randomDudeis sssd or pam_ldap (and pam_creds) the preferred(new) way to provided cached ldap login when a laptop is "out on the road"01:25
twbNFI.  I just let users manager their own laptops and do LDAP auth in each respective service01:30
FidelixDid anyone update bind today?03:09
FidelixLooks like the update is broken03:09
FidelixDoes anyone have a fix?03:10
pmatulisFidelix: details of the breakage would be nice03:12
Fidelixpmatulis, http://paste2.org/p/204752603:13
pmatulisFidelix: did you upgrade bind9 today?03:17
Fidelixpmatulis, yes03:17
pmatulisFidelix: what release are you running?03:17
Fidelix12.04, upgraded from 11.1003:18
twbSince resolvconf, I would guess preicse03:18
pmatulistrue dat03:18
FidelixRunning /etc/resolvconf/update-libc.d/sendmail manually also gives me that error.03:19
pmatulisFidelix: i recommend you open a bug on it.  it's fairly serious if bind does not run on an LTS03:21
Fidelixpmatulis, do you have any workarounds to suggest?03:22
FidelixI don't want my apt locked for other updates03:22
pmatulisFidelix: disable resolvconf03:23
pmatulisFidelix: make /etc/resolv.conf a regular file instead of a symlink03:23
FidelixNow I have another error03:25
Fidelixdebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked03:25
hallynzul: I wonder if bug 1009727 could be due to 'apt-get upgrade' vs 'apt-get dist-upgrade'03:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1009727 in samba "package samba 2:3.6.3-2ubuntu2.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100972703:26
pmatulisFidelix: is that after trying to disable r/c?03:26
Fidelixpmatulis, I moved the symlink to a backup, then copied the real resolv.conf to /etc/resolv.conf03:27
pmatulisFidelix: ok, and how does the 2nd error happen?03:27
Fidelixapt-get -f install03:27
pmatulisFidelix: hm03:27
pmatulisFidelix: some lingering process due to your recent upgrade?03:28
FidelixOkay, I ran some mojo to fix that03:28
FidelixBut now I have another error03:29
Fidelixresolvconf: Error: /etc/resolv.conf isn't a symlink, not doing anything.03:29
Fidelix   ...done.03:29
FidelixApparently apt-get is no longer locked.03:29
pmatulisFidelix: now restart bind?03:29
FidelixIt gave this same error twice on restart03:30
FidelixBut apparently it is running03:30
pmatulisFidelix: and do explain the mojo when you get a chance03:30
Fidelixfuser -cuk /var/cache/apt/archives/lock, then rm -fr /var/cache/apt/archives/lock03:31
FidelixAlthough the first command will throw you away from ssh, so it needs to be run in the same line03:31
pmatulisok, good to know03:31
FidelixThank you for the help pmatulis. You have my gratitude.03:33
pmatulisFidelix: you're welcome03:33
FidelixI will pay it forward.03:34
FidelixGood bye.03:34
hnasarat_I'm having trouble getting any sort of networking running on my laptop server with an ethernet cable or wpa_supplicant. Searching the web proved useless, as did trying what works in arch to get networking running. Any suggestions?03:37
hnasarat_Similarly the ubuntu support website has nothing related to my problem, and neither does the server guide.03:42
Rthomso5Hi anybody able to help with a squirt issue with sguil0.7 on Ubuntu server03:49
Rthomso5Squert issue03:49
Rthomso5Is there a an issue with using squert0.9.2 with the older sguil0.703:54
jasefHey, I'm just adding the debian-installer images to my ubuntu mirror, and wondering if the normal netboot will install ubuntu server or if it just installs desktop?05:34
jasefI have a machine that I can only use network to install, and it needs to be server05:34
SpamapSjasef: netboot only installs a minimal system05:34
SpamapSjasef: you'll get asked about what extra stuff to install. I'd recommend OpenSSH Server, but otherwise.. leave the other sutff off :)05:34
jasefSpamapS: Awesome, so it won't install a desktop system?05:35
jasefIf it doesn't I'm cool with that.05:35
jasefOh, and another question, is it worth switching to linux-image-server or is -generic just as good for servers?05:35
SpamapSjasef: linux-image-server is just a meta package for linux-image-*-generic05:36
SpamapSat least, in 12.0405:36
jasefSo identical to just using linux-image then?05:37
SpamapSjasef: as far as I can tell, yes05:38
SpamapSbut I've never looked deeply into this05:38
mgwhow does one figure out what device names partman auto has created?05:59
mgwe.g., /dev/sda1,2,5,9905:59
mgwthey're not sequential, i know06:00
jasefWell, if anyone wanted to know, my mirror is currently functioning and the netinstall is working fine. almost done the base install step06:34
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OrmieHi, My hardware doesn't support ubuntu server.07:15
Ormie02:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8188CE 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter (rev 01)07:15
OrmieWhat to do?07:16
OrmieI can't use iwconfig with that.07:16
OrmieFAQ: Q: You use ubuntu server on a laptop that has wireless card?07:17
OrmieA: Yes.07:17
Ormiegood bye, then07:18
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greppyToo bad Ormie didn't use google... a search of 'RTL8188CE linux' returned several hits for getting that working.07:35
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acidflashhello all09:20
acidflashI have a crontab parameter @reboot /usr/bin/start-scheduler which is no longer working on ubuntu-server 12.0409:21
acidflashwas @reboot removed from cron?09:21
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ikonianot that I can see09:22
acidflashikonia: any idea why it would stop working after a release upgrade?09:22
ikoniaacidflash: sounds silly, but can you do it manually ?09:23
ikoniasee if there is an error with the actual command on your setup09:23
acidflashrun the script manually you mean? for sure09:23
acidflashworks fine09:23
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KrizOnehi guys, is anyone able to link me to a good article about installing imagemagick to work with php? i have tried googling and the ones im finding dont seem to be working, when i try to do "sudo pecl install imagemagick" it says that the version i have is wrong :S10:01
KrizOnesorry, disregard that, it is installed, im just a nub XD10:02
ikoniaI was just typing.....10:02
ikoniapecl ?10:02
ikoniayou install it using the ubuntu package manager, it's installed as an ubuntu package10:02
KrizOnei found this, http://bloke.org/linux/install-imagemagick-imagick-for-php-on-ubuntu/10:03
KrizOnethats the one that advised me to use pecl10:03
ikoniaKrizOne: just open the package manager, search for image magic10:03
ikoniayou'll see the imagemagic php component, install it10:04
ikoniaKrizOne: a good tip is to not blindly follow external sites, there is no rating system to show if it's good advice/bad advice10:04
ikoniaKrizOne: (as you can also see that guide is over 4 years old - things will/may have changed)10:05
KrizOneahh i see10:05
KrizOnei didnt check that10:05
KrizOnethanks =]10:05
KrizOneits actually working fine in php, it turns out its an issue between phpThumb and it10:06
KrizOnebut we are fixing that now =] thats for the responses10:06
ikoniano problem10:07
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Davieysmoser: hey, can you confirm when bug 1009294 fix lands in cloud build branch?12:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1009294 in grub2 "Grub update breaks automated dist-upgrade scripts on AMI images" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100929412:25
Daviey(Confirmed that running that one line on a fresh instance, then upgrading makes world peace12:25
zulDaviey: for the openstack SRU, if we dont have a way to test it (ie: bug #992916) ill explain how it is fixed in the stable tree but not offer a testcase12:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 992916 in nova "nova.tests.test_nova_rootwrap fails on Fedora 17" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99291612:52
jamespagesmb, around?  have a question about the kernel rejigs with regards to -virtual12:57
jsmith-argotecanyone have a bit of time to help me try to figure out what changed/broke in Logwatch between 10.04 and 12.04?13:25
jsmith-argoteclogwatch is very sparse in 12.04 (no customizations except log level medium) as compared to 10.0413:26
jsmith-argotecthis was an upgrade13:26
Davieyzul: probably comment why the regression potential of having that changeset is low.13:27
jsmith-argotecI found a bunch of log settings in rsyslog that are now commented out in 12.04 and changed them back to match 10.04... that added some logging13:27
zulDaviey: ack13:27
jsmith-argotecwhich didn't make sense to me but it's still not right13:27
jsmith-argotecanyone? :-) or maybe a better channel to ask the question?13:42
ironmhello. I have prepared MariaDB 5.5.24 repositories for ubuntu-server 12.04 for off-line installations (see links below). They include also libreadline5 so after fresh installation of ubuntu-server it is very easy to install MariaDB 5.5.24 ... http://rsync.it-infrastrukturen.org/mariadb/ubuntu/mariadb-ubuntu-local-repo.pdf13:51
ironmLink to the repo: http://rsync.it-infrastrukturen.org/mariadb/ubuntu/mariadb5.5.24-precise-repo.tgz13:51
ironmand the bigger one with tests: http://rsync.it-infrastrukturen.org/mariadb/ubuntu/mariadb5.5.24-test-precise-repo.tgz13:52
ironmI have also prepared some description how to setup master-slave and master-master replications for MariaDB5.5.24 on ubuntu-server ... http://rsync.it-infrastrukturen.org/mariadb/ubuntu/mariadb-ubuntu-replication-cluster.pdf13:52
rbasakironm: looks good! This sounds like just the sort of thing that a charm would be perfect for.14:00
ironmthank you rbasak :)14:01
rbasakironm: any chance you could charm this? Then others would be able to use your description automatically. There is an existing mysql charm though, so I'm not sure if it would be best to integrate this with that charm or have a separate one.14:04
CloudDevWhere i can find a configuration guide to security and tuning for Ubuntu ?14:12
VivekVCCloudDev: Ubuntu Server Guide 12.0414:12
ironmrbasak, I am not sure if I can interpret your last sentence correctly ... At least for me is MariaDB the further development of MySQL14:12
rbasakironm: sure, but the repository will have MySQL for a long time to come, as well as MariaDB14:13
rbasakWe need to be able to support both14:13
rbasakSo one approach is to have two separate charms, one for MySQL and one for MariaDB. The other approach is to have support for both in one charm with a configuration option to decide which is to be used. I'm not familiar enough with charming or with MariaDB to understand which would be better, though I can point you to the right people if you're interested in charming MariaDB.14:15
CloudDevViveKC thanks, i'm not have experience with Ubuntu Server, have you used Ubuntu Server to high traffic web server ?14:15
ironmrbasak, I afraid that MySQL will die in long term (or to be to difficult to use due to some habits if the current *owner*)14:16
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rbasakironm: sure. I don't disagree. But it'll be available as long as it is in Debian, which is currently indefinite. 12.04 includes it and is supported for five years.14:17
ironmrbasak, to stay on the safe "side" I prefer to use MariaDB from now14:19
rbasakironm: that's absolutely fine. I'm sure many others want to do that too, which is why MariaDB charm support would be awesome :)14:19
CloudDevyum works well in ubuntu ?14:20
rbasakCloudDev: the debian/ubuntu equivalent of yum is apt14:21
rbasak!apt | CloudDev14:21
ubottuCloudDev: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)14:21
ubottuUh, don't you mean !apt ?14:22
ironmrbasak, I would be happy if I could install ubuntu-server with MariaDB (instead of MySQL)  ... LAMP14:24
ironmor just only the DB software14:24
ironmlike PostgreSQL14:24
CloudDevUbuntu Server works well in high traffic web server in Amazon EC2 ?14:31
rbasakironm: it is being discussed. You may be interested in this thread: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-server/2012-February/006073.html14:36
ironmthank you very much rbasak14:37
smoserDaviey, i'll update the bug when i land that change to bug 1009294. i did some testing here, and so far it looks like it will work.14:37
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1009294 in grub2 "Grub update breaks automated dist-upgrade scripts on AMI images" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100929414:37
ironmrbasak, that is exactly the point ... "It has been brought to my attention that MySQL may have gone this way14:38
ironmas well, but in a much more subtle way. This started about a year ago,14:38
ironmand has only recently really become obvious.14:38
Davieysmoser: yeah, i validated it from a running instance.14:38
ironmrbasak, I follow Oracle's activities for dozen of years14:38
smoseranyone want to help me copy results from jenkens to iso tracker?15:04
smoserjamespage, hggdh, roaksoax ? you've all helped iwth this before...15:04
smoserwe need to copy https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Quantal/view/All%20Quantal/job/quantal-server-ec2/2/ to http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/221/builds15:05
hggdhsmoser: on it15:08
Davieysmoser: no, i'd rather it was left blank and time spent on writing a damn tool to do this :)15:09
DavieyEach milestone, copy and pasting results.. do you realise how daft that sounds? :)15:09
smoserhggdh, you copy the happy ones (green)15:10
smoserand, hggdh i will investigate anything else.15:10
hggdhsmoser: :-)15:10
smoserDaviey, i realize that. yes. its stupid.15:10
hggdhI am getting a lot of happy pills15:10
smoserhggdh, thank you.15:10
smoserDaviey, stop talking, and start writing your tool15:10
hggdhDaviey: me daft ;-)15:10
Davieysmoser / hggdh  : do you want to take the action of syncing with stgraber on how to make sure we don't have to do this next cycle?>15:11
hggdhDaviey: IIRC, stgraber added API to the iso.qa. I will check with him later)15:12
Davieyhggdh: he did.. i think i started writing the tool last cycle.. but long since lost15:12
hggdhDaviey/smoser: apparently jibel already did it15:14
stgraberhggdh: jibel gave some instructions on how to use the API to jamespage in #ubuntu-testing15:14
hggdhstgraber: ah, cool. I think this then explains the deleted entry in one of the ec215:15
jibelhggdh, it's me, I tested that the script worked with ec2 as well.15:16
hggdhjibel: cool. I guess james is on it, then?15:17
hggdhsmoser: I need 20 min to get to a pharmacy; I will keep on when I am back15:19
smoserhggdh, thanks. i'll poke at using jibels script though.15:21
smoserjamespage, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Quantal/view/All%20Quantal/job/quantal-server-ec2/2/ARCH=amd64,REGION=us-west-2,STORAGE=ebs,TEST=simple-user-data,label=ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/console15:22
smoserwhat failed there?15:22
WeissLehrerWhat do I do when /proc/sys/net/ip_forward dows not exist? <o>15:37
jkyleI'm curious why mdadm has a dependency on postfix15:39
ikoniajkyle: for alerting15:40
ikoniait's a dependency on an mta, not postfix15:40
lamontjkyle: Recommends: default-mta | mail-transport-agent, module-init-tools15:40
lamontit's a recommends15:40
jkyleI figured, but I wouldn't consider that a hard dependency15:40
lamontdefault-mta Depends: postfix15:40
ikoniait's optional15:40
rbasakWeissLehrer: you use /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward which is where it's supposed to be :-)15:41
jkylewhen I do: apt-get install mdadm, it says "The following NEW packages will be installed: mdadm postfix"15:41
rbasakjkyle: use apt-get --no-install-recommends mdadm15:41
jkylegood to know, thanks15:42
WeissLehrerrbasak: oh, thank you ^^"15:45
jamespagesmoser: INFO:root:Instance i-0b36c238 not responding after 1200 seconds - rebooting15:49
jamespagefailed initial boot15:49
smoserjamespage, gah. sorry. it'd be nice if that was prefixed with 'error' or 'fail' :)15:50
jamespagesmoser, thats a good point15:51
smoseryeah, and https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Quantal/view/All%20Quantal/job/quantal-server-ec2/2/ARCH=amd64,REGION=us-west-2,STORAGE=ebs,TEST=simple-user-data,label=ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/artifact/None/amd64/m1.large/ebs/i-0b36c238/uec2-20120606-1016-3870cf4090ef4a-running.console.txt confirms.15:51
smosercloud-init-nonet waiting 120 seconds for a network device.15:51
smosercloud-init-nonet gave up waiting for a network device.15:51
jamespageI still don't really understand whether that is a ec2 error or something wrong with our images15:52
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WeissLehrerstill my other pc is not able to access internet15:54
WeissLehrerim trying to configure my server as a router15:54
smoserjamespage, i'm pretty convinced its an ec2 error.15:59
jamespagesmoser, that was my hunch15:59
smoserdhcp failed15:59
smoserbut i have not hard evidence of it.15:59
smoserand it could clearly be a race condition in udev or something that missed the device.16:00
ttxsmoser: there is nothing like an ec2 error. Amazon is flawless.16:02
jamespagettx: I found it amusing that they don't have instance state 'ERROR'16:04
ttxjamespage: if you think it fails, it's just that you're not smart enough to understand :)16:05
hggdhsmoser: where can I find results for Europe and HVM?16:05
jamespagettx, lol16:05
smoserwe do not do hvm in automated testing.16:07
smoserhggdh, dont worry about copying16:07
smoseri'll play with jibel's scripts and try to get something worked up.16:07
smoserskaet, can you not worry about having no ISO tracker results posted for a bit? ie, lets not hang the release on that?16:08
hggdhsmoser: most are already done -- only missing Europe and HVM16:08
smoserwell, i still might do it.16:08
smoserbut, europe shoudl be there16:08
hggdhit is still worth it16:08
smoser(europe is eu-west-1)16:09
hggdhah crap16:09
hggdhI read 'eu' as 'us'.16:09
skaetsmoser,   ok.   Just want to get them recorded on there before we archive the milestone.16:11
Davieysmoser / skaet: Looking at the current results, i don't see anything that would potentially delay A1.16:11
skaetDaviey,  yes,  we'll go forward with publishing.   Just want to make sure that the results are tracked, so we can refer back to if needed.16:12
endzYmeHey all, had my boss recently ask us to move away from using repositories for things like MongoDB and Cassandra as they someday could be down and we wouldn't be able to deploy machines. Are these concerns unfounded?16:38
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hallynstgraber: ok, latest push re-adds patches we need, so lxc-start works with lxc2 package.17:15
WeissLehrerI wonder why does my server takes more than 2 min waiting for network configuration at boot... and boot without full network configuration...17:27
smoserjamespage, i'm really sorry..17:28
smoserbut https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Quantal/view/All%20Quantal/job/quantal-server-ec2/2/ARCH=amd64,REGION=us-west-2,STORAGE=ebs,TEST=simple-user-data,label=ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/console17:28
smoserwhat is wrong there?17:28
smoseryou told me already.17:28
hallynWeissLehrer: sounds like devices specified in /etc/network/interfaces are not coming up right.  dhcp server problems?  bad interface file?17:30
WeissLehrerhallyn: network just works after /etc/init.d/networking restart17:32
Davieyzul: hey, can you propose a MP to lp:~ubuntu-archive/+junk/sync-blacklist .. with anything openstack related which debian is not the upstream of, please?17:32
WeissLehrerbut works fine after that17:32
zulDaviey: sure17:32
Davieyzul: thanks!17:33
Davieyzul: i'm going to make delta.html respect the blacklist17:33
WeissLehrerhallyn: but there is message coming up when I do that: cannot create /run/network/ifup.eth0: Directory nonexistent17:34
WeissLehrerbut network and routing is working fine17:35
zulDaviey: gotcha17:36
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WeissLehreri have a /run/ folder but there is no /run/network/ <o>17:38
WeissLehrerit seems I fixed it by creating a symlink from /run/network/ to /var/run/network/ (trying to reboot to see if it works on boot)17:45
bitfuryhey guys, when configuring exim4 to send an email out is it required to have an outgoing smarthost set up?17:47
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WeissLehrerhallyn: when I type 'start networking' i get:  netorking stop/waiting17:53
WeissLehrerand it does start correctly when I restart networking17:53
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bananapieIs there a command similar to lsof that will log all accessed files by a command that I execute ? ( I want to capture open files when the command is launched )17:59
jmedinabananapie: yeap, use the audit sistema18:03
WeissLehreri can't solve it18:04
reisihi everyone, does anyone have experience with simple sata hba pcie cards and using linux md with them? right now i'm looking at for example adaptec 1430sa, wondering if it'll expose all drives to linux or is there just one large combined drive18:06
WeissLehrerWell, for some reason my network won't start on boot and I need it to start on boot.... can anyowne help me?18:10
WeissLehreroh, just fixed it making a symlynk in /var/ to /run/18:13
hallynWeissLehrer: meaning the /var/run -> /run symlink did not exist?  that's definately a bug, probably in initscripts package18:24
WeissLehrerhallyn: exacly, it was a folder in /var/run/ nor a symlynk18:32
WeissLehreri had to move it18:33
WeissLehrerhallyn: now /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server does not exist though dhcp3-server is installed18:40
ubergeek42hi everyone; I periodically am getting kernel panics in 4 of my ubuntu 12.04 VM's(esxi5).  I installed linux-crashdump, but upon testing it with 'echo c | sudo tee /proc/sysrq-trigger' I don't appear to get any crash dump/autoreboot in /var/crash(system just hangs with the kernel panic on screen).  Any thoughts on how to get a crashdump? or tips to see more of the kernel panic message(keyboard locks18:41
ubergeek42up, shift+pgup doesn't work)18:41
WeissLehrerI'm trying to set up a dhcp server and for some reason it is not in /etc/int.d  isn't it a service?18:53
jmedinaWeissLehrer: did you read the ubuntu server guide specific for you version?18:55
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WeissLehrerjmedina: im following it18:57
smoserjamespage, did you change 'blue.png' to be green ? on jenkins?18:57
WeissLehrernow dhcpd says: can't create PID file /var/run/dhcpd.pid: Permission denied.18:59
adam_ghallyn: is there anything i need todo to authorize new device nodes into a container (apparmor?) other than setting 'lxc.cgroup.devices.allow' in config or setting that manually via sysfs?19:04
adam_gstgraber: ^19:04
stgraberadam_g: depends what you do after that, if it's a block device you want to mount somewhere, then yes19:08
adam_gstgraber: well, trying to get /dev/loop-control (character dev) to show up before doing anything else, not much luck though19:11
stgraberadam_g: could be that udev was never told to create it (as we don't run udevadm trigger)19:13
stgraberyou might have to do a good old mknod or run udevadm trigger (which will cause a udev event flood)19:14
adam_gstgraber: doh, ya.. a manual mknod did it.19:18
* adam_g goes back to taking udev for granted19:18
hallynadam_g: that should be it19:25
hallyni see, it was already answered, nm :)19:25
adam_ghallyn: but! if i wanted to create that node automatically at container creation, where would that be configured?19:29
adam_gi suppose i could create it manually in /dev of the template19:31
hallynadam_g: i think this cycle we were going to introduce a hook that can run after container creation.  then you could do it there19:32
hallynfor now, yes, you can tweak the lxc-ubuntu{,-cloud} template to do it for you in configure(019:32
adam_gzul: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Openstack%20Testing/view/Openstack%20Precise/view/Overview/job/precise-openstack-essex-test/559/19:54
adam_gzul: this is a test run against a deployment of stable/essex using whats current in our packaging branches.  assuming they all reflect the proposed SRU, should be okay to point the bugs to that as verification?19:55
zuladam_g: effing sweet...yes imho19:55
adam_gill run a few more through and see if i can get some better output in the test run as to what packages are actually installed19:55
adam_gfrom the test run, theres no way of determining whats actually ebing tested19:56
* adam_g lunch19:56
smw_hi all, I am trying to quick and dirty get php to work with apache. I installed php5 and enabled it but I still end up downloading the php file instead of executing19:59
smw_$ sudo a2enmod php519:59
smw_Module php5 already enabled19:59
patdk-lapdid you restart apache?20:00
patdk-lapand did you test with a deferent browser, to make sure it wasn't cached20:01
smw_interesting. http://localhost/marketing/ runs php, but going to / it does not. / is defined by RewriteRule ^/$ %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/marketing/$1/index.php [NC,QSA,L]20:01
* patdk-lap notes cache20:01
smw_patdk-lap, cache did it :-)20:01
* smw_ curses chromium for lying to him20:02
stgraberhallyn: not sure you saw that:20:40
stgraberhallyn: 21:13 < kees> stgraber: I've uploaded the first pass of libseccomp to debian. it'll be in NEW soon...20:40
stgraberhallyn: that was a couple of days ago20:40
hallynstgraber: oh, cool20:52
hallyni'll go change that :)20:52
hallynstgraber not showing up yet in rmadison -u debian21:00
stgraberhallyn: yeah, probably still in the new queue on debian's side21:01
roastedanybody here use lighttpd? I'm beginning to tinker with it but a feature I REALLY want I'm having difficulty finding. Does lighttpd support sorting by date modified within the directory listing like apache?21:03
smw_I just installed mysql on my system, it may have had mysql before. I did a purge and then reinstalled. Now I run sudo mysql_secure_installation and I get:21:05
smw_ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)21:05
smw_any ideas?21:05
smw__anyone know what is wrong here? http://fpaste.org/M7mP/ . Starting mysql hangs for a while then says it succeeded, but mysql is not actually running.21:10
yeatssmw__: the logs should have something to say about why it's not starting21:18
smw__yeats, /var/log/mysql.err is empty21:19
smw__ah... wrong location21:20
smw__120607 14:19:53 [ERROR] Fatal error: Can't open and lock privilege tables: Table 'mysql.host' doesn't exist21:20
yeatsthere you go21:20
smw__yeats, how do I start from scratch?21:20
smw__I want to wipe the current DB, pretend it is a new install21:20
smw__actually... I already wiped the current db pretty good ;-)21:21
yeatssmw__: I'm more familiar with postgresql, but I would assume that deleting the data directory and initializing a new database would be what I would try21:21
smw__yeats, I deleted the data dir21:21
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smw__now idea how to initialize a new db21:21
smw__yeats, got it!21:22
smw__you gave me the right words to google21:22
yeatsheh - happy to help21:23
hallynstgraber: i figure i'll wait until there are python bindings before emailing lxc-devel.  Were you thinking SWIG?  I know you're really busy, so shall I give that a shot, or were you going to do it?21:32
stgraberhallyn: my initial try was without using any of the automated binding generators. liblxc is simple enough that doing the mapping by hand should be easy21:33
hallynexcellent, you have an initial try :)21:34
hallyneh forget it i'll send an email and get comments on the api :)21:37
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/963659/ is the basic structure to create an "lxc" class with a "stop" function taking a single string parameter21:37
hallynstgraber: but i guess the c->stop(c) bit may actually be tougher to do21:39
hallynseemed clean in c, but looking at swig docs i'm not sure it's the best choice :)21:40
stgraberhallyn: yeah, mapping the python class to the C structure will be fun, haven't started looking at that yet21:40
stgraberwill nag barry if I can't figure it out :)21:40
hallynoh good.  i'll be curious to see how it's done21:42
Spanky_Does anybody know why a file with a "#" sign in the file name is invisible to clients using FileZilla?21:47
Spanky_Also files with "#" in them somewhere shows up as a directory in AjaxPlorer.21:48
Spanky_These are files stored on a Zentyal server  (10.04 LTS ubuntu server base)21:48
stgraberhallyn: where's the branch again and did you push the package to a ppa yet? (LP is timing out like crazy here, can't even look at the branch list...)21:51
stgraberhallyn: nevermind, got your e-mail :)22:06
hallynstgraber: d'oh, no, i never pushed to ppa22:15
hallyni'm about to run out for dinner.  can push to a new ppa when i get back.22:15
danleyHi! I'm having trouble with my ubuntu server. My /etc/apt/sources.list looks like this: http://pastebin.com/yLceG357 when I try to do apt-get install wine it tells me it will REMOVE packets, including coreutils which I do not want. this problem doesn't seem to happen on my desktop version. Any ideas what causes this? A quick google for coreutils and wind etc didn't help me.22:18
Davieyhallyn: hey, are you tackling the ipxe merge?22:40
Davieyhallyn: and libcgroup?22:41
Davieystgraber: are you tackling nbd merge?22:44
Davieyzul: can you investigate if we should sync python-jsonschema (ubuntu native, now in sid)22:48
stgraberDaviey: has been a while I haven't looked at my merges, but yeah, I'll do it when I have the time. nbd is an easy one anyway22:53
Davieystgraber: no hurry, was just doing a quick scan through the merges we care for.22:55
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