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gpwxAfternoon :-014:11
czajkowski aloha14:12
gpwxWondering if someone might have some advice.14:13
czajkowskiask and see sure14:13
gpwxI have an Acer Aspire 1360 laptop that I want to donate and installed Ubuntu on it. The issue is that half the screen is black & I'm not given any res option higher than 800x60014:13
gpwxI've found very few threads suggesting option on how to fix it but nothing seems to work. Naturally it could also be that I'm an absolute beginner and just trying to give this laptop a new lease on life14:14
gpwxor it could just be that it's too old to be supported..14:16
czajkowskigpwx: when it didnt have ubuntu on it did the screen work14:16
gpwxYep. It came with Win on it and I thought that Ubuntu would be less hassle to the users as it's going to a charity organisation14:17
czajkowskiwhat version of Ubuntu are you running ?14:17
gpwxI ran the update and running the latest14:18
czajkowskiso 12.0414:18
czajkowskiare there any open bugs on it?14:18
gpwxone sec... I don't think so.14:18
gpwx11.10 ?14:19
gpwxok, let me run the upgrade again..14:21
czajkowskigpwx: aye try upgrading to 12.04 and see if that fixes it14:21
gpwxI shall return :-)14:21
gpwxThanks for the help.14:23
czajkowskino problem14:23
czajkowskiJuju at your service webinar live now. http://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/6793/4917115:00

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