts03:12
escott!upstart | mcored03:12
ubottumcored: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/03:12
escottmcored, it could be as simple as creating a file in /etc/init/quasselcore.conf03:12
bazhangmcored, you can also ask in #quassel03:13
escottmcored, if you dont want to go to that trouble you can just put it in /etc/rc.local03:13
mcoredok thanks escott03:13
Crooperoh you really meant "Services" as in server ms 200803:13
mcoredas in services.msc03:14
Croopermcored, i ussually add something in my cron file03:14
escottmcored, and thats the combination tool to control service starting/stopping and view logs right03:14
mcoredthat is true escott, so hoped to locate the quasselcore daemon and make sure it is at Autostart state03:15
mahir256why is the 'size on disk' in lubuntu 7 times higher than the actual size? using 12.04 on a 40gb ext4 drive03:15
mcoredso far i got Deluge and TeamViewer in Startup Applications in ubuntu so its ok03:15
escottmcored, im fairly sure there is no gui for that03:15
mcoredalright thanks guys :) loving the ubuntu server with deluge and quassel installed03:15
mcoredall my window PCs can connect with ther clients to the cores installed in ubuntu03:16
Croopermcored, gui for stuff like that is ISPCongig, Webmin, and it think there's a couple more to be googled03:16
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.03:16
CrooperISPConfig sorry03:16
escottmcored, maybe if systemd becomes standard across all distros then there will be a tool that is the same, but until then there are just too many init daemons03:17
bazhang /msg ubottu mcored Crooper03:17
fn-trollyes hello03:18
escottand not enough developers interested in writing a gui for that. those who know enough about the init daemons to write a gui tool are probably more comfortable working with the text files in /etc/init03:18
fn-trollIn gnome, how do I modify the list of "Places" on the left in file dialog boxes etc?03:18
escott!askthebot | mcored03:18
ubottumcored: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".03:18
Yagoescott: Hey man03:18
escottYago, yes03:18
Yagoescott: I just wanna say thank-you for everything03:18
mcoredcheers escott03:18
Yagoand for your patience03:18
fn-trolle.g. I have "Search", "Recently used".... "Downloads", "Videos", etc and I want a custom folder there as well03:18
escottfn-troll, ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs03:19
Crooperbrb need more coffee03:19
escottfn-troll, you could try and add a custom entry to that. not sure if it would work03:19
Crooperi used to be able to call it java until java was invented03:19
Yagoescott: I owe you alot03:19
escottYago, no problem. it wasnt a hard question, and that is what we are here for03:20
Yagothanks again. I hope to be back here soon :)03:20
bviktor^j xarchlinux03:21
dyingloophey what's the default username and password for ubuntu 12 live cd03:21
dyingloopi was trying out something and to log out03:21
dyingloopit's requiring me to enter username and password03:21
Crooperdyingloop,  i didn't know there was one03:21
Flanneldyingloop: Username: ubuntu, no password.03:21
mahir256why is the 'size on disk' in the properties window 7 times higher than the actual size?03:22
=== wilee-nilee is now known as Frank-N-Steen
escottmahir256, what file is this?03:22
dyingloopyeah tried different combinations03:22
dyingloopstill nothing03:22
Saeryndyingloop have you tried hitting enter twice?03:23
sacarlsonmahir256: maybe it's a compressed file03:23
=== bdfoster is now known as roundhole
escottdyingloop, Sometimes a LiveCD might ask you for a user-name or password. Just leave these blank and press enter (or allow it to time-out).03:24
=== roundhole is now known as bdfoster
fn-trollescott: that doesn't appear to work03:24
escottdyingloop, but i think the username is supposed to be "ubuntu" with no password03:24
ricreedon't suppose anyone in here has gotten Bastion from the humble indie bundle to work, have they?  Especially on 10.04.  I'm starting to think I may have to upgrade03:24
bazhangricree, is that not available from the software center now? is this bundle part five?03:25
ricreeyeah, bazhang.  bundle part five03:25
Saeryndyingloop: Do Ctrl+Alt+F1 To go to a Virtual Terminal and see if it asks for a Login Credentials?03:25
mcoredhttp://imgur.com/T78gn are my startup apps03:25
ricreeI'll check.  I installed the downloaded one.  If there's one on the software center that might work better03:26
dyingloopoh well i had to restart it again03:26
ricreebazhang:  yeah.  it's on the software center, but only 11.10 and higher.  I suppose it's getting time to upgrade anyways03:28
mahir256@escott and @sacarlson: this is happening with all my files. using lubuntu 12.04 on a 40gb ext4 hdd03:28
ricreeOn that note, any suggestions for the best upgrade path from 10.04 to 12.04?  Install the versions in place or save my home directory and reinstall?03:29
limpcthis is bs03:29
escottmahir256, can you maybe send a screenshot or something03:29
limpci hacked the board itself.. disabled the SDWP pin on the chip03:30
escottricree, i would try the livecd first and read the release notes to see if you want to upgrade03:30
limpcbut dmesg is still registering Write Protect on03:30
=== archer is now known as Guest10215
Shaihey guys, i have a question. i have install gnome-shell on ubuntu 12.04, when i try to run it, login off of my sesion and put Gnome to run, starts gnome2, how i can start gnome3?03:31
escottShai, it might be that your graphics card is not powerful enough for shell or that you dont have the required drivers03:31
mahir256@escott: can't send you a screenshot, sorry, but the file properties for / say 7.2 GB total size of files and 48.4 GB size on disk. (installed the os yesterday)03:32
Shaiescott: i have a nvidia geforce 580mx, is very powerful, i think i dont have the drivers.. i will try to install and see it that fix my problem03:33
escottmahir256, its probably just confused by some of the stuff in /proc or /sys03:33
JoshDreamlandSometimes my mousepad simulates a middle click randomly. Any new and exciting reason for that?03:33
JoshDreamlandI have tap clicking disabled, so...03:34
escottmahir256, see what it says for a folder that doesnt have all those special mounts underneath it03:34
mahir256@escott: well, /proc and /sys return ~1.6 GB total size and no size on disk03:35
limpcescott, i think i may have found the problem03:35
limpci suspect the chip doesnt support SDHC, only SD03:35
limpcso though it can read it wont write03:35
escottlimpc, im surprised it can read it at all, but sure03:36
Flannelricree: You could upgrade directly too.  Don't have to reinstall.03:36
limpcwell it may just be able to read the sd card info, e.g. size03:36
escottlimpc, ok you havent read any data off it yet03:36
limpcyeah theres nothing on it to begin with03:36
limpcits a brand new sd card03:37
ricreeFlannel:  Any idea how serious the recommendation to wait for the July release is?03:37
limpcjuly release?03:37
Crooperlimpc, is it an older computer?03:37
mahir256@escott: while the rest of the directories is 5.7 GB total size of files and 48.6 GB size on disk03:37
limpcCrooper, my system is custom built.  but the sd card is from an older HP bay slot that had a built-in all-in-one card reader03:38
escottmahir256, baobob can help you narrow down where this is coming from. do you have encrypted home?03:38
mahir256@escott: and my nearly-empty-except-for-configs home directory is 104.8 MB total size and 820.6 MB size on disk03:38
mahir256@escott: no my /home is not encrypted03:38
limpci kinda hacked it to work on my system (rewired the pin config to work in a standard onboard usb pinout)03:39
Crooperlimpc, i have seen problems with sd and sdhc but only in readers 8 years or older03:39
limpcCrooper, hmm its not quite that old. maybe 3 years old03:39
limpcanyway it wont let me mount it as read/write no matter what i do03:40
limpci even disabled the physical pin on the chip in the reader (pin 74 of the AU6375 chip)03:40
limpcand its still registering it as write-protected03:40
Crooperthen that shouldn't be a problem unless it's one of those new high performance sd's03:40
escottmahir256, maybe someone forgot to divide by 8 in the code. i dont know what filemanager you are using that is reporting these numbers but try baobob03:41
mahir256@escott: using pcmanfm 0.9.1003:41
limpcCrooper,  its this one http://www3.pny.com/32GB-Premium-Secure-Digital-High-Capacity-SDHC-Class-4-P2676C476.aspx?UserID=51492332&SessionID=LNYcLPgq7xcYhIbqNqTy03:42
lorddeltaHello...I would like a recommendation for a good torrent program: preferrably command line, encryption/port features, daemon based, with optional gui/text based configuration. Suggestions?03:42
escottmahir256, https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=11551603:42
chris__have any of you ran the command 'whatis linux'03:42
limpcwow someone has issues03:42
Crooperyeah, one of those... that's more in likely your problem... newer card and older reader03:42
chris__that doesnt work savlor03:43
limpcthats the 2nd time he came in here with that crap03:43
lorddelta...you can remove him?03:43
lorddeltai.e. ban?03:43
mahir256@escott: thank you so much03:43
limpcCrooper, probably. ill buy a new reader tmw03:43
chris__with ubuntu youd need to do sudo rm -rf /*03:43
escotthmmm now im getting a cannot find glibc error03:43
lorddeltachris__: I'm kinda tempted to setup a vm to test this now :D03:43
JoshDreamlandchris__: Debian happily removed /03:43
escottlorddelta, its fun to do at some point03:44
jamiejacksonhi folks. i installed oracle java7 on ubuntu, according to: http://askubuntu.com/questions/55848/how-do-i-install-oracle-java-jdk-7 java -version shows the right thing for me; however, in my son's account, java doesn't appear to be installed03:44
chris__lorddelta, JoshDreamland Id actually tryed it out. sudo rm -rf / doesnt work but sudo rm -rf /* does03:44
mahir256also, how can you uninstall firefox without installing chromium? or vice versa? every time i uninstall one the other HAS to be reinstalled, even though i have both midori and seamonkey as defaults03:44
jamiejacksonwhat's the missing link?03:44
escottjamiejackson, sun java can no longer be distributed by cannonical03:44
chris__escott, do 'whatis linux'03:45
jamiejacksonhi escott, i didn't do it from apt03:45
lorddeltaI wonder if you could run torrent over websockets...03:45
lorddeltaProlly can.03:45
lorddelta(sorry just learning the protocols)03:46
escottjamiejackson, so its the same machine and you did the update-alternatives bit? what does his java show?03:46
jamiejackson"The program 'java' can be found in the following packages: ..." <= like it's not installed, escott . same machine that i did the update-alternatives, and my account seems to be good03:47
escottjamiejackson, what is his path?03:47
escottjamiejackson, and ls -l /usr/bin/java says what?03:48
shaiwhat do the command "sudo apt-get --purge"?03:49
jamiejacksonescott:  /usr/bin/java -> /etc/alternatives/java03:49
escottand what does /etc/alternatives/java point to03:50
fn-trollescott: Figured it out. It's "Add bookmark" from within Nautilus03:50
escottfn-troll, ok... not sure what the question was anymore03:50
jamiejacksonescott: /etc/alternatives/java -> /usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.7.0/bin/java03:50
fn-troll22:18:32 < fn-troll> In gnome, how do I modify the list of "Places" on the left in file dialog boxes etc?03:51
escottfn-troll, ok03:51
* Crooper does a dance03:51
escottjamiejackson, and in his account /usr/bin/java --version says what03:51
jamiejacksonah, permissions issue03:52
jamiejacksonhe's got permission denied, escott03:52
mahir256seriously, why does apt/synaptic do this alternation of browsers?03:52
escottshai, man apt-get | grep -C3 purge03:53
shaiescott: thanks03:53
Croopermahir256, i just 'sudo apt-get remove firefox'03:54
jamiejacksonaha, escott, the oracle java folder belongs to me03:55
escottjamiejackson, also you really should not have installed to /usr/lib. you should have installed to either /usr/local or /opt. those are the only two folders that apt is not supposed to control03:55
mahir256@Crooper: hmmm, so it didn't work when uninstalling chromium, but it worked when uninstalling firefox. thanks again!03:56
Croopermahir256, yw03:56
escottmahir256, did you say chromium or chromium-browser?03:56
jamiejacksonok, escott, just following http://askubuntu.com/questions/55848/how-do-i-install-oracle-java-jdk-7 <= maybe i'll say something03:57
Croopermahir256, i just 'sudo apt-get remove chromium-browser'03:57
escottjamiejackson, yeah you should03:57
Crooperescott, u're on the ball aren't you?03:58
Croopergo ahead wit ur bad self03:58
escottCrooper, ok?03:59
mahir256@escott: i tried both chromium and chromium-browser. anyway the problem has been rectified - in other news, why is seamonkey no longer part of the main repositories?03:59
Crooperit was a compliment04:00
escottmahir256, chromium is a 2d side scroller.... fun but not a browser04:00
escott!info chromium04:00
ubottuPackage chromium does not exist in precise04:00
=== Rez is now known as LoRez
escottmaybe they renamed it b/c of confusion04:00
escott!info chromium-bsu04:01
ubottuchromium-bsu (source: chromium-bsu): fast paced, arcade-style, scrolling space shooter. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.15-1 (precise), package size 117 kB, installed size 432 kB04:01
escottthere it is04:01
etfbI just upgraded my wife's laptop from 10.04 (Gnome) to 12.04 (Unity).  She hates it.  Hate hate hate hate LOATHE.  What are her options?  In particular, the whole thing with the dock hiding windows and making it impossible to flip between them without complex and counter-intuitive mouse calisthenics?  Dead loss.  Took me a year to get used to it, but she hates it.04:01
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic04:02
chris__escott, I just learned a new command. Have you ever used the write command?04:02
shaiwhy when i try to run gnome-shell (is just installed on my pc) runs gnome2...?04:03
escottchris__, yes and no. the problem with write is that sure you can write to someone, but its soooooo infrequently used that im not sure i would even recognize if another user did write to me04:03
=== wylde_ is now known as wylde
escottshai, (a) are you selecting gnome-shell or gnome-panel (b) [at least in 11.10] it had a fallback mode that looked like gnome2 but was really gnome3 based04:04
jamiejacksonanyone know how to add a comment to an answer in askubuntu.com? i logged in, and i seem to be able to *edit* an answer, but i don't see how to comment04:04
chris__escott, could the write command be disabled. Someone could create a script to annoy another user and id like to be able to stop it04:05
etfbescott: Thx.04:05
escottjamiejackson, click on "improve this answer"04:05
shaiescott: i have ubuntu 12.04, i think is gnome-shell but i not shure... i think is gnome.shell and it looks like gnome2 (i said that because the notifications of sound and things like that are of the gnome3)04:05
shaihow i can fix it?04:05
escottshai, what does ps aux | grep gnome-panel say?04:06
shaiescott: semasad  15424  2.5  0.7 638156 31636 ?        Sl   00:00   0:08 gnome-panel semasad  15831  0.0  0.0  13600   932 pts/0    S+   00:06   0:00 grep --color=auto gnome-panel04:06
jamiejacksonthanks, escott . i don't see that option. maybe i don't have enough *points* since i just signed up04:06
escottshai, so you are running panel which is a forwardported version of the panel from gnome2 to gtk3 (But many applets were lost) so yes it basically is gnome2. if you are selecting shell and getting panel its probably a graphics card issue04:07
escottjamiejackson, below the answer above the comments to the answer04:07
shaiescott: i have recent install the graphic card driver...04:07
escottshai, you could try gnome-shell --replace in terminal and see what it says04:08
=== erry_ is now known as erry
assengassh problems,how to join04:08
escottchris__, man write indicates users can block write from all but root with mesg04:09
escott!details | assenga04:09
ubottuassenga: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:09
shaiescott: i do the command, and i log off... the same problem... starts gnome2...04:10
escottshai, you mean your gui crashes and you have to login again?04:10
assengaubottu:i dont understand your prob...04:10
ubottuassenga: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:10
shaiescott: mmm... no, something (i think the gui) have said have break... but dosent close... i log off...04:11
escottshai, you are forcibly logged out when you run gnome-shell --replace04:11
Crooperassenga, type 'man ssh' in your terminal and it'll give you instructions04:11
shaiescott: no... i log off manualy....04:12
escottshai, im confused. why are you logging out?04:12
shaiescott: to restart the gui...04:12
escottshai, why?04:12
assengathangs Crooper04:13
Crooperassenga, yw04:13
shaiescott: to try reboot gnome, and see if that can fix my problem...04:13
Abhijitshai, do you want to restart gnome shell?04:13
smatt454Hello, could someone please help me with a port forward/remote server config issue.  I'll pm as to not spam the room.04:13
jamiejacksonescott, am i blind? http://imagebin.org/21482404:13
escottshai, i thought the problem was that you wanted gnome-shell. so you run gnome-shell --replace and what happens?04:13
shaiAbhijit: nop... i have install gnome-shell but starts gnome204:13
escottjamiejackson, try "edit" next to "link" below "How do I install Oracle's JDK 6"04:14
shaiescott: ubuntu pop out a mensage of error, but dosent force to me to reboot.04:14
dr_willisyou mean it does the gnome shell fallback mode..04:14
dr_willisshai:  you have insgtalled the3d drivers for your system?04:14
escottshai, so you get an error but gnome-shell doesn't start. what was the error04:14
smatt454If not, could someone direct me to a room that may be better suited? The server is running ubuntu 12.04, that's why i came here04:15
chris__escott, it could be annoying for someone to do 'while(true); do sudo cat /* | write chris; done' - found another use for "|"04:15
jamiejacksonescott: yeah i seem to be able to edit, but not to comment :-/04:15
bazhangsmatt454, #ubuntu-server04:15
Croopersmatt454, what is the problem?04:15
smatt454thank you04:15
shaiescott: the clasic error of ubuntu founds an error on something... and report it... and on the terminal says: Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".04:15
escottshai, you dont have the drivers for opengl on you computer04:15
assengacrooper,my compiz in ubuntu 12.04 have conflicts always why04:16
dr_willisshai:  you have installed the 3d drivers for your system?04:16
shaidr_willis: i dont think...04:16
escottchris__, these days most people wont even have a tty to write to. so its all rather moot04:16
dr_willisshai:  sowhats  your video card?04:16
Crooperassenga, i can't help with that one... i don't use compiz04:17
shaidr_willis: is a nvidia geforce 520mx...04:17
escottgoodnight everyone. goodluck shai, chris__04:17
smatt454assenga, what kind of conflicts?04:17
Croopercya es04:17
dr_willisshai run the 'addational drivers' tool and install them. (or run jockey-gtk from the terminal)04:17
shaiDragnslcr: how?04:18
assengasmatt454,sometimes it freez until when i force to switct off and restart again04:18
smatt454assenga, what video card are you using, what plugins are you running, and what kind of usage usually prompts it to freeze?04:19
smatt454assenga, what video card are you using, what plugins are you running, and what kind of usage usually prompts it to freeze?04:20
assengasmatt454,i use nvidia cuardo,i try to run rotating cubes,freeze for atlanta04:21
dr_willisassenga:  its best that you forget about tht cube.. unity and the cube can have issues04:21
dr_willismany compiz settings can mess with unity04:22
swooshonlnam I still online?04:22
smatt454assenga, I agree.  The cube can cause conflicts in many instances.04:22
smatt454I do like it, but sometimes it's just not worth it04:22
swooshonlnI have been idle here for a while, how do I find out?04:22
dr_willisswooshonln:  hmm?04:23
dr_willisyou see messages? :) then yoiu are online04:23
assengadr_willis,what are problems with these cubes because they seems they are very bad to comp..04:23
dr_willisassenga:  problem line... compiz crashing, or unity crashing... 'friends dont let friends use the cube'04:24
swooshonlnhow do I find out how long I have been online for?04:24
=== joel is now known as Guest18608
swooshonlnon a IRC client, is there a command?04:24
assengasmatt454,what could we do so04:24
dr_willisthe cube was cute eyecandy for a while.. its time  for it to die04:24
Linuxerohola :)04:25
smatt454assenga, so what?04:25
delacswooshonln: check the timestamp of he first message in the log?04:25
dr_willisswooshonln:  to do what exactly? this is irc.. of course you are on an irc client. ;)04:25
assengadr_wills,so which are safe and best effect to run04:26
dr_willisassenga:  best.. leave it alone.. use the defaults.. dont play with ccsm04:26
bazanybody know about unmet dependencies in flash plugins?/04:26
Crooperassenga, right click on your destop and undo graphic effects04:26
assengasamtt454,to do with these cubes04:26
swooshonlndr_willis, yes exactly my point. There are universal commands. Is there some one like /info that shows you online statistics?04:26
dr_willisswooshonln:  try /whois yournick04:27
smatt454assenga, I mainly use the cubes when I'm using nothing else that is resource intensive.04:27
dr_willisthe cubes best use - to show off to windows users. ;)04:27
smatt454let's say i'm on irc, programming, playing a game of chess, etc04:27
yuvatejai forgot my sql password. how to recover it ?04:27
swooshonlndr_willis, thanks man. 5 days idle!04:28
Linuxerohi i has many problems with the depend when i try to compile the "./configure" throw this: configure: libXxf86vm development files not found, XFree86 Vidmode won't be supported.04:28
Linuxeroconfigure: libxcomposite development files not found, Xcomposite won't be supported.04:28
Linuxeroconfigure: OpenCL development files not found, OpenCL won't be supported.04:28
Linuxeroconfigure: libdbus development files not found, no dynamic device support.04:28
Linuxeroconfigure: libsane development files not found, scanners won't be supported.04:28
Linuxeroconfigure: libv4l development files not found.04:28
Linuxeroconfigure: libgphoto2 development files not found, digital cameras won't be supported.04:28
Linuxeroconfigure: gstreamer-0.10 base plugins development files not found, gstreamer support disabled04:28
FloodBot1Linuxero: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:28
Linuxeroconfigure: OSS sound system found but too old (OSSv4 needed), OSS won't be supported.04:28
Linuxeroconfigure: libcapi20 development files not found, ISDN won't be supported.04:28
smatt454also i used 11.10 and dont have too many problems even when im doing something like running a graphically intense game with wine04:28
smatt454download those files04:28
assengai delete my password in terminal how to return it in terminal04:29
gigglesworth@yuvateja : See http://www.howtoforge.com/reset-forgotten-mysql-root-password04:29
smatt454Linuxero, open your package manager and start it or used apt-get those files04:29
BoohbahWell, making the release anonymously is a prudent thing to do, whoever made the decision. If it was a decision of the administration, it would be campaign fodder for the opposition, because the administration would be sacrificing national security for political reasons. If it was a decision of an individual acting alone, he or she probably doesn't want to share a cell with Bradley Manning.04:30
Boohbahoops :)04:30
smatt454assenga, do you have a root password or another user with root access?04:30
BoohbahLinuxero: what i meant to say was: http://pastie.org/04:31
Linuxerosmatt454> i need to add some repository for this ? do you have some XD04:31
assengasmatt454,a root password04:31
OerHeksassenga there is no root password, the first user has sudo/root priv. so how did you delete it tru terminal?04:32
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo04:32
smatt454Linuxero, giyf :)04:33
smatt454assenga, sudo passwd [user]04:33
smatt454assenga, wait, not sudo04:33
smatt454assenga, su -c "passwd [user]"04:34
=== LofS is now known as LofSLEEP
assengaOerHeks,i change my working dir. to root then i pssword -d,from there no pssword again04:34
smatt454assenga, the first prompt will be for you to put in your root password04:34
=== VGoff is now known as VGoff_afk
assengasmatt454,lets me do it04:35
mcoreddo you guys think it is a smart idea to hook up HDDs with exFAT format to ubuntu?04:36
mcoredi have four HDDs all together, 2 of which i am prepared to format and mount as / and /home04:36
mcoredthe other 2 HDDs are exFAT and i will be using them as well04:36
Croopermcored, exFat?04:38
=== ad is now known as Guest99775
panteraravhello, I'm in a bit of a catch 33... I'm on 9.04, and it won't let me go to 9.10 (errors out mid source detection)  Where can I get 10.04?  (I can't go directly to 12.04 due to PAE issue)04:42
Flannelpanterarav: You can change your sources to point to old-releases.ubuntu.com, and that'll have 9.10 (so you can upgrade).  Or you can reinstall with 10.04, from 10.04 discs, releases.ubuntu.com04:43
OerHeksfastest way is backup data & reinstall04:45
OerHeksthat avoids the old grub upgrade problems too04:45
windbuntuwouldn't it be cool if everytime you reinstalled buntu, the installer would place al your data and settings into a file called ubuntu.old04:45
panteraravok, so better to start with lucid it appears.04:47
sysdocIf I boot into text mode without the nvidia driver installed the screen is unreadable, ironically i'm trying to boot to the text mode to install the new 173 driver a from nvidia..04:48
panteraravThis adventure started when I thought it would be cool to stick an IDE SSD in my T42 laptop.  lol  Only to find PAE was an issue with 12.04... and then the mini.iso won't do 48bit lba  LOL04:48
panteraravmanaged to get 9.04 to see the SSD properly and lay down a small grub /boot and I thought I was golden ...04:48
panteraravWill download and give lucid a spin.  Much appreciated!04:49
sysdocAnyone have a solution with maybe a grub kernel boot option?04:49
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:50
=== arizona_bay is now known as Guest45636
Harrishow can i tell if my pc has a ptm chip04:52
OerHeksWhat is a ptm chip, harris?04:53
HarrisOerHeks,  i meant tpm04:53
OerHeksso, what is that ?04:54
Harrisbuilt in security chip04:55
OerHeksHarris, Check the vendor site?04:57
_ariCan somebody help with a 4 line long bat file.. need to know what it's doing... should probably just take a sec if somebody knows bat. files? plz somebody help!04:57
dj_segfaultThey'll tout it as a feature :]04:57
dj_segfault_ari: pastebin it04:57
dj_segfault_ari: When you say bat do you mean DOS batch file?04:58
allejowhat makes a .deb file specifically different from an ar file? how would i got about creating a valid .deb file by just using tar, gzip, and ar? I wouldn't be using this .deb file for a repository, it's mainly for my own knowledge04:59
_aridj_segfault: yes, but 4 lines long.. it probably is just copying some files so maybe i can do this manually.. or somebody can translate it to a shell script04:59
_ariwill pastebin04:59
dj_segfaultAh, then it's relevant.04:59
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NaeblisI have a strange problem. When I set a desktop wallpaper from the image viewer in Natty, it doesn't changes immediately, although it should. I have to go in background properties and click on some random wallpaper and then click back.05:01
=== winut_ is now known as winut
dj_segfault_ari: That's running the Blizzard updater.  That's a Windows program.  Are you trying to run it in Wine?05:02
_arican't start bat file in wine though05:02
_arijust wanna recreate the few steps the bat file does05:03
_ari"wine cmd update.bat" didn't work (and yes, was in the right dir etc)05:03
assenga_have install wine05:03
sacarlsonHarris:  you should be able to see all your systems hardware features seen by linux with sudo lshw;05:04
dj_segfault_ari: The fourth line is the only one that does something.  So you want to go into the support directory and type 'wine .\Blizzard Updater.exe" --locale="enGB" --patchlist="..\Updates\sc2-1-22280-x86-Win-enGB-bnet-bin" --patchlist="..\Updates\sc2-5760-6699-x86-Win-enGB-bnet-base" --patchlist="..\Updates\sc2-15405-16117-x86-Win-enGB-campaign" --patchlist="..\Updates\sc2-15405-16117-x86-Win-enGB-game" --patchlist="..\Upda05:04
_arithat'll work05:05
_arithat easy05:05
_ariwill try05:05
FloodBot1_ari: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:05
dj_segfault_ari: what happens when you try to run the script?05:05
_aridj_segfault: with "wine cmd" -> "file not found"05:06
dj_segfault_ari: What exactly did you type in to run the batch file?05:07
_aridj_segfault: "wine cmd" -> "cd /dir/subdir/subsubdir" -> "update.bat"05:08
_aridj_segfault: "cd /dir/subdir/subsubdir" being ofc the right path towards the bat file :D05:09
dj_segfault_ari: Does the directory /dir/subdir/subsubdir/Support exist?05:09
_arialso did "chmod 777 update.bat" since i thougt my it was a permission issue05:09
_aridj_segfault: yes it does!05:09
dj_segfault_ari: try: ./update.bat (dot slash before the script name) and .\update.bat (dot backslash before the script name).05:11
sacarlson allejo:  you can ture source into a deb with dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot  http://www.quietearth.us/articles/2006/08/16/Building-deb-package-from-source05:11
smangookay I have a weird question, remember how the window buttons in 10.04 were shiny? is there any way to get that in 12.04? is there a name for that theme? or did they call that Ambiance too?05:11
mcoredyeah Crooper exfat05:12
_aridj_segfault problem solved thanks05:13
dj_segfault_ari: Which worked?05:14
onizuI am trying to connect my bluetooth mouse. It got detected and prompting for authorisation request05:15
_aridj_segfault: was writing you in /query: "was able to execute the bat file with ".\Update.bat" instead of "Update.bat" with the cmd console of wine"05:15
onizuI keep clicking on "Always accept" or "Accept" or "Default Action" , but the dialog never goes away05:15
onizuand hence the mouse isn't getting activated05:16
_aridj_segfault: thank you big time! ;)05:16
OerHeksonizu, any BT device has its own 4 digit code05:16
onizuon win7 i didn't require any code..05:16
dj_segfault_ari: The problem is the current directory isn't in your path.  Glad I could help.05:17
OerHeksonizu, check the manual. sometimes it is just 000005:17
dj_segfaultonizu: you my need to do something on the mouse to initiate pairing.  Most BT devices have that05:18
onizuin the manual it says - check "don't use a passcode"05:18
OerHeksonizu so anyone can use your mouse? very safe !05:18
onizudj_segfault, yeah, i pressed the connect button, as per the manual, the green light blinks for pairing.. the problem is in ubuntu it keeps prompting me that a mouse is trying to connect and whether to authorise. I keep clicking "Accept" but never goes away..05:19
sacarlsononizu: is this from the bluetooth manager?05:20
onizui don't know from where05:20
onizua notification pops up on the tray05:21
allejosacarlson, thank you but i don't want to use dpkg in general, i'm trying to figure out what dpkg does that ar doesn't05:21
glegHi!  I'm installing 12.04 (64bit) on a Dell Inspiron M5010 with an AMD processor and the live USB almost makes it through boot up but hangs right at the end.  I'm left with a mouse that moves and a blank desktop.  I can switch to any of my alt terminals and get a responsive prompt, but switching back to X gives me nothing.  Any ideas?05:21
dj_segfaultonizu: Acceptance is the fourth stage of dealing with grief, and can be very difficult ;)05:21
=== VGoff_afk is now known as VGoff
sacarlsonallejo: I'm not sure what ar is.  is that some file type like tar?05:22
onizuwell, i'll try rebooting05:22
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
allejosacarlson, tar replaced ar but .deb files use the ar format. i'm not sure if tar would work also. ar is a unix archive utility05:24
sacarlsonallejo: yes I just looked it up,  you can also uncopress .deb files as they are just a compressed set of files05:25
sacarlsonallejo: just the renamed end to *.deb is normaly auto selected to be acted opon by dpkg to install on a debian/ubuntu env05:26
allejosacarlson, yes, I figured out the uncompression part but I can't seem to put everything back together in order to be a valid .deb file that dpkg can read05:27
sacarlsonallejo: that's all auto done with the tools I showed you05:27
manu_cordoHI ALL05:28
allejoI may sound stubborn or ignorant right now, but I want to learn how those tools work and what they do that's special. i've been reading through the dpkg source and no luck lately05:28
sacarlsonallejo: there are documents on the deb format if you want to work without the tools05:28
Harriswhat is the top bar of ubuntu window called05:28
allejooohh where would those documents be? I haven't found anything on the .deb format that doesn't mention to make the .deb file with dpkg05:29
HarrisOerHeks,  do you know05:29
Harris what is the top bar of ubuntu window called05:30
sacarlsonallejo: there are tons of info on them but look for debian in your search http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-faq/ch-pkg_basics.en.html05:31
sacarlsonallejo: dpkg I think is used to install not make,  if you want to make you should reverse enginer the tool  dpkg-buildpackage05:33
allejothere's the --build option for dpkg also. but i'll look at dpkg-buildpackage also maybe i can have some luck there05:34
neglesakswhats up with the changes display in update manager? essentially none of my updates pending has the "list of changes" displayed?05:34
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.05:35
ubottumanu_cordo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».05:36
glegHey everyone!  I'm installing 12.04, but all I get to is a movable mouse and a blank background.  All my alt terminals seem to be working fine.  Any ideas would be appreciated!  Thanks!05:36
GUser1111I need help please. Ubuntu 12.04 64-Bit keeps crashing http://imagebin.org/21483705:37
sacarlsonGUser1111: I assume the show details show nothing?05:39
GUser1111sacarlson Yes it did but nothing I could understand, But I always submit every crash to ubuntu05:40
GUser1111I think my system may be too advanced for ubuntu?05:40
sacarlsonGUser1111: well if it showed something then that should have been the picture to send us, maybe we would have a better idea05:40
sacarlsonGUser1111: so it must not be crashed then if the mouse still moves and actions still happen05:41
GUser1111I'm running 1 x 120GB SSD SATA3 as / sdb Segate 1TB SATA3 as /sda ATI Radeon HD 6770 PCI-E 2.1 Intel 2nd Gen i7Core 2600 USB3.005:42
_jeetjoin #centos05:43
AbhijitIs there any automated process to convert libreoffice docs into images?05:43
GUser1111How can I check if ubuntu is working correctly?05:43
GUser1111like if all drivers were found etc...05:43
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
sacarlsonGUser1111: you should be able to open a term and look at the logs to get an idea05:47
glegAbhijit:  Does PDF count?  libreoffice can output pdfs can't it?  Then one could possibly use the 'convert' command to create an image file.  Just an idea.05:47
GUser1111Sorry but i/m very new to linux I do not know what command to use?05:47
sacarlsonGUser1111: take a look at /var/log/system file05:47
GUser1111no logs05:48
GUser1111corsair@CARBIDE-300R:~$ /var/log/system file bash: /var/log/system: No such file or directory corsair@CARBIDE-300R:~$ sudo /var/log/system file [sudo] password for corsair:  sudo: /var/log/system: command not found corsair@CARBIDE-300R:~$05:49
Abhijitgleg, i wanted docs  to be converte into images so that i can put trasnparaent copyright marks on them05:50
Abhijitusing gimp05:50
sacarlsonGUser1111: don't run it look at it like with $less /var/log/system05:50
GUser1111oh ok..05:50
sacarlsonGUser1111: or editor of your choosing05:50
HarrisDarael,  how do i make tomboy start on login05:51
sacarlsonHarris: at login or at power up?05:51
Harriswhen i login05:52
glegAbhijit: Then I think that will work. Export your document as a PDF, then Gimp can import the PDFs.05:52
Abhijitgleg, ok05:52
Harrissacarlson,  login05:53
GUser1111ok found all the logs heres just 1 of them: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1019094/05:53
sacarlsonHarris: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup05:54
Harriswhat would i type in command05:55
qawsedrf1i don't understand the +s chmod mode, can someon explain ?05:56
max3can someone help me out? im trying to use hyperterminal with my 3g modem but it keeps scrolling the signal strength (rssi:6). anyone know how to turn that off?05:57
GUser1111All of these seem to have the same codes as for why they crashed: _usr_bin_nautilus.1000, _usr_bin_update-notifier.1000,_usr_lib_gnome-settings-daemon_gnome-settings-daemon.1000,_usr_lib_indicator-datetime_indicator-datetime-service.1000,_usr_lib_notify-osd_notify-osd.1000,_usr_lib_unity_unity-panel-service.100005:58
GUser1111sacarlson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1019094/05:59
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max3can someone help me out? im trying to use hyperterminal with my 3g modem but it keeps scrolling the signal strength (rssi:6). anyone know how to turn that off?06:01
DonaldKeyzall the sudden it hangs on the purple boot screen, i have to boot into an earlier kernel06:06
pathfinderwanna find a girl)))06:06
Boohbahpathfinder: this channel is for ubuntu support06:06
pathfinderI see06:06
DonaldKeyzyes, go on06:06
GUser1111Anyone have any idea to why ubuntu 12.04 64-bit keeps crashing?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1019094/06:08
c31r2gGUser1111: hmm because of a bug06:09
* rymate1234 is trying mate06:10
GUser1111c3lr2g is this bug a known bug?06:10
GUser1111Because  all of these seem to have the same codes as for why they crashed: _usr_bin_nautilus.1000, _usr_bin_update-notifier.1000,_usr_lib_gnome-settings-daemon_gnome-settings-daemon.1000,_usr_lib_indicator-datetime_indicator-datetime-service.1000,_usr_lib_notify-osd_notify-osd.1000,_usr_lib_unity_unity-panel-service.100006:11
c31r2gGUser1111: I am guessing you can find it on bug list in ubuntu forums06:11
c31r2gthat is the best place too look after ircs06:11
GUser1111How can I be sure that ubuntu found all my drivers?06:11
YALexHello, can anyone help me change my locale (en_AU) so it shows time in 12 hour format?06:11
dr_willisforums and askubuntu.com are good sources06:12
GUser1111or if my motherboard even supports ubuntu?06:12
dr_willisGUser1111:  only drivers that are normally needed to be found are for wireless. and video.06:12
dr_willisGUser1111:  will depend on the chipset of the mb and now new it is06:12
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection06:13
dr_willisany hardware list will always be out of date. the new hardware release is just soo fast. ;)06:13
neglesakswhats up with the changes display in update manager? essentially none of my updates pending has the "list of changes" displayed? "The list of changes is not available yet." - sorry for restatign question06:13
GUser1111Intel Z68 Express Chipset06:14
GUser1111Its an Asus MB06:14
dr_willischeck th eforums and google see if other linux users have issues with it.06:15
amanthakurhi Guys, I have a program in C++ that runs with the root priviledges. Its using the setuid(0) in the main function to start the daemon program. I was trying to make it for the normal to run it. Could anyone of you help me achieving that?06:15
GUser1111ok well I willlet it run for another day and see if it happens again06:15
GUser1111Thanks guys06:15
dr_willis'make it for the normal to run it'     means what:06:15
amanthakurdr_willis, i am trying to code it for normal user.06:17
RitleeSo... I have an interesting situation,  I just replaced my wifi card in my laptop (HP Envy 3D) to supposedly an Atheros Card, but both windows and Ubuntu claim that it's not the card, in fact I think it's still thinking it's the original card, lscpi output is 09:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6230 [8086:0090] (rev 34), ifconfig says the mac address is 88:53:2e:70:a3:32... the sticker on the card itself says the MAC address06:18
Ritlee is 00:17:C4:EF:FD:CC... anyone seen anything like this?  Did I taken when I bought my "Atheros" card?06:18
dr_williscode that is ran by a normal user that then exclates itself to root priviliages? sounds like a huge security hole.06:18
dr_willisamanthakur:  i think you would be better off using sudo, or suid the binary as needed.  but i dont code much ;)06:19
amanthakurdr_willis, actually program is using sticky bit permission right now to run it through a script.06:19
dr_willisRitlee:  ive seen some laptops have a locked down list of what wireless cards work with  them. No idea if  this is the case in your problem or not.06:19
dr_willisRitlee:  what if you removce the card and power up. What does it report then?06:20
max3can someone help me out? im trying to use hyperterminal with my 3g modem but it keeps scrolling the signal strength (rssi:6). anyone know how to turn that off?06:20
Ritleedr_willis, would that still allow the supposed atheros to function under the name of the Intel?06:20
DonaldKeyzwhere do start? recovery mode hangs too06:20
dr_willisRitlee:  no idea.        be  interesting if it reports the same card.. even if its been removed,06:21
dr_willisDonaldKeyz:  live cd perhaps?06:21
Ritleedr_willis, I haven't removed the new card yet... it's another step I'm going to be doing, just wanted to see if anyone has seen this before06:21
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
dr_willisRitlee:  ive just heard that some laptops somehow are locked down where they only work with specific wireless cards.  Been ages since ive looked into it06:22
John_Sis anybody in here good at device drivers, and if so, wanna help an Ubuntu newbie out?06:22
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:22
John_Sok gotcha06:23
Ritleedr_willis, well I'll see what shows up, as well as what MAC is on the old card (isn't on the card itself where I can read it)06:23
dalek_i am using Ubuntu 11.10. Currently empathy chat auto-loads on startup as the default chat client. How do I make Pidgin load instead as the default chat client?06:24
qawsedrf1i don't understand the +s chmod mode, can someon explain ?06:26
dr_willisthats the SUID bit?06:27
dr_willisi recall some wikipedia page detailing it.06:27
r3novatioHello... all06:28
glegHey everyone!  I'm installing 12.04, but all I get to is a movable mouse and a blank background.  All my alt terminals seem to be working fine.  Any ideas would be appreciated!  Thanks!06:29
dr_willissilly phone browser. gave me a weird url ;)06:30
dr_willisi will say opera mini - works very well on my android phone ;P06:31
John_SHey folks! I am trying to install a RT2860 Ralink 80211n pci card on my desktop running Ubuntu 10.04. Not real sure how to do it, but I have the driver. Can anyone help me out?06:31
Ritleedr_willis, here's an interesting turn of events... I supposedly have no wifi card installed... I'm guessing this mini-pcie port that is under the battery cover is not where the wifi adapter is... even though there are two leads that looks just like the antenna leads06:31
dr_willisRitlee:  the extent of my laptop wifi knowledge. is basically removeing them from broken laptops - and putting them in a box.. just in case i need them for some other laptpops :)06:32
r3novatioHi john, have u tried to installl firmware-ralink wireless-tools?06:32
r3novatioyou can install firmware-ralink wireless-tools , maybe it help ...06:33
Ritleeok, well i'm gonna see if google can tell me where this wifi adapter is ;)06:34
r3novatioand try this command #iwconfig06:34
adv__Hi all06:35
John_Swhere would I get a copy of those tools, and since I am dual booting (as I cant get online in linux) can I download what I need on my windows side?06:35
qawsedrf1dr_willis: what does that mean ? setuid, i dont understand entirely06:35
VectorXhi, i saw something where you can run windows apps on the linux gui, not with wine but sort of rdesktop'ish, but the win apps are directly on the linux gui, how do you do this/where can i get info ?06:35
dr_willisqawsedrf1: what part of it dont you unserstand? You want a executable to run as root, you can set its suid bit. like mentioned at06:36
AbhijitVectorX, teamviewer?06:36
VectorXAbhijit no that wasnt it, there was no app name mentioned06:37
dr_willistheres also alternatives to teamviwer. I have some on my android. ;)06:37
dr_willisvnc, teamviewer, splashtop06:39
max3god damnit how do i turn off rssi echo on my 3g modem06:39
max3ive been googling for 30 minutes and can't figure it out06:39
qawsedrf1VectorX: VirtualBoOSE06:42
qawsedrf1dr_willis: so setuid basically gives the users who have `x` permission on a file, all permissions that the `u` has ?06:48
dr_willisbinary runs as  if it was ran by the files owner06:50
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allejosacarlson, so it turns out there's nothing special about a .deb file, the only thing that is required is for the files to be added to the .deb package in order07:01
allejoit's just an ordinary .ar package07:01
SuperNoeMananybody know anything about ossec?07:06
SuperNoeManI know that #ossec exists, but they are not talking, so...07:07
BlackshirtSupernoeman, what is ossec?07:08
BlackshirtNo play with them before07:08
SuperNoeManI understand07:09
BlackshirtWhat the feature of ossec?07:10
SuperNoeManits a HIDS tool: centralized monitoring and policy application, IDS, log management... blah blah blah07:10
SuperNoeManits a really good security tool though07:10
=== andre is now known as Guest31851
BlackshirtUsing linux kernel security framework?07:11
SuperNoeManno, I'm on a mac host07:11
SuperNoeManbut I like ubuntu, run it in a VM07:12
SuperNoeManmac host will run the server and the VMs will run the agents07:12
Blackshirtwhat component build from?selinux?iptables, nagios?07:13
SuperNoeMandon't understand what you're asking07:13
SuperNoeMananyway, you're not knowledgable about ossec, I don't understand where this is going07:14
BlackshirtOkey guys, maybe the others here can help you..but maybe you want to share here about ossec07:15
SuperNoeMansure, but your questions are very general, so I'm just saying try and get down to business07:15
SuperNoeManI don't mean to be rude or cut you off, if you have some formal process, I'll keep going07:16
mikeieeis anyone here a pro php/mysql.07:16
SuperNoeMannot php, but I know some SQL07:17
BlackshirtMikeiee, maybe there are someone here with good knowledge, just ask your question?07:18
huttanAnyone here who is familiar with installing trac/svn on ubuntu server and can help me out some?07:19
judgenEverytime i start ubuntu when not at home, i get during the splash very long boot times and "waiting for network" and something about 60 seconds, and the nm-connection-editor can not enable wireless any more, i had to use a cable just to be able to connect to IRC07:20
judgenwhen i am at home it works perfectly, as i installed ubuntu-desktop from over the net install and put in the SSID and password at install-07:20
judgenso my real question is  in short: How do i add additional network-ssid07:21
judgens and07:21
tuxgeekscan for available networks07:22
tuxgeekwireless should be turned on though07:23
deepspeedbest nsfw desktop evar..  http://www.enlightenment.org/ss/e-4fc9bf62f36398.32804097.png07:24
judgentuxgeek, i have it scanned and i see other networks07:25
tuxgeekso what do you wanna do?07:25
judgenbut i want to add additional SSID's07:25
judgenso i can use it directly07:25
judgenit is done in /etc/network/interfaces i think07:26
judgenbut i do not remember07:26
judgenmy current ssid is "wpa-ssid Dan" i could change this manually every time i boot, but i would prefer to add all of the ones i use.07:28
tuxgeeki know what you mean07:29
tuxgeekstill trying to figure out which config file you have to edit07:30
judgenit is the /etc/network/interfaces07:30
tuxgeekif you"re so sure then edit the entries07:31
tuxgeekwhat's are you waiting for?07:31
judgenyeah, but what would be the correct way? just adding another might not work..07:31
judgenok i will be givving it a try now07:36
parallel    type = "IRC";07:58
parallel    nick = "jasonwryan";07:59
parallel    autosendcmd = "/msg nickserv identify jasonwryan ******** ;wait 2000";07:59
parallel  };07:59
parallel  OFTC = {07:59
parallel    type = "IRC";07:59
parallel    nick = "jasonwryan";07:59
FloodBot1parallel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:59
oCeanparallel: what are you doing?08:00
gnomefreakoCean: i think he has been muted08:00
oCeanand unmuted08:00
gnomefreaknice and quit in the middle of the night :)08:05
gnomefreakquiet even08:05
Notimikhi is it possible to resize the task manager panel in kubuntu? now it is like 50% of the screen width and that is not cool :(08:05
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gnomefreakninjah: dud you try asking in #kubuntu?08:06
Notimikgnomefreak: oh they are spearete?08:07
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gnomefreakNotimik: most of the time if they are there it is best to use thaqt channnel since you will find more people using KIDE08:08
* gnomefreak not sure anyone is there08:08
Notimikwill try there08:08
Notimiknice aftger i removed it and put it back it just takes 75% instead of 50% :/08:09
gnomefreakNotimik: can you resize it if you right click on it?08:10
joseph__Why does byobu look bad over ssh?08:10
Notimikgnomefreak: nope08:10
* gnomefreak not have kubuntu installed atm08:10
gnomefreakbtw Notimik getting an answer tonight may not happen, i wish i had it installded to help you but sorry08:11
Notimikgnomefreak: no problem, btw it is morning here in sweden so :)08:12
gnomefreakit is here its just really early08:13
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dafpHi, i'm looking for a free software wich can transform voices easily08:18
blue^ I installed Unity recently.. Since then, there is a menubar appearing whenever I'm not on unity... I want it removed.08:18
blue^i use lm1208:18
parallelasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfj asdfasdfasdfasfas asdfasdfasf08:20
KhmerogDo u think i can run kubuntu on a i2330m?08:21
parallelCan't get irssi to wrap long lines on text08:21
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Myrttiparallel: splitlong.pl08:23
llutzparallel autowrap.plautowrap.pl08:23
=== someguy is now known as lame
llutzparallel oops, autowrap.pl08:23
sundar_hi. i've got problems in update/package manager after upgrading to 12.0408:23
sundar_i am on a macbook pro 8,108:24
sundar_the update manager says i have unmet dependencies for a list of libraries. could someone help how i can recover?08:24
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Notimikgnomefreak: a relog solved my problems08:32
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KhmerogSundar go to apple chat room08:33
KhmerogThis is ubuntu which is linux08:33
LjLKhmerog: Ubuntu can run on Macs.08:36
JoniiHey, for some reason brightness on my computer goes up and down randomly08:37
JoniiIs there any way to lock it to one specific setting, or even better, lock it to specific setting when on ac and one other when on battery08:38
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StarryNightczesc janek08:41
LjL!cz | StarryNight08:41
ubottuStarryNight: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.08:41
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.08:42
LjLStarryNight: sorry :)08:42
StarryNightthats ok :)08:43
StarryNighti am glad there is polish language support08:43
Joniibasically, brightness changes if i keep the computer idle for long enough that it automatically dims the screen for a moment. When it returns from that, it goes to pretty much random setting08:46
JoniiALso, if screen closes at any point, it also goes back to random setting08:46
adonisWoop.woop. using irc on my android phone!!!08:47
dr_willisadonis:  been using andirc for ages here. :)08:48
dr_willisgot a BT keyboard08:48
wormsxullawhy is it that sometimes my wireless connection drops and when it tries to reconnect, it stays on the authentication window, although the wpa key is there? it doesn't connect automatically08:48
adonisIts pretty sweet, means i can hit up #ubuntu at work ;)08:49
dr_willisbeen depateing setting up a vpn on myubuntu box for my phone to 'vpn' into ;)  for other neat android-ubuntu tricks08:49
adonisI like the idea of that08:49
dr_willisim at work now. ;) better get back to work.. bbl08:49
adonisHaha cya08:50
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wormsxullacould it be because i had another network connection with the same name but a different key (an older box) so the connection manager doesn't know which network to connect to?08:53
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BobMarleyis there somewhere where i could see the source code of ubuntu one?09:03
Eaglemanis it possible to bind webmin to the tun0 interface?09:06
mcoreddoes Ubuntu support exFAT?09:06
feikarasexFAT? unsupport   I guess09:06
mcoredthere is a way to add support but wasnt sure if it is supported natively09:07
ikonianow . but still geting error^09:07
legitnickEagleman you can use Iptables to route all traffic through the tun0 int based on the user that's running the process09:08
CookieMmcored: according to this unofficially https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ExFAT09:09
mcoredIt cannot become an official part of Linux due to the patent encumbered status of the exFAT filesystem.09:10
mcoredi dont get it how Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.5 and later can create, read, write, verify, and repair exFAT file systems09:10
Eaglemanlegitnick its possible to refuse connectionn to port 10000 on eto but i could allow it on tun0?09:10
EaglemanThats the best solution?09:11
Eaglemanyes and no09:11
Eaglemani meant the methon with iptables09:11
Eaglemanbut if you have a better solution09:11
RumRumwhats wrong with it09:12
EaglemanI dont know, thats what i;m asking09:12
oyekchange the permission09:12
legitnickiptables -I INPUT 2 -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 1000 -j logdrop09:14
legitnickchange the port to 1000009:15
bsmith093im on ubuntu lucid 10.04 im trying to run an ( apparently qt4.7 app, and im getting this "./fanficdownloader: symbol lookup error: ./fanficdownloader: undefined symbol: _ZN9QListData11detach_growEPii" ive tried to compile qt4.7  and it seems to go fine but i dont know where to go from there. i still get that same error whenever i try to run the app, only in the terminal, though, double clicking on it, does nothing at all.09:17
Eaglemanlegitnick what does logdrop do?09:17
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Chuck_Norrisaloha all :D09:21
Chuck_Norris*wind sound*09:21
legitnickuse -J DROP instead09:22
Eaglemanok thanks legitnick09:22
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oyekhow setting conky ?09:24
rhombsdoc<oyek> how setting conky ? << google "conky example config"09:24
rhombsdocconfig is in HOME/.conkyrc09:24
Chuck_Norrisoyek: ye, and gnome-look09:25
oyekwas there a theme? ?09:25
sacarlsonbsmith093: what is the app name fanficdownloader?  it looks like a python program09:25
rnk_Is there a way to increase the resolution of my virtual screen with xrandr without messing around with xorg.conf?09:26
Chuck_Norrisoyek: in gnome-look is full themes09:26
Chuck_Norrisand i hame one theme based on "conky lunatico" :D09:27
Chuck_Norrisi got*09:27
Chuck_Norrisoyek: do you like this theme? http://i.imgur.com/LUHZv.jpg09:28
oooaaaoooohi guys09:31
oooaaaoooois it possible to modify the charging amount for laptop batteries in 12.04 lts?09:32
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Guest92353aki se abla español o ingles?09:33
sogeking99hey guys i got ubuntu 12.04 and am on chrome. youtube works but gametrailers player does not09:33
Chuck_Norris!es | Guest9235309:33
ubottuGuest92353: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.09:33
bsmith093sacarlson: no thats the other one, fanfictiondownloader.net is the one im talking about09:34
Chuck_Norrisse habla ingles :D09:34
bsmith093sacarlson: http://fanfictiondownloader.net/downloadmanager.php09:34
bsmith093chmod +x that and run from a terminal to see what im talking about09:35
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chrooti want to learn the openGL, but i don't know where to start, any any advice?09:38
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sacarlsonbsmith093: I assume you read this line (Requires an installed version of Calibre on your PC) 09:39
RolzNo luck..09:40
RolzNo luck..09:40
bsmith093sacarlson: i have calibre09:40
RolzNo luck..09:40
RolzNo luck..09:40
Chuck_Norrislol there was a bot between us :D i didn't realised :(09:42
chrootmultiscreen: hi09:50
multiscreeni need to connect a second screen to my notebook but it doesnt work with my fresh ubuntu 12.04 installation. I use fvwm-crystal with gdm . When i press Fn + MULTISCREEN botton it doesnt work. It works only on the console (but with the same output)09:50
multiscreeni used to use xrand before (in the previous installation [debian] ) but it doesnt works :(09:51
chrootmultiscreen:well, you can use vnc.09:51
multiscreenare there some modules or some xorg-* i need to install  ?09:51
multiscreenchroot:  ?? vnc? no, i need to attach an external monitor09:52
chrootoh, that en i don't know.09:53
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sosjozsefthe gimp 2.8 is coming soon ubuntu 12.04 or only 12.10? sorry, i speak a little english10:12
arand_sosjozsef: probably only oficcially in 12.1010:13
sosjozsefarand_ i'm sad. 12.04 all time gimp 2.6?10:14
arand_sosjozsef: Yes, because that was the stable version at that point, you can always use backport, or a PPA of course.10:15
sosjozsefyes i know but i like official update10:15
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luckyBi m new to ubuntu 12.0410:21
luckyBwanna know about gui10:21
luckyBhow to modify it10:22
luckyBcud anyone help10:22
sacarlsonluckyB: more specific what application? there are 1000's of gui apps you can modify10:22
luckyBapplication like faezen icon theme10:24
oyosthello there guys10:24
oyostany dev here?10:25
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sacarlsonluckyB: then you want to learn to modify the theme of your desktop10:27
oyostany dev here?10:27
rhorstkoetteroyost: why don't you just ask your particular question?10:28
sacarlsonoyost: programers?  what language?  I'm sure there are many10:29
oyostsacarlson, mate i was looking for someone who knows Quickly10:30
oyostsacarlson, and python10:30
a2rHi, I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 right now on a Laptop and I tried Xfce4.10 this morning but it wasn't the right for me so i uninstalled it. But now I noticed, that these half transparent overlays that show up when i e.g. adjust the sound (with the keys on the keyboard) is lowres and doesn't look like the old one anymore also its in the middle of the screen instead of the top right corner now. Same with the instant-message-noticing things. guess these a10:30
a2rre the xfce ones. but i want the old ones back. will "apt-get install -reinstall unity" help? or will it break some config files? or is there an better way?10:30
llutz!details | oyost10:30
ubottuoyost: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:30
ali_when shuting down ubuntu is hanging!!!10:31
Dr_Willisa2r:   make a new user - see if the issue still affects them.10:31
sacarlsonoyost: I've programed some in python, ruby, C++, perl, php,  but I can't help you if I don't know what your problem is10:31
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oyostubottu, llutz i was making an app with Quickly, i am a noob. sacarlson so i wanted to know how to add buttons and give that input to python to operate on10:31
ubottuoyost: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:31
llutzoyost: so you want to ask in #python10:32
oyostllutz, and is it possible for me to use java maybe or c++ instead of python in quickly?10:33
Jettismy grub2 wont boot. it just says that no such partition to nearly every command i write. I`m sure the partition is there. grub has prefix=(hd0,1)/boot/grub10:33
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* Dr_Willis has never even heard of 'quickly'10:33
MonkeyDustoyost  are you skilled in all those languages?10:33
oyostMonkeyDust, yeah i am10:34
ali_hi plz anyone has an idea, the system is hanging when shuting down10:34
Dr_WillisJettis:  grub2 has some completion feature. that can show what drives/partions it sees10:34
llutzDr_Willis: me too, google pointed me to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Quickly10:34
sacarlsonoyost: for gui stuf like that I like glade as a development tool10:34
oyostMonkeyDust, i know java, c and c++ decently, noob in python, although looking at python it look easyy10:35
oyostsacarlson, yeah using that how do i make a menu10:35
oyostsacarlson, i cant seem to figure out, not a menu wait lemme rephrase10:35
oyostsacarlson, i am making a basic calc, so i need to add buttons for 1 2 3 + - etc so how do i make that any idea?10:36
Dr_WillisJettis:  like in the grub command line -->    chainloader (hd<TAB>) shows partions and filesystems10:36
sacarlsonoyost: maybe look at some examples of glade apps to get an idea,  I have on writen in ruby but you can find examples writen in python also10:36
oyostwhere exactly can i find them sacarlson10:36
a2rDr_Willis: just made a new user. there is the same problem10:37
JettisDr_Willis i just get long list of messages "no such partition"10:37
sacarlsonoyost: there are many here is one example http://www.learningpython.com/2006/05/07/creating-a-gui-using-pygtk-and-glade/10:37
Dr_Willisa2r:  so its possible xfce changed some theme defualts or other files. I dont use xfce so really cant say more.10:37
oyostsacarlson, lemme see, thanks anyways10:38
Dr_WillisJettis:  thats weird. example of what it should look like --> http://members.iinet.net/~herman546/p20/GRUB2%20CLI%20Mode%20Commands.html10:38
a2rDr_Willis: ok then i just try to reinstall unity10:38
Dr_Willisa2r:  i rarely uninstall stuff. ;)10:39
sacarlsonoyost: you can look in github.com for biger examples10:39
oyostsacarlson, bigger examples like?10:39
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sacarlsonoyost: I mean real applications not must examples10:39
Chuck_Norrisaloha all :D10:39
Chuck_Norris*wind sounds*10:39
sacarlsonmust = just10:39
oyostsacarlson, a whole real app i think is too much. i'm new to python and glade so will take time to get used to it, will still check out the site though. thanks10:40
tuxgeekJancoover_: ?10:43
tuxgeekchanging channels are you?10:44
kandinskianybody else sees this bug? I am using synergy on both client and server, and the ubuntu dock doesn't unhide on the client machine when I move the cursor via synergy. It does unhide when I move the cursor with the machine's hardware mouse. Am I alone in this?10:45
sacarlsonkandinski: I've used quicksynergy on 10.04 works fine but I guess your running on a unity based boxes,  I could try bring up virtualbox with a unity based version to try it10:49
sacarlsonoh maybe I can't do this in virtualbox10:50
kandinskisacarlson, thanks10:51
sacarlsonkandinski: what version of ubuntu are you running on both sides?10:52
kandinskiit worked fine for me on 11.10, it's a Unity regression, I'm pretty sure10:52
kandinskisacarlson: 12.04 on both sides10:52
sacarlsonkandinski: oh I don't have a virtualbox for 12.04 yet10:52
kandinskiI run the same Ubuntu on desktop and laptop, and control desktop from laptop (desktop client with laptopl keyboard server)10:52
kandinskisacarlson, noworries10:52
sacarlsonkandinski: just another reason for me not to upgrade to 12.04 yet then10:53
xharxi want to add diskspace to a directory that already exists and contains files. is this possible?10:53
=== jonas_ is now known as Guest99956
sacarlsonxharx: you don't add space to directories you add them to partitions,  you can move the directory to another partition that has more space with a sybolic link10:55
b44any way to open a wlan hotspot with ubuntu instead of creating an ad-hoc ?10:56
kandinskisacarlson: fair enough10:57
kandinskisacarlson: I need some time to install 11.04 on both sides, so I can test with either on client and server10:58
sacarlsonxharx: do you have a partition available that has the space you are looking for?  if so you can copy your directory into a part of it then delete your original directory and create a sybolic at the original location to the new path10:58
xharxsacarlson: do i keep the files in the directory when I proceed like this?11:01
xharxi have an empty partition11:01
sacarlsonxharx: you can rename the original directory to be safe11:01
sacarlsonxharx: you can man ln;  or you can create links from nautilus11:02
koskozhi, I'm trying to set a ssh access between my Windows 7 host and my Ubuntu Server 12 guest. In virtualbox I added a second adapter and set it up to "host only adapter". My first adapter is set to NAT. When I do a ifconfig to my ubuntu eth1 doesn't appear, so I added the following lines to /etc/network/interface http://pastebin.com/wA8qYYuF and the sudo ifup eth1 but when I try to ssh using11:10
koskozputty to the ubuntu the connection is refused, I don't understand11:10
MonkeyDustkoskoz  set the adapter to 'bridged', to make a logical bridge to your existing network11:11
curiousxkoskoz: set up the adapter to bridge11:11
mbuckoanyone knows anything about setting up sshfs to act as a server on ubuntu 12?11:11
tent405Just installed 12.04 on a Toshiba Satellite C675D-S7101. Built in keyboard and mouse not working at all. Anybody hear about this? USB does work11:12
MonkeyDustmbucko  sshfs is a way to connect to a remote pc, what do you mean exactly?11:13
tent405mbucko: install the ssh server11:13
tent405and any client could then connect to your ubuntu system with sshfs11:13
koskozMonkeyDust, curiousx: but if I do that, the vm will be visible on my entire network11:13
mbuckoi would like to mount my homes pcs drive into my netbook over internet11:14
Dr_Willismbucko:  and what os is on the netbook?11:14
mbuckoso on the server do i only install ssh? which ports do i open?11:14
MonkeyDustmbucko  use nfs to do it, not sshfs11:14
Dr_Willissshfs just connects to any ssh server. Its fairly easy to use.11:15
Dr_Willisyou wont  want to set up your 'home' to be sshfs. but you could make several data dirs or other dirs use sshfs11:15
mbuckonfs? is that for mounting over network too?11:15
EaglemanWhat would be a logical file name for a backup.tar.gz?11:15
MonkeyDustmbucko  add your lacal pc in /etc/exports/ on the remote pc, then mount the remote pc on yout local pc, using nfs11:15
Eagleman06-02-2012_01;14 is what i use now11:15
Dr_Willisshould nfs be used over the internet?11:16
MonkeyDustinternet or local network?11:16
bergelmiri am trying to luksOpen my encrpyted partition but i'm getting "/dev/sda5 is not a valid LUKS device"11:16
koskozMonkeyDust, curiousx: I set up the adapter to bridge but now when I start my machine ubuntu is waiting for network configuration :/11:16
bergelmircryptsetup -c aes-xts-plain -s 256 luksFormat /dev/sda511:17
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MonkeyDustkoskoz  undo the changes in /etc/network/interfaces11:18
yeksukehi It's my first time, so I'm just watching.11:18
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tent405oh wow, do you think proprietary ATI/AMD FGLRX drivers could keep my laptop's keyboard and mouse from working?11:19
tent405we'll see11:19
weoxsorry with command should i use for searching a package ?? like dpkg -search synaptic ??11:20
curiousxtent405: try: gksu gedit /etc/default/grub   and, in the line "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"   append: "acpi_osi=Linux"11:21
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jrib!apt | weox11:21
ubottuweox: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)11:21
curiousxtent405: so will be: "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux"11:22
tent405curiousx: what makes ya think that will work?11:22
curiousxtent405: becouse i think i related to the ACPI11:24
curiousxtent405: so... http://askubuntu.com/questions/28848/what-does-the-kernel-boot-parameter-set-acpi-osi-linux-do11:24
=== hanilorak is now known as marcin82
tent405i'll try it11:25
bergelmircan find any helpful information why i can't luksOpen my encrypted partition. did the setup as descripted in many tutorials.11:26
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
tent405curiousx: good call11:28
curiousxgood call ?11:28
tent405yeah it worked thanks11:28
curiousxphone call?11:28
curiousxtent405: np gald to help ya11:29
curiousxi'll remember this to another to help another user :D11:29
tent405now i can get run to the store for some brewski's while i upgrade. i owe you one.11:29
bergelmirfound the reason why i couldnt open my encrypted partition :-)11:30
curiousxxD np go ahead dude :D11:30
bergelmir"Type uppercase yes" != yes11:30
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
alkatrazanyone ever have grub recognize their SSD as a flash drive during install11:31
Chuck_Norristent405: are the cooler working well?11:31
Chuck_Norrisis* the cooler...11:32
=== manu is now known as Guest6924
tent405Chuck_Norris: no, it really does need to be defrosted11:35
Chuck_Norrismmm... so... don't work well? sry some times i don't understand well =P11:36
Chuck_Norrisi'm latino :D11:37
=== tent405 is now known as tent405_afk
LuhmannIs it just me or the last version of google chrome it isn't prepared for videos on youtube?11:37
=== sm1 is now known as sary
EaglemanHow do i create this folders? Windows Server 2008 ( 1 )11:38
ironhalikLuhmann: there are some problems with flash 11.2 (integrated in chrome) and nvidia acceleration11:38
MonkeyDustLuhmann  i know it's not the the same, but videos work fine on chromium11:39
MonkeyDustah, nvidia11:39
ironhalikyeah ;>11:39
Chuck_NorrisLuhmann: do you have a nvidia?11:40
Xix19if I want to make a node.js server, where should the .js files go? I know I can put them anywhere I just want to know where it would be best practice to put them11:40
EaglemanHow do i create this folders? Windows Server 2008 ( 1 )11:40
Xix19maybe /var/www or maybe /srv ?11:40
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
MonkeyDustEagleman  use mkdir to create folders11:41
LuhmannMonkeyDust: I know although but when it comes watching videos it seems like I can find playback errors, you know?11:42
EaglemanYes but it will create several folders, i want 1 folders thats called Windows Server 2008 ( 1 )11:42
Eagleman1 folder*11:42
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MonkeyDustEagleman  try mkdir windows_server_2008 or so11:42
LuhmannLike the movie, lecture or every file were played too fast11:42
Eaglemanmkdir Windows\ Server\ 2008\ \(\ 1\ \) worked11:43
LuhmannBesides that the sound isn't very good11:43
Chuck_NorrisLuhmann: do you have a nvidia video card?11:43
MonkeyDustLuhmann  i have intel, so can't say11:43
killeri run ubuntu 12.04 in vmware and want to share files ...i have enabled sharing but not showing on ubuntu as mounted11:44
ironhalikhad this issue with chrome dev11:44
killeri have linux host11:44
koskozok, I want to set up an ubuntu server guest under virtualbox. I've added the second adapter at set up to host only, then in ubuntu added the eth1 interface with the static ip, then ifup eth1 then restarted the vm. When I try to connect ivia putty to I've got a connection error11:44
frailtyIs my HDD damaged? http://i.imgur.com/bU8NI.png everything runs awfully slow11:45
b1nrfolks, anyone experiencing session hangs on 12.04 ?11:45
killerb1nr : can u explain in detail11:46
salvatore_Hi, someone knows how to enable 3d accelleration for Windows 7 guest Os in Ubuntu 12.04 host? settings -> screen -> 3d accelleration won't work for me11:46
koskozwhant I want is a guest I can access with the same ip everytime11:46
b1nrkiller, after working for some time, the session simply freezes11:46
ironhalikfrailty: it cartainly does not look good - check smart under 'health'11:46
b1nrkiller, keyboard won't be responding11:46
b1nrkiller: i have to reboot everytime by pressing power button11:47
frailtysmart works fine11:47
killerAt start up it works ok ?11:47
frailtythe hdd is nearly brand new in a top notch system11:47
frailty7200 rpm11:47
b1nrkiller: startup it works okay11:47
b1nrkiller: it happens only after working for a while, say 20-30 mins, but not everytime11:47
b1nrkiller: last log reports a crash11:47
b1nrpts/1        :0               Sat Jun  2 16:46 - crash  (00:13)11:48
killerand have u  upgraded  packages/....sudo apt-get upgrade11:48
ironhalikfrailty: then I would guess its broken, just in a way I havnt seen yet - generally, you should have around 100 megs of transfer on average11:48
b1nrkiller: yeap, it says system is uptodate11:48
frailtyok, great, i will remove it and install it again and check again under ubuntu11:48
frailtyjust wanted to know if thats the bottleneck11:49
LuhmannMonkeyDust: no, I haven't11:49
salvatore_Hi, someone knows how to enable 3d accelleration for Windows 7 guest Os in Ubuntu 12.04 host? settings -> screen -> 3d accelleration won't work for me11:49
ironhalikfrailty: check for any firmware updates from western digital11:49
Chuck_NorrisLuhmann: why you don't trust in Chuck Norris ? =( i have a solution for ya, if you have an nvidia :D11:50
frailtyok, thanks11:50
MonkeyDustsalvatore_  in virtual box?11:50
oyekindonesian ?????????11:50
killerb1nr : it happened to me a bit but not frequently11:50
salvatore_yes virtual box11:50
MonkeyDustsalvatore_  settings, display11:51
b1nrkiller: you have nvidia graphics?11:51
TheDarkBlubbhi all11:51
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia11:51
salvatore_that won't work...what's wrong?11:51
killeri have ati11:51
oyekTHANKYOU :D11:52
LuhmannChuck_Norris: I put your name unintentionally. Sorry.11:52
TheDarkBlubbI have an issue installing java on my BackTrack 5 RT OS, I have downloaded java as: jre-7u4-linux-x64.tar.gz after unzipping I wanted to configure it with : ./configure11:52
koskozarf, my network is set to dhcp, so if I set virtualbox to bridge I can't assign a static ip to my guest without losing the internet on it11:53
TheDarkBlubban error appeared : Data or directory not found11:54
TheDarkBlubbwhat shell I do now?11:54
MonkeyDustTheDarkBlubb  type /join #backtrack-linux as it is not supported here11:54
Chuck_NorrisLuhmann: i don't understand, i'd ask you, if you have a nvidia video card11:55
TheDarkBlubbgot the problem in some channels : Cannot send to channel: #backtrack-linux whats that shit?11:55
jribTheDarkBlubb: #freenode can help you with that11:55
MonkeyDustTheDarkBlubb  mind your language11:55
TheDarkBlubbMonkeyDust: sry11:56
MonkeyDustTheDarkBlubb  maybe you have to register your name11:56
TheDarkBlubbjrib: is it a channel?11:56
jribTheDarkBlubb: yes11:57
amitprakashHi, I am using ubuntu 12.04 and am trying to get my tata photon to work.. However, after plugging it in, it stays in scsi mode, what am I missing?11:57
MonkeyDustamitprakash  http://askubuntu.com/questions/6001/how-to-configure-tata-photon-ec1261-huawei#885911:58
amitprakashMonkeyDust, thats for 11.0411:58
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amitprakashwith 12.04 modeswitch should work with udev and select appropriate rules11:59
MonkeyDustamitprakash  10.04, change it to your needs11:59
amitprakashMonkeyDust, right.. so how do I change whats there.. to something that works with udev11:59
MonkeyDustamitprakash  havent needed or tried it mayself12:02
amitprakashDoes anyone have an idea why udev doesn't respect or use usb_modeswitch rules?12:02
koskozok, can someone tells me how to configure my vm guest to enable internet access, ssh, static ip with a host under windows 7 behind a router with dhcp enable (so host has a dynamic ip)12:03
anonIs it possible to check how much currents my USB ports get? If yes what is the optimum value and is there a way to increase it via a command?12:04
jribkoskoz: !try #vbox12:04
koskozjrib: it's also about ubuntu's config12:04
jribkoskoz: I'm not saying it's wrong of you to ask here.  I'm saying, #vbox is more likely to know12:05
koskozjrib: yeah but the chan is kinda dead unfortunaly :/12:05
koskozwhat I want is setup a ruby server, code under my host, and set my ide to upload my files via sftp on my guest server12:06
lmaowafflehi guys, is there a non-gnome-specific tool that'll display a window with slideshow of a specified gallery?12:06
lmaowafflesomething like Windows slideshow widget for desktop12:06
jriblmaowaffle: feh?  There's probably dozens12:07
x_something like GwenView, lmaowaffle ?12:07
lmaowafflei'll chjeck those out12:07
lmaowafflei only use feh atm to set a background wall12:07
lmaowafflethanks guys12:08
x_GwenView has a lot of nifty features, more than many even want.12:08
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rnk_does anyone know where xrandr gets its default maximum resolution from?12:10
Sh0rtWaveSo I'm trying to run update manager12:10
Sh0rtWaveand I'm getting this "Requires installation of untrusted pacikages" dialog12:10
Sh0rtWavethat doesn't give me the option to say "Shut up, just install untrusted stuff"12:11
Sh0rtWaveInstead it just has CLOSE12:11
Sh0rtWaveHow unuseful is that?12:11
Sh0rtWaveAnyone got any ideas on how to work around that?12:11
arianaSh0rtWave, U should switch off untrusted channels in settings12:12
chris______run 'sudo apt-get update | grep NO_PUBKEY'12:12
Sh0rtWaveariana: Considering that I NEED the packages in the untrusted channels, that's not really a useful option for me.12:12
Sh0rtWaveIs there no setting here I can use to override that lunacy?12:13
chris______then do sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com {the number after nopubkey}12:13
chris______Sh0rtWave, run 'sudo apt-get update | grep NO_PUBKEY' and tell be the output12:13
Sh0rtWaveI seriously have to make a change in a terminal?12:13
Sh0rtWaveThat would be a fail.12:14
chris______Sh0rtWave, we are going to make it trusted12:14
Sh0rtWaveI know, I know...it's just irritating that I have to ALWAYS drop into a terminal to do anything remotely serious in Ubuntu12:15
MonkeyDustSh0rtWave  terminal often is the fastest and easiest way, so you don't need a gui12:15
Sh0rtWaveI've been using Linux for 20 years.12:16
Sh0rtWavebut the intended use for this machine...is for someone who's not like me.12:16
MonkeyDustSh0rtWave  the you should be familiar with the terminal12:16
Sh0rtWaveI think you're completely missing the point.12:16
Sh0rtWaveI don't want to have to support this machine once it's built.12:16
MonkeyDustSh0rtWave  mechanics repair cars, too, what's special about that?12:17
Sh0rtWaveIt's another THING I have to keep track of.12:17
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Sh0rtWavewhch I'd rather not.12:17
GearSecondoI dont get an answer in that BT channel12:18
GearSecondou may help me here?12:18
GearSecondohow to install .tar.gz files12:18
Sh0rtWaveIf the updates can't be trusted to work properly, then I have to keep an eye on it.12:18
GearSecondoI read about it, but I got an issue with that configure command12:18
chris______GearSecondo, you need to extract the .tar.gz file like you would a zip file12:18
GearSecondochris______: I did. After that I have a Directory...and now?12:19
chris______GearSecondo, open up a terminal cd to the directory that the folder is in. Do you know how to do this?12:19
GearSecondoI read I have to run ./configure, in that folder now, but like I said I get an error12:19
Sh0rtWavewhat's the error?12:20
adept_GearSecondo, first, i think, you may try to find a deb-package of needed soft12:20
chris______whats the error12:20
GearSecondono such file or directory12:20
Sh0rtWaveAre you actually in that folder?12:20
Sh0rtWavetype this: pwd12:20
Sh0rtWaveto make sure12:20
Sh0rtWavethen ls -lha12:20
Sh0rtWaveand see where you actually are.12:20
FloodBot1Sh0rtWave: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:20
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GearSecondoI am in that folder12:21
Sh0rtWaveok then, if you're typing ./configure and getting "no such file or directory" then you have to do something different.12:22
Sh0rtWavetype this: find ./ -name "configure"12:22
Sh0rtWavequotes optional12:22
GearSecondonothing happens12:22
Sh0rtWaveIf that doesn't work, then do this: find ./ -iname "install*"12:23
st_ironhello and good afternoon12:23
civirokAnybody know of a good lightweight SNES emulator?12:23
GearSecondonothing happens, again12:23
ExElNeTis it possible to tell dnsmasq if the upstream dns server resolves the fqdn to it answers with "can not resolve"?12:23
Sh0rtWaveMost OSS packages come with an INSTALL.TXT or README.TXT file which contains the build instructions for the package.12:23
Sh0rtWaveOk find ./ -iname "readme*"12:23
st_ironI have bought a new T-Mobile modem (Huawei E352) and I must use it on 10.0412:23
Chuck_NorrisGearSecondo: and if you type: make12:23
st_irondoes anyone have any experience with it?12:24
st_ironas far as I know I have to upgrade my usb-modeswitch package to 1.1.9 at least12:24
GearSecondoChuck_Norris: error: ***No Targets given and no <<make>>File found12:24
Sh0rtWaveWhat package is this?12:24
BlackshirtSt_iron, i have huawei e160 series, works greatfully12:25
Chuck_Norrisye, so you need configure first12:25
Sh0rtWaveGearSecondo: What package are you trying to install?12:25
chris______i think thats java12:25
Sh0rtWaveSure is12:25
Sh0rtWaveThat's the Java runtime environment.12:25
st_ironBlackshirt: I have working modems, but it is for T-Mobile12:25
Sh0rtWaveDid you get that from Sun?12:25
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bazhangGearSecondo, is this ubuntu or backtrack12:26
st_ironit would be my private internet connection12:26
GearSecondoits backtrack12:26
bazhangGearSecondo, not supported here12:26
bazhang!backtrack | GearSecondo12:26
ubottuGearSecondo: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition12:26
GearSecondoI dont get any answer in the backtrack channel12:26
st_irontheoretically I can compile a new usb-modeswitch, but I want to ask your opinion12:26
Sh0rtWaveGearSecondo: do this12:27
bazhangGearSecondo, not an ubuntu issue, stop asking here for support12:27
Sh0rtWaveGearSecondo: find ./ -name "java"12:27
bazhangSh0rtWave, feel free to support him in the backtrack channel. it's not supported here12:27
GearSecondobazhang: whats ur problem?12:27
GearSecondolet em help me if they want to...12:28
Abhijit!guidelines | GearSecondo12:28
ubottuGearSecondo: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:28
bazhangGearSecondo, it's not supported here. go to the backtrack channel for support NOT here12:28
Sh0rtWaveGearSecondo: All you have to do here is copy that entire folder somewhere that you want to keep it permanently and follow the normal rules for setting up the environment...and you'll be done.12:28
Sh0rtWaveGearSecondo: IT already contains everything you need.12:28
GearSecondour great ;)12:28
silv3r_m00nI isntalled vsftpd and configured it and created a user and started it but when I connect to the server from a client , it says cannot enter the directory .12:29
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silv3r_m00nhow to fix this12:29
iceroothow are ubuntu-one storages saved? are they encrypted? only i can access that storage with my account? is the connection to ubuntu-one encrypted?12:31
bazhangiceroot, try in #ubuntuone12:31
drecutewhich is the most popular; likewise-open with WIN AD or ldap-auth-client with openldap server?12:32
icerootbazhang: ah great didnt know that one12:32
icerootdrecute: you want to authenticate against AD? or you want to search inside AD?12:33
sego-kucingDrecute, maybe you want try samba412:34
icerootdrecute: samba4 is your only way to work with AD domains12:34
drecuteno no12:34
sego-kucingSamba4 capable as AD controller12:34
drecuteit doesn't work12:34
icerootdrecute: sure its working12:34
drecutea lot of problems with krb12:35
drecutei don't want to go there again12:35
sego-kucingDrecute, i have try with samba4, and was working like a charm12:35
icerootdrecute: there is no other way then samba412:35
mbuckoeverytime i start my netbook i get a message that Ubuntu 12 has experienced an internal error. ExecutablePath /usr/bin/Xorg  ..any idea what this is?12:35
icerootdrecute: or you are using an ad-connector to sync the ad into samba3 and use that but you will miss the ad-features12:35
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Sh0rtWave/join ##programming12:41
Sh0rtWaveGonna go check that biz out12:41
Sh0rtWaveThat looks like a place just full of inflammatory opinion :D12:41
Dr_willissounds like IRC ;)12:42
AbhijitSh0rtWave, /topic12:42
civirokAnyone play videogames?12:43
bazhangcivirok, hows that relate to ubuntu12:43
civirokI need to know how to play videogames on ubuntu12:43
iceroot!games | civirok12:43
ubottucivirok: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/12:43
Abhijitcivirok, also check playdeb.net12:44
icerootcivirok: also have a look at "playonlinux"12:44
Abhijitcivirok, and keep eye on omgubuntu.co.uk for gaming news etc12:44
civirokThis is a very busy channel!12:45
MonkeyDustcivirok  http://users.skynet.be/gbachot/html/games.html12:45
bostguys, can you recommend me any tools for social coding under ubuntu, pls?12:45
Abhijitbost, github?12:45
bazhangbost, whats social coding12:45
bostAbhijit: I mean except github and pastebin :)12:45
icerootbost: we dont know what you mean/want12:46
Abhijitbost, whats social coding?12:46
icerootbost: its always a good idea to post usefull questions with usefull details :)12:46
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bostsocial coding basically means "programing in team"12:47
bostwhere the team does not sit together in one room, one company, on one continent12:48
MonkeyDustbost  any examples on other OSs?12:48
Abhijitbost, you want project management softwares?12:48
icerootbost: offtopic here, try ##programming12:48
civirokGoodnight everyone!12:49
Dr_willisI hate to tell him - this is a very slow day so far. ;)12:49
bostAbhijit: no, I'd like to show some tools to a friend of mine - a coding guy12:49
civirokMe sa in Australia!12:49
Abhijitbost, try planner, taskjugller12:50
Abhijitbost, search project managemnt in ubuntu software12:50
Abhijitbost, there are launchpad, google code if that is what you want12:50
yuriyvidbost, i think redmine - excellent soft12:51
bostredmine, taksjuggler seem to be tools for management. What am I looking for are tools like pastebin, github....12:52
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spacebug-what process is responsible for turning off the screen after screensaver has been activated? That thing that makes the graphic card turn off the signal ?13:04
judgenIs it possible to force plasma to use the gtk theme as well?13:04
icerootspacebug-: i guess the x-server itself. the screensaver is just calling a method from x1113:05
spacebug-iceroot: hum ok. Because yesterday only my screensaver (blank screen) activated the screen never turned off as is usually does efter like a minute so I guess some peocess must have died ot 'f-uped'. Loggin out and in again solved this13:07
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Rodrigoi have a little problem13:15
Rodrigoi am using a acer aspire 5738zg and it is running a little slow13:15
Rodrigoi opened additional drivers and shows 2 options13:15
Rodrigoone is called accelerated drivers controller and cames activated13:15
Rodrigoand another is called accelerator drivers and is current-update13:15
Rodrigothe fisrst one came activated13:15
Rodrigowhat are the differents13:15
krycekhi all13:16
* krycek giggles13:16
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csioktelRodrigo: what do you mean "additional drivers"?13:18
Xix19why is the "/usr" folder named "usr"? where does the name come from?13:18
Rodrigofor example13:18
Rodrigoi opened that thing where we can install drivers13:18
Rodrigoand it shows me 2 options13:18
Xix19same with "/etc"? if it contains configuration files, why isn't it named "/cnf" or "/conf" instead?13:18
Rodrigocurrent and current-update13:18
Rodrigoim usinga  nvidia g10513:18
Rodrigobut ubuntu runs a little slow13:18
Rodrigowould put the current-update make it better?13:18
Rodrigobecause my computer isnt bad...13:19
icerootXix19: User System Resources13:19
Rodrigoit has 512 mb of graphic (not very good), it has 4 gb ram, and t430013:19
oooaaaoooohey guys just installed ubuntu and was wondering how come i dont see home, /boot partitions in gparted?13:19
Xix19iceroot: what about "/etc" ?13:19
stormnboy@Xix19 Take a look here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_Hierarchy_Standard13:20
MonkeyDustoooaaaoooo  did you specify them during setup?13:20
icerootXix19: http://tldp.org/LDP/Linux-Filesystem-Hierarchy/html/etc.html13:20
deleteDirectorythere is one directory  ".gvfs " which I can't delete. How can I delete it ?13:20
icerootdeleteDirectory: dont delete that13:20
Dr_willis_deleteDirectory,  its special.13:20
MonkeyDustdeleteDirectory  try rm -r13:20
anoop_how to install scanner cannon mf4412  in ubunut 12.04?13:20
icerootMonkeyDust: dont suggest that13:20
icerootdeleteDirectory: its the gnome virtual file system and its needed for the auto-mounter for example13:21
ubottuScanning software: Simple-Scan (GNOME), Xsane, the GIMP (GNOME), Kooka (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR13:21
MonkeyDusticeroot  i'm not suggesting, i'm asking if he did13:21
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icerootdeleteDirectory: normally you should not delete anythign starting with .13:21
anoop_printer is working perfect but scanner is not working13:21
icerootMonkeyDust: a question is containing a "?". "try foobar" is not a question13:21
jussiis it possible to google from the dash?13:21
icerootjussi: w3m, lynx13:21
deleteDirectoryok , one of the process can't  access .gvfs , what could be the reason  iceroot?13:22
krycekor lynx13:22
icerootdeleteDirectory: there can be many reasons13:22
MonkeyDusticeroot  what?13:22
MonkeyDustok nvm13:22
anoop_is there any way to wokr this?13:22
BlackshirtHai gusti13:23
icerootMonkeyDust: [15:20] MonkeyDus | deleteDirectory  try rm -r13:23
bazhanganoop_, using simplescan?13:23
icerootMonkeyDust: i dont see a question there13:23
MonkeyDusticeroot  i thought you were talking about the partitions13:23
anoop_bazhang:  i tryed but it s not detecting13:23
delteDirecotryok I am back13:24
delteDirecotrysorry missed it13:24
delteDirecotryif you gave any valuable suggestion13:24
Dr_willis_what process.  details are handy13:24
EaglemanIs it possible to create a subdomain on a ip address like: test.
icerootdeleteDirectory: the best suggestion is "dont delete something when you dont know what it is doing just because you are getting an error-message" :)13:25
icerootEagleman: no13:25
icerootEagleman: ip and domain are totally different things13:25
icerootEagleman: you can create a domain for the ip and then a subdomain for that domain13:25
anoop_bazhang:  i tryed it with xscan too13:26
delteDirecotryDr_willis_:  actually , I am trying to install a software provided by Internet service providers, which works with huwei modem. It can't access .gvfs13:26
csioktelEagleman: you can create a subdomain like this
delteDirecotrythe software is used for connecting to the Internet13:27
icerootdelteDirecotry: you are calling the installer as root?13:27
Eaglemaniceroot i already got a domain but i want to exclude the virtualbox. subdomain from the internet making it accisble only using the vpn tunnel wich is
Dr_willis_delteDirecotry,  most likely it dosent need to access it.. makes me wonder why its trying13:27
delteDirecotryiceroot: yes ,13:27
icerootdelteDirecotry: root does not have a .gvfs13:27
delteDirecotryit is searching for my home directory iceroot13:28
icerootdelteDirecotry: normally network-manager should be able to talk to your modem so you dont need an extra software13:28
anoop_is there any way to  detect it ?13:28
anoop_how  to list usb devisces?13:30
anoop_connected with my system13:30
anoop_trijntje: thank you13:31
anoop_trijntje:  can you help me to install a scanner ?13:32
trijntjeanoop_: I dont know, what have you tried already?13:33
Dr_willis_check the sane site to see if its supported at all.13:34
shaneoHi guys I purchased the Humble Indie Budle V yesterday and when I try to run Psychonauts I get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/1019556/. Im running ubuntu 12.04 amd6413:35
anoop_nothing  only  i i tryed with simple scan and x scan13:35
Dr_willis_check the sane.org web site for how well supported the scanner is13:35
ubottuScanning software: Simple-Scan (GNOME), Xsane, the GIMP (GNOME), Kooka (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR13:35
anoop_trijntje:  only  used simple scan and xscan13:35
Dr_willis_not all scanners are supported13:36
anoop_ trijntje  both not detcting my scanner13:36
irgendwer4711hi, why is there a linux-image-2.6.38-15-generic but no soure-packages for 10.04 LTS?13:36
anoop_trijntje:    it is a multy fuction printer  .  Printer is worikg perfectly13:37
tbrown2012fbWhat kind of games can I play on linux:)13:37
trijntjeanoop_: I'm not sure. You should probably try searching for the printer name + ubuntu, see if anybody else got it to work13:37
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/13:38
shaneotbrown2012fb, quite a few13:39
anoop_ trijntje : i try that way in google but not got any good answere .  my scaner  is cannor mf 4412 and i am using ubuntu 12.0413:39
trijntjeI dont know much about scanners, so that's the only advice I could give13:41
anoop_trijntje:  ok thank you13:42
obelusanoop_: I'd say either come back here a bit later and see if someone's on that knows more about it, or go ask on http://www.askubuntu.com/13:42
MonkeyDusttbrown2012fb  http://users.skynet.be/gbachot/html/games.html13:43
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clarkProblem #1: my audio sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. can someone give me a hand at trouble shooting this problem? I'm not sure on all my hardware and software, and do not know how to determine what i have.13:46
Sh0rtWavelspci would be the first step13:46
Sh0rtWavehaving a look at dmesg output would be another step13:46
Sh0rtWaveSay you've got USb devices, you could do13:46
Sh0rtWavedmesg | grep usb to see what's there13:47
Sh0rtWavelspci will enumerate PCI devices13:47
clarkalright, i pulled up both of those commands13:47
=== scp1 is now known as fortplanteringst
Sh0rtWavelspci should give a fairly comprehensive list of what's in the machine.13:48
Dr_willis_canon has very poor linux support with a lot of their hardware13:48
clarki think the problem is somewhere between my tv/monitor and my graphics card (vizio and radeon hd 6450) because sometimes I'll have something playing on my computer and switch over to a different input on my tv; but when i switch back to my computer, i have no sound (sometimes i still will have sound)13:52
clarkPulse audio will still show that something is playing, but i won't get any sonud13:52
clarkany thoughts? or is this definately not an ubuntu problem?13:55
Sh0rtWaveclark: Smells like your TV, actually. I find that with my television, if the FIOS channel changes from 480 to 720, then sometimes the sound won't catch up correctly and I have to switch inputs to component back to HDMI before it starts working.13:57
Sh0rtWaveclark: I really doubt that an audio stream on a PC, once working, will magically stop because you changed an input.13:58
clarkI'll surely buy that, because i was thinking the same thing13:58
skaI just installed 12.04 on a new Amd a6 system. Apparently the installer likes the graphics, but once I boot, screen goes dark. I know it boots becuase I can ping and also do ctrl-alt-del to reboot.14:02
skaSo the graphics card is a problem for it.14:02
skaIs there a way I can fix this?14:03
skaIf I modify the grub.conf, do i need to run grub-install again?14:03
esingnotice that the PC in this video starts first in XBMC. how come that? I thought first ubuntu has to be booted and then you have to run or autostart XBMC? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q94OljzPfc14:04
kettyhelp my system appair GRUB14:04
skaHow do I get the grub menu at boot?14:04
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)14:05
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto14:05
abhinav_singhi have an upstart script ..i am able to run it by this command (sudo start job_name )...I want to start it using service  like (sudo service job_name start) ..how do i do that?14:05
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge14:05
meoblast001after uninstalling tor and removing the torbutton plugin, it seems firefox can no longer connect to anything14:06
meoblast001i'm rather confused. has anyone seen this happen before?14:06
kettywhen I start the PC I can choose between xp and ubuntu boot xp if it appears necessary and loading DLLs and kernel crashes if GRUB boot ubuntu only appears grub > and just14:07
kettyi dont- speak english very well sorry14:08
kettyi need help for my pc14:08
meoblast001ketty: #ubuntu-it14:08
kettyno one answer14:09
gigawhat's wr?14:09
meoblast001well. one problem is that this channel only has on common language that we all know14:09
meoblast001so if you need help in a specific language, there are channels for those languages14:10
gigawhere's chinese14:10
chu(I think?)14:11
gigaThink you very much!14:11
gigathank you14:11
HelloWorld321nope, nobody there at #ubuntu-cn14:11
craigbass1976HelloWorld321, it's probably censored...14:12
ArasariWhy is it that when I VNC to my ubuntu server, the remote mouse is always offset a bit from my real mouse14:12
HelloWorld321craig: that's exactly right!  It's #ubuntu-tw14:12
crab2313user in china hardly ever use irc.14:13
esingnotice that the PC in this video starts first in XBMC. how come that? I thought first ubuntu has to be booted and then you have to run or autostart XBMC? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q94OljzPfc14:13
Arasariesing, maybe he's running XBMCLive14:14
craigbass1976HelloWorld321, I just heard on the radio last night about China and Google's latest "showdown"14:14
chucraigbass1976 and HelloWorld321: You guys mind taking this chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please? :)14:15
c31r2gchu no please14:15
c31r2gsorry :#14:15
gigaesing,sudo nano rc.local14:16
indioHi. Is there any main bug you can refer me to related to Unity unresponsiveness?14:18
ubottuUnity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity14:19
skaI'm able to get into grub, and into failsafe mode, but I'm not sure how to fix the graphics from there. Any ideas?14:20
MrPopinjayHi guys. I have a machine that currently has 2 gigs of ram in it but I'm planning to upgrade to 4gigs at some point14:20
indioska: Tweak /etc/grub/default14:20
MrPopinjayIs there any reason to use 32bit over 64bit when installing ubuntu (or a similar distro)14:20
indioska: Than do update-grub14:21
zykotick9ska: have you tried nomodeset?14:21
indioThere are two configuration lines you can tweak...14:21
daneshello, which software works better to sync with ipods?14:21
indioska: Sorry. It is /etc/default/grub14:21
skazykotick9: not yet. just run it as root console?14:21
zykotick9!nomodeset | ska14:22
ubottuska: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:22
indioska: GRUB_GFXMODE=1024x76814:22
suleyMrPopinjay: I upgraded to 8 gigs two days ago. but nothing changed...14:22
indioska: Or something suitable for you14:22
JoseeAntonioRMrPopinjay: There will be no difference, don't worry about it14:22
skaindio: does that go into the global area of /boot/grub/grub.cfg or /etc/default/grub?14:23
indioIt just resides in /etc/default/grub14:23
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod14:23
MrPopinjayJoseeAntonioR, Ok thank you. Just wanted to know if there were any outstanding issues with 64bit atm14:23
indioska: GRUB_TERMINAL=console <- That will also fix your problem. Just choose which one works.14:24
skaindio: ok, i have it in.. I just reboot then.14:24
steve84im running ubuntu 12.04 LTS and i am having an issue with mu sources im getting an error E: Type 'ain' is not known on line 3 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nilarimogard-webupd8-precise.list how can i fix this?14:25
indioska: Remember to do `update-grub'14:25
jribsteve84: pastebin the contents of that file14:25
=== amp is now known as Guest97906
skaindio: if I do GRUB_TERMINAL=console, will startx or similar fail?14:25
zykotick9MrPopinjay: there are differences between 32 and 64bit.  32bit is easier most of the time - it's also better for low RAM systems <4GB14:25
steve84<jrib> how do i do that im new to linux14:25
jrib!pastebin | steve8414:25
ubottusteve84: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:25
HelloWorld321does lspci poll hardware to come up with its information?14:26
indioska: Nope. It will work just fine.14:26
danessteve84, what do you want to do?14:26
skaok,, ty14:26
zykotick9HelloWorld321: lspci asks the kernel, linux "polls" hardware on boot14:27
suleyindio: My ibus didn't work in sublime text, is there any solutions?14:27
HelloWorld321if my video drivers don't work after upgrade to Precise Pangolin LTS, are lspci and lshw reliable sources of information, or are they messed up too?14:27
indiosuley: Sorry. No clue.14:28
zykotick9HelloWorld321: lscpi can be trusted... probably lshw too14:28
steve84<jrib> http://paste.ubuntu.com/1019648/14:28
jribsteve84: uh, pastebin the contents of the file in your error14:28
HelloWorld321zykotick9: tx14:28
indioIs there any bug you can refer me to related to Unity being unresponsive?14:28
daneswhat can I use to sync my android phone with ubuntu to have email, calendar and contacts?14:29
suleyindio: author will not fix this bug until the version get stabled. thanks anyway...14:29
i7cdanes: google mail ;)14:29
saryMrPopinjay: Are questioning about http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop as to why ' 32 bit is recommended ' http://askubuntu.com/questions/1441/why-does-ubuntu-download-recommend-32-bit-install14:29
skaindio: i made the GRUB_GFXMODE=1024x768 change, but it still boots black. Maybe this is where i have to install another graphics driver.14:29
indioska: Did you try GRUB_TERMINAL=console ?14:30
EaglemanIs there a way to see if certain users are able to login or have a password set?14:30
suleydanes: thunderbird can sync mail, calendar and contact. just install it and search for addons.14:30
indiosuley: Which bug?14:30
saryMrPopinjay: I meant ' Are you ..14:30
ehsansI want to use aufsin ubuntu so that I'd have all my changes written to another partition so if any thing goes wrong I could just format that partition.can someone help me with the fstab entry?14:30
skaindio not yet. I'll try. Xorg is looking for fglrx which is missing though.14:30
tbrown2012fbWhat is the best torrent downloader can I install to my Ubuntu:)14:30
antimoni love deluge14:31
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:31
MrPopinjaysary, No, I'm not :)14:31
i7ctbrown2012fb: if youre into terminal stuff, i can recommend rtorrent14:31
saryantimon: i 2nd that .14:31
saryMrPopinjay: Alright . :)14:31
suleyindio: ibus becomes unavailable in sublime.14:31
jribsteve84: do you understand?14:32
=== jack is now known as Guest85406
steve84<jrib> here is whats in that file http://paste.ubuntu.com/1019659/14:32
EaglemanIs there a way to see if certain users are able to login or have a password set?14:32
jribsteve84: are you sure that's the entire file?14:33
skaEagleman: cat /etc/shadow and see if they have a password set there.14:33
steve84hold on ill double check14:33
Eaglemanska when they dont have a password are they able to login?14:33
jribsteve84: an you run « cat  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nilarimogard-webupd8-precise.list » in a terminal and pastebin your command and full output?14:33
steve84give me a sec14:34
tbrown2012fbHow can I install the Ubuntu store:) Because I installed a Minimale iso and I made a Desktop Envirement LXDE and I dont have a lot of stuff in it even Ubuntu Store is not in it how can I get it. I have ubuntu 12.0414:34
skaEagleman: no, usually not.14:34
skaEagleman: no pw= no login14:34
EaglemanAnd when not ska?14:34
EaglemanWhen can they login without a password14:35
EaglemanI have to be sure they cant login14:35
steve84<jrib> http://paste.ubuntu.com/1019662/14:35
zykotick9!info software-center | tbrown2012fb do you mean this?14:35
ubottutbrown2012fb do you mean this?: software-center (source: software-center): Utility for browsing, installing, and removing software. In component main, is optional. Version 5.2.1 (precise), package size 606 kB, installed size 4232 kB14:35
jribsteve84: you see the "ain" on the third line?  You need to delete that14:35
steve84<jrib> its not letting mw edit the file and save it14:36
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest87395
jribsteve84: gksudo gedit PATH_TO_FILE14:37
EaglemanWHat is :*: and :!: in the password fields in the /etc/shadow file14:37
esinggiga oh so he added XBMC as a user account an starts it directly right14:38
steve84<jrib>  thanks for your help it worked and now i am able to update my stuff with the update manager14:39
jribEagleman: man 5 shadow14:40
Eaglemani've found it14:40
jribsteve84: no problem14:40
EaglemanNo Password ( --disabled-login ):*: Account DIsabled:!: in the password fields in the /etc/shadow file14:40
skaEagleman: passwd -l14:40
skaindio: ty.. fglrx was the problem14:41
Eaglemanska, i've got this user: media:!:15486:0:99999:7::: I'm only using it for assigning to files and folders for acces14:43
Eaglemanis it better to disable the account or leave the :!: ?14:43
zykotick9Eagleman: editing /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow manually probably isn't the greatest idea... just sayin'14:44
EaglemanI'm not planning to14:44
EaglemanI'm just asking the difference and what could be better14:44
MonkeyDustEagleman  i guess the safest is to not touch anything14:49
=== pekko1 is now known as pokkos
zykotick9Eagleman: why are you creating accounts to disable them?  wouldn't creating a "media" group and adding users to that make more sense?14:51
sulaimanI have recently started using the latest version of Ubuntu  (12.04) again  after a long break of using windows, In that version of Ubuntu, I could pick L2TP when configuring my VPN Connection using the network manager, I no longer see that option14:56
sulaimannow I just see OpenVPN, PPTP and Cisco Compatible VPN14:57
MonkeyDust!find l2tp | sulaiman14:58
ubottusulaiman: Found: l2tp-ipsec-vpn, l2tp-ipsec-vpn-daemon, l2tpns, xl2tpd14:58
neglesakssomeone kick the Ubuntu ONe notes server, please, syncing notes is failign again14:58
skaEagleman: normally if you make a user, and don't assign a password, that account is effectively locked.15:01
Eaglemanska i've used --disabled-login15:02
NetRunnerBlackCan anyone help me with Oracle VM VirtualBox? I'm on 12.04, and I want to use a VM to access iTunes for my iPod. I can't seem to get the VM to recognize my USB. I've already done 'sudo adduser netrunnerblack vboxusers' with no luck thus far.15:03
EaglemanNetRunnerBlack #virtualbox15:03
NetRunnerBlackEagleman Thankyou.15:03
oCeanNetRunnerBlack: did you install the extension pack?15:04
NetRunnerBlackoCean Extension pack? >.>15:04
oCeanNetRunnerBlack: yes, that will enable usb passthrough15:05
EaglemanVirtualBox 4.1.16 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack15:05
NetRunnerBlackoCean Eagleman Thanks, I hadn't looked into addons at all just yet, guess I should have!15:05
EaglemanWhy cant i find anything about this parameter on any of the manpages? adduser --disabled-login15:06
danesI tried to open the help menu from amarok and I got this error: Could not find service 'khelpcenter'.  how can I fix it?15:06
oCeanNetRunnerBlack: once downloaded, go to File > Pref > Extensions15:06
oCeanNetRunnerBlack: after that you can - per machine - configure which devices to passthrough15:06
NetRunnerBlackoCean That's awesome. Thanks again.15:08
EaglemanWhy cant i find anything about this parameter on any of the manpages? adduser --disabled-login15:09
KRomoi just formated a sencond hd i am using for storage it is 2tb. it says 129.7gb used...why? also, it has a lot+found folder I CANT DELETE. HELP!!!15:11
JoseeAntonioREagleman: You can issue man adduser, that will give you the manual.15:11
Eaglemanaw Thanks JoseeAntonioR15:12
=== ustreamer-190842 is now known as oltpdin
JoseeAntonioRNo problem15:12
steve84_hi i am having issues with bluetooth on ubuntu 12.04 any help would be greatly appreciated15:14
neglesaksUbuntu one shows Notes services runs ok, but im unable to sync; anyone else having problems?15:15
lJ6ilHello there. When i launch "sensors", it tells me this (this is the beginning of the answer) : acpitz-virtual-0      Adapter: Virtual device          temp1:        +64.0°C  (crit = +95.0°C)15:16
lJ6ilWould someone know what is "virtual device" ? acpitz-virtual ?15:16
ranjans89Will anyone help me to pass through initramfs prompt. I'm kinda stuck in it.15:17
LordOfTimeranjans89:  we need to know what error its throwing to get you to there]15:17
KRomocan anyone help? :)15:18
EaglemanKRomo ext uses 5% of the disk space for something15:18
KRomothe drive says partition type: hpfs/ntfs type: ext415:19
EaglemanKRomo When formatting the drive as ext2/ext3, 5% of the drive's total space is reserved for the super-user (root) so that the operating system can still write to the disk even if it is full. However, for disks that only contain data, this is not necessary.15:19
Eaglemanow nvm,15:19
KRomohow do i properfly format this pos15:20
MCl0vingood morning folks15:20
EaglemanThis could help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive15:20
EaglemanModify Reserved Space (Optional)15:20
KRomoit says the drive is bootable but i dont need it to be15:20
MCl0vinquick question regarding gnome and 12.0415:20
Eaglemannot sure about ext415:20
ranjans89LordOfTime: Any idea.15:21
MCl0vini am using 12.04 and gnome on my dv7 laptop , i am trying to watch a movie while sitting in a conf. room, but when i plug my ear peice and play the movie , the sound come from normal speakers and he earpieces at the same time15:22
EaglemanHow do i create a user without a home folder?15:25
i7cMCl0vin: are you using pulse?15:26
MCl0vini7c, not sure what is that ?15:26
i7cMCl0vin: pulseaudio is a "sound server". it is like a virtual audio device which manages the sound output for all applications.15:26
zykotick9Eagleman: use useradd (NOT adduser) without the -m15:27
MCl0vini7c, how do i check if i am using it please15:27
i7cMCl0vin: which player are you using? can you check in the settings what audio device is used?15:27
ChesterXhey guys, how can i add an .iso as a source to the ubuntu software center?15:27
kinglethello all, i want to install my VGA in additional hardware, but i've got this error msg  "Please have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log"15:27
MCl0vinmplayer i7c15:27
i7cmhm ok. i think mplayer uses pulseaudio by default, but not sure. you can install pavucontrol.  open a terminal and type   sudo apt-get install pavucontrol15:28
i7cMCl0vin: mhm or wait a second.15:29
MCl0vini7c, pavucontrol is already the newest version.15:30
i7cMCl0vin: i think pavucontrol won't help. go to terminal and type alsamixer15:30
MCl0vini7c, but shouldn;t it detect when i plug my earpeice15:30
kingletany idea?15:30
i7cMCl0vin: with F6 you can choose your sound card and you can turn off speakers.15:31
i7cMCl0vin: yes it should, i dont know why it does not work, sorry.15:31
MCl0vinS/PDIF        S/PDIF Default PCM  S/PDIF Playback Sound <--- what are those i7c15:32
MCl0vin^^ from alsamixer15:32
i7cMCl0vin: different channels of your sound device15:33
yggdrasilhi, im curious what email client people are using with 12.04 ? thunderbird really?15:33
i7cMCl0vin: i'm sorry i'm in a hurry, i gotta go. keep asking around here, someone can help you for sure, k?15:33
=== pekko is now known as pokkos
neglesaksthunderbird for me15:34
i7cyggdrasil: gmail. dont need a client ever again.15:34
yggdrasilhow is it?15:34
=== lub`afk is now known as lubmil
MCl0vini7c, ah...ok, well it not that i am not hearing audio , is that i want to know where i can choose my speakers vs earpiece15:34
i7cMCl0vin: try mute and unmute different channels (with m) in alsamixer15:35
i7cMCl0vin: you can't break anything, just play with it15:35
neglesaksworks fine as always15:35
neglesaksin other news. U1 notes sync still down :(15:35
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=== Guest85406 is now known as wN
b17ChXI'm having problems getting sound in Rakarrack 6.03 on Ubuntu 12.04LTS15:40
b17ChXsuspecting Jack15:40
MobileXManmy mouse doesn't always work in ubuntu 11.10 for some reason15:42
scottamungaHi everyone.  I had a question about Precise.  I'm using the 64-bit edition, and when I log in to Unity 3d, I have graphical glitches.15:42
MobileXMani have an alienware m17x R3 laptop, and my touchpad doens't always work right15:43
scottamungaI upgraded from Oneiric.  I had used Ubuntu Tweak to make certain features transparent (such as window titlebars) that aren't officially supported (I guess?) I was wondering if that could've caused this, and if I need to do a fresh install of Precise.15:43
MCl0vinWhen I connecting my headphones to laptop, the speakers is still working. Where is the problem?15:43
scottamungaMC10vin, what version? At least for me, that issue stopped on my Compaq presario cq60 after Maverick.15:43
MCl0vinscottamunga, 12.0415:44
scottamungaMc10vin, oh sorry15:44
MCl0vinscottamunga, HP dv715:44
scottamungaMc10vin, I haven't read through this, but I did a quick google search for "HP dv7 headphone jack sense Ubuntu" and this bug report on Launchpad came up: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/43368315:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433683 in linux (Ubuntu) "HP Pavilion dv7 2108 doesn't mute speakers & switch output to headphones when they are plugged in" [Wishlist,Fix released]15:45
scottamungaalthough, it seems to be from 2009.  I wonder why in the world it's still affecting you. :(15:48
scottamungaJust wondering if anyone had any idea about my issue.15:48
scottamungaI upgraded from Oneiric.  I had used Ubuntu Tweak to make certain features transparent (such as window titlebars) that aren't officially supported (I guess?) I was wondering if that could've caused this, and if I need to do a fresh install of Precise.15:48
scottamungaThere are graphical glitches when booting into Unity 3d (but not Unity 2d)15:49
scottamungaMCl0vin, if I find anything I'll let you know15:49
scottamungaalso, random question, but does anybody use Jupiter in Precise?  Notice any power savings?15:50
MobileXManHi everyone. I have issue with power adapter in ubuntu 11.10, on alienware m17xR3 laptop. when it is plugged in when the OS loads to the desktop, there is no issue. However, after the OS has loaded, if I unplug the adapter and then replug it in, the power icon on the desktop stills shows it on battery power and the battery discharging, and I cannot get it to see the power adapter plugged in.15:52
User_007Hello guys, i got some problems with my wireless card, and i need to change it from n to g mode in order to get it working with my router. How can i do that?15:52
scottamungaMobileXMan, does the battery still drain, or charge? Maybe as a workaround, you could set the battery indicator to only show up when charging/discharging?15:53
scottamungaI've noticed graphical glitches when logging into Unity 3d.  I upgraded from Oneiric.  I had used Ubuntu Tweak to make certain features transparent (such as window titlebars) that aren't officially supported (I guess?) I was wondering if that could've caused this, and if I need to do a fresh install of Precise.15:54
MobileXManscottamunga, i am not sure if the battery actually discharges or not when the adapter is plugged in, but ubuntu thinks it is discharging, so when it reaches a point to where its close to being drained (in Ubuntu's mind), it will try to hibernate.15:54
htorquehi everyone! what's a good way to use a web proxy in ubuntu that requires authentication? i don't really like to add the user/pass in plain text to 'System Settings → Network → Network proxy'.15:54
scottamungaThe Ubuntu Tweak settings are no longer there15:54
ASMODEUS_What's a good and easy to configure HTTP proxy?15:55
scottamungaMobileXMan, I'm by no means an expert, but let me search for your problem and see what comes up15:56
scottamungawhat's the computer model again?15:56
MobileXManscottamung, its an alienware m17xR3 laptop15:56
scottamungaalright, brb15:56
piremerdtest. hello15:57
LoRezis there a way to get ubuntu 11.10/12.04 to not capture Alt-~?15:57
b17ChXI'm having sound problems with Rakarrack.15:58
scottamungaMobileXMan, here's something about the m17xR2 laptop.  It mentioned problems with the BIOS.  Have you upgraded your BIOS?15:59
ASMODEUS_Anybody ever install Ubuntu on a Dell Precision M4300?16:00
MobileXManscottamunga. No, I have not upgraded my BIOS since I bought it. i have the A09 BIOS version.16:00
scottamungaoh ok, so this is info isn't even relevant16:00
scottamungaIt did mention something about disabling Hybrid16:00
obakfahadHello  guys !!!16:00
scottamungaIdk what this, because I've never owned an Alienware computer16:00
scottamungadoes that have to do with power management in the gfx card?16:01
obakfahadLong live 12.0416:01
scottamungahi obakfahad16:01
* MCl0vin hates 12.0416:01
pats_TomsHi, Is there someone who can help me to get libncursesw.so.5?16:01
obakfahadHello scottamunga16:01
scottamungahey MCl0vin, also, did you have problems with ubuntu on your laptop before 12.04?16:01
obakfahadWhat are you using scottamunga ?16:01
scottamungaI've had graphical issues myself (obviously)16:02
scottamungaobakfahad, I'm using 12.04 on a compaq presario cq6016:02
davidI agree 12.04 is my favourite ubuntu version so far16:02
obakfahadI am in 12.04 32 bit...in acer aspire 4738z . scottamunga16:02
scottamungaagreed david.  I feel it's much more polished, although I wish I had fewer problems with it16:02
ASMODEUS_Does anyone use Unity?16:03
obakfahadVery very good release16:03
MCl0vinscottamunga, don't recall if i did or no with this specific issue!! but since i have installed 12.04 it is giving me hell every f**king time16:03
scottamungaASMODEUS_, I do.  I used to hate it (I liked gnome 2 with docky.) but I've grown accustomed to it.16:03
scottamungaI also am having issues running certain windows software for my work and a steam game, so I still have to use windows a bit.16:04
MonkeyDustMCl0vin  mind your language and don't use ubuntu if you don't like it16:04
MCl0vin12.04 is like 2014 Lexus with a 79 honda engine to me16:04
ASMODEUS_Same but now since I started using it, I tend to drag my cursor into the top left corner of my screen when I use Windows.16:04
scottamungaI've noticed graphical glitches when logging into Unity 3d.  I upgraded from Oneiric.  I had used Ubuntu Tweak to make certain features transparent (such as window titlebars) that aren't officially supported (I guess?) I was wondering if that could've caused this, and if I need to do a fresh install of Precise.16:05
MobileXManscottamung, idk, but i'm using the 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 675M card16:05
ASMODEUS_Does anybody get garbled text with libcairo2 and Nouveau (nvidia drivers)?16:05
MCl0vinMonkeyDust, or else what?16:05
scottamungado you know if you're using the latest nvidia drivers (under Additional Drivers)16:05
cyf3rHi! I've got a question... This morning ubuntu says my screen is a screen of a laptop. And I only can select resolutions for a laptop screen... and there isn't an option to say it isn't a laptop screen16:06
MobileXManyes, i have installed the nvdia additional drivers which fixed an issue having to use the "nomodeset" option in the grub entry when booting ubuntu16:07
dazecyf3r: my PC screen also thinks it's a laptop :)16:07
scottamungaok.  As I said, I'm by no means an expert, just trying to go through everything I can think of.16:07
losthorizonshi guys - I have a question.  I was going to install Ubuntu via the wubi installer.  I was wondering, how can I choose to boot either between Ubuntu or Windows once I have everything installed?16:07
dazebut I don't really see a problem with that16:07
cyf3rits a problem cause I can't select the correct resolution16:08
scottamungabut it sounds like you've done everything you can at this point.  I'd just keep searching the web for answers, and also, hopefully someone will come in who knows a bit about this.16:08
scottamunga1 more thing MobileXMan: have you tried askubuntu.com?  I think the devs answer questions there.16:09
cyf3rnvmd... It's fixed now :/16:09
dazecyf3r: strange. I suppose there's a config file you can add your preferred resolution to. aren't you using a lcd?16:09
MCl0vinanother question i have, how can i make konsole my default terminal in 12.0416:09
MobileXManscottamunga, not yet. i will try that next.16:10
MobileXManand then also the ubuntu forums16:10
cyf3rdaze: It works fine now.... its just that sometimes ubuntu switches the resolution when I restart my pc16:10
MobileXManbut thanks for the help.16:10
MCl0vinhow can i make konsole my default terminal in 12.04 please16:11
scottamungaMobileXMan, sorry I couldn't help more.  I know it's frustrating when you have an issue and can't find a solution.16:11
cyf3rhas anybody compiled the LibSS7 library with cgg? I keep getting tons of error messages while compiling it :s16:11
MCl0vini turn to like it better than the default16:11
losthorizonshi guys - I have a question.  I was going to install Ubuntu via the wubi installer.  I was wondering, how can I choose to boot either between Ubuntu or Windows once I have everything installed?16:13
NoeelAhoj potřeboval bych pomoc16:13
SontogoHi, I'm a linux newbie, installing ubuntu for the first time, and I'm some problems16:18
cromagsharky1: a question - otherwise no one answers :D16:19
SontogoAt first I was getting a black screen after selecting 'install', so I did some web research, and found some people needed to select 'nomodeset' to make it work. I tried that and the installation worked16:19
wilee-nileeSontogo, give us a outline.16:19
Sontogoafter the installation, the system said I needed to reboot, so I did, but again I got the black screen16:19
SontogoI read on the web that I need to make the 'nomodeset' permanent so that upon boot, it works, but I don't know how to do that16:19
bgamariFor those of you in console-based IRC clients, does anyone see this character (〈) rendered with single-cell width?16:20
bgamariFor me it is rendered in two cells16:20
odinsbane3 cells for me16:20
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | Sontogo you need to enter it again in the kernel, update when you are in and check additional drivers16:20
ubottuSontogo you need to enter it again in the kernel, update when you are in and check additional drivers: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:20
bgamariodinsbane: Strange16:20
bgamariThis appears to happen in both xterm and gnome-terminal16:20
MonkeyDustbgamari  irssi here, 2 cells16:20
odinsbanebgamari: plus there are two parenthesis around the characters.16:21
bgamariI really don't know where in the stack this is; I don't think xterm depends on pango16:21
Sontogothis is a stupid question, but how do I access the kernel?16:21
bgamariodinsbane: Yes, that was typed16:21
bgamariSontogo: What do you mean?16:21
wilee-nileeSontogo, check the link full instructions there.16:21
MonkeyDustSontogo  if you don't know how, you shouldnt16:21
odinsbaneMonkeyDust: then he cannot boot.16:22
wilee-nileeSontogo, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313216:22
SontogoI read that, it says "To set kernel boot options, you must edit your grub configuration. You can do this temporarily for a single boot by entering the grub menu. If you do not get to see the grub boot menu after the bios automatically, you may have to press SHIFT key after the bios logo to get in to grub:"16:22
wilee-nileeSontogo, correct16:22
SontogoI tried getting into the grub menu, but wasn't able to. I'm not sure what the grub menu is16:23
odinsbaneSontogo: it is the boot menu when you load up it gives you a choice of OS's to use.16:23
MonkeyDustSontogo  the grub menu is where you can choose ubuntu or windows (mostly)16:23
SontogoI don't get menu what I boot up16:23
SontogoI only have ubuntu on the machine16:23
Sontogo*I don't get that menu..16:24
odinsbaneSontogo: did you press shift right after the bios stuff.16:24
Sontogoyea tried that16:24
Sontogowill try again thogh16:24
wilee-nileeSontogo, tap the shift at powering on hit e fro edit at the menu16:24
wilee-nileetap repeatedly or hold down as soon as you power on. Sontogo16:24
Sontogook I will restart the machine now and try that16:24
SontogoI'm running ubuntu off of the USB right now16:25
wilee-nileeSontogo, is this 12.0416:25
wilee-nileeSontogo, cool it is shift then16:25
Sontogoactually let me go on my laptop so I can continue this chat while it's booting up16:25
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Sontogo_when I press shift upon booting up, it takes me to a screen with a purple background, and language options16:28
Sontogo_is that the Grub menu?16:28
Sontogo_I have five menu options: 'Try Ubuntu without installing', 'Install Ubuntu', 'Check disc for defects', 'Test memory', and 'Boot from first hard disk'16:29
wilee-nileeSontogo, you are still booting the install, remove that and power on.16:29
jvcleaveanyone successfully installed ubuntu (any version) on a MacBook pro 8,2+?16:29
Sontogo_I'll reboot again and press shift earlier16:29
Sontogo_maybe I'm pressing it too late16:30
Zentaurcould anybody help me with a strange problem when i watch a youtube video?16:30
Zentaurpeople is blue :)16:30
wilee-nileeSontogo_, remove the cd or usb flash it is still booting that16:30
skaanyone have experience calibrating lm-sensors for AMD A6-3650? My temps are totally off.16:34
odinsbaneska:  is that for a laptop?16:34
SomelauwHi, I upgraded from ubuntu 11.4 to 11.11 and now all my fonts are a lot bigger.16:36
odinsbaneCan I format a usb drive to ext2 and boot from that?16:36
SomelauwAlso the tabs in firefox are displayed in huge letters.16:36
wilee-nileeodinsbane, boot what?16:37
odinsbanewilee-nilee: ubuntu16:37
wilee-nileeodinsbane, not unless it is a full install16:37
bobo123i try to connect my laptop directly to the WAN port but somehow i can't get an IP address from the router, how can i solve this problem? i tried this on windows i somehow get an IP address from the router16:38
bobo123the DHCP server on the router is started16:39
wilee-nileeodinsbane, you trying to set up ubuntu to be seen by windows?16:39
SomelauwSorry, but upgrading to ubuntu 11.10 is the worst thing I ever did. Nothing works anymore.16:40
odinsbanewilee-nilee, no I am trying to setup a usb disk so I can use ubuntu at work.16:40
wilee-nileeodinsbane, you can't boot a fat there?16:40
smerzbobo123, ubuntu behaves like windows in this regard. you connect the cable, and then it will try to get an IP via dhcp16:40
odinsbanewilee-nilee: fat is fine.16:41
odinsbanewilee-nilee: There are some issues about sim links when using fat.16:41
bobo123smerz: i tried that but i don't get an IP address from the router, and in windows my laptop gets an IP address, that's the problem16:41
smerzbobo123, are you sure the network port you're using will receive a dhcp response. and did you configure eth0 (lan) to use dhcp (or perhaps a static config)16:41
wilee-nileeodinsbane, when you say ubuntu disc you mean a full install, or a live cd disc16:41
smerzbobo123, it's not configure to use some sort of static configuration?16:41
bobo123smerz from the NetworkManager it is per default Automatic DHCP16:42
dethosHello, how can i install the package oxygen-gtk in my ubuntu? i can't find it in official repos16:42
odinsbanewilee-nilee: I want something that has additional packages to the default install.16:42
bobo123smerz: in windows i see that the router has gave me an IP address16:42
odinsbanewilee-nilee: it will be a live usb but I need some added functionality.16:42
wilee-nileeodinsbane, use a flash and persistent, just don't update it, and untick the cd in softwrae sources, run a update to get the repos synced but only install your pckgs16:43
smerzbobo123, can you run ifconfig. and private message me (or use nopaste) the data for eth0 ?16:43
SomelauwIs there a way to recover ubuntu as much as possible if a dist upgrade made the system unresponsive?16:44
nagarjunahi all,  is there any GUI tool for sharing others desktop like team viewer in windows16:44
odinsbanewilee-nilee: what do you mean use a flash?16:44
neglesaksubuntu one notes sync is still down.16:44
smerzbobo123, this is the ifconfig data, that my wireless has right now (for example) http://nopaste.info/f858e0d19c.html16:44
odinsbanewilee-nilee: do you mean flashdrive?16:44
wilee-nileeodinsbane, don't install the updates, just run it to get the repos synced for your installs, after unticking the cd16:44
wilee-nileeodinsbane, yes a flash drive.16:44
bobo123smerz, just a sec16:45
wilee-nileeodinsbane, you know what a persistent is?16:45
skaodinsbane: no its a desktop system.16:45
odinsbanewilee-nilee: I am not clear on what a persistent is.16:45
nagarjuna is there any GUI tool for sharing others desktop like team viewer in windows16:46
davidHi all. I've set up Ubuntu Server 12.04 and am attempting to configure network shares using Samba (currently testing over home network using Windows 7). I have a read-only share that is working fine, but when I attempt to write to the non-read-only share using the Windows client, I'm getting an access denied / you need permission error. Any advice? :)16:46
odinsbaneI have an iso, I used Unetbootin to create a flash drive with 1gig persistent data. It ran out of room. I tried to use 4gigs persistent and unetbootin froze.16:46
wilee-nileeodinsbane, usb installers like unetbootin and the installer in ubuntu have a persitent option so the usb flash has a memory of your installs,16:46
odinsbane(the drive is is a 4gig memory stick)16:47
wilee-nileeodinsbane, you probably want at the least a 4 gig usb16:47
halfmtI have a screen brightness issue, been crawling the forums and nothing's working! Its not a simple key/software issue but more likely driver/device problem.  I can catch you up on what all I've tried if anyone's interested/has any suggestions?16:47
thx1138could someone help me with a cryptography question?16:47
wilee-nileeodinsbane, a usb load has limited use as it is reading the ISO, so installing updates will fill it up and possibly installing a kernel update will break it.16:48
bobo123smerz: i can't copy the ifconfig result because i can't manage now to get internet on the laptop, but i don't have an "inet4 addr" line in the result, there is only "inet6 addr" in the result with an MAC address after it16:48
bobo123smerz: it also says UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST...16:48
bazhangthx1138, ##crypto for that16:49
=== Guest90860 is now known as vega-
smerzbobo123, i just wanted to check that it infact did not have a good ipv4 addr ;-)16:49
thx113810x bazhang16:49
nagarjunais there any GUI tool for sharing others desktop like team viewer in windows16:50
cyf3rLibSS7 1.0.2 just keeps on giving error's when I compile it...16:50
cyf3rmtp3.c:458:17: error: variable ‘sif’ set but not used [-Werror=unused-but-set-variable]16:51
smerzbobo123, just check that the lan cable actually get's a link active light (on pc/laptop or router).16:51
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SomelauwWhy is it that all text is displayed in a very huge caption when using a window manager other than unity?16:51
smerzbobo123, also maybe try "sudo dhclient -r"   (it's supposed to check for dhcp). it that doesn't work try "sudo /etc/init.d/network restart"16:51
odinsbaneOkay so I have a 4gig memory stick, and unetbootin. I'm not sure how much persistent data I can allocate. When I said 4gigs it unetbootin froze.16:51
SomelauwIs there some way to fix it?16:52
odinsbaneSomelauw: what wm?16:52
smerzbobo123, and you doo see your network interface in the ifconfig list right? i.e. the kernel did detect and install your network card right? ;-)16:52
Somelauwodinsbane: wmii16:52
Somelauwodinsbane: It never had that problem before. I suspect the login manager is messing with it temporarily.16:53
odinsbaneSomelauw: what was the previous login manager?16:53
Somelauwodinsbane: Just gnome-login-manager and now the ubuntu 11.10-thing.16:54
deepaCan I mount ffs partitions_16:55
SomelauwThe defaults of ubuntu 11.4 and ubuntu 11.10. I didn't bother to change the login manager.16:55
davidHi all. I've set up Ubuntu Server 12.04 and am attempting to configure network shares using Samba (currently testing over home network using Windows 7). I have a read-only share that is working fine, but when I attempt to write to the non-read-only share using the Windows client, I'm getting an access denied / you need permission error. I *think* I've added the relevant options in Samba, but would appreciate assistance! :)16:55
odinsbanedavid: did you check #samba?16:57
davidodinsbane: Ooh thanks, wasn't aware that channel existed :)16:58
nagarjunaHi, Can any one answer this plz. Is there any GUI tool for sharing others desktop like team viewer in windows16:58
escott!vnc | nagarjuna16:59
ubottunagarjuna: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX16:59
sulaimannagarjuna, I use rdesktop sometimes to remotely access my windows machine on my network16:59
nagarjunaok i will with those tools. thx guys :)17:00
smerznagarjuna, for personal use i recommend nxserver & nxclient.  they're faster than the other tools i've seen. comes close to citrix in windows ;-)17:00
EaglemanI cant find this folder for openvpn: /usr/share/openvpn/plugin/lib/openvpn-auth-pam.so17:00
smerzgoogle nomachine17:01
nagarjunasmerz: i need to install nxserver to view the windwos desktop right?17:01
odinsbanewho scored for england?17:02
smerznagarjuna, ahh you want to connect to windows "remote desktop" ?17:02
odinsbane... woops17:02
smerznx client & nx server is to make a nice "linux remote desktop". disregard my comments then hehe17:02
nagarjunasmerz: yes i want to connect windows desktop using ubuntu17:02
smerzgoogle linux RDP viewer17:02
smerzyou'll find a client. i think there is one in ubuntu repository. easy to install17:03
smerzin fact it's already installed on mine17:03
smerzopen dash board type "remote"17:03
smerzand you should have the remote desktop client in the list17:03
gmachine_24My wireless connection starts up and then after about 10 or 15 seconds it disconnects. Ubuntu 11.04 has been installed for whatever a year and I've never had problems before. Switched routers and it still happens. Other laptops it's not an issue. It's a BCM4312 wireless controller.17:04
smerzi got "remote desktop viewer" and "remina remote desktop client". can't tell you which one is better. but both of these appear to come with ubuntu ouf of the box ;-)17:04
nagarjunasmerz: i hav desktop sharing in my ubuntu17:04
smerzno client ?17:05
smerzthen go into the ubuntu software manager and look for either of the 2 i named17:05
nagarjunawill it work for  windows. Ya there is remmina remote desktop clint is there17:05
smerzyes they will work. they're made to connect to windows "remote desktop" yes17:05
BlackZataraalg pode me ajudar17:05
smerz"remote desktop viewer" i'm sure it works17:06
nagarjunatq i will try it17:06
smerzthe remina remote desktop client, i've never spotted that one before ;-)17:06
escott!br | BlackZatara17:06
ubottuBlackZatara: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.17:06
EaglemanI cant find this folder for openvpn: /usr/share/openvpn/plugin/lib/openvpn-auth-pam.so17:06
smerznagarjuna, easier than expected huh? :)17:06
smerzgmachine_24, try the 12.04 live cd. see how it works in there17:07
smerznew kernel, maybe better support for your wireless chip17:07
smerzgmachine_24, could also be poor signal if you're far away from the AP17:07
gmachine_24smerz, but it worked fine for a year17:07
gmachine_24and the signal is strong17:07
BlackZataraGood afternoon friends ...17:07
smerzgmachine_24, your neighbourhood didn't invade your wlan channel right?17:08
smerzthough unlikely the cause heh17:08
gmachine_24smerz, no. but I thought of that. I tried different channels17:08
deepa Can you mount FFS in Ubuntu_17:08
BlackZataraI am very difficult to set up my notebook vga17:08
gmachine_24smerz, the thing is the problem is only on this one laptop17:08
smerzgmachine_24, 60% of my neighbours are on the first channel hah17:08
BlackZataraCan someone help me17:08
smerzgmachine_24, hmm i dunno then17:08
smerztry disabling wlan power saving17:09
gmachine_24smerz, ok17:09
smerzthat's an odd one though17:09
smerzbut it helped me on my campus wlan17:09
BlackZataraMy notebook is a HP G42-371br and he has two video cards17:09
OerHeksBlackZatara, optimus?17:11
smerzgmachine_24, "Power Management:off" when you run "iwconfig". can't recall how to disable it anymore :(17:11
gmachine_24smerz, I just checked. Power management is already off.17:12
AptGetterHi. How do I do an "apt-get upgrade" but exclude certain packages? Specifically I want to "apt-get upgrade" without upgrading any Unity packages. Thanks.17:12
BlackZataraI'm having problems at the installation vga of my noteboo17:12
odinsbaneDamn unetbooten froze again while setting up persistence. It doesn't like 3gigs either.17:12
BlackZatarahelp me17:12
odinsbaneBlackZatara: what cards are you using.17:12
BlackZataraum min17:13
smerzgmachine_24, which channel are you on, and which are your neighbours on?17:13
smerzbecause like channel 1,2,3 they all overlap. you really want to be 4-5 chans away from the mass. other than that I got no further ideas sorry :(17:13
BlackZatara01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RS880M [Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series]17:13
BlackZatara02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Robson CE [AMD Radeon HD 6300 Series]17:13
tarathielhi, is there any way to bypass unity-greeter through ssh?17:14
odinsbaneBlackZatara: so you want an external monitor?17:14
deepaCan you mount FFS in Ubuntu?17:14
BlackZataraI want better performance, because it consumes much battery for my notebook and I can not use hdm17:15
smerzdeepa, i never heard of "FFS" but linux usually can mount a lot of types.17:15
deepaBerkeley Fast File System17:15
deepaoh hey, apparently called UFS too17:16
OerHeksBlackZatara, so it is hybride graphics ?17:16
smerzdeepa, yeah maybe go investigate along that route hehe17:16
sanguisdexso here an odd one for you. I was using wifi, then I plugged in, now wifi can't get any data depitethe connection17:18
sanguisdexwhat should I be looking at?17:18
crazicoderhi all17:20
KRomoanyone know if the apple keyboard will work with ubuntu 12.04?17:20
KRomothe wired keyboard17:22
sundayhi hi17:23
OerHeksKRomo, why don't you plug it in and see?17:24
RBVKRomo: Sure it does17:24
KRomoi dont own ir yet lol17:26
KRomoOerHeks, thanks for the great advice lol17:26
oooaaaoooohi guys does anyone know if empathy supports proxies?17:27
RBVoooaaaoooo: Did you even ask google? http://anupam128.blogspot.com/2011/03/using-empathy-behind-proxy.html17:27
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sstaRBV: the policy of this channel tends to be "be nice to those people too inexperienced or lazy to google" :)17:28
escottssta, RBV, i'm not sure lazy is allowed (i certainly don't help lazy people), but not everyone knows the right terms to google17:30
sstanah, lazy is allowed17:31
ssta"be nice to everyone, no matter what"17:31
martinphonei HAVE 400 radio stations I want to add to radio tray, but all of em are as link to: In the libreoffice calc document I am editing I see only kbps, the actual address is the link. I need to replace kbps for the actual address17:31
escottmartinphone, can you give an example line of what you have and what you need to have?17:32
go8765Hello. Is anyway to download blogspot blog via wget with pictures that posting in blog?17:32
martinphoneescott: for just one line I see 128kbps, if I pass the mouse over it, the part I need appears: http://www.wdr.de/wdrlive/media/wdr2_essen_duesseldorf.m3u17:34
martinphonelike that for 400 lines17:34
escottmartinphone, does the link appear if you save as csv and open in a text editor?17:35
odinsbanego8765: I beleive you need to follow links.17:35
martinphoneescott, no idea... ill give that a try17:35
odinsbanego8765: or maybe something like this? http://linux.derkeiler.com/Newsgroups/comp.os.linux.misc/2006-03/msg00222.html17:36
escottmartinphone, alternately save as xml and then run grep and sed over the xml to find all the links17:37
falemattehi all, i an trying to make a simple script that opens 4 firefox windows: http://pastebin.com/1m65gcSy If i launch it i get only one window started and then, if i close it another one ic created. What can i do to fix this?17:38
go8765odinsbane: blogspot have pictures urls, like 3.bp.blogspot.* and wget dont download it, becouse it have not the same like blog url :(17:38
escottfalematte, command &17:39
falematteescott, i tried that one too. In terminal it works but not in the script!17:39
escottfalematte, what is your shebang? /bin/sh is dash not bash17:39
falematteescott, #!/usr/bin/env python17:40
falematteescott, This is my first script :P Aniway i think u mean that line isn't it?17:41
odinsbanego8765: what about setting the Domain Acceptance? http://www.editcorp.com/Personal/Lars_Appel/wget/wget_4.html17:41
escottfalematte, (a) why are you specifying "env python" instead of just python? (b) for a python script I dont know how you would background a job. python isnt a shell17:41
odinsbaneescott: that is the correct way.17:42
SomelauwHi, I noticed that both wmii and awesome don't work correctly in ubuntu 11.10. Has support for everything besides unity been stopped?17:42
SomelauwOr has it something to do with my computer.17:43
falematteescott, i am folowing a guide, i dunno why the "env". I am using python because is really more flexible than bash! With the subprocess.call it should do the job! With google chrome it works!17:43
odinsbanefalematte: you #! line is correct.17:44
falematteodinsbane, i think i need some Firefox option...17:45
odinsbanefalematte: .call isn't as good as Popen. Is .call being called four times?17:45
sstafalematte: I don't think firefox spawns a new window from the command line if one is already open.  There's a -new-window option IIRC17:45
falematteOdd-rationale, yes17:45
odinsbanefalematte: ie add a check, print "something"17:45
falematteodinsbane, checking17:46
falematteodinsbane, how to ad a command in the for loop in python?17:47
falemattessta, i tried that option too :S17:48
roajehey i just updated firefox, when i open a new tab it shows me a list of commonly visited sites17:48
roajei dont see a prefernce option to disable that, anyone know how?17:49
=== digital_ownage is now known as digital_ownage{e
zally666so how do i reinstall dvb-t&analog tvtuner drivers in ubuntu ?17:50
JoseeAntonioRzally666: sudo apt-get install --reinstall dvb-t analogtvtuner17:51
roajeaha found it - in about:config the option is browser.newtabpage.enabled17:51
odinsbaneI'm using kubuntu a kubuntu livecd and I used usb-creator-kde to create a usb and now it askes me to 'try ubuntu' or install every time.17:53
odinsbanefalematte: put a return after the colon, and then indent your line for each line of code.17:54
falematteodinsbane, ok the function is launched 3 times17:55
odinsbanefalematte: but still only 1 window?17:55
falematteodinsbane, yes but if i close it another one is opened17:56
falematteodinsbane, ok problem solved, thx for help! here is the code  http://pastebin.com/NiVUGVrX17:59
=== lxde is now known as Guest1037
BhaveshUsing Compiz on 12.04 will kill me?18:00
xanguaBhavesh: if you are using unity you are alreasy using compiz18:00
Bhaveshxangua: I mean ccsm, or the desktop effects18:01
SomelauwDoes unity by chance ignore Xdefaults?18:01
xanguaBhavesh: depends on the effects, unity+cube=bad idea18:01
delacBhavesh: use ccsm only when also using gnome classic desktop18:02
MonkeyDustBhavesh  i tried unity + cube, for testing purposes and i can rrpeat what xangua  says18:02
Bhaveshdelac: so you mean I should install gnome-shell and then use ccsm on unity?18:02
delacBhavesh: I think gnome-panel is enough for gnome classic, but gnome-shell might incluede it too...18:03
BhaveshMonkeyDust: ok, rt18:03
delacBhavesh: just see that the unity plugin is disabled in the ccsm before you start using other plugins18:04
Bhaveshdelac: ok thank you.18:04
jenniewhat are features in ubuntu that makes it ahead of other distros ?18:05
oCeanjennie: this channel is for tech support issues. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for general discussion18:06
=== eid is now known as eid_
LoRezis there a way to get ubuntu 11.10/12.04 to not capture Alt-~?18:11
Python132oroot@arsenic:~/veth1#  iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -p tcp -m state --state NEW -m statistic --mode nth --every 2 --packet 0 -j WAN018:12
Python132o/lib/xtables/libxt_statistic.so: /lib/xtables/libxt_statistic.so: undefined symbol: lround  ====>  iptables v1.4.12: Couldn't load match `statistic':Success18:12
OAlexM992E ai pessoas.18:13
=== oyost is now known as gujjuDholFafda
jennieI want my both hardware work printer and GFX card and drivers are available for linux please tell that ubuntu will make both work http://support-in.canon-asia.com/contents/IN/EN/0900772424.html http://www.amd.com/us/products/desktop/graphics/amd-radeon-hd-6000/hd-6570/pages/amd-radeon-hd-6570-overview.aspx18:21
martinphonehelp, I need step by step instructions to extract all addresses from 400 lines of text18:22
escottmartinphone, did they appear in the csv?18:22
martinphoneescott, csv file will only list the actual text, not the links18:22
martinphonesame for xml18:23
martinphoneunless I am missing something, given the noob I am18:23
escottmartinphone, paste an example line that contains the link then18:24
martinphoneescott, 128 Kbps18:25
deffragHow to find which device driver is in use to when USB hub is working?18:25
martinphoneright click on that will show the link18:25
escottmartinphone, no you need to find that text in the file18:25
escottmartinphone, when you open that file in gedit you need to find that link18:26
skaI may have broken apt. I accidentally killed 'aptitude dist-upgrade' when it finished its download.18:29
Froodwhen one moves a hard drive from one computer to another with Ubuntu on it, what do you have to do to get all the drivers, etc.18:29
skaIs there a way to jump it?18:29
odinsbaneska: apt-get install -f18:29
Froodapparently Ubuntu didn't like moving from a Pentium with integrated graphics to an i5 with integrated graphics.18:29
odinsbaneFrood: why not reinstall?18:29
Froododinsbane: Because I have all the data on this one, and it's easier to just move the hard drive over.18:30
escottFrood, i would think both would work as both use i915 what is in /etc/modules?18:31
skaodinsbane: that didn't work but "aptitude upgrade -f" seems to have started a party.18:31
Froodescott: just two lines. lp18:31
kollisioni installed ia32-libs and now i cannot uninstall them18:32
escottFrood, you dont have an Xorg.conf do you?18:32
escottFrood, and what version is ubuntu/what revision is the i518:32
=== zz_arejay is now known as arejay
odinsbanemuon is a horrible estimater of diskspace usage. I removed some packages and updated a couple. It claimed I would save 85 megs, I ended up using an additional 130megs. And that was after using apt-get clean.18:33
Froodescott: ivy bridge, i5-3550, and 12.0418:33
Froodi don't recall creating Xorg.conf, but it was probably automatically generated18:34
Bhavesh_Looks like gnome-shell for 64bit ubuntu 12.04 is missing from Ubuntu repos. Because sudo apt-get install gnome-shell returns 404 Nor Found.18:34
kollisionhow can i get rid off that package ia32-libs? installation failed and now the apt db seems to be inconsistent18:34
escottFrood, i'm not sure what it could be. i would expect that to autodetect18:34
Froodit seems to have fixed itself.18:35
Froodnow... why won't it detect that I have a bluetooth adapter?18:35
SilivrenionHaving a problem. I upgraded from 11 to 12, and now the system won't boot into unity? It gets stuck after checking battery state and wont continue. Help?18:35
Froodwith an intel centrino 623018:36
oCeanNicee: please behave18:36
SilivrenionWhat does one do when a distro upgrade fails?18:37
NiceeIs my computer open for Poker?18:37
KrupteinHey I have the problem that some of my applications don't get an icon in the unity bar and hence if I minimize them I can't get to them anymore as alt-tab won't display the apps either18:38
detIs it possible to make the system defaults fonts be the Deja Vu fonts instead of the Droid fonts ?18:39
SilivrenionI cant get ubuntu to start past the loading of a few services. How can i fix this after the upgrade?18:40
=== JoFo_ is now known as Jofo
deffragHow to find which kernel driver is in use for connected USB hub?18:41
SilivrenionI can't find any ubuntu information on what to do if an upgrade fails18:41
escottdeffrag, lshw18:41
ubottuM4rv: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:42
EaglemanHow to get rid of bacula? i'm seeing pieces of it everywhere, like in my mysql database and in /etc/init.d18:43
kollisionE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)18:45
SilivrenionIs there any way to revert the 12.04 upgrade? Or am i stuck reinstalling?18:45
kollisioni have an amd64 and not an i386 system18:45
cypher-neoSilivrenion, What went wrong?18:45
jennieplease answer friends I want my both hardware work, printer and GFX card and drivers are available for linux please tell ubuntu will make both work http://support-in.canon-asia.com/contents/IN/EN/0900772424.html http://www.amd.com/us/products/desktop/graphics/amd-radeon-hd-6000/hd-6570/pages/amd-radeon-hd-6570-overview.aspx18:45
SilivrenionUpgrade from 11 to 12 went ok, restarted.  Wont boot now18:45
SilivrenionIt shows ubuntu purple with dots,  some terminal text and stops18:46
cypher-neoSilivrenion, What does the Terminal text say?18:46
Silivrenionchecking batter state.  OK18:46
SilivrenionThays the last msg18:47
cypher-neoSilivrenion, You upgraded from 11.10 to 12.04?18:47
deffragescott: No, I don't see USB hub in lshw18:48
cypher-neoSilivrenion, See if you can access the boot menu by holding down Shift while it boots.18:48
SilivrenionOne sec18:48
cypher-neoSilivrenion, There should be additional options in there. And if you have left-over linux images that haven't been deleted you could try booting from an older one and see if it completes the boot.18:49
SilivrenionIm in grub18:49
cypher-neoSilivrenion, Otherwise just hold for now... I'm gonna look something up.18:50
EaglemanKinda offtopic, how do i login on freenode?18:50
=== arejay is now known as zz_arejay
dirtdogdont they use nickserv18:50
xangua!identify | Eagleman18:50
ubottuEagleman: You can identify automatically by using your NickServ password as the server password in your IRC client. When identifying manually, do NOT send the command from a channel's tab, or a typo may give away your password. If that happened, type « /msg NickServ set password <new-password> » in the server tab as soon as possible.18:50
cknoxEagleman: /msg nickserv help18:50
cypher-neoSilivrenion, This sounds like your problem here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185982018:51
SilivrenionI see 3.0.0 20 generic and recovery,  previous version , and memtest,18:51
oCeanmartinphone: I think if you Export as.. and choose XHTML, it will show the actual URL in the output18:51
oCeanmartinphone: a little sed and cut will filter the links from that content18:51
cypher-neoSilivrenion, Looks like it could be a graphics issue.18:51
tuxgeekEagleman: "/connect irc.freenode.net"18:51
xanguaSilivrenion: sounds like the kernel was not upgraded, did your pc go to hibernation while upgrading interrupting the upgrade itself¿18:51
SilivrenionIt completed ok18:52
EaglemanNo login into my account18:52
oCeanEagleman: please use #freenode channel for that18:52
SilivrenionI restarted when the distro upgrade prompted18:52
cypher-neoxangua, Check this out. It's sounds eerily the same http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185982018:52
martinphoneoCean, Im already cutting with geany...18:53
martinphonebut thanks18:53
oCeanmartinphone: ah ok.18:53
fastaHow do I get previews to work in dolphin for PDF files? I already told Dolphin to show them for PDF files, but it just doesn't work.18:53
SilivrenionStrange, i dont use proprietary drivers. Its a netbook18:54
KRomowow just bought the apple keyboard from best buy...the thing is amazing18:55
SilivrenionThis is wierd18:56
SilivrenionI opened in a terminal view and typed startx... nothing on screen18:56
SilivrenionWait, theres a cursor18:56
=== Travis is now known as Guest54787
Guest54787Ya I need a Project to work on today:) I just dont know what to do...18:57
SilivrenionIts acting very strange. No mouse movement. I see page icons on the screen but no text or filetype icons. Theres no unity elements18:58
melkorjennie one question at a time maybe. What is wrong with the printer?18:59
=== miguel is now known as Guest72082
jenniei want to know that printer will work or not ?19:01
melkorjennie: I don't know why it wouldn't19:01
=== phenom is now known as stuxnet
jenniemelkor i am noob i just want to confirm that it should work else i have to take pain of switching back to windows coz of this printer only i switched back to windows  2 years and at that time there were no driver by canon19:04
xangua!printer  | jennie19:04
ubottujennie: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows19:04
ki7rwi have a problem with k3b under ubuntu 12.04 - it doesn't recoginize the installed normalize-audio package19:06
usr13jennie: localhost:63119:06
SilivrenionCypher-neo, i tried doing the nvidia thing just for kicks, but theres no nvidia card in this thing. I cant get x to start correctly19:06
jenniehttp://www.openprinting.org/printer/Canon/Canon-LBP_2900B is still paperweight19:06
usr13jennie: Get another printer.19:07
jennieif it is paperweight then what canon is providing ?19:07
davidhey can someone tell me how to modify the login screen like change the default resolution and background?19:09
davidbtw im running 12.0419:09
usr13jennie: You'll have to talk to the folks at canon about that.19:09
martinphoneofftopic, but dont know where to ask: I need a genay channel19:10
User_007Hello folks! Does anyone know where can i get support for iwlwifi driver? i really need help19:11
Darael!anyone | User_00719:11
ubottuUser_007: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.19:11
xanguadavid change your desktop background and the login screen will use the same19:11
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=== oidjfsoisd is now known as phenom
txomon|homecan anyone check in a computer that belongs to a domain, that making dig <hostname> doesn't get resolved as nslookup <hostname> =19:12
davidxangua: and how would you change the default login screen resolution (in 12.04)19:13
Boohbahtxomon|home: what?19:13
MonkeyDustdavid  best way to find out is by trying19:13
User_007Where can i get support for iwlwifi driver? i really need help19:13
txomon|homeBoohbah, I think the dig command has a bug in, and I also think it is only in ubuntu (haven't checked it yet)19:14
Silivrenion:( bah, i cant figure out why x is being all lethargic and wont start properly19:15
davidMonkeyDust: Believe me, I have tried AND googled but can't find anything. I can change the screen resolution for when I am logged in but I need to change the screen resolution for the login screen itself19:15
txomon|homein theory dig hostname should look first into the domain, and then go ask root servers (as specified in docs) but it doesn't19:15
txomon|homedavid, have you tried searching for lightdm?19:16
txomon|homebtw, anyone knows when the ICANN is going out of EEUU? or if it is going to be freed someday?19:17
MonkeyDusttxomon|home  that's a question for #ubuntu-offtopic19:18
txomon|homeMonkeyDust, ok, and the relevant question?19:19
MonkeyDusttxomon|home  you mean about dig? don't know19:20
Boohbahtxomon|home: dig will first look at your caching nameserver specified in /etc/resolv.conf19:23
fastaHow do I get a full crash report interface instead of the dumbed down one which is offered by default when some application crashes?19:23
mpwdHi, I am trying to install ubuntu 12.04 and preserve an existing windows installation; I have been using the partitioner that comes in the installer to resize my existing windows partition, and now I have an "unusable" partition19:24
fastaI think Microsoft also allows the user to see which information it is going to send to MS.19:24
Boohbahfasta: you can get a core file by editing limits.conf19:25
mpwdCan anybody lend me a hand, or point me to a tutorial?19:25
xanguayou could just select the install alongside option in the ubuntu installer mpwd19:25
xangua!dualboot | mpwd19:25
ubottumpwd: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot19:25
Boohbahmpwd: did you complete the ubuntu install?19:27
mpwdxangua: I don't seem to have the "alongside" option.  Just "Replace Windows" and "Something Else", which drops me into the partitioner19:27
mpwdBoohbah:  No, I'm stuck at repartitioning19:27
reisiompwd: you tried to boot into windows and it didn't boot?19:27
mpwdreisio:  I haven't tried it yet, but I think it should be fine19:27
reisiompwd: oh unusable as in maybe you've used up your primaries19:28
mpwdreisio:  I am sure that is the case19:28
reisiompwd: what's taking up your other partitions?19:28
FliPcs 1.6     mix    5v5,ON,low19:28
=== tommy_ is now known as Guest97445
AceFacehello all!19:29
txomon|homeBoohbah, yes, but it doesn't19:29
mpwdreisio:  Windows 7, and some things I am not sure about.  This isn't my machine, it's a friend's I'm trying to help out.19:29
knobydobsFGLRX is causing me major problems19:30
txomon|homesorry, it does, but doesn't ask for <hostname>.<domain> it asks directly for <hostname>.19:30
darkangelhave u tried to download and replace the file19:30
AceFaceIs this the proper channel for asking help on my ubuntu install?19:30
DJonesAceFace: Yes it is19:30
txomon|homeso the server forwards or recurses, whatever, you don't have it resolved19:31
SlowI'm having trouble with an Ubuntu installation (installed using wubi)... it will install fine, but after a reboot (dual booting with windows 7)... I receive an error and the screen gets "lines" across it and never finishes booting19:31
mpwdreisio: It looks like one parition is for "recovery", another is the boot partition, another is windows 7 and finally there's a small partition for HP_TOOLs19:31
reisiompwd: ah19:31
knobydobsIf i try to use ubuntu 3D then I get a screen with the sidebar (inactive) and a completely blank grey bar across the top19:31
darkangelubuntu should install basically on its own unless ur having hardware issues19:31
SlowI'm new to linux but can follow some simple commands for trouble shooting19:31
reisiompwd: well the only two you actually need are Windows & Windows' boot19:31
reisiompwd: if you want to backup the others that might be worthwhile19:31
knobydobsI am using 12.04 LTS19:32
martinphonewhat command can I use to append 200 names to 200 url's if I have 2 txt files?19:32
zykotick9martinphone: so append you can use >> like "cat file1 >> file2" (make backups first)19:33
reisiomartinphone: paste -d ' ' one two > three19:33
=== davidkim is now known as Machiavelli43
AceFaceIve installed ubuntu server 12.04 and openssh, i intend to keep this a headless server in the long run. I am currently on a windows machine and i'd like to ssh into my ubuntu server. I am having issue sending sudo commands over ssh, i get the error "sudo no tty present and no askpass program specified"19:33
AceFacedoes anyone know how to fix this issue?19:33
MonkeyDustAceFace  do you ssh and then sudo, or sudo within the ssh command?19:34
AceFacethere is a screenshot of the error19:36
AceFaceany commands that require "sudo" is wanting me to enter a passwordf19:36
BoohbahAceFace: you can't use sudo without a tty19:36
theadminAceFace: Try using PuTTY or KiTTY  it seems whatever you are using doesn't quite fit for a proper ssh client.19:36
AceFacehmmm. i will try putty19:37
martinphonezykotick9, like "urlnames.txt >> urls.txt ?19:37
DJonesAceFace: I'd recommend putty as well19:37
AceFacethank you for the suggestion!19:37
martinphonezykotick9, like "urlnames.txt >> urls.txt" ?19:37
reisiomartinphone: paste -d ' ' one two > three19:37
=== tom__115 is now known as vonsar
martinphonereiso,>>> paste -d ''urlnames.txt > urls.txt <<<19:38
reisiomartinphone: no... 'one' represents the first file, 'two' the second, and 'three' the final output file that has yet to be created19:38
reisiomartinphone: paste -d ' ' urls.txt urlnames.txt > combined.txt19:38
Zentaurrhythmbox-radio-browser doesn't seem to work with rhythmbox in 12.0419:38
Zentaurwhat could i do? i can't browse the icecast service19:39
martinphonereiso,>>> paste -d ''urlnames.txt urls.txt > combined.txt <<<, because I want urlnames to appear before urls19:39
theadminmartinphone: You're missing a space.19:40
theadminmartinphone: -d is used to specify a delimeter -- an empty one is a *bad* idea in your case19:40
reisiomartinphone: but otherwise the reordering is fine19:40
martinphonepaste -d ' 'urlnames.txt urls.txt > combined.txt << is the space correct now?19:41
martinphonepaste -d ' ' urlnames.txt urls.txt > combined.txt19:41
theadmin!cz | robert__19:41
ubotturobert__: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.19:41
SlowCan anyone help with a wubi instalation that errors out after a reboot?19:42
martinphonemany thanks both theadmin reisio19:42
reisiomartinphone: paste -d ' ' urlnames.txt urls.txt | perl -pe 's/^(.*?) (http.*)/<a href="\2">\1<\/a><br>/g' > combined.html19:42
reisioSlow: depends on the error of course19:43
martinphonereisio, I executed and it seems everything is ok...19:43
martinphonename and urls...19:43
reisiolast one there will give you usable HTML links as output19:43
Slowreiso: that's the problem... the error message flashes too fast to capture and then the screen gets "lines" across it19:44
drecutehow do I do a pam configuration for sudo?19:44
dontknowhi, i want to encrypt home directory, i found a guide. is it ok giving my user account password or should i choose different pass?19:44
reisiodrecute: to accomplish what19:44
reisioSlow: lines?19:44
drecuteto make it use NIS19:44
reisiodontknow: it's okay, but another pass would add another potential layer of security19:45
Slowyup. almost like the graphics card is failing/ driver issue... except it works just fine before a reboot19:45
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest88577
* reisio shrugs19:45
reisiowubi is problematic19:45
Slowi'm dual booting (on a laptop) with windows 719:45
mpwdreiso:  A little update, the HP_TOOLS partition can be recreated using this utility: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=ob-99123-1&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en19:45
=== karakedi is now known as babayaru
mpwdreisio: So I'm going to just delete it and make a logical partition19:45
mpwdThanks for your help!19:45
Guest88577i have the ISO of the Edubuntu Precise Pangolin release.  I'm trying to install it on an Ubuntu 7.10 machine... any help would be greatly appreciated! :)19:46
=== babayaru is now known as Guest78615
Slowreiso: it's weird. it's done this twice... but the install went just fine otherwise19:46
reisiompwd: it can be recreated using dd and a copy of the partition layout :)19:46
reisiompwd: but you don't technically need it19:46
reisioSlow: if you type 'rei' then hit TAB, what happens?19:47
Slowreiso: inside of ubuntu?19:47
SlowI don't know... i'll have to attempt to boot back in to it19:47
reisioSlow: no here :p19:48
Slowgive me a bit19:48
reisiono really...19:48
Slowwill have to reboot19:48
drecutewhat does this mean? pam configuration for sudo19:48
reisiocan you type 'rei' into your IRC chat window, and then hit TAB?19:48
reisiodrecute: you tell us19:48
reisioSlow: aha :)19:48
Slowi'm missing something19:49
drecutereisio: I can't su to a NIS user19:49
CoJaBoWhat do I need to do to install Sun (or is it oracle now) Java?19:49
drecutereisio: so I was told to configure pam configuration for sudo19:49
D[4]niis there any graphical (!) folder diff application for ubuntu?19:49
reisioSlow: didn't seem like you knew how to do that19:49
reisioD[4]ni: meld19:49
dontknowreisio, is it easy to find user password? Or is it possible? i believe i have strong password, so do you say is it ok giving my pass for encrypted home?19:50
reisiodontknow: no it's not really easy from the system19:50
reisiodontknow: it's just that if someone manages to learn your log in password19:51
reisiodontknow: they also would have access to your data19:51
reisiodontknow: it's up to you whether you want the additional security that would come with a separate password19:51
D[4]nireisio: thanks, looks nice19:51
Slowreisio: other than installing ubuntu manually... well, from a disk, any suggestions?19:51
theadmindontknow: http://xkcd.com/792/19:51
reisioSlow: you don't want to do an ordinary install?19:52
Sloweh, wubi is just easier19:52
SlowI mean, I can... but now I'm curious why it's failing19:52
PupenoIs there an easy to use GUI program to configure which services run at startup in Ubuntu?19:53
knobydobsDo i want fglrx?19:53
dontknowtheadmin, so you say use different pass?19:53
theadmindontknow: Well, yeah, I mean, extra security never hurts, right?19:54
knobydobsPupeno what version are you using?19:54
Pupenoknobydobs: 12.04 I believe.19:54
reisiotheadmin: hrmmm, what's the March 1997 ref to?19:54
theadminPupeno: There's this "rcconf" thing19:54
theadminreisio: ...?19:54
reisioin xkcd you linked19:54
PupenoI'm looking for something with a GUI.19:54
dontknowreisio, theadmin thanks19:55
knobydobsGo to the top, right of your screen to the power symbol and click Startup Applications19:55
theadminreisio: I'm not sure what you're talking about19:55
reisiotheadmin: there's a reference to March 1997 in the xkcd you linked19:56
theadminreisio: Still not sure, also this sort of got offtopic19:56
* reisio shrugs19:56
knobydobsPupeno Go to the top, right of your screen to the power symbol and click Startup Applications19:56
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Pupenoknobydobs: where is Startup Applications?19:59
mikeS11Having troubles installing ubuntu from USB. I am using the latest version of unetbootin. I have downloaded a fresh iso file. I have used multiple computers to create the bootable USB. The problem is that it says the "installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted". Ideas?20:00
neglesaksubuntu one notes sync is still down for me, but the status page still says its runnign OK. someone able to check if its really running?20:01
theadminmikeS11: Try LiLi (if you're still on Windows) or dd, unetbootin has *always* failed me.20:01
mikeS11theadmin: I'll give dd a shot. Thanks.20:01
haryvtrying to link users login ftp account with /var/www but following the directions on http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6726542/give-ftp-user-access-to-specific-directory give me a error when loging in as 500 OOPS: cannot change directors /home/user20:01
harushimoI'm using this website to setup maas20:01
harushimoon vm20:01
knobydobsIs there any way to use 3d acceleration without fglrx?20:01
harushimowhat does it mean update address with my network?20:02
harushimoit looks like the person is using a router address?20:02
harushimosome clarification would great20:02
harushimoor do I need to setup another vm for ubuntu-server20:03
haryvmmm mabey no one here has set up a web server for users ftp accounts?20:03
CoJaBoWhat do I need to do to install Sun (or is it oracle now) Java?20:06
CoJaBoIs this possible still?20:06
ratcheerCoJaBo: Yes, if you do it manually.20:06
CoJaBoHow? And what happend to the easy way, anyway :/20:07
knobydobsCoJaBo: sudo apt-get update-sun-java I think20:08
theadminknobydobs: That's not even valid apt syntax20:08
ratcheerReally? I thought Oracle stopped letting them package it.20:08
CoJaBoknobydobs: That was close, but it was removed from apt.20:08
knobydobsahh - i forget install20:08
CoJaBoYeh, I tried, its gone.20:08
ratcheerLike I said...20:09
knobydobsOk - still woks here20:09
CoJaBoAlso tried some of the manual ways, the commands do not actually run.20:09
CoJaBoAlso, it isn't clear which version I need, 32 or 64?20:09
ratcheerI gave up a while back and just run the open source Java. No real problems with it.20:10
CoJaBo64bit machine, assuming Firefox is 64bit, but Java website says 32bit version is needed for plugin :/20:10
knobydobsCoJaBo: go to duinsoft.nl20:11
knobydobsCoJaBo: go to duinsoft.nl/packages20:12
mikeS11CoJaBo: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2011-December/001528.html20:12
CoJaBoratcheer: Whats the command to install that? And does it support webstart, 3d stuff, etc, or is it still the watered-down version that came with older ubuntu20:12
mikeS11CoJaBo: Oracle changed their licensing20:12
CoJaBomikeS11: Yeh, I've noticed :/20:12
knobydobsCoJaBo: The Duinsoft i can confirm working20:12
CoJaBoknobydobs: Have the correct url tho?20:13
mikeS11CoJaBo: sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre20:13
ratcheerCoJaBo: I haven't done it in quite a while. I gave it up when Oracle stopped letting them package it. I used to do manual installs all the time.20:13
mikeS11CoJaBo: Or you can search for all the right packages with, 'apt-cache search openjdk'20:13
knobydobsCoJaBo: go to duinsoft.nl/packages.php?t=en20:14
Ca11umHey guys.20:14
ratcheermikeS11: Should he get 6 or 7?20:14
Ca11umI just installed NIS on a new Ubuntu Server, but then when I got to the stage of restarting the NIS service, it says....20:14
CoJaBoI'd prefer the Sun version, as its (probably) most compatible with what Windows users will get20:14
Ca11umNIS: Unrecognized service20:14
mikeS11ratcheer: CoJaBo: Depends...20:14
Ca11umOr something to that effect20:14
CoJaBoknobydobs: Thanks, trying that now...20:14
ratcheerCoJaBo: That is true. And some people say some web sites won't work right with open Java.20:15
sstaopenjdk7 is extremely good compatibilitywise.  Oracle are going to make it the reference implementation I believe20:15
mikeS11CoJaBo: Sombody did setup something so that you can install/update the oracle java through apt. I have used it, it works well. But i can't remember who... I'll look.20:15
CoJaBomikeS11: That looks like that that .nl site provides20:15
sstaSee: https://blogs.oracle.com/henrik/entry/moving_to_openjdk_as_the20:15
sstamikeS11: webupd8 ppaq IIRC20:17
CoJaBossta: Hm, so it should be easier I guess when thats actually made official :P20:17
knobydobsIf I restart, is the log kept after the restart?20:17
sstaCoJaBo: I think it is official...not sure though20:18
CoJaBoknobydobs: Hm, does that install the plugin too?20:18
geek4everanyone here using the gnome shell?20:18
reisiogeek4ever: undoubtedly20:18
sstaoops, you want: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html sorry20:18
ratcheergeek4ever: I use it with 11.1020:18
mikeS11ssta: I think that might be the one. I was just reading the same article20:19
geek4everwhat do you think about it20:19
knobydobsCoJaBo: no - just jre20:19
geek4everi mean compared to unity20:19
ratcheerI like it fine.20:19
xangua!ot | geek4ever20:19
ubottugeek4ever: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:19
sstageek4ever: I use gnome-fallback, I prefer it to unity (obviously, otherwise I'd be using unity).  This channel isn't really the right place to canvas opinions though (try #ubuntu-offtopic)20:20
CoJaBoknobydobs: How do I install the plugin too?20:20
tuxgeekgeek4ver, do you have any specific questions?20:20
geek4everok, thanks a lot!20:21
knobydobsCoJaBo: I have the plugin but I cant remember how...20:21
CoJaBoWhat is Unity like, anyway? I absolutely hate Gnome, and most people I know who like Gnome hate Unity lol20:22
geek4evertuxgeek, just that...thanks guys!20:22
xanguaCoJaBo: knobydobs if you install ubuntu-restricted-extras it will install openjdk plugin and other stuff like adobe flash, ms fonts, audio/video codecs; a lot easier20:22
backboxkuken här20:23
albechwhere is the resolver configured in 12.04? I see that /etc/resolv.conf is only pointing to localhost. I am having some problems resolving when i connect to my VPN20:23
knobydobsxangua: That helps so much - you are a lifesaver20:23
RumRumstoppa den i byxan istället backbox20:23
sstaalbech: appaerntly someone decided that using apt-cacher as the default resolver was a good idea20:24
CoJaBoxangua: I'm trying to get the Sun Java plugin tho20:24
sstadnsmasq even20:24
albechssta, bah :(20:24
sstaalbech: dnsmasq20:24
=== arizona_bay is now known as Guest25859
knobydobsxangua: btw - how20:25
ratcheeralbech: There is a package named resolvconf, but I don't know a lot about using it.20:25
xanguaknobydobs: how what¿20:25
* xangua doesn't read minds 20:25
knobydobsxangua: how do i install it20:25
xanguaknobydobs: install What¿20:25
* xangua Still doesn't read minds20:25
albechseems rather strange to change an old well proven setup like resolv.conf20:26
knobydobsxangua: how do i install ubuntu-restricted-areas20:26
albechwithout checking that it is compatible with other packages20:26
xanguaknobydobs: sudo apt-get install .....20:26
knobydobsxangua: I did a typo - nevermind20:27
sstaalbech: there was some justification for it, but....20:27
mikeS11albech: In 12.04 they started using a resolvconf daemon which monitors changes to network configuration and makes /etc/resolv.conf entries automatically20:27
sstaalbech: see: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-p-dns-resolving20:27
albechmikeS11, apparently it isnt monitoring my VPN tunnel correctly ;)20:27
albechssta, thanks.. will look at that20:28
knobydobsI have logmein-hamachi installed - how do i use it20:28
AceFaceHow would i configure my secondary NIC to use dhcp?20:28
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest1579
sstaalbech: dnsmasq is actually a really useful tool for stuff like VPNs or LANs.  I'm not completely convinved the default configuration in precise is as good as it could be, but the tool itself is actually a decent one20:28
usr13AceFace: Same way you'd configure the first one.20:29
sstastill not convinced it should be the default resolver though20:29
albechI am having my own DNS running, so I really dont care too much for dnsmasq and caching20:29
AceFacei used the setup wizard for the first NIC20:29
usr13AceFace: Should be set to dhcp by default20:29
mikeS11albech: I'm sorry, I don't have experiance configuring it with vpn tunnels. In the case of a static configuration on an interface, you can add 'dns-nameservers' entries into your /etc/network/interfaces file.20:29
AceFaceim sorry, im on ubuntu server 12.0420:29
usr13AceFace: Look at /etc/network/interfaces20:31
usr13AceFace:  at the eth1 stanza20:31
Vooloohow do I sort in "top", for example only show mysqld20:32
sstaVooloo: assuming it's running as the mysql user (which is default), try pressing "u", then typing "mysql"20:34
ufrgsHello folks!20:34
Vooloossta: so you cant filter on process20:34
AceFacethis is my configuration20:35
m45¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿hay alguna forma de traducir al español????????????20:35
ufrgsI used ^Z to stop a program at terminal, now I wonder if someone could help me to resume it please?20:35
sstaVooloo: as far as I know, no20:35
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:35
sstaufrgs: fg20:35
AceFacei added everything in red20:35
ufrgsssta, thank you!20:35
m45cracias  por la atencion de responderme20:36
m45hay alguno que se hable en español?????????????20:36
AceFaceusr13: does my configuration look alright?20:36
Darael!es | m4520:36
ubottum45: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:36
xangua!es | m4520:37
ubottum45: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:37
m45darael soy de españa20:37
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usr13AceFace: Not if you wanted it set to DHCP20:39
AceFaceah yes, thank you20:39
AceFacechange statis to dhcp20:39
AceFacedo i need to cycle the nic? make it down, then make it up?20:39
furanhey, can someone tell me where on ubuntu I can change X to not start with -nolisten?20:42
furannm found it20:42
CT1Is there a program (gui or cl) that shows every mouse button press?20:42
usr13AceFace: See:  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-networking-configuration-using-command-line.html20:42
MonkeyDustCT1  you mean record?20:43
AceFacethank you usr13!20:43
CT1MonkeyDust: Not essential. Just a display of clicks when they occur and which button it was20:44
albechis there a way I can remove that resolver daemon crap and fall back to pre 12.04 resolving or will it break just about any network package?20:44
mnmextremewats wrong in this code? http://pastebin.com/bVuNHAW120:46
MonkeyDustCT1  there's easystroke, i'm testing what it does20:46
ratcheeralbech: I have read threads of IT sysadmins discussing that. I believe they were not successful.20:46
mnmextremecan anyone answer?20:47
skiphuffmanGood afternoon.  Can anyone recommend a resource for the 'Remmina' vnc client?20:47
kishare there any search engines i can install locally that will index remote sites for me? and are such things available in the repository?20:47
abelVesamy ubuntu 12.04 hangs when running /scripts/init-bottom20:47
CT1MonkeyDust: That's exactly why I want to see my clicks. The middle click sometimes works and not others. I want to check if easystroke is being "slow" or if my mouse is "funked"20:48
abelVesacan anyone help ,e20:48
albechratcheer, i dont see the benefit of installing a caching daemon in an enterprise environment where it is expected that a capable dns server is running on the lan already20:48
Android84FGLRX is bugging me - I can't get it to let me use ubuntu 3D on 12.0420:48
ratcheeralbech: I agree with you, I am just telling you what I saw.20:48
albechratcheer, i know ;)20:48
skiphuffmanI know this is a busy chat, but anyone know where to get "remmina" assistance?20:50
guntbertskiphuffman: just ask your question, if someone can help he/she will20:50
MonkeyDustskiphuffman  better ask and wait20:50
albechskiphuffman, which kind of assistance? why dont you just ask the question and see ? ;)20:50
abelVesahey , nobody knows what's the solution to this problem?20:51
skiphuffmanOk.  I am trying to remote control one Ubuntu 12.04 system from another.  The screen on the client never seems to refresh.20:51
guntbertpoor guy - all jumping on you20:51
albechskiphuffman, only when you first connect?20:52
skiphuffmanControl actions are taking place, I can see the effects on the server, but the client just has a static image20:52
albechskiphuffman, i had similar problems and every time i scaled the window it would update :(20:52
skiphuffman@albrect not sure what you mean.20:52
skiphuffmannot sure I want to resize the window every time I click the mouse.20:53
skiphuffmanSeems less than convenient.20:53
albechskiphuffman, yes, that was my conclusion as well20:53
albechskiphuffman, never had that problem with earlier releases20:53
Slowpartitioning question20:53
SlowI'm going to be dual booting20:53
Slowand would like to install ubuntu on a drive that already has two partitions on it20:54
tuxgeekSlow: ok?20:54
Slow1) windows 7 partition 2) data (with lots of data) but with room20:54
skiphuffman@albrect  I found a solution  for older versions where you turn off an option in gconf-editor, but that option is not available for 12.0420:54
Slowwhen I'm installing ubuntu20:54
Naphatulhow do i install gnome3? i installed gnome-shell but the default gnome is just gnome2, it might be because the machine is a vmware machine but it didn't give me an error that it was going into fallback mode20:55
Slowi'd like to create a new partition on 2)20:55
Slowso that would give me 1) windows 2) data 3) ubuntu20:55
Slowwhen installing from the ubuntu menus, and creating a new partition20:55
skiphuffman@Slow. Build a g-parted live USB stick. Boot from that and resize the partitions20:55
skiphuffmanThen install Ubuntu.20:56
Slowi am using a USB install20:56
Slowi'm worried that resizing will cause data loss20:56
CoJaBoSlow: Back up first20:56
skiphuffman@slow.  Well. you will want to back up first.20:56
skiphuffmanBut you shouldn't lose anything.  g-parted is pretty gentle20:56
Slowwe're talking about 300gigs of data20:57
skiphuffmanjust snaggs free space20:57
skiphuffman@slow.  Yeah, definitly want to back that up.20:57
skiphuffmanGood thing media is so cheap these days.20:57
AnAntHello, I got an old laptop, and it is becoming slow, is there a utility to help me find out the cause of this slowness (ie. wether it is memory or HDD or whatever) ?20:57
skiphuffmanOk, but back to my problem.  Should I use a different VNC client?  I am not married to remmina20:58
CoJaBoSlow: It's generally unlikely to fail, however I *HAVE* had it happen once for uncertain reasons.20:58
Slowi'm just annoyed that the wubi installation keeps failing (after it works just fine for awhile)20:59
=== gianni is now known as Guest81760
CoJaBoI've had loads of issues with Wubi lol..20:59
CoJaBoIf the machine crashes, it almost always currupts the root filesystem :/20:59
reisioSlow: probably has more to do with your Windows installation than wubi itself21:00
CT1To answer my previous question "sudo cat /dev/input/mouse0" proves my mouse middle click is faulty and not easystroke21:00
reisioSlow: why not do a normal install21:00
Slowsee, that's the thing, it works just fine until I boot in to windows21:00
sstaprefer to do a proper install if you can...wubi is a hack21:00
ubottuGuest81760: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:00
Slowreisio: you said that earlier... and I'm not sure I understand what you mean21:00
SlowI need to dual boot21:00
reisioSlow: you can install Ubuntu to a dedicated partition or two instead of via Wubi (to a file)21:01
Slowthat's what i'm trying to do now21:01
skiphuffman@slow  My recommendation will give you a dual boot.  I did just that with this very laptop last week.21:01
Slowexcept that now I need to back up a metric-s-tonne of media21:01
guntbertskiphuffman: ah you are talking about vnc, I was already wondering, try it with vncviewer from the CLI21:01
reisioSlow: :D21:01
skiphuffmanActually this is a triple boot.  Win 7, Ubuntu, and Fedora21:01
reisioSlow: or you could go buy another disk21:02
guntbertskiphuffman: and no need to put @ in front :)21:02
skiphuffmanguntbert:  Really?21:02
skiphuffmanI get in the habit of that elsewhere.21:02
reisioSlow: you'll need another eventually anyways21:02
guntbertskiphuffman: :)21:02
skiphuffmanNever can keep track of the differnt standards21:02
Slowand windows file transfers tend to crash when you're not their staring at them21:02
reisioSlow: you using Vista? :p21:02
Slowwindows 721:02
Slowi like it better than vista21:03
CoJaBoof course21:03
guntbert!ot | Slow21:03
ubottuSlow: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:03
ubuntu_64bitxp vienna21:03
CoJaBoVista sucks; Win7 sucks less :P21:03
reisioSlow: not saying much, though :p21:03
CoJaBoHm- Anyone know why swapping a mobo would make the right mouse button stop working?21:04
Slowsame model?21:04
reisioCoJaBo: broken mobo21:04
CoJaBoCompletely different mobo and CPU, everything else the same21:04
skiphuffmanguntbert: installing now21:04
CoJaBoAbsolutely everything else works except right-click ...21:05
Slowmaybe something disabled it... but that's weird21:05
dontknowi encrypted home directory but it doesn't ask me password when entering it!?21:05
dontknowis it expected behavior?21:05
RyoRoninCoJaBo: try using the live cd and see if it is the same issue21:05
guntbertdontknow: if I remember correctly, yes. the encryption password is decrypted with your login password21:06
dontknowguntbert, it i asked me something about enter phasspare after reboot and i give it different password, what was that about?21:07
CoJaBoI'm guessing its some kind of settings SNAFU, but I have no idea where to look for mouse config heh... I had a similar issue with network config, the new mobo doesn't have (working) onboard NIC, so it changed from etho to eth1 causing mass havoc -_-'21:07
knobydobswhen I try to use ubuntu (instead of ubuntu 2D), I get a screen with a sidebar that will not react to anything and a blank grey bar across the top - any ideas why this would be?21:07
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
guntbertdontknow: please type more carefully, I didn't understand your last statement21:08
CoJaBoActually, it was plugged into a PS/2 KVM switch, its now plugged in directly via USB- wonder if thats why..21:09
andybrineEvening everyone21:09
guntberthi andybrine,  Do you have an ubuntu support question?21:10
andybrinedoes anyone know how to install the gnome shell bolt extension?21:10
andybrineyeah :)21:10
andybrinewould like to install the bolt plugin and having difficulties21:11
andybrinenot sure how to install it21:11
dontknowguntbert, sorry. i entered this command "sudo ecryptfs-migrate-home –u “username”" to encrypt home directory. It asked me "enter passphrase" i entered something different then my user pass and it didn't accept it. Then i entered my user pass it accepted and started encryption. After that i rebooted the computer a pop up appear says something like "enter passphrase" and i entered different password than my user account it accepted. is it ok now?21:12
OerHeksandybrine, this maybe helpfull,  bolt extention http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/05/unity-dash-like-gnome-shell-extension-sees-release21:13
andybrinethanks OerHeks21:14
andybrinethis is where i went an clicked on install and it has not done anything21:14
OerHeksandybrine, first you need gnome-shell21:14
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic21:14
knobydobsIs my problem to do with graphics drivers?21:15
andybrineOerHeks i am using gnome shell unity at the moment21:15
guntbertdontknow: I am not sure about the exact process, but it looks like you are all set, 2 warnings though: make sure to have a (written/printed) record of that passphrase, 2) in the future pay more attention to what is said on  the screen, the info is usually valuable :-)21:15
EaglemanIs there a way to make a difference between LANand WAN while behind a DMZ Host?21:15
EaglemanWith iptables21:15
OerHeksandybrine, maybe you need to logout & login back again? same for unity lenses21:16
usr13You'll need to elaborate a bit more before someone can give you any specific advise.21:16
dontknowguntbert, yes, pop up was talking about something "print it" something like that lol what is it about?21:16
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andybrineOerHeks I have rebooted, it does not seem to be installing at all21:17
delacwould anyone happend to know if there is plugin or something for gnome-shell that removes the "All" from Applications menu (leaving only Accessories, Games, etc...)?21:17
andybrinenot sure why21:17
skiphuffmanwhoops, lost connection21:18
guntbertdontknow: without that passphrase you will not be able to get access to you data at all if you are not logged in to the current system as that special user!21:18
skiphuffmangruntbert:  I don't know that the gvncviewer was any better.  I did not seem to have any mouse access.21:19
skiphuffmaninstalling krdc now.21:19
=== CapitanSalami is now known as SenorDelfin
dontknowguntbert, i will search more about that, thanks21:19
=== SenorDelfin is now known as LaCuqui
usr13Eagleman: If you have two different networks you could use two different interfaces to connect to them.  If you have two different interfaces connected to two different networks, it is quite easy to keep them segregated21:20
=== LaCuqui is now known as EnriquePastor
=== EnriquePastor is now known as AntonioRecio
ChaosadndHi all. Trying to install vmware tools. Why would sudo ./vmware-install.pl -d not work?21:21
guntbertdontknow: just for a test: log in to you system as another user (or as guest) and see what you will find under /home/dontknow21:21
Eaglemanusr13 so i should buy another network card and set the ip to ( the other is ) and set the dmz host to .11 and use .10 for internal?21:21
guntbertChaosadnd: is the scriot executable? what error message do you get?21:22
Chaosadndgunthbert: getting -bash: vmware-install.ol: command not found21:22
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italianfoot_Where can I find a good guide on how to install a triple boot of Windows, Mac and Ubuntu?21:22
dontknowguntbert, i thought it wasn't possible to enter someone's user directory whether it is encrypted or not. So how can i sure if my user's home directory encrypted?21:24
=== gianni is now known as Guest92695
dontknowguntbert, *using another account*21:24
Ca11umSo the only thing I need to operate an 'Active Directory' on Ubuntu is NIS?21:24
Ca11umNothing else like LDAP is required?21:25
italianfoot_Where can I find a good guide on how to install a triple boot of Windows, Mac and Ubuntu?21:25
schnuffleCa11um: What means operate? Running a AD-Server or authenticate against a AD-Server?21:25
guntbertdontknow: the default settings allow another user to enter your home dir  - see    ls -ld /home/*    (x allows to enter)21:26
schnuffleCa11um: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryHowto21:26
knobydobscan anyone help me?21:26
Ca11umschnuffle: A Ubuntu Server storing the accounts, whilst the Ubuntu Clients load them from the server21:26
justdavewhat's the command line to launch the system settings app in precise?21:26
ImTheDudewhat is akonaditray?21:27
justdave(I'm logged in via ssh from another box and have an x server available)21:27
schnuffleCa11um: Ah so no AD at all just the oportunity to store all acounts on a linux server21:27
quidnuncMy external harddrive is not automounting. No errors in dmesg. What gives?21:27
jvcleavehey all - trying to install kubuntu 12.04 on a Macbook pro 8,3  - i can get to a command prompt with networking via recovery mode - running apt-get update now21:27
jvcleaveI can't get startx to work - any clue as to where to go from here?21:28
schnuffleCa11um: I would go for LDAP, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LDAPClientAuthentication21:28
dontknowguntbert, so are you saying i can enter my current user directory after creating new one. and it is not possible if it is encrypted ?21:28
skiphuffmangruntberg:  Ok, KRDC also controls without refreshing the screen.21:28
s1zeroanyone have idea how to get the realtek driver to work in 12.04?21:29
dontknowguntbert, *after creating new user account21:29
knobydobsjvcleave: you need to go to #kubuntu21:29
quidnuncjvcleave: Something has gone terribly wrong. You shouldn't have to run startx manually21:29
guntbertdontknow: no, you will be able to enter still, but you will see only a folder with a name like "private" (or so)21:29
schnuffles1zero: which realtek chip?21:29
dontknowguntbert, ok i will try now21:30
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
guntbert!tab | skiphuffman21:30
ubottuskiphuffman: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.21:30
ratcheers1zero: What specific Realtek card?21:30
s1zeroschnuffle: crap sorry one sec.21:30
skiphuffmanah thanks guntbert21:30
s1zeroit help if i boot the machine before asking....forgot the numbers21:31
dagbany davmail gurus around? I have certificate issues.21:31
guntbertskiphuffman: it might be a setting in the server?21:31
s1zeroschnuffle: r816821:32
skiphuffmanhuh.  I wonder.21:32
skiphuffmanlet me look about21:32
Eaglemanusr13 so i should buy another network card and set the ip to ( the other is ) and set the dmz host to .11 and use .10 for internal?21:32
ratcheers1zero: I have some instructions on ubuntuforums. I'll be back in a minute with a link.21:33
schnuffles1zero: the driver can be downloaded from realtek the file name is: r8168-8.029.00.tar.bz221:33
=== rcn1 is now known as dsan
s1zeroschnuffle, ratcheer: its a rtl8111/8168B21:33
=== dsan is now known as dsn
dontknowguntbert, i entered with another user and tried to enter /home/"myusername" it says "you  don't have permission to enter this directory", do you think encryption is working?21:34
=== dsn is now known as mdsn
s1zeroschnuffle: i think i tried that one..got no luck21:34
ratcheers1zero: See post #2 in this thread - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=199220021:34
=== mdsn is now known as dsan
schnuffleratcheer: just wanted to post the same link :)21:34
ratcheers1zero: It is up to version 08-031, now.21:35
guntbertdontknow: please !pastebin the output of    ls -ld /home/*21:35
guntbert!pastebin | dontknow21:35
ubottudontknow: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:35
akmurguys a question: when you download a file in chrome or firefox, and you click open in folder, does it open the folder AND highlights the downloaded file? in my case it just opens the folder but won't highlight the file21:36
akmuris it a bug or a feature? :D21:36
ratcheerschnuffle: Cool. You are familiar with my work. ;)21:36
skiphuffmanguntbert, No obvious settings.  it looks like the one machine should  be able to control the other.21:36
schnuffleratcheer: :) Not really but my google foo directed me to it21:37
s1zeroratcheer, schnuffle: thanks... ill try this out.21:37
s1zeroswear i did this21:37
guntbertdontknow: please have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome21:37
ratcheers1zero: It can be tricky.21:38
dontknowguntbert, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1020350/21:38
guntbertskiphuffman: sorry, I use vnc very rarely, I prefer ssh21:38
skiphuffmanguntbert,  me too. but I have a particular use that I want/need vnc.21:39
dontknowguntbert, i posted ls -ld /home/*21:39
skiphuffmanguntbert, Maybe I should back up a step and see if someone has a suggetion for a better way to go about it.21:39
schnufflekeith__: any problem?21:40
tuxgeekkeith__, to quit irc /quit21:40
skiphuffmanHere is my need:  I want to plug my more powerful laptop with HDMI into our television to play a videos.  This works well, I can play videos with sound and all through the hdmi, but I have to sit right next to the Television so that I can reach the pause and play controls.21:41
=== BlouBlou is now known as BlouBlou_
=== BlouBlou_ is now known as BlouBlou
skiphuffmanSo I thought I could just vnc control my big laptop, with my wifes little netbook.  Use it as a remote control.21:41
ratcheerskiphuffman: Longer HDMI cable...21:41
guntbertdontknow: I saw, (obfuscating the usernames is not necessary :-)) - it looks like the encryption process also changed the permissions on the home directory, you could always test with another user, migrate that to encrypted too and compare...21:42
tuxgeekratcheer: +121:42
guntbertskiphuffman: ok, what is the actual goal?21:42
skiphuffmanratcheer, Yeah, several problems with that.  1) I don't have a longer cable.  2) My dogs would either trip over the cord, or chew on it.21:42
ratcheerskiphuffman: Sorry, I was kind of kidding. But, that is what my son does.21:43
skiphuffmanActual goal?  Hook the laptop up to the TV  OVER THERE, and control it from OVER HEAR21:43
skiphuffmanOVER HERE.  I mean21:43
=== 45PAANJH0 is now known as CookieM_
skiphuffmanratcheer,  Yeah, your next suggestion will be a long stick, right?21:43
=== Guest99216 is now known as Dorito
ratcheerskiphuffman: No, I'm sorry, really.21:44
skiphuffmanratcheer, I understand the humor.21:44
skiphuffmanAnd it is a seriously first world problem I am trying to solve.  Two laptops and a big tv.21:45
guntbertskiphuffman: no idea about that scenario - I'll leave you to the more knowledgeable members :-)21:45
skiphuffmanCool.  If I could control the video player from terminal all would be good21:46
GushingsHey, I have a script that is supposed to start autossh, how can I tell if it is running?21:47
schnuffleskiphuffman: What about just remoting into your TV connected laptop?21:47
skiphuffmanschnuffle,  Well, that is exactly where we started.21:47
knobydobsthere are mobile apps that do this21:47
GushingsI mean, it's not working, but I want to know if it is even running on the machine.21:47
ratcheerschnuffle: I think that's what he is trying to do.21:47
schnuffleGushings: ps aux | grep <nameof your script>21:47
skiphuffmanI can't get one Ubuntu Laptop to remote control the other.21:48
schnuffleskiphuffman: then x11vnc can help you21:48
GushingsNice, it is running.21:48
GushingsI don't see any of the ports it is using in Netstat.21:48
skiphuffmanschnuffle, a different server?  Sure, I could try that.21:48
GushingsCould that mean my server is not accepting connections on that port?21:48
ratcheerskiphuffman: When I used to work as an Oracle DBA, my sysadmin had things set up so I could use ssh and run X windows so that the apps were running on the server, but the windows were on my PC. Man, I wish I remembered how to do that.21:49
mikeS11skiphuffman: wireless keyboard/mouse.21:49
schnuffleskiphuffman: another solution is as you said control it through ssh. I think vlc should be able to do it21:49
dontknowguntbert, should i change permission to test it with another account?21:50
Random832is there a way to make xmms2 integrate with the menu?21:50
dontknowguntbert, come on dude, give me certain solution :D21:50
Random832like how rhythmbox and gmusicbrowser do21:50
schnuffleskiphuffman: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=4556521:52
guntbertdontknow: as you wish: "your encryption is good, be happy" :-), but my idea was (if you seriously want to test): create another account, encrypt that home dir, log in as your normal user and try with sudo to acees the other accounts data21:52
akemhey, is there any easy config dialog for drawing tablets? actually mine is recognised but it moves only when i press the pen, which generate a mouse click at the same time.21:53
skiphuffmanschnuffle, That does not seem to make any difference.   The image on the client is still static21:53
schnuffleskiphuffman: hm, what vncviewer are you using?21:53
skiphuffmanschnuffle, I have tried three.  The default one, Remmina.  vnc-viewer from command line, and krdc21:54
schnuffleskiphuffman: that is the part on the server, I mean the viewer part vino or something like that. I mostly use tightvnc or tigervnc21:54
s1zeroratcheer, schnuffle: ok that worked..but i have to staticly enter ip address..but no biggie as long as a i have giga network im good.21:55
skiphuffmanschnuffle, we got out of sequence, see my next message.21:55
dontknowguntbert, i have username2 acoount as you know, you mean i should alsoo encrypt username2 home dir and after that what lol i am confused?21:55
skiphuffmanschnuffle, I have tried three.  The default one, Remmina.  vnc-viewer from command line, and krdc21:56
guntbertknobydobs: its ok to repeat your question after quarter of an hour or so, new people might see it21:56
schnuffleskiphuffman: i see. Hard to see your problem. HAve you any logs that could be used to track down the problem?21:56
schnuffles1zero: where do you enter the IP? in /etc/network/interfeaces?21:56
skiphuffmanhard to log "nothing happened and nothing changed"21:56
s1zeroskiphuffman: network-manager.. simple21:56
skiphuffmankind of annoying since I use VNC all the time at the office21:57
schnuffleskiphuffman: then I have another option. Try FreeNX21:57
skiphuffmans1zero, what will that do?21:57
Kornkagehi, quick small question. I have win7 intalled on my laptop. is it safe to install ubuntu using ubuntu installer ?21:57
Kornkagefrom windows21:57
s1zeroskiphuffman: gui for inputing ip, net, gw, dns21:57
Kornkageand i can use ubuntu and win7 both, with no problems after ?21:58
xangua!dualboot | Kornkage21:58
ubottuKornkage: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot21:58
skiphuffmanKornkage,  You might want to use a g-parted live usb first to break off some space.21:58
JamesonKornkage with wubi ?21:58
Kornkageigot lots of space21:58
schnuffleKornkage: Do you mean a wubi install. I don't recommend it21:58
sstaKornkage: yes and yes.  But make sure you have backups of your important data anyway, just to be on the safe side21:58
Kornkagei dont know whats wubi21:58
Kornkagerandom unuimportant stuff is installed, noting to safeguard21:58
knobydobsis there any reason why I get a broken sidebar and blank grey bar across the top of my screen when I try and use the non-2d version of ubuntu?21:58
guntbertdontknow: my idea was: yes you go ahead and encrypt the homedir of user2 too, then you log out again, and log in as user, that one has sudo rights, and so you can use sudo cd /home/user2 to neter that, afterwards type    sudo ls to see what is there21:58
=== tommy_ is now known as Guest17992
shazzrI can not get hotot to summon with <ALT>C. Might Unity be the cause?21:59
xanguaknobydobs: tried to reset unity settings and compiz settings¿21:59
justdavehow do I enable vino-server (or equivalent) in Precise?  I have one box I upgraded from an ealier version that already had it on and it still works, but have a new one with a fresh install, and I can't find it to turn it on.21:59
schnuffleKornkage: Wubi installs Linux in your Windows system like a normal app21:59
prixon`how can I fix nautilus to show the real size of files. in MiB and not MB21:59
skiphuffmanschnuffle, I don't see FreeNX either in apt-get or ubuntu software center21:59
schnuffleskiphuffman: let me check22:00
dontknowguntbert, ok i will try22:00
dsnydersDoes ubuntu have a tool for fixing USB flash drives.  Mine is stuck as read-only.22:00
schnuffleskiphuffman: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/posts/freenx-precise-available-in-precise22:00
xanguashazzr alt+c is just to post/tweet, not for 'summoning'22:01
ratcheerdsnyders: You can try palimpsest, but no guarantee that it will work.22:01
wilee-nileedsnyders, you can change the permission from a properties of it in gksudo nautilus22:01
skiphuffmanschnuffle, that sounds like we are just guessing.22:01
guntbertskiphuffman: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX22:02
skiphuffmanOr is that something you have experience with?22:02
justdaveah, found it.  "vino-preferences"22:02
wilee-nileedsnyders, or just format it.22:02
shazzrxangua: c is for creating new post. <ALT>C is for summoning the client.22:02
schnuffleskiphuffman: that is an alternative as I can't tell you what is going wrong as I don't have any hint. Before you get mad, try something else I I really can recommend NX. Esspecially for slow connections22:02
skiphuffmanNo, I'm not mad.22:03
skiphuffmanJust I have already installed a couple of servers and about five clients with no  real effect22:03
schnuffleskiphuffman: I use it on a daily basis like VNC as well22:03
dsnyderswilee-nilee, I can't format it.  It errors as read only.22:03
skiphuffmanOk, giving it a try22:05
=== shazzr_ is now known as shazzr
shazzrxangua: ...and it works on my other laptop. Same distro. Same hotot.22:05
ratcheerskiphuffman: I am sure I used to do it with just ssh at work. The local client machine was the X server, and the database server host was the X client. I entered "xhost +" and there were maybe a couple of other settings. Then, I ssh'ed to the database server and ran a GUI app and its windows were displayed on my desktop machine (the X server).22:06
=== hybris is now known as Hybris
schnuffleratcheer: that will export his Display and all the apps he opens will open on the controlling laptop. So no video on the TV22:07
skiphuffmanratcheer, Yeah, you are right, there is some way to remote operate an x-windows application. I should probably just recall how to do that.22:07
guntbertratcheer: with ssh there is absolutely no need for xhost +!  that is rather dangerous!22:07
schnuffleskiphuffman: easy use the ssh -X option which will set the Display22:08
ratcheerguntbert: Yes, I heard that, but that is how the sysadmin told me to do it.22:08
chris__is it possible to hide a running program?22:08
guntbertratcheer: ok but please don't recommend it here22:08
KornkageInstalling wubi, i didnt repartition anything22:08
reisiochris__: hide from?22:08
schnuffleKornkage:  http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Wubi22:09
chris__reisio, like being able to have a program run in the background but not visible22:09
ratcheerSorry, it is the only way I knew how.22:09
pehdennmap pehden.dyndns-ip.com msg me results please22:10
chris__reisio, so I guess Id be hiding it from the desktop and then I could enter a command to make it visible22:10
schnuffleratcheer: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/XDMCP-HOWTO/ssh.html22:10
guntbertratcheer: no worries - look at what schnuffle said for a better way22:10
crankharderwhy the fuck would a lucid -> precise upgrade remove vi? w.t.f.22:10
ratcheerThanks, I am looking...22:10
dontknowguntbert, instead of doing what you say i entered as user2 and did this, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1020385/ is it ok?22:11
schnuffleratcheer: Of course in /etc/ssh/sshd_config X11Forwarding needs to be enabled22:11
Kornkageinstalling ubuntu.. at least its easier than builiding gnu radio on windows22:12
reisiocrankharder: vi or vim?22:12
ubukouhey guys.. somebody around here that has played with home automation? i have been searching google but all i found was expensive kits and other expensive components.. i was thinking that i could use a old wifi router to run the server on, and then just by the other components separately.. using androind powered devices to control every thing..22:12
reisiochris__: a graphical program?22:12
skiphuffmanQuick one:  what is the command line for the ubuntu movie player?22:12
ubukouany ideas geniuses? :)22:12
chris__reisio, yes22:12
reisiochris__: which?22:12
reisioskiphuffman: dpkg -L packagename | grep -i bin might say22:13
reisioskiphuffman: wouldn't surprise me if it hasn't one, though22:13
reisioskiphuffman: mplayer is a good commandline player22:13
chris__reisio, virtualbox22:13
skiphuffmanIt has one.  I just want the command line to start it.22:13
reisiochris__: oh you started a VM and don't want the extra window hanging around?22:13
guntbertdontknow: all set :-)   but DON'T forget to record that passphrase, you see even root cannot access the data without it22:13
reisioskiphuffman: dpkg -L packagename | grep -i bin might say22:13
reisiohilo: hi22:14
schnuffleubukou: what do you want to do? there's  1-wire which is often used for homemade automation. Another nice dea is using a arduino22:14
reisioubukou: it's not difficult22:14
reisioschnuffle: what? :p22:14
hiloI am trying to connect to a wireless network from my Ubuntu Server CLI. I tried to follow this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConfigurationCommandLine/Automatic but it does not work for me.22:14
reisiopresumably he already has a computer22:14
chris__reisio, I was wanting a hyporvisor and Ive set up kvm. I found out kvm doesnt support hardware acceleration so im not able to use windows7 aero or gnome-shell. I added virtualbox to startup but I want to make it hidden and access it through a vnc client22:14
hiloCan someone help?22:14
schnufflewhat arduino or 1-wire22:14
dontknowguntbert, ok thanks, now i need to know how to record passphrase22:15
reisiochris__: you should have a VBoxHeadless command22:15
skiphuffmanIt's "totem" if anyone is wondering22:15
ubukouschnuffle, reisio i was thinking.. do you really need anything else than a router? i dont know how the switches work but they are connected via wifi to the server right ?22:15
schnufflechris__: you mean your CPU doesn't support it?22:15
guntbertdontknow: I am certain you will find that info here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome22:16
chris__reisio, I havent setup virtualbox. My cpu supports it but kvm does not have guest additions22:16
reisioubukou: you don't even need a router if you don't want to use wireless devices22:16
ubukouschnuffle, reisio arduine seems to be used with a router and a RF controler.. is the RF really needed?22:16
reisioubukou: it's kind of fun controlling your home electronics from your mobile phone, though22:16
reisioubukou: bluetooth is another option22:16
dontknowguntbert, thanks for everything, have a nice day22:16
skiphuffmanBut, of course that doesn't help me because that runs the movie player's screen on the client machine22:16
reisioubukou: arduinos are for embedded tinkerers22:16
chris__reisio, Ive used virtualbox before but I keep destroying my os's so Im using virtualmachines from now on22:17
ubukoureisio, and bluetooth is the part that anduino come in right ?22:17
guntbertdontknow: you're welcome :-) and happy ubuntuing :)22:17
reisioubukou: don't know, don't care; I would not suggest an arduino for this use22:17
hiloreisio: hello! Any chance you can assist me with my wlan on an ubuntu server install?22:17
deepspeedThat wubi thing reminds me of colinux or AndLinux22:17
skiphuffmanI need to run the movie player on the LAPTOP, but control it from the NETBOOK.22:17
ubukoureisio, ok good enough, costs money after all..22:17
deepspeedI had AndLinux.  Didn't like it.22:17
reisioubukou: if you want to interact with your home electronics wirelessly, you have to have some form of wireless control, be it ordinary wireless, bluetooth, infra red, etc.22:17
reisioubukou: one computer is all it takes, and a desktop computer can easily pull double duty for this22:18
ubukoureisio, do light switches use wifi or BT?22:18
reisioubukou: not exactly demanding activities22:18
schnuffleubukou: I use it to control some IO, temperature .... but it's not necessary at all22:18
itsrachelfishIs there any way to restrict how much bandwidth is available to a specific USB device?22:18
chris__is there a way to mount an img file so I can pull files off of it?22:18
reisioubukou: I'm sure you can get them using whatever, but most obviously just use hard wires22:18
reisioitsrachelfish: don't cross post22:18
reisiochris__: mount -o loop image /mnt/point22:18
ubukoureisio, hard wires are messy when dealing with 20 devices.. :S22:18
reisioubukou: they take up more space than air, it's true22:19
knobydobshow easy is it to do what ubukou wants to do?22:19
chris__reisio, its not an iso its an img, would that still work?22:19
reisiothey also work better and don't send electronic signals through your brain22:19
reisioknobydobs: real easy22:19
reisiochris__: depends on what it's an image of22:19
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chris__reisio, its my virtual hard drive that kvm uses(my virtual machine)22:20
skiphuffmanschnuffle,  I need to run the movie player on the LAPTOP, but control it from the NETBOOK.22:20
chris__reisio, so i guess it would be an operating system22:20
ubukoureisio, ok lets start with the easy ones.. you need some kind of "server" to do all these.. and then you need the software for the chosen os to control all this. obviously android is the one i should be using.22:21
chris__skiphuffman, you can do that with mplayer and ssh22:21
skiphuffmanssh lets me run the movie player from the laptop on the netbook, but the display is also on the netbook22:21
spaceneedleI don't want to use ext4.  I want to try something different--hopefully faster.  What should I use?22:21
ubukoureisio, is there a protocol that this projects use ?22:21
reisiochris__: #kvm would know best, but you could check out http://krnjevic.com/wp/?p=3322:21
chris__ive heard that xfs was a great filesystem22:21
schnuffleskiphuffman:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/117324/terminal-command-to-control-the-standard-music-video-playerplay-stop-next22:21
reisiochris__: did you now22:22
ubukoureisio, i mean X10 seems to be popular and z wave as well..22:22
silverghosthey people kubuntu installer crahses after 20 percent any help22:22
chris__reisio, did I know what?22:23
reisiochris__: now I said22:23
reisioubukou: no... obviously GNU/Linux is the OS you should use22:23
chris__reisio, youve successfully lost me22:23
reisioubukou: and you don't need any special protocols, just ordinary network stuff, optionally with wireless22:24
reisiochris__: I said 'now', not 'know'22:24
silverghostyooo people kubuntu crashes after 20 percent ny help22:24
schnuffleskiphuffman: http://www.videolan.org/doc/play-howto/en/ch04.html22:24
reisiosilverghost: try the alternate install image22:24
chris__reisio, im trying to determine if I want virtualbox or virtualbox-ose22:24
silverghosthey am new i need graphical solution is this a known bug22:24
ubukoureisio, ok cool. i mean i would like the server to be stand alone. no computer needed. just use the router, or an old router with firmware hack .22:24
reisiochris__: there is no ose anymore22:25
yggdrasilhow can I tell if my wireless card supports n ?22:25
reisiochris__: it used to be they had the free version (OSE) and the non-free version as separate offerings22:25
chris__reisio, sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose says22:25
reisiochris__: now it's just free by default, and the non-free stuff is an extension to the free22:25
ubukoureisio, i only mention android cause its convinient to use it as a remote.. its always on you and always powered on.22:25
prokaGuys, is there something that can go wrong while installing new kernel using this http://www.howopensource.com/2011/08/how-to-install-linux-kernel-3-0-1-in-ubuntu-11-04-10-10-and-10-04/ method, or Synaptic?22:25
schnufflechris__: the extensions bring USB 2.0 support in22:25
reisiochris__: well you could be on an old version, or maybe Ubuntu didn't change the name22:26
chris__reisio, so I just want the virtualbox then. right?22:26
* reisio shrugs22:26
skiphuffmanschnuffle, Thanks,  Just tried mplayer, and when I run it through ssh it runs LOCALLY on the client.  Not remotely on the server.  Looking at your VLC link now22:26
* chris__ jumps22:26
reisioubukou: yeah... but a remote isn't a server...22:26
ubukoureisio, where would i get hardware compatible with regular routers?22:26
skiphuffmanschnuffle, I really appreciate your help.22:26
reisioubukou: the only reason Android is convenient as a remote is because your mobile device is convenient as a remote, and presumably came with Android already installed (convenient)22:26
ubukoureisio, i know :P :)22:26
xanguaproka: it's up to you, I find always better to use the packages the Official Ubuntu Repository provides22:26
chris__do DISPLAY=:0 mplayer -fs /path/to/video22:26
reisioubukou: hardware for what, light switches?22:26
schnuffleskiphuffman: at least giving some hints, when I can solve your original problem22:26
ubukoureisio, yes.22:27
reisioubukou: I'd ask #hardware about that22:27
prokaxangua: So, that would be the Synaptic method?22:27
silverghostalternate install is tough22:27
crankhardercould someone pastebin what their default 12.04 /etc/apt/sources.list is?  think the upgrade mangled mine up22:27
BJD10Has anyone writen any shell scripts using whiptail?22:27
reisiosilverghost: it's the same...22:27
silverghosthey no graphics iin alternate it confuses me i am a noob22:27
reisioBJD10: what's whiptail22:28
hiloCan anyone help me get connected to a WiFi network from the command line of Ubuntu Server?22:28
reisiosilverghost: so don't use it22:28
* chris__ shocked to find that putting virtualbox on takes up 746 mb22:28
silverghostis this a known bug22:28
BJD10reisio: its is a utility that makes pretty menus on the termnal22:28
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
reisiohilo: wicd has a curses frontend, IIRC22:28
BJD10hilo: why would you have a 'server' using wifi?22:28
reisioBJD10: link?22:28
reisioBJD10: ...so it doesn't have to have a wire running to it22:29
silverghostis kubuntu in trouble canonical stopped funding em22:29
reisiowhy else does a person use wifi22:29
chris__perhaps he doesnt have access to ethernet...no need to pay for wifi when your neighbor does22:29
reisiosilverghost: I'm not sure they ever _funded_ them22:29
silverghostyaa they funded em22:29
hiloBJD18: My internet went down and I am borrowing from my neighbor (with permission) until Wednesday when TimeWarner finally comes to fix my crap.22:29
CokeAddictI am trying to "burn" a windows iso to a usb stick with unetbootin, but unetbootin can not see my usb drive.... any help?22:29
reisiosilverghost: how?22:29
skiphuffmanschnuffle, VLC really looks like more of a video processing tool, not a video player.22:29
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
BJD10reisio: link to what? whiptail? its installed on the sytem .. man whiptail22:29
hiloreisio: what is wicd22:30
silverghostkubuntu was funded by canonical22:30
schnuffleskiphuffman: vlc is the best player ever22:30
chris__what is lilo?22:30
reisioCokeAddict: http://serverfault.com/questions/6714/how-to-make-windows-7-usb-flash-install-media-from-linux#answer-16706022:30
silverghostvlc is bad use sm player22:30
schnuffleskiphuffman: but it can do much more22:30
crankhardercould someone pastebin what their default 12.04 /etc/apt/sources.list is? I think the upgrade mangled mine.22:30
prixon`hello again22:30
ubukoureisio, thanks22:30
reisioBJD10: https://fedorahosted.org/newt/ :p22:30
ubukoureisio, i ll look there for this ..22:30
BJD10hilo: you may want to consider something a little more creative  :) try ddwrt on a router.. then just bridge the router to the other network and not have to change any computers as all22:30
reisiohilo: a wireless configurator22:30
skiphuffmanAh!  I just found the HTTP interface.  Let me check that out22:31
schnufflecrankharder: http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/22:31
chris__according to google. lilo is a air matress22:31
Kornkagewhat makes you doubt it ?22:31
BJD10reisio: whiptail is the wrapper around newt... it is also what every text dialog box you see in Ubuntu is made with (look at the ps when you get one)22:32
schnufflechris__: lilo is a boot manager like grub22:32
skiphuffmanLilo is "LInux LOader"  the predecessor to grub22:32
silverghostwhich is better kubuntu or opensuse22:32
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reisioBJD10: yes I know that now, no thanks you to :p22:32
chris__schlaftier, do I need lilo if I have grub?22:32
schnufflesilverghost: if you use KDE then go for Suse, much better integration and it just works22:32
reisiosilverghost: all distros are the same deep down22:32
reisiosilverghost: openSUSE is the unpaid beta testing distro of SUSE enterprise22:32
schnufflechris__: no22:32
hiloBJD10: I have dd-wrt but I am sad to say I can't remember the pw. I have it written on an index card in a box at my parents house 30 miles away; no one is there to check it. I don't want to hard reset and lose all my settings which I idiotically didn't back up :(22:32
reisioKubuntu is the KDE version of Ubuntu which is based on Debian22:33
prixon`How can I configure nautilus to show MiB instead of MB? (I'm using ubuntu 12.04)22:33
silverghosti liked suse but novell makes me mad :p22:33
chris__schlaftier, can I have lilo and grub both installed?22:33
crankharderschnuffle: ty22:33
silverghostsuse is cool22:34
BJD10hilo: well your probably not going to get the server on line then.. you will most likly be required to download and install additional tools ... no internet means no tools.22:34
reisioprixon`: what makes you think it's showing decimal MB?22:34
silverghostfor new comers ubuntu is best i think22:34
schnufflesilverghost: I'm right now on Suse 12.1 and with KDE it's just usable. Ubuntu and KE is a big mess, but that's just my experience22:34
BJD10besides... you would have to whipe out most of the ddwrt configs to bridge it anyway.22:34
silverghostkde is the best imho22:34
prixon`reisio, I download files from the internet and get different size...22:34
reisioprixon`: hrmm?22:35
hiloI am using my laptop to forward between the server and the internet temporarily.22:35
silverghostkde interface is cool kde apps r stronger kde just rocks now kde is stable also :D22:35
hiloBJD10: I am using my laptop to forward between the server and the internet temporarily.22:35
reisioprixon`: how many bytes does it say the file is? And how many MB does it say?22:35
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code22:35
schnufflecrankharder: my pleasure22:35
silverghostdolphin>nautilus amarok best music player k3b epic on and on :)22:35
prixon`for example: 135.0 MB (134,977,810 bytes22:36
BJD10hilo: then install wicd-curses22:36
schnufflesilverghost: now we know you prefer KDE22:36
BJD10or read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo22:36
silverghostyaa ma in love wid kde22:36
prixon`reisio, or another example: 9.7 MB (9,662,464 bytes)22:37
reisioprixon`: interesting22:37
reisioprixon`: this is GNOME 3?22:37
nikitisAnyone here have an ATI HD7000 Series Graphics card on Ubuntu?22:37
chris__does anyone else have alot of entries in grub for the same os?22:37
silverghostlol 7000 cards r buggy22:37
nikitisare they with catalyst?22:37
prixon`yes, I'm using ubuntu 12.04, and sadly this is gnome3 with nautilus 322:37
schnufflechris__: with each kernel update you will egt a new entry22:37
silverghostati cards r very bad for linu22:37
prixon`reisio, sorry, nautilus 3.422:37
silverghost3.4.1 :D22:37
chris__schlaftier, can I remove the kernals then? I only need to boot from one22:38
Android75are the hd6000 as buggy?22:38
silverghostless buggy22:38
prixon`reisio, and also gnome 3.4.122:38
reisioprixon`: I'd ask #gnome (or #gnome on irc.gnome.org)22:38
nikitisi really want a 7000 card due to it's performance, but i'm seing lack of compatibility for it22:38
silverghostgnome is simple but it hides too many things22:38
silverghostkde is for tigers like me :D22:38
Kornkagesilverghost nvidia is the best for linux ?22:38
prixon`reisio, I asked there "how I can change...." and got an answer "no". are you using ubuntu 12.04?22:39
reisionikitis: 7000 what?22:39
silverghostyaa nvidia is less buggy afaik22:39
reisioprixon`: eh?22:39
Android75will unity run on a gd667022:39
reisiounity will probably run on any dedicated graphics22:39
silverghostit will run cool in 667022:39
prixon`reisio, are you using ubuntu 12.04? with gnome 3.4?22:39
reisioprixon`: nope22:39
nikitis7950 seems exponentially faster than nvidia's latest cards22:40
prixon`reisio, what distro/version are you using?22:40
silverghostunity's good thing is hud thats it nothing more i like22:40
nikitisaccording to bitcoin mining card charts22:40
Android75I can't get into ubuntu 3d - I think it may be graphics driver related22:40
silverghostkde apps r amazing22:40
silverghostgnome apps omg22:40
bazhang!ot | silverghost22:41
ubottusilverghost: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:41
silverghostis installer crash a bug22:41
silverghostu did not tell me22:41
reisioprixon`: something else22:41
nikitisSo do the latest catalyst 12.4 or 12.6 beta work okay for ATI 7950 cards?22:42
reisiosilverghost: obviously, anything that isn't expected is a bug22:42
silverghostkk thanks cheers :D22:42
prixon`reisio, can you recommend a good file manager?22:43
silverghostcheck my desktop :D22:43
reisioprixon`: nautilus is a good file manager22:43
nikitisNobody has ati 7950?22:43
bazhangsilverghost, wrong place to paste that22:43
prixon`reisio, I find it difficult using nautilus when I see different file size than the rest of the world22:44
reisioprixon`: that is undoubtedly configurable22:44
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tuxgeekprixon: konqueror is cool too