ubottulkj called the ops in #ubuntu ()00:03
MadpilotAlanBell, no urgency, but I am still active on IRC at least a few times a week and was interested in maintaining my #ubuntu (and elsewhere) ops. jussi was looking into reinstating me on LP at some point, I let my memberships lapse in a fit of inattention over the winter.00:10
bazhanggapspark using the start key logger (some kind of exploit) and via PM denies it was he who issued the command00:18
bazhangperhaps the keys typed themselves00:25
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Jordan_UWhat's with the sudden influx of random offtopic comments in #ubuntu ?05:42
bkerensaAnyone with #ubuntu privileges about?07:49
Coreybkerensa: Yup.07:50
bkerensagood good07:50
Coreybkerensa: But you're doing fine.07:50
CoreyLet me know if he doesn't improve.07:50
bkerensaJust trying to make sure it didnt escalate but yeah if it heats up Ill ping07:51
CoreyYeah, I'm arguably one of the slowest to ban most days.07:51
CoreyJon--: Howdy.  Can we help with anything?07:54
Jon--fanta has been repetitively warned for inflammatory comments towards those trying to assist him. He's continuing to be quite arrogant. Could I get an official warning or something please? I don't appreciate helping people and having them act like an arrogant ass.07:55
Jon--Just did it again. I'm pretty sure the guy is trolling.07:56
bkerensaJon--: We are addressing it07:56
Coreybkerensa: What a delighful individual.07:58
Tm_Tbkerensa: welcome to our typical day (:07:59
bkerensaTm_T: :)08:00
CoreyYeah, that's enough of that.  Ten minute tempquiet.08:01
Tm_TJon shouldn't have go with that attitude on PM either08:01
Tm_Tjust pointless escalation08:01
Coreywhois !fasta08:02
Tm_Tor is provocation the word I'm looking for08:02
CoreyYeah, I think it's a not particularly clever troll.08:02
DJonesI would say you're right with provacation, seeing somebody has a short fuse, its not the best to provoke them08:03
Tm_Tmore along the lines of "there's no excuse for bad behaviour"08:03
Tm_Tand provocating like that IS bad behaviour08:03
bkerensaindeed... I had considerd asking ActionParsnip to drop it since it was clear fasta was not satisfied with the responses of anyone08:03
Tm_Tit also makes all work on catalysing quite useless08:04
Tm_Thad anyone contacted Jon-- on this matter? if no, I could08:04
Tm_Toaight, on my way08:05
bkerensais there a wiki page on using btlogin?08:11
ikoniaplease note I've just removed atomicspark from #ubuntu-offtopic08:28
ubottuIn #ubuntu, freddy__ said: ubottu: yes ... but I have gnome and is satisfied with that ...09:15
elkyhe'd fit right in in defocus, i don't know why he doesn't use them to blurt random things at.09:24
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, Ormie said: ubottu, Ubuntu is based on Debian, you terrible liar!12:48
DJonesOrmie sure is having with factoids in -bots, I think he's trying to call every possible factoid12:48
Fuchshe is also in #ubuntu-offtopic, playing around a bit12:49
PiciHopefully not as much now.12:49
ikoniagetting a bit bored of it12:49
OrmieYou got the message from ubottu?12:50
ikoniayes, and you're pasting it into #ubuntu-offtopic12:50
OrmieYIKES! HOT12:51
OrmieI am in trouble!12:51
Fuchsstrange fellow12:53
PiciYep. Seems harmless though, thankfully.12:53
Fuchsnot entirely according to my logs, no12:54
Fuchsbut today he was, yes12:54
PiciFuchs: oh, hm.12:56
PiciI haven't put my old logs back on this server yet.12:56
Fuchsused to spam in other channels, it seems. Probably was what he was refering to in #ubuntu-offtopic earlier. Might have also been in #ubuntu.12:57
ikoniaPici: you had to ask !12:57
Piciikonia: hopefully this will keep him focussed instead of bouncing off the walls like a hyperactive monkey.12:58
ikoniaPici: I see your thinking....12:58
LjLPici has a transparent head?12:59
Fuchswith tiny gears in it?12:59
PiciLjL: *groan*12:59
ikoniahe's like the cylon things with the purple/clear skull12:59
ikonialucifer series or whatever they where called12:59
Tm_Tyay for very laggy connections13:47
Tm_Tping between 30 and 40 seconds isn't that bad, is it?13:51
LjLTm_T: it's fine13:52
LjLTm_T: you're using IP over avian carriers, right?13:52
Tm_Tyes, ofcourse13:52
Tm_Thow else I would have mobile connection, huh?13:52
Tm_TI remember this bus should have taken a different route, brrrh13:53
Tm_Tnah, brrrhh13:55
Unit193-wii nino19:37
Unit193Hello, something we can help you with?19:38
ninoi have got a problem19:39
Unit193If it is a support question, you would be better off asking in #ubuntu as this is not a support channel.19:40
ninothe problem is i dont know how change the mode of xchat19:40
Tm_TUnit193: see the other channel19:40
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chuIdleOne: You around? can you deal with wawowe3 in #ubuntu23:57

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