EnigmaCurryhi! I'm new to ubuntu development, but I'm interested in working on ubiquity. I'm trying to build it for the first time and running into a problem: 'bzr builddeb -S' says that it can't find source/console-setup/Keyboard. Obviously I'm missing a dependency, but I can't make much sense of the wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Installer/Development in that regard.02:20
EnigmaCurrynevermind, simply running 'debuild' worked (told ya I was new :)03:08
cjwatsonEnigmaCurry: Also, 'debian/rules update-local' would probably have worked.07:37
* xnox loves 852 line long run() function in ubi-partman.py13:48
cjwatsonYeah, you might want to split that up a bit :-)13:49
xnoxcjwatson: am I at least partially correct to say that 'after retrieving automatic questions' for typical 'recipe' installs the run loops/drives the debconf partman questions?13:55
cjwatsonExcept for your "that" clause, yes13:57
cjwatsonThat is, it drives the entirety of partman's debconf interface, including the part that offers recipe installs13:58
xnoxok thanks.14:02

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