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* achiang wonders if he has enough street cred to apply for motu yet03:56
micahgachiang: https://launchpad.net/~achiang/+uploaded-packages looks a little light03:58
achiangmicahg: yeah, i agree.03:59
achiangmicahg: does +maintained-packages count for anything?03:59
micahgachiang: maybe in concert with other things (technically we don't have maintainers in Ubuntu), could help for PPU though04:01
achiangmicahg: ok, no worries. i'll keep trying to find time outside of $DAYJOB and keep beefing up for motu. :)04:01
micahgachiang: I'd suggest just doing the stuff you want to do if you were a MOTU, you should be able to rack up enough sponsorships to apply them04:01
achiang(just like everyone else)04:01
micahgerr..rack up sponsorships is a poor choice of words, rack up enough experience, when people start asking why you're not MOTU, you'll know you've made it04:02
achiangmicahg: ok, thanks for the advice04:03
achiangmicahg: hm, one more question, might i have enough experience to be an ubuntu member yet? my wiki page is kinda lame04:04
micahgachiang: as in non-dev membership?04:05
micahgachiang: let's move to PM04:06
ppedruzzihello, everyone. I need some help in reverting a dpkg -i that has failed the configuration step. anyone?04:20
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dholbachgood morning07:04
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* micahg wonders how ecstatic YokoZar is about wine 1.4 in Debian07:34
Laneymaybe we can undiverge at some point07:51
* Laney fades away until Sunday08:18
gesergood morning08:35
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jtaylorwhy can'T I install libglib2.0-dev:i386 without breaking my system? oO10:53
jtayloron 12.0410:53
jtaylora figured it out11:05
jtaylorits the recommend on python11:05
jtaylorkind of dangerous for such a base package11:07
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jtaylordoes someone have a cpu with avx?13:57
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jtaylora nevermind misinterpreted some lines13:59
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PaoloRotoloHi all!15:17
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