jackhogra_: we also have 4470 panda?03:38
satellit_trimtesting sugar desktop IRC on TrimSlicePro05:10
rbasakinfinity: please could you review and sponsor my debdiff in bug 1004018? "make all_build" works. Is there anything I've missed?11:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 1004018 in debian-installer "Add highbank images" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100401811:53
jtayloranyone with access to arm hardware want to help me verify if fftw3 neon extensions work?12:45
murianijtaylor: if I had my ubuntu sd in the panda, I would12:59
murianiat it is relevant to my interests12:59
jtaylorubuntu is not required I just want to test if the runtime detection works13:00
murianithe source download doesn't seem to have the test make target like the beta source did13:00
murianiok, well, I don't have any bootable sd in my machine atm :P13:00
murianiand my panda's about 15 miles away13:00
murianiI know that when I built from source gnuradio detected it when it builds13:01
murianibtu when I run make test on gnuradio, it failed qa_fft :/13:01
jtaylorI want to test it for the debian package13:02
jtaylorit should also work on hardware without neon13:02
jtaylorso my interest is the runtime detection13:02
jtaylorand if it actually speeds it up13:02
jtaylortheir check:http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028526/13:02
xranbyjtaylor: can you post a complete example13:07
xranbythat would allow me to test it quicker on more machines and not waste time completing the testcase13:08
jtaylorone moment13:09
jtaylorxranby: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028546/13:16
jtaylorthe build takes a long time13:16
jtaylorif possible executed on a machine with neon and one without13:17
xranbyjtaylor: have you tested running this code on a non-arm machine?13:19
xranbyjtaylor: your second paste do only contains the commands you executed.. the code is still missing13:19
xranbydid you give me the correct paste?13:20
jtaylorreplacing neon with sse and avx works fine13:20
jtayloron amd6413:20
jtayloryou mean a paste with source download and extracting?13:21
xranbyjtaylor: yes... how else would you expect me to test it?13:21
xranbyjtaylor: if you want us to help testing the autodetect code.. then post a working example including only this test13:23
satellit_I have a 64 GB SDXC (Sandisk) formatted fat. Can I install to it on my TripSlicePro and boot from it? Any help appreciated. (I do not want to interfere with the 32GB internal HD)13:44
djszapiogra_: hey14:40
djszapiogra_: for some reason, I cannot make the pandaboard sleep with Ubuntu 12.04. I am sure this worked before the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installation, but I have not unfortunately tried this until now. Even "echo mem > /sys/power/state" does not put the pandaboard into suspended mode. Got a clue ?14:41
ogra_sorrym, no, i'm on vacation (i'm actually not here, just sorting some non-work stuff)14:42
angshas anyone used wifi doggle in ad hoc mode in ubuntu?15:03
ogra_GrueMaster, heh, your son gets famous, i just read a raspberry article in the most popular german online IT news that praises win32imager over the top (and actually has a direct download likg for the zip in the article)16:00
prpplagueGrueMaster: we use it for our validation images for panda....16:02
* LetoThe2nd read it too.16:04
GrueMasterWhich reminds me, I need to update it soon.  Next rainy weekend...16:05
ogra_prpplague, somke challenge for your next panda netbook project ... http://www.engadget.com/2012/06/07/thd-n2-kirf-macbook-air-ics/#continued16:05
LetoThe2ndand i guess they got blackmailed to give a positive conclusion in the end, because  the main text was... lets call it medioce at best.16:05
* prpplague looks16:05
prpplagueogra_: yea i wish i could show you want _do_ have working, hehe16:06
GrueMasterUgh, Cortex-A8?  Better to use dual core.16:06
ogra_not for that price !16:06
ogra_a complete netbook for $14916:07
GrueMasterI wouldn't hesitate to pay $199 for a dual core.  Much snappier.16:09
ogra_heh, indeed16:09
GrueMasterAlthough I'm not sure where I would use it in my current role.16:10
prpplagueogra_: nice looking item16:10
prpplagueogra_: that would be easy to "upgrade"16:10
ogra_go ahead, i'll buy one ;)16:10
murianiI'd love to use my old psion netbook-pro as local user i/o for my panda16:14
murianiwould have to figure out how to wire up the touchscreen, display, and keyboard though16:15
prpplaguemuriani: hehe, pretty easy, i've done a toshiba libretto with omap416:15
murianiThat migh be an easier solution... I'm just not sure what interfaces they used on the nbp16:16
murianiwould have to do some research. I like the form factor though, although the screen resolution is a *little* limited16:17
ogra_psion ? thats 800x480 or so, right ?16:18
murianilinux on that thing is a bit of a bear. Nearly unusable, at least in its current state16:18
murianibut then it's a pxa255 or some such16:19
murianiit would have a much shorter battery life running a pandaboard, for sure :)16:21
murianiMight be easier to have the panda interface as a module that plugs into the rear of the unit or some such.16:22
dsadoes ubuntu-arm have network-manager?16:30
ogra_ubuntu-arm is exactly the same as ubuntu-x86 if you use the desktop images16:31
dsaI use rcn-ee's image,16:31
dsaroot@omap:~# sudo service network-manager stop16:31
dsanetwork-manager: unrecognized service16:31
dsais it normal to not to have network-manager?16:32
ogra_oh, well, talk to rcn-ee about rcn-ee images :)16:32
dsaI have not seen him for 2 days16:32
ogra_well, we only do the official images here ... cant tell if he uses NM in his16:32
dsawhy there is no offical ubuntu image for beaglebone whereas it is available for beaglebone?16:33
dsathe last one16:33
ogra_because nobody in the ubuntu teams has a beaglebone16:34
dsaI hope beagle people will provide beaglebone to your team some day16:35
dsahave you ever created ad hoc wlan network with embedded boards?16:35
prpplagueand/or no one on the beagle team pays canonical to support it16:35
ogra_prpplague, nobody pays canonical to support the ac100 or mx5 either16:36
prpplaguetrue, but $$ makes things go faster, hehe16:36
ogra_oh, put omap4 in that list too16:36
ogra_the only paid arm arches we have atm are the supercomputing arm thingies :)16:37
dsaI set one ubuntu board in ad hoc mode by iwconfig. but I can not see it on my laptop by "iwlist wlan0 scan". I wonder if anyone experienced could suggest me any documentation/instruction or something else?16:37
prpplagueogra_: yea, but omap4 was paid early on16:38
ogra_yep, and is our best supported platform atm16:38
satellit_I have a TrimslicePro and and Ubuntu Update Manager  keeps trying to install Linux kernel image for version 2.3.38 on Trim_Slice and fails as it is not signed...How do I get it to run? "Requires installation of untrusted packages" and fails16:53
satellit_answered...never mind18:40
=== satellit_trim is now known as satellit_armTS
TypoNAMis anybody else having problems with ddd hanging with opening session in Ubuntu 12.04? I can't get it to do anything except exit and it prompting me cause gdb is busy...23:56

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