jbichaany idea where bug 1001609 should be assigned to?00:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 1001609 in ubuntu "Changelogs not being uploaded to changelog server" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100160900:17
ScottKjbicha: launchpad?00:22
skaetballoons - the update for http://www.ubuntu.com/testing will get updated tomorrow as part of the publishing of Alpha 1.    all in hand.00:24
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cjwatsonScottK: Launchpad doesn't control changelogs.ubuntu.com07:39
cjwatsonIt's an mvo thing07:39
xnoxIs there a report / qa which tracks version numbers of the packages, specifically those that have versions higher in precise* >> quantal*08:51
cjwatsonxnox: No standing one, but I can generate that on demand, and usually periodically do in the early parts of a cycle09:08
cjwatsonI wrote a swiss army knife thing called "suite-diff" years ago09:09
cjwatson(I think it may have been my first Python program, cough)09:09
xnoxright =))))09:09
xnoxcjwatson: I have noticed that imagemagic had precise-security >> quantal; and that lvm2 precise-proposed was/is actually >> quantal (well now it's diverged)09:10
cjwatsonprecise-updates > quantal currently: language packs plus bind9, firefox, openssl098, postgresql-9.1, squid3, ubuntuone-storage-protocol09:10
xnoxnot too bad.09:11
cjwatsonI'll see about copying those after alpha-109:11
xnoxWhat about -security > quantal?09:11
cjwatson-security gets copied to -updates09:11
xnoxoh ok.09:11
xnoxaha "updates, security (main)"09:11
cjwatsonI generally don't enforce -proposed > next-devel, because early in a cycle there's still a fair bit of uploading stuff direct to -proposed and usually maintainers have other plans for next-devel09:12
xnoxand a separate entry for the set in stone release =)09:12
xnoxcjwatson: ok. I see your point.09:12
infinitycjwatson: It seems a bit late in the cycle to be doing any precise->quantal copies.  I'd really rather things got their own upload so they built with the Q toolchain.09:19
infinitycjwatson: Y'know, especially where the toolchain in precise produces binaries that aren't compatible with Q...09:19
* infinity really sleeps now, having had his last opinion on the Internet for the night.09:20
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cjwatsoninfinity: mm, perhaps09:32
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xnoxinfinity: have fun with imagemagick09:58
xnoxon armel09:58
* xnox hides09:58
jibelseb128, skaet bug 100992810:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 1009928 in ghostscript "Ubuntu Desktop Netboot install failed: unmet dependency - poppler-data Breaks cmap-adobe-japan1 (<= 0+20090930-2)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100992810:11
jibelseb128, with latest ghostscript10:12
* cjwatson wonders why a bug about poppler-data and cmap-adobe-japan1 is filed on ghostscript.10:12
jibelbecause bug 1009052 has been reassigned to ghostscript10:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 1009052 in ghostscript "CJK Installation fails with error: poppler-data : Breaks: cmap-adobe-gb1 (<= 0+20090930-2)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100905210:14
seb128cjwatson, the issue (or part of the issue) was that libgs9 was depending on gs-cjk-resource but poppler-data Conflicts with gs-cjk-resource now (and zh depends on poppler-data)10:16
seb128jibel, thanks, I guess I should get a quantal install to test that out, I just pointed what was obvious from your log yesterday10:17
cjwatsondoes this break images as well as netboot?10:18
cjwatsonwurgh, I thought about doing a merge but what a nightmare; semi-independent packaging of upstream releases all over the place10:19
seb128cjwatson, I think it makes the zh depends uninstallable ... I'm setting up a quantal env to test10:19
seb128cjwatson, merge of what?10:19
seb128cjwatson, well it looks like simply that poppler-data is not installable on q and some locales pull it in10:20
seb128cjwatson, cyphermox has a full merge but he went for the easy depends fix for a1 yesterday and said he would upload the merge after a110:20
seb128since the merge was not trivial10:21
jibelcjwatson, it breaks installations with asian languages10:22
cjwatsonso if he's done the easy depends fix, surely a new bug about this doesn't belong on ghostscript10:22
cjwatsonbecause that part of it has apparently been fixed10:22
seb128cjwatson, right, I'm checking what's the new issue, a min10:22
cjwatson(and I wonder why 1009052 is still open)10:23
cjwatsonlanguage-selector has matches in data/pkg_depends for that cmap* stuff10:23
seb128cjwatson, cyphermox didn't list the bug in the changelog it seems, I'm closing it10:24
seb128ghostscript (9.05~dfsg-0ubuntu5) quantal; urgency=low10:24
seb128  * debian/rules: Have libgs9 depend on recent poppler-data favored over10:24
seb128    gs-cjk-resource.10:24
seb128cjwatson, I don't know a lot about the cmap- stuff but reading the poppler-data entry from http://packages.qa.debian.org/p/poppler-data/news/20120204T162616Z.html10:27
seb128     - add {Conflicts:, Replaces:, Provides:} to gs-cjk-resource, cmap-adobe-korea1,10:27
seb128       cmap-adobe-cns1, cmap-adobe-japan1, cmap-adobe-japan2, cmap-adobe-gb110:27
seb128 10:27
seb128cjwatson, it seems like language-selector should have the cmap-adobe-* replaced by poppler-data10:28
seb128though I would prefer to have somebody who knows what those cmap packages are used for to confirm it10:28
seb128debian/changelog:  * data/pkg_depends: Add cmap-adobe-* packages for ghostscript. (LP: #496012)10:28
seb128cjwatson, jibel: I can do an upload of l-s with that change if you want10:29
jibelseb128, pitti proposed to have a look when he's back on Monday10:31
seb128cjwatson, jibel: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1028368/ ?10:33
tkamppetercjwatson, we can also move the SRU on system-config-printer to -updates. Two users have confirmed that the SRU solves their problems (by setting up printers with non-IPP protocol by default). One bug I detached from the SRU as the user's problem is not covered by the SRU.10:33
cjwatsontkamppeter: done; as usual with cases where bugs have been "detached", you'll probably need to fix up bug states after the janitor has closed them10:45
seb128cjwatson, I've rebased the changelog on the current version, but do the change seems fine to you? should I upload that?10:46
cjwatsonseb128: Yeah, that looks right10:51
cjwatsonGo ahead10:51
seb128cjwatson, done, thanks10:52
evhm, why does /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com complain about divergence when I try to pull11:01
* ev digs11:01
evstgraber: was your branch not bound when you committed? You have r1424 in /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com, but I have it in /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/bzr/private/cdimage11:03
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cjwatsonNever mind binding, that implies directly pushing to /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com rather than going via the canonical branch storage areas11:22
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cyphermoxseb128: I'm currently on choppy 3g; but the cmap stuff are definition files which are supposed to be shipped equally by b11:34
cyphermoxseb128: I'm currently on choppy 3g; but the cmap stuff are definition files which are supposed to be shipped equally by both the -cmap packages and poppler-data11:34
cyphermoxoh boy, that line is worse than I thought11:35
seb128cyphermox, ok, so we changed to use poppler-data which should be ok11:36
cyphermoxseb128: AFAIK yes. I didn't verify the claim but that's what the poppler-data description says11:37
skaetgood morning12:30
skaetjibel,   looks like 1009928 is a duplicate of bug 1009052.   From yesterday's discussions (and on the pad) we decided to not respin for it explicitly, but treat it as something to include, if something else forced a respin otherwise document.  Did something change overnight?12:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 1009052 in language-selector "CJK Installation fails with error: poppler-data : Breaks: cmap-adobe-gb1 (<= 0+20090930-2)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100905212:36
jibelskaet, nothing changed, no respin for this defect. The second bug was with a netboot install, after the first bug has been fixed and with a different package, that's why I filed another bug.12:39
skaetjibel,  thanks.  :)12:40
jibelskaet, and it still unclear to me if they are duplicates because netboot is still failing with latest language-selector seb128 uploaded this morning12:41
seb128jibel, can you give me the error log?12:41
jibelseb128, yes, next thing the queue :)12:43
jibelskaet, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ReleaseReports/QuantalAlpha1TestReport12:45
skaetthanks jibel,  :)12:45
cjwatsonskaet: It wasn't a duplicate as such; there were multiple causes.12:47
skaetcjwatson,  thanks,  bug marking probably needs to be changed then.12:48
skaetjibel,  any arm results in ?   I thought ogra was testing mx5 yesterday?12:49
jibelgema, is testing desktop on omap412:49
gemaskaet: it's failing for me , I am troubleshooting with ppisatti12:50
gemaskaet: it works for him12:50
skaetgema,  interesting.   ok, we'll hold off on deciding about arm for omap4 for a bit.12:51
gemaskaet: ok, I will keep you posted12:52
skaetthanks gema12:52
jibelseb128, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ghostscript/+bug/1009928/+attachment/3179189/+files/netboot-desktop.syslog12:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 1009928 in ghostscript "Ubuntu Desktop Netboot install failed: unmet dependency - poppler-data Breaks cmap-adobe-japan1 (<= 0+20090930-2) (dup-of: 1009052)" [High,New]12:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 1009052 in language-selector "CJK Installation fails with error: poppler-data : Breaks: cmap-adobe-gb1 (<= 0+20090930-2)" [High,Fix released]12:52
skaetRiddell,   ScottK,   not much testing on Kubuntu Desktop marked up on the tracker.   More done than is showing there?12:53
* skaet notes that Edubuntu is looking good to release.12:54
skaetWubi's not going out12:56
jibelskaet, I added 1009226 to the section 'Migration' of the tech overview. update-manager's UI crashes when upgrading to Quantal (do-release-upgrade as fallback)12:57
skaetThanks jibel.  :)12:58
Riddellskaet: no that's all we're going to get for alpha 113:04
skaetRiddell,  hmm,  most of the manditory tests haven't been run,  are the images reasonably free of installer issues, or are we causing more problems by releasing them, than not?13:06
skaetRiddell,  also no data available  on doing the upgrades from Precise - given what Lubuntu's been seeing,  am worrying that we may need to be providing some guidance13:08
skaetinfinity,  are the arm core images ok to ship?   no results on the tracker.13:21
Riddellskaet: very little has changed so I don't forsee any problems13:21
RiddellI don't think I've ever tested upgrade on an alpha 1, it's certainly not what I'd recommend to people13:22
gemaskaet: hggdh has verified armhf+omap4 server and pgraner armhf+omap4 desktop13:22
gemaskaet: my environment was buggy13:22
seb128jibel, you are sure you got language-selector 0.81?13:22
hggdhand I will do desktop again as a validation13:23
gemaskaet: all is looking green and shiny13:23
skaetgema,  thanks.13:23
jibelseb128, that's what apt tells me13:24
seb128jibel, ok, I don't know then, I see nothing depending on cmap-adobe-japan2 and language-selector has no mention of it in its current version13:26
stgraberev: hmm, I did use "bzr co" :)13:27
stgraberev: oh, I see, checkout location is wrong...13:28
jibelseb128, I think the problem is that ubuntu-desktop recommends cmap-adobe-japan2 but poppler-data breaks on it13:33
seb128jibel, I though that recommends would be ignored rather than breaking the install13:34
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stgraberev: fixed, sorry for that13:43
evstgraber: no worries!13:44
ogra_hey, whats the reason omap3 was removed from the tracker13:48
skaetogra_ no results on the tracker13:50
skaetno indication that the testing had started....13:50
ogra_skaet, sorry, its a bank holiday in germany, i only stzarted testing 1h ago13:51
ogra_(since apparently Qa doest do omap3)13:51
ogra_and i'm only done with omap4 yet13:52
skaetogra_  can you please mark up on the tracker which ones you're testing,  so I don't go and remove them as well ...  ;)13:52
* skaet is doing the cull right now.13:52
ogra_yeah, i didnt like to be online at all oon my vacation day, so i only went there now to submit my results13:53
ogra_hmpf, but omap3 seems a failure anyway13:54
stgraberskaet, ogra_: ^ re-enabled omap3 so ogra_ can post his results13:54
skaetthanks stgraber13:54
* ogra_ hugs stgraber 13:54
skaetgema, jibel - are there any results available from the automated test setup for the netboot arm omap4  images?14:09
ogra_skaet, armhf -core done14:20
stgraberprepare for the flood ;)14:21
skaetThanks ogra_   :)14:22
stgraberoh, right, we have more than 25, good ;)14:22
stgrabersmoser: can you post the testing results? ^14:22
smoserstgraber, testing results of?14:23
smoseri can go through the monkey work of copying https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Quantal/view/All%20Quantal/job/quantal-server-ec2/ to iso tracker14:23
stgrabersmoser: yep, that's what we need on the tracker. I've been talking with Ben at UDS about just using the tracker API to push these but AFAIK he didn't work on that script yet, sorry :)14:25
jibelskaet, it's running, I'll update results soon-ish14:34
skaetthanks jibel14:35
jamespagestgraber, re using the tracker API to publish ec2 test results -  thats something I probably need to pickup14:37
jibeljamespage, I wrote this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028694/14:40
jibelnot tested with ec2 but that should work14:40
jamespagejibel, ta14:41
jamespageso long as I can reference by ami thats good14:42
seb128jibel, I've undupped bug #1009928 but I don't know where the remaining issue is14:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 1009928 in ghostscript "Ubuntu Desktop Netboot install failed: unmet dependency - poppler-data Breaks cmap-adobe-japan1 (<= 0+20090930-2)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100992814:42
seb128jibel, that will need input from installer people14:42
cjwatsonErr, I don't see how that's an installer issue14:45
jibelseb128, ok thanks.14:45
cjwatsonIt's about the dependency structure of the packages being installed, unlikely to be anything to do with the installer ..14:45
ogra_also why do you do a desktop install at all ?14:45
seb128cjwatson, would the packages installation fail if a recommends can't be installed or would the recommends be ignored?14:46
ogra_for testing the netboot installer functionality i would just go with the defaults14:46
seb128cjwatson, the only place I can see where cmap-adobe-japan1 is mentioned is that ubuntu-desktop recommends it14:46
cjwatsonIt's cmap-adobe-japan2 not japan1 in that syslog, and that has Task: ubuntu-desktop14:46
cjwatsonFind out why that is14:46
seb128cjwatson, but I though recommends would be ignored when they can't be installed rather than making the install bail out14:46
cjwatsonNot if they conflict like this14:47
seb128sorry I meant cmap-adobe-japan214:47
seb128so I guess the remaining issue is that ubuntu-desktop should stop recommending it14:47
seb128not sure if we should recommends poppler-data instead though14:47
seb128we avoided seeded it in the past because of space issues14:47
cjwatson * (cmap-adobe-japan2)           # gs-cjk-resources prefers cmap-adobe-japan1 which is much bigger; language-selector will pull in the right one for a language14:48
cjwatsonThat kind of suggests to me that you should just unseed it14:48
seb128ok, thanks14:48
cjwatsonSince it looks like that was there to force a preferred alternative dep14:48
stgraberskaet: oh right, should have told you, my cron job isn't really clever and just re-adds anything that's missing ^  :)15:03
stgraberskaet: I'll turn the cron job off and remove these again15:03
skaetthanks stgraber.15:03
bdmurrayIt occurred to me that maybe the Ubuntu SRU team should be subscribed to the tag regression-proposed in Launchpad15:46
skaetbdmurray,  indeed, that could help with the visibility .15:48
bdmurrayonly 27 bugs have this tag now so it wouldn't be much more mail15:54
cjwatsonhttps://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/launchpad/pocket-permissions/+merge/109192 *sweat*17:17
* skaet notes we'll need to update https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto or create a separate page, for the larger desktop images17:50
skaetQuantal Alpha 1 is released.19:04
skaettorrents are comming on line slowly, but rest of images in place.19:06
skaethmm.. that didn't come out right19:06
skaettorrents are slowly coming on line.19:06
infinityskaet: so, we're good to go for thawing and copying proposed to release?19:07
infinityLooks like.19:07
skaetinfinity,  yes,  good to thaw and copy proposed to release19:07
* infinity does that.19:07
* skaet --> errand, back in an hour or so. 19:14
skaetstgraber,  you've got the baton.  :)   And thank you for the excellent work on getting Alpha 1 published! !  :)19:16
Davieystgraber: if we were smart, we'd make a torrent-seeder juju charm :)19:26
stgraberDaviey: and deploy it on canonistack ;)19:26
Davieystgraber: yeah.. and every other cloud for global coverage :)19:27
* skaet --> back20:39
skaetstgraber,  thanks for changing over the iso tracker.    cron job re-enabled too?20:47
stgraberskaet: wasn't me for the ISO tracker :) but I'm doing the nusakan side of things now (isotracker.conf + cronjob)20:48
skaetthanks stgraber.  :-)20:48
* skaet has disabled the milestone now20:49
stgraberskaet: should I move the bugs?20:50
skaetstgraber,  hold off please,  want to go through them manually.  :)20:51
* skaet collecting stats, looking for interesting things.20:51
stgraberskaet: list: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1029321/20:51
* skaet looking20:52
skaetthanks stgraber,  got what I need,   please go ahead.20:58
stgraberskaet: running20:58
bdmurrayshouldn't quantal be set to supported?20:58
infinitybdmurray: No.21:02
infinitybdmurray: Cause it's not.21:02
bdmurrayinfinity: ah, I see what the problem was21:17
stgraberbdmurray: Prompt=normal?21:18
stgraber(assuming your problem was do-release-upgrade -d not telling you about quantal)21:18
bdmurraystgraber: yes, that's what I needed.  I wonder if that is worth release noting in the upgrade section21:20
stgraberbdmurray: I guess so, it's not really obvious unless you know the upgrader very well and AFAIK it's not visible in the UI21:21
bdmurrayslangasek: did you say packages would be rejected if they didn't meet SRU criteria?23:44
bdmurrayI'm tired of looking at the same ones missing info23:45

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