DJonesMorning all07:00
diploMorning all07:05
AlanBellmorning all07:22
AlanBellwe will have a popey in the office today :)07:22
AlanBellhope he remembered the dress code07:23
AlanBelltop hat and tails07:23
popeyso it's dress-down day?07:26
* popey removes his papal ceremonial robes07:26
MartijnVdSWe're not little boys, popey07:29
* daubers eats breakfast07:30
* mattt drinks coffee07:39
* TheOpenSourcerer is on coffee #307:40
matttslow down man07:40
* mattt is on ginseng 1 and coffee 107:40
matttthe ginseng capsule got stuck in my throat, thought i was going to vomit ;(07:40
aquariuspopey, correction to your thing about Lunduke in uupc -- the money he's getting isn't single contributions, it's people prepared to make that contribution *every month*. (Also, he's since made the target, but that was after the show was recorded and I'm sure you've seen that :))08:13
diploThey do the same thing on Jupiterbroadcasting site about monthly donations08:14
s-foxo/ czajkowski08:22
TheOpenSourcererAnother day of multiple Alans in the office.08:30
diploGuessing using nicknames than real names08:34
gordremember the old saying, too many Alans spoil the broth08:37
popeysomeone entered the office and spoiled it08:37
popeythere's now a non-alan08:37
s-foxIs he wearing a name tag "not alan"08:37
gordforce everyone who enters to legally change their name08:37
popeyno, he has a name badge "Ben"08:37
popey"Ben Sherman"08:37
s-foxrequisition another one from HR with a new name :D08:38
TheOpenSourcererWhat is this "HR" you speak of?08:39
s-fox"human resources" whatever that means08:39
gordwhich ever one of you is making the tea08:40
MartijnVdSit means you're just a replaceable cog in a big money-making machine08:42
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MartijnVdSgord: you are!08:42
AlanBellchoo choo08:51
AlanBella steam train just went past08:51
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s-foxMartijnVdS,  I agree about being a tiny little cog in a machine. Sort of scary09:00
JamesTaitHappy $TODAY, all!09:11
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:27
Monsteris anyone looking to employ a level 1 support technican in the south east area?09:27
czajkowskiMonster: same people as yesterday09:27
czajkowskiMonster: maybe have a look at http://mailman.lug.org.uk/mailman/listinfo/linuxjobs  or take into account the advice that was given to you yesterday09:28
MonsterYou never know09:28
czajkowskikinda do, we're rather regular in here09:28
czajkowskiespecially at this hour of the day09:28
Monsteroh I see09:28
Monsterfair enough09:28
Monstercheers for the website09:28
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popeyMonster: do you have a CV?09:30
popeyMonster: there's a fair few on jobserve. go to jobserve.com and put "helpdesk" in keywords, and "south east" in Location09:31
Monsterah cheers!09:31
davmor2morning all10:07
czajkowskidavmor2: hello10:08
ubuntuuk-planet[Stuart Langridge] Black triangles - http://www.kryogenix.org/days/2012/06/07/black-triangles10:18
feisarMorning, I set a user up with Ubuntu a few weeks back and he seems to be getting on well but he's asked for and 'online manual' for Ubuntu and Libre Office. I am used to Googling for stuff all the time but is there a central location I could point someone like this too?10:19
feisaror what would be the best place to point a new user too, one who is not all that computer literate10:20
dogmatic69not much is better than typing the question in google and clicking the first link10:20
feisarsure, maybe Ill just give him this link and tell him to use Google also10:22
feisaror even better this link https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/10:22
DJones!manual | feisar10:28
lubotu3feisar: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/10:28
feisarDJones: oh great, thanks : )10:29
DJonesyour welcome10:29
feisarshould I hang on for a 12.04 version before sending to him, I mean do you know if it will be updated anytime soon?10:29
feisarI'm not on 12.04 yet but am getting complaints from people I have upgraded to it that copy and paste is not working properly (not pasting between programs) is this a known thing?10:31
JGJonesfeisar, news to me. Copy'n'paste is working perfectly fine here.10:32
feisarok thanks, it may well be that the PEBKAC10:33
oimondid canonical move out of millbank?10:41
popeyhence the party on sunday10:45
dogmatic69I just setup a new rackspace 12.04 server and add-apt-repository command does not exist10:51
dogmatic69how can I add ppa's10:52
directhexwow. remember my agonizing about putting MonoGame in non-free or castrating it, last week?10:53
directhexor thereabouts. time seems to have gone weird for me10:53
diplodogmatic69: Edit source.lst ?10:54
popeydogmatic69: install python-software-properties10:54
popeythat contains add-apt-repository10:54
diploOr that :)10:54
popeyis it a cut down install?10:54
diploNot had to use any ppas on my server so hadn't tried :)10:54
popeydirecthex: is monogame 'popular' ?10:55
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directhexpopey: depends. is HIB5 popupar?10:55
popeyi mean from a developer perspecive10:56
directhexreasonably. it's the lowest effort way to release a game on both xbox live and android or iphone10:57
directhexwhich are the big target markets, really10:57
directhexthat or unity3d (no, not that one), which is apprently the #1 mobile game engine, more popular than in-house engines10:58
popeymonogame is free, unity3d is payware isn't it?11:03
directhexiirc unity3d is free if you only want to emit windows or mac binaries11:04
directhexandroid and ios targets are payware11:04
dogmatic69popey: thanks, that did the trick11:05
directhexinxile is porting unity3d to linux, for wasteland 2... so with luck that should be free too11:05
directhexwith luck, with monogame in wheezy/quetzal, it should massively lower the bar for linux game ports from indie devs11:06
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 650588 in unity (Ubuntu) "Clicking on some application buttons in the launcher does not raise any window" [Medium,Fix released]11:07
popeydoes anyone else get this issue with tomboy?11:07
popey(I do on precise)11:07
* popey tickles gord11:07
directhexi.e. any XNA game with an osx port should be able to get a port to Ubuntu almost "for free"11:08
directhexi.e. rebuild, test & tweak11:08
bigcalmGood afternoon peeps :)11:08
bigcalmI know people will sneer at this question for 2 reasons, but I still need to work out what needs altering. A very old PHP web app uses globals and works when accessed via HTTP. It does not, however, work when used with HTTPS. From my debugging it looks like register_globals is being ignored. Help? :)11:10
directhexi also would like a debian/ubuntu packaging addin for monodevelop - i.e. "build deb" button, "upload to ppa" button, a report which says "your package should install on the following distro releases", etc11:11
gordpopey, never happened to me11:12
bigcalmAHA! register_globals *is* being ignored by HTTPS11:14
davmor2bigcalm: you are being ignored by the channel if that helps ;)11:15
bigcalmdavmor2: used to it. But your own comment is then false11:15
* bigcalm hunts lunch11:20
dogmatic69what is the best practice on user accounts and sudo? add ALL=(ALL)ALL or add to root group11:21
ali1234i accidentally clicked update without deselecting bastion and now it's going to download 1GB of pointlessness11:30
ali1234at least it does it in parallel11:30
directhexpopey: i also hope that easy availability on ubuntu should help encourage monogame development itself - it has a very active upstream, which is good, but some of the linux codepaths (e.g. for intel gpus) are largely untested11:32
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ali1234directhex: HIB5 is very popular, i think it's already beaten all the others12:03
directhexali1234: yeah, that was my point12:03
ali1234of course bastion isn't compatible with monogame upstream... so there's that12:04
directhexali1234: true. should help in future though. and it'd be nice if the bastion porters were engaging actively with monogame upstream12:08
knightwiseafternoon i mean12:17
oimongetting my mobile number ported but currently can join network but can't make or receive calls12:27
oimonis that normal?12:27
andylockranfairly I think12:27
andylockrandogmatic69: I normally add to adm group12:28
knightwiseyep oimon it means they are switching over your number, you need to swap simcards12:28
andylockranotherwise you get all your daemon accounts with sudo privs12:28
oimonknightwise, i'm on the new sim already12:28
knightwisejust slide in the one from your new phone provider12:28
knightwiseah , then all you need to do is to wait untill it becomes active12:29
oimonit does join the network already12:29
dogmatic69andylockran: the adm group provides sudo?12:29
andylockrandogmatic69: in your sudoers config you should see an %adm entry12:30
dogmatic69andylockran: ah, I have %admin and %sudo12:31
andylockranadmin group then is the one you'll add to12:31
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dogmatic69strange. there is no admin group12:32
andylockrancat /etc/group | grep admin ?12:33
dogmatic69lpadmin only12:34
ali1234what happened to the printer config window?12:34
popeyali1234:  you could have killed update manager before it finished downloading12:37
ali1234the problem is the "system settings" printer dialogue sucks12:38
ali1234and i need to be using system-config-printer12:38
ali1234which actually works12:38
knightwisepopey: 12.04 runs pretty fast on a 4.2 gen macbok pro12:38
knightwisekeyboard settings arent perfect but its workable12:38
andylockranI find the mouse hard to use in ubuntu on macbook12:42
andylockranit doesn't act quite the same as osx12:42
knightwiseandylockran: the touchpad is pretty sensitive12:43
knightwisei use an external mouse m that helps12:43
arsenusing gconf-editor i cant change settings for gnome-terminal (/apps/gnome-terminal/default) - apparently all the keys are not writeable12:46
davmor2ali1234: you should of stuck to unity :P12:49
arsenso 12.04 in a virtualbox isnt going well so far :/ maybe its me with nis breaking it12:59
dogmatic69is it possible to extract particular files from a tar.gz in terminal?13:00
dogmatic69or even remove files from a tar.gz in terminal13:00
ormiretdogmatic69: tar's --delete option will remove files from an archive.13:07
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ali1234cups is now even worse :/13:16
davmor2dogmatic69: yes, yes it is13:16
dogmatic69davmor2: --delete is not working for me, complaining that the archive is bust13:16
dogmatic69tar: www.tar.gz: Cannot read: Bad file descriptor13:17
dogmatic69tar: At beginning of tape, quitting now13:17
dogmatic69tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now13:17
davmor2dogmatic69: I'd say that was broken to be honest what happens if you just try to open the tar file13:18
dogmatic69davmor2: it is too big to extract everything hence wanting to clean it up13:18
dogmatic69the tar is 5 gigs :/13:18
dogmatic69server has 3 gigs available13:19
davmor2dogmatic69: my I suggest you are screwed13:19
dogmatic69yes, yes I am :/13:19
dogmatic69making a new one with out the extra files.13:20
dogmatic69good thing its server to server so 8mb/s download13:20
davmor2dogmatic69: http://www.apl.jhu.edu/Misc/Unix-info/tar/tar_32.html --delete seems to be the only way :(13:21
dogmatic69davmor2: I think the problem is that is .gz13:24
dogmatic69I think --delete works on .tar13:24
dogmatic69not .tar.gz13:24
davmor2dogmatic69: http://justlinux.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-99659.html -f or -t may be your friend check the last comment13:26
dogmatic69that is the exact post I got the error from13:28
bubu\ahi guys - anyone ever had to convert a windows pk12 root cert into .pem and install it as a trusted CA root cert?13:37
MartijnVdSbubu\a: openssl pkcs12 help13:38
MartijnVdSbubu\a: and the files in /usr/share/doc/ca-certificates :)13:38
gordbah, spotify adverts are the most annoying things in the world13:48
bigcalmgord: easy way to fix that13:49
gordreally don't think the service is worth the money it costs though13:50
bigcalmgord: then the adverts are not that annoying :)13:50
gordannoy till you pay is a business model i don't wanna support either13:50
gordshould just renew my last.fm subscription :)13:50
gordthen maybe write a nicer looking client just to play it13:51
davmor2gord: or just use last.fm in rhythmbox where it is available for free still13:51
lubotu3Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:51
gorddavmor2, sure, but rhythmbox is annoying me lately, not pretty to look at and it has this annoying clip on the title of any of your tracks13:52
davmor2gord: so you just close the window once it's playing and never look at it again ever :D13:53
gordpfft, then what is the point in having two monitors? one to do work on, one to show something pretty and play music!13:53
ali1234if you close the window it randomy stops playing for no reason13:54
popeygord: seen the new rhythmbox?14:49
gordpopey, nope, got a ppa?14:50
davmor2popey: do you have an image of it?14:53
popeya screenshot?14:56
davmor2popey: if you have one yes please14:57
davmor2popey: as in if you happen to of installed it already any chance of an screenshot of it14:58
popeyi dont have one, but can do14:58
gordhum, its better14:58
gordbe nicer if we had spotify like dark theming for this kind of stuff14:59
czajkowskiJuju at your service webinar live now. http://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/6793/4917115:00
popeydavmor2: http://ubuntuone.com/2SldvRBYlkZYtLDFHMWGld15:01
gordmight also be better if it focused a bit more on looking pretty rather than looking like a spreadsheet15:02
davmor2popey: oh pretty that is a lot nicer than the current I like the inclusion of the album art by the player15:03
czajkowskipopey: daft question time :/ on rhythmbox my artwork appears in the bottim lower left, how did you get yours on top ?16:00
davmor2czajkowski: it's a newer RB16:04
davmor2czajkowski: that's why I asked for an image16:04
czajkowskiI'm all up to date16:04
davmor2czajkowski: so you say, this is what being in Ireland does for you :P16:05
gordczajkowski, no, newer as in, not in ubuntu16:11
gordczajkowski, https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/rhythmbox16:11
AzelphurCan anyone tell me what the gnome display/monitors config tool is called?16:25
AzelphurI don't seem to have it for some reason :(16:26
gordAzelphur, gnome-control-center?16:26
Azelphurgord, it doesn't appear to be in there16:27
gordAzelphur, do you have a gnome-display-panel.desktop in /usr/share/applications/ ?16:29
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Azelphurgord, yep16:31
gordAzelphur, then you have problems i can not solve16:31
Azelphurweird :p16:31
Azelphuron the bright side I found arandr which did the job nicely16:31
dogmatic69nothing better than "1287839940 bytes received in 59.46 secs (21149.9 kB/s)"16:48
=== jmp_ is now known as _jmp_
AzelphurLength: 3998007296 (3.7G) [application/octet-stream]16:51
AzelphurSaving to: `debian-testing-amd64-DVD-1.iso'16:51
Azelphur11% [========>                                                                            ] 450,190,408 22.2M/s  eta 2m 54s16:51
Azelphurdogmatic69, sure there is ;)16:51
dogmatic692.1M faster16:52
dogmatic69Maybe mine was still warming up :)16:52
Azelphuranyone happen to know how to get on a ppa for the latest kernels?16:53
dogmatic69mysql importing a 1.2 gig file16:59
dogmatic69server has 250mb ram and swapping hard17:00
dogmatic69400/500mb swap17:00
dogmatic69cherokee still dispatching web requests :D17:00
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Azelphurdogmatic69, haha, this is a huge dedicated server in internap NYC with all the trimmings17:17
Azelphurtier 1 1gbit/sec17:17
davmor2bigcalm: Welcome to the sgs3 suffering camp17:18
Azelphuryour talking about a galaxy s3?17:18
davmor2Azelphur: Want one can't have one cause contract isn't quite there yet17:19
davmor2Azelphur: You can mock the afflicted but there are more of us than there is of you ;)17:21
AzelphurI still have my HTC Desire Z17:21
Azelphurwon't buy nothing without a physical keyboard :)17:21
davmor2Azelphur: I'm on an Motorola Milestone17:21
davmor2Azelphur: the screen on the s3 is big enough for me to not have issues typing on which is the only reason why I'm looking at it17:22
Azelphurhehe, I like emulators and stuff on my phone, plus typing is much faster on a physical keyboard no matter how good the touch screen is17:23
dogmatic69Azelphur: mine is a tiny 256mb rackspace server in london17:26
dogmatic69connecting to so other server that must be in london too.17:27
dogmatic69normal dl like wget foobar is 10mb/s17:27
dogmatic69or 8ish17:27
Azelphurdoes anyone know if there is a PPA to put me on the latest kernel builds17:32
aquariuspopey, ping?18:58
popeyaquarius: pong18:58
aquariuspopey, if someone's got ubuntu in a vmware fusion vm on a macbook, and they'd like rhythmbox in Ubuntu to be able to see the music in iTunes on the mac via daap sharing, is that doable?18:59
aquariuspopey, it doesn't work out of the box, but I don't really understand how fusion does networking18:59
popeyyeah, should be do-able19:00
popeyi dont know vmware so dunno how, but there must be some kind of "bridged" network19:00
popeyrather than "NAT"19:00
aquariusaha, bridge, that sounds like a usefully magic word to google for ;)19:00
popeyhttp://www.vmware.com/support/ws4/doc/network_bridged_ws.html looks plausible19:01
aquariusdoes zeroconf magicness work over a bridged network??19:01
aquariusthis stuff is all a deep mystery to me ;-)19:01
aquariushttp://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1003814 seems relevat, I think19:02
MartijnVdSbridge, it should19:03
popeyaquarius: its not that it needs bridged network19:05
popeyits that the two devices need to be on the 'same' network19:05
popeyavahi/zeroconf/bonjour _only_ work on one network19:05
popeythey don't traverse networks19:05
MartijnVdSand a bridge is like a switch/hub19:05
MartijnVdSpopey: s/network/broadcast domain/ for more precise definition :)19:06
popeyand a vm usually has a different IP address range (like by default, so on a different network19:06
popeyyeah, terminology fail19:06
aquariusbah, just tried turning on bridge networking and it didn't work19:09
AlanBellI will try it with virtualbox in a sec, just downloaded a quantal iso19:09
AlanBellaquarius: wired or wireless?19:09
MartijnVdSaquarius: can you see broadcasts from the vm in the lan?19:10
MartijnVdSaquarius: then bonjour should work..19:10
AlanBellwireless bridging used to be problematic as wifi routers got upset with devices wanting multiple IP addresses19:10
MartijnVdSaquarius: especially if they're on the same IP ranges, etc.19:10
aquariusAlanBell, um, it's wireless, but I just want to zeroconf talk to the host machine19:10
aquariusso not over the actual network at all19:10
AlanBellaquarius: sure, but did both get an IP address from the wireless router?19:10
aquariusMartijnVdS, I have no idea how to answer that question :)19:10
aquariusAlanBell, er, dunno, will find out19:10
MartijnVdSaquarius: (a) are all machines (virtual and physical) in the same IP network19:11
aquariusMartijnVdS, I shall ask him to find out what the IP of the ubuntu vm is :)19:11
MartijnVdSaquarius: (b) if you run tshark (or whatever other sniffer) on one of the machines, can you see broadcast packets sent by the others19:11
MartijnVdSaquarius: if both are "yes" and it still doesn't work... that would be very weird19:11
* AlanBell installs quantal19:11
* AlanBell must fix that loopy "replace windows with Ubuntu" string in ubiquity19:14
* AlanBell bzr branches ubiquity19:16
aquariusMartijnVdS, they are both on the same subnet19:17
popeyand itunes is running?19:17
directhexanyone have a use for a third off at http://www.logitech.com/349/7300 ?19:17
* popey bets Azelphur would directhex or maybe even ali1234 19:18
aquariuspopey, yep19:19
aquariuspopey, and itunes on this mac can see a shared library from the mac mini on the same network19:19
popeyi can't see the macs on my network either at the moment19:19
aquariusbut ubuntu can't see either19:19
aquarius(in rhythmbox)19:19
* popey goes to check a mac is on19:20
popeyit was not19:22
popeysommat wrong here, i cant see the mac19:22
popeyoh, different networks19:22
popeyyup works19:23
popeynow they are on the same LAN ☺19:23
* AlanBell has installed quantal19:24
popeyaquarius: enabled the daap plugin?19:24
aquariuspopey, yep, I tried that19:24
popeyand they both deffo have the same IP range?19:24
AlanBelltried manually connecting to the DAAP share with the rhythmbox menu option?19:25
popeyare you sat at it or is this remote hands you're proxying?19:25
MartijnVdSIsn't newer iTunes "protected" by apple?19:25
MartijnVdSso it's not usable by free software19:25
popeydoesnt look like it19:25
popeyi can see it here in RB19:26
AlanBellno, it is an open protocol MartijnVdS19:26
popeyoh hang on19:26
MartijnVdSIt used to work, but it broke in iTunes 8 or 919:26
popey"Could not connect to shared music"19:26
popeywhen i actually click on it19:26
MartijnVdSWith iTunes 7.0, a new 'Client-DAAP-Validation' header hash is needed when connecting to an iTunes 7.0 server. This does not affect third-party DAAP servers, but all current DAAP clients (including official iTunes before iTunes 7.0) will fail to connect to an iTunes 7.0 server, receiving a '403 Forbidden' HTTP error. The iTunes 7.0 authentication traffic analysis seem to indicate that a certificate exchange is performed to calculate the hash s19:27
MartijnVdSAs of June 2010, the iTunes 7.0 DAAP authentication still hasn't been reverse engineered, so no third-party application can stream from iTunes 7.x, 8.x, 9.x or 10.x servers19:27
AlanBellooh, that isn't so good19:27
MartijnVdSmy NAS has a built in "itunes" server that works19:28
MartijnVdSbut that's not an official APple one19:29
aquariuspopey, they have the same, ya -- is the mac, .1.71 is the ubutnu vm19:32
aquariuspopey, it's remote hands being proxied ;)19:32
aquariuspopey, I can't even see it19:32
datadavenewbie to ubuntu here in manchester...19:32
aquariuspopey, (can't even see the share, I mean)19:32
AlanBellin ubiquity there is a really annoying lable, the definition of it is19:35
AlanBell                            <property name="label" translatable="yes">Replace Windows with Ubuntu</property>19:35
popeyhi datadave19:36
popeyAlanBell: why is that annoying?19:36
AlanBellit is utterly wrong as I never use windows and it is the lable for replacing the previous operating system with Ubuntu - not just windows19:36
AlanBellorca reads it, but it isn't displayed on screen19:37
datadavei dont know where to start19:37
popeydatadave: welcome to our world ☺19:37
AlanBello/ datadave19:37
datadaveim liking it so far19:37
popeythats a good start19:38
datadavei have it installed on dell latitude d60019:38
datadavenot sure what i want to do with it19:38
popeydatadave: who will own the laptop? you?19:40
datadavei have used transmission, browsed the web, thats about it19:41
popeywinner ☺19:41
AlanBellhttps://code.launchpad.net/~alanbell/ubiquity/fix1010179/+merge/109224 lets see what happens with that19:47
Azelphurpopey / directhex  haha nice, unfortunately I already have it all :(19:48
* TheOpenSourcerer wonders if popey has put his suitcases away yet?21:03
DJonesi wish manufacturers wouldn't require you to connect a device to a windows machine to register and authenticate it21:04
dogmatic69DJones: everyone has windows...21:18
dogmatic69try using a new iPhone when you are not interested in mac, or windows :/21:19
shaunothey don't actually require that anymore21:29
gordi just can't get it out of my head that windows 8's theming just looks like that horrible default theme gtk uses when gnome-settings-daemon dies21:39
dogmatic69is there a safe easy way to remove encrypted home dir?23:31
dogmatic69just want it normal :/23:31

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