shanghi all, anyone awake? I have seen someone can live upgrade a service to a newer version and roll back03:49
shangbut I am not sure how to do that in the command03:50
r3d64r_what is the juju thing I been hearing about?06:41
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jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, nice work on the solr charm BTW09:19
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: thanks!09:20
jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, I currently working on the lucene/solr3 packaging for quantal - will bump it up to 3.6.009:20
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: when I get some time, I'd love to hookup Hadoop to it, so you can use Hadoop to build your indexes09:20
jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, that would be sweet09:21
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bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: the bump in package version is great .. what do we normally do with charms in such situations, do we add Ubuntu flavour logic to them so they use packages on Quantal and download on Precise?09:26
jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, good question - charms are linked to a distro anyway so its possible to have a different charm for quantal09:30
jamespagebut it would be nice to have that as a feature in the charm - I suspect it would be quite easy to backport the package to precise anyway....09:30
jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, have you tried the existing solr 1.4 packages in Ubuntu?  any feedback?  I'd like to make the solr 3.6.0 packaging rock as much as possible09:31
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: yeah, I tried the 1.4 packages.. the charm uses its layout in most cases09:33
jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, good - I've kept much the same for 3.6.009:33
jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, I just adopted the package in Debian as it had been orphaned - hope to get the 3.6.0 version uploaded before Debian freeze this month09:34
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: in general they were good, no problems09:34
jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, OK - well let me know if you see anything that would make deployment easier09:34
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: sure, np09:34
jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, just out of interest does the charm use the built in solr replication stuff or the older snap* scripts09:34
jamespageI could look but I'm feeling lazy09:35
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: built-in09:35
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: those snap scripts are .. well, a bit hacky09:35
jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, good09:35
jamespageit was definately old school09:35
jamespagelast big solr implementation I did that was the only option - I think it was 1.2 but I can't remember exactly!09:36
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: plus the 3.6 release they finally closed up some of the security holes regarding the select and qt=<handler>09:36
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: i.e. it's disabled by default09:36
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: which at least makes URL based password restrictions possible09:37
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: 1.2 must have been nasty, it's only really started to grow up as a project recently09:37
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: the config file itself is already a nightmare to get through09:38
jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, yeah - I hate xml config - esp ones like solr09:38
jamespageits really code IMHO09:38
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: yeah09:38
lynxmanjamespage: I'm starting to review your Hadoop Charm13:00
jamespagelynxman, think the action is on me ATM13:01
lynxmanjamespage: Ah alright, I'm the reviewer for today so just starting by the newest :)13:01
lynxmanjamespage: I'll change it to work in progress then13:02
jamespagelynxman, just pushed a new version if you want to review....13:05
lynxmanjamespage: yay!13:06
m_3morning gang13:39
hazmatm_3, g'morning13:47
lynxmanjcastro: let me know whenever you're around14:03
lynxmanm_3: morning!14:04
lynxmanjcastro: hey, let me DM you14:04
cheez0rjuju masters: where does juju pull the SSH key from when you run juju bootstrap? I've run ssh-keygen -t rsa, I've got the id_rsa and id_rsa.pub in my ~/.ssh directory, but when I run juju bootstrap and then juju status, I get "Invalid SSH Key" and if I access the node, ubuntu user's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys is empty.14:19
cheez0rI'm trying to understand where that node's authorized_keys file gets populated- I'm using maas as the infrastructure.14:19
m_3cheez0r: not sure with maas14:21
m_3juju usually pulls your ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub14:22
cheez0rm_3: Do you know if juju bootstrap populates the key, or is that supposed to be done by the infrastructure?14:22
m_3cheez0r: lemme look14:23
m_3cheez0r: looks like it uses user-data for cloud-init14:26
cheez0rwhere is that populated?14:26
m_3/usr/share/pyshared/juju/providers/common/utils.py ( format_cloud_init )14:27
m_3also look at cloud_init.py in the same directory... shows how it adds authorized keys to user-data14:27
jcastrojamespage: have you talked to Mark Baker today yet?14:28
m_3cheez0r: I'm assuming maas provides preseed files for cloud-init... don't know though14:28
jamespagejcastro, yep - all set14:28
m_3cheez0r: note that "invalid ssh key" can be a sign of something else... make sure your juju versions match14:29
cheez0rm_3: it's a freshly built infrastructure using maas, I don't think they can not match using that system, but I dunno14:30
cheez0rIt apt-get updates all of the systems out of the gate14:30
m_3i.e., everything is using precise?  you can find juju cli version with `dpkg -l | grep juju`14:30
cheez0ryes, everything's in precise.14:31
m_3environments.yaml has a 'juju-origin' entry14:31
m_3'ppa' -vs- 'distro'14:31
cheez0rmine is set for default-series: precise14:31
m_3if juju-origin is not there, then it's defaulting to distro14:31
m_3what's your juju cli version?14:31
m_3perms on ~/.ssh/ ?14:32
cheez0rthis is definitely an issue with ssh keys not being propagated.14:32
cheez0rkeys are not on the target node.14:32
cheez0rthey're all fine.14:32
m_3ok... hmmmm14:32
cheez0rso after I bootstrap, if I manually add the key to the node, juju status still doesn't work, and I get errors "failed while receiving a server response" "server refused to accept the client"14:34
m_3check out the provisioning agent log maybe?  probably /var/log/juju14:35
m_3also `ps awux | grep juju` on the bootstrap node14:36
m_3sorry, maas has been on my todo list... just lower on it than other stuff :)14:36
cheez0rno doubt'14:36
m_3is there a freenode maas channel?... lemme look14:37
cheez0ryeah, I'm on it14:37
m_3I'll dig and see if I can come up with anything... I think maas is not doing anything special with ssh keys (just from grepping around in juju/providers/maas)14:38
lynxmanm_3: not afaict14:39
m_3I think it provides a preseed file for cloud-init to read... doesn't do a live metadata service like ec2's
m_3that preseed file should have authorized keys to inject in the new instances14:39
m_3cheez0r: maybe look for that preseed file somewhere on the new instance... might be able to read it to see if authorized_keys looks good14:40
cheez0rhrm, ok14:41
cheez0rlet me play.14:41
m_3I'll see if I can spin up some maas nodes today in kvm slices14:41
cheez0rthanks bud- I'm hammering away at a 12 node cluster that I'm trying to get running maas + juju + openstack14:42
cheez0rin the default preseed file I see no way to configure ssh keys14:43
lynxmancheez0r: it should just create a user ubuntu with pass ubuntu14:43
cheez0rno, it should not.14:43
cheez0rit should pull my ssh public key and embed it into the bootstrapped node.14:43
lynxmancheez0r: from there on when you mark a system to be used in juju it adds an authorized_keys file with the juju ssh key in it14:44
lynxmancheez0r: I was still typing :)14:44
cheez0rmaas default creates an ubuntu user with no password set and embeds an SSH key into the node.14:44
cheez0rso I'm thinking my problem is with maas.14:44
lynxmancheez0r: not according to my experience, good luck though :)14:45
cheez0rwell, I'm working with the maas dev guys in #maas, feel free to join us and hash it out ;)14:46
lynxmancheez0r: good for you14:47
cheez0rlynxman: to validate, check the preseed file in /var/lib/cobbler/kickstarts/ubuntu-server.preseed at the line 'd-i  passwd/user-password-crypted  password !'14:51
cheez0rif it's got a bang at the end of that line, it's not setting a password, if there's a crypt string there, it is.14:51
lynxmancheez0r: thanks14:51
SpamapScheez0r: thats intentional14:52
lynxmancheez0r: I've been involved in the project from the beginning and somehow that change didn't come to my attention14:52
SpamapScheez0r: you want SSH key auth. :)14:52
* lynxman shrugs and keeps reviewing charms14:52
cheez0rSpamapS: I do indeed, which is what I'm troubleshooting now. ;) I was ensuring I knew what I thought I did, which isn't always the case.14:53
m_3SpamapS: morning.... what's the new little critter's name?14:55
SpamapScheez0r: when you use juju, maas shoves your ssh key into cloud-init14:55
SpamapSm_3: Adrian14:55
m_3awesome... 'grats14:55
cheez0rSpamapS: it's supposed to, but it is not for some reason. I'm trying to debug that now.14:56
lynxmanSpamapS: congrats! :)14:56
SpamapScheez0r: you should see the results of that in the console on first boot14:56
SpamapScheez0r: and you can always boot the box in recovery mode to look at /var/log/cloud-init-output.log14:57
SpamapSanyway.. back to baby stuff14:57
cheez0rthanks Spa14:59
cheez0rerr, SpamapS14:59
jcastroSpamapS: man, MarkBaker and James Page's webinar is already better than ours. They have cool accents.15:02
jcastrocharm school! if you're interested in hanging out15:02
jcastrolynxman: hey so on your review for the juju charm, does that mean you're going to promulgate it?15:03
m_3I can promulgate it as long as it's reviewed15:06
jcastroyeah it's just not clear to me if he was finished or not15:06
m_3that's one that makes me wish a charm could be either standalone _or_ subordinate depending on how you wanna deploy it15:08
lynxmanjcastro: I might ask for negronjl opinion as well15:08
lynxmanjcastro: it looks brilliant to me15:08
* jcastro nods15:08
m_3jcastro: I want a british accent15:12
jcastrom_3: hey don't forget puppetconf!15:13
jcastroalso I think meesh needs your oscon travel info to book your stuff15:13
m_3yeah, it's in email15:13
lynxmanm_3: I'm applying for puppetconf too :)15:13
m_3lynxman: cool15:17
lynxmanm_3: it'll be fun :)15:23
m_3need to figure out my submission15:24
lynxmanm_3: we did a presentation last year with adam_g about juju+puppet masterless intregration15:44
m_3lynxman: well, and clint's charms now15:45
lynxmanm_3: maybe some more practical presentation about that?15:45
m_3lynxman: we have a django / summit charm that's puppet masterless15:45
lynxmanm_3: that'd be a cool one15:46
m_3lynxman: teyo made it clear that they wanna see us using std modules... not having to adapt them in any way15:46
lynxmanm_3: yeah but that'd be for integrating juju tighter into puppet15:49
lynxmanm_3: I reckon its still a valid demo, maybe with a twist?15:50
m_3I'm thinking "puppet and juju... sitting in a tree"15:50
lynxmanm_3: lol, yeah15:50
m_3lynxman: juppetto?15:54
m_3we've already got jujustrano underway15:54
lynxmanm_3: even juju enterprise :D15:54
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jimbakerm_3, i like the idea of standard modules. it would be a nice win if puppet actually works best when run with juju16:02
m_3jimbaker: yeah... it's interesting16:02
m_3jimbaker: so the django charm separates out an "install" manifest from a "database" manifest16:03
m_3jimbaker: that separation is critical to juju16:03
m_3jimbaker: but we'd have to see how to do that with the std puppet modules16:03
m_3jimbaker: perhaps there's a way we can selectively call parts of a manifest from each particular hook16:04
m_3jimbaker: the modules are a little more monolithic than we need... I think16:04
m_3gotta play with it16:04
m_3s/parts of a manifest/parts of a module/16:05
jimbakerm_3, it would seem feasible given the DSL aspect of puppet16:07
m_3yeah, just don't know how the modules are organized16:09
jamespagem_3, juppetto I like16:43
lynxmanjuju charm review queue zero, wh00t! \o/16:53
jcastroyou mean 5. :)16:53
jcastrooh, refresh lag16:53
lynxmanjcastro: ;)16:53
m_3jamespage: that was awesome16:55
m_3lynxman: whoohoo!16:58
jamespagelynxman, nice one17:00
marcoceppilynxman: I didn't think apt-add-repository prompted users if executed on server environments from a script17:03
lynxmanmarcoceppi: I reckon it does (found myself there) and I can't remember exactly if this was pre-precise or on precise itself so I just add -y to be safe17:09
hazmatmarcoceppi, lynxman there's a -y flag for it17:09
hazmatthat won't prompt17:09
lynxmanhazmat: that's what I recommended to use17:09
* hazmat nods17:09
marcoceppihazmat: right, I've noticed that precise charms upgraded from oneiric work when adding ppa's without the -y flag though17:09
marcoceppiAtleast in my tests, but -y is better in the long run - if that ever changes17:10
lynxmanmarcoceppi: it's just to be safe, for certain17:12
* marcoceppi nods17:12
EerieMokheya getting  a weirdissue17:13
EerieMokjuju deploy glance17:13
lynxmanalright reviewing queue done for today, now moving to the pub :)17:14
* lynxman waves17:14
EerieMoksays that the entry for glance cannot be found17:15
EerieMokyet I see it on jujucharms.com17:17
jcastroEerieMok: that is strange, I get that too17:39
EerieMokSounds like the charmstore is having issues17:42
jcastrohazmat: ^ around?17:42
SpamapSjcastro: perhaps we should do some fake accents for our webinars?17:43
SpamapSjcastro: I'll be Austin Powers, you be Scarface17:43
SpamapSlynxman: Queue length: 017:43
SpamapSlynxman: NICE17:43
hazmatme checks17:44
hazmatjcastro, EerieMok it might not be approved17:45
hazmatcharmstore publishing to the default namespace requires review17:45
EerieMokThen that tutorial is basically broken unless you do the optional step 2 xD17:46
SpamapShazmat: glance is definitely approved17:46
jcastrothat looks like the default namespace to me17:46
hazmatSpamapS, but is it promulgated17:46
SpamapSapproved, promulgated, same thing17:46
SpamapSlp:charms/glance points to it17:46
hazmatSpamapS, so its a bug in charmstore then17:47
EerieMokThere are a few other charms that are broken too17:47
EerieMok(on the charmstore)17:47
SpamapSpoints at 'precise'17:48
SpamapSinstead of 'trunk17:48
* SpamapS throws things17:48
SpamapSEerieMok: will fix shortly17:49
SpamapShazmat: I think we need to get jujucharms.com and the charm store to use the same algorithm17:51
SpamapSand they *both* should expose their import logs17:51
EerieMokso was the charmstore pointing to something like precise/glance/precise ?17:53
hazmatSpamapS, fair enough.. i think two things, show a url17:54
hazmatSpamapS, er. show the store address for it, and show if its promulgated17:55
hazmatSpamapS, there still installable17:55
hazmatEerieMok, you can install with cs:~charmers/precise/glance17:55
SpamapSwow glance doesn't even come close to passing charm proof17:55
EerieMokI actually just grabbed the bzr and  have a local repo17:56
jcastroSpamapS: hey so I don't think: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/99824117:57
_mup_Bug #998241: New Charm: keystone <Juju Charms Collection:Incomplete by gandelman-a> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/998241 >17:57
SpamapSEerieMok: thats a better choice for production anyway17:57
jcastroIMO that should still be displayed in the queue17:57
hazmatSpamapS, ie show it its available in the default namespace it would show cs:precise/glance ... else cs:~charmers/precise/glance17:57
jcastrobecause we'd want to check on it on occassion right?17:57
hazmatactually i can add those to the review queue17:58
SpamapSjcastro: no, I don't think so. We only want things in the queue that require action now.17:58
jcastrook so what happens in this case, adam says he fixed it17:59
jcastrobut doesn't change the status.17:59
jcastroit slips through the cracks17:59
hazmatSpamapS, anything in the default namespace that isn't installable/in the store should be in the review queue, they need attention18:00
jcastroalso found 2 with code and bugs, just not linked and not subscribed the charmers, so sorry to remove the 0. :D18:02
jcastrolynxman: nice job getting those done though!18:03
lynxmanjcastro: haha no problem, will hammer those tomorrow :)18:03
lynxmanjcastro: just send more my way, will be glad to get them done18:03
jcastroSpamapS: or perhaps be more explicit "Fix this and that, when you're ready for the next round flip it back to fix committed" or something18:04
lynxmanjcastro: I've told everyone to mark it as "New" again18:04
jcastrothat works18:04
jcastronegronjl: we'll need the graphs for "time to first response" and "average queue size" eventually as well18:05
SpamapSjcastro: in the server team we do keep track of Incomplete with response bugs ... its available as a bug search. But I don't think that should be in the queue.. perhaps a separate thing.. hm.. requires thought18:06
jcastroSpamapS: ok, we'll talk about it next call or something18:06
SpamapSadam_g: btw, I'm adding a copyright file to glance, since it doesn't have one.18:06
* jcastro gets scared of losing contributions when people forget to flip the right switch in lp18:07
SpamapSnegronjl: have you tried --ignore-warnings yet btw?18:08
SpamapSnegronjl: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1029058/18:08
SpamapSnegronjl: thats options.ignore minus warnings18:09
* SpamapS fixes in trunk18:09
SpamapSjcastro: fear isn't usually a great motivator toward excellence. :)18:14
m_3SpamapS: so what's the deal with glance?  the stale /precise branch screwing things up?18:14
m_3oneiric/glance/trunk and precise/glance/trunk both look good... and lp:charms/glance points to precise/glance/trunk18:15
SpamapSm_3: I fixed it18:16
SpamapSm_3: lp:charms/glance was not pointed at the trunk branch18:16
SpamapSWe really need to fix that in the charm store code18:16
m_3ah... oops18:16
SpamapScharm store should ignore the branch name if it has an official pointer18:16
m_3yeah... and/or not screw it up when upgrading series18:17
SpamapSThough the 'trunk' branch had 7 extra commits that the 'precise' one didn't18:17
SpamapSall fixed now18:17
m_3i think the precise branch was pre-existing18:17
m_3but we couldn't fix at the time b/c of stacking18:17
SpamapSlynxman: you need to push to ~charmers before promulgating btw18:18
SpamapSlynxman: you now own lp:charms/juju and lp:charms/drupal618:18
SpamapSactually we need to make promulgate verify that18:18
SpamapSsince 99% of the time we want ~charmers as the owner18:19
m_3there's also a nova-compute/precise branch lying around too18:19
m_3oh, nevermind... they're all still hanging about18:20
SpamapShanging around is fine18:21
SpamapSbeing official is not ;)18:21
m_3right... really like to remove them though18:21
SpamapSits ok. I'm still quite certain that the charm store is useless without a way to fork the charm you've deployed.18:21
m_3yeah, it's good for demos... that's about it18:21
SpamapSneat trick and all, but not being able to fix the charm myself means our default deploy method is quite flawed.18:22
SpamapSok filed bug 101014518:22
_mup_Bug #1010145: promulgate makes it too easy to promulgate the wrong branch <Juju Charm Tools:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1010145 >18:22
SpamapSLike Damian from Clerks, I'm not supposed to be here today.. so.. if somebody else wants to tackle that.. that would be great. :)18:23
m_3yeah, I'll take a look18:24
negronjljcastro, SpamapS:  i am at the M$ azure event all day today18:28
jcastrooh didn't know you were there18:28
jcastrothey excited about ubuntu over there?18:28
negronjljcastro:  i am still working on the charts.  Sorry for the delay.  I've been swamped18:29
negronjlSpanapS:  not sure what you are talking about re: ignore warnings18:30
shazzneris anyone going to be at the Texas Linux Fest in Aug?18:31
shazznerthey're finally holding one in san antonio :)18:31
adam_gSpamapS: thanks18:35
cheez0rhey folks, I'm working with a maas environment in juju, I bootstrapped the environment successfully, I deployed a bunch of charms and added relationships, but all of the agent-states in the juju status remain in 'not-started' for the nodes and 'pending' for the charms.20:05
cheez0rAny thoughts?20:05
hazmatcheez0r, i'd suspect cloud-init is not running on them21:40
hazmatcheez0r, same problem as you had with the bootstrap node21:40
hazmatcheez0r, if you could pastebin the /var/lib/cloud/instance/user-data.txt from some of them that would help confirm21:41
hazmatSpamapS, ping23:36

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