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dholbachshall we start while we see if we have sabdfl and YokoZar today as well?17:02
dholbach(we could still pass on the logs if they join later)17:02
beunoyeap yeap17:02
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dholbachaccording to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda we catch up with the Edubuntu Council today17:03
dholbachdo we have anybody from the Edubuntu Council here?17:03
dholbachhighvoltage, stgraber: are you around?17:04
highvoltagehi dholbach17:04
dholbachno alkisg, sbalneav or mgariepy here17:04
dholbachhey highvoltage17:04
dholbach#topic catch-up with the Edubuntu Council17:04
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dholbachhow are you doing?17:05
highvoltagewe spoke with pleia2 just a little earlier, the date kind of crept on us so we didn't have anything prepared17:05
dholbachI think we can just chat, if you don't mind - personally I didn't expect a huge team report :)17:05
highvoltagedholbach: doing good. the project is doing ok, from a technical perspective 12.04 was a great release for us17:05
dholbachthat's great to hear :)17:05
dholbachI remember your presentation from UDS - did you get feedback from Edubuntu contributors or possible future contributors? :)17:06
highvoltagewe've been extending the edubuntu community a bit too with active contributors. something that's really hard.17:06
highvoltageyes, we have 2 people from zentyal doing some work for edubuntu server17:07
czajkowskihighvoltage: great stuff!17:07
highvoltagespecifically, they're doing integration between zentyal and schooltool17:07
highvoltageso if you create a user in schooltool, they'll be able to log in on a service that authenticates against the samba4 domain set up on there17:07
highvoltageit will be very nice17:07
dholbachwow, that sounds like advanced rocket science17:07
highvoltagewe have some collaboration with the kubuntu folks too, on the zatab that we'd like to support: http://zareason.com/shop/zatab.html17:08
highvoltageexcept we're going with unity instead of plasma active. they're at least doing a lot of the heavy lifting for us17:08
highvoltagewe have around a dozen interview lined up for the website to showcase what schools and organisations are doing with edubuntu17:09
highvoltagecurrently it's a bit on hold since we're upgrading the website to drupal 717:09
dholbachwow, nice - that will hopefully bring in another bunch of new contributors17:09
dholbachIn which areas of Edubuntu do you feel are contributors mostly interested in working on?17:09
highvoltageso the current drupal 6 instance is frozen until version 7 goes live (we were originally hoping for this week, but it will probably be up next week instead)17:09
highvoltagedholbach: it varies greatly from person to person. on average, currently, in edubuntu... I'd say it's LTSP. which doesn't really have anything to do with education specifically17:10
highvoltage(but it just happens to be that way)17:10
highvoltageon that note though, there's some nice school features being worked on by alkis17:11
highvoltagewe have lots of request for things like an imaging solution for classrooms (like fog, clonezilla, etc)17:11
highvoltageso alkisg is working on getting something like that built right into ltsp.17:11
highvoltageour long-term aim for 14.04 is having a complete school solution, technology wise. Thin clients, work stations, tablets and servers.17:12
highvoltagetake an Edubuntu DVD and set up your entire infrastructure17:12
highvoltageon the server side we'll be using LXC to containerize everything17:12
dholbachsweet :)17:13
highvoltageone day we'll be able to tackle content and educational specific stuff better17:13
highvoltagebut for now we want to make the entire technology layer really simple and easy to use17:13
dholbachI remember when we last talked, you mentioned that the Edubuntu Council did not have too much to do governance-wise. Is this still the case? Did you get to approve a few Edubuntu members since last time?17:13
highvoltagewe re-approved ogra_, who just expired before and we didn't notice. besides that, the Edubuntu Council doesn't have much work.17:14
highvoltagethe goals and plans for 14.04 is something I'd like documented and put together in some form of a document17:14
highvoltagealmost like xubuntu did with their strategy document17:15
highvoltageso the EC will have some work to do soon, at least17:15
dholbachthat sounds good - if there's a coherent vision, that might also attract new people17:15
dholbachczajkowski, pleia2, beuno, Gwaihir: do you have any more questions?17:15
highvoltagemost of the Edubuntu work actually happens through the edubuntu-dev group. it's pretty much the same people but I like to make the destiction17:15
pleia2no, I'm good17:16
highvoltagedholbach: we get a *lot* of feedback from the edubuntu contact form on the website17:16
highvoltage(around 5-10 emails a week)17:16
dholbachwow, is it contributors? folks interested in using Edubuntu?17:16
highvoltagewe want to figure out how to get those people involved. I have a bunch of tags labeled for them in my inbox and I hope that we could get them to do some work too and eventually get them to be edubuntu members17:17
dholbachyou could try to invite them to public hangouts17:17
highvoltagedholbach: it's a big mixed back of people using edubuntu already, educators, people who want to sell edubuntu DVDs in their country, random support questions, people who wrote a howto or blog entry...17:17
dholbach(as mailing lists are not for everybody)17:17
highvoltageyes! hangouts is definitely something I want to try17:18
dholbachis there anything the CC could do for you?17:18
* beuno is impresses17:18
* dholbach too17:18
highvoltageI wish I had more time to think about that :)17:18
* highvoltage can't say no to someone offering any kind of help to the Edubuntu project17:19
beunohighvoltage, door is always open17:19
dholbachjust get back to us if you come up with something :)17:19
beunotake it as an invitation to email us back!17:19
highvoltageactually there is one thing, but we need to discuss it internally first. expect some email from us :)17:19
dholbachif beuno, Gwaihir and czajkowski don't have any more questions, I'd like to thank highvoltage17:20
dholbachkeep up the good work and keep the world informed of new stuff in Edubuntu land17:20
GwaihirI'm good17:20
dholbachare the Edubuntu news on Planet?17:20
* dholbach hugs highvoltage17:20
dholbachthanks again :)17:20
highvoltageI want to do more regular reports on what's happening17:20
highvoltageif it's been too long since a last update, anyone is free to poke me any time about that17:21
highvoltage(well, at least once the new site is up)17:21
highvoltagedholbach: *hug*17:21
dholbachalright, let's move on then :)17:21
dholbachwe have the following item on our agenda: JC Hulce -- Defining support -- TBD17:21
dholbachis anybody here to discuss it?17:21
pleia2we might want to drop them an email to see if they are interested in coming to our next meeting17:22
dholbachyes, that might make sense - do we have contact details?17:22
dholbachyes, we do17:23
dholbach#action dholbach to mail ~soaringsky about Defining support17:23
meetingologyACTION: dholbach to mail ~soaringsky about Defining support17:23
dholbach#topic Any other business17:23
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Any other business
dholbachDoes anybody have any other business?17:23
dholbachin terms of our TODO, I'll take another action17:24
dholbach#action dholbach to talk to sabdfl about the CoC update17:24
meetingologyACTION: dholbach to talk to sabdfl about the CoC update17:24
dholbach(we still have some modifications to squeeze in since UDS)17:24
* pleia2 nods17:24
pleia2thanks dholbach17:24
dholbachanything else which is currently stuck or needs to be discussed?17:24
Gwaihirnothing that comes to my mind17:25
dholbachok, then we just need to figure out who wants to do the minutes/wiki dance :)17:25
dholbachI'd appreciate if somebody else could do it - if I do it, it'll at least take until the next CC meeting17:26
* beuno is jumping off to a pair-programming session17:26
dholbachok, shall we do it collaboratively in a pad after the meeting?17:27
Gwaihirdholbach, sounds better17:27
dholbachok, great17:28
dholbachthanks a lot everyone17:28
pleia2can someone email the forums council to remind them of the next meeting?17:28
dholbachah, good point17:28
GwaihirI can do that17:29
pleia2thanks Gwaihir17:29
dholbach#action Gwaihir to mail Forums Council about next meeting17:29
meetingologyACTION: Gwaihir to mail Forums Council about next meeting17:29
dholbachthanks a bunch17:29
dholbachalrightie - have a great rest of your day17:29
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Gwaihirthanks everyone! thanks dholbach!17:29
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IowanFC meeting is on the 20'th: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ForumCouncilAgenda23:28

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