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rhorstkoetterneed to share some great stuff13:47
rhorstkoetterI'm 99% there to pxe-kexec edubuntu ltsp from a totally pxe-incapable pcmcia nic out of a running local ubuntu install13:48
rhorstkoetteralkisg: thanks for your help btw. we haven't even talked about that one in person but I read some irc logs of yours13:49
alkisgrhorstkoetter: btw I'm not sure if it's worth all the trouble, it might be easier to just copy the kernel from the LTSP server TFTP to your laptop...13:50
alkisgSure, having to update it every now and then can be a bit of a trouble, but it's not that bad13:50
alkisgConsidering it works with any NIC then13:51
rhorstkoetterok, and how would I do that? i.e. how would I start the copied kernel?13:51
alkisgWith any boot manager you want, even with the windows ones13:51
alkisgDo you have a windows installation in your laptop?13:51
rhorstkoetterwait a sec. I'd copy the kernel from /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386 to some local storage at the thin client and boot that with e.g. lilo? is that what you mean?13:52
rhorstkoetterno windows install13:52
alkisgOK then use grub or syslinux or lilo or whatever else suits you13:52
rhorstkoetterah, I see. that's something I may try as well13:52
rhorstkoettergreat info, thx13:53
rhorstkoetterI have the pxe-kexec thing running with a local ubuntu minimal atm and wanted to experiemnet with slitaz-base as a next step13:53
rhorstkoetterbut this sounds cool as well13:54
rhorstkoetterubuntu min boots at approx 90 secs13:54
alkisgIf you have a local ubuntu minimal installation, just copy the kernels from the tftp to /boot, and run update-grub13:54
rhorstkoetterwhere slitaz would lead to 15 secs verhead with pxe-kexec13:54
rhorstkoetterwill try that right now13:55
alkisgYou don't need to boot all of it just for a kexec13:55
alkisgYou can do that from the initramfs, without even mounting the local disk13:55
alkisgSo even with Ubuntu it shouldn't take more than 10 secs13:55
rhorstkoetterwow, you mean pxe-kexec out of initramfs of the local ubuntu install?13:56
alkisgOr pass init=your script13:56
alkisgIf you don't want to touch your initramfs13:56
rhorstkoetterhehe. do you have some docs for this? I mean how would I tell initramfs to execute pxe-kexec?13:57
alkisgAlso, why the pxe- part? You don't need pxe13:57
alkisgNo, no docs whatsoever. :)13:57
rhorstkoetterI assumed that answer :)13:57
rhorstkoetterhonestly, I need some minutes to get these infos settled + research (I fear)13:58
alkisgIf you only need minutes, you're lucky... I need months :D13:59
stgraberhighvoltage: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview#Edubuntu <-- please...14:07
highvoltagestgraber: I added the ltsp-live autologin part, besides that I think it's good14:19
stgraberhighvoltage: please remove that part ;) it's not published, it's just stack in bzr14:20
highvoltageah, ok14:20
highvoltagestgraber: well, it's gone again14:22
rhorstkoetteralkisg: re14:35
rhorstkoetterI also think that I'll need some more time than just minutes14:35
rhorstkoetteralthough I'm happy what I learned just last week about the ltsp topic14:36
rhorstkoetterand related activities14:36
pleia2highvoltage: on the CC agenda in ~half hour is meeting with the edubuntu team, are you or anyone around? (I'm not sure if you were formally contacted)16:24
pleia2mgariepy, stgraber too ^^16:24
pleia2and alkisg :)16:25
stgraberpleia2: I hope to be done dealing with a small alpha1 crisis and be out for lunch by that time ;)16:26
highvoltagepleia2: eek, I was vaguely familiar that it was going to happen at some point, but lost track that it's today16:26
pleia2highvoltage: yeah, sorry for not giving you more warning, or reminders until now :\16:27
pleia2we need to get better at that16:27
highvoltagepleia2: ok, no problem. I'm not sure how much I can be around for that either, I'm juggling a few support tickets at work today so I might spontaneously dissapear at any time16:28
pleia2highvoltage: ok, thanks for trying :)16:28
highvoltagepleia2: would it be possible to do the catchup another time perhaps?16:28
highvoltageor I guess we could try anyway16:28
pleia2highvoltage: we can probably double up with another team at some point, maybe on the 21st?16:29
highvoltagepleia2: 21st is fine with me, at least16:30
highvoltagestgraber, alkisg, mgariepy: and you? (21st for CC catch-up)16:30
pleia217:00 UTC16:31
* alkisg will try, but he's kinda busy :)16:31
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