r3d64rgood evening!05:53
philipballew_r3d64r, good evening!!!06:02
r3d64rI have a question for you06:09
r3d64rdo you have any familiarity wtih MAAS?06:10
pleia2I did some user testing before release, but haven't touched it since06:11
r3d64rI am trying figure out if MAAS would be able to scale up to support 250k users06:13
pleia2250k administrators?06:15
r3d64rno, we need a solution that can support 250k+ users06:16
pleia2MAAS itself really just manages the allocation and management of the physical resources, presumably of which you'd have a handful of actual sysadmins managing06:16
pleia2what you do once the servers are deployed user-wise is a bit beyond that06:17
pleia2what are the users actually "using" in your question?06:17
r3d64rwe would need an authentication for user accounts06:18
r3d64rand the rest is going to be used for secure file transfers06:18
pleia2so you're deploying servers using openldap and fileservers?06:19
pleia2what you put on the servers isn't really part of MAAS, the user accounts in MAAS are for administrators who are doing the server deployments06:19
r3d64rwe have it setup in 10.04 at the moment, be our concern is how to scale it06:20
r3d64rmostly php, apache and mysql06:20
r3d64rfor the most part I need those things to be able to scale up as needed06:21
philipballew_juju can do that cant it?06:22
r3d64rI am hoping that is the case, but I have yet to find someone that can confirm that06:23
pleia2yeah, once you have the physical server provisioned you can use juju to actually deploy the custom services06:23
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/MAAS is very helpful :)06:23
pleia2it's a whole walkthrough goes on to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/MAAS/AddNodes and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/MAAS/Juju06:24
r3d64rI have tried their tutorials, but still running some test on vm's and actually seeing it live are two different things06:25
philipballew_#juju can help as well usually as well as askubuntu.com for juju questions often as well06:25
pleia2this walkthrough confirms that you can use juju with maas06:26
pleia2both are quite new technologies though, I don't know if anyone is using them in a big enterprise environment yet06:26
r3d64ryeah I still do not completely understand juju, but it looks awesome - reminds me of how mainframes process jobs06:28
pleia2at the core they're really just scripts that do "apt-get install && some configuration stuff" and manage relationships between services (wordpress needs mysql, for instance)06:28
philipballew_you can look at the charms themselves06:29
* philipballew_ grabs link06:29
r3d64rquestion - so if for example I have a node and install mysql, can I  then install mysql on another node and have them work as a distributed set?06:30
pleia2yeah, you can establish a relationship between the two06:31
r3d64rsee that is what I need to test to verify that these is in fact true06:32
philipballew_make sure to use 12.04 and not 10.04 for juju06:33
r3d64rbecause this would solve most of our scalability problems06:33
philipballew_well its what they recommend06:33
pleia2I'd toss up a test environment and see how the relationships work06:33
pleia2and if they fit your needs06:33
pleia2and I should go to bed :)06:34
r3d64rsleep is over rated! u needs more coffee!06:34
pleia2nooo, I have to work in the morning06:34
r3d64rso do I!06:34
r3d64rgoodnight! and btw thansk allot for the information06:35
pleia2sure, good luck :)06:37
philipballew_Have a good time!06:38

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