ajmitchwendar: thanks for being the guinea pig for metadata-less uploads :)05:43
* ajmitch also removed it from askubuntu-lens, which needs checking & voting05:44
dpmgood morning all06:49
dpmajmitch, highvoltage or wendar, do you happen to know at what time the sync from the production PPA to extras.u.c happens?06:52
ajmitchnot sure, sorry06:53
ajmitchall that is a bit of a black box06:54
dpmperhaps stgraber when he's around? ^06:59
dholbachgood morning07:04
ajmitchmorning dholbach07:20
dholbachhey ajmitch07:20
dpmajmitch, looking at http://extras.ubuntu.com/, and seeing the date and time in there, I assume the syncs happen at midnight, so I guess I'll have to wait for another day to get qreator in extras.u.c. Does that sound about right?07:24
ajmitchdpm: that's *probably* about right but you'd have to check with someone, I know as much as you do :)07:36
* ajmitch shall be back in an hour or so07:37
dpmthanks ajmitch07:39
cielakhey guys15:21
cielakI've dropped in to ask about harmonyseq's status in precise15:21
cielakI thought it was to be released to precise extras repos as soon as 12.04 was released, but it seems I was mistaken15:22
cielakis it going to be released there too? as far as I know there is very little changes to be done, since it has been sucessfully released for oneiric15:22
dholbachhey wendar - how are you doing?15:23
dholbachwendar, did you push up your pkgme-wrapper-tool somewhere? :)15:23
ajmitchcielak: it did require a little more changing, as one of the patches touched Makefile.am, and Makefile.in wasn't being regenerated properly from that. A fixed version is in the staging PPA for precise but I've been waiting on a package to go through that doesn't have the metadata in debian/control to see how it handles it19:48
cielakajmitch: aah, I got it, you just wanted to have Qreator tested out first - fine, I just wanted to remind of myself ;)19:51
ajmitchyes, that & askubuntu-lens which I put up for vote19:52
ajmitchsince the software center is ment to be able to pull all the icons, screenshot urls, etc from myapps, I didn't want to have to add them back in afterwards on multiple packages19:53
ajmitchit is close though :)19:53
ajmitchassuming anyone remembers to vote19:53
cielakright - and this would also fix the issue with incorrect metadata formatting harmonyseq had in oneiric19:53
ajmitchif it doesn't, I'll be following up on it19:56
cielakthanks, ajmitch! :-)19:57
ajmitchcielak: fwiw, I added dh-autoreconf to the build-depends & rules to get the makefiles to be patched properly, I'll push the changes I made to a branch20:13
ajmitchit's only needed on precise, not oneiric :)20:13
cielakgreat :)20:18

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