dpmgood morning all06:49
hobgoblinmorning dpm06:51
dpmhey hobgoblin06:51
hobgoblinhow's Thursday morning looking dpm ?06:51
dpmlooking busy, but I think it's going to be a good day ;)06:53
dholbachgood morning07:04
benonsoftwareAfternoon dholbach ;)07:04
hobgoblinmorning dholbach07:06
dholbachhi benonsoftware07:06
hobgoblinbenonsoftware: hi :)07:06
benonsoftware'ello hobgoblin07:11
dpmhey dholbach07:12
dholbachhey dpm07:12
dholbachjames_w, you might like this one: http://www.breaksblog.biz/random-movement-podcast-24-082011/14:32
technovikings-fox: got booted from the mod channel again15:16
nigelbAlanBell / popey - Heh, http://hackedirl.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/epic-win-photos-british-tank-win.jpg15:26
popeythat looks normal15:27
jcastrodpm: confused15:50
jcastroI am seeing the "download for ubuntu" button15:50
jcastrois it better to use that than the software center icon you made before?15:50
dpmjcastro, yeah, that's the new button we should use. My buttons were temporary until the design team created some proper ones, and it seems they did. I didn't realize they were ready until this morning15:55
jcastroit looks blurry to me15:55
dpmjcastro, yeah, it does a bit. I'll have to talk to jono or davidpitkin to see the originals15:59
jcastromarcoceppi: it should be easy with the tiny url to swap out the image right?16:02
jcastrois jono out today?16:21
mhall119he emailed that he might be late today16:23
marcoceppijcastro: yeah, let me know the updated URL for the image and I can switch it out16:23
jcastromarcoceppi: I have hesitations on this new one, it's blurry16:24
jcastrowe'll see what dpm finds out16:24
dpmjcastro, yeah, I pinged davidpitkin a while ago, waiting for the answer16:24
jcastrono rush16:25
jcastrosmart move with the quickurl marcoceppi16:25
jcastroI didn't want to go back and fix all those images16:25
jcastrodpm: I think your button is nicer! :)16:25
* dpm is flattered :)16:25
dpmnot sure about it, but thanks :-)16:25
mhall119I also liked yours better16:31
mhall119but maybe I'm just being anti-change16:31
dpmok, want to finish something by the end of today, but time for a break, bbl17:04
dpmok, forgot to do something...17:05
nigelb... stop working?17:09
nigelbdid you forget to stop working? :P17:10
dpmah, that must be it :)17:10
* dpm away's17:11
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow17:36
jonohey folks17:58
jonoballoons, how are we doing on A1 mandatory testing?18:08
* jono waits for good news18:08
balloonswe have 100% mandatory coverage18:08
jono\m/ rock and roll \m/18:10
* jono hi-fives balloons18:10
balloonsyep, definitely good stuff18:11
jonoballoons, very nice work18:11
jonoballoons, btw, when are you going for Ubuntu Membership?18:11
balloonsas soon as they meet..18:11
* balloons has to check again on the schedule, the page was down last time18:11
jonoballoons, please do, I want to get you up on planet18:14
jonomhall119, nice work on the pkgme blog18:15
jonomhall119, could you follow up and be more explicit about which backends we need18:16
jonoI think we should run this as a "call for backends" type thing18:16
jonoyour post is a great foundation for this18:16
jcastroheya jono18:37
jcastrolast call for alcohol before I got on the long weekend if you wanna catch up18:37
mhall119jono: sure, you want me to just list the ones I mentioned in my blog, or others?18:37
jcastrothe only thing we need to discuss is the juju governance stuff imo, but that's not like burning on fire or anything18:37
jonojcastro, I haven't had a chance to look into, lets do it next week18:43
jonoit isnt urgent18:43
jonoand today I am slammed18:43
jonomhall119, I think you should highlight the ones we most need and write about each one, say what is needed, what the backend is likely going to need to do, etc18:43
jonoand explicitly ask for volunteers to write the backends and post in the comments if they are working on something so people can collaborate18:43
jonomhall119, and then reach out specifically to people who you think might be interested in helping18:44
mhall119jono: ok, that's going to require that I learn what the backends are going to need to do18:49
jonomhall119, ask james_w to summarize18:50
jonomhall119, our goal here is to get as many folks up to speed on what is involved so that they learn the skills to write the backend18:50
mhall119jono: what the backend code needs to do is specific to the build system it's targetting.  The instructions I gave on my blog, and the ones I linked to on pkgme.net, are as specific as you can get without going into details about how different build systems work19:04
jonomhall119, right, so I think you need to summarize, but I think that right now we are not setting people up for success enough: we need them to feel a grasp for the scope of the problem so they can work on it19:06
jonoI think this means a summary of what work would be involved for a backend, and maybe a contact person who they can ask questions to19:06
jonomaybe we can have a contact for each backend?19:06
mhall119a contact would probably help, we currently have Qt/qmake, Flash and HTML5 as targets, who would be good for those?19:07
mhall119I don't recall who did the qt template for quickly, but that might be a good contact for a qmake backend19:11
balloonsmhall119, how is the qt quickly template?19:15
balloonsI may try and mess around with qt this cycle19:16
mhall119balloons: I haven't tried it, but dpm demo'd it and it looks nice19:21
jonomhall119, I am not sure, can you find people who can be contacts, people who have an experience of those build systems19:31
mhall119I'll ask around19:35
jonothanks mhall11919:46
jonoI think this will really help improve the chances of good contributions19:46
mhall119jono: I have 6 target backends, I'm trying to get a rough idea of what is required for each19:47
jonomhall119, cool19:48
balloonscan anyone recommend a good ppa manager?21:35
balloonsgoogling led me here, which seems interesting enough, but.. http://www.webupd8.org/2010/11/y-ppa-manager-easily-search-add-remove.html21:35
mhall119balloons: make one :)21:45
balloonsmhall119, let's just say i'm discovering the limits to ppa-purge21:45
mhall119that doesn't sound like a good thing to discover21:45
balloonsfyi on that tool.. wow is it borked21:48
balloonsgood ideas, bad execution21:48
balloonsnow I get to do even more manual cleanup...21:48
popeyI've not had issues with it..21:48
mhall119me either21:49
mhall119in fact, it saved me more than once last cycle21:49
popeyi use that too ☺21:49
balloonspopey, ahh!21:49
balloonsI knew there was something around like that21:49
balloonsit doesn't exist in ppa purge21:49
balloonsfyi, I was speaking of the y-ppa-manager, not ppa purge21:49
balloonsppa purge works, although I found something it fell down on today21:50
bkerensaweird I cant boot to live usb anymore... ubuntu splash starts but then my laptop reboots =/21:51
mhall119w 2621:57

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