dholbachgood morning07:04
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pleia2doing alpha1 fridge post19:12
silverlionevening pleia219:12
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* silverlion knocks on the table21:12
pleia2anything we can help you with, silverlion?21:12
silverlionpleia2: that is just a german way to say hi21:13
silverlionam sorry if interupted something21:13
pleia2not interrupting, just wanted to make sure you didn't need anything :)21:13
silverlionpleia2: i could need some assisting in creating ebooks, but that is all ^^ and guess nothing you could help me with, right?21:14
pleia2nope, sorry21:14
silverlionthought so ^^ but if you like, you could read an article of mine about the work i do ^^ in the current Full Circle Magazine ;)21:17
pleia2I've been writing for FCM for a few years (still do), so I read them21:19
pleia2currently contributing the Xfce section of the Closing Windows series21:19
pleia2and do Ubuntu Women columns when we have material for them21:20
silverlionpleia2: i know ;)21:20
silverlioni am converting them into the ebooks ;)21:20
pleia2I know21:20
bkerensasilverlion: you know pleia2 is famous she is in the next issue of Ubuntu User!21:26
silverlionbkerensa: well everyone what he / she deserves21:26
* silverlion is happy to be a "small" light in the big community ... if you understand21:27
pleia2bkerensa is famous, he wrote the feature article in the next issue of Ubuntu User!21:29
silverlionand what if i dont want to be famous?21:29
pleia2we're just joking around :)21:29
silverlionpleia2: got that ;)21:30
silverlionpleia2: there are people who want to make me famous21:30
silverlionby telling the work I do for FCM is kinda art21:31
pleia2I always wanted to be rich anyway, not famous21:31
* pleia2 suddenly realizing that doing work with open source software was a lousy way to go about this ;)21:31
silverlionpleia2: i ONLY use open source ... the only thing i payed for is the bad OS with the W in Front21:32
silverlionwhich i am using now because i am sitting in my corner21:32
silverlionnot at my desk21:32
bkerensapleia2: I prefer rich over fame but only if its rich enough to have an accountant full time to deal with taxes and pay people :P21:32
pleia2bkerensa: haha21:33
bkerensadoing the UU article likely made my taxes a bit more complicated this year21:33
pleia2bkerensa: yeah, I hear that21:33
bkerensaWell it depends... If they file a 1099-MISC which they are not required to unless its $600 then it could be more complicated21:33
silverlionbkerensa: why is that (if i may ask as an European with absolutely no idea of american taxes)21:33
bkerensaif not then it will be fine21:34
bkerensasilverlion: our tax system is overly complicated21:34
pleia2I moonlit as a technical reviewer one year, made about $1200, caused tax headaches (it was so much easier with just a W2!)21:34
pleia2but now my fiance's taxes are so complicated we just send everything for both of us off to an accountant and let him worry about it21:34
pleia2(he has a lot of investments and things via Google)21:35
bkerensapleia2: yeah so when I get gadgets some companies do their duty and report to the IRS which is not fun because I get hit with paying tax on free tech gadgets21:35
bkerensabut some dont21:35
bkerensait really depends on the value of the item...21:35
* silverlion would love to come to the States (or even to an UDS) but financials does not approve that :(21:35
bkerensaDell gave me a laptop and never reported it or had me fill out paperwork21:35
pleia2woo $2000 free laptop..er, $200 $2000 laptop21:35
bkerensafunny they hit the UDS dell laptop winners :D21:35
pleia2not surprising though21:36
bkerensawell yeah those ultrabooks are spendy I think21:36
bkerensathe Dell 14z I got was new and only priced at $689 I think21:36
pleia2do you pay taxes in the state it was won?21:37
pleia2because california sales tax, ouch :)21:37
bkerensaMy understanding is no21:37
bkerensanot unless I exceed $13000 in gifts21:37
bkerensathen I pay 3% to 25% depending on how far over 13k21:38

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