brycehhggdh, cyphermox yeah think we could scrounge up a Vietnamese reader to test?00:41
bryceh(and/or educate; I was going by assuming the bug reporter knew what he was talking about, but would be helpful to independently verify)00:41
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chrisccoulsonwhat sets _NET_WM_DESKTOP_FILE on an applications window?01:33
RAOFrobert_ancell: You here and not sick today?01:53
robert_ancellRAOF, yep01:53
RAOFHope you're well recovered.01:54
robert_ancellyeah, it was one of those 24hr things so wasn't too bad in the end01:54
RAOFI think I'm in a position to hand off something you can use for developing the lightdm end of system-compositor integration.01:55
RAOFWith the *tiny* problem that it's not trivially PPAable.01:56
RAOFBecause it's based on xserver 1.12, which will require a big song and dance to PPA.01:56
RAOFBut! It's very easy and safe to install locally alongside the existing X server.01:56
robert_ancellRAOF, aren't we getting 1.12 for quantal anyway?01:58
RAOFWe are.01:58
RAOFJust not yet.01:58
robert_ancellapprox how long?01:58
RAOF(Or possibly 1.13, depending)01:58
RAOFI guess I could actually do it now; we just had a preference for leaving the current stack so quantal testing is also closer to precise testing for a while.01:59
RAOFAnd by “now” I mean “post A1”, obviously.02:00
RAOFBut if you wanted to start developing now it'd be reasonably easy for you to do so.02:01
robert_ancellok, send me the details!02:01
RAOFFirst you need to clone a couple of git repositories: wayland, libxkbcommon, and $YOUR_GRAPHICS_DRIVER.02:03
RAOFWhat is your graphics driver, by the way?02:03
RAOFYou know, someone's scripted this. I'll just hunt that down!02:05
RAOFrobert_ancell: http://www.chaosreigns.com/wayland/buildscript/ (you're after the "master" buildscript) will get everything interesting bulit and installed; you'll then need to just pull a couple of my branches.02:08
RAOFOn inspection, I think that perhaps my “It'll totally be easy for you to start hacking” might be biased by my current setup which already has all the things you'd need to start hacking ☺02:08
RAOFIf you're *not* feeling like building on the order of 6 things from git and installing them locally, it's not going to be trivial for you to start hacking :)02:10
RAOFYou can see what the lightdm integration would need to look like here, though: https://github.com/RAOF/weston/blob/system-compositor/clients/simple-display-manager.c02:11
RAOFrobert_ancell: Interesting bits are global_handler, where it binds to the wl_display_manager interface, and add_system_client where it spawns an X server.02:14
RAOFOr, in fact, all of it, because there's not a whole lot to it ;)02:15
robert_ancelltremolux, ping04:16
GekiritZHey all04:57
GekiritZI've been toying around with a laptop given to me by a friend that found it's early demise at the hands of a wall04:58
GekiritZAnger management issues04:58
GekiritZIn any case, the only thing busted is the screen, so I'm running it on an external display, installed Ubuntu from USB just fine04:58
GekiritZEven though there's no POST or visible BIOS on the external display, booting from USB worked with the display and the first run after installing Ubuntu also worked with the display04:59
GekiritZNow here's the catch and the reason I ended up here - after installing Ubuntu - I went on to updating the whole shabang through the update manager05:00
GekiritZ80% in - it failed for some reason - I was not really concerned (even though I should've been) so I just took my losses, reported, closed Update Manager and went on to reboot05:01
GekiritZAnd from there on out - no more external display05:01
GekiritZFN-Fkey combo doesn't bring it up - spamming possible BIOS buttons turns up blank - booting from USB gives me jack - tried an optical disc, both Windows and Ubuntu opticals05:02
GekiritZNot sure what exact type the laptop is, it's a Compaq CQ62-series, that's about all the info I could gather from the product05:03
GekiritZThe friend who gave it to me is about as computer savvy as a potato05:03
GekiritZSo he doesn't know/care05:04
GekiritZGoogle is about as concise and helpful as AskJeeves on the subject05:04
GekiritZSo I'm kinda at a loss... does anyone have any idea whatsoever? Is there a known keystroke combo I'm forgetting?05:05
GekiritZAnd how does the external display suddenly decide to stop functioning? I've swapped around multiple displays - the only one I haven't tried is jacking it up to my TV through HDMI05:06
GekiritZAny help whatsoever will be greatly appreciated - it's a decent piece of hardware and getting it to run properly on Ubuntu would make me such a huge happy camper05:07
GekiritZWhoops! relogged by accident XD05:09
GekiritZWell, swapped out harddrives05:29
GekiritZreinstalling ubuntu05:29
jasoncwarner_GekiritZ might want to try #ubuntu, this channel is for ubuntu development.05:51
GekiritZThanks Jason! Swapping asap05:52
didrocksgood morning06:11
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didrockssalut seb12808:08
seb128lut didrocks08:08
seb128didrocks, cava?08:08
didrocksseb128: nickel, et toi?08:08
seb128didrocks, nickel aussi ;-)08:08
ritzchrisccoulson pingus08:51
ritzff seems to broken08:52
ritzyoutube aint loading08:52
ritzBuild identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:14.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/14.008:52
ritzsearch ( Ctrl+K) is also broken08:52
ritznm, turns out https everywhere is screwing this up08:59
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:24
seb128hey chrisccoulson, how are you?09:28
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, good thanks. how are you?09:28
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm good thanks09:28
didrocksgood morning chrisccoulson :)09:33
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks. how are you?09:35
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larsuseb128, haha, found the issue with bug #99982710:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 999827 in indicator-appmenu "Nautilus missing Preferences (incorrect handling of appmenu and menu used together)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99982710:09
seb128larsu, oh?10:09
seb128larsu, is it nautilus doing weird stuff? :p10:09
larsuno, the ubuntu_menuproxy plugin seems to override stuff. It's really weird. You get the app menu if you run with `UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= src/nautilus`10:10
larsubut of course, the window menus will be back in the window in that case10:10
larsuseb128, are there other gtk apps for which this is working?10:11
seb128larsu, that being the "shell menu"?10:11
seb128larsu, or mixing both?10:11
larsuseb128, the shell menu10:11
seb128larsu, I don't know of any application mixing both menus, but ted said bloatpad was working10:12
seb128larsu, yes, you can try quadrapassel10:12
seb128larsu: or tetravex10:12
larsuseb128, but that doesn't have any window menus10:13
seb128larsu, no, that's why I asked if you wanted an app using a shell menu or one mixing both :p10:13
larsuseb128, oh sorry, mixing both please :)10:13
seb128larsu, I don't think we had one mixing both, out of bloatpad that mentioned as the one is used for testing10:13
seb128larsu, gtk-3-examples: /usr/share/doc/gtk-3-examples/examples/bloatpad.c.gz10:14
larsuseb128, okay thanks. I'll fix it after lunch - just need to find a way to turn off dbusmenu (for some weird reason the menuproxy plugin gets triggered even though nautilus is using GMenu)10:15
* larsu --> lunch10:15
seb128larsu, enjoy lunch10:17
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larsuseb128, so I was only semi-right before: dbusmenu *does* pick up the window menu of nautilus windows (which do not contain the shell menu)12:06
larsubut not by error, but because nautilus is only half-ported to gmenu12:06
larsui.e. it exports an application menu, but its windows still use a gtk menu12:06
seb128larsu: oh, they still use old menus and gmenus shell menu next to it?12:06
seb128ok, I see, I guess full gmenus would work12:07
larsudbusmenu picks up the gtkmenu in the window and gives that to indicator-appmenu12:07
seb128which is what bloatpad is using12:07
larsuand indicator-appmenu doesn't care about the gmenu, because it already has a dbusmenu12:07
larsuseb128, bloatpad is using gmenu for both app and window menus12:07
larsuwhich is why it works12:07
seb128so the mixed case has not been considered from the appmenu side12:08
seb128hum, k12:08
seb128I wonder if that's worth supporting, i.e how transient that situation is12:08
larsupossible fixes: (1) fix nautilus to use gmenu on its windows, too (which seems like a lot of work12:08
larsu(2) fix indicator-appmenu to support this case12:08
larsuin either case, I'd like to run this by ted or desrt first12:09
seb128I would vote (2) since it's likely other apps will do that and we can't assure they will be all "fixed" by release time12:09
seb128yeah, sure12:09
seb128larsu: thanks for looking to it!12:09
larsuseb128, I tend to lean towards (2), too, but don't want to make this decision12:10
seb128well at least we know what's the issue is12:10
seb128we can discuss what to do next ;-)12:10
larsuseb128, yeah. I'll add my findings to the bug12:10
seb128larsu, thanks12:10
larsuseb128, do you use tomboy by any chance?12:11
larsuis there a trick to get global shortcuts working for it?12:11
seb128larsu: I use it ... you mean?12:12
seb128larsu: use the hud? :p12:12
larsuseb128, hm, that's definitely an option I hadn't considered :)  There are preferences for setting a global hotkey for new note which don't work12:13
larsubut the hud works for me, so thanks :)12:13
larsuit's actually nicer, because I don't need to remember shortcuts12:13
seb128larsu, yeah, indeed that seems to not work, thanks for pointing it ... and yeah the HUD is cool, you can access notes directly by typing the name ;-)12:14
larsuseb128, yeah just noticed. Awesome!12:14
seb128larsu: bug #685309 for the record12:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 685309 in tomboy "Hotkeys don't work with indicator-application" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68530912:21
* larsu subscribed12:21
larsuseb128, thanks!12:21
zygahey, while starting empathy I get this error:12:25
zyga(empathy:5802): folks-WARNING **: Failed to find primary PersonaStore with type ID 'eds' and ID 'system'.12:25
zygaIndividuals will not be linked properly and creating new links between Personas will not work.12:25
zygaThe configured primary PersonaStore's backend may not be installed. If you are unsure, check with your distribution.12:25
zygathis basically means I cannot link people12:25
zyganow I recall this bug12:25
zygaand it was fixed by including libfolks by default (or the appropriate telepathy + folks library, I don't remember)12:26
zygaso, am I seeing an upgrade issue where something in the default config makes it work12:26
zygabut fails for existing upgrades12:26
zygaor is this a new bug that ought to be reported12:26
kenvandinegood morning ubuntu-desktop!13:05
didrockshey kenvandine!13:07
seb128hey kenvandine13:11
seb128how are you?13:11
kenvandinegood, it was good to take a day off :)13:12
bcurtiswxgood morning kenvandine  :)13:13
kenvandinehey bcurtiswx13:13
seb128kenvandine, what did you do from your day off?13:14
kenvandineran errands and got an estimate to get my wife's van fixed... she backed into with my car in the driveway13:15
kenvandinehate that kind of accident :(13:15
kenvandinekind of funny though... she had parked the van at the end of our driveway where it is narrow13:16
kenvandinewalked to the van on her way out with our son and had him get his baseball gear out of the van... then got into the car and backed into the van13:16
kenvandineshe had just seen it... hehe13:16
bcurtiswxearly or late in the day?13:17
kenvandinei will never stop teasing her about that13:17
kenvandineafternoon... they were running late for a baseball game13:17
kenvandineso a bit frantic13:17
kenvandinebut i can still tease her about it :)13:17
kenvandinegonna cost me $700 to fix though... that isn't so funny13:17
seb128is there any functional part damaged?13:19
seb128or is it "cosmetic"?13:19
seb128well I guess in any case you will want it fixed...13:19
kenvandinenot going to rush to fix it... over the summer sometime13:19
bcurtiswxmy mirror got broken off two winters ago on a brand new 09' chevy Cobalt.. cost me 400 bucks to fix that.. must be nice for cosmetic damage to be "only" 70013:19
kenvandinebcurtiswx, that is with me replacing the headlight assembly myself... it is just body work13:20
kenvandinemy car though... a VW passat looks like it didn't hit a thing13:20
kenvandinegotta love a german car!13:21
seb128hehe, I was about to say, german quality ;-)13:21
kenvandinecrushed the front corner of her dodge :)13:21
bcurtiswxgotta love just owning a German car13:21
kenvandinethere is a scratch on the VW13:21
kenvandineand the van looks terrible :-D13:21
kenvandinesad to say i am going to have to sell that car :/13:21
kenvandinehad to buy a truck to haul dirtbikes around :)13:22
kenvandinei love that passat13:22
bcurtiswxkenvandine, that sync request for telepathy-glib it was updated to 0.19.1 FYI i think it's in experimental too13:25
kenvandinebcurtiswx, ok, and what version do we need for empathy?13:27
kenvandinejust .19.x?13:27
bcurtiswxdep is on >=0.19.013:27
kenvandinei guess it'll get synced after a113:28
kenvandineno rush13:28
bcurtiswxkenvandine, yup no rush, i think A1 is today anyways13:28
kenvandineor remind me and i'll do it after we open13:28
bcurtiswxI'm gone to Rochester for the weekend, bachelor party :) will be back Tuesday13:29
kenvandinehave fun!13:29
kenvandineand don't get arrested13:29
kenvandineor lock your friend on the roof of a building :)13:30
seb128kenvandine, speaking by experience? ;-)13:30
bcurtiswxi'll try not to, it'll depend on how much alcohol vs. food i have. Great movie though :)13:30
kenvandinemovie reference... the hangover13:30
kenvandinevery funny movie13:30
seb128ah, ok13:30
kenvandinehighly recommend the movie13:31
bcurtiswxI watched the summary video from UDS yesterday, now I completely get all the "French default language" jokes i've seen recently13:31
bcurtiswxnice seb128 :)13:31
kenvandinehaha :)13:31
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seb128desrt, hey, for info my glib 2.32.3 SRU got accepted yesterday13:35
desrtoh.  good13:36
desrtno playing around with cherry-picks, then?13:36
seb128desrt, I got a +1 from the TB for the GNOME exception which was enough to get slangasek to ack it rather than ask me do play backporting13:36
desrtlet's hope we don't get burnt :)13:36
seb128yeah, I really hope there are no regression because I pushed for it and that would not play well for the "GNOME updates are fine" ;-)13:36
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desrtseb128: http://cheezburger.com/630645171213:39
seb128desrt, lol13:41
bcurtiswxanyone in here use a UPS ?13:53
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jcastrohey seb128, I see you're listed as the maintainer for launchpad-integration14:21
jcastrohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/launchpad-integration/+bug/991602 is starting to become a problem as the site is getting overrun with bug reports instead of questions, how can I help get this on someone's radar?14:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 991602 in launchpad-integration "Apport's recommendation of Ask Ubuntu is vague" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:23
seb128jcastro, hey14:37
seb128jcastro, where,when do you get that message?14:38
jcastroseb128: it appears in apport, I've only ever seen a screenshot, I don't know how to trigger it14:42
seb128jcastro, that has nothing to do with launchpad-integration I think, launchpad integration is what adds the menu items in the help menu to translate an app, ask for help or report a bug14:44
seb128jcastro, we dropped launchpad-integration in q btw14:44
jcastropitti moved it over to lp integration14:44
seb128jcastro, yeah, my gut feeling is that's because it's not from apport either, that's why I'm trying to figure how you trigger it to find where it's coming from14:45
jcastroah bummer, I was hoping for a quick string replace. :)14:47
seb128jcastro, the string in the bug is the exact one, with right case etc?14:48
seb128jcastro, I tried to grep and google for it without success14:49
jcastroaha! there's a screenshot14:50
jcastroseb128: aha! where was it?14:57
seb128jcastro, xdiagnose14:57
seb128in the xorg hook14:57
seb128jcastro, /usr/share/apport/package-hooks/source_xorg.py14:58
seb128        # Anything else should be redirected to technical support channels14:58
seb128        else:14:58
seb128            ui.information("http://askubuntu.com is the best place to get free help with technical issues.\n\n"14:58
jcastrook so I'm off to bug raof then?14:58
seb128jcastro, bryceh rather14:58
jcastroI'll update the bug, thanks for your help!14:58
seb128jcastro, I reassigned there, yw!14:58
bcurtiswxhum Default Apps, why does gedit come up as my default calendar app ?15:50
seb128bcurtiswx, do you have any calendar app installed?15:52
bcurtiswxseb128, nope15:52
seb128that's why15:52
seb128that's a known gtk issue, they didn't consider the case where no option would be available15:52
seb128or rather it's a buggy case15:52
bcurtiswxthunderbird has addons for calendar, are there plans to use that for default in 12.10 ?15:53
seb128not that I know of15:55
seb128but some GNOME contributors are working on a calendar app so maybe we will use that if it turns out to be ready15:56
bcurtiswxseb128, I think it would be nice to have it. Evolution was mail and calendar, but now thunderbird that replaced it is just e-mail. Would be neat to have it handle both by default since it's capable of it right now.15:57
seb128bcurtiswx, what is capable? tb?15:57
bcurtiswxseb128, sry, yes15:57
seb128bcurtiswx, the calendar extension is not officially supported by mozilla and with the 6 weeks cycle it's hard to maintain15:58
seb128bcurtiswx, i.e any of the 6 weeks update could break calendar15:58
seb128bcurtiswx, which would put us in a difficult position, we don't want to have to block tb updates nor we want to maintain the calendering extension15:59
bcurtiswxseb128, yeah. I'm happy to hear about a calendar app, should take care of that missing feeling of calendar15:59
bcurtiswxseb128, has a name been given to this calendar app ?16:00
seb128bcurtiswx, "Calendar"16:00
bcurtiswxseb128, how original.. lol16:00
jbichabcurtiswx: http://iloveubuntu.net/meet-gnome-calendar-fresh-new-calendar-application16:00
seb128the new GNOME way: Web, Chat, Clocks, Contacts, Documents, ...16:00
bcurtiswxseb128, lol but empathy = chat.. unless i missed the memo of that name changing16:01
seb128jbicha, hey, how are you? Congrats on the MOTU membership btw ;-)16:01
jbichaseb128: aloha16:01
seb128bcurtiswx, some people would like empathy to be renamed chat, not sure that's going to happen though16:01
jbichaseb128: what do you think of bug 100505716:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 1005057 in ubuntu-meta "Please remove gnome-nettool from ubuntu-desktop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100505716:02
seb128jbicha, no strong opinion, I'm not so much of an admin and I'm unsure how useful those tools are16:04
seb128cyphermox, ^ do you have any opinion? (asking you since that's sort of network related)16:04
cyphermoxit's useful. it belongs to ubuntu-desktop since it's gnome and desktop; but it doesn't have to be installed by default, clearly16:06
bcurtiswxout for lunch, bbl :)16:06
cyphermoxpersonally i use the console version anyway16:06
jbichacyphermox: well it could be demoted to universe16:09
cyphermoxjbicha: no issues at all with that16:11
* didrocks waves good evening16:19
seb128jbicha, do you think it's not useful on the CD?16:30
jbichaseb128: I think gnome-nettool is not useful on the Desktop CDs, if I want to ping or whois or whatever I use the command line16:31
jbichaI don't think normal people use ping, finger, nmap, etc.16:31
seb128jbicha, it's meant as an admin tools I think16:32
seb128jbicha, the same reason we have i.e a rdp client16:32
jbichaseb128: synaptic, users-admin were admin tools too ;)16:32
seb128jbicha, well, we kicked those out because there we duplication16:32
seb128we have update-manager and software-center to replace synaptic16:33
seb128we have the user panel to replace users-admin16:33
seb128not sure what we have to replace gnome-nettool16:33
seb128but it's always hard to draw the line, especially when that's something that can be useful to some people and didn't show up as being confusing for others or being an issue to maintain16:34
jbichawe have ping, whois, traceroute16:34
jbichapersonally I'd like to keep whois on the CD, but nmap is too large and not core to the desktop experience16:34
seb128well, do we want to tell sysadmin they can work from a modern environment through ui or do we want to tell them they need to use the command line?16:34
seb128jbicha, feels like an ubuntu-devel list sort of discussion16:35
seb128i.e I would like to hear from admin using ubuntu-desktops16:35
jbichaSystem Settings>Network has some info16:35
seb128to know if they appreciate having graphical tools16:35
jbichaI've never heard of anyone using a graphical tool for ping :)16:35
jbichaSure, I'll ask on the mailing list16:36
seb128jbicha, I'm not a sysadmin, but whoever started gnome-nettool probably though it was a good idea ;-)16:36
jbichagimp's a good idea too, lol16:37
seb128yeah, as said it's hard to draw the line16:37
seb128we had similar discussion when we kicked xchat-gnome out of the CD :p16:38
pavolzetorhow can I install paid apps in ubuntu Q17:37
seb128pavolzetor, enable the p source for them?17:50
pavolzetorI bought humble bundle17:58
pavolzetorbut I cannot install it as I use ubuntu q17:58
kenvandinepavolzetor, edit the sources file and use precise18:02
kenvandinewhere it has extras.ubuntu.com18:02
kenvandinechange it from quantal to precise18:02
davidcallekenvandine, are you sure? Paying stuff comes from private PPA, I had to go to Launchpad, look at my private PPA subscriptions and add them to my sources.18:04
kenvandinei could be wrong then18:04
kenvandinefree stuff that is in software center does that18:04
kenvandinei guess you need to edit whichever file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ is for that app18:04
kenvandinechange quantal to precise18:04
pavolzetorI even cannot find extras :/18:05
pavolzetorempathy crashed18:07
kenvandinepavolzetor, i was wrong, it isn't extras18:07
kenvandinenot for paid apps18:07
kenvandineit'll create a new file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/18:07
bcurtiswxpavolzetor, report that crash too ;)18:07
pavolzetorit crashes a lot :)18:08
ubot2pavolzetor: Error: <Bugtracker.plugin.Launchpad instance at 0xa91202c> bug 1010139 not found18:09
pavolzetorargh it is private18:09
pavolzetorI am going to windows (sigh, LIMBO is slow at ubuntu) :'(18:13
cyphermoxyay, opal builds18:40
seb128cyphermox, hey18:41
seb128cyphermox, can you look at bug #1009928?18:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 1009928 in ghostscript "Ubuntu Desktop Netboot install failed: unmet dependency - poppler-data Breaks cmap-adobe-japan2 (<= 0+20090930-2)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100992818:42
cyphermoxsure :)18:42
seb128cyphermox, basically ubuntu-desktop recommends cmap-adobe-japan2 and should stop doing that18:42
seb128cyphermox, which I think it's the only issue left in that bug18:43
seb128cyphermox, thanks ;-)18:43
cyphermoxnp :)18:43
cyphermoxseb128: I'm familiar with the branch to update, but what's the exact process for doing the change? update, commit, push then notify someone?18:58
seb128cyphermox, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeedManagement18:59
cyphermoxah, thanks18:59
seb128cyphermox, the wiki says "run the update script in the appropriate source package and upload it "19:01
cyphermoxI'm reading19:01
seb128didn't do that in ages though so if you have specific questions maybe ask on #ubuntu-devel ;-)19:01
cyphermoxtrying to decide at the same time whether it needs to be replaced with poppler-data or if it's pulled in by something else19:02
* cyphermox will take that opportunity to play with germinate a little again19:02
cyphermoxok; seems it's just a removal19:06
seb128cyphermox, yeah, sorry about that, I discussed it a bit with cjwatson earlier and we agreed we should probably just drop it19:10
cyphermoxwell, I totally agree19:11
seb128the seed mentioned it was just there to force a prefered alternative and that's not required with one choice19:11
seb128cyphermox, good to have a second opinion (or third one) ;-)19:11
cyphermoxcommon includes ghostscript-x, which depends on ghostscript, which depend on libgs9, which Depend on poppler-data | cjk-resource19:11
seb128hehe, chain of depends!19:12
cyphermoxso AFAIUI poppler-data should be getting pulled in anyway19:12
seb128well, poppler-data was not seeded anyway for space reason19:12
cyphermoxand as a worst case it would be by language-selector if I understand some other comments properly19:12
seb128that's why language-selector pulls it in only for specific locales19:12
cyphermoxwell, now it might get pulled in anyway no?19:13
seb128not sure if the space reasons still stand with the new iso limit19:13
seb128but we have room19:13
seb128if we get to fill it we will then figure what needs to be dropped19:13
seb128but it was something useful we pushed back on in the past due to the CD19:13
seb128so if it's getting in no worry it's a good thing ;-)19:14
cyphermoxok; so now to look at -meta19:20
cyphermoxscary ;)19:23
dobeywhat does accountsservice do on ubuntu server exactly?19:27
seb128dobey, is ubuntu-server using,installing lightdm?19:32
dobeyseb128: it's not installed, no19:34
seb128dobey, ok, dunno then, it's using by the control center user panel and lightdm for desktop19:36
seb128dunno for server then19:36
dobeyi suspect nothing19:36
dobeyunless one installs all that stuff19:36
seb128is it installed by default?19:36
dobeyseb128: it seems ubuntu-standard pulls it in, yeah19:37
dobeyor well, ubuntu-standard -> language-selector-common -> accountsservice19:38
cyphermoxah, yes19:38
dobeywhich seems a bit weird19:38
seb128dobey, that's because they put some perl script to deal with locales in there19:39
seb128which is an hack and meant to go away this cycle19:39
* dobey submits the MIR for ubuntuone-dev-tools19:49
AlanBellhi, can someone review the patch on bug 811475 please20:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 811475 in rhythmbox "Descender letters (g j p q y) get their tail cut off in current song" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81147520:39
cyphermoxAlanBell: I'm concerned that this works for the default font size but doesn't for any other20:55
cyphermox(or actually, for any bigger)20:55
cyphermoxI can't test this until later though, all I have is a quantal box here and no space for VMs atm20:56
AlanBellI will test that, you are probably right20:56
AlanBellbut at least it would work in one font size then :)20:56
dobeythat is totally the wrong fix20:57
AlanBellit is a bit of a workaround for the bug in elipsise20:57
AlanBellit isn't an elegant fix, certainly. I would love a better fix.20:58
dobeywhat is the bug in ellipsize?20:59
AlanBellthe string in question is something like "<big>song title</big> by <i>artist</i> from <i>album</i>"21:00
AlanBellthe ellipsize method works on the string and then requests space for it, but doesn't take into account that part of the string is <big>21:01
dobeyseems like we can fix gtk+ or pango (whichever one is the right one)21:01
AlanBellso the vertical size it requests is enough for the regular text, but that is pushed down a bit by the big bit21:01
AlanBellhttp://developer.gnome.org/gtk/2.24/GtkLabel.html#gtk-label-set-ellipsize is the bit that gets it wrong21:02
AlanBellI don't know where the code is to fix that, and I don't know the impact of fixing it on other applications21:03
dobeyi don't think that specific function is what gets it wrong. it just sets a property on the widget that it should ellipsize if needed, and in what way it should do that21:06
dobeyAlanBell: have you tested just commenting out the set_ellipsize() call?21:08
AlanBellyup, works a treat21:08
AlanBelluntil you have a long song title that should in fact be ellipsized21:09
AlanBellit stops you resizing the window below the size of the title as I recall21:09
AlanBellit is there for a reason, but as soon as that method is called it scrunches up the space and the descenders get chopped off21:09
dobeyso it seems to be a problem with pango ellipsizing vs. markup21:10
AlanBellso my inelegant workaround was to make the space a touch bigger, until we get the new layout that doesn't have this problem, but that won't land in Precise I think21:10
AlanBellthe upstream fix is a redesign that looks like this https://plus.google.com/109365858706205035322/posts/RX3yGBCaRwA21:11
dobeyi know, i've been using it since it landed a couple months ago21:12
sgringwejasoncwarner_, ping21:12
dobeyhaving daily builds does that :)21:13
dobeyand the new design has other problems21:13
AlanBellmaybe some other way of boosting the space by a percentage, or split the string into the big part and the not big part would work21:17
AlanBellor someone can dive into the scary parts of GTK and fix the root of the problem21:18
dobeywell if i'm right, i'm looking at the code that's breaking it, right now21:19
AlanBelloh cool, where is it?21:19
dobeysomewhere in there21:20
AlanBellyeah, that looks about right21:20
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
cyphermoxAlanBell: dobey: I have a patch21:51
AlanBellhow does it work?21:52
cyphermoxit doesn't involve changes in gtk ;)21:52
cyphermoxcrude, but effective21:53
AlanBellah, right, so adds a bit of padding all round?21:53
dobeyalso just a hack21:53
AlanBellbetter than my hack, certainly21:53
cyphermoxtried with 10px with good results, I set it to 5 for being conservative21:53
dobeyit needs to be fixed in gtk+21:53
cyphermoxdobey: well, not really so much of a hack. it does feel to me like there is a distinct lack of any padding or adjustments between these widgets21:54
dobeycyphermox: lack of spacing between the widgets is a spearate problem though21:54
cyphermoxthis works afaict for all cases (font sizes) and doesn't look too insane21:54
dobeycyphermox: and the right way to fix that is to change the spacing21:54
dobeycyphermox: does it work if you set padding to 0?21:55
cyphermoxI haven't tried21:55
cyphermoxthe default should be -1, presumably "more" than 021:55
cyphermoxaka: what's needed21:55
dobeywell, the default should work; but there's a bug in gtk+ :)21:56
cyphermoxdobey: I don't agree. pango is supposed to ellipsize, not mess around with heights unless it's to make the text span two lines rather than one21:58
dobeycyphermox: pango isn't necessarily messing around with the heights21:58
dobeycyphermox: which is why i said gtk+. gtk+ is messing around with the height21:58
cyphermoxthe ellipsizing thing I mean21:59
dobeyin fact, i'm pretty sure http://git.gnome.org/browse/gtk+/tree/gtk/gtklabel.c#n3315 is where the bug is22:00
cyphermoxgo nuts ;)22:02
cyphermoxI avoid touching gtk, it's truly usually not the broken thing, most of the time22:02
dobeyexcept for when it is :)22:03
dobeyanyway, gotta run22:08
thumperhow do I find out of libsigc++ has changed between precise and quantal?23:08
micahgthumper: hasn't yet, needs a merge23:10
thumpermicahg: so... is the current quantal libsigc++ built with the new toolchain?23:12
thumperI'm guessing that is my unity problem then23:13
micahgthumper: poke broder (he touched it last)23:14
micahglibsigc++-2.0 needs a merge :)23:14
broderhmm. i think i'm unlikely to get to it before next wednesday, given stuff currently on my plate23:15
micahgthumper: rmadison is your friend23:16
thumperI have didrocks and seb128 jumping on me right now23:18
thumperas unity on quantal fails23:18
thumperbit it fails inside libsigc++ calls23:19
thumperso my current theory is that we need to make sure libsigc++ is built with the new gcc23:19
micahgbroder: you mind giving up the merge to the desktop team?23:19
thumperbecause the same code is fine on precise23:19
brodermicahg: oh yeah. no problems with that23:19
brodersorry for not being clear23:19
broderpeople should feel free to take23:19
micahgthumper: ^^ there you go :)23:19
thumpermicahg: you are assuming that I know what to do with that :)23:20
micahgthumper: ask didrocks or seb128 to do the merge :)23:20
* thumper wonders if I could convince someone closer... 23:20
* thumper looks at RAOF23:20
RAOFYou're looking for me to merge libsigc++?23:21
thumperRAOF: maybe, is it easy?23:21
RAOFDunno. Let's find out!23:22
thumperok, so... here is a question...23:26
thumperis my laptop going to be 'orribly broken if I upgrade to quantal alpha?23:26
thumperin particular I'm trying to debug this unity quantal issue23:26
thumperhowever I don't want to be non-productive normally23:26
thumperlike email and stuff :)23:26
* thumper is waiting for thomi's machine to install the quantal image23:27
RAOFI've been running quantal since the middle of UDS; it's not been broken.23:27
TheMusothumper: Several of us have been running quantal for a few weeks now, and I don't think anybody has experienced any major breakage, but of course it depends on what applications you use on a daily basis.23:28
TheMusoRAOF: Wow you were brave risking a broken state when you were away.23:28
RAOFI had a spare laptop, and the local mirror was tempting.23:29
TheMusoYeah well there is that.23:30
TheMusobbl dental appointment.23:30
thumperRAOF: and unity is working for you now?23:37
RAOFthumper: Yes; it's been working all cycle, as far as I'm aware.23:37
thumperRAOF: I think it is rebuilding everything that causes the problems23:37
RAOFWith that exception, obviously :)23:37
thumperRAOF: the issue didrocks is having is building a new nux and unity23:37
thumperRAOF: and the rebuilding then brings in the new libc, new template stuff23:37
thumperRAOF: and seems to be conflicting with the older sigc++23:38
RAOFOh, boo. The bzr importer has failed on Debian's libsigc++ .23:40
thumperRAOF: is there an easy way to rebuild the existing libsigc++ with the new toolchain to check?23:45
thumperwe finally have quantal installing on a fresh machine23:45
thumperfor this testing23:45
RAOFYeah, that'd be trivial. Does the build failure occur in a sbuild environment?23:45
thumperthomi's machine has its guts lying all over the table23:45
thumperit is a runtime failure, not a build failure for unity right now23:45
thumperlet me get to the stage where we have unity and nux building on quantal from trunk, and I'll get back to you :)23:46
RAOFsudo apt-get build-deps libsigc++-2.0 ; sudo apt-get -b libsigc++-2.0 should build you those packages.23:46
thumperRAOF: awesome... I'll be on it shortly23:47
thumperobviously I'd like to reproduce the failures first23:47

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