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zniavre #93163010:45
eagles0513875zniavre: bug 93163010:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 931630 in shotwell (Ubuntu) "don't set GtkDrawingArea to have transparent background" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93163010:55
ikoniaeagles0513875: did you progress your issue ok ?11:11
eagles0513875ikonia: seems like i kinda made a mess of things reinstalling the netbook package and then switching to the netbook layout11:12
eagles0513875i have the normal desktop menu bar on the bottom with the k menu and all as well as the netbook menubar which crashes on login11:12
ikoniaeagles0513875: ok, so despite that it seems like you have made progress to narrow it down11:12
eagles0513875correct that the issue is the the netbook transition package i haven't tried anything else today sadly11:13
ikoniaI don't think the issue is the transistion package11:13
ikoniathat's not going to cause an applet to crash11:13
ikonia(applet - bad wording)11:13
ikoniathe netbook package is just a meta package, that won't cause applications to crash11:14
eagles0513875ok thing is on instant crash there is no back trace or anything11:17
ikoniayou don't have to get a back trace11:22
ikoniaeagles0513875: lets get a plan together here,11:22
ikoniaeagles0513875: 1.) do you know if anyone else has confirmed the issue with the netbook layout11:22
eagles0513875sadly not i can't find anyone else with a netbook :(11:23
ikoniaok, that would be really helpful, to get another netbook user to confirm the issue and anything similar/different11:23
ikoniahave you hit a few people up on the mailing list/irc11:23
ikoniadoes the issue occur if you use a laptop/desktop and install the netbook layout ?11:24
eagles0513875actually forgot about the mailing list11:25
ikonianot a crime11:25
ikoniawhat about the other stuff, does it work on a laptop if you use the netbook layout ?11:25
eagles0513875but I'm having issues with that no mode set which i have to figure out how I'm going to tackle but thats not related to the current discussion11:26
ikoniaI told you how to fix the nomodeset issue11:26
ikoniayou must have another machine to try a kubuntu netbook layout install on ?11:26
ikoniahell, would you like me to try it on a vm I have running on my laptop now ?11:27
eagles0513875ikonia: the problem with vms at least from what i have seen bugs that surface on physical hardware don't surface at all on virtual machines and vice versa11:28
eagles0513875but ill go ahead and setup a vm :)11:28
ikoniaeagles0513875: do you think this is a hardware problem ? as 2 minutes ago you thought it was a problem with a meta package?11:28
eagles0513875i don't think so11:29
ikoniahand on heart, where do you think the issue lies from what you have seen far11:29
eagles0513875this netbook is fairly new and in great condition11:29
eagles0513875its a package just not sure what exactly the package is :(11:29
ikoniahardware problem does mean "broken hardware" it could be an incompatability11:29
ikoniaok - let me get a vm image running and you can walk me through it,11:30
ikoniagive me a few minutes11:30
ikoniaare you running 32 or 64bit ?11:30
eagles0513875ikonia: 11.10 worked fine on the netbook desktop11:30
ikoniaright and you're using 12.10 ?11:30
eagles0513875i noticed the menubar issue in 12.0411:31
ikoniaok, lets stick with what you're currently running11:31
ikoniaexactly which install image are you using so I grab the same one11:32
eagles0513875i did the net install11:33
ikoniadespite me telling you multiple times not to11:33
ikoniaI'll just use the standard 12.10 current image11:33
ikoniathere is no 12.10 kubuntu-netbook image I can find, give me a minute or two11:35
ikoniafine, I'll use the net installer11:36
ikoniaeagles0513875: which/where did you get the netinstaller image you are using11:36
eagles0513875oops meant the alternate cd11:37
eagles0513875which is technically the net install11:37
ikoniathe altnernave cd is NOT the net instrall11:37
ikoniathere is nothing "net install" abou it11:37
ikoniaplease be %100 clear - what are you using11:37
eagles0513875i forgot that they took the net install down11:37
ikoniaso which cd image are you using, link me to it11:38
eagles0513875then the 32bit alternate cd option11:39
ikoniaeagles0513875: that is NOT 12.10 !!!!!P11:40
eagles0513875then i did a manual upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10 by changing the sources list11:40
ikoniaI am getting REALLY annoyed with this now11:40
ikoniaeagles0513875: why did you upgrade to 12.10 ?11:40
eagles0513875was hoping to contribute this cycle to the project11:41
ikoniacontribute to the cycle ???11:41
ikoniasorry, I'm backing out of this you need to grow up11:41
eagles0513875ok. ill do further testing on a vm myself11:41
ikoniaI'll test the 12.04 issue with you11:41
ikoniayou're just making an invalid test case11:42
ikoniais the issue on 12.04 currently ?11:42
eagles0513875initially my netbook was on 12.04 and it was there11:42
ikoniaright, so focus on that11:42
eagles0513875ok well i don't want to waste your time ill setup a vm after lunch and test it out on there11:42
ikoniathat is the active distro, that is LTS11:42
ikoniaif there is a fix it will get fed into the other releases, focus on what's real11:42
ikoniaeagles0513875: it's not so much my time I'm bothered about (although I don't enjoy having it wasted) it's others like the development time you're wasting11:43
ikoniaeagles0513875: you need to get solid and valid test results11:43
ikoniaeagles0513875: the more you just amble on giving random bits of info the more invalid/lucid it becomes11:43
ikoniawork with me here on the 12.04 issue, we can move to 12.10 if needed to confirm the issue11:43
ikoniacan you get a clean 12.04 image on your netbook, is that possible ?11:44
eagles0513875i can reinstall just have to backup a few things11:44
ikoniais that possible now (while I'm downloading the CD ?)11:44
eagles0513875i need to download the cd and was going to leave that downloading while i go have lunch11:45
ikoniaok, I'm downloading the CD now11:45
ikoniacan you please ping me when you return so you can walk me through the issue please.11:45
eagles0513875sure thing11:46
ikoniathank you11:46
edgyHi, I have precise dual boot with windows and now wants to install quantal alongside. I will create an lv_root, lv_home and then boot from the liveCD and choose the / and /home to point to the previouse volumes, is that OK?12:14
tbfis there a reason for making libboost-1.46-dev and libboost-1.48-dev conflict with each other? how about making them parallel installable?12:37
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BluesKajhey all13:07
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eagles0513875ikonia: ping13:47
eagles0513875ikonia: about to make my bootable usb13:47
ikoniaeagles0513875: ahhh great, I'm installing at the moment13:55
eagles0513875turns out the download didn't complete, only partially :( redownloading the iso now. :(13:56
eagles0513875ikonia: do you mind if i ask you what might sound like a stupid question13:58
ikonia(as in never a problem)14:02
eagles0513875whats the point of having a netbook desktop when the standard kde layout work just fine and i feel at times out performs the netbook one14:04
ikoniait works fine for you14:05
ikoniaothers like different things14:05
ikoniayour view/experience does not represent everyones elses, others may find it performs worse, or like a different layout better14:05
ikoniapersonally I don't like netbook layouts, but then again, that's just me14:05
eagles0513875ikonia: i actually agree with you14:06
eagles0513875one thing i have noticed which is odd as of 12.04 in system settings there is no way to disable the track pad14:07
eagles0513875on ones laptop/netbook14:07
ikoniaI'm not really a kde user, so I don't know about things like that14:08
eagles0513875not a problem14:08
eagles0513875another question. i had tried unity14:08
eagles0513875nm scratch that question14:08
eagles05138755 min to go for the redownload of the iso to complete14:11
ikoniaI'm still installing as I was tight with the ammount of ram and cpu I have the machine14:12
eagles0513875all my netbook is is a hyper threaded atom with 2gb of ram14:14
ikoniaeagles0513875: lets move this to #kubuntu as we are not discussing 12.10 at this time14:15
eagles0513875ikonia: read my mind :D14:15
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icerootis it a bug or a feature that the auto-mounter is using /run/media/username instead of /media/ for removable devices?16:22
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DrHalanhey guys. i was wondering if there is already a version of UbuntuTV to try out20:00
edgyHi, I tried to import a file to muon that contaim package names and now I got "'The package system could not be initialized, your configuration may be broken.". I guess the file is not in the proper format but how can I get muon back? I closed and restart but getting the same error.21:12
alex_mayorgaHow broken is Quetzal?23:05
FernandoMiguelnot much23:07
FernandoMiguelone of my machines is having probs with cups23:08
FernandoMiguelother then that, it's fine23:08
FernandoMiguelsound is very low.....23:08
alex_mayorgaFernandoMiguel: Is it alpha 1 yet?23:21
alex_mayorgaI usually jump in right after the 1st alpha23:21
FernandoMiguellong ago23:22
alex_mayorgaNot that long ago according to http://www.ubuntu.com/testing23:37

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