dholbachgood morning07:04
YoBoYhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrenchTeam/TeamReports/12/May team report ready (after 9 month without them ^^") thanks to a new contributor (havok_novak) with a strong will to help our team :)15:23
czajkowskiYoBoY: great to see 15:25
YoBoYYes I love it too, I was really sad for not succeeding to find someone to replace me for this task :]15:28
czajkowskiwell you manged so it's all good 15:29
YoBoYLot of young new people who want to help this year, it's very motivating :)15:32
czajkowskibrilliant 15:33
YoBoYbtw, I need to find quickly some people to prepare the re-approval application and organize a meeting for them… why days only have 24 hours ^^"15:37
czajkowskiheh know the feeling :) 15:38
mhall119czajkowski: when is the florida team's reapproval meeting now?15:52
czajkowskimhall119: itnet7 is to add it when the application is ready 15:56
mhall119ah, ok16:02
* mhall119 will leave it to him then16:02
mhall119czajkowski: you're going to miss some epic BBQ this weekend16:02
czajkowskimhall119: not like I cna just fly out! 16:02
czajkowskithough hoping if I build up virgin miles I'll get out there soon! 16:03
mhall119that's why you should just move here, then you wouldn't have to fly16:03
czajkowskieh no 16:03
czajkowskinice to visit 16:03
mhall119come on, hurricanes, zombies, stand-your-ground laws, what's not to love about Florida?16:04
mhall119it's like Quentin Tarantino and Michael Bay got together and created a state16:05
RawChidAnyone in here can predict when the next Global Jam wil be? I presume in the begin of sept.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam/16:12
nigelbRawChid: mhall119 should be able to predict I think.16:17
nigelb(I was about to say jcastro and had to correct myself)16:18
nigelbI keep forgetting mhall119 is the new jcastro ;-)16:18
mhall119did jcastro used to schedule them?16:18
nigelbI *think* so.16:18

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