ClientAlive sorry, but I've been looking all over for the answer to a really stupid question. Just that I don't want to 'assume' anything. If I'm exporting a directory on a logical volume through nfs, and if one of my clients will be windoz, do I have to format the logical volume in something like fat or ntfs?01:24
Unit193You are asking if the host has to use NTFS/Fat to share, over NFS, to windows, right?  Answer is no, but windows can't read from NFS by default last I knew.01:26
ClientAlivesort of, I guess01:28
ClientAliveThe directory I want to share with my vm clients will be on a logical volume. In order to put a directory on a logical volume I imagine I have to format it with some file system. One of my vm's is win 7, the others are *nix01:29
ClientAliveI've spent several days looking around on the internet, been on #networking, #ubuntu, and no luck so far. I guess I can do the ol' trial and error bit but that sux.01:32
Unit193Well, since ntfs-3g is pretty good nowdays, you could just use NTFS and be done...01:36
ClientAlivesuppose the only reason it's even a question for me is I would prefer to use a linux fs. Ah well01:38
ClientAlivethen can my *nix guests read the ntfs share?01:39
Unit193Should be able to, if I understand what you're trying to do.01:40
ClientAlivejust trying to set up a shared storage space for all my vm's is all. Just that one windows outlier throwing a wrench in things  :>01:41
ClientAliveso to format ntfs-3g you do a "mkfs.ntfs"   ??01:41
ClientAliveor is it something diff?01:41
Unit193ntfs-3g is a driver for linux to write to NTFS partitions, you may as well use gparted, but then again you typically just go into the virtualmachine's settings and set a folder as shared with it, at least you do in VBox.01:42
ClientAlivehmm...  Now, what you just said, is something else I had wondered about. I'm running kvm and use virt-manager. virt-manager has some configuration area for that but I don't know anything about it.01:44
Unit193Not used kvm, too lazy, sorry.01:44
ClientAliveis virtual box pretty good these days? I remember you had to install some extra thing before (about a year ago now) in order to get devices working and to free your pointer and such.01:46
Unit193"GuestAdditions" now are easily installable from jockey. :D01:47
ClientAlivethat's what it was: GuestAdditions01:49
ClientAliveright on01:51
ClientAliveWell thanks man. Peace out...01:51
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DarkSimIs anyone here?10:29
DarkSimNuking my installation11:27
BentheplantguyNeed help mounting external drive.  No /media/external mount point.  fdisk -l  not showing device13:51
geirhaBentheplantguy: does it work elsewhere?14:06
Bentheplantguydmesg shows "[ 1292.952107] usb 1-3: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 314:06
Bentheplantguy[ 4219.289871] usb 1-3: USB disconnect, address 314:06
Bentheplantguy[ 4250.052035] usb 1-3: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 414:06
Bentheplantguy[ 4393.020626] usb 1-3: USB disconnect, address 414:06
Bentheplantguy[ 4399.636033] usb 1-3: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 5"14:06
ubot2For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:07
holsteinBentheplantguy: i would plug the drive in, and i would run in a terminal "sudo fdisk -l" without the quotes14:08
holsteinBentheplantguy: i would do as geirha is suggesting and try it on another machine14:08
Bentheplantguydon't have one on had.  but i think i tried another machine before.  not recognizing.  i think my old dell crashed a while ago which resulted in unsafe unmounting of device.  fdisk -l only shows internal HD partition.  Am i screwed?  i don't care about any info on the device, i just need to get stuff on my machine backed up14:10
holsteinBentheplantguy: you have a lot of "think" up there.. if you have access to *any* machine, maybe a friends machine, or some public one, you could save yourself a lot of hassle... if the stick doesnt work on multiple machines, you can pretty safely assume the stick is bad14:14
BentheplantguyWD 3T external14:14
holsteinBentheplantguy: its just an external drive... *all* drives fail.. id say, that drive could be bad, but i wouldnt say that means you are "screwed" in any way14:15
Bentheplantguycan I format drive even though i can't mount it, then start mount from scratch?  if fdisk -l isn't listing a name, then i don't know how to force mount.14:15
holsteinBentheplantguy: its the drive is broken, or damaged, it might not show up... if its not showing up, you cant mount it.. i would use a CD such as the ultimate boot CD, or gparted live, and see if you can see it14:17
holsteinif its broken, its broken.. you can format a broken drive14:17
Bentheplantguycannot* ?14:18
holsteinBentheplantguy: correct..14:19
holsteinBentheplantguy: i would use a live CD and see if you see the drive, and test it14:19
holsteini dont trust hard drive tests unless they take 2 hours :)14:19
Bentheplantguywhat do you mean use a live CD?  and how do i test it?14:20
holsteinBentheplantguy: one of the live CD's i mentioned above14:20
holsteinhttp://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ for example... you boot with it, and test the drive in question.. assuming it's showing up14:21
holsteinbut, this is not always as simple as it sounds.. theres a reason why the hardware tech at your local shop would charge you for this test14:22
ImWidUonDatQUESTION PLEASE:  I am new at Linux.  Want to set up: dual boot Win7 and Ubuntu Precise Pangolin (12.04) -  with LAMP for a website testing environment.   Reasons I should install server edition versus desktop edition?14:24
holsteinImWidUonDat: ubuntuserver *is* ubuntu14:24
ImWidUonDatIsn't there a choice between desktop and server only edition?  I am wondering if the desktop might just be "in the way".14:25
holsteinImWidUonDat: if you want a desktop enivronment, you might want to install ubuntu, xubuntu or kubuntu... one of the distros that come with a destkop environment14:25
Bentheplantguyyeah, i'm a bit rural...  it isn't showing up, that's the problem.  /media wasn't automounting a /media/external folder.  so i kmdir /media/external.  unplug/replug device.  spins up, but nothing is recognized.  dmesg shows device auto-disconnecting.14:25
holsteinImWidUonDat: desktop is not "in the way" if you need a desktop14:25
ImWidUonDatAbout a week ago I installed the desktop version on an old laptop.14:25
BentheplantguyI'll try ultimate boot and see if that gets me anywhere14:25
holsteinImWidUonDat: you can run any/all server services on a desktop machine14:26
ImWidUonDatNow I am ready to do a dual boot on my desktop computer - but want to use the ubuntu mainly for testing a wordpress website.14:26
ImWidUonDatJust don't know if the server only edition is too technical.14:26
ImWidUonDatWondered if you had any suggestions.14:26
holsteinImWidUonDat: its not a bad way to get started.. also some of these were helpful to me, since they are live and ubuntu based http://www.turnkeylinux.org/14:26
holsteinImWidUonDat: i see no issue with having a desktop edition to get started14:27
holsteini have command line only boxes that run headless with no desktops, but i didnt start that way14:27
ImWidUonDatHolstein:  Thank you for the link.  I will check it out.  It sounds like perhaps I should install the desktop until I am more familiar with it.14:29
stlsainti love turnkey boxes. using one now for LAMP :D14:30
holsteinyup.. and i discovered a lot of software from trying those turnkeys that i probably wouldnt have found on my own14:31
BentheplantguyHD boots to MAC device.  but sudo fdisk -l still doesn't recognize14:40
holsteinBentheplantguy: mac device?14:40
holsteinsudo fdisk -l wont work in OSX... i would use the disk utility in OSX to format the drive to something friendly like FAT14:42
Bentheplantguyno no, i plugged it into a mac, and it auto mounted.  i safe ejected and plugged it back into my ubuntu Dell.  sudo fdisk still doesn't recognize.  so hard drive isn't shot, there's just something wrong with my ... OS kernel?14:44
holsteinBentheplantguy: maybe14:45
holsteinBentheplantguy: i would just do this though...14:45
holsteinBentheplantguy: plug it in where it is recognized, in OSX, and format it to something friendly.. like FAT14:46
holsteinlikely not a kernel issue that makes that one device not "show up"14:46
holsteintry it in other USB ports14:47
Bentheplantguytried other ports, and ran dmesg and fdisk.  same results.  going to format in OSX.  does FAT 16 or 32 make a difference?14:49
Bentheplantguy"Disk Erase failed with the error Invalid request"  Is there another way to format?15:10
holsteinBentheplantguy: if its failing, you might have issues like that15:56
holsteinBentheplantguy: if you see it in OSX, test it, and format it there15:56
holsteinformat it to literally whatever you can get it to format to... i would try blanking it, or try FAT3215:57
bobweaverok it is uploading says 3 min left there ae somethings that I left out that need to also be put into video more about the dash like filter options I fogot and also work-space-switch I will make 2nd video that will have all that in i t17:03
bobweaverwhat is up with the r key on this keyboard :\17:03
bobweaverbut I would like as much feed back as possible thanks17:04
bobweaveroh this is the wrong channel lol17:04
bobweaverhello datadave17:20
datadavehey, not sure if im in the right place, but i am v new to this ubuntu and want to learn and have a play17:21
bobweaversure I will brb have to switch computers17:22
datadavealso trying to deal with the kids too so might be slow in responding17:22
holsteindatadave: is it installed?17:24
holsteinif not, look at and play around with the LIVE CD.. even if it is installed, the live CD is a great place to play around since you cant permanently break anything17:24
holsteinyou can also make a seperate user account to "break", or try things in the guest account that is included17:25
datadaveyep am running 12.0417:25
holsteinif you dont want to learn by trial and error, or breaking things, then i say, just take it slow, and try to get some tasks accomplished in ubuntu17:25
datadavethats what i would like. but what i dont know is what it can do and i dodnt know what i dont know if you know what i mean :-)17:26
holsteinwell, you are on here.. thats one thing17:27
bobweaverdatadave,  learn Unity keyboard shortcuts17:27
bobweaverlots of fun to play with17:27
holsteinopen a web browser and search around, thats another...17:27
datadavei also having running on  dell d600 crappy laptop. will it perform ok? not bothered about games17:27
holsteinplaying a CD.. play a DVD..17:27
bobweaverdatadave,  search this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzlSOcncqQ8&feature=youtu.be17:27
datadavei have downloaded torrents etc17:28
bobweaverahh I have a d610 running17:28
holsteindatadave: running "ok" is up to you.. i could do quite a bit on that hardware, but you might find it unacceptable17:28
datadavei am not sure what i want to do with it really17:28
holsteindatadave: yup.. so take your time, and see what comes up17:29
bobweaverdatadave,  you have all the extra cool stuff installed ?17:29
datadavehe kids need to use a windows laptop for school so this is for me to play on17:29
bobweaveraka ubuntu-restricted-extras17:29
datadavehow do i install that?17:29
bobweaveropen software center17:29
bobweaverin search bar enter17:30
bobweaverclick on package and install17:30
datadavewhats in it?17:30
bobweaverthis will install flash and all the ms fonts needed for libreoffice extra17:31
bobweaverand java stuff17:31
holsteindatadave: i would also suggest a bit of a "look before you leap" mentality17:31
holsteinnot that theres anything wrong with that metapackage...17:31
holsteinarguably, if you dont need java, then you are creating an unecessarly security risk17:32
bobweaverthat metapackage is great but holstein  is right you should look17:32
datadavethats on its way thank you. is libraoffice any good>17:33
holsteini usually just install ubuntu-restricted-extras though... it simiplifies getting flash and other things working17:33
holsteindatadave: libreoffic is *not* word... i think its the best product available17:33
holsteinif you want word, use word17:33
holsteinlibreoffice is awesome17:33
datadaveis it like ms office?17:34
bobweaveryou can see all the packages info that you need with some commands17:34
holsteindatadave: its not ms office17:34
datadaveok cool, such as?17:34
holsteinits not ms word17:34
holsteinits much better in my opinion17:34
bobweaveropen terminal  (ctrl+alt+t )17:34
bobweaverapt-cache search <program >17:34
bobweaverapt-cache search ubuntu-restricted-extras17:35
bobweaverapt-cache show ubuntu-restricted-extras17:35
bobweaverapt-cache policy  ubuntu-restricted-extras17:35
bobweaverapt-cache dump policy  ubuntu-restricted-extras17:35
bobweaverthat is better17:35
bobweaverthat will give you alot information about packages17:35
datadaveare packages like .exe files?17:36
bobweaverwe use deb17:36
bobweaverthey are are binarys17:36
datadaveaah, so deb are exe files per se17:36
datadaveyou can tell im a newbie...haha17:38
bobweaverbut there are little things that are different17:39
bobweavernot that imporant at this stage that you are at17:39
bobweaverthe imporant thing that i think that most users should learn and could be wrong here. But learn that Ubuntu is not hard in fact can be easy. You can use Ubuntu with pout the terminal all you like and I encourge that for the 1st couple of weeks. but search software center install some cool stuff. There is also Ubuntu advantage it is 105 usd a year and it is great support  you may look into that also for your 1st year as a Ubuntu use17:45
bobweaverr it is a great program and "feeds the fuel" for Ubuntu hiring developers and testers and well just about everything17:45
datadaveblimey. crashed on me17:47
datadavei need to put kids to bed so back soon.17:48
bobweaverblimey ?17:49
bobweaver!info blimey17:49
datadaveas i was saying earlier, id like to read up on a book like ubuntu for dummies etc etc17:49
datadave!info blimey?? eh?17:49
bobweaverthere are great books in the software center17:49
bobweaverdatadave,  that was for the bot17:49
bobweaverbut it did  not pick it up17:49
ubot2Hi! I'm #ubuntu-beginners's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots17:49
datadavei dont follow you?17:50
bobweavernot important17:50
datadaveam i being a dumbass?17:50
bobweavernot at all17:50
bobweaverso there is a bot that we use in this channel17:51
datadaveoh right17:51
bobweaverand also other channels to help us sometimes17:51
datadavei suppose these kids need to go to bed. back soon ish17:51
bobweavercya have fun :>)17:51
datadaveyeah, they are going mental. are u in the US?17:52
datadaveim in MAnchester UK17:52
bobweaverI am in the states yes17:55
bobweaverdatadave,  http://madlab.org.uk/content/tag/manlug/17:57
bobweaverThere also looks to be someone there local that teaches classes http://www.nobleprog.co.uk/ubuntu/training/manchester18:00
BentheplantguyFormatted in OSX Disk Utility, still didn't work in ubuntu.  did verify, then repair.  external HD automounted right away in ubuntu.  not sure the diagnosis, but know the fix now.  ~thank you to all for the patience and help.18:26
BentheplantguyTrying to format HD.  mkfs.ntfs not recognized as command.  is there an alternative?18:38
stlsaintBentheplantguy: why using command line to format?18:50
Bentheplantguydon't know what else to use18:56
Bentheplantguymy profile has admin rights, and is password protected.  but my sudo/profile password isn't working for removing apps.  any ideas?18:58
holsteinBentheplantguy: i would just use gparted19:01
holsteinits a GUI that'll do the job19:01
holsteinor i would just format it in OSX and use it19:01
holsteinBentheplantguy: in a terminal, run this19:02
holsteinsudo -s19:03
holsteinenter your password... should say something like... root@host19:03
holsteinexit will get you out of the root terminal.. if you do not get to root terminal, then you are entering the password incorrectly, or you have a serious issue19:04
datadavethanks, i will look at the uk site19:05
datadaveso, what other basic tips have you got for me?19:06
holsteindatadave: just keep it simple... come up with a task.. learn to do it19:07
holsteinburn a CD.. rip a CD.. watch a movie... print something19:07
Bentheplantguyi got to the root terminal with that password, but it still didn't work to uninstall app.19:09
holsteinBentheplantguy: what app? what command? what error?19:10
holsteinBentheplantguy: i say, keep it simple, and use a package manger like synaptic til you get comfortable19:10
holsteinor, the software center19:11
Bentheplantguysoftware center.  found app. (tried with Wine and Nepomuk).  pressed remove key.  got the password prompt.  password not recognized19:12
Bentheplantguywhat's the terminal command line?  i'll try that19:12
Bentheplantguysudo apt-uninstall -Wine?19:12
holsteinBentheplantguy: depends on what you are trying to remove19:23
holsteinBentheplantguy: it will be the same password as you use in the sudo command.. if it fails, it will fail everywhere19:24
Bentheplantguyapt-get remove [file name].  it's only failing in software center.  same password is working for profile, sudo, root access.  just not sftwr cntr19:25
holsteinBentheplantguy: cool.. im going to assume, and suggest that you assume you are typing the password in incorrectly19:25
Bentheplantguyif you say so.  i've been typing it incorrectly then for months, and only in that one very specific location.19:26
holsteinBentheplantguy: i could be wrong, and i dont use the software center, and i suggested another GUI package manager synaptic19:27
holsteinuse what works...19:27
Bentheplantguyyep, got to find it though19:27
holsteinsudo apt-get install synaptic19:28
Bentheplantguydoes that just get you synaptic package manager?19:29
Bentheplantguyi just did an apt-get install for nepomuk (source of all my problems right now) and after reading state information, it says unable to locate package.  i'm trying to repair the install, but software center isn't recognizing my password.19:32
holsteinBentheplantguy: i would just troubleshoot the errors as they come19:47
holsteinnot sure what nepomuk is, and i have never used it... though i still suggest using synaptic19:47
Bentheplantguyk, may be biting off more then i can chew19:47
holsteinyou cant use multiple package managers at the same time19:48
Bentheplantguynepomuk was the backup software that came with my version of ubuntu.  i tried using it when i got my hard drive hooked up, but it come back with the error "The Nepomuk backup service does not seem to be running.  Backup cannot be handled without it."19:52
Bentheplantguyi used synaptic to install all the updates for everything related to "nepomuk", but it still doesn't work.  know of better backup software?19:53
holsteinjust drag what you want backed up over to a hard drive19:54
holsteinor, share the error you are experiencing.. i would imagine it could be the hard drive is formatted FAT and needs to be ext19:54
holsteintheres backintime.. http://www.ubuntugeek.com/back-in-time-a-simple-backup-tool-for-ubuntu.html19:55
Bentheplantguywell that's the error message when i try to open the program, so probably not the hard drive.  still need to format that back to NTFS.  OSX only gave me the options of FAT, FAT extension, and a bunch of Mac OSX extentsion formats.  sot sure how to use disk utility to format to NTFS19:58
BentheplantguyI'll try backintime though19:58
holsteinBentheplantguy: likely needs to be ext for nepomuk19:59
holsteinfeel free and share the *exact* error message19:59
Bentheplantguyexact error message when program is opened "The Nepomuk backup service does not seem to be running.  Backups cannot be handled without it."20:00
holsteinsure. give the error you get with you start the service20:00
holsteinthat error is just that.. the service is not running... so get it running, and troubleshoot from there20:01
Bentheplantguyso i figured repair or reinstall would fix whatever software problem is occurring20:01
holsteini doubt it20:01
Bentheplantguywell the window give you the options finish or cancel.  pressing finish exits the program20:01
holsteini dont think you are having a software problem.. i think you had a drive with errors that has been repaired, and you are using some backup software that you are unfamiliar with20:02
holsteinmaybe ask in #kubuntu?20:03
holsteinseems like that app is a KDE app20:03
holsteini would start it from the command line and look for and report errors20:04
Bentheplantguyyeah, it KDE app.  i'll check that forum.  thanks for gparted20:04
holstein#kubuntu would have more kde users20:04
holsteinmaybe you should try using ubuntu with the integrated backup tool20:05
Bentheplantguyi don't know about the integrated backup tool.  what does it do?20:06
holsteinwell, i havent tried it, but AFAIK, it backs up... does what you are looking for20:07
holsteinso does backintime20:07
bobweaverI use it all the time it is easy and a great tool20:08
holsteinbobweaver: which?20:08
bobweaverwe are talking Deja-dup20:08
bobweavercorrect the built in backup thingy20:08
holsteincool.. maybe try that one Bentheplantguy20:08
bobweaverHave used with Ubuntu One rsync to server and also to backup to different partition20:08
Bentheplantguyk, i'll see what #kubuntu has to say, then check those out.  i have a 7 year old, almost broken, Dell that is limping along on ubuntu.  i haven't updated in almost a year cuz last time i lost some file for my network card that allowed it to recognize wireless networks20:09
bobweaverBentheplantguy,  what is card ?20:09
bobweaverbrodcoom ?20:09
bobweaverer spelling20:09
bobweaverbroadcom ? ralink ?20:10
bobweaverWireless card that is20:11
Bentheplantguyyeah, i think so.  broadcom.  bcmwl5.sys was lost.  took me almost a week to figure that one out, get it downloaded to a flash drive at a local library, and get it installed in the right place. > (20:11
bobweaverahh you are on machine ?20:12
bobweavercan you give out put of20:12
Bentheplantguywhat is the built in backup?20:12
bobweaverlspci -nn | grep 14e420:12
Bentheplantguyi really don't know many commands, but if you give me prompts i can run it through terminal20:12
bobweaverout of the box Ubuntu comes with Deja-dup a tool for backing things up there is many many options20:13
bobweaverok Bentheplantguy  if you would like to know what any of these commands do just ask but open a terminal20:13
bobweaverenter in20:13
bobweaverlspci -nn | grep 14e420:13
bobweaverwhat is the number in Red ?20:13
bobweavershould be something like  [14e4:4312]20:14
BentheplantguyI got two.  [14e4:170c] and [14e4:4311]20:15
bobweaver[14e4:4311]   <-- that is card #20:15
bobweaverYou can paste them lines here ?20:15
Bentheplantguyyou need the whole line?  why for?20:16
bobweaverto see if there is a LPphy  enter20:16
bobweaverto see if your card is low powered or not20:16
Bentheplantguy0c:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN [14e4:4311] (rev 01)20:17
bobweaverjust need the one from 14e4:431120:17
bobweaverIt is not low powered20:17
bobweavernow lets look at drivers that are installed for that20:17
bobweaverin terminal20:17
bobweaversudo apt-get install pastebinit20:17
bobweaverthis will install a tool to make it easy to pastebin us stuff20:18
ubot2pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:18
Bentheplantguyk, i'm doing a file drop backup at the moment.  so it might take a minute to do anything20:18
bobweaverbottom line is this broadcoom often has errors and install the wrong flippen drivers20:19
bobweaverusing additinal drivers20:19
bobweaverif you read the page for b43 (http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43)   you will learn that your card is supported by 2 drivers one being the B43 and the other being the WL  I like the B43 more then the WL as the WL can cause head sores on updates20:20
bobweaveryou can check to see what driver is loaded with the command        lsmod              then search the list if the wl is loaded and not the b43 (meaning shows up on that list) then arghh there be lay's trouble e'mat'e20:24
Bentheplantguyk, downloaded.  what now?20:25
bobweaversudo apt-get install pastebinit20:26
bobweaveroh sorry20:26
bobweaverlsmod |pastebinit20:26
bobweaverthen there will be link in terminal paste that link here plz20:26
bobweaverlike so20:27
bobweaver~$ lsmod |pastebinit20:27
bobweaverthat is my lsmod20:27
bobweaverO_o  I see neither the b43 or the WL   how did you install before ?20:31
bobweaverdid you manual put stuff in /usr/lib ?20:31
bobweaverlike all the firmware and what not20:31
bobweavernm  errr I hate seeing this     ndiswrapper           192828  020:31
bobweaverso you are using windows driver for your card20:32
bobweaverwith ndiswrapper20:32
bobweaveryou do not need such headaches20:32
BentheplantguyHAHAHA, yeah.  that's all i could figure out before.  i needed access right away (finals week).  and that's all i could find on good forums for quick fixes20:33
bobweaveryou got ethernet cable that you can jack into ?20:33
bobweaveralso lets see a20:33
bobweaverfree -m | pastebinit20:33
bobweaverthanks "free" shows how much ram you have20:35
bobweaveryou have a gig20:35
Bentheplantguyi know, not much20:35
bobweaverwhich is fine with Ubuntu20:35
Bentheplantguyi can't run google earth or picasa though.  kinda sad20:36
bobweaverok to fix your wireless scramble this is what you need to do20:36
bobweaveropen terminal20:38
bobweaversudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter && sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer20:39
bobweaverthouse are the packages that you need to get the b43 going20:39
bobweaversudo modprobe b4320:39
Bentheplantguygive me the whole thing, cuz last time i did this i lost connection20:39
bobweaversudo rmmod ndiswrapper20:40
bobweaverI have wrote tutorial for this on Ubuntu forums20:40
bobweaverpost #44 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1079650820:40
BentheplantguyE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)20:41
BentheplantguyE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?20:41
bobweaverahh something else is installing20:41
Bentheplantguysynaptic was open20:42
bobweaveror apt is open in other places ?synaptic?20:42
bobweaverfunny when two people type at the same time :)20:43
Bentheplantguy1.... ahh thank god.  that killed my connection for a second20:44
bobweaverlsmod | pastebinit20:45
Bentheplantguy1actually, that thread is what i read a year ago.  so belated thank you20:45
bobweavergood job !20:46
bobweaversudo apt-get remove ndiswrapper20:46
bobweaverto get rid of it for good20:46
bobweaverndiswrapper that is20:46
Bentheplantguy1$ sudo apt-get remove ndiswrapper20:47
Bentheplantguy1Reading package lists... Done20:47
Bentheplantguy1Building dependency tree20:47
Bentheplantguy1Reading state information... Done20:47
Bentheplantguy1E: Unable to locate package ndiswrapper20:47
bobweaveropen synaptic and look for it and un-install it20:48
bobweaverAnd I am also sorry that I did not warn you that you would lose connect for a sec20:49
Bentheplantguy1no worries.  free help is always appreciated.  nothing a beer can't fix20:51
Bentheplantguy1k, i have a couple ndiswrapper in synaptic.  which do i remove?20:51
bobweaverBentheplantguy1, oh gezz20:51
ubot2Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.20:52
bobweaverlets also see a20:53
bobweaverlspci -nn | grep VGA20:53
bobweaversee if we can fix you google earth troubles20:53
Bentheplantguy100:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:27a2] (rev 03)20:54
bobweaverglxinfo | grep direct20:55
Bentheplantguy1direct rendering: Yes20:55
bobweaverdoes not look like anything is install that is a good thing20:55
Bentheplantguy1k, just familiar and available?20:56
bobweaverdirect rendering: Yes    that is also a good thing20:56
bobweaverif they where installed they would be green20:56
bobweaver1 min20:56
bobweaversorry about that phone calls from stores that want to carry Ubuntu20:59
Bentheplantguy1no worries20:59
bobweaverhere is a picture of my synaptic  http://imagebin.org/21555620:59
bobweaversee how the installed things are green21:00
Bentheplantguy1can you help me out with gparted?21:00
bobweaverI can try21:00
bobweaverwhat is question21:00
Bentheplantguy1got it running.  identified ext HD.  and of partition name has red warning with key.  wont let me unmount.  i want to format fat32 to ntfs so i can run large backups21:01
Bentheplantguy1mkfs.ntfs isn't a recognized command in terminal though, so i don't know how else to do it manually21:01
bobweaverok when you get back Take a screen shot of gparted and post :)21:03
bobweaveralso a21:05
bobweaversudo fidisk -l21:05
bobweavernot that21:05
bobweaversudo fdisk -l21:05
bobweaversudo fidisk -l    < typo      should be     sudo fdisk -l            < that is a l like llama21:11
bobweavercd /media && ls21:13
Bentheplantguy1what is the best backup software?  that's what i'm setting this all up for anyway21:13
bobweaverI like deji dump21:13
bobweaverlets you use many options21:13
Bentheplantguy1cdrom  cdrom0  external  index.html  MY BOOK21:13
Bentheplantguy1i mkdir before i figured out how to get the HD to connect.  useless directory now21:14
Bentheplantguy1external that is21:14
bobweavercd ~21:14
bobweaversudo umount /media/MY\ BOOK/21:15
bobweaverthen close gparted and open again21:15
Bentheplantguy1bwadman@bwadman-laptop:~$ sudo umount /media/MY\BOOK/21:16
Bentheplantguy1umount: /media/MYBOOK/: not found21:16
bobweaveryou need a space after the \21:17
bobweaversudo umount /media/MY\ BOOK/21:17
bobweaversee how there is a space after the \21:17
bobweaveryou can use tab completion for things like this  like  sudo umount /media/M   <-- press tab button two times fast21:18
Bentheplantguy1yep, got it.  what is purpose of \ ?21:18
bobweaverit is a escape character in bash21:18
Bentheplantguy1ok, no more warning or key21:19
bobweaveryou may now play with that harddrive21:20
Bentheplantguy1format to: ntfs not available21:20
bobweaverI take it , it is a usb backup thing21:20
Bentheplantguy1SS USB 2/321:20
bobweaverthere is one last thing that you can do in order for me to help21:20
bobweaverwatch this21:20
Bentheplantguy1i have remote desktop21:21
Bentheplantguy1haven't used it for a while though21:21
bobweaveryou have teamviewer ?21:21
bobweaverhas to be teamviewer for my sake21:22
bobweaverto cover my ass21:22
bobweaveraka record session21:22
bobweaverthat way I am in the clear21:22
Bentheplantguy1o ok.  makes sense.  no i think it's just ubuntu's remote desktop viewer21:22
bobweaverand can provide video proff21:22
bobweaverDo not give password here PM me21:23
bobweaverif you want this sorta help21:23
bobweaverBentheplantguy1,  I am going to log into your system.  You are here by letting the Ubuntu member Joseph Mills irc nick bobweaver  log into and record the session. do you agree21:38
Bentheplantguy1i agree21:39
bobweaverpm me info21:39

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