LubuntuUSAhey all, i was uninstalling some unneeded software using lubuntu software center.  but now all of a sudden i dont have close/minimize icons on any windows.  the windows look like they've been trimmed around the edges..thoughts?00:27
mysteriousdarrenLubuntuUSA: so no minimize or maximize? or exit?03:49
Unit193Loooooong gone, about 3 minutes after asking.03:55
mysteriousdarrenUnit193: what? sorry I am on two different channels and having a phone call at the same time.04:05
dove_gwhen i use on taskbar "combine multiple application windows into single button", how to close all applications?07:00
dove_gfor example, i do have started Calculator  5 times, I need to close it with 5 x 2 clicks, is there a way to Close All? tnx07:01
JohnDoe_71Rusright mouse click on group button?07:01
dove_gsame feature as left07:02
dove_gshift, ctrl, alt, nothing07:02
dove_gmissing feature for sure07:02
JohnDoe_71RusI like the cairo-dock. plan to use it on 12.0407:03
dove_gi have use this docks, tehy have nice features and looks great07:04
dove_gbut in my opinion takes to much power07:04
dove_gand for working on comp, i do not need special effects just funcionatlity and speed :)07:05
dove_gacctualy i was using cairo before I found group feature in LXDE07:05
dove_gnow i just missing close all button :)07:06
skaetjmarsden|work, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview  <-- can you please update the Lubuntu Features and Bugs section in next 2 hours?13:10
urishow can i install gnome 3 on lubuntu?14:12
leszekapt-get install gnome-shell14:14
leszeksudo !!14:14
urisyeah, did that14:14
urisbut i dont get the option to login to gnome14:14
urisi didnt have gnome installed14:15
urisi upgraded from 11.10 to 12.04 last nite, and it rendered lxde and windowmaker useless, so figured i could try to install gnome 314:15
holsteini would troubleshoot one thing at a time... you could just be dealing with a larger issue that is breaking more packages14:16
leszekuris: install gnome-session also14:16
urisokay, thanks14:16
skaetwxl,  ^ can you help with the TechnicalOverview.   Haven't heard back from jmarsden|work15:00
wxlskaet: move to #lubuntu-offtopic please17:03
wxlskaet: let's try again. if you want to make clear what you need from me, either move to #lubuntu-offtopic or send a msg. there, more clear. ;)17:05
micahgwxl: that's quite on topic for a mixed dev/support channel17:30
wxlmicahg: my understanding is this is not a mixed channel but ymmv.17:31
micahgwxl: where's the lubuntu dev channel then? :)17:35
wxlmicahg: #lubuntu-offtopic is a catchall for everything from hardcore biz matters to miscellany17:36
micahgwell, when I looked for the lubuntu dev channel, I was told this was mixed dev/support, I assumed that was due to the low amount of dev talk17:38
wxlmicahg: well i would say there's more traffic here than there and you're more likely to see dev matters there17:39
smilebye :)18:36
smilebye :)18:36
lotushey, I want an evolution pop-up notification for lubuntu19:15
lotusany ideas?19:15
kanliotum don't ask me i get email in my hex editor19:23
gld1982ltdhey all, i need to set the desktop environment variable so certain app menu items show in lubuntu. those app menu items that say NotShownIn: GNOME;LXDE and so on.21:20
holsteini dont know of any easy way21:23
holsteini use a launcher... kupfer, and havent cared about the menu since21:24
holsteinyou could try alacarte? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=152987021:24
gld1982ltdI am using cairo dock. the app menu doesn't display some of the apps. mainly the customize look and feel app.21:25
gld1982ltdi tried it. it installs gnome-menus. still doesn't work.21:25
holsteini usually edit the text file if need be.. but if you are talking about the one in cairo, i would search there21:26
Unit193holstein: Alacarte doesn't work on Lubu.21:56
inkyionhey, so i got a question about the 11 > 12 update, of the philosophical kind...22:13
greywalkhi. is it possible to drag and re-order windows on the taskbar (windows list) on LXDE?22:22
bioterrorgreywalk, nope22:34
greywalkthat's sad ) all de's can do that, you get used to being able to regroup stuff on the panel, and...  on lxde you cannot :) does it make sense to file a bug report or smth similar  to request adding the feature to the lxpanel?23:27
greywalkand pcmanfm on lubuntu 12.04 crashes on adding a bookmark :(23:28

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