jamespagejibel: thanks for raising that bug09:14
jamespageif you see any other Java errors like that please sub me to the bugs....09:14
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
jibeljamespage, yw. I will09:23
jamespagejibel, ta09:23
jibeljamespage, the script is buggy line 46 should be if title.lower() in testcase.title.lower()14:56
jibelthen you can run it with14:56
jibel./tracker_update_result -ad "Quantal Alpha 1" "Ubuntu Server EC2 EBS (Asia-Pacific-NorthEast) amd64" "User Data" ami-88bd0e89  Passed14:56
jibeland it works14:57
czajkowski /c15:10
smoserwhere is 'tracker_update_result' live?15:16
PaoloRotoloHi all!15:17
smoserjibel, ^15:18
stgrabersmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028694/15:19
stgrabersmoser: 14:56 < jibel> jamespage, the script is buggy line 46 should be if title.lower() in testcase.title.lower()15:19
stgrabersmoser: 14:56 < jibel> then you can run it with15:20
stgrabersmoser: 14:56 < jibel> ./tracker_update_result -ad "Quantal Alpha 1" "Ubuntu Server EC2 EBS (Asia-Pacific-NorthEast) amd64" "User Data" ami-88bd0e89  Passed15:20
stgrabersmoser: 14:57 < jibel> and it works15:20
smoserstgraber, gracias.15:20
jibelsmoser, https://code.launchpad.net/~jibel/+junk/qatracker15:21
smoserand thank you to you, jibel15:21
jibelsmoser, you'll need bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-qa-website-devel/ubuntu-qa-website/python-qatracker15:23
jibeland setup your username and apikey15:23
jibelhggdh, jamespage next step is to add a postbuild action in jenkins to report the result automatically after each run15:24
balloonsohh jibel fun script ;-)15:29
jibelballoons, definitely faster than clicking on tons of links :)15:31
balloonsyes, but we could easily change the gui for reporting.. simple API interfaces are nice15:32
stgraberjibel, jamespage, balloons: note that because of the whole testcase management redesign that's going on, the get_testcases() API will change slightly for alpha2 and will require you to pass a series or milestone as the first parameter. This will likely break most existing scripts when it lands but I'll poke you again then.15:38
balloonsstgraber, we need to meet again on that btw.. we missed this tuesday do to iso testing15:40
stgraberballoons: yeah, and I have a sprint next week :(15:42
balloonsstgraber, ouch, when is it?15:42
balloonsall week?15:42
stgraberballoons: virtual sprint, monday to wednesday, so we could reschedule for thursday or friday15:42
stgraberballoons: I'll try to get the remaining changes on my list (mostly UI stuff) done tomorrow15:42
balloonsstgraber, ok.. the first call for testing is happening today using the staging site15:43
balloonsI had a guniea pig (in addition to me) use it successfully15:43
stgraberok, cool, so that should get us some feedback for the next call then15:44
balloonsyea.. the biggest piece left UI wise for me is the bug reporting link15:44
balloonsand perhaps help; but I don't think we mentioned that.. having a big question mark button to point people to help on using the page would be good to get at some point (link is easy, gotta work on the docs)15:45
stgraberyeah, once we have a good set of docs we can add a link ;)15:50
phillwballoons: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview#Download_the_Alpha_1 has a couple of typos in it. It is refering to precise for kubuntu & lubuntu. Is it okay to edit them ready for release?15:54
phillwcorrection Edubuntu & Lubuntu :)15:54
balloonsphillw, nice catch!15:54
phillwI'll go do it :)15:55
balloonsskaet, note the above ^^15:55
balloonsfeel free to proofread for other typos phillw15:55
phillwballoons: kate gets notified of edits on that page :)15:57
balloonslol.. yes, I'm sure she does15:58
jamespagejibel: I'd actually prefer to make it part of the ec2 testing software15:58
skaetThanks phillw,  please add any info you have on the features in Lubuntu.15:58
jamespagethat way is someone runs one by hand manually it can still report to the tracker15:59
jamespagestgraber, how are the testcases for ec2 setup now?  I'd like to break them down a bit to match the tests execute in jenkins so its easier to report results.16:00
stgraberjamespage: that can certainly happen and will be even easier to manage once we have the testcase management branch merged (before alpha 2)16:02
phillwskaet: final decisions on the features have not yet been made. https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/lubuntu-q-work-items has what is being discussed, but it seems a little unwieldly to include as a link in the A1 release notes?16:02
stgraberjamespage: I also remember talking to Ben about maybe reducing the number of products to the number of actual images being built and then have the various zones be testcases instead16:02
stgraberjamespage: so that we can add more zones without requiring new products (taking a lot of screen space on the tracker)16:02
jamespagestgraber, products == AMI's in this case?16:03
skaetphillw,  if you could just summarize the key things that have changed so far betwen precise and this Alpha 1 - that's all that's being looked for right now.16:04
phillwokies, I'll have a look through what has been ticked off as done!16:04
stgraberjamespage: yes, currently products == AMIs. We were discussing moving to products == whatever we build and then have the AMIs just be an implementation detail, and instead basically have something like "test build 20120607 in amazon eu-west-1", the test result would then contain what AMI was used16:05
stgraberjamespage: that'd reduce the number of entries on iso.qa.ubuntu.com by quite a bit and make it much more scalable when adding new providers/zones16:06
jamespagestgraber, sounds like it would work16:06
jamespageso long as I can index by BUILD and AMI that would work well16:06
stgraberI'll probably setup something like that on iso.qa.dev.stgraber.org and then have you, Ben and smoser look at it and see if that would work for you, but that'll have a to wait a couple of weeks...16:08
balloonsstgraber, can you send me a list of lp usernames for folks who did quantal daily testing (since it's turned off right now, I can't use the site to get it)16:10
stgraberballoons: sure16:10
xdatap1Hi guys.16:13
xdatap1Quantal doesn't build anymore.16:13
xdatap1The following packages have unmet dependencies:16:13
xdatap1 poppler-data : Breaks: cmap-adobe-japan2 (<= 0+20090930-2)16:13
xdatap1is this known?16:13
xdatap1ok, no problem16:15
skaetthanks phillw.   ( updates in TechnicalOverview)16:23
phillwThere's a lot "in the works", A1 is early days for us :)16:24
phillwskaet: is it too late to update the TechnicalOverview? One of the PPC testers would like to ammend the note regarding the Ffox issue to add that it can be manually installed.18:57
skaetphillw,  go ahead,  its at QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Alpha1 now though.18:57
phillwballoons: ping20:14
balloonsphillw, pong20:15
phillwhave you got a few minutes for a chat?20:15
balloonssure thing20:15
phillwI'm a bit puzzled that https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Alpha1 is sending people to ,in our case, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/quantal/alpha-1/ instead of the iso-tracker having  the Alpha1 as milestone release as happened last cycle?20:16
balloonsphillw, must be a long day for me.. I'm confused :-)20:18
balloonscan you clarify?20:18
phillwhe he, I know that feeling.20:19
phillwhttp://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker used to show the milestone and daily images for 12.0420:19
balloonsk, following you there20:20
phillwSo, at this stage, A1 would be status 'released' and then the dailies would re-appear as 'testing'?20:20
balloonsyes, also agree20:20
phillwit doesn't :)20:20
balloonsphillw, it's been an hour since release, I think everyone is taking a breath.. but that is also my expectation20:21
balloonsit may not change I suppose until tomorrow with the new dailies? I don't think i've ever watched that closely20:21
phillwokies, no worries :) Just disn't want to miss up on a potential new tester :P20:21
balloonsyes, I agree..20:22
jibelphillw, reload http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker20:22
jibelfeeling better :)20:22
phillwjibel: yup, but what about the tech notes, in that case?20:23
balloonsjibel, :-)20:24
phillwI know this is a what came 1st .. chicken or egg, but iso-tracker is a better place for people to view what is going on?20:24
balloonsphillw, lol -- http://www.lastfm.de/passwordsecurity20:24
jibelphillw, I don't understand what's wrong with the tech notes, it's linked to the images that have been released20:24
jibeldoesn't http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/quantal/alpha-1/ contains the right images for a1 ?20:25
phillwjibel: yes it does. What I meant was rather than have a very long release note, the bugs affecting each iso are noted against them on the tracker.20:26
Claudinuxhi there, I would like to know if the Mythbuntu team confirmed future releases only for LTS20:27
phillwany person using the tracker will also benifit from clicking on the bug and getting it's absolute current status?20:29
jibelphillw, understood. maybe a link back to the tracker could be added to the release notes for people interested into details. skaet will be happy to talk with you about improvement of the release notes20:29
phillwnp. It is just a thought :)20:29
balloonsClaudinux, you should ask on #mythbuntu, however I believe that is correct20:31
balloonsphillw, ok, so how would the notes be different. I feel slow on this20:32
stgraberClaudinux: still being discussed with the TB20:32
balloonsit sounds like your wanting to change the tracker, not the notes20:33
phillwballoons: I've got a couple of ideas to bounce around. but the time for that is not just after the sprint for a milestone :)20:33
phillwballoons: nope, it is the notes.20:33
jibelballoons, the point is that release notes are static, while the tracker is dynamic, have the current status of the bugs and more details20:37
balloonsjibel, light-bulb on!20:37
balloonsthank you20:37
Claudinuxok, thanks for feedback balloons & stgraber :-)20:38
jibelwell, enough quantal for today, good night everyone20:39
* jibel -> bed 20:39
skaetThanks jibel!   Sleep well.20:40
nm_geoare the latest daily spins dated correctly?22:21

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