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chrisccoulsonSigh, why the explosion of useless bug reports?15:49
chrisccoulsoni wish bug reporters would read our bug reporting guidelines, like we ask them to :(15:49
micahgchrisccoulson: if I seem to have some crazy feedback with firefox-trunk (15), unity-panel-service, and hud-service is it worth debugging or should I just wait for 16 to see if it still happens?17:46
micahghrm, we are getting a slew of bugs this time around20:58
chrisccoulsonthey're all non-bugs. just ignore them ;)21:18
chrisccoulsonsee my earlier comment in this channel :)21:18
chrisccoulsoni think i'm just going to unsubscribe from firefox bugs ;)21:18
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micahgchrisccoulson: can you please document why you're adding the libxml-simple-perl build dependency in the changelog?21:37
alex_mayorgaAny plans to provide the PPA for Quetzal?22:35

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