ogasawarabjf: am here now, lemme know if you needed something00:25
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bjfogasawara: nah, thanks, vanhoof and hugh took care of it01:40
cooloneyogasawara: still around, for the bug 108400002:05
ubot2cooloney: Error: <Bugtracker.plugin.Launchpad instance at 0xa91202c> bug 1084000 not found02:06
cooloneyi believe we can point out to ubuntu server image builder and add a small post-install script to add 'elevator=deadline' to default grub kernel command line02:07
cooloneyxnox: hey, are you still around?02:14
BenCogasawara: When do you think the quantal tree with by tracking 3.5?02:40
BenC*will be tracking02:40
ogasawaraBenC: I wanted to get it rebased today but got sidetracked, so hopefully tomorrow.03:03
BenCogasawara: sweet, my work pre-depends on that, so if you could just ping me when it's done, I'd greatly appreciate it03:03
ogasawaraBenC: will do03:03
BenCogasawara: I have my tree on github ready and cloned from ubuntu-quantal03:04
ogasawaraBenC: you're quick, I haven't heard back about the zinc access yet.03:05
BenCogasawara: It's kind of moot at this point, but I guess for future reference it will give you a litmus test of how likely someone else is to get access :)03:07
ogasawaraBenC: it's definitely not the first time it's come up, so will indeed be good to know what the actual policy is03:07
ogasawaracooloney: while I agree that having that bug reporter use elevator=deadline is a valid workaround in that bug scenario, I don't think it's a convincing enough argument to default *all* server image installs to it.  the fact that the CFQ scheduler is resulting in disk errors and hangs seems like a legitimate issue that needs to be addressed.  Additionally it won't be obvious for anyone examining our kernel config that in so03:32
ogasawarame cases the schedule will be set to elevator=deadline.   do you know if we've been able to reproduce?  The bug report doesn't have any logs files of the actual errors to confirm the issue.03:32
cooloneyogasawara: i can't reproduce it on my side, I just confirm CFQ is our default IO scheduler for server image now.03:34
cooloneyogasawara: and i don't think we need any change in our kernel side,since we have good reason to keep it as the same as desktop kernel 03:34
cooloneyso might need talk with server folks about this issue, or add elevator=deadline in server image after fully installation03:35
ogasawaracooloney: yah, probably best to raise with the server team for feedback.  maybe try and get some benchmarks ran.  I thought we'd done some in the past but can't seem to find the results.03:37
cooloneyogasawara: no problem, i will handle that and might discuss this with smb firstly. 03:38
ogasawaracooloney: sounds good03:38
xnoxcooloney: well I am now.07:16
cooloneyxnox: cool, i saw your update about that usb 3.0 bug07:16
cooloneylooks like some works some not07:16
cooloneyquite weird07:16
xnoxcooloney: well all that tested got a 'P' - pass. Others were not tested. So no fails.07:17
xnoxit did take between 47-83s to spin up the drive and make it appear07:17
xnoxthe external drive has it's own power, so I'm not sure why it was taking so long.07:18
tarutiIs it a known problem that installing the 3.5rc quantal kernel on precise makes an usb keyboard nonworking? and are there any workarounds?07:38
cooloneyxnox: i will take a look at the kernel change based on your testing result07:40
xnoxcooloney: they are inconclusive. I have tested 4 kernels and all 4 of them passed07:43
xnoxboth the reported kernel by the user, kernels before & after it. As well as the current 3.4 kernel. And all works.07:44
xnoxAPART from that it takes ages for the device to appear (upto a full minute sometimes)07:44
cooloneyxnox: did you met this issue on some old ubuntu release before? like 11.1007:45
cooloneyi mean the issue about long enumeration of USB 3.0 devices07:46
xnoxcooloney: I got this laptop with USB 3.0 port this christmas and it has been running precise until precise release, and quantal since then. My first USB 3.0 device arrived yesterday.07:49
xnoxPreviously I thought that my 3.0 usb port was 'backwards-incompatible' as I would get frustrated and plut the stuff into 2.0 port, as that one 'was not working', well it actually was just enumerating slower.07:50
* xnox it's not very scientific, and I'm not sure how to numerically test this.07:50
cooloneybased on you testing, "P 3.2.0-23.363.2.14" means your devices can be enumerated and works fine, right? only it will take about 1 min to see the device appear07:53
cooloneyxnox: if so, i'm going to check the change between 3.2.0-23.36 to 3.2.0-24.3707:54
xnoxcooloney: well, all of them were slow. But I was not using, e.g. a stopwatch, nor multiple tests to see if there is a consistent trend/correlation. E.g. there was still a lot of cpu activity while desktop was loading and I would plug my device in.07:57
xnoxcooloney: i am dogpiling on the bug report now. I think it is best to wait for the original reporter to come back and find out if it's "working slowly" or "not working at all"07:59
xnoxhence the status incomplete.07:59
cooloneyxnox: thanks a lot. i got you08:01
cooloneycking: morning, how's the celebration for Queen08:01
ckingcooloney, morning;  the celebrations were a load of fun08:02
dileks_"For the fist time in my memory, today's linux-next build required no manual intervention i.e. there are no new conflicts or build problems."09:18
dileks_linux-next: Tree for Jun 709:18
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gemappisati: I have A1 desktop image not booting on panda10:55
gemappisati: it's stuck on the Uboot , keeps rebooting10:55
gemappisati: how do I enable the debug info?10:55
gemappisati: I'd like to give some more info than just "it doesn't boot" on the bug report10:56
ppisatigema: which board rev?11:01
ppisatiogra_: didn't you try A1 installation on panda?11:01
gemappisati: A411:01
ppisatigema: i've a panda a411:02
ppisatigema: where di you get the img?11:02
gemappisati: from the tracker11:03
gemappisati: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/221/builds/16974/downloads11:03
ppisatigema: ok, i'm downloading it11:04
ppisatigema: i'll let you know11:04
gemappisati: thanks11:04
gemappisati: can I enable serial console on the early boot ?11:04
gemappisati: so that I can see something else11:04
ppisatigema: on the installation image? uhm11:05
ppisatigema: yes, but you'll have to tinker with uboot11:05
ppisatigema: or reroll boot.scr11:05
gemaI'd like to see the crash11:05
gemappisati: ack, will try11:06
ppisatigema: what's the content of boot.scr on the first partition of the sd card?11:06
gemappisati:  Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,2)11:09
ppisatigema: so you installed the img somewhere11:10
ppisatigema: and it's unablt to mount what root= says11:10
gemaI dd'ed the image to an mmc and then tried to boot the load11:10
ppisatigema: did you have any video output?11:11
gemappisati: no11:11
ppisatigema: did you modify boot.scr? or did you manually override u-boot vars?11:12
ppisatigema: anyway, just finished downloading the img, let me try by myself11:12
gemappisati: I unset the bootscr var11:12
gemappisati: I will raise a bug, now I have something to put on it :D11:13
ppisatigema: can you past the boot messages somewhere? (http://paste.ubuntu.com/)?11:14
gemappisati: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028413/11:16
gemappisati: the /dev/mmcblk0p2 in the card is not ext311:20
gemappisati: that is probably why the board cannot load it11:20
gemappisati: so maybe the image is wrong or .. ?11:20
ppisatii'm dding it now11:20
ppisatiogra_ tested the installation img yesterday (or two days ago) and he said it was ok11:21
ppisatiis this img different in any way?11:21
gemappisati: this image is from yesterday11:22
gemappisati: and it is an A1, so I am retesting11:22
gemano result for it on the iso tracker11:22
gemappisati: breaking for lunch now, back in a bit11:23
ppisatistill dd-ing..11:23
gemappisati: back11:39
ppisatigema: ok so11:41
ppisatigema: i just tried your img on my panda rev a.4 here11:41
ppisatigema: and it's booting11:41
ppisatigema: how did you dd the img? 11:42
gemappisati: the image itself is broken11:42
ppisatigema: but did you rech the installation? you installed and then it paniced or what?11:43
gemappisati: let me verify I downloaded it correctly11:43
gemappisati: it never booted the installer11:43
ppisatigema: works here11:43
ppisatichoosing the timezone now11:43
gemappisati: ack , I will have to figure out what's wrong with my setup 11:44
gemappisati: thanks :D11:44
ppisatigema: zcat $imgfile | sudo dd of=/dev/sdX bs=64k11:44
ppisatigema: try this11:44
ppisatigema: sd cards are picky if you don't specify dd bs=11:45
gemappisati: I used bs=1M11:45
ppisatifinished netering my user details, it's installing now11:46
gemappisati: the second partition, in my image, is ext4 yet the bootargs in uboot tell the kernel it's ext311:46
gemappisati: any idea how could I do that to an image?11:47
gemappisati: also, what is the correct type for mmcrootfstype? ext3 or ext4?11:48
ppisatigema: did you modify boot.scr?11:53
ppisatigema: because i don't have that info in mine11:53
ppisatigema: setenv bootargs vram=40M mem=456M@0x80000000 mem=512M@0xA0000000   root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 fixrtc quiet splash11:53
ppisatigema: that's what you img says11:53
gemappisati: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028461/11:57
gemappisati: I never get to the installer, those are the env vars for uboot11:57
ppisatigema: wait11:58
ppisatigema: i've that too, but it shouldn't use that info12:04
gemappisati: then why is it failing there for me?12:05
ppisatigema: did you dd it again with bs=64k?12:05
gemappisati: not yet12:05
ppisatigema: try it12:05
ppisatiand the loader prompt, execute 'printenv' and paste it somewhere so i can compare it12:06
gemappisati: changing the mmcrootfstype to ext4 makes it boot (I tried before rewriting the card)12:09
ppisatigema: so you've a different boot environment12:10
ppisatiwhere does your board come from?12:10
gemappisati: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028479/ <- the only thing removed is bootscr12:11
gemamy board came from pgraner, on the same batch as yours, I believe12:11
gemappisati: are we happy for me to try with bs=64K ?12:12
ppisatidon't do that12:12
gemaI only have a working SD12:13
ppisatiwhy you removed bootscr?12:13
ppisatithat's the bootscript present on the sd12:13
gemappisati: to be able to see dmesg12:13
gemaserial output12:13
ppisatiok, but then you are using the env of you board that is wrong12:13
ppisatiif you want serial output12:13
ppisatiyou need to change the file boot.scr on the first partition of the sd12:13
ppisatitaking out 'quiet splash'12:14
ppisatiand adding console=ttyO2,11520012:14
ppisatiboot.scr is created with mknewimage12:14
gemappisati: ok12:14
gemappisati: I am going to document that in our wiki12:14
ppisatigema: mkimage -A arm -O linux -T script -C none -a 0 -e 0 -n "Ubuntu 10.10" -d ./boot.cmd ./boot.scr12:15
ppisatigema: and boot.cmd is plain text file containing onle the text part of the boot.scr you find on the sd card/first partition12:16
ppisatigema: so, open a text editor, cut&paste from boot.scr ONLY the text part12:16
ppisatigema: delete 'quiet splash'12:16
ppisatigema: add "console=yyO2,115200"12:17
ppisatigema: write the file, close the editor12:17
ppisatigema: execute12:17
ppisatigema: mkimage -A arm -O linux -T script -C none -a 0 -e 0 -n "my Ubuntu boot.scr" -d ./$TEXTFILE ./boot.scr 12:17
ppisatigema: copy the resuling boot.scr to the sd card/first partition12:18
ppisatigema: of course, do a backup oif the boot.scr found there12:18
ppisatigema: just in case12:18
gemappisati: ack12:19
ppisatigema: try by yourself, so we can double check it12:20
* ppisati is hungry12:20
gemappisati: ack, go for lunch, it is going to take me a while... where do I do the mkimage?12:21
gemappisati: ok, on it, follow your instructions helps x)12:27
ogasawarappisati: care to send a quick pull request for your omap4 config sync?13:09
gemappisati, all is good, trying to write the boot.scr to my card it started to behave weirdly13:12
gemappisati: camera to the rescue, all it good I can boot the image and install it13:12
gemappisati: thanks !13:13
ppisatiogasawara: i'll do13:16
ppisatiogasawara: i did some more config sync, let me test that and then i'll pull req13:23
ogasawarappisati: ack13:23
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diwichi, kentb would need ALSA 1.0.25 linux-backports-modules on top of oneiric, any chance we can provide that to him?14:04
ogra_ppisati, fyi, omap3 fails with an USB oops and i dont get any display output once the kernel started (i get the yellow u-boot screen though)14:12
ogra_(note also that i'm on vacation, just doing some quick image tests)14:12
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ogra_bug 101002414:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 1010024 in linux "omap fails to boot with oops in qantal alpha1 " [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101002414:14
ppisatiogra_: i know video is broken on omap314:16
ppisatiogra_: let me try the daily img for it14:17
ogra_well, apparently USB too :) 14:17
ogra_at least that oops comes up right after USB is initialized it seems14:17
ppisatilet's see14:19
* cking gives his network a poke14:32
* ogasawara back in 2015:14
davmor2network bites cking for poking it15:17
ckingyep, it's a yappy little fella15:17
ppisatiogra_: actually boots here, it reaches the installer15:20
ppisatiogra_: but since video is broken, can't go ahead15:20
ppisatiogra_: server images shoudl be fine (if we ever build it for omap3)15:21
ppisatiactually the installer dies cause X can't open a screem15:21
ppisatiand then drop you in # shell15:21
jsalisburyppisati, did you happen to see this one: bug 101002415:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 1010024 in linux "omap fails to boot with oops in qantal alpha1 " [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101002415:46
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ppisatijsalisbury: kind of saw it, it actually boots here (i was talking about it with ogra above)16:18
jsalisburyppisati, cool thanks.  Just wanted to give you a heads up.16:18
ppisatijsalisbury: but yes, video is broken on omap3, so omap3 desktop image for A1 are dead16:18
ogra_ppisati, i'll do a bit research tomorrow when i'm not in vacation mode 16:18
ppisatiogra_: don't worry, A1 is done16:19
ppisatiogra_: A1 is the target now16:19
ogra_not worrying about A1 but about the images in general :)16:19
ogra_A1 is done indeed, we'll only release omap416:19
ogra_omap3 in the past didnt init the graphics when you didnt have the right boot options, thats what i planned to play with ... and i didnt do more than one test, might be that the oops doesnt show on every boot 16:20
ppisatigo have a Weizenbier for me16:22
* ogra_ will do :) 16:30
henrixjsalisbury: ping16:47
jsalisburyhenrix, pong17:09
henrixjsalisbury: hi! i was trying to add the series (precise and quantal) to bug #101002217:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 1010022 in linux "Ext3 filesystems converted to ext4 can get erroneously reported as containing errors" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101002217:10
henrixjsalisbury: any idea how to do that?17:10
ogasawarainfinity, apw: bah, so as I'm checking the linux-firmware 1.81 build that I've just uploaded to quantal-proposed I see I managed to typo the bug # in the debian/changelog (the git tree is correct).  what's the preferred way to resolve?  upload a new 1.82 version which only corrects the changelog and then make sure we just copy the 1.82 version to the release pocket?17:10
henrixjsalisbury: i guess i've done that before, but can't remember how :-/17:10
jsalisburyhenrix, I see your nominations.  I can approve them.  I think I can approve them because I'm in the release team, which you may be able to subscribe to17:11
infinityogasawara: Nah, just fix it in git retroactively, and it'll be right on the next upload.17:11
infinityogasawara: And go close the bug by hand.17:11
ogasawarainfinity: ok cool17:11
jsalisburyhenrix, I clicked approve, can you check on your end to see if it worked?17:11
henrixjsalisbury: oh, so i need approval for that! that means i've never done that before :)17:12
henrixjsalisbury: will check17:12
apwogasawara, yeah what infinity said.  once that version is in -proposed its used up anyhow17:12
infinityogasawara: (If it were a stable release, I'd punt it from proposed and make you try harder, but this isn't really the devel workflow)17:12
henrixjsalisbury: yeah, thats it. thanks :)17:12
jsalisburyhenrix, np17:12
infinityOh cute, my ~ was never removed from zinc, I just lots access when I was gone.17:47
infinityNot that there was anything in it other than dotfiles...17:47
Davieyogasawara: Am i right in saying a new snapsnot of linux-firmware will resolve.. [   21.388655] microcode: failed to load file amd-ucode/microcode_amd.bin18:01
Davieyie, should i not bother raising a bug or investigating 18:02
BenCogasawara: how goes the rebase?18:39
htorqueRAOF: hi! do you know if there's any progress on making DP output work under nouveau with NVD9 based GPUs (e.g., the 4200M in the T*20 thinkpads)?19:43
RAOFhtorque: As far as I'm aware, that should be fixed somewhere in the nouveau git pipeline. My T420s died before I could test out darktama's patch, though. I'd guess it should work in 3.5, if it doesn't already work in 3.4.22:40
htorqueRAOF: thanks for the info, i'll give 3.4 a go then.22:42

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